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The Gift of Time Cookbook - Whitney Dody

The Gift of Time CookbookWhitney Dody

The Gift of Time Cookbook includes an ENTIRE year’s worth of menus, categorized grocery lists, PLUS a monthly breakdown of craft and activitiy ideas for children.This great time-saving book includes 100+ tasty, simple, and most importantly … more

The Gift of Time Cookbook
Whitney Dody
Moms Taken Care Of , English
For Luncheon and Supper Gues... - Alice Bradley

For Luncheon and Supper Gues...Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley was the principal of Miss Fannie Farmer’s School of Cookery. For Luncheon and Supper Guests by Alice Bradley presents the ‘over 100 recipes’ divided into 10 Menus, which you could, of course mix and match. Excerpt …Meals of … more

For Luncheon and Supper Guests : Ten Menus, More Than One Hundred Recipes [Annotated]
Alice Bradley
Zest Publishing , English
COUNTRY STYLE CAKES - Twenty... - Rose Montgomery

COUNTRY STYLE CAKES - Twenty...Rose Montgomery

Most of us want to eat healthy food most of the time. But for those special days when you want to INDULGE… bake one of these DECADENT DESSERTS !Wacky Chocolate Cake, Country Gingerbread and Old Fashioned 7-up Cake, just to name 3 of the 2… more

Rose Montgomery
How to Give a Luncheon - Susan Godfrey

How to Give a LuncheonSusan Godfrey

Tips on giving a luncheon with over 40 recipes!

How to Give a Luncheon
Susan Godfrey
Susan Godfrey , English
The Unofficial Charlie Sheen... -

The Unofficial Charlie Sheen...

I collected recipes with high ratings and organized them for this book…hence the name “Winning Recipes” that are guaranteed to be delicious. Before each recipe is a hilarious Charlie Sheen quote and the quotes are related to the recipe. I… more

The Unofficial Charlie Sheen Cookbook: Winning Recipes with Quotes
So You Think You Are A Home Chef! - Dixie Jones

So You Think You Are A Home Chef!Dixie Jones

Buying Kitchen Equipment: Tips And Tricks To Help You Save MoneyThe Well Equipped KitchenTake InventoryBe Wary Of The Latest TrendsInexpensive Vs. CheapNeeding Vs. WantingComparison ShoppingHow To Find The Best DealsSecrets Of Outdoor Cooki… more

So You Think You Are A Home Chef!
Dixie Jones
The Mary Frances Cook Book - Jane Earye Fryer

The Mary Frances Cook BookJane Earye Fryer

Adventures Among the Kitchen PeopleThis delightfully illustrated book tells the story of Mary Frances, a girl who wanted to help his mother. In the kitchen, Mary Frances discovered the Kitchen People, as the aunt of the Rolling Pin and Toas… more

The Mary Frances Cook Book
Jane Earye Fryer
World Library , English
Turkey Book - Jenny Perry

Turkey BookJenny Perry

WHY CHOOSE THIS BOOK?Because it will set you on the fast track to a new career as a highly-successful author and/or publisher, taking advantage of the amazing home-business opportunity presented by the Kindle publishing platform.

Turkey Book
Jenny Perry
Cooking Mastery Guide - Sonja Baker

Cooking Mastery GuideSonja Baker

This book is packed with hints and tips to help you save money and time in the kitchen. It will show you how to save time by arranging your kitchen and utensils to make cooking easier. It will share the secrets behind:Italian cookingCajun f… more

Cooking Mastery Guide
Sonja Baker
A Polish-Inspired Easter Bre... - Marshella Goodsworth

A Polish-Inspired Easter Bre...Marshella Goodsworth

These are lovely Polish influenced recipes that will turn your Easter breakfast or Easter brunch into something special and exotic.

The recipes are luxurious, decadent and easy to follow. Enjoy! Happy Easter. Happy cooking! Get the book… more

A Polish-Inspired Easter Breakfast Buffet Recipe Collection
Marshella Goodsworth
Great grandma's recipe box - james harper

Great grandma's recipe boxjames harper

I was going through my great grandmothers recipe file the other day witch she left for who ever wanted it when she died. And I saw recipes that in today’s world of LOW FAT, SUGAR FREE, LOW CARB ECT. ECT. Would never be cooked or even snif… more

Great grandma’s recipe box
james harper
19 How To Delicious Pumpkin Recipes - Lisa Rosa

19 How To Delicious Pumpkin RecipesLisa Rosa

Descripton: Important Notice: Buy today as there will be a probable priceincrease!Do You Love Variety And Somethng New,Grab Your Copy, 19 How To Delicious Pumpkin Recipes New and Unique

19 How To Delicious Pumpkin Recipes
Lisa Rosa
42 Fabulous Dinner Recipes :... - Sarah Evans

42 Fabulous Dinner Recipes :...Sarah Evans

42 Fabulous Dinner Recipes : A Delightful Change from the Run-of-the-Mill DinnerThis recipe cookbook is a delectable array of dinner recipes as well as a few of my own favorites for you to enjoy.

42 Fabulous Dinner Recipes : A Delightful Change from the Run-of-the-Mill Dinner
Sarah Evans
A Meal For Any Occasion: Tha... - Kirk Castle

A Meal For Any Occasion: Tha...Kirk Castle

This book contains all those recipes which one should know for different family occasions, like ‘Thanksgiving day’, Christmas and New Years eve. This book will help you a lot for making delicious food at home by yourself. It’s a complete gu… more

A Meal For Any Occasion: ThanksGiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day Recipes
Kirk Castle
Food for Heroes: The Officia... - Jon Pullen

Food for Heroes: The Officia...Jon Pullen

The official Help for Heroes Cook Book featuring recipes that celebrities, chefs and military people would like to feed to their heroes plus much more… This book asks British personalities and servicemen and women, both current and past, … more

Food for Heroes: The Official Help For Heroes Cook Book
Jon Pullen
Accent Press , English
Copycat Restaurant Recipes: ... - Rachel Forbes

Copycat Restaurant Recipes: ...Rachel Forbes

The copycat restaurant recipes book features 660 famous recipes of America’s favorite restaurants. Applebee’s Recipes, Olive Garden Recipes, McDonald’s Recipes, Wendy’s Recipes, Starbucks Recipes, Taco Bell Recipes, T.G.I. Friday’s Recipes,… more

Copycat Restaurant Recipes: 660 Of America’s Favorite Restaurant Recipes
Rachel Forbes
147 Tex-Mex Recipes - Justin Adam

147 Tex-Mex RecipesJustin Adam

Nothing spices up an outdoor barbeque or an indoor party like Tex-Mex cooking. Here you’ll find plenty of recipes to please your family and satisfy your friends.

147 Tex-Mex Recipes
Justin Adam
The Young Ladies Easy Cook Book - Caroline L Walker

The Young Ladies Easy Cook BookCaroline L Walker

This book is for young people who wish to learn how to cook meals in an easy to follow way. Learn how to make your first meals easily, the recipes here can also be adapted to use in other recipes and can be frozen. So if you have just moved… more

The Young Ladies Easy Cook Book
Caroline L Walker
CWP , English
Bella and Edward's Love Bite... -

Bella and Edward's Love Bite...

Stephanie Meyer has captured our hearts with Bella and Edward’s romance featured in the Twilight Series. This recipe book is inspired by their love story and features recipes to recapture each special moment such as their first date and fi… more

Bella and Edward’s Love Bites: Tasty Twilight Series Recipes
272 Baked Chicken Recipes - Justin Adam

272 Baked Chicken RecipesJustin Adam

Baked chicken lies close to the heart of almost everyone I know. It triggers fond memories of enjoyable times in the past, and promises more pleasures in the days to come. Despite what the hot dog manufacturers want you to believe, Baked … more

272 Baked Chicken Recipes
Justin Adam