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Sorcha (The MacDowell Saga Book 5) - James Warner

Sorcha (The MacDowell Saga Book 5)James Warner

The saga continues with Caryn’s youngest daughter, Sorcha, the end point in the bioengineering project perpetrated on the MacDowell family.

Sorcha (The MacDowell Saga Book 5)
James Warner
Weird Space: Satan's Reach - Eric Brown

Weird Space: Satan's ReachEric Brown

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Telepath Den Harper did the dirty work for the authoritarian Expansion, reading the minds of criminals, spies and undesirables, for years. Unable to take the strain, he stole a starship and headed into the void, a sector of lawless space kn… more

Weird Space: Satan’s Reach
Eric Brown
Abaddon Books , English
Cosmic Exile - Volume II - Armand Vespertine

Cosmic Exile - Volume IIArmand Vespertine

Average wait: N/A

Levanoch has been set free.

Stranded almost a billion lightyears from Earth, the crew of the Deity search for him desperately, knowing that every instant he is free the entire Human race is in danger.

But Levanoch is more cunning and dev… more

Cosmic Exile - Volume II
Armand Vespertine
Long Shot: A Remnant of the ... - Christopher Williams

Long Shot: A Remnant of the ...Christopher Williams

1 rating
Average wait: 73d, 22h

The war was over. Aaron’s beloved Commonwealth had lost to the Miram Union. With their families dead and their nation destroyed, Aaron and four other soldiers make a break for freedom; anything has to be better than being a prisoner of war…. more

Long Shot: A Remnant of the Commonwealth, Book One
Christopher Williams
I think, therefore I am virus - Ian Harrison

I think, therefore I am virusIan Harrison

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Scientists have speculated that evolution was kick-started when a simple cell was invaded by a virus which took over control by becoming its nucleus, and others say that viruses may have arrived here carried on meteorites. What is certain i… more

I think, therefore I am virus
Ian Harrison
Ian R Harrison , English
The Helverti Invasion (The R... - John Dalmas

The Helverti Invasion (The R...John Dalmas

Average wait: N/A

MYSTIC EARTH WARRIORS VS. ALIEN CULTS OF CHAOSAfter a global war had crippled Earth’s civilization, lizard-like aliens had thought they would have no trouble in moving in and taking over. That was a big mistake—secret galactic agents had be… more

The Helverti Invasion (The Regiment Book 4)
John Dalmas
Baen Books , English
The Van Rijn Method (The Tec... - Poul Anderson

The Van Rijn Method (The Tec...Poul Anderson

Average wait: N/A

The Buck Starts Here!Think there’s an unbridgeable gulf between human and alien thought Not so! There’s a common tongue, all right — and Nicholas Van Rijn speaks it fluently: TRADE. For behind the buffoonish blarney and bawdy bonhomie of t… more

The Van Rijn Method (The Technic Civilization Saga Book 1)
Poul Anderson
Baen Books , English
The Machiavelli Interface (T... - Steve Perry

The Machiavelli Interface (T...Steve Perry

Average wait: N/A

The Matadors versus Marcus Jefferson Wall, the personification of evil …A Matador Novel.

The Machiavelli Interface (The Matadors)
Steve Perry
FS& , English
The Heretic (Raj Whitehall Book 9) - David Drake, Tony Daniel

The Heretic (Raj Whitehall Book 9)David Drake, Tony Daniel

Average wait: N/A

ABEL DASHIAN’S WORLD DOESN’T NEED A HERODuisberg is one of thousands of planets plunged into darkness and chaos by the collapse of the galactic republic, but where other worlds have begun to rebuild a star-travelling culture, Duisberg remai… more

The Heretic (Raj Whitehall Book 9)
David Drake, Tony Daniel
Baen Books , English
From A Changeling Star - Jeffrey A. Carver

From A Changeling StarJeffrey A. Carver

Across the galaxy, tensions are rising between the authoritarian Tandesko Triune and the free-marketeers of the Auricle Alliance. Nevertheless, scientists of both sides have come together in Project Starmuse, to observe the giant star Betel… more

From A Changeling Star
Jeffrey A. Carver
E-Reads , English
The Forgotten (Blake's 7 Book 1) - Mark Wright, Cavan Scott

The Forgotten (Blake's 7 Book 1)Mark Wright, Cavan Scott

Average wait: N/A

At the very edge of the Federation lies an area of space that doesn’t appear on any star chart. No one has ventured there for decades. No one knows it even exists.The Forgotten are waiting.Under attack from a fleet of Federation ships comma… more

The Forgotten (Blake’s 7 Book 1)
Mark Wright, Cavan Scott
Big Finish , English
Resurrecting History (13) (T... - Keegan Hennis

Resurrecting History (13) (T...Keegan Hennis

Average wait: N/A

Since we last saw Eric, a lot has happened. Granted the right to recruit a crew from across time and space, he chose people he felt he could trust, people that had the skills and knowledge to run his ship, the newly refurbished Onyx. But … more

Resurrecting History (13) (Tides of the Continuum)
Keegan Hennis
Sacred Ground - Chris Towndrow

Sacred GroundChris Towndrow

Average wait: N/A

The war is over. Everyone should embrace peace, but Rakkel is struggling with his emotions. As one of the most valued and successful warship captains within the Placer race’s space-faring Fleet organisation he faces a future that is anxious… more

Sacred Ground
Chris Towndrow
Bob Shaw SF Gateway Omnibus:... - Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw SF Gateway Omnibus:...Bob Shaw

From the vaults of The SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal introduction to the work of the award-winning Bob Shaw. Best known for his extraordinary novel of ‘slow glass’, O… more

Bob Shaw SF Gateway Omnibus: Orbitsville, The Ragged Astronauts, A Wreath of Stars
Bob Shaw
Gateway , English
The Returning - Bryan Thomas Schmidt

The ReturningBryan Thomas Schmidt

Average wait: N/A

The Vertullians are free and have full citizenship but that doesn’t mean they’re accepted. Someone is sending assassins to kill and terrorize them, riling up the old enmity all over again, while Xalivar is back seeking revenge on Davi and a… more

The Returning
Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Diminished Media Group , English
Vendien: Conversion - Kierstyn Zolfo, Brandon Smith

Vendien: ConversionKierstyn Zolfo, Brandon Smith

Average wait: N/A

A new and tenuous peace has brought stabililty to the warring Vendien System and its colonies, but new victims are discovered each day. Her family murdered, Raisa Nolan escapes to the faraway moon colony of Ivoire in search of safe haven an… more

Vendien: Conversion
Kierstyn Zolfo, Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith and Kierstyn Zolfo , English
The Discovery (Astronomicon) - Paul Vincent

The Discovery (Astronomicon)Paul Vincent

27 years after establishing a colony on a planet in orbit around Proxima Centauri, the colonists make a bizarre discovery, one which shakes the very foundations of the human race. Chris Sergov coordinates the investigation to establish if t… more

The Discovery (Astronomicon)
Paul Vincent
Shake-the-Tree , English
Border Pilots - Andrew Culver

Border PilotsAndrew Culver

Average wait: N/A

Chris Jennings is arguably the most knowledgeable foodie in the galaxy. He’s also a Border Pilot, member of an elite group that protects the Republic from vicious drug smugglers. Jennings is pretty good at his job – when he’s not fantasizin… more

Border Pilots
Andrew Culver
Alien Caller - Greg Curtis

Alien CallerGreg Curtis

Average wait: N/A

Retired agent David Hill lives alone in a remote wilderness community. His house is a fortress. His neighbours know nothing about him. His name has been changed. Even his face is not his own. He likes it that way. It’s comfortable. And with… more

Alien Caller
Greg Curtis
GMC , English
The City and the Ship (Brain... - Anne McCaffrey, S. M. Stirling

The City and the Ship (Brain...Anne McCaffrey, S. M. Stirling

Average wait: N/A

Two novels in one large volume, both set in the same universe as The Ship Who Sang:The City Who Fought: Simeon was bored with running the mining and processing station that made up his “body.” If anyone was to survive, somehow he must trans… more

The City and the Ship (Brain and Brawn Ship Series combo volumes Book 2)
Anne McCaffrey, S. M. Stirling
Baen Books , English