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The Ultimate Spy Collection ... - Greatest Hits Series

The Ultimate Spy Collection ...Greatest Hits Series

A Kindle anthology of seven classic spy novels with an active table of contents.The Secret Agent by Joseph ConradThe Thirty-Nine Steps by John BuchanGreat Impersonation by E. Phillips OppenheimThe Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska OrczySant of t… more

The Ultimate Spy Collection (Seven Books)
Greatest Hits Series
Douglas Editions , English


The Essays which follow represent an attempt at intellectual coöperation. No effort has been made, however, to attain unanimity of belief nor to proffer a platform of “planks” on which there is agreement. The consensus represented lies prim… more

R.A.I.N. - Jesus Villalobos

R.A.I.N.Jesus Villalobos

Hook: Espionage, kidnapping, weather control, time travel.MORDECAI JOHNSON has been thrust into a nightmare. The only problem is; he’s not dreaming! He has been reassigned to a highly classified detail called R.A.I.N (Retaliatory And Invers… more

Jesus Villalobos
Jesus Villalobos , English
Si Klegg, Complete - John McElroy

Si Klegg, CompleteJohn McElroy

Excerpt:Shorty fished some hardtack and fried pork out of his haversack, and also gave him a handful of ground coffee. Si munched the crackers and meat, with an occasional nip at the coffee. His spirits began to rise just a trifle. He was t… more

Si Klegg, Complete
John McElroy
A Very Private Plot (Blackfo... - William F Buckley, William F...

A Very Private Plot (Blackfo...William F Buckley, William F...

In his latest installment in the Blackford Oakes series William F. Buckley, Jr., continues to astonish and delight. The year is 1995, and an energetic senator wants to disarm, perhaps even eliminate, the CIA. To accumulate the evidence nece… more

A Very Private Plot (Blackford Oakes Novel)
William F Buckley, William F Buckley Jr.
Cumberland House Publishing , English
James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me - Christopher Wood

James Bond: The Spy Who Loved MeChristopher Wood

Major Anya Amasova had scored well in the course on ‘sex as a weapon’, although the SMERSH report had noted a risk of emotional attachments. James Bond was as wary of her presence in Cairo as he was charmed by her proud self-assured beauty…. more

James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me
Christopher Wood
Ian Fleming Publications , English
Joseph Conrad Classics: The ... - Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad Classics: The ...Joseph Conrad

• This edition binds together The Secret Agent (1907) with BONUS NOVEL Under Western Eyes (1911), two novels close in commentary, conflict and the failure of political ideals.

The Secret Agent It is London, the year is 1886, and secret ag… more

Joseph Conrad Classics: The Secret Agent & Under Western Eyes
Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad , English
The Book of Legion - Book 1 ... - KJ Nivin

The Book of Legion - Book 1 ...KJ Nivin

Average wait: N/A

The Book of Legion is book one and two in the Legion Series. It’s nearing 2012 and everyone is concerned about the Mayan Prophecy but there are others that have plans of their own. Johnel Anderson unwillingly catapulted into a fight for fre… more

The Book of Legion - Book 1 & 2 (Legion Series)
KJ Nivin
KJ Nivin , English
Someone's Out There - Stephen Zemek

Someone's Out ThereStephen Zemek

Average wait: N/A

A shot rings out across Sydney Harbour. An Iranian Princess is thrown back against the cabin of a cruise ship. As the woman falls, all hope of a secret accord that was about to be negotiated between Iran and America seems threatened.An hour… more

Someone’s Out There
Stephen Zemek
Stephen Zemek Books , English
Passion's Nemesis Episode1 -... - Mike Newby

Passion's Nemesis Episode1 -...Mike Newby

Average wait: N/A

This is a story about how easily a love affair can change everything in an otherwise smooth and endearing marriage. That is to say that from one side it was love but from the other, something more… A deliberate betrayal, arranged with an … more

Passion’s Nemesis Episode1 - A Rude Awakening
Mike Newby
Leda Press , English
Blacklist - Andrew Taylor

BlacklistAndrew Taylor

Average wait: N/A

During the bleak closing decade of the Cold War, there is no sign of a thaw between the opposing powers of East and West. But what if there is a common threat, which can only be faced with a common response? Unless, of course, the common th… more

Andrew Taylor
Lydmouth Limited , English
Solo. Una novela de James Bo... - William Boyd

Solo. Una novela de James Bo...William Boyd

  1. Un veterano agente secreto. Una misión trepidante. Una licencia para matar.Es 1969 y James Bond está a punto de actuar solo, motivado temerariamente por el afán de venganza.El veterano agente secreto 007 es enviado a un pequeño país d… more
Solo. Una novela de James Bond (Spanish Edition)
William Boyd
Alfaguara , Spanish
The Tesla Bequest - Lewis Perdue

The Tesla BequestLewis Perdue

New York City, 1943Nikola Tesla, possessor of the most brilliant mind in the history of physics, lies dying in the dark. His death will look natural. It is not. It is the opening act in the deadliest conspiracy the world has ever known.Wash… more

The Tesla Bequest
Lewis Perdue
Sudden Pacific Publishing , English
O'Farrell's Law - Brian Freemantle

O'Farrell's LawBrian Freemantle

Average wait: N/A

On the eve of a vital CIA assignment, an agent’s hesitation leads him to the brink of disasterHis grandfather was a lawman too. That’s how Charles O’Farrell rationalizes his work. He keeps a picture of his ancestor by his bed, a faded sepia… more

O’Farrell’s Law
Brian Freemantle
Open Road Media , English
The Chameleon - Jerry Flesher

The ChameleonJerry Flesher

Gordon “Gordo” Lacey never imagined that swimming would change his life, but a huge wave crashes down over him and drives him headfirst into an outcropping of rocks. The shock of the impact causes a severe concussion that renders him unable… more

The Chameleon
Jerry Flesher
iUniverse , English
The Day the Call Came - Thomas Hinde

The Day the Call CameThomas Hinde

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It would be hard to imagine a novel more quietly terrifying than this sunlit nightmare of a book.’ - Robert Baldick, Daily Telegraph ‘[A]s profound as anything put out by names like Graham Greene, Patrick White and the rest. This establish… more

The Day the Call Came
Thomas Hinde
Valancourt Books , English
Sandstorm - Alan L. Lee

SandstormAlan L. Lee

Sandstorm is a thrilling debut novel about an ex–CIA agent and a covert operation designed to derail Iran’s nuclear ambitions.Lurking in the shadows, away from any government oversight, a secret partnership has been formed between an Israel… more

Alan L. Lee
Forge Books , English
SINGLE - renee rochelle

SINGLErenee rochelle

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It’s a cold Tuesday night on the subway. You lock eyes with a tall, dark, handsome stranger. He follows you off the train and politely offers you a ride in his limo where you sip champagne and talk about your deepest desires. He pulls you d… more

renee rochelle
voodoo monkey LLC , English
Soviet Heat in the Cold War - Sean Roberts

Soviet Heat in the Cold WarSean Roberts

Average wait: N/A

Working for an accountancy firm in the North East of England, James Bonaldy’s life was fairly boring as his everyday life trudged on. Then he met an English gentleman at a hotel lobby with a very sinister proposition. He was plunged into a … more

Soviet Heat in the Cold War
Sean Roberts
emp3books , English