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Out Bad - Donald Charles  Davis

Out BadDonald Charles Davis

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Out Bad is a true story about motorcycle outlaws and modern American police. It begins with the painstakingly assembled, never before told story of the murder of a Mongols Motorcycle Club member named Manuel Vincent “Hitman” Martin. Martin … more

Out Bad
Donald Charles Davis
Disposable Income A True Sto... - Tammy Mal

Disposable Income A True Sto...Tammy Mal

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In 1948, when elderly Anna Homeyer, and her much younger husband Charles, decided to sell their home in the Bronx and move to Pennsylvania, residents of the small town of Factoryville couldn’t understand why. With no family or friends in th… more

Disposable Income A True Story of Sex, Greed and Im-purr-fect Murder
Tammy Mal
The Strangeness of Columbine... - Lear's Shadow

The Strangeness of Columbine...Lear's Shadow

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The strangeness of Columbine, an interpretation develops further the methods and perspective of the website Lear’s Shadow, that was active from 2000 to 2006 in exploring Columbine’s “iconic profile.” There is no repetition of Lear’s Shadow’… more

The Strangeness of Columbine: An Interpretation
Lear’s Shadow
Lear’s Shadow , English
Breaking the Blue Wall: One ... - Justin Hopson

Breaking the Blue Wall: One ...Justin Hopson

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During his first few days as a rookie New Jersey State Trooper, Justin Hopson witnessed an unlawful arrest and false report made by his training officer. When he refused to testify in support the illegal arrest, his life veered into a dang… more

Breaking the Blue Wall: One Man’s War Against Police Corruption
Justin Hopson
WestBowPress , English
Billie (Les Girls Book 7) - Gerald B Porter

Billie (Les Girls Book 7)Gerald B Porter

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A young woman goes to a Rave. The next 14 hours are blank to her. Jim Lang, detective, comes to her rescue and breaks up the callgirl racket.

Billie (Les Girls Book 7)
Gerald B Porter


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Joe Nissensohn was about to walk out of a Washington state prison, a free man, after serving time for the killing of Sally Jo Tsaggaris. But at the last minute in 2008, California suddenly had him arrested for three murders on their cold c… more

Robert Scott


California/Oregon Border - 2012. Chris MacCallum didn’t know that his wife Tricia was into the bondage lifestyle. Even though Tricia had a secret boyfriend, Jeremiah, and was the submissive to his dominance in the relationship, she ruled … more

Robert Scott
Ted Bundy Final Interview: w... - G. Edwin Lint

Ted Bundy Final Interview: w...G. Edwin Lint

One of the most infamous sex criminals of all time is Ted Bundy. According to his own words, Bundy believed his descent into the horrible pit of sexual assault and murder was fueled by an addiction to violent obscenity. What makes Bundy’s c… more

Ted Bundy Final Interview: with Dr. James Dobson
G. Edwin Lint
DiskBooks Electronic Publishing , English
The Piggy Bank Murder - Tom Walsh

The Piggy Bank MurderTom Walsh

Major Rome of the Connecticut State Police is convinced the mother-in-law is the murderer, in spite of other suspects, including the husband who had a secret lover, and a 19-year-old neighbor. Rome admitted under oath that he used subterfu… more

The Piggy Bank Murder
Tom Walsh
iUniverse , English
Forensic Science - David Malocco

Forensic ScienceDavid Malocco

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True crime and serial killer expert David Elio Malocco (author of Who’s Who Serial Killers, The Top 100) has produced a magic little book here on Forensic Science and Crime Scene Analysis.

The author is a former top criminal lawyer with d… more

Forensic Science
David Malocco
Doctor Dealer: The Rise and ... - Mark Bowden

Doctor Dealer: The Rise and ...Mark Bowden

Doctor Dealer is the story of Larry Lavin, a bright, charismatic young man who rose from his working-class upbringing to win a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, earn Ivy League college and dental degrees, and buy his family a ho… more

Doctor Dealer: The Rise and Fall of an All-American Boy and His Multimillion-Dollar Cocaine Empire
Mark Bowden
Grove Press , English
Fatal Females - Libby-Jane Charleston

Fatal FemalesLibby-Jane Charleston

Women are supposed to be tender and loving – not cold-hearted killers, knife-wielding vampires or gun-toting hijackers. Yet throughout history, there’s been no shortage of less than law-abiding ladies. Let journalist Libby-Jane Charleston t… more

Fatal Females
Libby-Jane Charleston
Hardie Grant Books , English
Jackpot - Jason Ryan

JackpotJason Ryan

In a cat-and-mouse game played out in exotic locations across the globe, the smugglers sailed through hurricanes, broke out of jail and survived encounters with armed militants in Colombia, Grenada and Lebanon. Based on years of research an… more

Jason Ryan
Lyons Press , English
Good Girls Gone Bad (The Chr... - Honda Libros

Good Girls Gone Bad (The Chr...Honda Libros

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Exclusive prep school girls are being discovered savagely murdered in alleys and other unlikely & unsavory places places in the city. Private Detectives Paris and Viper take the case and systematically unravel the mystery it conceals. Here … more

Good Girls Gone Bad (The Chronicles of Paris Book 1)
Honda Libros
Ronald Mason , English
Cooper - David Keller

CooperDavid Keller

On Thanksgiving day back in 1971 America woke up to the exploits of the now infamous hijacker and extortionist D.B. Cooper. According to the news reports of the day, Cooper had commandeered a commercial jetliner the day before and exchanged… more

David Keller
L.A. Despair: A Landscape of... - John Gilmore

L.A. Despair: A Landscape of...John Gilmore

Legendary noir author John Gilmore takes the reader on a mad, tumultuous all-night drive without remorse or pity, through the high and low life of Hollywood and the City of Angels. This is the true-crime capstone to a celebrated collection… more

L.A. Despair: A Landscape of Crimes & Bad Times
John Gilmore
Amok Books , English
The Standoff in Waco - The New York Times

The Standoff in WacoThe New York Times

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This e-single, a compilation of stories from The New York Times archives, chronicles the 1993 standoff in Waco, Tex., between the U.S. government and the Branch Davidians, a heavily armed religious cult led by David Koresh, a self-styled ne… more

The Standoff in Waco
The New York Times
The New York Times Company , English
Karl Ludwig Sand Celebrated Crimes - Alexandre Dumas père

Karl Ludwig Sand Celebrated CrimesAlexandre Dumas père

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Karl Ludwig Sand Celebrated Crimes
Alexandre Dumas père
Public Domain Books , English
Beverly Hills Confidential :... - Barbara Schroeder, Fogg Clark

Beverly Hills Confidential :...Barbara Schroeder, Fogg Clark

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Acid-throwing brides, axe murdering maids, mysterious deaths at Greystone mansion, and the real story of what happened the night a superstar publicist was gunned down on Sunset Boulevard; just a few of the many stories in this “Rip-roaring”… more

Beverly Hills Confidential : A Century of Stars, Scandals and Murders
Barbara Schroeder, Fogg Clark
The Answers Productions, LLC , English
Massacres of the South (1551... - Alexandre Dumas père

Massacres of the South (1551...Alexandre Dumas père

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Massacres of the South (1551-1815)Celebrated Crimes
Alexandre Dumas père