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The Government UFO Files: Th... - Kevin D Randle

The Government UFO Files: Th...Kevin D Randle

The files of the CIA, the FBI, the FAA, NASA, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and other U.S. government agencies all have documents relating to UFOs, UFO investigations, and UFO activities that have affected their operations. There are 12,000 UFmore

The Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-Up
Kevin D Randle
Visible Ink Press , English
DISCTECH: A Theory about Ali... - Robert Kingsley Morison

DISCTECH: A Theory about Ali...Robert Kingsley Morison

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There is abundant evidence that alien astronauts are exploring Planet Earth. The vehicles observed have no visible means of support such as rocket propulsion, jet engines, rotor blades or wings, although they must be counteracting the force… more

DISCTECH: A Theory about Alien Technology
Robert Kingsley Morison
United Writers Publications Ltd , English
From Adam to Omega: An Anato... - A. R. Roberts

From Adam to Omega: An Anato...A. R. Roberts

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Extraterrestrial life has been a philosophical issue that has not been high on the priority list for scientific study. Since the UFO issue revolves around possible alien visitors, however, it is essential to determine if extraterrestrial li… more

From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena
A. R. Roberts
iUniverse , English
The Anunnaki Final Warning t... - Maximillien De Lafayette

The Anunnaki Final Warning t...Maximillien De Lafayette

PUBLISHERSNOTE: Do not miss the most EXPLOSIVE book ever written on the German UFOs and link between the U.S. and the NAZI UFO technology: “German UFOs Apocalypse Over America. UFOs World War Three. (Extraterrestrial, Intraterrestrial, Ge… more

The Anunnaki Final Warning to Humanity, the End of Time, and the Return of the Anunnaki in 2022. 6th Edition. The Grays’ creation of a hybrid-human race, … and Earth. (The Anunnaki Ulema Series)
Maximillien De Lafayette
Times Square Press. Elite Associates International , English
Invisible Residents: The Rea... - Ivan T. Sanderson

Invisible Residents: The Rea...Ivan T. Sanderson

This book is a groundbreaking contribution to the study of the UFO enigma, originally published over 30 years ago. In this book, Sanderson, a renowned zoologist with a keen interest in the paranormal, puts forward the curious theory that “… more

Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater UFOS
Ivan T. Sanderson
Adventures Unlimited Press , English
The Coronado Island UFO Incident - Michael J Evans, Preston Dennet

The Coronado Island UFO IncidentMichael J Evans, Preston Dennet

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In 1994, six people were simultaneously abducted from a hotel on Coronado Island, California. While most were able to recall their abduction by “grey-types,” one had retained actual physical proof—an implant. MUFON field investigator Presto… more

The Coronado Island UFO Incident
Michael J Evans, Preston Dennet
Galde Press , English
ALIEN ABDUCTIONS - 18 of The... - Aidan Brophilius

ALIEN ABDUCTIONS - 18 of The...Aidan Brophilius

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Do you believe in aliens or other worldly beings? If not your thoughts may soon change after reading this in incredible book comprised of 18 of the most shocking and real alien abduction stories. The stories and information contained in thi… more

ALIEN ABDUCTIONS - 18 of The Most Shocking & True Alien Abduction Stories!
Aidan Brophilius
Phenomenal Paul - An Incredi... - Martha Jette

Phenomenal Paul - An Incredi...Martha Jette

Paul Shishis is an ordinary family man with an extraordinary life. It all began when he was a youngster and insect-like beings whisked him away into an awaiting UFO. Throughout his life, he has had hundreds of UFO sightings and after so man… more

Phenomenal Paul - An Incredible True Tale of Insect-like Creatures & UFO Sightings
Martha Jette
Martha Jette , English
UFO Abductions - Philip Klass

UFO AbductionsPhilip Klass

Some say they have been abducted and subjected to terrifying physical examinations. Others claim that young children have been kidnapped and returned only after the removal of flesh samples. Still others allege that women have been kidnappe… more

UFO Abductions
Philip Klass
Prometheus Books , English
Stalking the Herd: Unravelin... - Christopher O'Brien

Stalking the Herd: Unravelin...Christopher O'Brien

Who or What is Behind the Cattle Mutilations? The cattle mutilation phenomenon is an ongoing mystery that has endured for almost 50 years. What have we learned, if anything, from the countless reports filed? Who or what is behind the death… more

Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery
Christopher O’Brien
Adventures Unlimited Press , English
Breakthrough (Communion) - Whitley Strieber

Breakthrough (Communion)Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber continues the journey that began with Communion, as his relationship with the strange phenomenon he calls ‘the visitors’ grows deeper into the mid-1990s.

Breakthrough (Communion)
Whitley Strieber
Walker & Collier, Inc. , English
Aliens Answer (Aliens Answer... - J. Steven Reichmuth, Mary Barr

Aliens Answer (Aliens Answer...J. Steven Reichmuth, Mary Barr

Non-fiction: Aliens Answer contains the transcripts of interviews with off-planet beings (aliens). Ms. Barr, certified hypnotherapist and behavioral therapist, placed client Steve Reichmuth under deep hypnotic induction. While in this sta… more

Aliens Answer (Aliens Answer, Ongoing Interviews)
J. Steven Reichmuth, Mary Barr
My Awakening: A paranormal U... - Peter Maxwell Slattery

My Awakening: A paranormal U...Peter Maxwell Slattery

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The story continues in “My Awakening Part 2” of my paranormal experiences with other worldly beings. In this book I document the time line of my experiences from seeing alien space crafts, which are also known as UFO’s, to messages from a 5… more

My Awakening: A paranormal UFO story Part 2
Peter Maxwell Slattery
Self Published , English


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OUR SKIES ARE FILLED WITH TROJAN HORSES…“The real UFO story must encompass all of the many manifestations being observed. It is a story of ghosts and phantoms and strange mental aberrations; of an invisible world that surrounds us and occ… more

OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs
John Keel
Anomalist Books , English
The Silver Bridge: The Class... - Gray Barker

The Silver Bridge: The Class...Gray Barker

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Written in 1970 by legendary ufologist Gray Barker, The Silver Bridge was the first book ever written on the mysterious Mothman creature, and still one of the best. Barker, a native of West Virginia, was the first researcher on the scene of… more

The Silver Bridge: The Classic Mothman Tale
Gray Barker
Message from the Pleiades, V... - Ted Denmark Ph.D.

Message from the Pleiades, V...Ted Denmark Ph.D.

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These are the contact notes of Swiss farmer Eduard “Billy” Meier as originally presented and interpreted in English by the Dean of UFO/ET studies, Wendelle C. Stevens, in a newly edited 30th anniversary 2nd edition, completely revisioned an… more

Message from the Pleiades, Volume 1, 2nd Edition: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier
Ted Denmark Ph.D.
BookBaby , English
Searching For the String: Se... - John Keel, Andrew Colvin

Searching For the String: Se...John Keel, Andrew Colvin

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New Saucerian Press proudly presents “Searching For the String,” a collection of magazine articles by John A. Keel, the man many consider to have been not only the premiere investigator of all things unusual and “Fortean,” but who was also … more

Searching For the String: Selected Writings of John A. Keel
John Keel, Andrew Colvin
New Saucerian , English
Andromeda (Ultimate UFO Series) - Robert Shapiro

Andromeda (Ultimate UFO Series)Robert Shapiro

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Time-Traveling Eighth-Dimensional Andromedans Visit Earth

They Share Advanced Science with a Mexican Professor, a Physicist. They Share Details of Their Interaction with a Devastating Nuclear Explosion Involving Two Countries on Earth. The… more

Andromeda (Ultimate UFO Series)
Robert Shapiro
Light Technology Publishing , English
2012, The Next Y2K?:  Book O... - C. William King

2012, The Next Y2K?: Book O...C. William King

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Is December 21st 2012 the next Y2K?Or, Is It The End of the World?Many so called experts want you to believe that on that day the world will end in a horrific way and all life on it will cease. They say it is because the Mayan calendar sto… more

2012, The Next Y2K?: Book One: The Realistic Possibilities
C. William King
AuthorHouse , English
A Covert Agenda: The British... - Nick Redfern

A Covert Agenda: The British...Nick Redfern

Researcher Nick Redfern discovered that the British government has been tracking UFOs since 1947. The Ministry of Defence has documented and investigated hundreds of Royal Air Force, police, and public encounters with UFOs. But it has never… more

A Covert Agenda: The British Government’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed
Nick Redfern
Paraview Special Editions , English