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Duncan Delaney and the Cadil... - A. L. Haskett

Duncan Delaney and the Cadil...A. L. Haskett

2 ratings
Average wait: N/A

Bill Fitzhugh, author of Radio Activity, Fender Benders, Pest Control (and others) described Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom best when he said: As God is my witness, ‘Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom’ is the first novel I’ve … more

Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom
A. L. Haskett
JonLin Books , English
Battle Axe - Bill Cokas

Battle AxeBill Cokas

Average wait: N/A

When his father plays the sax, he blows crowds away. But when Dorsey Duquesne picks up a guitar, he simply blows. Though he’s a wealthy software entrepreneur, music just isn’t in his blood—and neither is his father’s DNA. When his mother Ch… more

Battle Axe
Bill Cokas
CreateSpace , English
Radio Activity (The Rick Sha... - Bill Fitzhugh

Radio Activity (The Rick Sha...Bill Fitzhugh

Average wait: N/A

Based on an illegally recorded phone conversation made by the author many years ago (turns out it was both a state and a federal crime), Radio Activity is a sordid little tale of life, death, and blackmail set in the world of FM rock radio…. more

Radio Activity (The Rick Shannon series Book 1)
Bill Fitzhugh
Reduviidae, Incorporated , English
Pest Control: An Assassin Bu... - Bill Fitzhugh

Pest Control: An Assassin Bu...Bill Fitzhugh

Bob Dillon can’t get a break. A down-on-his-luck exterminator, all he wants is his own truck with a big fiberglass bug on top — and success with his radical new, environmentally friendly pest-killing technique. So Bob decides to advertise. … more

Pest Control: An Assassin Bug Thriller (Assassin Bug Thrillers Book 1)
Bill Fitzhugh
Poisoned Pen Press , English
Fender Benders - Bill Fitzhugh

Fender BendersBill Fitzhugh

Average wait: N/A

Fender Benders won The Lefty Award for Best Humorous Novel of 2001.Eddie Long plans to be a country music star but he’s stuck touring the college frat circuit. But after his nagging wife apparently dies at the hands of a serial killer, Edd… more

Fender Benders
Bill Fitzhugh
Reduviidae, Inc. , English
Pest Control - Bill Fitzhugh

Pest ControlBill Fitzhugh

1 rating

Bob Dillon is a down-on-his-luck exterminator from Queens who just wants to make a killing with his radical new environmentally-friendly pest elimination technique, involving his hybrid assassin bugs (a very real group of insects). But when… more

Pest Control
Bill Fitzhugh
Reduviidae, Inc. , English
D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspire... - Ken Bruen, Scott Phillips, H...

D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspire...Ken Bruen, Scott Phillips, H...

The parameters of the dare were simple. No rules, no quarter. Make him a hero. Make him a perp. Make him a throwaway reference. Whatever fired the writer’s imagination…all amalgamated into an anthology unequaled and inspired by the most v… more

D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspired by Dick Cheney
Ken Bruen, Scott Phillips, Harry Hunsicker, Bill Fitzhugh, Tony Black, Hilary Davidson, Marcus Sakey
D*CKED Industries , English
Cutthroat - Steve Brewer

CutthroatSteve Brewer

Average wait: N/A

Solomon Gage has always been a loyal employee. Orphaned at a young age, he was fortunate to be “adopted” by billionaire Dominick Sheffield. But Dominick’s spoiled sons don’t share his business ethics, and they resent Solomon.Solomon knows D… more

Steve Brewer
Cross Dressing - Bill Fitzhugh

Cross DressingBill Fitzhugh

Big-shot ad exec Dan Steele feels entitled to the best life has to offer — even if he has to live way beyond his means to acquire it. But there’s hope on the horizon. Dan has just stolen what’s sure to be an award-winning idea for a multim… more

Cross Dressing
Bill Fitzhugh
HarperCollins e-books , English
Die Laughing 2: Five More Co... - Ben Rehder, Paul Levine, Par...

Die Laughing 2: Five More Co...Ben Rehder, Paul Levine, Par...

Grab 5 more comic crime novels from 5 award-winning authors.


Meet Roy Ballard, fun-loving wise-cracking freelance videographer with a knack for catching insurance cheats. He’s working a routine case, complete with… more

Die Laughing 2: Five More Comic Crime Novels
Ben Rehder, Paul Levine, Parnell Hall, Bill Fitzhugh, Steve Brewer
Full House - Pete Hautman, Francine P. Pa...

Full HousePete Hautman, Francine P. Pa...

Is there any greater thrill than staring down your opponent across the poker table, waiting for the card that will make or break your hand? Acclaimed YA novelist Pete Hautman would know—he’s been a poker fanatic for thirty years. And with p… more

Full House
Pete Hautman, Francine P. Pascal, K. L. Going, Gary Phillips, Will Weaver
G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers , English
The Organ Grinders - Bill Fitzhugh

The Organ GrindersBill Fitzhugh

Bill Fitzhugh strikes again! Following his widely acclaimed debut novel, Pest Control (The [London] Times called it “one of the funniest, most off-beat thrillers in years”), Fitzhugh turns his satirical eye to the merging of medical science… more

The Organ Grinders
Bill Fitzhugh
HarperCollins e-books , English
The Exterminators: An Assass... - Bill Fitzhugh

The Exterminators: An Assass...Bill Fitzhugh

Average wait: N/A

All Bob Dillon ever wanted was a truck with a big fiberglass bug on the roof. All he had to do was survive a half dozen assassination attempts, pull a ten million dollar con on a Bolivian drug lord, and then fall off the face of the earth w… more

The Exterminators: An Assassin Bug Thriller (Assassin Bug Thrillers Book 2)
Bill Fitzhugh
Poisoned Pen Press , English
Highway 61 Resurfaced (The R... - Bill Fitzhugh

Highway 61 Resurfaced (The R...Bill Fitzhugh

Average wait: N/A

In a review of Highway 61 Resurfaced, the brilliant music writer Greil Marcus wrote: “A lost-tapes mystery — all blues mysteries are lost-tapes mysteries — but unlike the rest, this pays off with a climax so rich you want to hear the tape… more

Highway 61 Resurfaced (The Rick Shannon series Book 2)
Bill Fitzhugh
Reduviidae, Inc. , English
Highway 61 Resurfaced: A Novel - Bill Fitzhugh

Highway 61 Resurfaced: A NovelBill Fitzhugh

FM rock deejay and private investigator Rick Shannon is back in a big way in the second novel of a series that began with the rollicking Radio Activity.Highway 61 Resurfaced kicks off when a woman named Lollie Woolfolk sashays into the offi… more

Highway 61 Resurfaced: A Novel
Bill Fitzhugh
Harper Collins, Inc. , English
Die Laughing: 5 Comic Crime Novels - Steve Brewer, Bill Fitzhugh,...

Die Laughing: 5 Comic Crime NovelsSteve Brewer, Bill Fitzhugh,...

Average wait: N/A

5 comic crime novels from 5 award-winning authors.

LOST VEGAS Steve Brewer

Nick Papadopoulos used to be a button man for the Mob. Now he’s the front man for an aging casino in Fowler, Nevada, an isolated backwater known as “Lost Vegas.” … more

Die Laughing: 5 Comic Crime Novels
Steve Brewer, Bill Fitzhugh, Parnell Hall, Paul Levine, Ben Rehder
The Big Wink - Steve Brewer

The Big WinkSteve Brewer

Average wait: N/A

Misfit robbers attract the hot spotlight of the medical marijuana debate in THE BIG WINK, the new crime novel from veteran mystery author Steve Brewer.Ray Bunch and his gang have been happily knocking over cannabis dispensaries for weeks ar… more

The Big Wink
Steve Brewer
Heart Seizure: A Novel - Bill Fitzhugh

Heart Seizure: A NovelBill Fitzhugh

Spence Tailor, a lawyer with an actual set of principals, loves his mama, Rose. Rose—with advanced cardiomyopathy and a rare blood type—is scheduled for a heart transplant. But when the president’s heart craps out during a photo op three mo… more

Heart Seizure: A Novel
Bill Fitzhugh
HarperCollins e-books , English
Calabama - Steve Brewer

CalabamaSteve Brewer

Average wait: N/A

CALABAMA is hillbilly noir in the vein of TV’s “Justified,” but it’s set in the wilds of far Northern California.It’s the story of Eric Newlin, a slacker who works for his father-in-law in the remote town of Redding. A Corvette flies over E… more

Steve Brewer

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