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Always the Bridesmaid - Anna Pescardot

Always the BridesmaidAnna Pescardot

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A romantic comedy - Nicole Turner is a single girl, worried she’ll be left rotting on the shelf forever while less attractive girls are getting snapped up by gorgeous guys. She starts to feel there’s something seriously wrong with her. Desp… more

Always the Bridesmaid
Anna Pescardot
Souls Apart (Book 1 in the L... - Anna Pescardot

Souls Apart (Book 1 in the L...Anna Pescardot

A young adult paranormal romance - seventeen year old Charlotte first meets Eddie at an attic sale in a scary mansion house. As she spends more time with him, she starts to fall deeper in love, despite his strange ways. When she finds out t… more

Souls Apart (Book 1 in the Lost Souls Trilogy)
Anna Pescardot
Getting Him Back - Anna Pescardot

Getting Him BackAnna Pescardot

Terri is feeling frumpy and fed up after her fiance dumps her for a younger woman two weeks before her wedding. Now, instead of sunning herself on honeymoon, she is stuck working for the boss from hell and wishing her ex would beg for her f… more

Getting Him Back
Anna Pescardot
Old-Fashioned Romance - Anna Pescardot

Old-Fashioned RomanceAnna Pescardot

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Rebecca wishes she was dating in the fifties or sixties - when men treated women like ladies and when the world wasn’t obsessed with new technology. After being dumped by, yet another, disappointing boyfriend she vows to find somebody diffe… more

Old-Fashioned Romance
Anna Pescardot
Amazon Kindle , English
Final Cut (Book 3 in the Los... - Anna Pescardot

Final Cut (Book 3 in the Los...Anna Pescardot

Now that Charlie has, once again, fallen for Eddie’s lies, Amber and Natalie realize they must do whatever they can to track her down before it’s too late.With the help of the Natalie’s spirit guides, the girls finally understand what they … more

Final Cut (Book 3 in the Lost Souls Trilogy)
Anna Pescardot

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