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3D Printing is a Big Deal:  ... - Wilfred Higgins

3D Printing is a Big Deal: ...Wilfred Higgins

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3D printing is a technology that breaking into the public consciousness in a big way. While some people may think there is a lot of unnecessary hype surrounding the subject, this ebook argues that 3D printing will change the way common item… more

3D Printing is a Big Deal: The Miracle Manufacturing of the Future
Wilfred Higgins
Monitoring HIV Care in the U... - Morgan A. Ford, Carol Mason ...

Monitoring HIV Care in the U...Morgan A. Ford, Carol Mason ...

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in the United States is growing each year largely due both to advances in treatment that allow HIV-infected individuals to live longer and healthier lives and due to a steady number of new H… more

Monitoring HIV Care in the United States: Indicators and Data Systems
Morgan A. Ford, Carol Mason Spicer, Committee on Review Data Systems for Monitoring HIV Care, Institute of Medicine
National Academies Press , English
The Compleat Idealog - Dick Pountain

The Compleat IdealogDick Pountain

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The second volume of Dick Pountain’s collected “Idealog” columns from the UK’s leading computer magazine PC Pro. This volume covers columns 101 to 200, dating from 2002 to 2011. The subject matter covers computer-related ideas from philosop… more

The Compleat Idealog
Dick Pountain
Computer Concepts CourseMate... - Shelly, Vermaat

Computer Concepts CourseMate...Shelly, Vermaat

After purchasing this product, Amazon will e-mail you an Access Code and redemption instructions for this online content. In some cases, you may also require a course code from your Instructor. Please consult the e-mail for additional detai… more

Computer Concepts CourseMate with eBook and Global Technology Watch Instant Access Code for Shelly/Vermaat’s Discovering Computers, Complete: Your Interactive Guide to the Digital World
Shelly, Vermaat
Cengage Learning , English
PC Tune Up and Virus Removal... - James Seraph

PC Tune Up and Virus Removal...James Seraph

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In an attempt to provide the average user with a working guide to PC maintenance and repair, introducing the Consumers Pocket Guide to PC Repair. In Volume 1 we cover the specific software tools and steps involved in performing a PC tune up… more

PC Tune Up and Virus Removal (Consumer’s Pocket Guide to PC Repair Book 1)
James Seraph
Backup Up Wordpress Reliably... - Percy Kwong

Backup Up Wordpress Reliably...Percy Kwong

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This is a step by step guide that will explain exactly how to securely backup your wordpress installation including articles and images. This guide will show you how to set up a Wordpress Backup Automatically and very economically.

Backup Up Wordpress Reliably and Automatically, a Step-By-Step How-to (Technology Quick Guides)
Percy Kwong
Discovering Qlikview - Meers , Gotfried, Roberts

Discovering QlikviewMeers , Gotfried, Roberts

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Discovering QlikView offers a detailed review of the QlikView technology in a readable format. Unlike other technical books it provides concepts, scenarios and in-depth descriptions of the key aspects of QlikView. This book covers the basic… more

Discovering Qlikview
Meers , Gotfried, Roberts
Introduction to Amazon Prime... - Robert T Young

Introduction to Amazon Prime...Robert T Young

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About the Book

This book introduces Kindle Prime and an innovative introduction to online shopping – KOLL. Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library are two of the best features offered by Amazon. And similar to rest of … more

Introduction to Amazon Prime and the KOLL: Unleash the Power of Your Device
Robert T Young
Take Control of Dropbox - Joe Kissell

Take Control of DropboxJoe Kissell

Sync, link, and share your files!Updated May 29, 2014Because Dropbox is so simple to use for basic file syncing, it’s easy to forget that you can do far more with it than just sync files between two computers. If that’s all you’re doing, yo… more

Take Control of Dropbox
Joe Kissell
TidBITS Publishing, Inc. , English
VMware vSphere 5.1 Clusterin... - Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman

VMware vSphere 5.1 Clusterin...Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman

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VMware vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive is the follow-up to best seller vSphere 5.0 Clustering Deepdive and zooms in on three key components of every VMware based infrastructure and. It provides the knowledge and expertise needed to create a… more

VMware vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive
Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman
Continuing Innovation in Inf... - Committee on Depicting Innov...

Continuing Innovation in Inf...Committee on Depicting Innov...

Information technology (IT) is widely understood to be the enabling technology of the 21st century. IT has transformed, and continues to transform, all aspects of our lives: commerce and finance, education, employment, energy, health care, … more

Continuing Innovation in Information Technology
Committee on Depicting Innovation in Information Technology, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council
National Academies Press , English
Craigslist for Fun and Profi... - Eric Carstens

Craigslist for Fun and Profi...Eric Carstens

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Like most men, I have always felt a bit weird ‘garage sale hunting’ which is a huge passion where I live. I have even known people who go to garage sales just to buy things to sell at their own garage sales!  Plus, there are few if any flea… more

Craigslist for Fun and Profit (A Practical Guide to Buying and Selling on Craigslist Book 1)
Eric Carstens
What is EPUB 3? - Matt Garrish

What is EPUB 3?Matt Garrish

This book discusses the exciting new format that is set to unleash a content revolution in the publishing world. Laden with features the printed page could never offer—such as embedded multimedia and scripted interactivity—EPUB 3 will for… more

What is EPUB 3?
Matt Garrish
O’Reilly Media , English
OWL : Representing Informati... - Lee W. Lacy

OWL : Representing Informati...Lee W. Lacy

Learn how to make your content accessible on the Semantic Web bymarking it up using the Web Ontology Language - OWL. OWL is the newway to represent information on the Web. This book provides context aboutthe Semantic Web and describes each… more

OWL : Representing Information Using the Web Ontology Language
Lee W. Lacy
Trafford , English
Master Resll Rights License - Andy Xu

Master Resll Rights LicenseAndy Xu

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This books mainly introduce major issue of reselling rights licence, including liability, terms and conditions, generate online income. Also, it contains some more sepecific information listed in the content. Choosing product, distribute th… more

Master Resll Rights License
Andy Xu
InfoClicks.co.uk , English
SharePoint 2010 Central Admi... - Vishal Gupta

SharePoint 2010 Central Admi...Vishal Gupta

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After installation, internet/intranet/extranet Portal or application is created using the utility “central administration”. This eBook appraises the users about the steps to create the portal.The user will also come to know about • SharePo… more

SharePoint 2010 Central Administration (SharePoint 2010 JumpStart)
Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta , English
This year, Amazon has better... - Jacek Artymiak

This year, Amazon has better...Jacek Artymiak

Even though Google brags about hundreds of millions of active Android devices, it is not them who can rule the imagination and the purses of the masses embracing mobile devices. For a while, the exclusive license to tell people what to thin… more

This year, Amazon has better ideas than Apple (artymiak.com)
Jacek Artymiak
Jacek Artymiak , English
Laptop Repair Complete Guide... - Garry Romaneo

Laptop Repair Complete Guide...Garry Romaneo

Authored by Garry Romaneo This book will educate you on the Correct Process of Repairing The Entire Laptop, Including and concentrating more on Motherboard Repair Instruction, Screen Repairing, Component Level Diagnosing and Repairing. This… more

Laptop Repair Complete Guide; Including Motherboard Component Level Repair Instructions!
Garry Romaneo
Mom's Guru (A Guide to Computers) - Deanna Morris Conway

Mom's Guru (A Guide to Computers)Deanna Morris Conway

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This is a step by step guide I developed for my Mom to meet some of her basic computing needs. If you want to learn the basics of Internet, Email, Copying, Pasting and Downloading Digital Photos, but don’t want all of the technical jargon… more

Mom’s Guru (A Guide to Computers)
Deanna Morris Conway
1400 Road Marketing , English
Thinking in CSS - Aravind Shenoy

Thinking in CSSAravind Shenoy

You will gain an intermediate knowledge of CSS after reading this book. Instead of wandering through loads of theory, we will understand CSS more practically so that we can design a webpage using CSS. We have used Notepad for the examples i… more

Thinking in CSS
Aravind Shenoy
Packt Publishing , English