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A Teenager's Guide to Dealin... - P.G. Callahan

A Teenager's Guide to Dealin...P.G. Callahan

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A Teenager’s Guide to Dealing with Peer Pressure is a perfect self-help book for teenagers, and all people, struggling to fit in and find themselves; and yes, be themselves. Callahan stress to be truly happy you must be truly you. Full of… more

A Teenager’s Guide to Dealing with Peer Pressure
P.G. Callahan
P.G. Callahan , English
Tag, You're It!: 50 Easy Way... - Kathleen Kimball-Baker

Tag, You're It!: 50 Easy Way...Kathleen Kimball-Baker

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Providing 50 commonsense ways to connect and build assets, this resource gives parents, caregivers, teachers, childcare workers, and youth workers practical ways to connect with young people. Each inspirational idea contains a reference to … more

Tag, You’re It!: 50 Easy Ways to Connect with Young People
Kathleen Kimball-Baker
Search Institute Press , English
Understanding Teenagers: Som... - Tony Humphreys, Helen Ruddle

Understanding Teenagers: Som...Tony Humphreys, Helen Ruddle

Helping young people towards maturity demands of adults that they be mature themselves. Without such maturity it is difficult to relate fully to the challenging behaviour of some adolescents. A relationship that is genuine, non-judgemental… more

Understanding Teenagers: Sometimes Wild, Always Wise
Tony Humphreys, Helen Ruddle
Gill & Macmillan , English
On Becoming Teen Wise: Build... - Gary Ezzo, Robert Bucknam

On Becoming Teen Wise: Build...Gary Ezzo, Robert Bucknam

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Wonderful news for worried moms and dads! “Parents can raise great teens without the fear of storm and stress,” say Gary Ezzo and Dr. Robert Bucknam. These parenting experts and bestselling authors explain that parents need not expect rebel… more

On Becoming Teen Wise: Building a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime (On Becoming…)
Gary Ezzo, Robert Bucknam
Hawksflight & Associates, Inc. , English
Afterthoughts:Poems to Heal ... - Mrs. D.

Afterthoughts:Poems to Heal ...Mrs. D.

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Afterthoughts presents an unforgettable journey into the world of adolescence as seen through the eyes of a high school counselor. Each and every day, a very special someone enters the counselor’s office, knowing that it will be a safe hav… more

Afterthoughts:Poems to Heal the Heart for Adolescents and Their Parents and Guardians
Mrs. D.
iUniverse , English
Parenting with a Wise Heart - BarBara Mandley

Parenting with a Wise HeartBarBara Mandley

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Have you wondered what God expects from you as a parent while you journey through the incredibly complex process of guiding, directing, and parenting your children? Parenting with a Wise Heart takes you step by step though the Bible, a manu… more

Parenting with a Wise Heart
BarBara Mandley
Surviving Your Adolescents: ... - Thomas W Phelan

Surviving Your Adolescents: ...Thomas W Phelan

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A step-by-step approach to handling teenagers, this guide helps parents end hassles and improve their relationship with their adolescent. Parents learn how to communicate with teenagers, how to manage teenage risk-taking, how to let go in c… more

Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13–18 Year Olds
Thomas W Phelan
Parentmagic, Inc. , English
The Sex EDcyclopedia - Jo Langford

The Sex EDcyclopediaJo Langford

The SEX-EDcyclopedia is the 2012 winner of the Mom’s Choice Gold Standard Award for excellence. “Sex is fun, complicated, confusing, and amazing part of life, but if you don’t have a handle on what to expect, get ready to fail. The SEX EDcy… more

The Sex EDcyclopedia
Jo Langford
Nazca Plains , English
Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women - Tim Jordan

Sleeping Beauties, Awakened WomenTim Jordan

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There has been a tremendous amount of attention paid to the rising levels of depression, anxiety, cutting, and relationship aggression in girls over the past 50 years. But what if these issues aren’t the real problem? What if adolescent gir… more

Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women
Tim Jordan
Dunrobin Publishing , English
Raising Resilient Teenagers:... - Chris Hudson

Raising Resilient Teenagers:...Chris Hudson

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Resilience is the ability to bounce back from whatever life serves up! Teaching teenagers the skills and attitudes of resilience, empowers them with the confidence to live life to the fullest.Written especially for parents of teenagers, Rai… more

Raising Resilient Teenagers: A Parent’s Guide to Teenage Self-Esteem & Resilience
Chris Hudson
Charisbel , English
When Good Kids Do Bad Things... - Katherine Gordy Levine

When Good Kids Do Bad Things...Katherine Gordy Levine

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Parenting a pre-teen or teen? Time to “Suck it up, Buttercup.” There is no way around the fact that for some parents the teen years mean dealing with Good Kids Doing Bad Things. The bad ranges from those little lies, that one shoplifting ep… more

When Good Kids Do Bad Things - A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers
Katherine Gordy Levine
MetaPlume Corporation , English
Lunch Bag Notes: A Father's ... - Ann Marie Grace Parisi

Lunch Bag Notes: A Father's ...Ann Marie Grace Parisi

Ann Marie Parisi, a teenage author provides fellow teens and their dads daily inspirational notes. The short but often poignant and thought-provoking messages are often felt but never said or shared. This enjoyable work helps bridge the … more

Lunch Bag Notes: A Father’s Inspirational Messages to His Daughter and Her Friends
Ann Marie Grace Parisi
Trafford Publishing , English
Raising teenagers (52 Brilli... - Lynn Huggins-Cooper

Raising teenagers (52 Brilli...Lynn Huggins-Cooper

Raising teenagers helps parents to properly understand what is going on in their teenager’s life. Lynn Huggins-Cooper reveals some tried and tested ideas and techniques to both pre-empt problems and deal with flashpoints. The road-tested id… more

Raising teenagers (52 Brilliant Ideas)
Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Infinite Ideas , English
Personal Finance Guru - anonymous

Personal Finance Guruanonymous

Buried in a mountain of bills and debt before your eyes? Not having enough money for yourself at the end of the month? Need better finance management so you can finance your child(ren)’s college education and get all the wonderful things th… more

Personal Finance Guru
Why Must I Marry This Bruvva? - Seyi Hopewell

Why Must I Marry This Bruvva?Seyi Hopewell

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I have simply used my experiences to aid young ladies like myself make better decisions and note key factors to watch out for in the “desired brother” thereby discarding the efforts of a “bruvva with no good intentions.”All I know is that t… more

Why Must I Marry This Bruvva?
Seyi Hopewell
Xlibris Corp , English
The Story of Mary Beth's Tra... - Martha Parker-Sanders

The Story of Mary Beth's Tra...Martha Parker-Sanders

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Martha Parker-Sanders, was born in Arkansas, she married her childhood class mate at age eighteen and later moved to California, where she attended college and obtained her degrees in Child Development. Ms.Martha Sanders put special emphasi… more

The Story of Mary Beth’s Transformation through Adolescence
Martha Parker-Sanders
Xlibris , English
What Time Is It? - Rob  Clark

What Time Is It?Rob Clark

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From getting ready for school, to lunch time, to bed time and everything between, follow Aydin, a kindergartner, through a day of learning what time it is and what it means for him.

What Time Is It?
Rob Clark
Rob Clark , English
How to Survive Your Teenager... - Hundreds of Heads

How to Survive Your Teenager...Hundreds of Heads

How to Survive Your Teenager by Hundreds of Still-Sane Parents Who Did offers hundreds of pieces of great advice and entertaining stories on teenagers from the real ‘pros’—everyday parents across the country who have raised a teenager and s… more

How to Survive Your Teenager: by Hundreds of Still-Sane Parents Who Did and Some Things to Avoid, From a Few Whose Kids Drove Them Nuts (Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides)
Hundreds of Heads
Hundreds of Heads Books , English
Self Talk - Devin C.  Hughes

Self TalkDevin C. Hughes

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Today’s children are riddled with shots that chip away at their self-esteem and self-worth. From bullying—whether overt or passive—to learning disabilities to familial dysfunction to peer pressure, they are constantly under fire. Positive s… more

Self Talk
Devin C. Hughes
Writers of the Round Table Press , English
How to Survive Your Teenager... -

How to Survive Your Teenager...

How to Survive Your Teenager offers words of wisdom and entertaining stories on teenagers from the real ‘pros’ — everyday parents across the country who have raised a teenager and survived to tell their story. A fun and quick read for harri… more

How to Survive Your Teenager: By Hundreds of Still-Sane Parents Who Did (Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides)
Hundreds of Heads Books , English