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Morning Star Rising - Sean Stewart

Morning Star RisingSean Stewart

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Morning Star Rising at its core is a love story, love story about God’s love for humanity in sending an angel to the city to see if there is any fruit in it before it is destroyed. An angel visits to find a remnant, so it can be saved. Thi… more

Morning Star Rising
Sean Stewart
AuthorHouse , English
Ultimate Truth:Book I - Peter C. Rogers D.D. Ph.D.

Ultimate Truth:Book IPeter C. Rogers D.D. Ph.D.

Ultimate Truth:Book IPeter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D. (Author)

Ultimate Truth:Book I
Peter C. Rogers D.D. Ph.D.
AuthorHouse , English
The Infinite Sojourns Of Con... - Ken the Carpenter

The Infinite Sojourns Of Con...Ken the Carpenter

The Infinite Sojourns Of Consciousness by: Ken the Carpenter

The Infinite Sojourns Of Consciousness
Ken the Carpenter
AuthorHouse , English
I Saw The Lite - Peggy Allen

I Saw The LitePeggy Allen

Poems and short stories, about heavenly things, on earth that GOD wants you to know and understand.

I Saw The Lite
Peggy Allen
AuthorHouse , English
A Parallel Of Words - Dr. Anthony  Lightfoot

A Parallel Of WordsDr. Anthony Lightfoot

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My view of reasoning for writing this book is contained within the understanding that all truth is parallel. As we of Alcoholics/Cocaine/Narcotics Anonymous know the words in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous should be adhered to as a si… more

A Parallel Of Words
Dr. Anthony Lightfoot
Authorhouse , English
Inner Guides, Visions, Dream... - Hal Zina  Bennett

Inner Guides, Visions, Dream...Hal Zina Bennett

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Explore the ancient mystical traditions of spirit guides, channeling, spirit animals and shamanism, near death experiences (NDE’s), the deep visionary wisdom of dream interpretation and much more. This is a wonderful book for anyone wishing… more

Inner Guides, Visions, Dreams, and Dr. Einstein
Hal Zina Bennett
Tenacity Press , English
Exploring the Supernatural: ... - Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, ...

Exploring the Supernatural: ...Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, ...

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Psychic Phenomena & Spirit CommunicationLloyd Blackwell tells of his unusual boyhood experiences that piqued his interest in the supernatural, and how the spirit of his departed motherled him to his wife to be, also a born psychic. Together… more

Exploring the Supernatural: Adventures of a Born Psychic
Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, Lloyd R. Blackwell
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
A Wretch Like Me - Marguerite S. Holmes

A Wretch Like MeMarguerite S. Holmes

There is an army of darkness that is equipped with all the armor of evil.  This army is guided and led by a man of war (Satan) that exceeds ruthlessness.   Driven by anger and the determination to take it over, his only motive is to kill, … more

A Wretch Like Me
Marguerite S. Holmes
AuthorHouse , English
Amid the Shadows: A Paranorm... - Gary Price

Amid the Shadows: A Paranorm...Gary Price

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Within each of us exists a supernatural power, a power to heal and a power to overcome adversities in our lives. In the paranormal field, you can adjust your mind-set to achieve a better and more efficient goal, a more meaningful result. Re… more

Amid the Shadows: A Paranormal Point of View
Gary Price
Xlibris , English
Daniel in the Lion's Den: A ... - Daniel William Heard

Daniel in the Lion's Den: A ...Daniel William Heard

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They joy of writing “”Daniel In The Lion’s Den”” is only surpassed by the daily joy of helping others, as I go beside the patients and their families, at Detroit Receiving Hospital. God is always with me, as I work along side the nurses an… more

Daniel in the Lion’s Den: A Compilation of Life-Changing Events Experienced at Detroit Receiving Hospital From the Eyes of a Patient Advocate
Daniel William Heard
AuthorHouse , English
Maitreya - Adrian Predrag Kezele

MaitreyaAdrian Predrag Kezele

In ancient India, on the banks of the legendary Sarasvati River lived a great master and teacher called Parashara who devoted his life to researching jyotish, astrology of Vedic rishies. With the help of Ganesh, divine being with a human b… more

Adrian Predrag Kezele
AuthorHouse , English
The Essential Creativity of ... - Veronica Lavender

The Essential Creativity of ...Veronica Lavender

What we make of our lives is up to us, it’s our ability to recognise what our lives are all about. Readjusting, if things are not as we want. Life really does work out the way it’s supposed too. All that is required from us, is the courage… more

The Essential Creativity of Awareness
Veronica Lavender
AuthorHouse , English
Something Unseen - Stephen Hill

Something UnseenStephen Hill

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Stephen Hill takes you on a spine tingling journey into the mysteries of the afterlife and what awaits us on the other side. A mysterious voice captured on the audio of his camcorder during a local cemetery visit causes him to question his … more

Something Unseen
Stephen Hill
Old Line Publishing, LLC , English
The Omega Cave - John Alexander Baker

The Omega CaveJohn Alexander Baker

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This is a fictional story about a young explorer who finds an amazing secret cave that is not accessible to most people. The cave has some mysterious things about it that can’t seem to be explained using logic. It offers a lot of potential … more

The Omega Cave
John Alexander Baker
John Alexander Baker , English
Haunted Liverpool 20 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 20Tom Slemen

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Yet again, Tom Slemen, Liverpool’s foremost authority on the supernatural, delivers another spinechilling and stimulating book in this, the twentieth volume of his phenomenally popular Haunted Liverpool series. In this amazing book you will… more

Haunted Liverpool 20
Tom Slemen
Haunted Liverpool Casebook - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool CasebookTom Slemen

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Just some of th inexplicable things to be found within the pages of this paranormal casebook: mind-boggling timeslips…an eerie black bus with Hellbound passengers…a ghostly ship with a spectral crew of pirates that sails the night skies… more

Haunted Liverpool Casebook
Tom Slemen
The Resurrection Mary Files:... -

The Resurrection Mary Files:...

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Vanishing hitchhiker stories are everywhere—there are variations in books, in country songs, and even in movies. No one knows for sure how old such stories are, but by the middle of the 20th century, the vanishing hitchhiker was a part of A… more

The Resurrection Mary Files: Chicago’s Most Famous Ghost Story
Llewellyn Publications , English
The Haunted City - Tom Slemen

The Haunted CityTom Slemen

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The Haunted City - volume one’Running parallel to the conventional history of Liverpool … there is an unseen seam of supernatural stories that have been largely ignored by the strait-laced historians,’ says Torn Slemen, who is, of course,… more

The Haunted City
Tom Slemen
Whose Church is it anyway?: ... - Peter Una

Whose Church is it anyway?: ...Peter Una

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Whose Church is it Anyway?A layman’s perspective on popular church teachings and practices and their impact on revival in black majority churchesThis book looks at the role recent and emerging Biblical teachings have in shaping the church … more

Whose Church is it anyway?: A layman’s perspective on popular Church teachings and practices and their impact on Revival in Black Majority Churches.
Peter Una
AuthorHouse , English
Angelic Whisper: Words of Wi... - Hazel Catherine Salvana

Angelic Whisper: Words of Wi...Hazel Catherine Salvana

           People are born with the highest capability to do wonders and miracles. Our gifts and talents are unique. From the moment children are born, they are taught to share, love, respect, discipline, compromise, and play.  When childr… more

Angelic Whisper: Words of Wisdom and Inspirations in Today’s Troubled World
Hazel Catherine Salvana
AuthorHouse , English