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The Ultimate Spy Collection ... - Greatest Hits Series

The Ultimate Spy Collection ...Greatest Hits Series

A Kindle anthology of seven classic spy novels with an active table of contents.The Secret Agent by Joseph ConradThe Thirty-Nine Steps by John BuchanGreat Impersonation by E. Phillips OppenheimThe Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska OrczySant of t… more

The Ultimate Spy Collection (Seven Books)
Greatest Hits Series
Douglas Editions , English


The Essays which follow represent an attempt at intellectual coöperation. No effort has been made, however, to attain unanimity of belief nor to proffer a platform of “planks” on which there is agreement. The consensus represented lies prim… more

A Very Private Plot (Blackfo... - William F Buckley, William F...

A Very Private Plot (Blackfo...William F Buckley, William F...

In his latest installment in the Blackford Oakes series William F. Buckley, Jr., continues to astonish and delight. The year is 1995, and an energetic senator wants to disarm, perhaps even eliminate, the CIA. To accumulate the evidence nece… more

A Very Private Plot (Blackford Oakes Novel)
William F Buckley, William F Buckley Jr.
Cumberland House Publishing , English
R.A.I.N. - Jesus Villalobos

R.A.I.N.Jesus Villalobos

Hook: Espionage, kidnapping, weather control, time travel.MORDECAI JOHNSON has been thrust into a nightmare. The only problem is; he’s not dreaming! He has been reassigned to a highly classified detail called R.A.I.N (Retaliatory And Invers… more

Jesus Villalobos
Jesus Villalobos , English
Si Klegg, Complete - John McElroy

Si Klegg, CompleteJohn McElroy

Excerpt:Shorty fished some hardtack and fried pork out of his haversack, and also gave him a handful of ground coffee. Si munched the crackers and meat, with an occasional nip at the coffee. His spirits began to rise just a trifle. He was t… more

Si Klegg, Complete
John McElroy
The Chinese Banker - Dustin Hill

The Chinese BankerDustin Hill

Average wait: N/A

What would happen if covert forces pushed America off a very steep Fiscal Cliff? $10 per gallon gasoline is the norm. Protesters flood the streets. Riots erupt at grocery stores. It’s not a nightmare. It’s the next generation of warfare. Fo… more

The Chinese Banker
Dustin Hill
Purple Duck Press , English
Works of William le Queux, 5... - William le Queux

Works of William le Queux, 5...William le Queux

This edition is collection of the books written by William le Queux, this edition also comes with a linked Table of Contents.Works Include:1. Number 70 Berlin2. Sant Of The Secret Service3. The Secrets Of Potsdam4. The Seven Secrets5. The Z… more

Works of William le Queux, 5 Works, Volume 3: Number 70 Berlin, Sant Of The Secret Service, The Secrets Of Potsdam, The Seven Secrets, The Zeppelin Destroyer
William le Queux
Extreme Denial - David Morrell

Extreme DenialDavid Morrell

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From the bestselling author of the classic espionage saga, The Brotherhood of the Rose, comes a high-action spy novel about deception and the meaning of loyalty… . When a bureaucratic mistake allows a terrorist attack to occur, CIA oper… more

Extreme Denial
David Morrell
Morrell Enterprises, Inc. , English
Another Unknown Soldier - A.M. Smith

Another Unknown SoldierA.M. Smith

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When a covert asset deep within the Third Reich makes unscheduled contact, his message is short but clear. He has information and needs extraction.But is everything as it seems? With no mention of the intel’s significance, one word races to… more

Another Unknown Soldier
A.M. Smith
Smokescreen Creative , English
Treason's Reward (The Ward L... - Annay Dawson

Treason's Reward (The Ward L...Annay Dawson

Average wait: N/A

It’s hard to tell who the traitors are… …when they work for the same government agency.

Agent Jack Golightly and his best friend, Ward Lowe, are trapped in the jungles of South America with no back up. Waiting for an SOS response team,… more

Treason’s Reward (The Ward Lowe Suspense Thriller Series Book 3)
Annay Dawson
California Times Publishing, Los Angeles , English
Descendant - Graham Masterton

DescendantGraham Masterton

During WWII James Falcon used to hunt vampire Nazis, but the most notorious, Dorin Duca, always eluded him. Now, fifteen years after the war, vampires—led by Dorin Duca—are invading England, and James is back on the hunt!

Graham Masterton
Dorchester Publishing , English
Excelsior Exchange - Joseph Beighle

Excelsior ExchangeJoseph Beighle

This is a compilation of works that began in 1990. I finally got around to compiling a story around several works and this final work is the result. I admit on recollection I have no idea where this story came from. I tried to make sense of… more

Excelsior Exchange
Joseph Beighle
Call for the Dead: A George ... - John Le Carre

Call for the Dead: A George ...John Le Carre

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Delicate Truth and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”Go back to Whitehall and look for more spies on your drawing boards.”George Smiley is no one’s idea of a spy—which is perhaps why he’s such a natur… more

Call for the Dead: A George Smiley Novel (George Smiley Novels Book 1)
John Le Carre
Penguin Books , English
Russian Roulette - Jeff Egerton

Russian RouletteJeff Egerton

Because they’re in the risky business of recovering stolen aircraft, Gabriel Thibodeaux and Josie Blaine are no strangers to violence. When they’re hired by the US Government to bring a plane back from Russia, it sounds like a cake walk. Th… more

Russian Roulette
Jeff Egerton
The BIG  6 - Roberta Vlier

The BIG 6Roberta Vlier

Average wait: N/A

An FBI NovelThe Big 6 is a story about six people that meet and become close as they go through their FBI training. Even though they are separated later, they stay in touch with each other. When there are deaths inside their group, one be… more

The BIG 6
Roberta Vlier
Roberta Vlier , English
The Grey Cardinal Part 4 - JAMES E MAHER

The Grey Cardinal Part 4JAMES E MAHER

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Its 2012, eighteen years after a murky ex-Soviet era KGB plot resulted in the bombing of a private party and the abrupt termination of a pending UN program to clean up the thousands of pieces of space junk in earth orbit, the remaining fugi… more

The Grey Cardinal Part 4
VentureEagles, LLC , English
L.A. Multiplier - Rolf Larsen

L.A. MultiplierRolf Larsen

Average wait: N/A

Dina Windsor already knew that it would take big money to do what the billionaires were starting to do, or what she predicted they would do after they had built the biggest yacht, climbed the world’s highest mountains, and had hospitals and… more

L.A. Multiplier
Rolf Larsen
Rolf Eric Larsen , English
The Baltic Triangle Codename Seaforth (Seaforth Files Book 1)
nicholas clark
Someone Has To Pay (Mike Dev... - Joe McCoubrey

Someone Has To Pay (Mike Dev...Joe McCoubrey

As the search for peace in Ireland gathers momentum, British counter-terrorism agent, Mike Devon, is handed a chilling mission – put the IRA out of business at any cost.He assembles an elite undercover squad determined to neutralise the ent… more

Someone Has To Pay (Mike Devon series)
Joe McCoubrey
Master Koda Select Publishing , English