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Down the Road: The Fall of Austin - Bowie Ibarra

Down the Road: The Fall of AustinBowie Ibarra

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When the dead rise, the living must unite.

Officer Mike Runyard of the Austin Police Department and his partner, Derek Tucker, are stuck in the middle of a city overrun with … more

Down the Road: The Fall of Austin
Bowie Ibarra
Permuted Press , English
Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire - Bowie Ibarra

Pit Fighters: Baptism by FireBowie Ibarra

Average wait: N/A

Five fighters. Five styles. One goal.It’s the 1990’s, the advent of mainstream money fights.They are masters of their respective arts: Kung-Fu, Western Boxing, Sambo, Lucha Libre, street fighting.Their paths cross in the south Texas town … more

Pit Fighters: Baptism by Fire
Bowie Ibarra
ZombieBloodFights.com , English
Down the Road: On the Last Day - Bowie Ibarra

Down the Road: On the Last DayBowie Ibarra

Average wait: N/A

A standalone novel set in the Down the Road universe!

The walking dead. A global crisis. The remnants of America. Around the globe, the dead are rising to devour the living. Hospitals are overrun, and martial law has been declared. The s… more

Down the Road: On the Last Day
Bowie Ibarra
Permuted Press , English
Down the Road - Bowie Ibarra

Down the RoadBowie Ibarra

From his small apartment in Austin, Texas, George Zaragosa watches in awe as surreal reports of a bizarre plague flood the national news. Until today, his life as a local theater teacher was stable and ordinary, if overshadowed by the unsol… more

Down the Road
Bowie Ibarra
Pocket Books , English

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