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Monitoring HIV Care in the U... - Morgan A. Ford, Carol Mason ...

Monitoring HIV Care in the U...Morgan A. Ford, Carol Mason ...

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in the United States is growing each year largely due both to advances in treatment that allow HIV-infected individuals to live longer and healthier lives and due to a steady number of new H… more

Monitoring HIV Care in the United States: Indicators and Data Systems
Morgan A. Ford, Carol Mason Spicer, Committee on Review Data Systems for Monitoring HIV Care, Institute of Medicine
National Academies Press , English
Steve Jobs: Great Inventors ... - John Bradley

Steve Jobs: Great Inventors ...John Bradley

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Steve Jobs was a really smart kid. He loved to spend hours with his dad taking things apart. Televisions… radios… appliances… whatever plugged into a wall and ran on electricity.

But unlike most kids that do that, Steve also put … more

Steve Jobs: Great Inventors for Children
John Bradley
National Nanotechnology Initiative - U.S. Government

National Nanotechnology InitiativeU.S. Government

NSF’s contribution to the multiagency National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) encompasses the systematic understanding, organization, manipulation, and control of matter at the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular levels in the size range… more

National Nanotechnology Initiative
U.S. Government
Pennyhill Press , English
Energy Saving Tips For Your ... - C. A. Watson

Energy Saving Tips For Your ...C. A. Watson

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home - No Cost & Low Cost Tips To Save Energy & Reduce Your Bills.Would you like to save hundreds every year on your utility bills?Using these No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home will help to sa… more

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home - No Cost & Low Cost Tips To Save Energy & Reduce Your Bills
C. A. Watson
Are Computers Evil? - Frederick Hoehn

Are Computers Evil?Frederick Hoehn

A computer is a modern day ox that will do a lot of work, if used properly.

Are Computers Evil?
Frederick Hoehn
Frederick Hoehn , English
Data Processing Standards Ma... - Brian Gilbert

Data Processing Standards Ma...Brian Gilbert

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If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants’. Isaac Newton.I took his advice and invite you in turn to stand on my shoulders. to write clear instructions for your colleagues and staff…and yourself.The content… more

Data Processing Standards Manual Tailored for IBM System/3
Brian Gilbert
SAP Transaction Codes: Frequ... - Arshad Khan

SAP Transaction Codes: Frequ...Arshad Khan

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Ideal for end users of the Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) business software as well as those implementing and maintaining the SAP application, this reference lists the top transaction codes available in the SAP system. Enabling u… more

SAP Transaction Codes: Frequently Used T-Codes
Arshad Khan
Khan Consulting and Publishing LLC , English
5 Steps to a successful BYOD... - Flambard Bolbeck

5 Steps to a successful BYOD...Flambard Bolbeck

NEW for 2013 - Now includes User Agreement TemplateAre you under pressure to allow your users to access data using iPads & smartphones?More and more organizations are finding their employees using personal devices to access company data. Wi… more

5 Steps to a successful BYOD strategy
Flambard Bolbeck
Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010:... - Christian Buckley, Jennifer ...

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010:...Christian Buckley, Jennifer ...

Build effective solutions for real-world business scenarios—using out-of-the-box tools in Microsoft? SharePoint? Server, SharePoint Foundation, and Office 365. Each chapter in this hands-on book focuses on a single business project, using a… more

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010: Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects
Christian Buckley, Jennifer Mason, Brian T. Jackett, Wes Preston
The Compleat Idealog - Dick Pountain

The Compleat IdealogDick Pountain

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The first volume of Dick Pountain’s collected “Idealog” columns from the UK’s leading computer magazine PC Pro. This volume covers columns 1 to 100, dating from 1994 to 2002. The subject matter covers computer-related ideas from philosophy … more

The Compleat Idealog
Dick Pountain
Flipped Learning: Gateway to... - Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams

Flipped Learning: Gateway to...Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams

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Flipped classroom pioneers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams take their revolutionary education philosophy to the next level in Flipped Learning. Building on the energy of the thousands of educators inspired by the influential book Flip Your… more

Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement
Jonathan Bergmann, Aaron Sams
International Society for Technology in Education , English
Applied Business Computing C... - Matthew J. McCarthy

Applied Business Computing C...Matthew J. McCarthy

Applied Business Computing Concepts

Applied Business Computing Concepts 3
Matthew J. McCarthy
Publishing Intellect LLC , English
Clean & Clear Self-Serve - Martin Stevens

Clean & Clear Self-ServeMartin Stevens

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Our Clean & Clear service was created to improve PC performance. The steps we take (or in the case of Self-Serve, the steps YOU take) will clean up settings that may be making your computer run slower, and clear out villains like Spyware an… more

Clean & Clear Self-Serve
Martin Stevens
CreateSpace , English
SAP HANA for ERP Financials ... - Ulrich Schlüter, Jörg Siebert

SAP HANA for ERP Financials ...Ulrich Schlüter, Jörg Siebert

No matter if online transactions or evaluations are concerned, speed has been a key success factor since the invention of information technology. R/2 and R/3 were the first systems to process data in realtime. Increasing data volume is the … more

SAP HANA for ERP Financials (First Steps Book 3)
Ulrich Schlüter, Jörg Siebert
Espresso Tutorials , English
Organo Gold Coffee - MATTHEW SEGAALI


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“Change life, drink Organo Gold Coffee”Many people from all parts of the world love to drink coffee. This is mainly because these people think that they feel fresh throughout the day once they take a sip of coffee and a whiff of the aroma. … more

Organo Gold Coffee
Story Machine - John Correll

Story MachineJohn Correll

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Phil asks the Story Machine for a story, and it ends up changing his life.

Story Machine
John Correll
Cengage-Hosted WebTutorTM In... - Shelly, Vermaat

Cengage-Hosted WebTutorTM In...Shelly, Vermaat

After purchasing this product, Amazon will e-mail you an Access Code and redemption instructions for this online content. In some cases, you may also require a course code from your Instructor. Please consult the e-mail for additional detai… more

Cengage-Hosted WebTutorTM Instant Access Code for Shelly/Vermaat’s Discovering Computers 2010: Living in a Digital World, Fundamentals
Shelly, Vermaat
Cengage Learning , English
How to Make Money on YouTube - Rolan Bag-ao

How to Make Money on YouTubeRolan Bag-ao

Every important information at the conceptual level regarding how to make money on YouTube. This book will open your eyes to the great possibilities that YouTube has to offer in terms of making money online.

How to Make Money on YouTube
Rolan Bag-ao
Free iPad Apps - Top Rated - Abbe Kay

Free iPad Apps - Top RatedAbbe Kay

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When it comes to finding the top free iPad apps, you can count on this book. We know how to sift through millions of apps to find the top free iPad applications for your everyday use. Everyone loves a bargain! And, that’s what you’ll find h… more

Free iPad Apps - Top Rated
Abbe Kay
7Sea Press , English
Start Writing iPad & iPhone ... - Abbe Kay

Start Writing iPad & iPhone ...Abbe Kay

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Learning to write apps for the most popular mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone is simple and can be very rewarding. Start writing apps for iPad and iPhone today and earn money. This simple guide will show you step by step how to start a… more

Start Writing iPad & iPhone Apps Today: Earn A Million Dollars
Abbe Kay
7Sea Press , English