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Love Behind Bars: True Stories - Victoria Heywood

Love Behind Bars: True StoriesVictoria Heywood

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All relationships face obstacles, but can romance really survive when there are prison bars between two people who love each other? What does it take to pledge your life to someone who may see out the rest of their life in prison? And what … more

Love Behind Bars: True Stories
Victoria Heywood
On Deadly Ground-The Assassi... - Tim Priest

On Deadly Ground-The Assassi...Tim Priest

The shots echoed around Australia and indeed the world as the murder became the first political assassination in this country’s history. Within hours of the murder, the New South Wales Police launched one of the biggest and most intensive … more

On Deadly Ground-The Assassination Of John Newman MP
Tim Priest
New Holland Publishers , English
The Real Policeman: N/A - Ron Owens

The Real Policeman: N/ARon Owens

It’s raw, profane, offensive, bizarre. It’s not politically correct or warm and fuzzy. It’s real.How did police officers do their jobs four decades ago during some of the nation’s most turbulent and violent times?These aren’t one-dimension… more

The Real Policeman: N/A
Ron Owens
iUniverse , English
Anne Williams, Vivian Head, Amy Williams
Canary Press , English
A TANGLED WEB - Robert Scott


Millionaire Leslie Breaw had the good life — a cabin on beautiful Priest Lake in Idaho and enough money where he didn’t have to work. But in January 2007 Leslie suddenly disappeared. There were rumors that he’d gone to Southeast Asia to … more

Robert Scott
DEADLY SECRETS 3 - Robert Scott


Becky Lofton thought that Michael Carlson was a good friend. But she didn’t know about his dangerous past. When Becky went missing, along with her boyfriend Kenneth, investigators would eventually find a harrowing scene related to her dis… more

Robert Scott
Why Some Women Lie About Rap... - Linda Fairstein

Why Some Women Lie About Rap...Linda Fairstein

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Legal expert Linda Fairstein’s investigation of why some women falsely claim rape, and of the devastating effects a charge can have on those who have been wrongfully accusedFor each criminal category, a small percentage of claims are proven… more

Why Some Women Lie About Rape (From the Files of Linda Fairstein, 6)
Linda Fairstein
Open Road Media , English
No Goodbyes - Rick Baker

No GoodbyesRick Baker

On February 4, 2010, the McStay family of four mysteriously vanished from their Southern California home. Rick Baker spent the past three years searching for the family, traveling to different countries to investigate sightings, and often t… more

No Goodbyes
Rick Baker
Tate Publishing , English
The Vatican at War: From Bla... - Philip Willan

The Vatican at War: From Bla...Philip Willan

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When Pope Benedict’s butler began leaking secret Vatican documents to an Italian journalist he was motivated by a desire to save the Catholic church from what he saw as a mounting tide of corruption. Among the issues he felt should be brou… more

The Vatican at War: From Blackfriars Bridge to Buenos Aires
Philip Willan
iUniverse , English
The New England Mafia - Kevin Johnson

The New England MafiaKevin Johnson

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The history of organized crime in New England. With testimony from Frank Salemme and a US Government time line.                        Please visit the books blog spot at the address below, for photographs and sample chapters thenewengland… more

The New England Mafia
Kevin Johnson
Bad Guys and Bullets Press.Com , English
Sins of the Father - Eamonn Duff

Sins of the FatherEamonn Duff

The story behind Australia’s most famous drug case. A reckless father, his dark past, an Adelaide drug trafficker and the Gold Coast beauty school dropout who kept her mouth shut.This is the explosive untold story of Schapelle Corby and how… more

Sins of the Father
Eamonn Duff
Allen & Unwin , English
Dirty Deeds: Justice Prevail... - Paul Anderson

Dirty Deeds: Justice Prevail...Paul Anderson

An inside account of some of Australia’s most gruesome and recent crime cases. Go inside a maximum security jail unit to learn why feared prisoner Matthew Charles Johnson murdered drug boss Carl Williams in the most brutal way possible. Que… more

Dirty Deeds: Justice Prevails (Dirty Dozen)
Paul Anderson
Hardie Grant Books , English
True Crime : Ku Klux Klan - QUIK eBooks

True Crime : Ku Klux KlanQUIK eBooks

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Because sometimes our brains just need to nibble …It’s like food, occasionally you need a three-course meal, other times just a snack will do. Quik eBooks are like the cocktail sausage of the eBook world; short, tasty and perfect when you… more

True Crime : Ku Klux Klan
QUIK eBooks
QUIK eBooks , English
In Any Case - Andrew Fraser

In Any CaseAndrew Fraser

Compelling true crime stories by notorious criminal layer Andrew Fraser - including Lewis and Jason Moran, the central crime figures in Melbourne’s gangland killings.Andrew Fraser has made mistakes in his life. Big mistakes. And he has paid… more

In Any Case
Andrew Fraser
Pier 9 , English
Jeffrey Dahmer: The Smooth-t... - Chloe Castleden

Jeffrey Dahmer: The Smooth-t...Chloe Castleden

Jeffrey Dahmer was the Milwaukee serial killer who murdered, mutilated and cannibalized at least seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991.The Murder Files is a series of individual titles, giving condensed accounts of some of the most a… more

Jeffrey Dahmer: The Smooth-talking Cannibal
Chloe Castleden
Robinson , English
Reefer Men: The Rise and Fal... - Tony Thompson

Reefer Men: The Rise and Fal...Tony Thompson

This is the story of an international group of drug smugglers, their criminal success and the hunt to bring them to justice. There were sixteen of them, from America, Britain, Australia and Thailand, and together they were called ‘The Ring… more

Reefer Men: The Rise and Fall of a Billionaire Drug Ring
Tony Thompson
Hodder , English


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Ask yourself, what may have made this young woman, Susan Smith, drive her two little baby boys into a lake; then claim a man had hijacked her car and drove off with the two babies in the back seat? Not like the O. J. Simpson murder trial. … more

Ronald Williams Sr.
Xlibris US , English
Serial Killers : Jeffrey Dah... - QUIK eBooks

Serial Killers : Jeffrey Dah...QUIK eBooks

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Because sometimes our brains just need to nibble …It’s like food, occasionally you need a three-course meal, other times just a snack will do. Quik eBooks are like the cocktail sausage of the eBook world; short, tasty and perfect when you… more

Serial Killers : Jeffrey Dahmer - The Milwaukee Cannibal
QUIK eBooks
QUIK eBooks , English
The OJ Simpson Trial - Ronald Williams

The OJ Simpson TrialRonald Williams

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Overview coming soon

The OJ Simpson Trial
Ronald Williams
Xlibris , English
White Collar Crime and Offenders - Roy Lewis

White Collar Crime and OffendersRoy Lewis

This book is a landmark in the study of white-collar crime and is the largest study of its kind ever conducted. This book will serve the needs of criminologists, policy-makers and the public as well. It will address the issue of what white… more

White Collar Crime and Offenders
Roy Lewis
iUniverse , English