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The Secret Keys to the Law o...Sita Parani

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Since The Secret burst onto the self-help arena in 2006, there have been some success stories but far more people seem to have had difficulties in putting what the film and later books tell them into action.Sita has spent many years studyin… more

The Secret Keys to the Law of Attraction - step by step ways to get The Secret working for you
Sita Parani

Proofs and Methods: How I Ex...J. D. Tang

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On a chilly afternoon on the otherwise boring day of December 6, 2012, I received an interesting letter from the College Board that read:”Dear Mr. Tang,”I am writing to provide you with some additional information about your exceptional per… more

Proofs and Methods: How I Excelled in High School English as a Math Person
J. D. Tang
J. D. Tang , English

Zen HappinessLeo Babauta

What is happiness?This book presents a simple guide to Happiness and how to achieve it. Don’t wait for Happiness to come your way, Seize it with the help of Zen Happiness.Learn the secrets of Happiness and in your own unique way, you really… more

Zen Happiness
Leo Babauta
ScribeDigital , English

The Science of Getting Rich ...Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich (Annotated) by Wallace D. Wattles is a great, classic book on what is now known as “The Secret” or the “Law of Attraction”. It is about how your thoughts make your life, and how changing your thoughts can improve… more

The Science of Getting Rich (Annotated)
Wallace D. Wattles

28 Days To A New Me: A Journ...Robert Kennedy III

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The year begins and you make a resolution! You stick to it sporadically but you never lock in. You determine it’s time to attempt something new or stop doing something else. But, you never fully lock in and you fall back into the same cy… more

28 Days To A New Me: A Journey of Commitment
Robert Kennedy III
Robert Kennedy III , English

The 3 Keys to Achieving AnythingLee Cunningham

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This is a book about getting any result that you want, in three easy steps. About cutting the word imp_ssible from your vocabulary and about making sure that each day you are moving toward realising everything that you can be.

The 3 Keys to Achieving Anything
Lee Cunningham

The Inner Path of LightKim Michaels

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Are you looking for an introduction to self-help that can be read and understood by anyone—even people with a rational, materialistic outlook on life? If so, this book offers a universal approach to personal growth that will help you unders… more

The Inner Path of Light
Kim Michaels
More To Life OU , English

The Magic Recipe For Your Ho...Nik Believe

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The Magic Recipe For Your Hollywood Dreams is written for and dedicated to all those who dare to dream and who have the courage (much needed today) to go for their dreams and really listen to their hearts. It’s for all those who have stars … more

The Magic Recipe For Your Hollywood Dreams
Nik Believe

Implants: Knowing How the Po...Daniel Marques

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There’s a clear social program being implanted in human beings with the purpose of transforming them into obeying machines. The Program is so well-built that matches perfectly into what is learned in the Educational System, Famous Religions… more

Implants: Knowing How the Power Elite Controls You
Daniel Marques

Creative Writing and Authorp...Michael Flowers

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It’s about time you quit talking and begin doing! Bundle your knowledge, interests, hobbies, expertise, passion, skills, talents, motivational speaking, and all the good stuffs you’re good at into a book for your readers in wait. How many b… more

Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship
Michael Flowers
Flowers Publications , English

ZiklagWilliam Hill

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Ziklag, the place Satan planned to be David’s destruction, the make-or-break place for David. Ziklag, where one of his most devastating defeats turned into perhaps the greatest victory of his life. David the Giant Killer became David the Na… more

William Hill

Live Your Dreams: Powerful S...Matt Byron

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Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies for Attaining Your Greatest Goals, shows ordinary people how to attain their extraordinary dreams.

It chronicles the true story of Matt Byron, who by the age of 32 had: sailed from the Caribbean to Mai… more

Live Your Dreams: Powerful Strategies for Attaining Your Greatest Goals
Matt Byron

Cheerfulness As A Life Power...Orison Swett Marden

Cheerfulness As A Life Power (Why Don’t You Laugh More?) & Architects of Fate (Steps To Success For Young People) - 2 Books in 1 Edition by Orison Swett Marden. The Best Seller Today.DESCRIPTION:Kindle Special Edition By Orison Swett Marden… more

Cheerfulness As A Life Power (Why Don’t You Laugh More?) & Architects of Fate (Steps To Success For Young People) - 2 Books in 1 Edition by Orison Swett … (The Best Seller Of Orison Swett Marden)
Orison Swett Marden
Holy Land With RR , English

Mental EfficiencyArnold Bennett

From the Book:If there is any virtue in advertisements—and a journalist should be the last person to say that there is not—the American nation is rapidly reaching a state of physical efficiency of which the world has probably not seen the… more

Mental Efficiency
Arnold Bennett
The Daydream Company , English

Why I Quit Another Job...Goi...John Meyer

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Have you ever felt like your dream would never come to pass? Do you like your job?Have you ever had a boss that mistreated or misunderstood you?Is your life all that it could be?Frustrated and feel like screaming half the time?Numb?If your … more

Why I Quit Another Job…Going Against the Grain in Search of Purpose
John Meyer
Branded for Impact Media , English

Success 101: Your 30 MInute ...Liz Tomey

Success 101… Your 30 Minute Guide To Super Success….This guide will give you two weeks of “success thoughts”. Each day you will follow along with me to reach success in all areas of life you are struggling in.Each day for two weeks, I w… more

Success 101: Your 30 MInute Guide to Success
Liz Tomey
RLP Enterprises , English

Believers & Doubters: Why so...John Hancock

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Have you ever started something just to become discouraged and quit at the earliest setback? Do you find yourself attending seminars, listening to lectures, or reading development books but never putting theory into practice? Then you nee… more

Believers & Doubters: Why some think they can while others know they can’t
John Hancock
Liberty Lane Media , English

Powerful Personal Developmen...Success Sculpting Coach

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It’s not about things getting better. It’s about you getting better and getting out of your own way.It’s not about the economy getting better, the job market getting better, or the housing market getting better, or the spouse getting better… more

Powerful Personal Development Plan - Self Improvement Just Got Easier
Success Sculpting Coach
Success Sculpting Inc , English

Thank You, Tony Robbins: How...Manny Ibay

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Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams, and Anthony Hopkins are among the many celebrities who have turned their lives around using the principles taught by success coach Tony Robbins. Thousands of ordinary people have used these innovative ideas to… more

Thank You, Tony Robbins: How Tony’s Success Programs Helped Me Design My Life So I Can Do What I Want, When I Want
Manny Ibay
William Baughman Publishing , English

Make Millions From Your Busi...Tom McKaskill

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Make Millions From Your Business - 101 tips for successDr. Tom McKaskillBreakthrough Publications, May 2011 (117 pages) If you want to become a multi-millionaire, your best chance will come from participating in an entrepreneurial startup o… more

Make Millions From Your Business: 101 tips for success
Tom McKaskill
Breakthrough Publications , English
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