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Introduction to Theater : A ... - Laurie J. Wolf

Introduction to Theater : A ...Laurie J. Wolf

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Introduction to Theatre: a Direct Approach addresses the student who is not a theatre major, but is taking a single course. The text attempts to address the most salient points pertinent to a beginning theatre course.

Introduction to Theater : A Direct Approach
Laurie J. Wolf
Xlibris , English
Un sitio para vivir (Spanish... - Jose Luis Sampedro

Un sitio para vivir (Spanish...Jose Luis Sampedro

Un sitio para vivir es un drama sobre la angustia existencial y la toma de conciencia de una nueva realidad social, económica y ecológica en un mundo cada vez más esclavista.

Un sitio para vivir (Spanish Edition)
Jose Luis Sampedro
Leer-e , Spanish
Antígona (Portuguese Edition) - Sófocles

Antígona (Portuguese Edition)Sófocles

Antígona, uma das mais famosas tragédias gregas é uma aventura de lealdade, dignidade, linguagem, vida. Uma mulher que, sozinha, abala uma tirania. Esta é uma das mais célebres tragédias gregas. Antígona é uma peça de fortes contrastes. Ond… more

Antígona (Portuguese Edition)
Anonymous plays. 3rd series,... - John Stephen Farmer

Anonymous plays. 3rd series,...John Stephen Farmer

Anonymous plays. 3rd series, comprising: Jack Juggler; King Darius; Gammer Gurton’s needle; New custom; Trial of treasure; Note-book and word-list (1906); 314 pages; English drama — Early modern and Elizabethan, 1500-1600

Anonymous plays. 3rd series, comprising: Jack Juggler; King Darius; Gammer Gurton’s needle; New custom; Trial of treasure; Note-book and word-list
John Stephen Farmer
London Early English Drama Society , English
The Forty Thieves : A Grand ... - George Colman George Daniel ...

The Forty Thieves : A Grand ...George Colman George Daniel ...

Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan (30 October 1751 – 7 July 1816) was an Irish playwright and poet and long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. He is known for his plays such as The Rivals, The School for Scandal and A Trip t… more

The Forty Thieves : A Grand Melo-Dramatic Romance by
George Colman George Daniel and Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Édipo Rei (Portuguese Edition) - Sófocles

Édipo Rei (Portuguese Edition)Sófocles

Rei Édipo, a mais trágica das tragédias de Sófocles, a que certamente devia ter produzido maios reação por parte da assistência, é a que explora a lenda do infeliz rei tebano, cujo nome ficou ligado aos dois crimes que maior terror causavam… more

Édipo Rei (Portuguese Edition)
Centaur , Portuguese
In the Club - Richard Bean

In the ClubRichard Bean

Hapless MEP Philip Wardrobe has a busy day ahead of him, balancing his less-than-irreproachable political career with his attempts to start a family. As he prepares for his girlfriend to fly in from Kettering for an afternoon of fertile fro… more

In the Club
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English
YO SOY LATINA!: INCLUDES BOT... - Linda Nieves-Powell

YO SOY LATINA!: INCLUDES BOT...Linda Nieves-Powell

Advance praise for YO SOY LATINA!”“Genius. YO SOY LATINA! is a work of art and a pioneering journey to voice the different Latino races and cultures.”“-Raul Gonzales, Mas Ruido “”YO SOY LATINA! indeed. Nieves-Powell skillfully and honestly… more

Linda Nieves-Powell
iUniverse , English
The Fat Man - John DeGaetano

The Fat ManJohn DeGaetano

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Theater Director and Actor in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, John DeGaetano takes a stab at creating a play with a new twist to an old time radio show production. Everything you’ve ever known to expect from a somewhat strange sc… more

The Fat Man
John DeGaetano
John DeGaetano , English
A Hint of Magnolia, A Tribut... - Trisha Sugarek

A Hint of Magnolia, A Tribut...Trisha Sugarek

“A Hint of Magnolia” tells the story of a young woman who rose above poverty, rape, bigotry, prostitution and imprisonment to become one of the most memorable and celebrated artists of the twentieth century. This one woman show portrays th… more

A Hint of Magnolia, A Tribute to the Life and Music of Billie Holiday (Shortn’Small Series of one act plays)
Trisha Sugarek
CreateSpace.com , English
The Pure Gaze - Jo Adamson

The Pure GazeJo Adamson

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Dana, a young middle-class woman auditions for a reality TV show. In many ways Dana is the poster child of the person who must be entertained all the time because she’s unable to distinguish illusion from realityDana wants to be seen by m… more

The Pure Gaze
Jo Adamson
Jo J. Adamson , English
Banner - Allan St. James

BannerAllan St. James

In Banner, the central story in the novel with the same name, the two towering forces in Scott Godfrey’s life, his brother Lance and his father Buddy, have collapsed at their foundations in separate road accidents three years apart. Now, … more

Allan St. James
iUniverse , English
A Doll's House - Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's HouseHenrik Ibsen

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Space and Time are pleased to bring you Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’. This classic is presented as a wonderfully presented edition with a fully interactive table of contents.The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th c… more

A Doll’s House
Henrik Ibsen
Space and Time , English
Beauty and the Beast - June J. McInerney, Linda F. Uzelac

Beauty and the BeastJune J. McInerney, Linda F. Uzelac

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This version of the classic tale closely follows the original story written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, revised and made popular by Madame Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, a governess and popular French novelist in the mid-… more

Beauty and the Beast
June J. McInerney, Linda F. Uzelac
Dreams in Captivity - Gabriel Davis

Dreams in CaptivityGabriel Davis

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Dreams in Captivity. A Play in Two Acts. Seriocomedy. Cast: 2 men, 2 womenSynopsis: After being kicked out of culinary school, aspiring chef Pax returns to his hometown to regroup. There he happens upon an old friend from high school,… more

Dreams in Captivity
Gabriel Davis
Cid, Le (French Edition) - Pierre Corneille

Cid, Le (French Edition)Pierre Corneille

Ce livre est une oeuvre du domaine public éditée au format numérique par Norph-Nop. L’achat de l’édition Kindle inclut le téléchargement via un réseau sans fil sur votre liseuse et vos applications de lecture Kindle

Cid, Le (French Edition)
Pierre Corneille
Nabuccodonosor (Opera Essential) - Giuseppe Verdi, Temistocle Solera

Nabuccodonosor (Opera Essential)Giuseppe Verdi, Temistocle Solera

Libretto multilingue dell’opera in quattro parti che sulla base del salmo 137 della Bibbia narra la condizione degli Ebrei soggiogati da Nabucodonosor Re di Babilonia.

Nabuccodonosor (Opera Essential)
Giuseppe Verdi, Temistocle Solera
Kitabu , English
The Dull are the Damned - Joseph Green

The Dull are the DamnedJoseph Green

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A schizophrenic science fiction writer receives first contact from some (possibly nonexistent) aliens, who offer him the chance to become an emissary to a new future. However, he first needs to become unstuck from his own past.

Comic, tra… more

The Dull are the Damned
Joseph Green
Dash Chandler , English
El Público (De un drama en 5... - Luis Trigueros-Ramos y López

El Público (De un drama en 5...Luis Trigueros-Ramos y López

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En el preciso instante en el que Federico García Lorca terminó la redacción de El público, rubricaba, a su vez, uno de los mayores hitos de su producción teatral. Consciente que su texto generaría una ruptura con la dramaturgia española del… more

El Público (De un drama en 5 actos) de Federico García Lorca : Estudio y edición crítica.
Luis Trigueros-Ramos y López
Palibrio , English
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