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R.A.I.N. - Jesus Villalobos

R.A.I.N.Jesus Villalobos

Hook: Espionage, kidnapping, weather control, time travel.MORDECAI JOHNSON has been thrust into a nightmare. The only problem is; he’s not dreaming! He has been reassigned to a highly classified detail called R.A.I.N (Retaliatory And Invers… more

Jesus Villalobos
Jesus Villalobos , English
A Very Private Plot (Blackfo... - William F Buckley, William F...

A Very Private Plot (Blackfo...William F Buckley, William F...

In his latest installment in the Blackford Oakes series William F. Buckley, Jr., continues to astonish and delight. The year is 1995, and an energetic senator wants to disarm, perhaps even eliminate, the CIA. To accumulate the evidence nece… more

A Very Private Plot (Blackford Oakes Novel)
William F Buckley, William F Buckley Jr.
Cumberland House Publishing , English


The Essays which follow represent an attempt at intellectual coöperation. No effort has been made, however, to attain unanimity of belief nor to proffer a platform of “planks” on which there is agreement. The consensus represented lies prim… more

Si Klegg, Complete - John McElroy

Si Klegg, CompleteJohn McElroy

Excerpt:Shorty fished some hardtack and fried pork out of his haversack, and also gave him a handful of ground coffee. Si munched the crackers and meat, with an occasional nip at the coffee. His spirits began to rise just a trifle. He was t… more

Si Klegg, Complete
John McElroy
The Ultimate Spy Collection ... - Greatest Hits Series

The Ultimate Spy Collection ...Greatest Hits Series

A Kindle anthology of seven classic spy novels with an active table of contents.The Secret Agent by Joseph ConradThe Thirty-Nine Steps by John BuchanGreat Impersonation by E. Phillips OppenheimThe Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska OrczySant of t… more

The Ultimate Spy Collection (Seven Books)
Greatest Hits Series
Douglas Editions , English
And The Street Screamed Blue... - Jason Michel

And The Street Screamed Blue...Jason Michel

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Picture this: The time was precisely 07:03 a.m., on 25th of January, 2011, a dreary Sunday morning and Alfie Lime had a dead girl in his bed.”

So starts, And The Street Screamed Blue Murder! the latest novella from the mind of Jason Mich… more

And The Street Screamed Blue Murder!
Jason Michel
Pulp Metal Fiction , English
Assassin (McGarvey) - David Hagberg

Assassin (McGarvey)David Hagberg

Yevgenni Anatolevich Tarankov, known as the tarantula, is out to turn back the clock in the new Russia and return to the good old days of communism. Ex-CIA officer Kirk McGarvey knows that any chance for Russian democracy rests on his shold… more

Assassin (McGarvey)
David Hagberg
Forge Books , English
Terror Cell (Danforth Saga #2) - Joseph Badal

Terror Cell (Danforth Saga #2)Joseph Badal

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Terror Cell is an intellectually dazzling suspense thriller with a historical context about a terrorist group that plans a catastrophic attack during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, and the efforts of a CIA special-ops offi… more

Terror Cell (Danforth Saga #2)
Joseph Badal
Suspense Publishing , English
Call for the Dead: A George ... - John le Carre

Call for the Dead: A George ...John le Carre

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Delicate Truth and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy “Go back to Whitehall and look for more spies on your drawing boards.” George Smiley is no one’s idea of a spy—which is perhaps why he’s such … more

Call for the Dead: A George Smiley Novel
John le Carre
Penguin Books , English
Berlin Calling--A World War ... - Kelly Durham

Berlin Calling--A World War ...Kelly Durham

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Irish-American Maggie O’Dea is bright, beautiful and resourceful—and she hates the English! It’s the summer of 1938 and Maggie is studying in Heidelberg when she meets the dashing Kurt Engel, a German soldier. Maggie agrees to follow Kurt… more

Berlin Calling—A World War II Thriller
Kelly Durham
Kelly Durham , English
Hypnoman - y camus

Hypnomany camus

Hypno spy Michael Thompson takes on the world in this weird edgy thriller. Blending NLP Hypno skills with traditional highly lethal spy techniques, the Hypnoman M Thompson infiltrates the country of Iran to bring about world domination by … more

y camus
Enemy Agents - Shaun Tennant

Enemy AgentsShaun Tennant

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After a secret branch of the CIA is compromised by someone leaking dangerous information, young agent Chris Quarrel is brought in to root out the traitor. The job is even harder than it seems, because the only people who could be the mole a… more

Enemy Agents
Shaun Tennant
The BIG  6 - Roberta Vlier

The BIG 6Roberta Vlier

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An FBI NovelThe Big 6 is a story about six people that meet and become close as they go through their FBI training. Even though they are separated later, they stay in touch with each other. When there are deaths inside their group, one be… more

The BIG 6
Roberta Vlier
Roberta Vlier , English
L.A. Multiplier - Rolf Larsen

L.A. MultiplierRolf Larsen

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Dina Windsor already knew that it would take big money to do what the billionaires were starting to do, or what she predicted they would do after they had built the biggest yacht, climbed the world’s highest mountains, and had hospitals and… more

L.A. Multiplier
Rolf Larsen
Rolf Eric Larsen , English
The Presidential Hit--Iceman... - Shaun Hoilett

The Presidential Hit--Iceman...Shaun Hoilett

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For three decades you have been given the sanitized account of ‘Operation Eagle Claw,’ America’s failed attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages. Do not be alarmed, your government has only revealed half the tale. A precursor to that fiasco i… more

The Presidential Hit—Iceman Genesis - CIA Action / Adventure Military Thrillers (Iceman Chronicles—Action Adventure Spy Thrillers)
Shaun Hoilett
Hoilett Entertainment Studios , English
Sleeper's Run - Henry Mosquera

Sleeper's RunHenry Mosquera

War on Terror veteran, Eric Caine, is found wandering the streets of Miami with no memory of the car accident that left him there. Alone and suffering from PTSD, Eric is on a one-way road to self-destruction. Then a chance meeting at a bar … more

Sleeper’s Run
Henry Mosquera
Oddity Media LLC , English
Peter Island (King James Ser... - John Springs

Peter Island (King James Ser...John Springs

1 rating
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Kingsley James has been hired to skipper a yacht around the Caribbean for two weeks for a vacationing foursome. He’s asked his new lady, Marjorie Masters, to join him on the trip as chef and deckhand. Marjorie, a teacher in upstate New York… more

Peter Island (King James Series Book 1)
John Springs
Charlie's Apprentice (The Ch... - Brian Freemantle

Charlie's Apprentice (The Ch...Brian Freemantle

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As the Soviet Union dissolves, a long-buried secret puts Charlie’s life in danger—againCharlie Muffin shouldn’t be condemned for mourning the end of the Cold War. For decades the KGB provided him with endless professional success and now th… more

Charlie’s Apprentice (The Charlie Muffin Series, 10)
Brian Freemantle
Open Road Media , English
Homegrown - Steven  Roberts

HomegrownSteven Roberts

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The Secret Service task force must find out who the bad guys are and end their spree of murder and mayhem across the nation. The culprits are well funded and seem unstoppable. Surprises and twists to the story abound in this action adventur… more

Steven Roberts
Steven L Roberts , English