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Incident at Medicine Bow - Raymond Mason

Incident at Medicine BowRaymond Mason

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When Dave Butler and his sidekick, Randy Russell, sell a Winchester Model ‘73 rifle to a man they meet on the trail to Medicine Bow, their troubles begin. Arriving in town with a pocket full of money, they are soon arrested for the murder … more

Incident at Medicine Bow
Raymond Mason
Sons of Texas - Elmer Kelton

Sons of TexasElmer Kelton

In 1816, Mordecai Lewis, a veteran of Andrew Jackson’s Indian campaigns and battles against the British, moves his family into the western Tennessee canebrakes. But Mordecai, a born wanderer, is not satisfied with farming, and with his sons… more

Sons of Texas
Elmer Kelton
Forge Books , English
Shannon's Ride - Charles E. Friend

Shannon's RideCharles E. Friend

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U.S. Marshal Clay Shannon is enjoying a new life as a New Mexico cattle rancher when rustlers invade his land, steal his cattle, and kill several of his men. Angrily, Shannon pins on his marshal’s badge and starts after the rustlers. The tr… more

Shannon’s Ride
Charles E. Friend
AmazonEncore , English
Rogue Lawman: Deadly Prey (G... - Peter Brandvold

Rogue Lawman: Deadly Prey (G...Peter Brandvold

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ONLY FROM MEAN PETE PRESS!The Rogue Lawman, Gideon Hawk, can turn from marshal to executioner with the pull of a trigger… A hunted man, Hawk has retreated to his remote cabin in the San Juan Mountains, hoping to simply disappear. But wh… more

Rogue Lawman: Deadly Prey (Gideon Hawk)
Peter Brandvold
Mean Pete Press , English
My Five Sons: A Texas family... - Robert J. Gossett

My Five Sons: A Texas family...Robert J. Gossett

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Cry, laugh, and celebrate with Anna Sweeney, as she struggles to overcome hardships that would destroy other women. With the help of a Catholic Priest, her husband’s former boss, friends from church, and even total strangers, she endures t… more

My Five Sons: A Texas family endures the Civil War
Robert J. Gossett
AuthorHouse , English
The Collected Westerns of Wi... - William Patterson White

The Collected Westerns of Wi...William Patterson White

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This ebook contains five complete western adventure novels by William Patterson White (1884-1955), an accomplished western novelist and short story writer. Includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Lynch LawyersParadise BendT… more

The Collected Westerns of William Patterson White (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Westerns)
William Patterson White
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English
THEY CALLED HIM REB: The sto... - Otis Morphew

THEY CALLED HIM REB: The sto...Otis Morphew

The year is 1856, only a few days before William Upshur’s tenth Birthday, and was the day the Upshur farm was raided and his family brutally murdered. He was sole survivor of a planned massacre that left him with nothing but his memories, … more

THEY CALLED HIM REB: The story of Upshur
Otis Morphew
iUniverse , English
Hunt-U.S. Marshal V - WL Cox

Hunt-U.S. Marshal VWL Cox

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Hunt-U.S. V is filled with action. A Mexican gang of bandits that have been robbing, murdering, and stealing cattle come to Denver to obtain the release of their leaders that were arrested and are being held in the Denver jail. Attacks on D… more

Hunt-U.S. Marshal V
WL Cox
Guns of the Heart: When a Gu... - Kermit L. Krueger

Guns of the Heart: When a Gu...Kermit L. Krueger

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Gunslinger Bruno Turnbull has always lived by his wits. A man driven by the dream of owning a ranch, Bruno is led to the boomtowns of the West, where he quickly learns that he must either stay tough or die. But just as he saves enough mone… more

Guns of the Heart: When a Gun is Not Enough
Kermit L. Krueger
iUniverse , English
Back with a Vengeance - R.W. Stone

Back with a VengeanceR.W. Stone

When Will Grayson rode into the quiet town of Blue Lake Ridge, all he hoped to do was cash in the gold he’d found after long months of prospecting. Grayson desperately needs to send the money to his family back home in order to save their r… more

Back with a Vengeance
R.W. Stone
PublishAmerica , English
Reaching Colorado (Harrison ... - Frank Roderus

Reaching Colorado (Harrison ...Frank Roderus

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The reluctant protagonist of Frank Roderus’s award-winning LEAVING KANSAS returns in REACHING COLORADO, the second volume in the Harrison Wilke Trilogy. Searching for his destiny in Colorado, Harrison finds himself caught up in a wild chase… more

Reaching Colorado (Harrison Wilke Trilogy Book 2)
Frank Roderus
The Western Fictioneers Library , English
Stand at Stormy Mesa - Warren C. Ellis

Stand at Stormy MesaWarren C. Ellis

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STAND at STORMY MESAAfter Bryan of Carrizo Creek. Both Bryan and Beth were very happy on their wedding day. Their joy and happiness grew with the birth of their son William James Muise. Bryan’s uncle Jim proved his abilities and value, but… more

Stand at Stormy Mesa
Warren C. Ellis
Xlibris , English
The Barbary Coast Tong (Trac... - Robert J. Randisi

The Barbary Coast Tong (Trac...Robert J. Randisi

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Tracker’s line of work didn’t usually include finding missing persons, but this… more

The Barbary Coast Tong (Tracker Book 6)
Robert J. Randisi
Speaking Volumes , English
The Oklahoma Score (Tracker Book 5) - Robert J. Randisi

The Oklahoma Score (Tracker Book 5)Robert J. Randisi

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A mysterious telegram from his favorite wildcat sends Tracker packin’ for Oklahoma territory. His wayward partner, the lascivious Dierdre Long, has cooked up a … more

The Oklahoma Score (Tracker Book 5)
Robert J. Randisi
Speaking Volumes , English
Introduction to the Dramas o... - Epiphanius Wilson, J. W (Jos...

Introduction to the Dramas o...Epiphanius Wilson, J. W (Jos...

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Introduction to the Dramas of Balzac
Epiphanius Wilson, J. W (Joseph Walker) McSpadden
Casey Ryan by B.M. Bower (Ha... - B. M. Bower

Casey Ryan by B.M. Bower (Ha...B. M. Bower

Set in the final years of the Old West, CASEY RYAN follows the adventures of reckless Casey Ryan, a stagecoach driver who becomes fascinated with the new automobiles. After buying a Ford, Ryan’s recklessness costs him his car, job, and bank… more

Casey Ryan by B.M. Bower (Halcyon Classics)
B. M. Bower
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English
Lonesome Land (Illustrated) - B.M Bower

Lonesome Land (Illustrated)B.M Bower

In northern Montana there lies a great, lonely stretch of prairie land, gashed deep where flows the Missouri. Indeed, there are many such—big, impassive, impressive in their very loneliness, in summer given over to the winds and the meadow … more

Lonesome Land (Illustrated)
B.M Bower
Hollow Spurs - C G  Feltham

Hollow SpursC G Feltham

Stanley ‘Slim’ Perkins had a great life as a wrangler on his father’s horse ranch, supplying horses to the U.S. Cavalry, in a secluded valley in the rolling hills of Kansas. That was, until he was taken, conscripted into the Union Army, in … more

Hollow Spurs
C G Feltham
Tequila Surprise - A Gun Hac... - Chuck Shadle

Tequila Surprise - A Gun Hac...Chuck Shadle

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Tequila Surprise is the second in the Gun Hackett Adventures series. Our wandering hero – Gun Hackett, an honest, simple hero, capable of great kindness and great violence – falls head over heels for a lady of questionable intentions. He … more

Tequila Surprise - A Gun Hackett Adventure (Gun Hackett Adventures)
Chuck Shadle
Joe Manning Lived Here - Ted Miller

Joe Manning Lived HereTed Miller

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Joe Manning owned a good-size ranch outside of a small town in Virginia, and he was plowing one day close to his house. He was getting ready to plant a garden patch for the family to use for their livelihood. Three men came along the road. … more

Joe Manning Lived Here
Ted Miller
Trafford , English