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Average wait: 6h

Evea Jordan has a life many would kill for.She has a husband, little daughter and money to spare. She is a young beautiful street savy professional. Evea just accepted a job as a therapist in the Philadelphia Prison System. Her perfect worl… more

Lati`a D. Johnson
Johnson Publications , English
Growing Pains - A.D Johnson

Growing PainsA.D Johnson

Liam strongly suspects that the way he feels about his best friend isn’t exactly standard friendship feelings, all of it complicated by the way he starts to feel about Brin’s girlfriend, Chloe, who is supposed to be a mate, too. Her mate is… more

Growing Pains
A.D Johnson


Average wait: 299d, 19h

The war is on! TE’ and his crew are after blood and they won’t stop until they taste the sweet essence of revenge. Adam is a wanted man! He is still in love with Evea and can’t seem to let go. Adam is playing for keeps; but their love is no… more

Lati`a D. Johnson
Her name was Bitter: A Memoir - Mara D. Johnson

Her name was Bitter: A MemoirMara D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

The true account of a child’s decade long ordeal with a fugitive on the run. Years of incest that lead to a pregnancy at 13. The trauma of giving birth in secret, being forced to give her daughter up for adoption, and coping with the shame … more

Her name was Bitter: A Memoir
Mara D. Johnson


The best laid plans… It wasn’t your plan – get married (after getting a First Class degree), have a bunch of equally clever and accomplished children; it was your parents’ dream for you – but you are more than happy to go along with it sinc… more

Setting The Stage (THESPIANS) - A.D Johnson

Setting The Stage (THESPIANS)A.D Johnson

Simon and Phillip are actors; straight guys who played a gay couple in a television series. Having moved on they are in the process of renegotiating their friendship beyond the parameters of their onscreen partnership.First in a series of s… more

Setting The Stage (THESPIANS)
A.D Johnson
INSIDE OUT 360 (Inside Out Trilogy) - Lati`a D. Johnson

INSIDE OUT 360 (Inside Out Trilogy)Lati`a D. Johnson

Average wait: 358d, 19h

Evea’s life had to go on after TE`s death and the loss of her best friend. She continues to live like a queen. Evea has a beautiful estate, wealth and a sexy man to share it with. At first glance her life appears to be perfect. She believes… more

INSIDE OUT 360 (Inside Out Trilogy)
Lati`a D. Johnson
Johnson Publications , English
Love Flavoured - A.D Johnson

Love FlavouredA.D Johnson

A Collection of shorts examining that crazy little thing called love.Including: Call Me What you like; Four Go Mad; Mixed up, Shook Up, Get a Life

Love Flavoured
A.D Johnson
Socks from the Toe Up - Wendy D. Johnson

Socks from the Toe UpWendy D. Johnson

Discover a new approach to sock knitting with Wendy D. Johnson and Socks from the Toe Up. This approach, made famous by her popular blog WendyKnits.net, will turn even the most reluctant knitter into a toe-up nut. Knitting a sock from the t… more

Socks from the Toe Up
Wendy D. Johnson
Potter Craft , English
Hazardous - K. D. Johnson

HazardousK. D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

Emmie Slayde is an intelligent, independent, self sufficient woman with a deep mistrust of men. Although good fortune has smiled upon Emmie in a way few can understand, personal trials and tribulations have plagued her. Fate has proven just… more

K. D. Johnson
K D Johnson , English
Wendy Knits Lace: Essential ... - Wendy D. Johnson

Wendy Knits Lace: Essential ...Wendy D. Johnson

At last—gorgeous lace projects that you can knit and wear every day.From the celebrated author of Socks from the Toe Up comes a collection of knitted lace that you will want to live in. Whether you’re new to lace or a more adventuresome kni… more

Wendy Knits Lace: Essential Techniques and Patterns for Irresistible Everyday Lace
Wendy D. Johnson
Potter Craft , English
Devdan Manor - Auden D. Johnson

Devdan ManorAuden D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

What haunts demons?

Expelled from his birthplace for a power he couldn’t control, Cyl Antun searches for a real home with his two siblings and longtime friend.

Darkness falls. Vicious nocturnal demons close in on them. A mansion appears…. more

Devdan Manor
Auden D. Johnson
Aubey LLC , English
Clipped Wings - Auden D. Johnson

Clipped WingsAuden D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

What is worse- prison of the body or soul?

Camin Barice and Jammary Surrette are held captive by those that now rule the worlds. One is forced into a life trapped in a windowless mansion where he can never use his wings. The other can trav… more

Clipped Wings
Auden D. Johnson
Aubey LLC , English
Visible Through Darkness - Auden D. Johnson

Visible Through DarknessAuden D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

What if you were the only one? How strong would you be?

Ethics, morals, compassion— what if they didn’t exist? What if the world treated those words as curses? Laws mean nothing. Commitment means nothing. Jade Greer’s parents taught her t… more

Visible Through Darkness
Auden D. Johnson
Aubey LLC , English
Without Reservations: How a ... - J. W. Marriott Jr., Kathi Ann Brown

Without Reservations: How a ...J. W. Marriott Jr., Kathi Ann Brown

Average wait: N/A

J.W.“Bill” Marriott, Jr., is a pioneer of modern-day hospitality. Starting in the business at the age of 5 as a “salesman” for his family’s A&W root beer stand, he joined the family business, full-time, in 1956 and built Marriott Internati… more

Without Reservations: How a Family Root Beer Stand Grew Into a Global Hotel Company
J. W. Marriott Jr., Kathi Ann Brown
Diversion Books/LCP , English
HEAVEN IS REAL: The True Sto... - Tony Davis

HEAVEN IS REAL: The True Sto...Tony Davis

Pastor Paula D. Johnson prophesied to me, back in 2002, that I would be writing a book.At the time, I had no idea what the book would be about, when, or why, that is, until July 2003 when I was shot five times. Each bullet completely passe… more

HEAVEN IS REAL: The True Story of Tony Davis
Tony Davis
iUniverse , English
Satisfy Your Man: Sex Guide ... - Bob D. Johnson

Satisfy Your Man: Sex Guide ...Bob D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

Even though we are currently in 2013, a very advanced time for humanity, sex is still a taboo subject amongst most people of the world. Although I must say that a lot of women have become confident in this department, and have sort better w… more

Satisfy Your Man: Sex Guide for Satisfying Your Man in Bed
Bob D. Johnson
The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 E... - Kevin Johnson

The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 E...Kevin Johnson

Average wait: N/A

To achieve unimaginable business success and financial wealth—to reach the upper echelons of entrepreneurs, where you’ll find Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Sara Blakely of Spanx, Mark Pincus of Zynga, Kevin Plank of Under Armour, and many ot… more

The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs
Kevin Johnson
Johnson Media Inc. , English
Welcome To My World - Auden D. Johnson

Welcome To My WorldAuden D. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

Everything begins at the end.

Lil “Furor” Aona never knew the world before the demons took over. Her race, the Bête Noir, fight them. The demons have always been their enemy. The world, however, isn’t so simple. To the humans, the Diras ar… more

Welcome To My World
Auden D. Johnson
Aubey LLC , English
Growing Pains 2 - A.D Johnson

Growing Pains 2A.D Johnson

Average wait: N/A

A collection of 3 companion pieces to Growing Pains, advancing and illuminating the story of Liam and Brin as they embark on their journey together.

Growing Pains 2
A.D Johnson

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