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Catch Fire 2 - Tina McKinney

Catch Fire 2Tina McKinney

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Jordan Bree was finally free from demons of her past. With her financial windfall the sky is the limit. Now that she and her best friend, Lacy Bates, had settled into their luxurious penthouse apartment, life should have been great. And it … more

Catch Fire 2
Tina McKinney
Taboo Publishing , English
Undone - Tina Brooks McKinney

UndoneTina Brooks McKinney

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Gina Meadows is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to her longtime boyfriend, Ronald Mills. He won’t give her the one thing she craves, a child of her own. Instead, he expects her to raise the next bitch’s child.
Gavin and M… more

Tina Brooks McKinney
Taboo Publishing , English
Deflowered Lyric: A Novel Ab... - JJ Staples

Deflowered Lyric: A Novel Ab...JJ Staples

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Deflowered Lyric exposes the harsh realities of childhood sexual abuse by focusing on three characters.

Lyric is a child whose deflowering was discovered by a trusted adult. Readers learn the fascinating details about how she handles that… more

Deflowered Lyric: A Novel About Child Sexual Abuse
JJ Staples
Beckham Publications Group , English
Wikked 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge - LMBlakely

Wikked 2: Bitter Sweet RevengeLMBlakely

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Wikked returns with her signature twisted plots, hidden agendas and vengeful acts. It opens up three months later with new additions born into worlds of chaotic destruction. Niqi prepares for motherhood and focuses her new life with Denim, … more

Wikked 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge
PHE Ink , English
Lost Daughters (A Mama Ruby Novel) - Mary Monroe

Lost Daughters (A Mama Ruby Novel)Mary Monroe

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Everyone from Louisiana to Florida knows Mama Ruby—a small-town girl who became one of the South’s most notorious and volatile women. Now New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe reveals how Mama Ruby’s past haunts the family she’s le… more

Lost Daughters (A Mama Ruby Novel)
Mary Monroe
Kensington Books , English
BROTHER... YOU NEED A HOBBY:... - Terry G. Leonard

BROTHER... YOU NEED A HOBBY:...Terry G. Leonard

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Available in either eBook or paperback format”Instead of trying to figure out why African American men or men of color are less likely to have a regular bona fide hobby or activity that they participate in, I just decided to write a book th… more

Terry G. Leonard
Redeemed Media, Inc. , English
Jaded - LaJill Hunt

JadedLaJill Hunt

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Sylvia Blackwell has it all, or so she thinks. She and her handsome husband, Garrett, are the epitome of success: an immaculate house of their dreams, a beautiful, talented 17-year old daughter, flourishing careers and nearly twenty years… more

LaJill Hunt
Official Writers League (OWL) , English


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The Mills brothers are back in this dramatic sequel to Undone. After serving seven years for attempted murder, Gavin Mills is home and it’s business as usual. While life hasn’t changed much for him, he quickly realizes that his brother, Mer… more

Inheritance - Jane Lazarre

InheritanceJane Lazarre

Lazarre is unflinching in her depiction of the destructive historical assumptions and taboos on all sides of the color and racial divide… .and in [her] luminous prose, Inheritance becomes an unsettling and necessary meditation on the me… more

Jane Lazarre
Hamilton Stone Editions , English
Supposedly Broken - Tanya Harris

Supposedly BrokenTanya Harris

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The Turner cousins were damaged by tragic childhood experiences that no amount of time or therapy could erase. Zakia would always remember the feel of her stepfather’s breath against her skin, Marisa would remember the images of her mother’… more

Supposedly Broken
Tanya Harris
Delphine Publications , English
Only You - Celeste Norfleet

Only YouCeleste Norfleet

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Fashion buyer Prudence Washington’s Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless is on the verge of fiasco when not enough volunteers show up. Then the local NFL quarterback, Michael “Speed” Hunter and his teammates arrive, thinking they are doing … more

Only You
Celeste Norfleet
Crescent Island Publishing , English


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Some people sell products……other people sell services…….she sold lives.

Elise Johnson was a sperm dealer. She ran a fertility clinic that catered to the best and the brightest, servicing successful, middle aged, mothers who where w… more

The Certified Sisters - O'Neil O. Dixon

The Certified SistersO'Neil O. Dixon

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Set in New Jersey, The Certified Sisters is centered on the lives of five twenty-something African-American women and the world of prevarication, penitence, passion, pain, pleasantry, and pleasure that they exist in.

He’s her first and on… more

The Certified Sisters
O’Neil O. Dixon
O’Neil O. Dixon , English
BeJeweled: The Flight of an ... - Chelle Ramsey

BeJeweled: The Flight of an ...Chelle Ramsey

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THE HOUSE OF BEJEWELED– the place all divas go in the ATL for the hottest hair styles and even hotter gossip.

OLIVIA – the owner of The House of BeJeweled hair and nail salon faces the challenge of inspiring the clientele while helping he… more

BeJeweled: The Flight of an Angel (The House of BeJeweled)
Chelle Ramsey
A Sensitive Heart (Heart Ser... - Vivian Rose Lee

A Sensitive Heart (Heart Ser...Vivian Rose Lee

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Raini Smith was first introduced in Cynical Heart. She had finally gotten away from her hateful sister Cassandra Kendell and became a nanny to Cab and Dana Howard’s baby girl. Raini had a very dark past and she kept her secrets to herself… more

A Sensitive Heart (Heart Series Book 6)
Vivian Rose Lee
ViviRose Publishing , English
Felicia Payne - Traci Bee

Felicia PayneTraci Bee

Blamed for the fire that dismantled her family, Felicia Payne suffered a childhood few could endure at the hands of her unstable and sadistic mother. Terrorized, starved and brutally beaten, neighbors ignored her gut-wrenching cries. Teache… more

Felicia Payne
Traci Bee
Off Camera Affair 3 (The Mot... - Jazz Jordan

Off Camera Affair 3 (The Mot...Jazz Jordan

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Kai’s perfect family life is destroyed by Frank’s nasty secret. His eye-popping video places her right back in the crosshairs of his ex-wife, Tisha, a vindictive schemer who literally gets off on seeing Kai suffer. Through… more

Off Camera Affair 3 (The Motor City Drama Series)
Jazz Jordan
Platinum Life Publishing , English
The Illest Na Na (Episode 2) - Anna Black, Tamika Newhouse

The Illest Na Na (Episode 2)Anna Black, Tamika Newhouse

Back for another steamy, sexy ride, Brianna, Natalie, Tamar, and friends are scheming again. Bringing you more drama, more secrets and new friends. See how it all unfolds from these adulterated friends as the Na Na continues to control thei… more

The Illest Na Na (Episode 2)
Anna Black, Tamika Newhouse
Delphine Publications , English
Mama Didn't Raise Me - Danielle Grant

Mama Didn't Raise MeDanielle Grant

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Jamila Tillman did not ask to be here. She did not ask for a selfish mother who cared more about a government check than she did her own daughter. All Jamila wants is to grow up in a loving family environment surrounded by people who truly … more

Mama Didn’t Raise Me
Danielle Grant
Danielle Grant , English