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Endowment Policy - Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore

Endowment PolicyHenry Kuttner, C.L. Moore

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A mysterious man shows up, to change the events of history. What does he know, and what is he trying to change?

Endowment Policy
Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore
eStar Books , English
The Signs of the Times - David Pearson

The Signs of the TimesDavid Pearson

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First book in the Great Tribulation series!The signs of the times.Signs that speak of a great new leader arising!Signs that warn the church to prepare and build another ark!Signs that stun the world!Signs that unite the world to believe a l… more

The Signs of the Times
David Pearson
AuthorHouse , English
The Minute - Aaron Dietz

The MinuteAaron Dietz

Average wait: N/A

Time traveler April Colson is stuck reliving the same minute over and over again.

It’s 2021, and April has volunteered for a time travel experiment in which she gets to relive one minute of her life from 10 years ago. She would have happi… more

The Minute
Aaron Dietz
Unfinished Business - Clanci

Unfinished BusinessClanci

Average wait: N/A

When forty-eight-year-old retired sales manager, Trevor Capello props an antique door against his bedroom wall, he has no clue the door possesses magnetic powers that will thrust him through the portals of time and into the past to fulfill … more

Unfinished Business
The Secret Door: A Phantom o... - J. Smith

The Secret Door: A Phantom o...J. Smith

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Erik is alone in the world, living in the darkness beneath the opera house, hiding his shameful existence from human eyes. He longs to reach out to an angel, but fears she would see him as nothing more than a monster. Yet when a surprise vi… more

The Secret Door: A Phantom of the Opera Novel
J. Smith
J. M. Smith , English
HYDROGEN JUKEBOX (Collected,... - Edward Morris

HYDROGEN JUKEBOX (Collected,...Edward Morris

Average wait: N/A

This most current collection of Pushcart Prize-nominated author Edward Morris’ speculative fiction encompasses five short stories and one novella that either lapsed out of print or haven’t appeared anywhere yet. Included are “Eva”, a time-t… more

HYDROGEN JUKEBOX (Collected, Unpublished/Out-Of-Print Curiosities by Edward Morris 2011-2013)
Edward Morris
Gary's Fantastic Journey - Mike Woods

Gary's Fantastic JourneyMike Woods

Average wait: N/A

This book is about the story of a seven-year old boy, who travels back to Roman Times and forward 4000 years into the future. But it could be any seven-year old, whose imagination can transform a pair of ordinary shoes into football boots, … more

Gary’s Fantastic Journey
Mike Woods
Mike Woods , English
A Time for Tears - Carl England

A Time for TearsCarl England

Average wait: N/A

Once time travel was a reality, museums had access to articles from the past in a way that no one had ever thought possible. But collecting those articles require the utmost vigilance. The tiniest possibility that the collection might cause… more

A Time for Tears
Carl England
Mutiny on the Red Dragon (A ... - Drew Norman

Mutiny on the Red Dragon (A ...Drew Norman

Average wait: N/A

A relaxing family vacation doesn’t include Pirates and cannons, or does it? Join two boys as they are transported from a week of relaxation in the sun to a high seas adventure. How did they get there, and why? Who on the ship is the trait… more

Mutiny on the Red Dragon (A Green Emerald Adventure)
Drew Norman
The Noble Pirates: Deleted B... - Rima Jean

The Noble Pirates: Deleted B...Rima Jean

Average wait: N/A

The deleted beginning of The Noble Pirates: http://goo.gl/RtYB1J

The Noble Pirates: Deleted Beginning
Rima Jean
Future Past - Wayne Mansfield

Future PastWayne Mansfield

Average wait: N/A

James is running late for a meeting, and he’s so used to getting everything he wants that he’s almost purple with rage when his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, there is no mobile reception and an advancing s… more

Future Past
Wayne Mansfield
JMS Books LLC , English
My Parents Are Aliens And I ... - Sandra Jane Maidwell

My Parents Are Aliens And I ...Sandra Jane Maidwell

Average wait: N/A

The stories will be wild and crazy, but nothing as wild and crazy as the truth: that your parents are actually from another planet! A planet so far away they didn’t even travel on a space ship to get to you. No. Alien parents who adopt you… more

My Parents Are Aliens And I Don’t Like Peanut Butter!
Sandra Jane Maidwell
Secrets of Equilibrium - Jonathan E. Miller

Secrets of EquilibriumJonathan E. Miller

Average wait: N/A

There exist two forces so fundamental in nature they shape the very universe around us. When chaos and order are balanced, harmony prevails. When not, unholy devastation. When Hamish and Suzy Hamilton relocate to the Cornish town of Warfiel… more

Secrets of Equilibrium
Jonathan E. Miller
The Choir Press , English
Ribbons of Moonlight - Rebecca L. Frencl

Ribbons of MoonlightRebecca L. Frencl

Average wait: N/A

Emma Sanders:She’s a damsel in distress—a 20th century miss dragged back to the 18th with no way home and no idea how she got there in the first place. Connor MacAllister Kane:He’s the reason she’s in distress—a British highwayman, and a m… more

Ribbons of Moonlight
Rebecca L. Frencl
Solstice Publishing , English
The Scarab King - Wend Petzler

The Scarab KingWend Petzler

His name erased by a vengeful queen, the Scarab King awaits release from his immortal tomb. Rescued by a woman from the 21st Century, he must return to Egypt’s turbulent past and set history right.Can the Scarab King ignore his heart and fi… more

The Scarab King
Wend Petzler
The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga) - Anna Belfrage

The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga)Anna Belfrage

Average wait: N/A

The Prodigal Son’ is the third in The Graham Saga, Anna Belfrage’s time slip series featuring time traveller Alexandra Lind and her seventeenth century husband, Matthew Graham. Safely returned from an involuntary stay in Virginia, Matthew … more

The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga)
Anna Belfrage
SilverWood Books , English
Out of the Past (Heritage Ti... - Dana Roquet

Out of the Past (Heritage Ti...Dana Roquet

Average wait: N/A

This is a PG-13 version of the original novel with minimal sexual content, some adult situations, language and violence.

Torie Mills is beautiful, successful and a New York Times best-selling historical romance author. Determined to find s… more

Out of the Past (Heritage Time Travel Romance Series: PG-13 All Iowa Edition)
Dana Roquet
Dana Roquet , English
Return in Time - Tricia Linden

Return in TimeTricia Linden

Average wait: 7h

What should be a relaxing vacation turns into a working time-travel adventure when Teressa Ellers, a pragmatic and gifted Relationship Coach, is swept back to 13th century Scotland by a powerful fairy. She’s been summoned to act as a matchm… more

Return in Time
Tricia Linden
Llumina Press , English
To Picture The Past - Paige Mallory

To Picture The PastPaige Mallory

Average wait: N/A

The picture that Jason showed to his young sister-in-law made her go pale, much to his dismay. His wife had taken the photo while on a sightseeing trip with their kids, and ever since she downloaded the photo on his laptop, Gail had been wo… more

To Picture The Past
Paige Mallory
Blushing Books , English
Night Orchid - Patricia Simpson

Night OrchidPatricia Simpson

Average wait: N/A

Marissa Quinn, a Montana rancher with a serious independent streak meets her match when a botched time-travel experiment threatens the life of her sister and transports a domineering warrior from ancient Gaul into modern day Seattle.

Night Orchid
Patricia Simpson
Lucky Publishing , English