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Writing Tips for Authors - Stefan Vucak

Writing Tips for AuthorsStefan Vucak

How exactly does an author write a novel? Some will sit in front of the computer and start pounding away. Others will adopt a more methodical approach. Once that masterpiece is finished, how best to get it published?

In a series of essays,… more

Writing Tips for Authors
Stefan Vucak
Stefan Vucak , English
The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day P... - Martha Silano, Kelli Agodon

The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day P...Martha Silano, Kelli Agodon

The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice (Published by Two Sylvias Press) offers a unique writing prompt for every day of the year. Created by poets for poets, this calendar of exercises offers inspiration and a place to… more

The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice
Martha Silano, Kelli Agodon
Two Sylvias Press , English
The 365-Day Writer's Block W... - Morgen Bailey

The 365-Day Writer's Block W...Morgen Bailey

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Volume 2 features over a thousand sets of five keywords, three sets per day, with writing tips at the end of each week to motivate and inspire, providing kick-starts to avoid the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. Useful for any writer at any level,… more

The 365-Day Writer’s Block Workbook (Volume 2)
Morgen Bailey
Write Like the Wind # 1 - Aaron Paul Lazar

Write Like the Wind # 1Aaron Paul Lazar

Ever wish you could peer into the brain of a published author and learn what tips he’s absorbed over the years? How did he get where he is? How many times did he submit manuscripts before he sold his books? Or maybe you’d like to delve into… more

Write Like the Wind # 1
Aaron Paul Lazar
Twilight Times Books , English
Horror Writing 101: How to W... - Steve French

Horror Writing 101: How to W...Steve French

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If you have ever wanted to write a horror novel, but you did not know where to start or how to begin, than this book is the perfect guide for you! All the ideas and inspiration you could possibly ever need to write the horror story of your … more

Horror Writing 101: How to Write a Horror Novel
Steve French
Dark Hour Arts Inc. , English
Inspiration: Write Every Day - Kathleen O'Mara

Inspiration: Write Every DayKathleen O'Mara

Successful writers write every day. Inspiration: Write Every Day helps writers write by offering inspiration quotes, prompts and thoughts for the day. Space for annotation allows for thought, ideas and inspiration to start flowing right awa… more

Inspiration: Write Every Day
Kathleen O’Mara
How to Think Sideways Lesson... - Holly Lisle

How to Think Sideways Lesson...Holly Lisle

Simple Question: How do you figure out what to write ABOUT?LESSON DESCRIPTION: Discover what your Muse is passionate as opposed to what you think you should write, so you can build your career only writing books you love.In LESSON 2: How To… more

How to Think Sideways Lesson 2: How to Discover Your Writing “Sweet Spot” (How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers)
Holly Lisle
Damn the Rejections, Full Sp... - Maralys Wills

Damn the Rejections, Full Sp...Maralys Wills

A treasure trove of sage advice for the new writer packaged in easy to digest and fun to read anecdotes. Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead offers real world suggestions for writing novels, or non-fiction and turning them into saleable w… more

Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead: The Bumpy Road to Getting Published
Maralys Wills
Stephens Press, LLC , English
Use Facebook and Other Socia... - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Use Facebook and Other Socia...Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

This ebook explains how essential social networking is in selling and promoting your ebook on the Internet in the digital age. In fact, the success of ebooks depends primarily on how well-versed you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so… more

Use Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites to Sell Your Ebook…. IN A DAY (Publish and Promote Your Ebook)
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
Thames River Press , English
Market Your Book on Twitter,... - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Market Your Book on Twitter,...Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

In this ebook, we discuss how to effectively use social media channels to promote your book and your brand. Twitter, for example, is the largest social bookmarking site on the Internet today, with over 500 million users in 2012. It enables … more

Market Your Book on Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads…. IN A DAY (Publish and Promote Your Ebook…. INDAY)
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
Thames River Press , English
Set Up A Website and Blog Fo... - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Set Up A Website and Blog Fo...Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

A website and blog can build your author brand and showcase your book. In this book, we explain how to choose a suitable domain name and what rich content and key words you should include. Your website should be inviting and easy to navigat… more

Set Up A Website and Blog For Your Book…. INDAY
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
Guerrilla Marketing and DIY ... - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Guerrilla Marketing and DIY ...Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Sometimes you will need to think outside the box and engage in “guerrilla marketing” techniques when marketing your book in a day. Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost, innovative means are used, often locally or… more

Guerrilla Marketing and DIY Distribution for Your Book…. INDAY
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
Multi-channel Marketing to S... - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Multi-channel Marketing to S...Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

If you want to sell your book abroad, you should be clear about what you are likely to achieve and set reasonable goals. You need to integrate your marketing approach and engage your global audience, which involves online demographic resear… more

Multi-channel Marketing to Sell Your Book Around the World…. INDAY
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
100 Ways to Publish and Sell... - Conrad Jones and Darin Jewell

100 Ways to Publish and Sell...Conrad Jones and Darin Jewell

If you’ve published an e-book, or are planning to do so, you’ll need this essential guide. It provides expert advice on every step of the process, from production through to all-important promotion. To ensure your e-book reaches its intende… more

100 Ways to Publish and Sell Your Own E-book
Conrad Jones and Darin Jewell
How To Books , English
For the Love of Letters - Samara O'Shea

For the Love of LettersSamara O'Shea

Have you ever wanted to write a thank-you note and suffered writer’s block? Considered penning a passionate letter to your beloved, but had no idea where to begin? Needed to send a sympathy message, but couldn’t find the right words? Fear n… more

For the Love of Letters
Samara O’Shea
HarperCollins e-books , English
Four Articles Editors Love a... - Denise George

Four Articles Editors Love a...Denise George

Four Articles Editors Love—And How to Write Them!“The Ever-Popular Personal Experience,Inspirational Article”Learn how to offer your readers hope, encouragement, and inspiration through your own personal experiences. Editors love the first … more

Four Articles Editors Love and How to Write Them! (Boot Camp for Christian Writers)
Denise George
The Writer's Voice - Lynne Dozier

The Writer's VoiceLynne Dozier

This book book is a compilation of mini-lessons, examples of teacher and student compositions developed and used throughout the last thirty years of teaching language and composition to students. It has provided young writers with a guide t… more

The Writer’s Voice
Lynne Dozier
D&L Global Consulting, Inc. , English
Publish and Promote Your Ebo... - Darin Jewell

Publish and Promote Your Ebo...Darin Jewell

This book explains how to turn your manuscript into an ebook and use various online market channels to sell it. The opening chapters explain how to improve your book’s prospects for commercial success by writing hooks into your book and pro… more

Publish and Promote Your Ebook…. INDAY
Darin Jewell
The Eight Essential Elements... - Denise George

The Eight Essential Elements...Denise George

Did you know that editors and readers alike love stories?! Throughout history, well-told stories have imparted truth, captivated attention, held interest, and created long lasting memories! Story-writing (both fiction and non-fiction) is ex… more

The Eight Essential Elements for Skillful Story-Crafting: How to Write the Perfect Story (Boot Camp for Christian Writers)
Denise George
Positive Parenting with a Pl... - Matthew Johnson

Positive Parenting with a Pl...Matthew Johnson

The Game Plan For Parenting Has Been Written!Although there are many books with good ideas for parents, as a Mom or Dad, how do you take those good ideas and actually implement them? Positive Parenting with a Plan is the fastest growing par… more

Positive Parenting with a Plan: The Game Plan for Parenting Has Been Written!
Matthew Johnson
Publication Consultants , English