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The Everything Coconut Diet ... - Anji Sandage, Lorena Novak Bull RD

The Everything Coconut Diet ...Anji Sandage, Lorena Novak Bull RD

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Coconut oil contains natural saturated fats that are rapidly digested and help accelerate weight loss, kill viruses and bacteria, boost energy, and nourish skin and hair. This easy-to-use guide shows you how to incorporate coconut into your… more

The Everything Coconut Diet Cookbook: The delicious and natural way to, lose weight fast, boost energy, improve digestion, reduce inflammation and get healthy for life (Everything (Cooking))
Anji Sandage, Lorena Novak Bull RD
Adams Media , English
Healthy Recipes For Kids: 31... - Susan Thompson

Healthy Recipes For Kids: 31...Susan Thompson

Having Children is such a joy! However, it is also a great responsibility on many levels. One of your important charges is their overall health and well-being. Getting kids to eat what is healthy yet appealing is a task that falls to many p… more

Healthy Recipes For Kids: 31 Healthy And Delicious Recipes For Kids (Vol.1)
Susan Thompson
Dairy Free Diet - Carla Sanborn

Dairy Free DietCarla Sanborn

Dairy Free Diet: The Dairy Free Cookbook Reference for Dairy Free RecipesFinally, here is a book that has all dairy free recipes for those who are on the dairy free diet for health reasons or by choice. The recipes in this book are good for… more

Dairy Free Diet
Carla Sanborn
The Everything Anti-Inflamma... - Karlyn Grimes

The Everything Anti-Inflamma...Karlyn Grimes

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Olive oil protects your heart Mushrooms fight free radicalsGinger can combat rheumatoid arthritisWhy live with chronic pain when the remedy can be as simple as changing the foods you eat? Diets high in processed, fatty, and sugary foods are… more

The Everything Anti-Inflammation Diet Book: The easy-to-follow, scientifically-proven plan to Reverse and prevent disease Lose weight and increase energy … of aging Live pain-free (Everything®)
Karlyn Grimes
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The Migraine Gourmet:A Guide... - Jerry Rainville

The Migraine Gourmet:A Guide...Jerry Rainville

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A Selection of the National Headache FoundationMore than just a cookbook for migraine avoidance, The Migraine Gourmet is a comprehensive guide to migraine-free eating. Emphasizing the use of fresh ingredients with less salt and fat, it inc… more

The Migraine Gourmet:A Guide to Migraine-free Cooking
Jerry Rainville
iUniverse , English
The Renal Survival Cookbook - Lolo Courtney, Louise Stanley

The Renal Survival CookbookLolo Courtney, Louise Stanley

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The Renal Survival Cookbook offers nourishing recipes, and practical suggestions to help with your daily cooking. Not only are the meals, side dishes, snacks, and desserts tasty and easy to make, but they all feature kidney-friendly foods, … more

The Renal Survival Cookbook
Lolo Courtney, Louise Stanley
Happy Food:  Mood Lifting Recipes - Donna E. Pickelsimer

Happy Food: Mood Lifting RecipesDonna E. Pickelsimer

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Happy Food: Mood Lifting Recipes, assists you in discovering the food sources available to facilitate a happy and healthy lifestyle.
The foods we do eat and those we avoid can have a major impact on how we feel physically and psychologi… more

Happy Food: Mood Lifting Recipes
Donna E. Pickelsimer
Divergent Equities Corporation , English
No Whine With Dinner: 150 He... - Liz Weiss, Janice Newell Bissex

No Whine With Dinner: 150 He...Liz Weiss, Janice Newell Bissex

Written by Liz Weiss and Janice Newell Bissex – the dietitians behind the popular cooking blog, Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen – the book features 150 easy-to-make, family-friendly recipes as well as 50 moms’ secrets for getting picky eate… more

No Whine With Dinner: 150 Healthy Kid-Tested Recipes from the Meal Makeover Moms
Liz Weiss, Janice Newell Bissex
Favorite Recipes Press , English
Detox Recipes - Anita Bates

Detox RecipesAnita Bates

Detox RecipesA How-To Detox Book on Using the Detox Diet for Maximum Detoxification BenefitsThe helpful detox cookbook, “Detox Recipes – A How-To Detox Book on Using the Detox Diet for Maximum Detoxification Benefits,” is your essential how… more

Detox Recipes
Anita Bates
Simple Ayurvedic Recipes - Myra Lewin

Simple Ayurvedic RecipesMyra Lewin

Simple Ayurvedic Recipes is a guide to creating quick, tasty, and balanced meals, combining the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with practical steps for the modern cook. This book captures the essence and impact of this natural approach, taking … more

Simple Ayurvedic Recipes
Myra Lewin
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Bioactive Food as Dietary In... - Ronald Ross Watson

Bioactive Food as Dietary In...Ronald Ross Watson

While diet has long been recognized as having potential to alleviate symptoms of inflammatory diseases including arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia, research indicates that specific foods offer particular benefits in preventing or mitigating… more

Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Arthritis and Related Inflammatory Diseases: Bioactive Food in Chronic Disease States (Bioactive Foods in Chronic Disease States)
Ronald Ross Watson
Academic Press , English
Everyday Healthy Meals Cookbook - Network for a Healthy California

Everyday Healthy Meals CookbookNetwork for a Healthy California

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You can become a Champion for Change for your family by makingmeals and snacks packed with plenty of fruits and vegetables andmaking sure your family is physically active every day.Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables as part of… more

Everyday Healthy Meals Cookbook
Network for a Healthy California
The Uses of Herbal Teas and ... - DEVIKA PRIMIC

The Uses of Herbal Teas and ...DEVIKA PRIMIC

The Many Different Ways of Using Herbal Teas and Indian Spices, including the use of the Best Traditional Medicine

The Uses of Herbal Teas and Indian Spices
Grain Free Cooking - Lisa Corre

Grain Free CookingLisa Corre

Grain Free CookingDelicious Grain Free Cooking and Grain Free Baking at HomeThere are lots of reasons to go grain free. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight with low carb meals, you need to follow a gluten free diet, or you’re interested in… more

Grain Free Cooking
Lisa Corre
Romancing the Stove® 2.0 - Samahria Ramsen

Romancing the Stove® 2.0Samahria Ramsen

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Romancing the Stove® 2.0 opens the door to new approach of cooking and eating, based on the practice of the Himalayan Masters. It explains simple, easy, and fun-filled way to help balancing and revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit. It i… more

Romancing the Stove® 2.0
Samahria Ramsen
Omnilux Communications Inc. , English
And That's How You Make Cheese! - Shane Sokol

And That's How You Make Cheese!Shane Sokol

With almost thirty easy-to-follow recipes and complete instructions, And That’s How You Make Cheese! is the definitive guide for making fresh and aged cheeses right in your kitchen. With just a little effort, anyone can make fresh and aged … more

And That’s How You Make Cheese!
Shane Sokol
iUniverse , English
The Quintessential Quinoa Co... - Wendy Polisi

The Quintessential Quinoa Co...Wendy Polisi

With over 200 pages of quinoa-inspired cuisine, The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook is unlike any other quinoa cookbook. Inside you’ll find Wendy’s exclusive, hand-crafted recipes, photographs of every recipe, nutritional information for eve… more

The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook: Eat Great, Lose Weight, Feel Healthy
Wendy Polisi
Skyhorse Publishing , English
The Healthy Kitchen - Andrew Weil Md, Rosie Daley

The Healthy KitchenAndrew Weil Md, Rosie Daley

Two of America’s most popular authorities on healthy eating and cooking join forces in this inspiring, easy-to-use cookbook. This is not a diet book. It is a lively guide to healthy cooking, day-by-day, packed with essential information and… more

The Healthy Kitchen
Andrew Weil Md, Rosie Daley
Knopf , English
101 Marijuana Recipes: The L... - Michael Joseph

101 Marijuana Recipes: The L...Michael Joseph

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101 Marijuana Recipe’s by Michael Joseph is a collection of various medical marijuana treats. In this cookbook you will find many traditional recipes for drinks, deserts, appetizers, and entrees. Just a few of the recipes include marijuana … more

101 Marijuana Recipes: The Largest Medical Marijuana Cookbook on the Planet
Michael Joseph
Mike's Mighty Meals 2nd Edit... - Michael Glynn

Mike's Mighty Meals 2nd Edit...Michael Glynn

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The “Mike’s Mighty Meals” series is based on healthy “Mindful Meals” that individuals can prepare for them selves, friends, family and just about any occasion in about 30 minutes or less. Since Mike is big in to eating right while not givin… more

Mike’s Mighty Meals 2nd Edition Volume 2
Michael Glynn
Michael Glynn , English