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Writing Character-Driven Sho... - George Berger

Writing Character-Driven Sho...George Berger

Imagine, if you would, that a single simple change could radically improve not just the quality  of your (short) fiction, but - oh, why not? - the rest of your life, as well. It’s a nice dream, isn’t it? It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of… more

Writing Character-Driven Short Fiction
George Berger
George Berger , English
More Secrets to Getting Publ... - Carolyn Tomlin

More Secrets to Getting Publ...Carolyn Tomlin

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More Secrets to Getting Published, Again and Again and AgainSection 1“Photography: Creating the Perfect Article Package”While writers use words to inform, entertain, educate and encourage readers, photographers depend on cameras. When these… more

More Secrets to Getting Published- Again and Again and Again! (Boot Camp for Christian Writers)
Carolyn Tomlin
Pulp Fiction - Robert Turner

Pulp FictionRobert Turner

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I DISCOVERED this book in a dusty corner of a dusty usedbookstore back in the late 1990s. The original is a fragile 48 page booklet onpulp stock (of course). In October of 2000, I scanned this to a text file, andleft it at that for a number… more

Pulp Fiction
Robert Turner
Originally published by Quality House, 1948 , English
The Complete Guide to Articl... - Naveed Saleh

The Complete Guide to Articl...Naveed Saleh

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Master the art of article writing! The world of journalism is changing rapidly, and the modern journalist needs more than a basic knowledge of article writing to navigate it. The Complete Guide to Article Writing provides a compass for free… more

The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles for Online and Print Markets
Naveed Saleh
Writer’s Digest Books , English
Four More Articles Editors L... - Carolyn Tomlin

Four More Articles Editors L...Carolyn Tomlin

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Four, More Articles Editors Love and How to Write Them!Section 1 “Writing and Selling the How-to Article”Used in both the Christian and secular market, the How-To Article is considered one of the easiest to write. Let me show you how to wri… more

Four More Articles Editors Love and How to Write Them! (Boot Camp for Christian Writers)
Carolyn Tomlin
Story Building Blocks: The F... - Diana Hurwitz

Story Building Blocks: The F...Diana Hurwitz

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Every scene in a story should contain conflict.” This advice led me on a journey to answer the question, “How do you come up with conflict for every scene?” The result is the Four Layer of Conflict method which takes writers from “I have … more

Story Building Blocks: The Four Layers of Conflict
Diana Hurwitz
Diana L. Hurwitz , English
Magic for Your Writing: Help... - Gerald W. Mills

Magic for Your Writing: Help...Gerald W. Mills

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Magic is defined as that essence of imagination projecting us into the world of fantasy. Adult readers have a difficult time tapping into their hidden “child”, whereas adult moviegoers fare much better. Why? The answers will be found in thi… more

Magic for Your Writing: Help for the Aspiring Writer
Gerald W. Mills
Twilight Times Books , English
The Opening Line - Karl Wiggins

The Opening LineKarl Wiggins

You know, this book is only 11,000 words, so I’m loathe to call it a book at all, even if some writers publish ‘books’ of just 4000 words or less, but I truly believe that all writers (and most readers for that matter) should read this piec… more

The Opening Line
Karl Wiggins
Karl Wiggins , English
@WriMo: A 30-day Survival Gu... - Kevin Kaiser

@WriMo: A 30-day Survival Gu...Kevin Kaiser

100% of the profits from this book are donated to support the future of NaNoWriMo and other writing programs.Every November, hundreds of thousands take up the challenge of National Novel Writing Month and attempt to write a book in just… more

@WriMo: A 30-day Survival Guide for Writers
Kevin Kaiser
365 Things I Learned the Har... - The Digital Writer

365 Things I Learned the Har...The Digital Writer

You can write any future you want to.The key to success is deciding the future you want, then determining the cost of that future and whether or not you’re willing to pay the price. If you are, then you must to do everything possible to kee… more

365 Things I Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To) (The Digital Writer)
The Digital Writer
Sterling & Stone , English
Dr. Format Tells All - Dave Trottier

Dr. Format Tells AllDave Trottier

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Dr. Format has been the go-to guy on screenplay formatting for two decades, and now he tells all. This book contains every column that Dave Trottier (AKA Dr. Format) has written for Script magazine, and each entry has been revised and updat… more

Dr. Format Tells All
Dave Trottier
Applewood Arts , English
1200 Creative Writing Prompt... - Melissa Donovan

1200 Creative Writing Prompt...Melissa Donovan

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Perfect for writers who are feeling uninspired or who simply want to tackle a new writing challenge, 1200 Creative Writing Prompts has something for everyone. Whether you write fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction, you’ll find plenty of … more

1200 Creative Writing Prompts (Adventures in Writing)
Melissa Donovan
Swan Hatch Press , English
Story Building Blocks II: Cr... - Diana Hurwitz

Story Building Blocks II: Cr...Diana Hurwitz

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Good writers ask, “What if? Great writers ask, “Why?” Characters in your story world walk around and do what you, the writer, program them to do. They may not know why, but you should. Effectively manipulating your characters’ actions, r… more

Story Building Blocks II: Crafting Believable Conflict
Diana Hurwitz
Hurwitz Literary LLC , English
21 Websites That Pay You to ... - Jenny Kellett

21 Websites That Pay You to ...Jenny Kellett

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There is a lot of money to be made in the freelance writing world - but the problem is knowing where to find it.Whether you’re a complete newcomer or have been writing for years, acclaimed author Jenny Kellett takes the mystery out of findi… more

21 Websites That Pay You to Write (and secrets for making the big bucks!)
Jenny Kellett
Getting Published in the 21s... - Carly Watters

Getting Published in the 21s...Carly Watters

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From Literary Agent Carly Watters comes Getting Published in the 21st Century, an ebook of Writer’s Digest award-winning blog content and new material primed to help writers get published.

It has never been more difficult to get tradition… more

Getting Published in the 21st Century: Advice from a Literary Agent
Carly Watters
The Book of Common Sense Wri... - Chila Woychik

The Book of Common Sense Wri...Chila Woychik

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There is more to writing than rules (essential as they are), and the intuition it takes to do a truly good job of reading, writing, and editing can be learned, at least to some degree.

Intuition has been defined as the ability to understa… more

The Book of Common Sense Writing, Editing, and Small Press Publishing: Formerly Called: “Blog Posts”
Chila Woychik
Bilge Rat Books (Port Yonder Press) , English
Writing with a Word Processor - William Zinsser

Writing with a Word ProcessorWilliam Zinsser

In this helpful and entertaining book the author of the classic On Writing Well explains that he has always had a love of paper and a fear of mechanical objects. He describes how he confronted his hang-ups, got a word processor, taught hims… more

Writing with a Word Processor
William Zinsser
Harper Paperbacks , English
Build an Author Brand, Devel... - Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Build an Author Brand, Devel...Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones

Growing your brand in order to reach a range of audiences and convert readers into fans is important to both a book’s and an author’s success. The Amazon Author Page provides a useful place for this, and will help readers discover your book… more

Build an Author Brand, Develop Your Amazon Profile and Participate on Kindle Boards…. IN A DAY (Publish and Promote Your Ebook…. INDAY)
Darin Jewell, Conrad Jones
Thames River Press , English
33 Mistakes Writers Make Abo... - Judy Rosella Edwards

33 Mistakes Writers Make Abo...Judy Rosella Edwards

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Disappearing in the U.S. by Judy Rosella Edwards addresses nearly three dozen misconceptions that even experienced writers are apt to make about their character’s chances of disappearing. She explain… more

33 Mistakes Writers Make About Disappearing in the U.S.
Judy Rosella Edwards
Judy Rosella Edwards , English
Trial and Error - Jack Woodford

Trial and ErrorJack Woodford

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Trial and Error is the most controversial and famous how-to-write book ever written. It caused a scandal at the time of its publication due to its no-holds-barred insights into the publishing industry, and has been reprinted numerous times…. more

Trial and Error
Jack Woodford
askmar publishing , English