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Write Like the Wind # 1 - Aaron Paul Lazar

Write Like the Wind # 1Aaron Paul Lazar

Ever wish you could peer into the brain of a published author and learn what tips he’s absorbed over the years? How did he get where he is? How many times did he submit manuscripts before he sold his books? Or maybe you’d like to delve into… more

Write Like the Wind # 1
Aaron Paul Lazar
Twilight Times Books , English
The Powells.com Interviews: ... - Dave Weich

The Powells.com Interviews: ...Dave Weich

The Powells.com Interviews: 22 Authors and Artists Talk About Their BooksBy : Dave Weich

The Powells.com Interviews: 22 Authors and Artists Talk About Their Books
Dave Weich
iUniverse , English
The Plot Whisperer Book of W... - Martha Alderson

The Plot Whisperer Book of W...Martha Alderson

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Daily exercises guaranteed to spark your writing! The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to finish every one of your writing projects. Written by celebrated writing teacher and author Ma… more

The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts: Easy Exercises to Get You Writing
Martha Alderson
Adams Media , English
The Complete Guide to Writin... -

The Complete Guide to Writin...

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The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy series offers something for writers of all levels, providing advice and detailed instruction for creating a believable fantasy world. The novice author will find the book invaluable for its sage advice,… more

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: Volume 3 - The Author’s Grimoire
Dragon Moon Press , English
Writing with a Word Processor - William Zinsser

Writing with a Word ProcessorWilliam Zinsser

In this helpful and entertaining book the author of the classic On Writing Well explains that he has always had a love of paper and a fear of mechanical objects. He describes how he confronted his hang-ups, got a word processor, taught hims… more

Writing with a Word Processor
William Zinsser
Harper Paperbacks , English
Writing Tips for Authors - Stefan Vucak

Writing Tips for AuthorsStefan Vucak

How exactly does an author write a novel? Some will sit in front of the computer and start pounding away. Others will adopt a more methodical approach. Once that masterpiece is finished, how best to get it published?

In a series of essays,… more

Writing Tips for Authors
Stefan Vucak
Stefan Vucak , English
Inspiration: Write Every Day - Kathleen O'Mara

Inspiration: Write Every DayKathleen O'Mara

Successful writers write every day. Inspiration: Write Every Day helps writers write by offering inspiration quotes, prompts and thoughts for the day. Space for annotation allows for thought, ideas and inspiration to start flowing right awa… more

Inspiration: Write Every Day
Kathleen O’Mara
Story Building Blocks II: Cr... - Diana Hurwitz

Story Building Blocks II: Cr...Diana Hurwitz

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Good writers ask, “What if? Great writers ask, “Why?” Characters in your story world walk around and do what you, the writer, program them to do. They may not know why, but you should. Effectively manipulating your characters’ actions, r… more

Story Building Blocks II: Crafting Believable Conflict
Diana Hurwitz
Hurwitz Literary LLC , English
Ebooks: How To Market And Sell Them - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Ebooks: How To Market And Sell ThemDarin Jewell, Conrad Jones

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Most of the tips and process in this guide are used on a daily basis by successful authors and publishers. Because of the internet, we are in a position to reach and touch millions of readers across the globe and if you can grasp the basics… more

Ebooks: How To Market And Sell Them
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
Champagne Books , English
How to Market Your EBooks, O... - Mike McCann

How to Market Your EBooks, O...Mike McCann

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You’ve written an eBook. Now what? Mike McCann shares award-winning steps and techniques for marketing eBooks into a full time income in “How to Market Your EBooks.”“Mike has more than 300 hyperlinked resources an eBook author can immediate… more

How to Market Your EBooks, Over 300 Resources to Help Authors Sell EBooks
Mike McCann
Global Business Cafe , English
"Should I Self-Publish My Book?" - Mysty Westfall

"Should I Self-Publish My Book?"Mysty Westfall

Should I Self-Publish My Book?” seeks to help new authors determine the best path to publishing their first book.We examine in part, how one’s content, platform and future writing plans should help inform whether a traditional publishing d… more

Should I Self-Publish My Book?”
Mysty Westfall
Westfall Creative , English
How To Think Sideways Lesson... - Holly Lisle

How To Think Sideways Lesson...Holly Lisle

PLEASE NOTE that this lesson has been upgraded.The lesson you want is How to Think Sideways Lesson 1: How to Start Writing a Book, and Never Fear the Blank Page Again  AISN: B008TC20JU Copy and paste either the title or the AISN above into … more

How To Think Sideways Lesson 1: How to Break the Four Thinking Barriers to Your Writing Success (How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers)
Holly Lisle
@WriMo: A 30-day Survival Gu... - Kevin Kaiser

@WriMo: A 30-day Survival Gu...Kevin Kaiser

100% of the profits from this book are donated to support the future of NaNoWriMo and other writing programs.Every November, hundreds of thousands take up the challenge of National Novel Writing Month and attempt to write a book in just… more

@WriMo: A 30-day Survival Guide for Writers
Kevin Kaiser
Damn the Rejections, Full Sp... - Maralys Wills

Damn the Rejections, Full Sp...Maralys Wills

A treasure trove of sage advice for the new writer packaged in easy to digest and fun to read anecdotes. Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead offers real world suggestions for writing novels, or non-fiction and turning them into saleable w… more

Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead: The Bumpy Road to Getting Published
Maralys Wills
Stephens Press, LLC , English
33 Mistakes Writers Make Abo... - Judy Rosella Edwards

33 Mistakes Writers Make Abo...Judy Rosella Edwards

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Disappearing in the U.S. by Judy Rosella Edwards addresses nearly three dozen misconceptions that even experienced writers are apt to make about their character’s chances of disappearing. She explain… more

33 Mistakes Writers Make About Disappearing in the U.S.
Judy Rosella Edwards
Judy Rosella Edwards , English
Sun Signs for Writers - Bev Walton-Porter

Sun Signs for WritersBev Walton-Porter

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Sun Signs for Writers blends the subjects of writing and astrology in an unusual way that intrigues, motivates, and inspires readers not only to know themselves better in an astrological way, but as creative persons as well.Writers learn th… more

Sun Signs for Writers
Bev Walton-Porter
Triple Crow Publishing , English
Writing the West With Dusty ... - Dusty  Richards, John  Dunck...

Writing the West With Dusty ...Dusty Richards, John Dunck...

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This is a how-to for western writers by some of the best western writing in America. Spur winners, Pulitzer finalists, New York Times Best Sellers, have all contributed to this book. Included are illustrations by the famous western artist, … more

Writing the West With Dusty Richards and Friends
Dusty Richards, John Duncklee, John Nesbitt, Jory Sherman, Jodi Thomas, Mike Kearby
High Hill Press , English
Dr. Format Tells All - Dave Trottier

Dr. Format Tells AllDave Trottier

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Dr. Format has been the go-to guy on screenplay formatting for two decades, and now he tells all. This book contains every column that Dave Trottier (AKA Dr. Format) has written for Script magazine, and each entry has been revised and updat… more

Dr. Format Tells All
Dave Trottier
Applewood Arts , English
Writing With Emotion, Tensio... - Cheryl St.John

Writing With Emotion, Tensio...Cheryl St.John

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Today’s highly competitive fiction market requires writers to imbue their novels with that special something - an element that captures readers’ hearts and minds. In Writing With Emotion, Tension & Conflict, writers will learn vital techniq… more

Writing With Emotion, Tension, and Conflict: Techniques for Crafting an Expressive and Compelling Novel
Cheryl St.John
Writer’s Digest Books , English
The Writer's Idea Thesaurus:... - Fred White

The Writer's Idea Thesaurus:...Fred White

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Endless ideas at your fingertips, and at the turn of a page… Need an idea for a short story or novel? Look no further than The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus. It’s far more than a collection of simple writing prompts. You’ll find a vast treasury… more

The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus: An Interactive Guide for Developing Ideas for Novels and Short Stories
Fred White
Writer’s Digest Books , English