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Been So Long III (Whatever I...Adrienne Thompson

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They’re back…

Mona-Lisa, Corey, and Wasif return in the third installment of the popular Been So Long Series with more drama, more ups and downs, and the ongoing battle of love vs. lust. Been So Long III is a surefire must-read for fans of… more

Been So Long III (Whatever It Takes)
Adrienne Thompson
Pink Cashmere Publishing, LLC , English

I'd Rather Be With You (If I...Mary B. Morrison

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In this sizzling novel from New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison, two friends make a provocative bet that forever changes their lives. . .I’m the wife Madison’s husband really deserves. Nursing wealthy businessman Chicago Du… more

I’d Rather Be With You (If I Can’t Have You)
Mary B. Morrison
Kensington Books , English

Blues In The Key Of B (Blues...Adrienne Thompson

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Blues In The Key Of B is the third installment in the ongoing story of a blues singer for whom the blues is all too real. In this offering, new mother Bobbie Brooks faces unforeseen troubles as she continues the fight to keep her life on tr… more

Blues In The Key Of B (Bluesday Book III)
Adrienne Thompson
Pink Cashmere Publishing LLC , English

Talk Show Blues (Short Story)Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Dina is a talk show host, and she loves introducing authors. When she meets Ivan Hayes, the sparks are apparent. Dina wants ratings, and will Ivan be her Ginny pig?

Talk Show Blues (Short Story)
Carol Ann Culbert Johnson
Carol Ann Culbert Johnson , English

Unbreakable Bonds: Introduct...Katie Bradshaw

This is yet another excerpt of Unbreakable Bonds, this is the introduction to the sisters. Their journeys just like most of the women in uniform, started before they signed up and served. So the introduction of each sister captures them s… more

Unbreakable Bonds: Introduction to “The Sisters”
Katie Bradshaw

Pursuing Happiness . . . One...Mary Lou Peters Schram

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Although the pursuit of happiness is one of our inalienable rights, nowhere is it guaranteed that we will catch it. Mary Lou Peters Schram’s witty novel chronicles the lives of four women, all of a “certain age”, all residents of Shady Acre… more

Pursuing Happiness … One More Time
Mary Lou Peters Schram

Miranda's BottomLynne E. Scott

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Miranda Rohrer enjoyed her high profile career as a radio show personality on a raunchy nationally syndicated program. Her social life was unequaled, and she even managed to pursue her goal of running a marathon in her rare extra hours. W… more

Miranda’s Bottom
Lynne E. Scott
Lynne E. Scott , English

Not Like My MotherAzra Alagic

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In Yasna’s family, violence is an heirloom passed down from generation to generation along with the richness of tradition, recipes, love and land.After the German invasion of World War II, supported by Serbian Chetniks, has massacred Bosnia… more

Not Like My Mother
Azra Alagic
BookBaby , English

The Twenty and One NightsBarbara de la Cuesta

THE TWENTY AND ONE NIGHTSHester and Carrie, childhood friends, now both separated from their husbands, share a large old city house. Their orderly lives are interrupted one evening by Carrie’s ex-husband, Ned—now married and moved to a furt… more

The Twenty and One Nights
Barbara de la Cuesta

Unapologetic: A Novel (Uptow...Donetha Polite

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Januari McCall was a run away. After the gruesome loss of her oldest brother, who was also her best friend, to a drug deal gone wrong, Januari found herself in a funk. As a result of his death, one of her younger brothers unsuccessfully tri… more

Unapologetic: A Novel (Uptown Dreams Publications Presents)
Donetha Polite
Uptown Dreams Publications, Ltd. , English

Jessie's Obsessions (Not Forgotten)Kaylynn Hunt

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Jessie shows us her acceptance of vulnerability, something foreign to her. Take a peek into her past life and her hopes for the future. Understand her heart and mind as she takes this journey of loving.

Jessie’s Obsessions (Not Forgotten)
Kaylynn Hunt

My Christmas CurseJoan Gable

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Joan Gable does it again. She weaves a tale full of nostalgia and memories—perfect for the Christmas season.

Overview: What’s a Christmas Curse? It’s the unfortunate phenomenon that has plagued travel writer Megan Blake since childhood. Sh… more

My Christmas Curse
Joan Gable

Recipe of DeceptionKaylynn Hunt

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Lucas and Moreen Harrison appear to be a happy couple on the surface. But they say never judge a book by its cover. This one is no different. Lucas is a man who only wants to take care of his family and thrive in business. But he finds the … more

Recipe of Deception
Kaylynn Hunt

Congratulations IXDarrin Lowery

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Terrence Carter is a pro football player that was destined to marry his college sweetheart, Kelli. The fast pace of the pro football lifestyle, tore them apart. The more successful he becomes, the more removed he is from the things that kee… more

Congratulations IX
Darrin Lowery
Weekend Books , English

The Girl in the Photograph ...Lygia Fagundes Telles

Complex and hauntingly beautiful, Lygia Fagundes Telles’s most acclaimednovel is a journey into the inner lives of three young women, each revealingher secrets and loves, each awaiting a destiny tied to the colorful and violentworld of mode… more

The Girl in the Photograph (Brazilian Literature)
Lygia Fagundes Telles
Dalkey Archive Press , English

The AlmostsEm Barrett

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A long-term relationship at a crossroads. A new love that can never be. An unexpected pregnancy. A decision that changes everything.

And all Lizzy Sutter ever wanted was a simple life…

This new companion novel to Leaving Green Island f… more

The Almosts
Em Barrett

Sanibel ScribblesChristine Lemmon

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Spend a semester in Spain.” “Acquire the world’s largest shoe collection.” “Lose five pounds.” These are some of the life dreams young Vicki Brightman and her best friend Rebecca giddily scribble on a paper tablecloth one night at the Till… more

Sanibel Scribbles
Christine Lemmon
Walking Temples, LLC , English

The OthersIris Floyd

Other than a few inquiries, the others didn’t question what the women did on their long weekend… They had no way of knowing the basis for, or depth of, the deception the women were entangled in—but they were about to find out.”The other… more

The Others
Iris Floyd
Tate Publishing , English

Life in Plan BJennifer Vessells

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When twenty-eight year old Haley Simpson, a sales associate for her best friend’s clothing boutique in Columbus, Ohio, begins a secret affair with the boutique’s potential New York City business partner, she digs a cavernous hole of decepti… more

Life in Plan B
Jennifer Vessells