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His Face to His Enemies - Troy D. Smith

His Face to His EnemiesTroy D. Smith

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Strong Bear, a proud Cheyenne Dog Soldier, refuses to be forced onto a reservation. He decides to resist to the last, choosing his own fate –staking himself out in the traditional manner, with his face to his enemies…A short story by Troy D… more

His Face to His Enemies
Troy D. Smith
Wolf Pass Books , English
Blue Roan Colt - Dusty Richards

Blue Roan ColtDusty Richards

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A cowboy story which begins in the 40s, after the battles of WWII. Mark Shaw comes home after the war and begins a life as a rancher, rodeo rider, and sometimes actor while he chases the bad dreams of battle out of his head.

Blue Roan Colt
Dusty Richards
Cactus Country at High Hill Press , English
Fort Bennett, 1775 - Richard Bradford

Fort Bennett, 1775Richard Bradford

June, 1775 found Fort Bennett on the Ohio River under heavy attack by a combined force of British soldiers and various Indian tribes.  After the battle raged 5 days, the Fort was defeated and about 150 settlers were massacred.  When the U…. more

Fort Bennett, 1775
Richard Bradford
AuthorHouse , English
A Man of Difference - Tom Hill

A Man of DifferenceTom Hill

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“So God created man in his own image,” he laughed and closed his Bible. “Whoever wrote such words never saw this man.” Through empty eyes, Jacob Marsh, aka Deadman, sees a side of men only open to God and Satan. Afford an advantage at the … more

A Man of Difference
Tom Hill
Tom Hill , English


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I USED TO BE A TEXAS RANGER: Triumphs and Tribulations of an Old West Lawman
AuthorHouse , English
John King Bounty Hunter - Robert J. Gossett

John King Bounty HunterRobert J. Gossett

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John King Bounty Hunterby Robert J. Gossett

John King Bounty Hunter
Robert J. Gossett
AuthorHouse , English
Donovan - Elmer Kelton

DonovanElmer Kelton

Donovan was supposed to be dead. The town of Dry Fork, southern Texas, had buried him years before when Uncle Joe Vickers had fired off both barrels of a shotgun into the vicious outlaw’s face as he was escaping from jail.Now, Uncle Joe has… more

Elmer Kelton
Forge Books , English
The Long Shadow - B. M. Bower

The Long ShadowB. M. Bower

Illustrations by CLARENCE ROWE

The Long Shadow
B. M. Bower
The Lady Bounty Hunter - Donald D. Miller

The Lady Bounty HunterDonald D. Miller

Through action, sorrow, a little humor and a little romance, Don weaves the story about a young girl and boy that whose parents are killed in a raid on their ranch. They live with the Indians for a while, and then get lose on their own. Th… more

The Lady Bounty Hunter
Donald D. Miller
AuthorHouse , English
The Intolerable Intemperate - Gaylon Barrow

The Intolerable IntemperateGaylon Barrow

Ford lifted his arms above his head to yawn as does a man who has slept too heavily, found his biceps stiffened and sore, and massaged them gingerly with his finger-tips. His eyes took on the vacancy of memory straining at the leash of forg… more

The Intolerable Intemperate
Gaylon Barrow
Longhorn Publishing Inc. , English
The Skylars: A New Beginning - D. E. Miller

The Skylars: A New BeginningD. E. Miller

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They were riding on the rim of a ravine, and the sky was overcast, when all of a sudden, lightning struck the ground not too far from where they sat their horses. The whole sky lit up, and the thunder clapped around them. The horses bolte… more

The Skylars: A New Beginning
D. E. Miller
AuthorHouse , English
The Sons of Big Bill Holston - Judith Ann McDowell

The Sons of Big Bill HolstonJudith Ann McDowell

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Big Bill Holston raised his sons to be respectful of the women folk, do a day’s work for a day’s pay, and never, ever, let a man raise a hand to you without gettin’ his ass whooped. And if you had to draw your gun, make sure it wasn’t you … more

The Sons of Big Bill Holston
Judith Ann McDowell
World Castle Publishing, LLC , English
Goose Lake Rustlers - Peter Randolph Keim

Goose Lake RustlersPeter Randolph Keim

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Kate Kingshott was a smart, hard working fourteen-year old farm girl when her parents and six siblings were cut down in a hail of bullets. Outlaw Rance Clayton, and his gang of cutthroats, torch the family home. Rustle the family cattle. Ka… more

Goose Lake Rustlers
Peter Randolph Keim
Peter Randolph Keim , English
The Tanglewood Desperadoes - Paul Lederer

The Tanglewood DesperadoesPaul Lederer

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Driven off their land, a gang of settlers turns to a life of crimeA few miles outside of town lies the Tanglewood, a savage maze choked with inedible plants and overrun with deadly animals. The sharpest trackers in the West would lose thems… more

The Tanglewood Desperadoes
Paul Lederer
Open Road Media , English
Coyote Wells - g. Hodge

Coyote Wellsg. Hodge

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Coyote Wells by g.HodgeIn the mid 1870’s the overstocked ranges of Wyoming and Montana were starting to show the results of overgrazing. Several large outfits, eyeing the lush grass growing along the Snake River in southern Idaho, began im… more

Coyote Wells
g. Hodge
Wild Rose Books , English
Blue Norther (Ben Blue Book 4) - Lou Bradshaw

Blue Norther (Ben Blue Book 4)Lou Bradshaw

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Blue Norther is the 4th book in the Ben Blue series. As Ben settles into the life of a rancher, like any developing businessman, he is always striving to improve his business. The best way to improve his business is to improve his product … more

Blue Norther (Ben Blue Book 4)
Lou Bradshaw
Wildcat Kitty and The Cyclone Kid - Franklin D. Lincoln

Wildcat Kitty and The Cyclone KidFranklin D. Lincoln

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A band of wild west “good” outlaws known as the Wildcat Gang are led by unlikely leaders; a young girl and her grandpa. They are known as Wildcat Kitty and The Cyclone Kid. They ride thrilling trails of adventure throughout the west seeking… more

Wildcat Kitty and The Cyclone Kid
Franklin D. Lincoln
Monogram Press , English
Gun Play at Cross Creek - Bill Dugan

Gun Play at Cross CreekBill Dugan

The Past Comes Calling With a Gun …The good people of Cross Creek, Wyoming, hired gunslinger Brett Kincaid to keep the peace. But the only peace Kinkaid recognizes is the serenity of the grave — and at least one of his bullets has Morgan… more

Gun Play at Cross Creek
Bill Dugan
HarperCollins e-books , English
The White Wolf - Max Brand

The White WolfMax Brand

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Raising champion dogs on the untamed frontier, Tucker Crosden makes special plans for his bull terrier White Wolf before the canine runs away, and years later he reencounters White Wolf, who leads a wolf pack. Original.

The White Wolf
Max Brand
AmazonEncore , English


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Frank Murray is after the man responsible for his dead wife. He chases him across Kansas, Nevada and finally to California where the villain has no more room to run. Disaster after disaster befalls Frank but he is undeterred. He’s on his fe… more

FRANK MURRAY’S REVENGE: Man of the Wild West