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Montana Ghost Stories - Debra D. Munn

Montana Ghost StoriesDebra D. Munn

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This collection of stories span the state wherever ghosts ramble and roam. The subjects are star-crossed lovers, murderers and the murdered, miners and cowboys, and Native Americans, all carefully researched and authenticated by interviews … more

Montana Ghost Stories
Debra D. Munn
Riverbend Publishing , English
Reality Road: Journey in the Light - Bob McLeod

Reality Road: Journey in the LightBob McLeod

Journey with us down Reality Road and discover the basic fundamental truths of living a joy filled, overcoming life regardless of your circumstances and regardless of your past. You’ll find in this book, three Rural Routes with seven mail … more

Reality Road: Journey in the Light
Bob McLeod
AuthorHouse , English
Women With Issues - Ann Rogers

Women With IssuesAnn Rogers

I have learned many lessons through studying the women of the Bible and the issues which they experienced.  Their stories have inspired me to “”go on”” in spite of the curves life has thrown my way.  It is my hope that every reader of Wome… more

Women With Issues
Ann Rogers
AuthorHouse , English
"THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE... - Barbara Ann Mary Mack



Barbara Ann Mary Mack
AuthorHouse , English
The Hunt (Malevolent Family Book 1) - Jordan Longnaker

The Hunt (Malevolent Family Book 1)Jordan Longnaker

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Justin Kellin hates Halloween, but he loves his girlfriend, which is why he’s going to her family’s Halloween party. But with a strange costume shop and the odd family who runs it, he may been in for more than he wanted.

The Hunt (Malevolent Family Book 1)
Jordan Longnaker
Nine Lives Man - Jimmy Eric Williams II

Nine Lives ManJimmy Eric Williams II

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This is a journey from victim to victor. This is a true story about some of my experience. It is a story of restoration, resilience and complete recovery.

Nine Lives Man
Jimmy Eric Williams II
AuthorHouse , English
The Rise and Fall of the Mind - Michael Cook

The Rise and Fall of the MindMichael Cook

Michael Cook’s poems give many pleasures. Some have a zenlike concision, others an imagistic yet thoughtful narrative flow reminding one of Wallace Stevens, and still others a playful quality in the best tradition of light verse. These are … more

The Rise and Fall of the Mind
Michael Cook
AuthorHouse , English
The Battle Is Over: Rejoice! - Barbara Ann Mary Mack

The Battle Is Over: Rejoice!Barbara Ann Mary Mack

The Battle Is Over, consists of a Spiritual dialogue between The Holy Trinity and the author, pertaining to the destination of satan and his followers. This book gives detailed descriptions of the Spiritual War in process and futuristic.  T… more

The Battle Is Over: Rejoice!
Barbara Ann Mary Mack
AuthorHouse , English
Putting the Pieces Together - Sr. Willie F. Smith

Putting the Pieces TogetherSr. Willie F. Smith

Putting the peaces together is about showing how God will help you get over your hurts, disappointments, and discouragements and move on with your life. It tells how to discover the marvelous possibilities God has put in each person to ena… more

Putting the Pieces Together
Sr. Willie F. Smith
AuthorHouse , English
Haunted Liverpool 9 - Tom Slemen

Haunted Liverpool 9Tom Slemen

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In Haunted Liverpool 9, master storyteller, Tom Slemen, has once again put together a unique collection of weird and wonderful.tales which will delight his ever-growing readership. Interweaving paranormal events from the past with those fro… more

Haunted Liverpool 9
Tom Slemen
Ghost Tracks: What history, ... - Cheryl A. Wicks

Ghost Tracks: What history, ...Cheryl A. Wicks

For more than fifty years, Lorraine Warren—a validated clairvoyant—and her husband Ed Warren—a respected demonologist—have been tracking paranormal phenomena around the world. Ghost Tracks pulls together five decades of field research expe… more

Ghost Tracks: What history, science, and fifty years of field research have revealed about ghosts, evil, and life after death
Cheryl A. Wicks
AuthorHouse , English
Away With Words:Lyrics of Bo... - Bob McLeod

Away With Words:Lyrics of Bo...Bob McLeod

This is simply a book of song lyrics.  But not ordinary songs.  The words are powerful and life changing.  For decades, they have brought life, hope and freedom to many people from many diverse places; from little children to the elderly, i… more

Away With Words:Lyrics of Bob in the Cloud
Bob McLeod
AuthorHouse , English
Isaiah 26:3-4 "Perfect Peace" - Vanessa  Buckhalter

Isaiah 26:3-4 "Perfect Peace"Vanessa Buckhalter

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This book was prepared to open your minds to the a “Perfect Peace” that comes only from God. I seek to lift you up to a level of “Perfect Peace” and fulfill you with a new awareness of God’s presence around you at all times. God has exten… more

Isaiah 26:3-4 “Perfect Peace”
Vanessa Buckhalter
Authorhouse , English
Butterflies and Dreams:Manif... - Dorothy Peltier-Fanchi

Butterflies and Dreams:Manif...Dorothy Peltier-Fanchi

Butterflies and Dreams:Manifesting Your Heart’s Desireby: Dorothy Peltier-Fanchi

Butterflies and Dreams:Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire
Dorothy Peltier-Fanchi
AuthorHouse , English
The Power to Curse or Bless Others - William Derrick Moore

The Power to Curse or Bless OthersWilliam Derrick Moore

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The Power to Curse or Bless Others” is the second book in a continuing series on Christian conduct by William Derrick Moore. This book provides insight into the very nature of evil, demonic beings, and our own contributions to what we have… more

The Power to Curse or Bless Others
William Derrick Moore
AuthorHouse , English
All The Universal Laws and P... - Tenzin Gyurme, Niall Nicholson

All The Universal Laws and P...Tenzin Gyurme, Niall Nicholson

Handbook to Electricity and Resistance: A Practical Guide to Transformation and Understanding Unviersal Law………… Though this book is meant to be purchased with Electricity and Resistance, it is a stand alone book in its own right. Si… more

All The Universal Laws and Principles Governing Life (Zero to Mastery)
Tenzin Gyurme, Niall Nicholson
House of Goddess , English
Whispers from the Beyond - C. L. Black

Whispers from the BeyondC. L. Black

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Whispers from the Beyond by C. L. Black

Whispers from the Beyond
C. L. Black
Xlibris , English
The Whippanini Man - C. David Priest

The Whippanini ManC. David Priest

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It was the winter of 1947 when C. David Priest, then five years old, first hears his aunt Rosalee tell the vivid and frightening story of the Whippanini man, a strange presence that only comes out when darkness falls. Terrified and curious … more

The Whippanini Man
C. David Priest
iUniverse , English
The Right to Say No to God a... - Dr. William Derrick Moore

The Right to Say No to God a...Dr. William Derrick Moore

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            The Right to Say No to God and Christianity is a book that deals with the spiritual condition of many people today.  There are a growing number of people who are exercising their God given right to say no to him, his holiness, … more

The Right to Say No to God and Christianity: The Alternative
Dr. William Derrick Moore
AuthorHouse , English
Thin Doors, an Open Dialogue... - Ron Donoho

Thin Doors, an Open Dialogue...Ron Donoho

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FROM A YOUNG AGE, Ron Donoho has communicated with visitors from beyond and received messages from his spiritual guide. For many years his friends and family were baffled by his ability to simply know things.

And so the story begins - w… more

Thin Doors, an Open Dialogue with the Other Side
Ron Donoho
Awakening World Press , English