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Yearbook - Allyson B. Condie

YearbookAllyson B. Condie

It was the first day of school at Lakeview High, and everyone was afraid of something. Michaela Choi was afraid that Ethan Beck was never going to ask her out on a date. Andrea Beck was afraid that someone would find her weak spot, the chi… more

Allyson B. Condie
Deseret Book , English
First Day - Allyson B. Condie

First DayAllyson B. Condie

Jobs. Missions. College. Love. In the sequel to Yearbook, the characters are in the middle of it all. Two and a half years after we left off, Andrea Beckett is a junior at Cornell University in New York. She’s caught up in the whirlwind of … more

First Day
Allyson B. Condie
Deseret Book , English
Being Sixteen - Allyson B. Condie

Being SixteenAllyson B. Condie

This is one of those books you can’t put down, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. My wish for this book is that every high school girl, her sisters, and their mom will read Being Sixteen and then get together and discuss what they’ve learne… more

Being Sixteen
Allyson B. Condie
Deseret Book , English
Reunion - Allyson B. Condie

ReunionAllyson B. Condie

Addie Sherman isn’t popular, she’s not exuberant, and she’s not known as the class clown. She’s just Addie, a high school junior who is convinced that she has nothing in common with the rest of her outgoing family, including her brother Dav… more

Allyson B. Condie
Deseret Book , English

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