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The Ghost of Flight 401 - John G. Fuller

The Ghost of Flight 401John G. Fuller

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It takes more than whimsy for a giant airline to ground a multimillion-dollar jumbo jet. What the renowned investigative writer John Fuller stumbled upon was a jet-age ghost story – crews wouldn’t fly the plane because of the reappearing a… more

The Ghost of Flight 401
John G. Fuller
BookBaby , English
His Saving Grace:Running fro... - Angela Alexander

His Saving Grace:Running fro...Angela Alexander

Facing the challenges and obstacles of life from childhood through adulthood.  Growing up in the church but not having a real  relationship with Jesus. With thoughts of confusion and suicide in my teenage years, I was lost and had no sense… more

His Saving Grace:Running from life and into destiny
Angela Alexander
AuthorHouse , English
Spiritual Breadcrumbs from t... - Jim Brown

Spiritual Breadcrumbs from t...Jim Brown

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Spiritual Breadcrumbs from the Universe: Insights Into A More Meaningful LifeBy:Jim Brown

Spiritual Breadcrumbs from the Universe: Insights Into A More Meaningful Life
Jim Brown
Authorhouse , English
The Road of Transition - Thaddeus M. Williams Sr.

The Road of TransitionThaddeus M. Williams Sr.

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Life is a cycle of transitions that many fear and dread.  If one is not equipped to handle what’s ahead the potential to live a stagnated life is inevitable. This is why “The Road of Transition” was written; to assist the reader in preparin… more

The Road of Transition
Thaddeus M. Williams Sr.
Authorhouse , English
The Demons Among Us - Dr. Victor Brantley

The Demons Among UsDr. Victor Brantley

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Are there demons among us? In “The Demons Among Us”, I will help each reader to understand the demonic realm and how they affect our lives. Satan was cast out of Heaven and became the ruler of this earth. The Bible describes him as “the … more

The Demons Among Us
Dr. Victor Brantley
AuthorHouse , English
Meg's Absolutely Wonderful T... - James ONeill

Meg's Absolutely Wonderful T...James ONeill

Meg’s Absolutely Wonderful Tremendous Fantastic Day/THE DEAFENING SILENCE: A God Given Story to help heal a Child/Take Personal Responsibility for your Lifeby: James ONeill

Meg’s Absolutely Wonderful Tremendous Fantastic Day/THE DEAFENING SILENCE: A God Given Story to help heal a Child/Take Personal Responsibility for your Life
James ONeill
AuthorHouse , English
Number Synchronicity: A Beac... - Skot Jonz

Number Synchronicity: A Beac...Skot Jonz

Number Synchronicity: A Beacon of Light for the Soul’s Journey stands as a definitive exploration of a phenomenon affecting millions of people around the world. In exploring the inexplicable, it becomes necessary to go beyond the amusement … more

Number Synchronicity: A Beacon of Light for the Soul’s Journey
Skot Jonz
AuthorHouse , English
Eye of the Dream - Sheba-Bassett

Eye of the DreamSheba-Bassett

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She was born in Traverse City, Michigan on July 7,1965. Sheba is an Author, Teacher and Reiki Master. Spirituality is part of her upbringing and everyday life. Sheba spends most of her time either writing poetry, which is her specialty, or … more

Eye of the Dream
AuthorHouse , English
And God Cloned Eve...: We al... - Dr. Adelard Moloto

And God Cloned Eve...: We al...Dr. Adelard Moloto

Mankind hidden potential is like the memory of a computer. Many people switch it on only to play games. As a result, many people use their potential at 0.00000000000000001%This book challenges the vegetative life of the modern man. It give… more

And God Cloned Eve…: We all come from Adam. What other people have succeeded in life can still be conquered.
Dr. Adelard Moloto
AuthorHouse , English
Just Ask - Sue Chandler

Just AskSue Chandler

The Author, Sue Chandler an internationally known “Medium” / intuitive, wishes to empower you to uncover your own magnificent gifts. Learning to Stop, “Just Ask” and then listen, retrieving your own answers.”“JUST ASK” Is a simple consciou… more

Just Ask
Sue Chandler
AuthorHouse , English
Dressed From The Inside Out:... - Christine A. Evans

Dressed From The Inside Out:...Christine A. Evans

Become unstoppable by life’s circumstances and by the powers of Satan.Dressed from the Inside Out is for anyone who desires a deeper relationshipwith God, and who desires to participate in carrying out God’s plans. Alongwith real-life illus… more

Dressed From The Inside Out: Equipped to Live Victoriously and Advance the Kingdom of God
Christine A. Evans
AuthorHouse , English
IN 31 DAYS YOU CAN CREATE SU... - Rev Edward Johnson

IN 31 DAYS YOU CAN CREATE SU...Rev Edward Johnson

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I believe God wants mankind to have success and prosperity in life. It was revealed to us in the scriptures. When God gives man a revelation of what He did in creation, He reveals Himself to mankind. What did God do? Why can we do it? How c… more

IN 31 DAYS YOU CAN CREATE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE BY DOING WHAT GOD DID IN CREATION : Hebrews 11:3 reveals that Worlds were framed ”by the WORD of GOD.”
Rev Edward Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
The Real Creeps: A Journal o... - D.K. Harris

The Real Creeps: A Journal o...D.K. Harris

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The Real Creeps: A Journal of True, Real to Life StoriesBy:D.K. Harris

The Real Creeps: A Journal of True, Real to Life Stories
D.K. Harris
Xlibris , English
a to z of haunted locations - ghostmistress

a to z of haunted locationsghostmistress

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An a to z of haunted locations in the uk, the list is for tourists or profesional ghost hunters.

a to z of haunted locations
ghostmistress publications , English


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Everyone starts out life relying on others. Usually, these are family members, and it’s not uncommon for people to depend on them well into their twenties.But ultimately people must search for something more meaningful. The fortunate ones … more

GOD’S IMPLANTED DNA: A Journey to Deep Happiness and Health
Trafford , English
Echoes from the Grave: Explo... - Larry Wilson

Echoes from the Grave: Explo...Larry Wilson

In his first book, Chasing Shadows, Larry Wilson took his readers to some of the most haunted places in the Midwest. Now, come along for the ride again as he explores more mysterious locations, including the infamous Black Moon Manor and th… more

Echoes from the Grave: Exploring the Mysteries of the Supernatural in Illinois, Indiana and Kansas
Larry Wilson
Black Oak Media, Inc. , English
Warning! Do Not Enter After ... - Shirley Lawrence, Lloyd R. B...

Warning! Do Not Enter After ...Shirley Lawrence, Lloyd R. B...

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A True Supernatural HappeningFew lived to tell about the eerie happenings in a Louisiana Swamp after dark. Those who were able to escape described the horrors they saw as they tried desperately to leave. And so a sign was posted: Warning! D… more

Warning! Do Not Enter After Sundown: The Mauldin Swamp Mystery
Shirley Lawrence, Lloyd R. Blackwell
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
Mystic Birth (Metaphysical M... - Koko Nervelli

Mystic Birth (Metaphysical M...Koko Nervelli

This second book in the Metaphysical Murder Mysteries Series joins Mel and Marcel as they await the birth of their first child. Evil Scarlett returns to seek revenge for the death of her father, and a case of mistaken identity threatens to … more

Mystic Birth (Metaphysical Murder Mysteries Book 2)
Koko Nervelli
Sin Eaters: Retribution, Dev... - Kai Leakes

Sin Eaters: Retribution, Dev...Kai Leakes

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Darkness is swallowing the streets of Chicago, and a key may have been found.  Khamun and Sanna’s epic journey together has led them to this, their mission to save Nephilim Society from themselves. Still trying to open the secrets of the fi… more

Sin Eaters: Retribution, Devotion Book Two
Kai Leakes
Urban Renaissance , English
Gwent History and Mystery - Carol Lewis

Gwent History and MysteryCarol Lewis

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The ancient Kingdom of Gwent has a long history dating back to prehistoric times. It also has some great ghost stories. Read about the Gwyllion, a race of fairies that haunt the mountains leading the unwary astray, premonitions of disaste… more

Gwent History and Mystery
Carol Lewis
Carol Ann Lewis , English