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Just Ask - Sue Chandler

Just AskSue Chandler

The Author, Sue Chandler an internationally known “Medium” / intuitive, wishes to empower you to uncover your own magnificent gifts. Learning to Stop, “Just Ask” and then listen, retrieving your own answers.”“JUST ASK” Is a simple consciou… more

Just Ask
Sue Chandler
AuthorHouse , English
Trucker Ghost Stories: And O... -

Trucker Ghost Stories: And O...

In a uniquely entertaining book by a rising star, here are uncanny true tales of haunted highways, weird encounters, and legends of the road.It may have happened to you; it’s happened to almost everyone who’s ever driven down a highway at n… more

Trucker Ghost Stories: And Other True Tales of Haunted Highways, Weird Encounters, and Legends of the Road
Tor Books , English
Our Need to Pray - Reverend James Hubbard

Our Need to PrayReverend James Hubbard

If you have never went before our Heavenly Father with this attitude and with words of your very own just to tell Him that you really do love Him and praise Him, just go for that reason alone. Not because of some need or want, but only bec… more

Our Need to Pray
Reverend James Hubbard
AuthorHouse , English
A Haunted October: 31 Seriou... - Editors of Adams Media

A Haunted October: 31 Seriou...Editors of Adams Media

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Thirty-one days, thirty-one chilling stories to scare you all the way to Halloween. On each day leading up to All Hallows’ Eve, you’ll be introduced to a frightening poltergeist. A Haunted October provides a month’s worth of terrifying tale… more

A Haunted October: 31 Seriously Scary Ghost Stories
Editors of Adams Media
Adams Media , English
Haunted Liverpool 11 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 11Tom Slemen

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For the first time, Tom Slemen’s Haunted Liverpool 11 is available in Kindle format, and this edition includes several tales that were not featured in the original paperback version. Read about:• The psychological dangers of eating a certai… more

Haunted Liverpool 11
Tom Slemen
The Angel Within - Claire Robertson PhD

The Angel WithinClaire Robertson PhD

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The Angel Within
Claire Robertson PhD
AuthorHouse , English
a to z of haunted locations - ghostmistress

a to z of haunted locationsghostmistress

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A book that gives you haunted locations in the united kingdom.

a to z of haunted locations
gm publications , English
locations not for the faint hearted - ghostmistress

locations not for the faint heartedghostmistress

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haunted sites not to be visited with a belief that ghost do not exist. .

locations not for the faint hearted
ghostmistress , English
Haunted Liverpool 4 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 4Tom Slemen

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In Haunted Liverpool 4, best-selling author Tom Slemen has gathered together another superb collection of stories of the paranormal. From his extensive research, he has written about the world of apparitions and premonitions, devils and dem… more

Haunted Liverpool 4
Tom Slemen
Haunted Liverpool Ghostwalk 1 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool Ghostwalk 1Tom Slemen

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Tom Slemen, Liverpool’s unequalled authority on the city’s ghosts and mysteries, has here created an illustrated guide that will allow you to embark on a spine-chilling tour of Liverpool’s ghostly streets, starting from the Lyceum on Bold … more

Haunted Liverpool Ghostwalk 1
Tom Slemen
Prayer The Essential Element... - W. C. Wilson

Prayer The Essential Element...W. C. Wilson

Prayer The Essential Element of WorshipBy W. C. Wilson

Prayer The Essential Element of Worship
W. C. Wilson
AuthorHouse , English
Park Days - J.D. Lenzen

Park DaysJ.D. Lenzen

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A derealized homeless man named Daniel Park returns to his senses following a miraculous event witnessed by a group of young cyber hipsters. Assisted by the generosity of their unofficial group leader, photographer and self described “hackt… more

Park Days
J.D. Lenzen
AuthorHouse , English
The Prophecy of Natalie Bradford - Laura A. Fisher

The Prophecy of Natalie BradfordLaura A. Fisher

On December 21, 1974, Liz Bradford was murdered in the frontparking lot of the prestigious Rex Plaza located in Elvis Presley’shometown of Tupelo, Mississippi. Her husband, Devon Bradford was alsoinvolved in the shooting and transported to… more

The Prophecy of Natalie Bradford
Laura A. Fisher
Xlibris , English
The House Where Evil Lurks: ... - Brandon Callahan

The House Where Evil Lurks: ...Brandon Callahan

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This is not a Hollywood tale, it is a true account of one of the most malevolent hauntings ever recorded. Join experienced paranormal investigator Brandon Callahan as one demon-infested property shocks his team with the intensity of its hos… more

The House Where Evil Lurks: A Paranormal Investigator’s Most Frightening Encounter
Brandon Callahan
Llewellyn Publications , English
Pennsylvania: A Paranormal Journey - J. Rife

Pennsylvania: A Paranormal JourneyJ. Rife

A guide to Central Pennsylvania hauntings complete with stories, legends, and pictures. The stories are true accounts on this journey into the unknown.*This edition contains pictures of a historic building “intact” in the town of Amity Hall… more

Pennsylvania: A Paranormal Journey
J. Rife
J. Rife , English
Haunted Liverpool 17 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 17Tom Slemen

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Here at last is the book every Tom Slemen fan has been waiting for – Haunted Liverpool 17. In this new book from one of the country’s greatest experts on ghosts and the supernatural, Tom Slemen looks at such creepy mysteries as Tickle the C… more

Haunted Liverpool 17
Tom Slemen
Haunted Wirral - Tom Slemen

Haunted WirralTom Slemen

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The Wirral which Tom Slemen writes about in this fascinating book is a peninsula of ghosts, phantoms, spectres, doppelgangers, premonitions, reincarnations, astral voyages to another world and timeslips. The cases in Haunted Wirral confirm … more

Haunted Wirral
Tom Slemen
Spiritual Warfare: A Guide t... - John A. Jackson

Spiritual Warfare: A Guide t...John A. Jackson

John Jackson is a minister of the gospel who has a heart for those with emotional baggage who desire to get rid of it. These truths, when followed, will free those with past hurts and wounded self-esteem. God will give victory to those enga… more

Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Controlling The Mind and The Emotions
John A. Jackson
AuthorHouse , English
Be All You Can Be and More: ... - Julie Faye

Be All You Can Be and More: ...Julie Faye

Be All You Can Be and More:  Why People Struggle Without God in their Lives is a spiritual work of angelic messages received in meditation (a state of prayer) which offers God’s choices to those who struggle with life.  It deals with commun… more

Be All You Can Be and More: : Why People Struggle without God in Their Lives
Julie Faye
AuthorHouse , English
Haunted Liverpool 15 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 15Tom Slemen

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What is it that makes Tom Slemen Liverpool’s top-selling local author? Is it simply his encyclopaedic knowledge of the city’s dark and supernatural underside, which provides the material for his unique and fascinating stories? Or is there … more

Haunted Liverpool 15
Tom Slemen