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The Time Traveler's Apprenti... - Kelly Grant

The Time Traveler's Apprenti...Kelly Grant

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Simon Grant is returning a Roman bowl to the basement storage of the museum when the lights go out and he finds himself falling through a time portal, landing in an ancient Christian catacomb. So begins his adventures in Imperial Rome. Simo… more

The Time Traveler’s Apprentice Book Two
Kelly Grant
Love Beyond Time - Mika  Rowantree

Love Beyond TimeMika Rowantree

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A romantic adventure of time travel, ancient treasure, mystic secrets, patriots and political intrigue, love, danger, passion and redemption in a time when even a remote Highland glen is not safe. Étain Ruadh, flame-haired beauty, a warrior… more

Love Beyond Time
Mika Rowantree
The Water Lily Pond - Siara Brandt

The Water Lily PondSiara Brandt

Does time fade into nothingness? Or can memories and emotions survive beyond death? Can one soul touch another and leave something of its experience behind? Isela’s childhood dreams are back, stronger than ever. The theme of her painting… more

The Water Lily Pond
Siara Brandt
Justin Time - Cory Parella

Justin TimeCory Parella

A biblical time travel adventure about a government agent empowered by the Holy Spirit to travel trough time recording history on video.

Justin Time
Cory Parella
Booktango , English
Into Her Own - Book 1 (Queen... - Amanda Winters

Into Her Own - Book 1 (Queen...Amanda Winters

This is a light-hearted fantasy about a regular 21-year-old woman from Earth who learns that she is going to be the Queen on a distant planet called Raz. Hathor is sent to bring her to her new home, but first she must survive attacks from t… more

Into Her Own - Book 1 (Queens of Raz)
Amanda Winters
The Time Hunters and the Swo... - Carl Ashmore

The Time Hunters and the Swo...Carl Ashmore

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The Time Hunters and the Sword of Ages’ is the fourth book in the bestselling Time Hunters saga.

After a terrifying encounter with Emerson Drake, Becky and Joe Mellor return to Bowen Hall for the Easter Holidays. All seems quite normal un… more

The Time Hunters and the Sword of Ages (The Time Hunters Saga Book 4)
Carl Ashmore
Addlebury Press , English
The Sand Bar: A Novel - Rebecca Bryan

The Sand Bar: A NovelRebecca Bryan

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With nothing to show for the last eight years but a dusty diploma, a failed marriage, a lot of emotional baggage—Gucci, thank you—and a really great collection of designer shoes, Marlo Leavitt has come home again.With her marriage annulled … more

The Sand Bar: A Novel
Rebecca Bryan
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
EPICS: A Collection of Trans... - Prof. Aran Damon PhD

EPICS: A Collection of Trans...Prof. Aran Damon PhD

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Deep within an abandoned silver mine, at an undisclosed location, in the very bowels of the Earth itself, it was there that I found the mammoth pile of copper tablets. Some were still whole, while others were broken, with their pieces eithe… more

EPICS: A Collection of Translated Artifacts
Prof. Aran Damon PhD
Vermeer's Secret Daughter - Douglas Murphy

Vermeer's Secret DaughterDouglas Murphy

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Bram Ryan goes to Amsterdam after finishing business school to work and explore Europe. He meets a girl from his past and together they decide to explore the social world of the city and the continent in the hopes of forming a longterm bond… more

Vermeer’s Secret Daughter
Douglas Murphy
Ribbons of Moonlight - Rebecca L. Frencl

Ribbons of MoonlightRebecca L. Frencl

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Emma Sanders:She’s a damsel in distress—a 20th century miss dragged back to the 18th with no way home and no idea how she got there in the first place. Connor MacAllister Kane:He’s the reason she’s in distress—a British highwayman, and a m… more

Ribbons of Moonlight
Rebecca L. Frencl
Solstice Publishing , English
The Spirit Path - Tammy Tate

The Spirit PathTammy Tate

Nicole goes horseback riding, not knowing that the events of the day would forever change her life. When she falls off her horse and hits her head she wakes up to unfamiliar surroundings only to find she has traveled back in time to the yea… more

The Spirit Path
Tammy Tate
Tammy Tate , English
Faction Paradox: Warring States - Mags L. Halliday

Faction Paradox: Warring StatesMags L. Halliday

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The Year of the Metal Rat has brought with it greed and self-preservation. The Everlasting Empire is dying, eaten up from within, and the young upstarts Britain and Russia are circling like carrion-birds, for crows of every nation are equal… more

Faction Paradox: Warring States
Mags L. Halliday
Mad Norwegian Press , English
CATCH THE WIND:  MY JOURNEY ... - Kathleen Ernst


What would it be like if a girl suddenly found herself in Caroline’s world, right in the middle of the War of 1812? How would she feel to know her home is under attack—and how would she stay strong during such a scary time? In this book, r… more

CATCH THE WIND: MY JOURNEY WITH CAROLINE (American Girl Beforever Journey)
Kathleen Ernst
American Girl , English
Snpgrdxz and the Time Warrio... - Paul R. Lloyd

Snpgrdxz and the Time Warrio...Paul R. Lloyd

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In the speediest move I ever saw her make, sixteen-year-old Jennifer Hawkins opened fire with her M16 and charged down the long, grassy slope.

Snpgrdxz has landed! Again. In the second novel in this SciFi/Fantasy series, Snpgrdxz finds him… more

Snpgrdxz and the Time Warriors: Book 2 of the Snpgrdxz Series
Paul R. Lloyd
Paul R. Lloyd Books , English
Ethan Spaulding and The Collectors - Mike Meyers

Ethan Spaulding and The CollectorsMike Meyers

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Up for auction: a still-warm vial of blood, a button clinging to a piece of fabric from a Confederate uniform, plus a pungent air sample fresh from the body-strewn Gettysburg battlefield. Ethan Spaulding, a struggling techno genius with an … more

Ethan Spaulding and The Collectors
Mike Meyers
Michael J. Meyers , English
Master of the Scrolls - Benjamin Ford

Master of the ScrollsBenjamin Ford

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Gloria Schofield has been plagued since childhood by nightmares of a murder that happened over four centuries ago. In the dreams, the murdered woman’s spirit appears to be trying to warn of events that are yet to happen in Gloria’s life.

A… more

Master of the Scrolls
Benjamin Ford
The Einstein-Bush connection - Michel Tardif

The Einstein-Bush connectionMichel Tardif

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For nearly a century, no scientific revelation had done more to unlock the mysteries of the universe than E=mc2.Then came 2002 and, with it, the discovery of a letter containing a lost equation that will throw the world for an earth-shaking… more

The Einstein-Bush connection
Michel Tardif
Tell Me When Complete Series... - Mia West

Tell Me When Complete Series...Mia West

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TELL ME WHEN Complete Series All art thief Bryn Talbot needs to cross history is an orgasm. As her erotic adventures take her from the Roman frontier to the Spanish Inquisition… more

Tell Me When Complete Series Box Set
Mia West
Invasion (Tell Me When Book 6) - Mia West

Invasion (Tell Me When Book 6)Mia West

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This title will be available for individual sale through Dec 15, 2014.

INVASION (Tell Me When #6) Tell’s protective instincts are scraping Bryn’s last nerve, but she is determined to track down Cross. After launch turns into a battle of wi… more

Invasion (Tell Me When Book 6)
Mia West
The Thief of Souls (Time for... - Jennifer Macaire

The Thief of Souls (Time for...Jennifer Macaire

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In book six in the Time for Alexander series, Ashley and Alexander travel by dragon boat to the far north to the land of the Eaters of the Dead in order to stop a certain druid, the Thief of Souls, from irrevocably changing time. With Alexa… more

The Thief of Souls (Time for Alexander Book 6)
Jennifer Macaire