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Practical Lessons In Yoga by... - Sri Swami Sivananda

Practical Lessons In Yoga by...Sri Swami Sivananda

This comprehensive guide is not just another westernized version of Yoga, it gets right to the root with the purest ancient eastern knowledge that can elevate you above the bonds and chains of attachment and artificial constructs of self wo… more

Practical Lessons In Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda
Sri Swami Sivananda
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Be Healthy With Yoga - Yoga Trine International

Be Healthy With YogaYoga Trine International

While many people think of yoga as being an activity that can change what your body looks like, it is also an activity that greatly improve your health. In this classic guide, learn the health benefits of yoga and how you can begin, or chan… more

Be Healthy With Yoga
Yoga Trine International
Practical Lessons In Yoga - kristal lee

Practical Lessons In Yogakristal lee

KEEP FIT With Practical Lessons In YogaYOGA LESSONS FROM BEGINNER UP~MEDITATION!~ GREAT EBOOKYOGA/ energy/posture/wellness/spiritual/chakra/e-book

Practical Lessons In Yoga
kristal lee
The Complete Illustrated Boo... - Swami Vishnu  Devananda

The Complete Illustrated Boo...Swami Vishnu Devananda

Since 1960, more than 1 million people have used this classic guide to tap the incredible power of yoga. The attractive new edition, in a new size, will appeal to a wide audience of contemporary yoga students.From the Trade Paperback editio… more

The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga
Swami Vishnu Devananda
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Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summ... - Silvia Mori, Sandra Sabatini

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summ...Silvia Mori, Sandra Sabatini

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Focusing on the seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer rekindles our relationship with nature.Every season has its own special quality: the withdrawal of energy in autumn, the silent stillness of winter, the push to emerge and grow in spri… more

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: yoga through the seasons
Silvia Mori, Sandra Sabatini
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Yoga Basics Plus - A Complet... - eBook Fan

Yoga Basics Plus - A Complet...eBook Fan

Dear Friend,How Would You Like To Quickly Get Into Shape, Loose Weight, and Become More ‘In Tune’ With Your Mind, Body And Spirit?It doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised a day in your life, or you’re the most fit person in the world… … more

Yoga Basics Plus - A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Yoga SSS+++
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Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for... - Meera Patricia Kerr

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for...Meera Patricia Kerr

Big YogaIf you think yoga is only for skinny young things dressed in tight yoga outfits, you need to think again. To expert Meera Patricia Kerr, yoga can and should be used by anyone—especially the plus-size woman. With an emphasis on heal… more

Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies
Meera Patricia Kerr
Square One Publishers , English
A Beginners Guide To Yoga eB... -

A Beginners Guide To Yoga eB...

Great ebook guide with Resell Rights.

A Beginners Guide To Yoga eBook + Resell Rights
Yin Yoga: Principles and Pra... - Paul Grilley

Yin Yoga: Principles and Pra...Paul Grilley

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice by Paul Grilley brings together in a fresh way the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and Taoism with Hindu yoga practices. With over 80,000 copies sold, Grilley’s book has be… more

Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice - 10th Anniversary Edition
Paul Grilley
White Cloud Press , English
The Ultimate Guide to Practi... - sri swami sivananda

The Ultimate Guide to Practi...sri swami sivananda

The object with which this book is published is twofold. Year in and year out large numbersof Europeans and Americans, men and women, came out to India to learn Yoga under an Adept andpractice the same in India itself. In the course of thei… more

The Ultimate Guide to Practicing Yoga From One of the World’s Greatest Teachers
sri swami sivananda
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Yoga Basics Plus - Kate Kotter

Yoga Basics PlusKate Kotter

What is Yoga? What Yoga Isn’t The Essence of Yoga Yoga and Physical Health Why is Yoga Beneficial? The Mind-Body Connection Physical Benefits Psychological Benefits Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle Emotional Benefits Pain Management Benefits … more

Yoga Basics Plus
Kate Kotter
Yoga Resource Practice Manual - Darren Rhodes

Yoga Resource Practice ManualDarren Rhodes

The Yoga Resource Practice Manual eBook is a comprehensive guide for yoga practitioners of all levels. All rolled into one, it is a reference manual, an instruction guide, a photo library, and a collection of Darren Rhodes’ personal anecdot… more

Yoga Resource Practice Manual
Darren Rhodes
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Lessons in Gnani Yoga : The ... - Anonymous

Lessons in Gnani Yoga : The ...Anonymous

Students of Yoga are not only looking to reach peace within their bodies, but also their minds. The Yogi Philosophy may be divided into several great branches, or fields. What is known as Gnani Yoga deals with the scientific and intellectua… more

Lessons in Gnani Yoga : The Yoga of Wisdom
Practical Lessons In Yoga - SRI SWAMI Sivananda

Practical Lessons In YogaSRI SWAMI Sivananda

Yoga Philosophy is one of the six systems of Hindu Philosophy which exist in India. Unlike so many other philosophies of the world, it is a philosophy that is wholly practical. Yoga is an exact science based on certain immutable Laws of Nat… more

Practical Lessons In Yoga
SRI SWAMI Sivananda
Real Men Do Yoga: 21 Star At... - John Capouya

Real Men Do Yoga: 21 Star At...John Capouya

With its revolutionary approach to yoga and innovative, male-oriented instruction, Real Men Do Yoga will be the definitive guide for both novice and veteran men who are discovering the innumerable physical and mental benefits of yoga.Satisf… more

Real Men Do Yoga: 21 Star Athletes Reveal Their Secrets for Strength, Flexibility and Peak Performance
John Capouya
HCI , English
EAS...E YOGA FOR LIFE: How t... - Loretto Gubernatis

EAS...E YOGA FOR LIFE: How t...Loretto Gubernatis

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to follow

Loretto Gubernatis
Xlibris , English
Just Do Yoga: The Complete Y... - Julie Schoen, Little Pearl

Just Do Yoga: The Complete Y...Julie Schoen, Little Pearl

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Do you want to eliminate stress, lose weight, banish chronic pain, and look and feel better than ever before?The answer is simple: Just Do Yoga!Julie Schoen, yoga expert, author, and contributor at Yoginiology.com, makes practicing yoga fun… more

Just Do Yoga: The Complete Yoga Guide To The Best Yoga Poses For Total Mind And Body Bliss
Julie Schoen, Little Pearl
Little Pearl Publishing , English
Yoga Exercises - Anonymous

Yoga ExercisesAnonymous

Salutation to Âdinatha (Siva) who expounded the knowledge ofHatha Yoga, which like a staircase leads the aspirant to the highpinnacled Raja Yoga.

Yoga Exercises
Yoga: Inside & Outside: Carr... - Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati

Yoga: Inside & Outside: Carr...Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati

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The newest collection of Swami Nirmalananda’s monthly teachings, Yoga: Inside & Outside, shows you how to carry your yoga into your life. The basis is bliss, the inner bliss you experience when you do yoga. Once you have experienced your ow… more

Yoga: Inside & Outside: Carrying Inner Bliss into Your Life
Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati
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Yoga Assists: A Complete Vis... - Sharon Gannon, David Life

Yoga Assists: A Complete Vis...Sharon Gannon, David Life

A yoga assist is an action taken in a microcosmic relationship that reveals macrocosmic truths. It is action undertaken in mutuality with the best of intentions and the blessing of the teacher’s teachers.

The giving of yoga is an art. Yoga… more

Yoga Assists: A Complete Visual & Inspirational Guide To Yoga Asana Assists
Sharon Gannon, David Life
Premier Digital Publishing , English