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Mr. Noisy (Mr. Men and Little Miss) - Roger Hargreaves

Mr. Noisy (Mr. Men and Little Miss)Roger Hargreaves

They’re back! Rediscover the zaniest characters you’ve ever met in this best-selling series which has sold millions worldwide. Bright and charming, with easily recognizable characters and a small take-along format, Mr. Men and Little Mis… more

Mr. Noisy (Mr. Men and Little Miss)
Roger Hargreaves
PSS Juvenile , English
Make a Wish: Believing in Yo... - Stacie Theis

Make a Wish: Believing in Yo...Stacie Theis

Average wait: N/A

In the warm summer sun a field of dandelions grow. They are all anxious to turn to seeds and fly across the sky. However, the littlest dandelion doesn’t seem to be changing to white. Will she discover the magic that lies within her?

Make a Wish: Believing in Yourself (Growing with Values Book 2)
Stacie Theis
Miss Fannies Hat Book and Ca... - Jan Karon

Miss Fannies Hat Book and Ca...Jan Karon

The star of Miss Fannie’s Hat is based on Jan Karon’s own grandmother. “My grandmother, Miss Fannie, was so wonderful I wanted to share her with everyone,” says Jan Karon. “I wrote Miss Fannie’s Hat to give both children and adults a sense … more

Miss Fannies Hat Book and Cass [With Vinyl Cling-On Stickers and Miss Fannie’s Hat Cassette]
Jan Karon
Augsburg Fortress Publishers , English
Eagles Watch (Beacon of Ligh... - D K Segraves

Eagles Watch (Beacon of Ligh...D K Segraves

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Eagle’s Watch—the grass is so green and lush. It feels like I’m walking on a plush carpet. Beautiful trees of different varieties—towering evergreens, maples, pines, spruce, acorn, cedar, hazelnut, apple and cherry trees—cast their shadows … more

Eagles Watch (Beacon of Light Book 1)
D K Segraves
Living Waters Books & More Co. , English
I Can Learn Along The Way - L. Marie

I Can Learn Along The WayL. Marie

Average wait: N/A

A series of Childrens short stories that teach Love, understanding, acceptance, moral and honor.

I Can Learn Along The Way
L. Marie
The Little Planet With No Colors - Tara Fischer

The Little Planet With No ColorsTara Fischer

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Rudy lives on a planet called Pink. The Pink people are sure that pink is the best color. Rudy has never even seen any other colors but pink. In fact, other colors are against the law. One day Rudy spots a meteorite shooting through the… more

The Little Planet With No Colors
Tara Fischer
Purple Orchid Press , English
Must-Have Marvin! (Shine bri... - Christy Ziglar

Must-Have Marvin! (Shine bri...Christy Ziglar

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Marvin loves new things—he especially loves finding the latest, greatest, most awesome new things! Soon Marvin finds himself focusing on a new toy that he wants, to the exclusion of his friends. He lets them down when they need his help and… more

Must-Have Marvin! (Shine bright kids)
Christy Ziglar
Ideals Children’s Books , English
The Reading Promise - Troy Kent

The Reading PromiseTroy Kent

One of the best and least expensive gifts you can give to your child is the gift of reading. This is the story of a young mother whose promise to read to her newborn becomes her legacy.

The Reading Promise
Troy Kent
Mascot Books, Inc. , English
What Is Sharing? It´s All Ab... - Jan Marie Mueller

What Is Sharing? It´s All Ab...Jan Marie Mueller

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Parents Wanting To Help Their Child Learn Valuable Life Skills Won´t Want To Miss THIS Book… It´s not always easy being a kid. There are so many things you need to understand about yourself and the world around you. And the whens and whys o… more

What Is Sharing? It´s All About Caring. Sharing For Kids: A Child´s Guide To Understanding How To Share, When To Share and Why Sharing Is So Important (Amazing Kids Series Book 2)
Jan Marie Mueller
The Sweet Victory of Troop #111 - Evan Isaacs

The Sweet Victory of Troop #111Evan Isaacs

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There are two Pioneer troops in the town of Lemont: Troop #111, the boys from the local public school, and Troop #49, the boys from the local private school. Both troops desperately want to win a trip to Camp Peeka Wau, a Pioneer sleep-away… more

The Sweet Victory of Troop #111
Evan Isaacs
Lovestruck Literary , English
The Football Flop (SamiTales... - Karen Seamons

The Football Flop (SamiTales...Karen Seamons

Average wait: N/A

Sami loses confidence as he struggles to suceed in THE FOOTBALL FLOP. He is faced with a difficult dilemma, and his choice leads to disaster until he learns that being true in the moment of decision is what really determines a winner. A Rea… more

The Football Flop (SamiTales Success Series)
Karen Seamons
SamiTales , English
The Most Basic of Truths - Brad Hough

The Most Basic of TruthsBrad Hough

Average wait: N/A

The peoples of the world have been in conflict for as long as time can remember. It is easy to feel cynical about any prospect of lasting peace in the world when we do nothing more than recycle past mistakes. What if we took another path? … more

The Most Basic of Truths
Brad Hough
Douglas the Dragon: Book 4: ... - Williams Forde

Douglas the Dragon: Book 4: ...Williams Forde

Average wait: N/A

‘Douglas the Dragon’ negotiates the life stages of being orphaned, adopted, accepted, loved, rejected, feared, outcast, reformed and then made redundant. In this final story, he leaves his beloved village and past to seek a new way of life,… more

Douglas the Dragon: Book 4: Douglas and Desmorelda
Williams Forde
William Forde , English
The Wisdom Tree and the Red ... - Carol MacAllister

The Wisdom Tree and the Red ...Carol MacAllister

Average wait: N/A

The Wisdom Tree and The Red Swing offers preteens and those who love them a unique way to work their way through the challenges they often encounter.Encouraging young people to think their way through their problems, the Wisdom Tree offers … more

The Wisdom Tree and the Red Swing: Compassion in Everyday Life for Preteens and Parents
Carol MacAllister
Kathleen Barnes , English
Once Upon a Storytime at Chr... - Audrey Lee

Once Upon a Storytime at Chr...Audrey Lee

Average wait: N/A

The Stone Cottage is part of the series of Short Stories “Once Upon a Storytime at Christmas” with colorful characters that you will enjoy meeting: Laura has suddenly developed a snottiness and snobbery that concern her mother and father. F… more

Once Upon a Storytime at Christmas - The Stone Cottage
Audrey Lee
Profundities , English
The Nightingale who Lost and... - Lisa Flynn

The Nightingale who Lost and...Lisa Flynn

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The Forest’s animals work together to help little Nightingale who has lost his song. Join Nightingale and his friends as they discover the significance of courage and its magical influence in beautifying our speech and inspiring the hearts … more

The Nightingale who Lost and Found His Song
Lisa Flynn
Twigs Publishing , English
Help Me Be Good About Snooping - Joy Berry

Help Me Be Good About SnoopingJoy Berry

Average wait: N/A

Ages 4–7As an educator, human developmentalist, and the “Inventor of Living Skills Books for Kids,” Joy Berry knows kids. Her books teach children about taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. With sales of over 85 million b… more

Help Me Be Good About Snooping
Joy Berry
Watkins Publishing House , English
Liam Learns Tough Lessons - Matt Super

Liam Learns Tough LessonsMatt Super

Average wait: N/A

Liam the Bluebird is having a bad day. Liam is in the process of being taught some brutal life lessons and harsh realities. A great read for anyone who’s ever known the pain of getting burnt for doing “the right thing”. An illustrated irrev… more

Liam Learns Tough Lessons
Matt Super
Martin the Christmas Mouse - Jane Whiteoak

Martin the Christmas MouseJane Whiteoak

Average wait: N/A

Martin the Christmas Mouse is a heartwarming story for children, ages 4-8 years old. The book is filled with large beautiful illustrations, depicting the comings and goings of a very helpful little mouse.Martin lives in a tiny house with hi… more

Martin the Christmas Mouse
Jane Whiteoak
Bailey Bunny and His Lucky S... - Catherine Carnabuci

Bailey Bunny and His Lucky S...Catherine Carnabuci

Average wait: N/A

Bailey Bunny just loves to sing! In fact, he loves it more than anything! Join Bailey Bunny in this rhyming story as he prepares to sing in his school’s talent show while wearing his lucky singing boots. Something happens along the way, … more

Bailey Bunny and His Lucky Singing Boots
Catherine Carnabuci
HLN Family Publishers , English