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How to Create New Ideas that... - Brian Hunt

How to Create New Ideas that...Brian Hunt

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SUMMARYThis great book shows you exactly how to create new money-making ideas. It takes you through the complete process of finding and developing a great idea. There are many detailed examples that make it easy to understand and use this s… more

How to Create New Ideas that Make Money!
Brian Hunt
Power Business Publishing , English
Creative Writing and Authorp... - Michael  Flowers

Creative Writing and Authorp...Michael Flowers

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It’s about time you quit talking and begin doing! Bundle your knowledge, interests, hobbies, expertise, passion, skills, talents, motivational speaking, and all the good stuffs you’re good at into a book for your readers in wait. How many b… more

Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship
Michael Flowers
Flowers Publications , English
Dare to Live Without Limits:... - Bryan Golden

Dare to Live Without Limits:...Bryan Golden

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Volume 6 covers:- A Healthy Mind- Nice People Finish First- Be Happy & Have Fun- The Treasure Within You- Overcoming AdversityThis exceptional, easy to read series shows you how to break free from your limitations to lead a full and rewardi… more

Dare to Live Without Limits: Advice Volume 6
Bryan Golden
Bryan Golden , English
28 Days To A New Me: A Journ... - Robert Kennedy III

28 Days To A New Me: A Journ...Robert Kennedy III

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The year begins and you make a resolution! You stick to it sporadically but you never lock in. You determine it’s time to attempt something new or stop doing something else. But, you never fully lock in and you fall back into the same cy… more

28 Days To A New Me: A Journey of Commitment
Robert Kennedy III
Robert Kennedy III , English
Unbroken: How to Trigger You... - Bristol Mary  Nash

Unbroken: How to Trigger You...Bristol Mary Nash

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Obstacles and setbacks are inevitable realities of life. There are two types of people in this world: Those that manage to allow obstacles and setbacks to frustrate and discourage them…Then there are those that manage to utilize obstacles a… more

Unbroken: How to Trigger Your Resilience, Tenacity, and Fighting Spirit in Times of Great Adversity
Bristol Mary Nash
Implants: Knowing How the Po... - Daniel Marques

Implants: Knowing How the Po...Daniel Marques

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There’s a clear social program being implanted in human beings with the purpose of transforming them into obeying machines. The Program is so well-built that matches perfectly into what is learned in the Educational System, Famous Religions… more

Implants: Knowing How the Power Elite Controls You
Daniel Marques
Ziklag - William Hill

ZiklagWilliam Hill

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Ziklag, the place Satan planned to be David’s destruction, the make-or-break place for David. Ziklag, where one of his most devastating defeats turned into perhaps the greatest victory of his life. David the Giant Killer became David the Na… more

William Hill
Little Book of Sunshine: For... - Joan Reeves

Little Book of Sunshine: For...Joan Reeves

All of us experience defeat and rejection at some point no matter how hard we persevere or how hard we work. Sure, we know there are no bargains at the counter of success, but we still don’t expect the struggle to be so darn hard.

How do y… more

Little Book of Sunshine: For Readers and Writers
Joan Reeves
Joan Reeves , English
The Secret Door To Success - Florence Scovel Shinn

The Secret Door To SuccessFlorence Scovel Shinn

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About Author:Everyone has the potential to be successful, but this success is often obscured behind a wall we may well have built ourselves in the first place.The Secret Door to Success is a series of talks on various topics relating to the… more

The Secret Door To Success
Florence Scovel Shinn


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This book is a practical guide to self-improvement. The primary aim of this book is to help you learn to help yourself improve in a wide variety of life areas. The author avoids jargon and speaks to the reader in a manner that includes prac… more

Randy Young
Randy Young , English
Ask Deepak About Success - Deepak Chopra

Ask Deepak About SuccessDeepak Chopra

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Reflections, thoughts, and inspirations on big questions about goals and success from writer and philosopher Deepak Chopra. Join the New York Times bestselling author on a journey of personal, social, global and spiritual transformation to … more

Ask Deepak About Success
Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra , English
Believe In Yourself - Dr. Joseph Murphy

Believe In YourselfDr. Joseph Murphy

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BOOKS BY DR. JOSEPH MURPHYThe Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind PowerThe Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the UniverseThe Cosmic Power Within YouGreat Bible Truths for Human ProblemsThe Healing Power of LoveHow to Attract MoneyHow to Pray wit… more

Believe In Yourself
Dr. Joseph Murphy
Xlibris , English
TNT - It Rocks the Earth (Revised) - Claude Bristol

TNT - It Rocks the Earth (Revised)Claude Bristol

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The “TRUE SECRET” to Success Rediscovered! Claude Bristol went in search of a magical secret to success. After many years he finally understood what it was. It is in all of us. In this book you will discover what he found out. And how you … more

TNT - It Rocks the Earth (Revised)
Claude Bristol
Optimal Life Seminars & Robert L. Choat , English
The Complete Guide to Motiva... - Bill McDowell

The Complete Guide to Motiva...Bill McDowell

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The Complete Guide to Motivation. Aim at a Goal and Reach It! Also with Two Free Complete Bonus chapters with information you can use right away and Now!

Motivation is the factor that keeps you going. This is the line that is drawn between… more

The Complete Guide to Motivation and Inspiration !: Aim at a Goal and Reach It! Awaken and Inspire your Inner Self and Seize the Day. Inspiration on How to Get Motivated and Become the Successful You!
Bill McDowell
Live Life Beyond the Laundry - Christy Tryhus

Live Life Beyond the LaundryChristy Tryhus

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Live Life Beyond the Laundry focuses on helping busy women learn to manage all life’s responsibilities so they have more time and energy for what’s really important. Aim to increase your work/life balance and lead a life filled with joy, ha… more

Live Life Beyond the Laundry
Christy Tryhus
AKA-Publishing , English
20 Goals You May Want To Ach... - John Heart

20 Goals You May Want To Ach...John Heart

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This humble Ebook summarize in a nutshell 20 important goals any person would like to achieve in life. Yet, setting goals isn’t always clear or easy to Accomplish. Sometimes, a bit of an encouraging Push or ‘spelling out’ is needed to gain … more

20 Goals You May Want To Achieve In Your Life
John Heart
John Heart , English
Methods of Obtaining Success - Julia Seton

Methods of Obtaining SuccessJulia Seton

Methods of Obtaining Success purposefully tackles the topic of achieving success. The author Doctor Julia Seton was a prolific in writing motivational and self-help books; publishing a series of books on themes such as marriage, money matte… more

Methods of Obtaining Success
Julia Seton
Pilsen Press , English
The Secrets of Bad Ass Ninja... - Victoria LeVane Cayce

The Secrets of Bad Ass Ninja...Victoria LeVane Cayce

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Why is the Law of Attraction not working for you? This book explains how you are blocking your own success! It reveals little known, common pit-falls that keep you from manifesting what you really want! Learn how to use the Law of Attractio… more

The Secrets of Bad Ass Ninja Manifesting! Volume One: How to Get Your Mojo on!
Victoria LeVane Cayce
VL Cayce Publishing , English
Law Of Attraction Secrets: S... - Ben Frank

Law Of Attraction Secrets: S...Ben Frank

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Law Of Attraction Secrets: Secrets To Manifesting And Attracting Anything That You Want Through Positive Thinking

Law Of Attraction Secrets: Secrets To Manifesting And Attracting Anything That You Want Through Positive Thinking (thesuccesslife.com)
Ben Frank
N.O.W. - J Greer

N.O.W.J Greer

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N.O.W. is motivational book. The author helps students to tap into their competitive side and use that energy to achieve their dreams. He uses stories from his past, analogies, and laughter to shine a different prospective on life and educa… more

J Greer
J Greer , English
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