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The Rise and Fall of the Mind - Michael Cook

The Rise and Fall of the MindMichael Cook

Michael Cook’s poems give many pleasures. Some have a zenlike concision, others an imagistic yet thoughtful narrative flow reminding one of Wallace Stevens, and still others a playful quality in the best tradition of light verse. These are … more

The Rise and Fall of the Mind
Michael Cook
AuthorHouse , English
Away With Words:Lyrics of Bo... - Bob McLeod

Away With Words:Lyrics of Bo...Bob McLeod

This is simply a book of song lyrics.  But not ordinary songs.  The words are powerful and life changing.  For decades, they have brought life, hope and freedom to many people from many diverse places; from little children to the elderly, i… more

Away With Words:Lyrics of Bob in the Cloud
Bob McLeod
AuthorHouse , English
Isaiah 26:3-4 "Perfect Peace" - Vanessa  Buckhalter

Isaiah 26:3-4 "Perfect Peace"Vanessa Buckhalter

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This book was prepared to open your minds to the a “Perfect Peace” that comes only from God. I seek to lift you up to a level of “Perfect Peace” and fulfill you with a new awareness of God’s presence around you at all times. God has exten… more

Isaiah 26:3-4 “Perfect Peace”
Vanessa Buckhalter
Authorhouse , English
Overcoming Offenses:Ten Step... - Sr Brian Williams

Overcoming Offenses:Ten Step...Sr Brian Williams

Everyone has experienced a time when they were offended. That time may be now. Offenses wear on our emotions, conscience and soul. Offenses come to grow us up in relationships with others and ourselves. If offenses are not dealt with correc… more

Overcoming Offenses:Ten Steps For Healing Your Offended Soul
Sr Brian Williams
AuthorHouse , English
A White Feather:A Life in Verse - Iain Baines

A White Feather:A Life in VerseIain Baines

This book consists of spiritual poetry written in its entirety by Iain Baines, from the heart.Inside are many descriptive and thought provoking works, from deep within his soul, en-capturing the emotions of all.Aretha Renia of Poetic Month… more

A White Feather:A Life in Verse
Iain Baines
AuthorHouse , English
Haunted Liverpool 9 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 9Tom Slemen

In Haunted Liverpool 9, master storyteller, Tom Slemen, has once again put together a unique collection of weird and wonderful.tales which will delight his ever-growing readership. Interweaving paranormal events from the past with those fro… more

Haunted Liverpool 9
Tom Slemen
Ghost Investigator Volume 10 - Linda Zimmermann

Ghost Investigator Volume 10Linda Zimmermann

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From a spooky painting, to an historic mansion, to a massive train station, Ghost Investigator Linda Zimmermann brings six new cases to life. Feel what it’s like to be on a real ghost hunt, and encounter many frightening paranormal sights, … more

Ghost Investigator Volume 10
Linda Zimmermann
Spirited Books , English
Haunted Liverpool 7 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 7Tom Slemen

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Hauntings, poltergeists, witches and hobgoblins; premonitions, apparitions, timeslips and doppelgangers -.once again Tom Slemen has gathered together a fascinating collection of creepy yet thought-provoking stories for this seventh in the H… more

Haunted Liverpool 7
Tom Slemen
Got Grace? - Brian John Schuettler

Got Grace?Brian John Schuettler

There are so many things calling us away from God in this “culture of death,” things that will kill our souls and anesthetize our brains.The assault becomes more and more intense with each passing year.  We cannot surrender to these tempta… more

Got Grace?
Brian John Schuettler
AuthorHouse , English
Putting the Pieces Together - Sr. Willie F. Smith

Putting the Pieces TogetherSr. Willie F. Smith

Putting the peaces together is about showing how God will help you get over your hurts, disappointments, and discouragements and move on with your life. It tells how to discover the marvelous possibilities God has put in each person to ena… more

Putting the Pieces Together
Sr. Willie F. Smith
AuthorHouse , English
A Letter to the Saints - Robert Thomas

A Letter to the SaintsRobert Thomas

Upon prayerful reading of A Letter to the Saints, one will enter into a better understanding of word, spirit and God. Word becomes more than a mere word. Spirit is made tangible, and the Spirit of God and Satin are clearly revealed. The boo… more

A Letter to the Saints
Robert Thomas
AuthorHouse , English
Haunted Liverpool 12 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 12Tom Slemen

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Caught in the beams of the torches was a hideously disfigured man. The top of his bald head was as flat as a pancake and the head itself was partly embedded into his chest, so that only his face from the nose up was visible and the tops of… more

Haunted Liverpool 12
Tom Slemen
G-Notes - Van Davis

G-NotesVan Davis

G-Notes is a 40 day devotional.  It is written for both the New Christian and the Mature Christian.  In G-Notes you will find many, many scripture passages and their true meanings.  It is sold in its Theological foundation and its plain Eng… more

Van Davis
AuthorHouse , English
SOUL SURGERY:A Story About T... - Diane Anderson Harvey Ph.D.

SOUL SURGERY:A Story About T...Diane Anderson Harvey Ph.D.

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There are moments in life when we are knocked off our usual balance, our normalcy, and from that vantage point we can view life in general, and our own lives in particular, at a different levelThis is a simple story about one person’s deci… more

SOUL SURGERY:A Story About Transcending Trauma
Diane Anderson Harvey Ph.D.
AuthorHouse , English
Taking The Paranormal and Sp... - Edward  Shanahan

Taking The Paranormal and Sp...Edward Shanahan

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Taking the Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously is the way Chicago Paranormal Host and Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan believes it should be explored. In this book you will find his personal paranormal and spiritual experiences over the … more

Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously. Theories - Thoughts - Experiences
Edward Shanahan
Edward Shanhan , English
Ghost Tracks: What history, ... - Cheryl A. Wicks

Ghost Tracks: What history, ...Cheryl A. Wicks

For more than fifty years, Lorraine Warren—a validated clairvoyant—and her husband Ed Warren—a respected demonologist—have been tracking paranormal phenomena around the world. Ghost Tracks pulls together five decades of field research expe… more

Ghost Tracks: What history, science, and fifty years of field research have revealed about ghosts, evil, and life after death
Cheryl A. Wicks
AuthorHouse , English
Haunted Liverpool 10 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 10Tom Slemen

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One day a dark-haired stranger walked into the offices of The Bluecoat Press, asking to talk to Colin Wilkinson. The meeting marked the beginning of one of the most successful partnerships in local publishing. The stranger was Tom Slemen, a… more

Haunted Liverpool 10
Tom Slemen
Murphy and me: Breaking Free... - mike harris

Murphy and me: Breaking Free...mike harris

We’ve all gathered around the dinner table with family and friends and shared our Murphy’s Law stories, when what could go wrong did at the worst possible time. In short time our daily routines returned to normal, and recounting those sto… more

Murphy and me: Breaking Free From The Victim Mindset
mike harris
iUniverse , English
Real Nightmares (book 7): Da... - Brad Steiger

Real Nightmares (book 7): Da...Brad Steiger

Nasty ghosts. Family curses. A fateful bogey man. Shrieks, howls, and cries of terror. Those and more dark tales of sinister creatures await you in this latest Real Nightmares compilation. Explore the strange world of the unknown with paran… more

Real Nightmares (book 7): Dark and Deadly Demons
Brad Steiger
Visible Ink Press , English
Morning Star Rising - Sean Stewart

Morning Star RisingSean Stewart

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Morning Star Rising at its core is a love story, love story about God’s love for humanity in sending an angel to the city to see if there is any fruit in it before it is destroyed. An angel visits to find a remnant, so it can be saved. Thi… more

Morning Star Rising
Sean Stewart
AuthorHouse , English