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A Dinner to Die For (The Jil... - Susan Dunlap

A Dinner to Die For (The Jil...Susan Dunlap

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Jill investigates the death of a chef who was mysteriously poisoned by his own soupUntil the helicopter crash, Jill Smith never knew fear. A homicide detective in the leftist enclave of Berkeley, California, she has faced down her share of … more

A Dinner to Die For (The Jill Smith Mysteries, 5)
Susan Dunlap
Open Road Media , English
Molly's Puzzle:A Rocky Mount... - Johnny Mack Hood

Molly's Puzzle:A Rocky Mount...Johnny Mack Hood

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Jeremiah Cuthbert (JC) and Susan, the Shelby amateur sleuth couple, are at it again in the high mountains of Colorado. JC, mustered back into the Navy and given a commission, along with his very talented and charming wife, have been sent th… more

Molly’s Puzzle:A Rocky Mountain Mystery; A Rocky Mountain Mystery
Johnny Mack Hood
AuthorHouse , English
Molly's Puzzle: A Rocky Moun... - Johnny Mack Hood

Molly's Puzzle: A Rocky Moun...Johnny Mack Hood

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Jeremiah Cuthbert (JC) and Susan, the Shelby amateur sleuth couple, are at it again in the high mountains of Colorado. JC, mustered back into the Navy and given a commission, along with his very talented and charming wife, have been sent th… more

Molly’s Puzzle: A Rocky Mountain Mystery
Johnny Mack Hood
AuthorHouse , English
The Garden Club Gang - Neal Sanders

The Garden Club GangNeal Sanders

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Committing the perfect crime was just the beginning of their problems. When Paula, Eleanor, Alice and Jean – ages 51 to 71 – plotted to steal the daily cash gate from the Brookfield Fair, they thought they’d split about $125,000. They pul… more

The Garden Club Gang
Neal Sanders
The Light Keeper's Legacy (A... - Kathleen Ernst

The Light Keeper's Legacy (A...Kathleen Ernst

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An island’s history holds clues to a modern murder Solitude at last! Museum curator Chloe Ellefson jumps at the chance to spend time on Wisconsin’s Rock Island, a state park with no electricity or roads. Hired as a consultant for a project… more

The Light Keeper’s Legacy (A Chloe Ellefson Mystery)
Kathleen Ernst
Crawfish Bingo - Stewart Yerton

Crawfish BingoStewart Yerton

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Amy Rubin is a young reporter stuck writing stories about cute animals for The New Orleans Sentinel newspaper. Victor Marcel is a tourism magnate trying to develop a 600-room hotel on the edge of the French Quarter. When a freak accident a… more

Crawfish Bingo
Stewart Yerton
BookBaby , English
The Breakfast Club Murder - Camilla T. Crespi

The Breakfast Club MurderCamilla T. Crespi

The Breakfast Club Murder is a fun, food-filled mystery with a rich and diverse cast of oddball characters to keep the reader laughing, crying, and guessing who the killer is. In Hawthorne Park, Connecticut, Lori Corvino doesn’t waste time … more

The Breakfast Club Murder
Camilla T. Crespi
Five Star Publishing , English
Driven to Death (Casey Brand... - Carolyn J. Rose

Driven to Death (Casey Brand...Carolyn J. Rose

TV News Director Casey Brandt would like to forget her best friend’s wedding day. She ran her stockings, got dumped by her boyfriend, missed out on dessert and hiked half a mile in high heels. She wound up at the morgue identifying one of t… more

Driven to Death (Casey Brandt Mystery Series)
Carolyn J. Rose
SynergEbooks , English
Brooklyn Bones: An Erica Don... - Triss Stein

Brooklyn Bones: An Erica Don...Triss Stein

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In Brooklyn Bones, a crime of the past comes much too close to home when Erica Donato’s teen-age daughter Chris finds a skeleton behind a wall in their crumbling Park Slope home. Erica – young widow, over-age history Ph.D candidate, mother… more

Brooklyn Bones: An Erica Donato Mystery (Erica Donato Mysteries Book 1)
Triss Stein
Poisoned Pen Press , English
To Hell in a Handbasket (A C... - Beth Groundwater

To Hell in a Handbasket (A C...Beth Groundwater

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It’s snow accident when a young woman’s icy demise sends Claire’s vacation to hell in a handbasket Skiing with her family in Breckenridge, Colorado, gift basket designer Claire Hanover hears a terrified scream cut the frigid mountain air. … more

To Hell in a Handbasket (A Claire Hanover Mystery)
Beth Groundwater
The Cases of Hildegarde Withers - Stuart Palmer

The Cases of Hildegarde WithersStuart Palmer

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“Those who have not already made the acquaintance of Hildegarde should make haste to do so, for she is one of the world’s shrewdest and most amusing detectives.”— The New York TimesMiss Hildegarde Withers, middle-aged school teacher and ama… more

The Cases of Hildegarde Withers
Stuart Palmer
St. Swithin Press , English
When Colette Died - L. C. Hayden

When Colette DiedL. C. Hayden

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Dan Springer, Debbie Gunther, and Detective Harry Bronson, search for Dan’s kidnapped daughter in this sequel to When Colette Died? Following a tip about the location of a mob boss’ kidnapped son, Dan leads a daring rescue of the teenager i… more

When Colette Died
L. C. Hayden
Top Publications, Ltd. , English
Dusty Dexter PI - Her first case - Jan Richards

Dusty Dexter PI - Her first caseJan Richards

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Dusty Dexter’s a novice PI, but she’s not going to let that stop her cracking wide open an international drug smuggling ring. She doesn’t play by the rules, ok she doesn’t know the rules, but she’s got smarts. And she’s prepared to take cha… more

Dusty Dexter PI - Her first case
Jan Richards
The Sleuth Sisters - Beth Tyner

The Sleuth SistersBeth Tyner

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All Carson and Buella want to do is find a hobby that will make retirement enjoyable. Unfortunately for the sisters, calamity and intrigue seem to dog their attempts at fun. To their families’ dismay, they can turn a mundane garden club me… more

The Sleuth Sisters
Beth Tyner
Broke: 3rd Imogene Duckworth... - Kaye George

Broke: 3rd Imogene Duckworth...Kaye George

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Imogene Duckworthy is twenty-two and has a job (PI assistant) and a new car (used). She loves her mother, but it’s time she was on her own.

The problem is her daughter Nancy Drew Duckworthy’s pet potbelly. Not a lot of rentals in Wymee Fal… more

Broke: 3rd Imogene Duckworthy Mystery (Imogene Duckworthy Mysteries)
Kaye George
CHILDREN OF THE DUST (Thi Ng... - R. S. Coates


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Someone wants Thi dead, and she has no idea why, let alone who. What terrible secret lies behind the hatred that threatens to destroy her life?Thi Nguyen is an Amerasian woman conceived in Vietnam in 1975 but born and educated in the Unite… more

CHILDREN OF THE DUST (Thi Nguyen Mysteries)
R. S. Coates
R. S. Coates , English
Cloaked in Blood (Eriksson (... - LS Sygnet

Cloaked in Blood (Eriksson (...LS Sygnet

(Eriksson Novel #7) In the final chapters of Helen Eriksson’s quest for the truth about herself, she uncovers the secret in Darkwater Bay that Jerry Lowe once warned her wasn’t mean to remain buried. When the dust settles from the final con… more

Cloaked in Blood (Eriksson (Darkwater Bay))
LS Sygnet
Scrafitto - Steve Scarborough

ScrafittoSteve Scarborough

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After fleeing the States, ex-homicide cop Mitch Sharp now has a great life as a commercial photographer in a resort town in Costa Rica. He describes his new life in picturesque Quepos with a local saying, pura vida, “this is living.” That c… more

Steve Scarborough
Oak Tree Press , English
The Caring Sheriff (Millie M... - Michael O'Gara

The Caring Sheriff (Millie M...Michael O'Gara

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Millie’s Life Lesson #7 - If you care enough you may get the very best.

Sheriff Millie’s county is facing an invasion of binge drinking riotous college students. As bad as this is, what comes next is much worse. The naked body of a young … more

The Caring Sheriff (Millie Mystery Thriller Series)
Michael O’Gara
Heartland Indie Publishing LLC , English