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Hollicott Crossing:West Texas - James Richard Langston

Hollicott Crossing:West TexasJames Richard Langston

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“Bert Rawlings,” he called.Rawlings turned in his seat and slowly rose to his feet. He knew he, himself, was fast with a gun and it had come down to who was faster, him or Johnson. When he was fully erect, he kicked the chair from him. Wit… more

Hollicott Crossing:West Texas
James Richard Langston
AuthorHouse , English
Tin Cup Justice (The Gentry ... - Norm Bass

Tin Cup Justice (The Gentry ...Norm Bass

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In the spring of 1880, Railroad Detective Charles Gentry, better known as CW Gentry, is dispatched to the rough and tumble town of Tin Cup, located in the heart of the mineral belt, deep in the Colorado Rockies. At the time, CW is considere… more

Tin Cup Justice (The Gentry Brothers Book 2)
Norm Bass
Chip of the Flying U by B.M.... - B.M. Bower

Chip of the Flying U by B.M....B.M. Bower

All of the boys at the Flying U grumbled — among themselves — when they heard that the Old Man’s sister was coming to spend the summer. They didn’t want a woman at the ranch, and certainly not one who had just received a medical degree! B… more

Chip of the Flying U by B.M. Bower (Halcyon Classics)
B.M. Bower
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English
Ghosts of Bluewater Creek - Terry James

Ghosts of Bluewater CreekTerry James

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Josh McCabe is a man hunter with one thing on his mind: to bring in Abe Lawton, the last and most vicious member of a gang who killed his wife and son. Now that time has arrived, but what Josh doesn’t count on is a smart-mouthed kid out for… more

Ghosts of Bluewater Creek
Terry James
Robert Hale , English
Spur Double: Minetown Mistre... - Dirk Fletcher

Spur Double: Minetown Mistre...Dirk Fletcher

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STRANGER IN TOWNTimber Break, Idaho Territory, was definitely not Spur McCoy’s idea of a friendly town. The locals didn’t take kindly to outsiders, and they made a habit of killing their own. But McCoy wasn’t going to let the vicious sidewi… more

Spur Double: Minetown Mistress/Texas Tramp
Dirk Fletcher
AmazonEncore , English
Hunt-U.S. Marshal - WL Cox

Hunt-U.S. MarshalWL Cox

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An epic saga of a man named Huntley Porter, nicknamed “Hunt” at an early age. Hunt is the Sheriff in a small Tennessee town run and controlled by a ruthless Mayor that virtually owns the town. Hunt turns bounty hunter after he is fired for … more

Hunt-U.S. Marshal
WL Cox
Cox Publishing , English
Shadow of a Star - Elmer Kelton

Shadow of a StarElmer Kelton

Deputy Sheriff Jim-Bob McClain isn’t sure he’s ready to follow in his father’s footsteps as the law in Coolridge County. In fact, he has a hard enough time keeping the peace between the drunks in the local saloon. But with tough Sheriff … more

Shadow of a Star
Elmer Kelton
Forge Books , English
The Demise of the Wilkes Gan... - Robert Reade

The Demise of the Wilkes Gan...Robert Reade

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Prelude to “The Six Samurai of the West” and back story to James Wilkes Jr.

Infamous killers, cheats, and raiders, the Wilkes gang was renowned for trouble. Lawmen trembled and savvy outlaws always avoided their territory.

James Wilkes, … more

The Demise of the Wilkes Gang: (Prelude) (The Six Samurai of the West)
Robert Reade
Artisan Press , English
Huntsville Breakout (Tracker... - Robert J. Randisi

Huntsville Breakout (Tracker...Robert J. Randisi

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It was the biggest bank job the territory had ever seen: $600,… more

Huntsville Breakout (Tracker Book 7)
Robert J. Randisi
Speaking Volumes , English
Five Broken Winchesters - Ryan Sayles, Chris Leek, Chu...

Five Broken WinchestersRyan Sayles, Chris Leek, Chu...

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ZELMER PULP goes west with their latest offering of 7 tales of the weird west. 5 stories that run the gamut of western inspired insanity from the regular ZP team of B. PANOWICH, R. SAYLES, C. LEEK, I. KIRKMAN, and artist/writer C.D. REGAN,… more

Five Broken Winchesters
Ryan Sayles, Chris Leek, Chuck Regan, Isaac Kirkman, Ron Earl Phillips, Heath Lowrance, Brian Panowich
Zelmer Pulp , English
Slocum Giant 2005: Slocum an... -

Slocum Giant 2005: Slocum an...

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Slocum Giant 2005: Slocum and the Larcenous Lady
Jove , English
Crystal and Gold - Richard Stephens

Crystal and GoldRichard Stephens

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Crystal & Gold is a western novel based on the movie ‘Five Savage Men’ produced in 1970 starring Keenan Wynn, Henry Silva, and Michele Carey. The setting is in New Mexico near the border town of Raton and takes place in the mid 1800’s. The … more

Crystal and Gold
Richard Stephens
The Trail West - Woody Leach

The Trail WestWoody Leach

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Four stories concerning a core group of characters and their adventures during the turbulent time after the War Between the States.

The Trail West
Woody Leach
Woody Leach , English
Rage At Del Rio - Raymond D. Mason

Rage At Del RioRaymond D. Mason

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When the owner of a small ranch, Stan Dunstan, is gunned down by an unknown assailant on the church house steps, the town of Del Rio is destined to be the scene of a showdown. The stage is set when Stan’s younger brother, Lee, arrives the … more

Rage At Del Rio
Raymond D. Mason
Mason , English
Bounty - Robert Dean Anderson

BountyRobert Dean Anderson

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Sheriff Ora Mitchell in an Ozark town in the last years of the nineteenth century, finds he has a bounty on himself placed by someone who seems to be behind an oil venture which the sheriff believes could be a sham. He wrestles with the Osa… more

Robert Dean Anderson
The Long Shadow (Annotated) - B.M. Bower

The Long Shadow (Annotated)B.M. Bower

A vigorous Western story, sparkling with the free, outdoor, life of a mountain ranch. Its scenes shift rapidly and its actors play the game of life fearlessly and like men. It is a fine love story from start to finish.

The Long Shadow (Annotated)
B.M. Bower
Thunder Wagon (Wind River Book 2) - James Reasoner, L.J. Washburn

Thunder Wagon (Wind River Book 2)James Reasoner, L.J. Washburn

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Wind River # 2: Trouble is brewing in Wind River. The Irish and Chinese are up in arms, and the friendly Shoshone stand accused of stealing cattle. Marshal Cole Tyler sets out to track down the saboteurs-lighting a fuse that will set off a … more

Thunder Wagon (Wind River Book 2)
James Reasoner, L.J. Washburn
The Book Place , English
Badger: A Mountain Man's Story - Wayde Bulow

Badger: A Mountain Man's StoryWayde Bulow

Badger is about two young brothers who loose their family farm and are taken in by a Frontiersman who takes them west to the far mountains to trap for the winter. One brother becomes injured and the Frontiersman is forced to leave them at a… more

Badger: A Mountain Man’s Story
Wayde Bulow
iUniverse , English
CHAD'TU - Kelsie R. Gates

CHAD'TUKelsie R. Gates

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A ten year old boy is lost from a wagon train headed west. Saved by an Indian from starving. The Indian having lost his own son and family in a massacre raises him as his own giving him the name Chad’tu.A few years later the Indian dies and… more

Kelsie R. Gates
AbbottPress , English
Slocum 324: Slocum and the T... - Jake Logan

Slocum 324: Slocum and the T...Jake Logan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Slocum 324: Slocum and the Two Gold Bullets
Jake Logan
Jove , English