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Have Your Cake - Emily Rose Brott

Have Your CakeEmily Rose Brott

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Now you can have your cake and eat it too with these delicious recipes made with no butter, no white flour and no added sugar that still taste and look like ‘normal’ treats. Inside you will find 60 recipes ranging from biscuits, cakes, muff… more

Have Your Cake
Emily Rose Brott
The Five Mile Press , English
Treat Yourself: Healthy, Low... - Kate Tietje

Treat Yourself: Healthy, Low...Kate Tietje

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One unfortunate truth that real foodies have to confront is that sugar isn’t good for you. Knowing this means that most desserts — homemade or store-bought — are out, because most rely heavily on sugar for their flavor, namely white suga… more

Treat Yourself: Healthy, Low-Sugar, Whole Food Dessert Recipes (Modern Alternative Mama: In the Kitchen)
Kate Tietje
Healthy Recipes For Kids: 31... - Susan Thompson

Healthy Recipes For Kids: 31...Susan Thompson

Having Children is such a joy! However, it is also a great responsibility on many levels. One of your important charges is their overall health and well-being. Getting kids to eat what is healthy yet appealing is a task that falls to many p… more

Healthy Recipes For Kids: 31 Healthy And Delicious Recipes For Kids (Vol.1)
Susan Thompson
Try-It Diet - Anti-Inflammat... - Adams Media

Try-It Diet - Anti-Inflammat...Adams Media

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Think all diets have to be boring and bland? Think again. With Try-It Diet: Anti-Inflammation Diet, you’ll get a taste for the nutritional plan without having to give up great tasting food like Crêpes with Blueberry Sauce, Turkey Breast Pic… more

Try-It Diet - Anti-Inflammation Diet (Try-It Diets)
Adams Media
Adams Media , English
The Natural Pet Food Cookboo... - Wendy Nan Rees, Kevin Schlanger

The Natural Pet Food Cookboo...Wendy Nan Rees, Kevin Schlanger

You Want The Best For Your PetsAfter the massive commercial pet food recall in 2007, you’re probably concerned about why to feed your dog or cat. The Natural Pet Food Cookbook: Healthful Recipes For Dogs And Cats gives you great ways to sup… more

The Natural Pet Food Cookbook: Healthful Recipes for Dogs and Cats
Wendy Nan Rees, Kevin Schlanger
Howell Book House , English
Dropping Acid: The Reflux Di... - Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern

Dropping Acid: The Reflux Di...Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern

Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure is the first book to offer a nontraditional diet to help cure reflux, as well as the best and worst foods for a reflux sufferer. Using her extensive research, Dr. Koufman defines this shockingl… more

Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure
Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern
The Reflux Cookbooks LLC , English
Healthy Cooking Recipes: Bei... - Nancy Davis

Healthy Cooking Recipes: Bei...Nancy Davis

Healthy Cooking RecipesBeing Healthy in an Unhealthy World One of the hardest things we can do in today’s world is keep our bodies healthy. Yes, we might have the means, but we simply do not have the knowledge! If you step outside you will … more

Healthy Cooking Recipes: Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World
Nancy Davis
Yummy (and Healthy), Budget-... -

Yummy (and Healthy), Budget-...

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—Added original content, alternative recipe suggestions, and introduction.Imagine feeding your family, healthy, nutritious meals that are easy on the budget!This collection of 40 frugal-minded recipes recall some old favorites like delicio… more

Yummy (and Healthy), Budget-Friendly, Family Recipes: Tips and Tricks for Delicious, Economical Meals (Annotated)
Insight Solutions, LLC , English
Cooking For Pregnant And Lac... - Kanchan Kabra

Cooking For Pregnant And Lac...Kanchan Kabra

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Cooking for Pregnant & Lactating Womenby Kanchan KabraThis book presents a feast of delicious and nutritious recipes created for women planning a baby, for pregnant women and for lactating ones. This is a boon to them.Kanchan Kabra being a … more

Cooking For Pregnant And Lactating Women
Kanchan Kabra
Superfoods And Their Benefits - John Stanley

Superfoods And Their BenefitsJohn Stanley

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Everybody is talking about superfoods. But what are they and are they really as good as they sayMany people think of a superfood as some unpronounceable fruit or vegetable from the Middle or Far East, but it’s surprising how common and avai… more

Superfoods And Their Benefits
John Stanley
I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program - Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar: 8-Week ProgramSarah Wilson

Australian media personality, Sarah Wilson, was addicted to sugar. She needed it every day. She convinced herself it was “good sugar”. But sugar is sugar. And it was making her sick, tired and bloated. She set about researching all the diff… more

I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program
Sarah Wilson
I Quit Sugar Pty. Ltd. , English
Egg Free Side Dish Recipes: ... - Alexander Marriot

Egg Free Side Dish Recipes: ...Alexander Marriot

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Presenting you, the 10 greatest egg free side dish recipes ever. Some might be basic, some might be more advanced, and tastes might be subjective; but if you need your side dishes without egg as ingredient, then you have to try every recipe… more

Egg Free Side Dish Recipes: The 10 Greatest Egg Free Side Dish Recipes Ever
Alexander Marriot
Dairy Free Appetizer Recipes... - Alexander Marriot

Dairy Free Appetizer Recipes...Alexander Marriot

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Presenting you, the 10 greatest dairy free appetizer recipes ever. Some might be basic, some might be more advanced, and tastes might be subjective; but if you ant to try out some dairy free appetizer recipes, then you have to try every rec… more

Dairy Free Appetizer Recipes: The 10 Greatest Dairy Free Appetizer Recipes Ever
Alexander Marriot
Soyer's Culinary Campaign : ... - Alexis Soyer

Soyer's Culinary Campaign : ...Alexis Soyer

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Soyer’s Culinary Campaign,the Late War,Cookery,Alexis Soyer,Recipe,Military Institutions,Civil InstitutionsTHE Author of this work begs to inform his readers that his principal object in producing his “Culinary Campaign” is to perpetuate th… more

Soyer’s Culinary Campaign : Being Historical Reminiscences of the Late War. with The Plain Art of Cookery for Military and Civil Institutions
Alexis Soyer
Food and Health - Carlos Cesar Ferraz Jr

Food and HealthCarlos Cesar Ferraz Jr

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A guide to get ideal weight and health. A comprehensive text containing several information researched and applied on several satisfied customers who got rid of their bellys and got back their health and well-being. Learn how to really eat … more

Food and Health
Carlos Cesar Ferraz Jr
The Food You Crave: Luscious... - Ellie Krieger

The Food You Crave: Luscious...Ellie Krieger

Do you think that healthy food couldn’t possibly taste good? Does the idea of “eating healthy” conjure up images of roughage and steamed vegetables? Author Ellie Krieger, host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, will change all that. A regi… more

The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life
Ellie Krieger
Taunton Press , English
Simple Healthy Dessert Recipes - Sara Mancini

Simple Healthy Dessert RecipesSara Mancini

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Desserts represent a major part of the meals. Not only talking about the nutritional value they can provide but also because they help to strengthen relationships among companions at table while enjoying something delicious and that will be… more

Simple Healthy Dessert Recipes
Sara Mancini
How To Make Marijuana Peanut... - Michael Joseph

How To Make Marijuana Peanut...Michael Joseph

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How To Make Marijuana Peanut Butter Bars is a step by step recipe guide. Consuming marijuana does not only have to be done via smoke. Marijuana edibles are a great way to get your marijuana consumption without having to put smoke into your … more

How To Make Marijuana Peanut Butter Bars
Michael Joseph
The Truly Healthy Family Coo... - Tina Ruggiero

The Truly Healthy Family Coo...Tina Ruggiero

When it comes to food and nutrition, it’s understandable to be confused right now. What’s healthier; vegan, Paleo, gluten-free or raw? Are you stumped about what to feed your family?THE TRULY HEALTHY FAMILY COOKBOOK has the answers. It’s fu… more

The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook: Mega-nutritious Meals that are Inspired, Delicious and Fad-free
Tina Ruggiero
Page Street Publishing , English
Detox Recipes - Anita Bates

Detox RecipesAnita Bates

Detox RecipesA How-To Detox Book on Using the Detox Diet for Maximum Detoxification BenefitsThe helpful detox cookbook, “Detox Recipes – A How-To Detox Book on Using the Detox Diet for Maximum Detoxification Benefits,” is your essential how… more

Detox Recipes
Anita Bates