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TravelerElaine Fox

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Shelby Manning is living a normal, if uneventful life, in modern-day Virginia when on a cold winter evening she stumbles across Carter Lindsey in a Civil War battlefield park. Bleeding and disoriented, and dressed in Union blue, he seems to… more

Elaine Fox

Hawke's Doom (The Dreadful M...Mark Vincze

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About the book:The idea seemed simple enough; tear a hole through space and time, travel back to the 1800′s and impregnate Hitler’s mother before she has a chance to conceive the Nazi tyrant. Somehow things didn’t go so smoothly for super-s… more

Hawke’s Doom (The Dreadful Monology)
Mark Vincze

We Happy Few Part ISeth Chambers

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From one today’s greatest short story writers comes a tale of life, death, and time travel!

We Happy Few Part I
Seth Chambers
Isotropic Fiction , English

Love on the Edge of TomorrowG.M. Trust

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A coed learns she’s the missing crown princess of a planet in the far-flung future, mired in the past, whose aunt usurped the throne. Up to now, Alexandra Marshall’s biggest worry was winning Grand Champion at the next horse show, but on Ca… more

Love on the Edge of Tomorrow
G.M. Trust

Unfinished BusinessClanci

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When forty-eight-year-old retired sales manager, Trevor Capello props an antique door against his bedroom wall, he has no clue the door possesses magnetic powers that will thrust him through the portals of time and into the past to fulfill … more

Unfinished Business

Waiting for YesterdayJenny Lykins

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When Barrett Overbrook arrived at the quaint B&B, she was in an emotional tailspin. Her ex-fiancé had just married her twin sister, and Barrett could no longer deny that the betrayal had shattered her. Soon after checking into her room she … more

Waiting for Yesterday
Jenny Lykins
Jenny Lykins , English

Yesterday's MemoriesSharon Coady

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One year after Rogers death Emily finds herself driving outside of a small mountain town. She never expected to find her destiny as she rounded the bend in the road. There sitting on a small hill was a beautiful old home that appeared empty… more

Yesterday’s Memories
Sharon Coady

Secrets Revealed (Ilona the ...Erika M. Szabo

Ilona’s story is provocative, rich in characters and detail that bring a lost world to life, a journey to treasure and remember. In book one Ilona is a lonely doctor discovering her rich tribal heritage and birthright to become a Healer. Th… more

Secrets Revealed (Ilona the Hun novels)
Erika M. Szabo
5 Prince Publishing , English

Firestorm: DescentAlan Porter

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              A world ravaged by war; humanity on the brink.A stranger comes from another time.Is he the saviour mankind has been waiting for... or something far darker?When an accident with an experimental Time Machine plunges David Tw... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00792I3KQ/#editorial-review">more</a>
Firestorm: Descent
Alan Porter
Eyelevel Books , English

Warrior KingArlene Knowell

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An archeologist, Elizabeth Wishbon starts her day with the excitement of exploring a thirteenth century castle. What she finds within the ruins is a stash of treasure in a hidden passage, containing a one-of-a-kind hourglass. Elizabeth does… more

Warrior King
Arlene Knowell
Carnal Passions , English

THEORETICAL 2 (A Short Story...Nick Reynolds, Donald Wells

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From NICK REYNOLDSThe Author of THEORETICALTHEORETICAL 2An attempt is made to duplicate Simon Taylor’s trek into the past, in the hope of preventing a tragedy. However, the past is the past, and sometimes even the best of intentions can cau… more

THEORETICAL 2 (A Short Story of Time Travel)
Nick Reynolds, Donald Wells

Wrath of the Fire GodBambi Lynn

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Marcus Valente, a twenty-first century volcanologist, was collecting data near the crater of the volcano when a tremor knocked him to the ground and sent him rolling down the side. When Aemilia rescues him, he gets his first sight of the ci… more

Wrath of the Fire God
Bambi Lynn
Red Sage Publishing , English

Endowment PolicyHenry Kuttner, C.L. Moore

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A mysterious man shows up, to change the events of history. What does he know, and what is he trying to change?

Endowment Policy
Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore
eStar Books , English

The Qori, The Illia, and Mic...Donald Squire

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His new friend Gavin has helped him get to know his way around school. Greg, Tony and Jim show him their idea of a fun time. Barbara makes him feel a little funny inside. It seems that everything is going just the way he expected. So why is… more

The Qori, The Illia, and Michael Sanders
Donald Squire

A cut and a kissAnthony Hope Hawkins

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And that is the reason why you will find ,if you travel there, as I trust you may, for nowhere are the ladies fairer or the men so gallant) more win- dows in the Duchy of Deodonato than anywhere in the wide world besides. For the more windo… more

A cut and a kiss
Anthony Hope Hawkins
Anthony Hope , English

Return in TimeTricia Linden

Average wait: 7h

What should be a relaxing vacation turns into a working time-travel adventure when Teressa Ellers, a pragmatic and gifted Relationship Coach, is swept back to 13th century Scotland by a powerful fairy. She’s been summoned to act as a matchm… more

Return in Time
Tricia Linden
Llumina Press , English

A Journey Out of TimeS MacLeod

Average wait: N/A

Sonya was jerked awake by a drop in her stomach. The turbulence was knocking the airplane up & down. The pilot requested that everyone take their seat. Some of the passengers were trying to watch the movie or read, but the fear was visible … more

A Journey Out of Time
S MacLeod

The Souvenir Hunters from Vi...P.T.N. Ffrench

When an asteroid crashes into Planet Earth, Colin, Sam, Ralph and Peter find themselves trapped in virtual reality collecting souvenirs for the mysterious Agent Berengeur. They battle with the Stymphalian Birds in Ancient Greece, tra… more

The Souvenir Hunters from Virtual Reality in End of the Fifth Sun
P.T.N. Ffrench
Knightswood Publishing , English

AAAARGH!!!: 2 (TJ and the Ti...Bill Myers

Average wait: N/A

This six-book series centers around two 23rd century goofballs, Tuna and Herby, who travel back in time to study TJ Finkelstein for their history project. TJ will someday become a great leader who demonstrates honesty, integrity, thoughtful… more

AAAARGH!!!: 2 (TJ and the Time Stumblers)
Bill Myers
Tyndale Kids , English

Highland GuardianBarbara Monahan

Average wait: 39d, 4h

Lila O’Donnell is a beautiful second generation Irish American, and something else. She is a Seer. While on sabbatical in Edinburgh, she meets the handsome Cormac MacClaire, who just landed a professor’s job in the university. They fall … more

Highland Guardian
Barbara Monahan
AuthorHouse , English