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CIRCLE OF FIVE (The Pha-yul ... - Jan Raymond

CIRCLE OF FIVE (The Pha-yul ...Jan Raymond

Average wait: N/A

Circle of Five is the first book in the Pha-yul trilogy.

After a sudden lightning storm, Sam, Cassie, Ryan, Maya and Seb find that they’ve acquired strange and amazing powers. Confused and scared, they turn to Mr. Harris, a teacher in thei… more

CIRCLE OF FIVE (The Pha-yul trilogy Book 1)
Jan Raymond
Vision of Seduction - Cassie Ryan

Vision of SeductionCassie Ryan

Average wait: 31d, 9h

From A Vision Of Passion. . . Katelyn Hunt is fascinated with the sexy stranger who has been hanging out at her New Age store for the last week. As a Seer, the sensual power she feels from this man of mystery intrigues—and arouses—her…. more

Vision of Seduction
Cassie Ryan
Kensington , English
Trio of Seduction - Cassie Ryan

Trio of SeductionCassie Ryan

A Destined Encounter. . .The moment she lays eyes on him, Dr. Kiera Matthews is mesmerized by the rugged, sexually charged man who is at once her savior from danger and a sworn enemy of her mother’s people. Yet, as he stands before her, p… more

Trio of Seduction
Cassie Ryan
Kensington , English
Ceremony of Seduction - Cassie Ryan

Ceremony of SeductionCassie Ryan

1 rating
Average wait: 37d, 16h

When Dreams Of Desire - Twenty-three-year-old Alyssa Moss has lived her whole life in the shadow of her beautiful family. Voluptuous where they are lean, brunette where they are blonde, Alyssa is convinced she is an ugly duckling who will n… more

Ceremony of Seduction
Cassie Ryan
Aphrodisia , English
Access Denied - Sara White

Access DeniedSara White

Ryan agrees to wear a male chastity device, giving the only key to his childhood friend Cassie now that they’re both eighteen. But although he’s fantasied about this for months he’s unprepared for how frustrating it becomes as Cassie, and … more

Access Denied
Sara White
Seducing the Succubus (A Sis... - Cassie Ryan

Seducing the Succubus (A Sis...Cassie Ryan

1 rating

First in a sexy new series featuring four succubus sisters fighting demons and desires. Jezebeth is living out the centuries as any succubus must-seducing men to survive and corrupting souls to make her quota with her queen, Lilith. But, … more

Seducing the Succubus (A Sisters of Darkness Novel)
Cassie Ryan
Berkley , English
Homegrown Heroes - Ryan - Kara Swynn

Homegrown Heroes - RyanKara Swynn

Average wait: N/A

Cassandra Cross has loved Ryan Sears since the minute she met him, too bad he’s been her number one enemy from about that same time. Ryan is off limits and it would help if Cassie could remember that. Besides there’s no way the sexy, self-d… more

Homegrown Heroes - Ryan
Kara Swynn
The Demon and the Succubus (... - Cassie Ryan

The Demon and the Succubus (...Cassie Ryan

View our feature on Cassie Ryan’s The Demon and the Succubus.Second in the “deliciously wicked and sexy” (New York Times) series starring four succubi sisters on the run from a deadly demon. Amalya has spent the centuries using her succub… more

The Demon and the Succubus (A Sisters of Darkness Novel)
Cassie Ryan
Berkley , English
Gran-sdur: The Games (The Ph... - Jan Raymond

Gran-sdur: The Games (The Ph...Jan Raymond

Average wait: N/A

“Gran-sdur: The Games” is the second book in the Pha-yul trilogy.

Millions of years ago, people from Padim, a planet in another galaxy took refuge on Earth. They still live among us. Children, born with the Padimite gene, sometimes, manif… more

Gran-sdur: The Games (The Pha-yul trilogy Book 2)
Jan Raymond
Into Spring - Linda K. Stough

Into SpringLinda K. Stough

Average wait: N/A

Into Spring is a spirited look at the lives of young women who are gay and comfortable with the knowledge of their sexuality. This novel is an introspective story of women who are coming to terms with their strengths and weaknesses and over… more

Into Spring
Linda K. Stough
Linda K. Stough , English
Ceremony Of Seduction - Cassie Ryan

Ceremony Of SeductionCassie Ryan

Average wait: N/A

When Dreams Of Desire. . . Twenty-three-year-old Alyssa Moss has lived her whole life in the shadow of her beautiful family. Voluptuous where they are lean, brunette where they are blonde, Alyssa is convinced she is an ugly duckling wh… more

Ceremony Of Seduction
Cassie Ryan
Kensington , English
Committed: A Drug of Desire Novel - Sidney Bristol

Committed: A Drug of Desire NovelSidney Bristol

In this tale of sensuality and suspense, Sidney Bristol proves that desire can be the most dangerous drug of all.   DEA Special Agent Damien Moana works hard and plays even harder. But while indulging in forbidden temptations at a private B… more

Committed: A Drug of Desire Novel
Sidney Bristol
Loveswept , English
The Pleasure Project - Jenna Mccormick, Cassie Ryan

The Pleasure ProjectJenna Mccormick, Cassie Ryan

Average wait: N/A

Be transported into a future brimming with sensuality—where those who dare are free to explore every forbidden desire…THE SCIENCE OF PLEASURE by JAXDr. Jenesis DeBruehl had high hopes for her research—until a ruthless colleague stole it to … more

The Pleasure Project
Jenna Mccormick, Cassie Ryan
Kensington , English

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