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Lone Huntress - AP Miller

Lone HuntressAP Miller

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andrew (archone89144)”” was marked “”Online”” on Sun Jun 09 13:57:07 2013.andrew: The future is freedom. The Federation, a vast civilization of humanity and its allies and derivatives spanning across hundreds of worlds. The future is cutti… more

Lone Huntress
AP Miller
BookCountry , English
The Heretic (Raj Whitehall) - Tony Daniel, David Drake

The Heretic (Raj Whitehall)Tony Daniel, David Drake

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ABEL DASHIAN’S WORLD DOESN’T NEED A HERODuisberg is one of thousands of planets plunged into darkness and chaos by the collapse of the galactic republic, but where other worlds have begun to rebuild a star-travelling culture, Duisberg remai… more

The Heretic (Raj Whitehall)
Tony Daniel, David Drake
Baen Books , English
Diving into the Wreck - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Diving into the WreckKristine Kathryn Rusch

Boss loves to dive historical ships, derelict spacecraft found adrift in the blackness between the stars. Sometimes she salvages for money, but mostly she’s an active historian. She wants to know about the past—to experience it firsthand. O… more

Diving into the Wreck
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Pyr , English
The Empire Within: Book III ... - J. Patrick Sutton

The Empire Within: Book III ...J. Patrick Sutton

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I’m releasing Part 1 of Book III, despite some proofing errors, because it’s been so long since Book II came out. It has been a big push to close some plot elements so that I can focus on the finale Part 2. Also, Book III will be about 1000… more

The Empire Within: Book III of the Irredente Chronicles (Part 1)
J. Patrick Sutton
Marwolf Press , English
Kren of the Mitchegai - Leo Frankowski, Dave Grossman

Kren of the MitchegaiLeo Frankowski, Dave Grossman

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The Virtual-Reality Mercenaries of A Boy and His Tank Face a New Menace—and There’s Nothing Virtual About It!First, the involuntary colonists of New Kashubia rescued their planet from crushing debt by becoming virtual-reality mercenaries, t… more

Kren of the Mitchegai
Leo Frankowski, Dave Grossman
Baen Books , English
The Final Battle (Rebirth #3) - Eric Filler

The Final Battle (Rebirth #3)Eric Filler

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Six years after the war between humans and S’Parnians ended with the emergence of the Savior, the fragile peace is shattered by the appearance of an ancient foe. Soon the Great Matrix is stolen, S’Parni and Earth are occupied, and all resi… more

The Final Battle (Rebirth #3)
Eric Filler
Planet 99 Publishing , English
A Fire in Heaven: Voyages of... - Michael Erickston

A Fire in Heaven: Voyages of...Michael Erickston

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              WARNING: Contains erotic love scenes and vulgar language. If that offends you, move along. If you can take it, please enjoy the ride. :)Veterans of the Hegemony War, Dex Relway and his partner and best friend Rilar now roa... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00FJBI9L2/#editorial-review">more</a>
A Fire in Heaven: Voyages of the Solar Wind Book 1
Michael Erickston
The Moon Maid - Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Moon MaidEdgar Rice Burroughs

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The first manned spaceship to reach the moon discovered a world hidden from human eyes - a world of flying women, of conical cities, and of semi-human monsters who fought for power across these eerie Lunar plains.

The Moon Maid
Edgar Rice Burroughs
eStar Books , English
Red Serpent: The Elemental King - Delson Armstrong

Red Serpent: The Elemental KingDelson Armstrong

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The bloodthirsty General returns to unite with his Earthly forces, ready to strike…Humanity must choose its allegiances as it stands at the brink of chaos…Rebellious leaders lurk in the shadows and threaten their survival…The Falsifier real… more

Red Serpent: The Elemental King
Delson Armstrong
9ine Inc. , English
The New Breed. The Sharl Volume 2. - Ron.  L. Davis

The New Breed. The Sharl Volume 2.Ron. L. Davis

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The Sharl. Par two, The New Breed. The second volume of the series is now available on Amazon Kindle. Science Fiction/Fantasy. The Sharl is a series of five volumes, a pentalogy.Follow the exploits of the immortal brother and sister, two … more

The New Breed. The Sharl Volume 2.
Ron. L. Davis
Ron. L. Davis , English
Transgalactic (Clane) - A. E. Van Vogt

Transgalactic (Clane)A. E. Van Vogt

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Empire of the Atom and The Wizard of Linn: Global war smashed civilization—or so the legends told-but not all of its machines. A caste of “scientists” arose who knew how to repair and operate the ancient machines—but not how they worked—and… more

Transgalactic (Clane)
A. E. Van Vogt
Baen Books , English
Troika - Alastair Reynolds

TroikaAlastair Reynolds

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In novels such as Chasm City and Revelation Space, Alastair Reynolds established himself as an indisputable master of the far-flung intergalactic epic. Reynolds brings that same deceptively effortless mastery to the shorter fictional forms,… more

Alastair Reynolds
Subterranean Press , English
Grand Central Arena (Grand C... - Ryk Spoor

Grand Central Arena (Grand C...Ryk Spoor

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It was supposed to be a simple test flight, one that pilot Ariane Austin was on only as a last-ditch backup; intelligent, superhumanly fast automation would handle the test activation and flight of humanity’s first faster-than-light vessel…. more

Grand Central Arena (Grand Central Arena series)
Ryk Spoor
Baen Books , English
Fire Season (Honor Harringto... - David Weber, Jane Lindskold

Fire Season (Honor Harringto...David Weber, Jane Lindskold

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Second entry in a new young adult series by New York Times best seller David Weber, and the prequel to the hugely popular Honor Harrington adult science fiction saga.Fire in the forest—and a cry for help from a trapped and desperate alien m… more

Fire Season (Honor Harrington - Star Kingdom)
David Weber, Jane Lindskold
Baen Books , English
Hide and Seek - Kris Katzen

Hide and SeekKris Katzen

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Captain of her own ship and daughter of the Queen of the Fleet, Danell never ran into an enemy she couldn’t chase off or elude. Until now.

Hide and Seek
Kris Katzen
Bluetrix Books , English
The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall) - Eric Flint, David Drake

The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall)Eric Flint, David Drake

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On the planet Hafardine, civilization must rediscover progress or collapse. Adrian, guided by disembodied electronic mentors from space, has brought gunpowder and steam power to the Kingdom of the Isles to break the stranglehold of the Empi… more

The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall)
Eric Flint, David Drake
Baen Books , English
The Independent Command (The... - James Doohan, S. M. Stirling

The Independent Command (The...James Doohan, S. M. Stirling

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THEYRE SWARMING FOR THE KILLAND WE ARE THE PREY!Everybody knows how despicable the alien Fibians are. Allies of the fanatic Mollie rebels against the human Commonwealth, they show no mercy, they have no remorse, and they find human … more

The Independent Command (The Flight Engineer)
James Doohan, S. M. Stirling
Baen Books , English
The Cold Equations - Tom Godwin

The Cold EquationsTom Godwin

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THE UNIVERSE DOESN’T CAREA pilot is on an emergency mission to a planet whose colony is doomed if he doesn’t get there fast. He has just enough fuel to reach the planet—then he finds that he has a stowaway, a young girl wanting to be with h… more

The Cold Equations
Tom Godwin
Baen Books , English
Interstellar Patrol - Christopher Anvil

Interstellar PatrolChristopher Anvil

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A FEW GOOD CON MEN….The starship crew was stuck on a planet where the well-meaning schemes of ivory tower social engineers had created a nightmare of battling gangs. So they pretended to be the “Royal Legions” from a distant star kingdom … more

Interstellar Patrol
Christopher Anvil
Baen Books , English
Stellar Endeavors - Barclay H. Berg Jr.

Stellar EndeavorsBarclay H. Berg Jr.

Imagine finding a space ship; what would you do with it? This fictional book explores that possibility! A man and his dog gain access to an interstellar spacecraft. Next thing to do is put together a crew. You very well can’t start with a w… more

Stellar Endeavors
Barclay H. Berg Jr.
Tate Publishing , English