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Follow Your Heart - Gary M.  Whitmore

Follow Your HeartGary M. Whitmore

Its 2005 Los Angeles and Shelly will marry Alan in a couple of weeks. Her best friend Laura believes she’s marrying for money.Shelly finds a lost time machine movie prop from an old 1947 movie. She gets curious and sits inside and unintenti… more

Follow Your Heart
Gary M. Whitmore
Gary M. Whitmore , English
Vermeer's Secret Daughter - Douglas Murphy

Vermeer's Secret DaughterDouglas Murphy

Average wait: N/A

Bram Ryan goes to Amsterdam after finishing business school to work and explore Europe. He meets a girl from his past and together they decide to explore the social world of the city and the continent in the hopes of forming a longterm bond… more

Vermeer’s Secret Daughter
Douglas Murphy
Fast Forward (Replica: The P... - Marilyn Kaye

Fast Forward (Replica: The P...Marilyn Kaye

The gripping conclusion of a Replica miniseries!Being perfect isn’t a big deal to Amy–until word gets out that she’s a clone. Now everyone shuns her, and she’s getting mad. She starts to believe that the organization has the right idea: The… more

Fast Forward (Replica: The Plague Trilogy III)
Marilyn Kaye
Skylark , English
We Happy Few Part I - Seth Chambers

We Happy Few Part ISeth Chambers

From one today’s greatest short story writers comes a tale of life, death, and time travel!

We Happy Few Part I
Seth Chambers
Isotropic Fiction , English
The Lost Medallion: The Adve... - Bill Muir, Alex Kendrick

The Lost Medallion: The Adve...Bill Muir, Alex Kendrick

Average wait: N/A

Archaeologist Dr. Michael Stone looked for the lost medallion his entire life, and now his son Billy has taken up the search. Amazingly, the medallion ends up in Billy’s hands and a spontaneous wish in a precarious situation takes Billy and… more

The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone
Bill Muir, Alex Kendrick
B&H Kids , English
Faction Paradox: Warring States - Mags L. Halliday

Faction Paradox: Warring StatesMags L. Halliday

Average wait: N/A

The Year of the Metal Rat has brought with it greed and self-preservation. The Everlasting Empire is dying, eaten up from within, and the young upstarts Britain and Russia are circling like carrion-birds, for crows of every nation are equal… more

Faction Paradox: Warring States
Mags L. Halliday
Mad Norwegian Press , English
The Fallen and the Pure (Sal... - Scarlet Black

The Fallen and the Pure (Sal...Scarlet Black

Volume # 2: In the exciting sequel to Salem Moon, Gabriel is torn apart by guilt when he learns what became of his family over three hundred years ago. He has to go back to Salem, 1692. Hating himself for having to leave his beloved Lily … more

The Fallen and the Pure (Salem Moon)
Scarlet Black
World Castle Publishing , English
Love on the Edge of Tomorrow - G.M. Trust

Love on the Edge of TomorrowG.M. Trust

Average wait: N/A

A coed learns she’s the missing crown princess of a planet in the far-flung future, mired in the past, whose aunt usurped the throne. Up to now, Alexandra Marshall’s biggest worry was winning Grand Champion at the next horse show, but on Ca… more

Love on the Edge of Tomorrow
G.M. Trust
The Adventures of Prince Sur... - Vedanarayanan Vedantham

The Adventures of Prince Sur...Vedanarayanan Vedantham

Average wait: N/A

In the first book of the Prince Surya adventure series, the warrior, superhero prince crosses the length and breadth of the universe and the wheel of time in search of love and war in an unshakeable quest to save his descendants from extinc… more

The Adventures of Prince Surya (Origins and the Battle of Nakshatra)
Vedanarayanan Vedantham
Vedanarayanan V , English
Shadows of the Nile - Jo Franklin

Shadows of the NileJo Franklin

Average wait: N/A

It’s Aline’s first visit to Egypt – or is it?

As soon as Aline embarks on a Nile cruise, she experiences a mysterious sense of déjà vu. The people she meets feel like more than just casual acquaintances, as if she has met them somewhere be… more

Shadows of the Nile
Jo Franklin
Matador , English
Children in the Morning (Tim... - Jennifer Macaire

Children in the Morning (Tim...Jennifer Macaire

Average wait: N/A

In Nysa, Alexander the Great and one of his spouses, the time traveling journalist Ashley, find their abducted son Paul being worshipped by valley natives as “the child of the moon”. Seeing Paul in this godly role reminds Ashley that she mu… more

Children in the Morning (Time for Alexander Book 3)
Jennifer Macaire
The Curse of Dill - angela King

The Curse of Dillangela King

Average wait: N/A

Daisy,Timmy and Drew volunteer to undertake a task, which is to return the effigy of a knight back to ancient times. Helped by The Prof, and a little yellow boat, they go on a dangerous and sometimes exciting journey, with Raven, Pa and a g… more

The Curse of Dill
angela King
Moonlight Dancer - Deb Atwood

Moonlight DancerDeb Atwood

Average wait: N/A

A doll…a ghost…a love that transcends time.Kendra JinJu MacGregor can resist neither the antique Korean doll in the dusty warehouse nor the handsome Hiro Peretti who sells it to her.Once she brings the doll home, Kendra pays little atte… more

Moonlight Dancer
Deb Atwood
New Potato Press , English
The Secret Garden of Earthly... - McCamy Taylor

The Secret Garden of Earthly...McCamy Taylor

Average wait: N/A

The fourth volume in the Punk Tectonics series is also a speculative sequel to the novel, The Secret Garden. In a parallel 1900, described in the prequel novel, “The Idea of Good and Evil in Diablo, California”, Albert Einstein solved the… more

The Secret Garden of Earthly Delights (Punk Tectonics Book 4)
McCamy Taylor
TIMELESS Merit's Journey (TI... - Sara Lindley

TIMELESS Merit's Journey (TI...Sara Lindley

Average wait: N/A

An advanced Languages Professor and Linguist Dr. Merit Sinclair faces her boring life after a near death experience. Trying to get through the rigors of therapy and still meet her teaching obligations is getting stressful. She now faces a l… more

Sara Lindley
Sara Lindley , English
A Rip in Time (Out of Time #7) - Monique Martin

A Rip in Time (Out of Time #7)Monique Martin

Average wait: N/A

The Crosses are back in book 7 of the Out of Time Series.

An old enemy returns threatening to destroy not just Simon and Elizabeth but the timeline itself. To keep that from happening, they travel back to 1888 London to find Jack the Rippe… more

A Rip in Time (Out of Time #7)
Monique Martin
Tell Me When Complete Series... - Mia West

Tell Me When Complete Series...Mia West

Average wait: N/A

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TELL ME WHEN Complete Series All art thief Bryn Talbot needs to cross history is an orgasm. As her erotic adventures take her from the Roman frontier to the Spanish Inquisition… more

Tell Me When Complete Series Box Set
Mia West
OverTime 2 - Turning (Time Travel) - Yvonne Jocks

OverTime 2 - Turning (Time Travel)Yvonne Jocks

Average wait: N/A

I FIGURED IT OUT. I’M NOT FROM AROUND HERE.Amnesia was easier.Stranded in 1870s Dodge City, Lillabit remembers: She’s Elizabeth Rhinehart, a modern woman thrown back in time against her will.Also? Someone may be out to kill her.Her only hop… more

OverTime 2 - Turning (Time Travel)
Yvonne Jocks
Mystified - Adelle Laudan

MystifiedAdelle Laudan

Average wait: N/A

(Previously published under the Pseudonym, Elle Laudan)Tokoda’s rock ‘n roll lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt when he is called back home. He climbs on his Harley and heads back to Spirit Island where Native American legends are known to c… more

Adelle Laudan
Vortex Reflections (Vortex S... - S. D. Taylor

Vortex Reflections (Vortex S...S. D. Taylor

Average wait: N/A

Vortex Reflections is the fourth volume in the Vortex Series. Doug Cameron and Erin O’Neill wake up next to each other in bed in a hotel room in Hamburg, Germany in 2011. But it will be a while before the next time they sleep in a hotel r… more

Vortex Reflections (Vortex Series Book 4)
S. D. Taylor
S. D. Taylor , English