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Practical Lessons In Yoga by... - Sri Swami Sivananda

Practical Lessons In Yoga by...Sri Swami Sivananda

This comprehensive guide is not just another westernized version of Yoga, it gets right to the root with the purest ancient eastern knowledge that can elevate you above the bonds and chains of attachment and artificial constructs of self wo… more

Practical Lessons In Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda
Sri Swami Sivananda
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Be Healthy With Yoga - Yoga Trine International

Be Healthy With YogaYoga Trine International

While many people think of yoga as being an activity that can change what your body looks like, it is also an activity that greatly improve your health. In this classic guide, learn the health benefits of yoga and how you can begin, or chan… more

Be Healthy With Yoga
Yoga Trine International
Going Towards The Nature Is ... - Shaman Melodie McBride Dr. A...

Going Towards The Nature Is ...Shaman Melodie McBride Dr. A...

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Subtle is a word that eases change into life. In “Gaining Strength” the Doctors Yardi and Shaman M introduce the foods and herbs for the specific body types in Ayurveda and Yoga. The second book of their series, and stepping stone, in your… more

Going Towards The Nature Is Going Towards The Health; Gaining Strength
Shaman Melodie McBride Dr. Ashutosh and Dr. Anagha Yardi
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Yoga System: Mastering Yoga ... - Yoga Divine International

Yoga System: Mastering Yoga ...Yoga Divine International

There are countless benefits to pursuing the practice of yoga. While your best option is to seek out a good yoga class taught by a reputable instructor, reading about the practice of yoga can also help you understand the poses much better. … more

Yoga System: Mastering Yoga For Beginners
Yoga Divine International
Yoga for Transformation: Anc... - Gary Kraftsow

Yoga for Transformation: Anc...Gary Kraftsow

While there is no denying yoga’s popularity as a form of physical exercise, the other life-enhancing aspects of this tradition remain obscure to many Westerners. In Yoga for Transformation, Gary Kraftsow introduces techniques that treat not… more

Yoga for Transformation: Ancient Teachings and Practices for Healing the Body, Mind,and Heart (Compass)
Gary Kraftsow
Penguin Books , English
Practical Lessons In Yoga - kristal lee

Practical Lessons In Yogakristal lee

KEEP FIT With Practical Lessons In YogaYOGA LESSONS FROM BEGINNER UP~MEDITATION!~ GREAT EBOOKYOGA/ energy/posture/wellness/spiritual/chakra/e-book

Practical Lessons In Yoga
kristal lee
Advanced Yoga - Anonymous

Advanced YogaAnonymous

In India, the Candidates for Initiation into the science of “Raja Yoga,”when they apply to the Yogi Masters for instruction, are given a seriesof lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the nature of the RealSelf, and to instruct them … more

Advanced Yoga
The Complete Illustrated Boo... - Swami Vishnu  Devananda

The Complete Illustrated Boo...Swami Vishnu Devananda

Since 1960, more than 1 million people have used this classic guide to tap the incredible power of yoga. The attractive new edition, in a new size, will appeal to a wide audience of contemporary yoga students.From the Trade Paperback editio… more

The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga
Swami Vishnu Devananda
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Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summ... - Silvia Mori, Sandra Sabatini

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summ...Silvia Mori, Sandra Sabatini

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Focusing on the seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer rekindles our relationship with nature.Every season has its own special quality: the withdrawal of energy in autumn, the silent stillness of winter, the push to emerge and grow in spri… more

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: yoga through the seasons
Silvia Mori, Sandra Sabatini
Pinter & Martin , English
Yoga Basics Plus - A Complet... - eBook Fan

Yoga Basics Plus - A Complet...eBook Fan

Dear Friend,How Would You Like To Quickly Get Into Shape, Loose Weight, and Become More ‘In Tune’ With Your Mind, Body And Spirit?It doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised a day in your life, or you’re the most fit person in the world… … more

Yoga Basics Plus - A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Yoga SSS+++
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Yoga Beyond Belief: Insights... - Ganga White

Yoga Beyond Belief: Insights...Ganga White

Yoga Beyond Belief offers a unique vision of contemporary yoga. It integrates scientific and practical approaches providing a much-needed integrative perspective that complements existing yoga books for all levels and styles of yoga stude… more

Yoga Beyond Belief: Insights to Awaken and Deepen Your Practice
Ganga White
North Atlantic Books , English
Yoga Fitness - The Guide for... - Alicia T.Lewis, Susan Morrow

Yoga Fitness - The Guide for...Alicia T.Lewis, Susan Morrow

Reduced from $3.99 to $2.99 for 30 days Learn and Discover all the essentials of yoga: Acquire the knowledge of the vast amounts of Yoga types and create a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Indulge yourself with the beneficial information held… more

Yoga Fitness - The Guide for Beginner Yoga Users: Including The Basics of Yoga Poses, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga for Kids And The History Of Yoga
Alicia T.Lewis, Susan Morrow
Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for... - Meera Patricia Kerr

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for...Meera Patricia Kerr

Big YogaIf you think yoga is only for skinny young things dressed in tight yoga outfits, you need to think again. To expert Meera Patricia Kerr, yoga can and should be used by anyone—especially the plus-size woman. With an emphasis on heal… more

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
Meera Patricia Kerr
Square One Publishers , English
Ahhhhhh ... Haaaaaa Moments ... - Lisa Jey  Davis

Ahhhhhh ... Haaaaaa Moments ...Lisa Jey Davis

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Learn to relax while conquering the world… Take some time for yourself with the help of Ms. Cheevious, and be guided through an as-challenging-as-you-want-it yoga practice. Taken from a combination of Iyengar and Ashtanga practices, Lisa … more

Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaa Moments With Ms. Cheevious
Lisa Jey Davis
Lisa Jey Davis , English
Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit - N/A

Hindu Tales from the SanskritN/A

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit
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Yoga For Beginners - Learn H... - Sri Swami Sivananda

Yoga For Beginners - Learn H...Sri Swami Sivananda

Yoga is an important part of many lives today. Although it is considered a type of exercise, it has the potential to affect the emotional and psychological health of the individual, not just the physical state.Some people resist trying yoga… more

Yoga For Beginners - Learn How To Use Yoga For Fitness And Health
Sri Swami Sivananda
A Beginners Guide To Yoga eB... -

A Beginners Guide To Yoga eB...

Great ebook guide with Resell Rights.

A Beginners Guide To Yoga eBook + Resell Rights
Yoga with Weights For Dummies - Sherri Baptiste

Yoga with Weights For DummiesSherri Baptiste

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An easy-to-follow guide to a hot new form of yogaYoga with Weights is the latest breakthrough in mind-body exercise, integrating the mindfulness of yoga with the physical culture of body-building. Building on the strengths of both disciplin… more

Yoga with Weights For Dummies
Sherri Baptiste
For Dummies , English
Yoga for Health - Richard Hittleman

Yoga for HealthRichard Hittleman

This is more than a Yoga book, more than an exercise book, more than a nutrition guide, more than a cookbook. It is all three. And it presents the total way of life by America’s foremost yoga instructor.

Yoga for Health
Richard Hittleman
Ballantine Books , English
The Complete Guide to Yin Yo... - Bernie Clark

The Complete Guide to Yin Yo...Bernie Clark

The Yin Yoga Book provides an in-depth look at the philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga. Clark’s fascinating and comprehensive book is divided into three sections:(I) What is Yin Yoga; (II) The Benefits of Yin Yoga, including discussions of … more

The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga
Bernie Clark
White Cloud Press , English