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Warrior King - Arlene Knowell

Warrior KingArlene Knowell

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An archeologist, Elizabeth Wishbon starts her day with the excitement of exploring a thirteenth century castle. What she finds within the ruins is a stash of treasure in a hidden passage, containing a one-of-a-kind hourglass. Elizabeth does… more

Warrior King
Arlene Knowell
Carnal Passions , English
Tonight's The Night: (Past Love) - Robert Ceivers

Tonight's The Night: (Past Love)Robert Ceivers

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Ever wonder what would happen if you and your current spouse/partner were to go back in time? Would you still be together? Would your paths have even crossed? Can love stand the test of time - past, future and present?

This story is the fi… more

Tonight’s The Night: (Past Love)
Robert Ceivers
One69 Publishing , English
Met By Moonlight - Rosemary Edghill

Met By MoonlightRosemary Edghill

It’s Halloween, and Diana Crossways is more interested in getting to her coven meeting than in staying late to close up Witch Hunt, her Salem, Massachusetts occult bookstore. Besides, there’s a big thunderstorm brewing, and she’d like to g… more

Met By Moonlight
Rosemary Edghill
Justin Time - Cory Parella

Justin TimeCory Parella

A biblical time travel adventure about a government agent empowered by the Holy Spirit to travel trough time recording history on video.

Justin Time
Cory Parella
Booktango , English
The Love Spell: A Time Trave... - J Blair

The Love Spell: A Time Trave...J Blair

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Based on a true story, “The Love Spell” takes you on a heart-wrenching journey filled with magic and mystery. This intriguing story has it all, spells and magic, Wiccan spells and rituals, love spells that work, and even reincarnation. This… more

The Love Spell: A Time Travel Romance Novel Immersed in Spells and Magic (A Glimpse into the Past Trilogy Book 1)
J Blair
J Blair , English
The Spirit Path - Tammy Tate

The Spirit PathTammy Tate

Nicole goes horseback riding, not knowing that the events of the day would forever change her life. When she falls off her horse and hits her head she wakes up to unfamiliar surroundings only to find she has traveled back in time to the yea… more

The Spirit Path
Tammy Tate
Tammy Tate , English
The Time Machine Part Two - Michael Scott

The Time Machine Part TwoMichael Scott

After HG Wells story of the time machine and the time traveller, I decided to imagine a conclusion, find out what happens in the end to the disappeared time traveller.

The Time Machine Part Two
Michael Scott
Ribbons of Moonlight - Rebecca L. Frencl

Ribbons of MoonlightRebecca L. Frencl

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Emma Sanders:She’s a damsel in distress—a 20th century miss dragged back to the 18th with no way home and no idea how she got there in the first place. Connor MacAllister Kane:He’s the reason she’s in distress—a British highwayman, and a m… more

Ribbons of Moonlight
Rebecca L. Frencl
Solstice Publishing , English
The Traveler (Daniel Wells D... - Fredric Shernoff

The Traveler (Daniel Wells D...Fredric Shernoff

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Daniel Wells can travel through time. What starts as a simple vacation in his own past becomes frighteningly complicated when Daniel falls in love with the beautiful Suzy Bailey and makes a series of choices, the consequences of which will … more

The Traveler (Daniel Wells Diaries Book 1)
Fredric Shernoff
Whitemarsh Publishing , English
The Thief of Souls (Time for... - Jennifer Macaire

The Thief of Souls (Time for...Jennifer Macaire

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In book six in the Time for Alexander series, Ashley and Alexander travel by dragon boat to the far north to the land of the Eaters of the Dead in order to stop a certain druid, the Thief of Souls, from irrevocably changing time. With Alexa… more

The Thief of Souls (Time for Alexander Book 6)
Jennifer Macaire
Secrets Revealed (Ilona the ... - Erika M. Szabo

Secrets Revealed (Ilona the ...Erika M. Szabo

Ilona’s story is provocative, rich in characters and detail that bring a lost world to life, a journey to treasure and remember. In book one Ilona is a lonely doctor discovering her rich tribal heritage and birthright to become a Healer. Th… more

Secrets Revealed (Ilona the Hun novels)
Erika M. Szabo
5 Prince Publishing , English
The Truth Chronicles: The Rescue - Tim Chaffey, Joe Westbrook

The Truth Chronicles: The RescueTim Chaffey, Joe Westbrook

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Book 3 in The Truth Chronicles series…Defending the truth has never been so fun!The pursuit for truth continues as the four teens from Silicon Valley Prep embark on another thrilling adventure through time.While searching for their friend… more

The Truth Chronicles: The Rescue
Tim Chaffey, Joe Westbrook
Risen Books , English
The Return of the Discontinu... - Mark Hodder

The Return of the Discontinu...Mark Hodder

Explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton and poet Algernon Swinburne return in a new series of wildly imaginative steampunk adventures.SPRING HEELED JACK IS JUMPING BACK!It’s 9 p.m. on February 15, 1860, and Charles Babbage, the British Empire’s… more

The Return of the Discontinued Man: A Burton & Swinburne Adventure
Mark Hodder
Pyr , English
Worm Winds of Zanzibar (The ... - Martin Dukes

Worm Winds of Zanzibar (The ...Martin Dukes

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Alex Trueman is a boy in danger. His adventures in the strange world of Intersticia were recounted in “Caught in a Moment”, the first volume in this trilogy and have brought him to the attention of dark powers amongst the angels. Malcolm, A… more

Worm Winds of Zanzibar (The Alex Trueman Chronicles Book 2)
Martin Dukes
Hannah and Rebekah Meet Santa Claus - Loraine Nunley

Hannah and Rebekah Meet Santa ClausLoraine Nunley

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What do you get when you mix two little girls with a travel machine? A recipe for adventures! Hannah and Rebekah are having the adventure of a lifetime when their travel machine takes them to the North Pole. Will their quest to help an e… more

Hannah and Rebekah Meet Santa Claus
Loraine Nunley
The Seven Magical Jewels of ... - Robert Adams

The Seven Magical Jewels of ...Robert Adams

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Drawn through a hole in time and space, twentieth-century American Bass Foster finds himself hailed as a noble warrior and chosen to command—first on land and then at sea—the armies fighting to preserve King Arthur III and his… more

The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland (Castaways in Time Book 2)
Robert Adams
Mundania Press LLC , English
Just a Matter of Time: a Tim... - T. Michelle

Just a Matter of Time: a Tim...T. Michelle

Average wait: < 1h

When down-on-herself Rebecca Fowley traipses after a small, intriguing insect and on to the private property of heart-hardened rancher Elias Dellin, confusion and attraction abound. Rebecca is certain that she’s just become turned around i… more

Just a Matter of Time: a Time Travel Romance
T. Michelle
T. Michelle , English
Kieran the Black - Julia Templeton

Kieran the BlackJulia Templeton

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If you hold his sword in your hands and place the point of the blade in Kieran’s crest, you will experience life like you have never known it… 

When the frizzy-headed crone took thirty-nine-year-old Lizzie Johnston’s hands and wrapped th… more

Kieran the Black
Julia Templeton
Master of the Scrolls - Benjamin Ford

Master of the ScrollsBenjamin Ford

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Gloria Schofield has been plagued since childhood by nightmares of a murder that happened over four centuries ago. In the dreams, the murdered woman’s spirit appears to be trying to warn of events that are yet to happen in Gloria’s life.

A… more

Master of the Scrolls
Benjamin Ford
Waiting for Yesterday - Jenny Lykins

Waiting for YesterdayJenny Lykins

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When Barrett Overbrook arrived at the quaint B&B, she was in an emotional tailspin. Her ex-fiancé had just married her twin sister, and Barrett could no longer deny that the betrayal had shattered her. Soon after checking into her room she … more

Waiting for Yesterday
Jenny Lykins
Jenny Lykins , English