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The Time Traveler's Apprenti... - Kelly Grant

The Time Traveler's Apprenti...Kelly Grant

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Simon Grant is returning a Roman bowl to the basement storage of the museum when the lights go out and he finds himself falling through a time portal, landing in an ancient Christian catacomb. So begins his adventures in Imperial Rome. Simo… more

The Time Traveler’s Apprentice Book Two
Kelly Grant
Hourglass Door Trilogy - Lisa Mangum

Hourglass Door TrilogyLisa Mangum

Hourglass Door: Abby’s senior year of high school is textbook perfect: She has a handsome and attentive boyfriend, good friends, good grades, and plans to attend college next year. But when she meets Dante Alexander, a foreign-exchange stud… more

Hourglass Door Trilogy
Lisa Mangum
Shadow Mountain , English
Paris Time (A Paris Time-Tra... - D.B. Gilles

Paris Time (A Paris Time-Tra...D.B. Gilles

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A 21-year-old woman, Eliza, disappears. Seven years later a man dies by the Egyptian obelisk in New York City’s Central Park. He wears clothing from the late 19th century, has French francs and coins from the year 1887 in his pocket plus re… more

Paris Time (A Paris Time-Travel Novel)
D.B. Gilles
D.B. Gilles , English
The MacKlenna Family Legacy ... - Katherine Lowry Logan

The MacKlenna Family Legacy ...Katherine Lowry Logan

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Buy These Two Kindle Best Sellers in a Boxed Set These Kindle ebooks, although packaged together, are available individually and can be read in either order. The family saga collection includes: THE RUBY BROOCH, a time travel love story and… more

The MacKlenna Family Legacy Books (Boxed Set Collection)
Katherine Lowry Logan
Katherine Lowry Logan , English
Into the Future (Heritage Ti... - Dana Roquet

Into the Future (Heritage Ti...Dana Roquet

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This is a PG-13 version of the original novel with minimal sexual content , some adult situations, language and violence

When author Torie Mills moved to tiny Fremont, Iowa, she found the love of her life and the place where she finally fe… more

Into the Future (Heritage Time Travel Romance Series: PG-13 All Iowa Edition Book 2)
Dana Roquet
Dana Roquet , English
Frozen in Time - Koko Brown

Frozen in TimeKoko Brown

Genre: Multicultural Time Travel ParanormalReese Johnson yearns for a life other than the world of drudgery she’s settled for as the manager of Gotham City Comics. What’s that they say? Be careful what you wish for? Well that’s a motto Rees… more

Frozen in Time
Koko Brown
Loose Id LLC , English
Here With Me - Beverly Long

Here With MeBeverly Long

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Sheriff George Tyler time travels from 1888 Wyoming Territory to modern-day Napa Valley and meets Melody Song, a woman badly in need of a temporary husband. He agrees to help and quickly realizes that Melody needs more than just his name. … more

Here With Me
Beverly Long
My Parents Are Aliens And I ... - Sandra Jane Maidwell

My Parents Are Aliens And I ...Sandra Jane Maidwell

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The stories will be wild and crazy, but nothing as wild and crazy as the truth: that your parents are actually from another planet! A planet so far away they didn’t even travel on a space ship to get to you. No. Alien parents who adopt you… more

My Parents Are Aliens And I Don’t Like Peanut Butter!
Sandra Jane Maidwell
The First Stroke Of Midnight... - Ellen Jansen

The First Stroke Of Midnight...Ellen Jansen

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Allison Whaler contracted ovarian cancer at age twenty-seven. She died prematurely and by mistake. To compensate for the error, a tyro to the Lady of Time is sent to give Allison a choice. She can either go to heaven or she could start her … more

The First Stroke Of Midnight (The Door)
Ellen Jansen
Apache Tomorrow's - Janet Quinn

Apache Tomorrow'sJanet Quinn

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Riding across the Arizona desert in 1884 and carrying close to a million dollars worth of twenty dollar gold pieces, Cassidy Howard is transported to the present with an Apache arrow in her back. Sheriff Jesse White Feather, a full blood Ap… more

Apache Tomorrow’s
Janet Quinn
Timeless (Time Travelers) - Kate Donovan

Timeless (Time Travelers)Kate Donovan

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If this is a dream, then she’s in heavenTime Travelers, Book 1When Shannon wakes up in seventeenth-century backwoods America, she figures it’s just a hallucination caused by a recent concussion suffered in the line of her environmentalist d… more

Timeless (Time Travelers)
Kate Donovan
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Heritage Romance Series, PG-... - Dana Roquet

Heritage Romance Series, PG-...Dana Roquet

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Out of the Past Torie Mills is beautiful, successful and a New York Times best-selling historical romance author. Determined to find some solace from her fast paced and demanding life, she decides to move to Mahaska County, Iowa—a mile outs… more

Heritage Romance Series, PG-13 All Iowa Edition, 3 Book Set: Books 1-3
Dana Roquet
Dana Roquet , English
UNTEACHABLE:  The Abby Fedor... - Irene Freedman

UNTEACHABLE: The Abby Fedor...Irene Freedman

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WARNING: This book contains mature material of a serious nature. It is intended for older teenage girls.

A work of fiction based on someone’s real life.

50 year old Abigail has been busting her butt for the last ten years of her life…. more

UNTEACHABLE: The Abby Fedorko Story
Irene Freedman
Irene M Freedman , English
Return in Time - Tricia Linden

Return in TimeTricia Linden

Average wait: 7h

What should be a relaxing vacation turns into a working time-travel adventure when Teressa Ellers, a pragmatic and gifted Relationship Coach, is swept back to 13th century Scotland by a powerful fairy. She’s been summoned to act as a matchm… more

Return in Time
Tricia Linden
Llumina Press , English
Ancient  Echoes - Barbara Monahan

Ancient EchoesBarbara Monahan

Average wait: 41d, 19h

Samantha McKinley suddenly inherits a fortune from an unknown benefactor. She recieves a mysterious letter telling her that she alone must come to Scotland to rennovate a castle which is now in ruins. After traveling to the Highlands, Sam l… more

Ancient Echoes
Barbara Monahan
AuthorHouse , English
Chasbar The Dancer (FRAGMENT... - Connie Trapp

Chasbar The Dancer (FRAGMENT...Connie Trapp

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Flamenco…the dance of passion, of defiance, of rebellion.

In the world of Seville of Andalusia in 1512, the Gitanos’ life is one of fear and unrest. Living every day, never knowing if today would be their last.

But in the dance…they a… more

Chasbar The Dancer (FRAGMENTED Book 4)
Connie Trapp
House of Moon Publishing , English
Out Of The Cave (Time Warp I... - Cotton E. Davis

Out Of The Cave (Time Warp I...Cotton E. Davis

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Timewarp Inc, brings Adam Stancil, a 15-year-old Neanderthal boy to this century, where he is mainstreamed into a Midwestern high school. As he assimilates into modern culture, makes friends, deals with bullies, plays on the football team, … more

Out Of The Cave (Time Warp Inc Book 2)
Cotton E. Davis
BURST , English
Forevermore (Heritage Time T... - Dana Roquet

Forevermore (Heritage Time T...Dana Roquet

Average wait: N/A

This is a PG-13 version of the original novel with minimal sexual content , some adult situations, language and violence

Forevermore (Heritage Time Travel Romance Series: PG-13 All Iowa Edition)
Dana Roquet
Dana Roquet , English
The Whispers in the Desert: ... - Lesley Smith

The Whispers in the Desert: ...Lesley Smith

Average wait: N/A

Praise for The Whispers in the Desert:

Lesley Smith is a new star on the horizon” — Michael Bunker, author of Pennsylvania.

A grand science fiction fable in the tradition of Herbert’s Dune and Martin’s Game of Thrones.” — Nick Cole, aut… more

The Whispers in the Desert: (A Changing of the Sun Novella) (The Changing of the Sun Book 0)
Lesley Smith
Tenth Muse Publishing , English
The Adventures of Prince Sur... - Vedanarayanan Vedantham

The Adventures of Prince Sur...Vedanarayanan Vedantham

Average wait: N/A

In the first book of the Prince Surya adventure series, the warrior, superhero prince crosses the length and breadth of the universe and the wheel of time in search of love and war in an unshakeable quest to save his descendants from extinc… more

The Adventures of Prince Surya (Origins and the Battle of Nakshatra Book 1)
Vedanarayanan Vedantham
Vedanarayanan V , English