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Rex and Loon: Galaverse Gall... - J.R. Parker, James Andrew Wilson

Rex and Loon: Galaverse Gall...J.R. Parker, James Andrew Wilson

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When Loon Stargazer finds a spaceship in a garbage pile, he recognizes it as his ticket to wealth and fame. Rexal Quazar grudgingly consents to join him, resulting in the zaniest space-questing duo the Galaverse has ever known.

Season 1, … more

Rex and Loon: Galaverse Gallivanters, Season 1, Book 1: On the Loose
J.R. Parker, James Andrew Wilson
Two Crowns Press , English
The Galactic Circle Veterina... - Stephen Benjamin

The Galactic Circle Veterina...Stephen Benjamin

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On a planet far far away, a young veterinarian is drafted into service by his autocratic government. Dr. Cy Berger’s family is imprisoned and threatened with torture and death if he doesn’t successfully run the first-ever interplanetary vet… more

The Galactic Circle Veterinary Service
Stephen Benjamin
TWB Press , English
The Prodigal Sun (Evergence Book 1) - Sean Williams, Shane Dix

The Prodigal Sun (Evergence Book 1)Sean Williams, Shane Dix

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Morgan Roche, commander in the intelligence arm of the Commonwealth Empires, has been charged with protecting the AI known as The Box on a secret voyage across the galaxy. But en route her ship is ambushed by the Dato Bloc, and she is force… more

The Prodigal Sun (Evergence Book 1)
Sean Williams, Shane Dix
Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy , English
The Dark Imbalance (Evergenc... - Shane Dix, Sean Williams

The Dark Imbalance (Evergenc...Shane Dix, Sean Williams

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The ruins of Sol System have been empty for thousands of years. A place of death and mystery, it is shunned by all—until now.DEADLINE TO DESTRUCTION:Renegade intelligence agent Morgan Roche arrives hot on the heels of the clone warriors—e… more

The Dark Imbalance (Evergence Book 3)
Shane Dix, Sean Williams
Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy , English
The Fourth Civilization (Leg... - Brett Albright, Scott Bowler

The Fourth Civilization (Leg...Brett Albright, Scott Bowler

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Faster than light travel is finally a reality for the Veran civilization and under the guidance of Captain Drake Crisdal, the first ship of its kind, the Carnas, is uncovering the secrets of unsettled worlds at an amazing pace. But, out in … more

The Fourth Civilization (Legacy Book 1)
Brett Albright, Scott Bowler
Street Level Publishing , English
Adventures in Pellucidar - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Adventures in PellucidarEdgar Rice Burroughs

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This edition contains: At the Earth’s Core, Pellucidar, Tanar of Pellucidar, Tarzan at the Earth’s Core, Back to the Stone Age, Land of Terror and Savage Pellucidar

Adventures in Pellucidar
Edgar Rice Burroughs
eStar Books , English
The Clockwork Rocket (Orthog... - Greg Egan

The Clockwork Rocket (Orthog...Greg Egan

In Yalda’s universe, light has no universal speed and its creation generates energy. On Yalda’s world, plants make food by emitting their own light into the dark night sky. As a child, Yalda witnesses one of a series of strange meteors, the… more

The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal Book 1)
Greg Egan
Night Shade Books , English
The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall Book 8) - Eric Flint, David Drake

The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall Book 8)Eric Flint, David Drake

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On the planet Hafardine, civilization must rediscover progress or collapse. Adrian, guided by disembodied electronic mentors from space, has brought gunpowder and steam power to the Kingdom of the Isles to break the stranglehold of the Empi… more

The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall Book 8)
Eric Flint, David Drake
Baen Books , English
The Currents of Space (Galac... - Isaac Asimov

The Currents of Space (Galac...Isaac Asimov

High above the planet Florinia, the Squires of Sark live in unimaginable wealth and comfort. Down in the eternal spring of the planet, however, the native Florinians labor ceaselessly to produce the precious kyrt that brings prosperity to … more

The Currents of Space (Galactic Empire series Book 2)
Isaac Asimov
Tor Books , English
Coasting - Mack Meijers

CoastingMack Meijers

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An encounter between ships. One woman, waking up alone, and it’s not looking good. Follow her struggles. How she tries to stay alive but discovers a fate of dying alone. Forced to come to terms with those she left behind she makes a decisio… more

Mack Meijers
The Ship Who Searched (Brain... - Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey

The Ship Who Searched (Brain...Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey

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A young woman becomes paralyzed and must become a brainship—and find her Brawn, her human soul mate, so that she can discover a cure for her illness.Tia Cade is a headstrong, smart, and very normal girl until she contracts a terrible illnes… more

The Ship Who Searched (Brain and Brawn Ship Series Book 3)
Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey
Baen Books , English
Diving into the Wreck - Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Diving into the WreckKristine Kathryn Rusch

Boss loves to dive historical ships, derelict spacecraft found adrift in the blackness between the stars. Sometimes she salvages for money, but mostly she’s an active historian. She wants to know about the past—to experience it firsthand. O… more

Diving into the Wreck
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Pyr , English
Spider #12 September 1934 (T... - Grant Stockbridge, RadioArch...

Spider #12 September 1934 (T...Grant Stockbridge, RadioArch...

Will Murray’s Pulp Classics The Spider eBook

12 September 1934

Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every colum… more

Spider #12 September 1934 (The Spider)
Grant Stockbridge, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Precipice: The Beginning (Book One) - Kevin J. Howard

Precipice: The Beginning (Book One)Kevin J. Howard

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The End is only the Beginning….

It wasn’t the first time Lieutenant Travis Daniels had been far from his wife and son. Leading an elite team on countless missions, dodging death at every turn—it was what he was trained to do. And returni… more

Precipice: The Beginning (Book One)
Kevin J. Howard
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
Precipice: The Retrieval (Book Two) - Kevin J. Howard

Precipice: The Retrieval (Book Two)Kevin J. Howard

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Lieutenant Travis Daniels and his soldiers, having just narrowly escaped death from Martian security forces, must race against time to prepare the transport ship for their return to an embattled Earth. Travis will … more

Precipice: The Retrieval (Book Two)
Kevin J. Howard
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
A Fire in Heaven: Voyages of... - Michael Erickston

A Fire in Heaven: Voyages of...Michael Erickston

              *** Now Reformatted for easier reading! ***WARNING: 18+ ONLY! Contains explicit scenes of an erotic nature.This is the first book in the Voyages of the Solar Wind series, which follows Captain Dex Relway and his partner, g... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00FJBI9L2/#editorial-review">more</a>
A Fire in Heaven: Voyages of the Solar Wind Book 1
Michael Erickston
The Comet Riders (Seeds of a... - Anne Spackman

The Comet Riders (Seeds of a...Anne Spackman

The Comet Riders is the story of an alien race of explorers who visit other worlds. Eventually, one of the aliens will invent computerized immortality, by channeling his soul’s essence, his memories, into the body of a machine.

The Comet Riders (Seeds of a Fallen Empire Book 5)
Anne Spackman
The Book of Pictures - A New... - Patrick Murphy

The Book of Pictures - A New...Patrick Murphy

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A rich twenty-six year old introverted recluse has a secret, no one knows the Patents that made him rich come from his dreams of cat-people, dog-people, and bear-people on an alien world called Eros. His dreams might be an Earth secret, but… more

The Book of Pictures - A New Race (The Book of Pictures Episode one - A New Race - 1)
Patrick Murphy
WE Shall Be As GODS - 4th Te... - K.R.Columbus

WE Shall Be As GODS - 4th Te...K.R.Columbus

To save his sister Allita, Alain Rainhearth Pledged Himself to The Dark when he lost his family in an archeological expedition in the Pyramid of Annusekht. sent to theZiggurathon Academy, he serves as a double agent to Phenos, being both, A… more

WE Shall Be As GODS - 4th Testament - Children of Exile
Antiquarian Age Books , English
Emergence (The Time of Light... - T Monaghan

Emergence (The Time of Light...T Monaghan


An ancient evil lurks in the darkness of space…

Humanity is embroiled in an endless conflict with a mysterious foe. In the outer core of the galaxy a mission to survey potential colony worlds is coming to an end. As di… more

Emergence (The Time of Lights Book 1)
T Monaghan
Nothing of Consequence Diversions , English