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Burning History (5) (Tides o... - Keegan Hennis

Burning History (5) (Tides o...Keegan Hennis

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Volume 5. They never thought it would come, but the day has arrived. The fleets of the NEC have been forced to land on worlds and colonize while their ships float derelict in space due to loss of power. Their technology had up until that ti… more

Burning History (5) (Tides of the Continuum)
Keegan Hennis
Keegan Hennis , English
Cold Star - Joseph Loscalzo

Cold StarJoseph Loscalzo

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When Maria Velasquez began to hear the thoughts of others, she knew life would never be the same; but the possibility she could be the savior of not only the world, but an entire galaxy had never crossed her mind. Now Maria finds herself … more

Cold Star
Joseph Loscalzo
Rissa and Tregare (Rissa Ker... - F. M. Busby

Rissa and Tregare (Rissa Ker...F. M. Busby

Living a desperate life in the Total Welfare Center, the orphan Rissa discovers she has won the lottery and takes a chance to shape her own destiny. After she escapes from Earth with the help of a space pirate who may be more trouble than s… more

Rissa and Tregare (Rissa Kerguelen, 2)
F. M. Busby
Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy , English
The King (Telnarian Historie... - John Norman

The King (Telnarian Historie...John Norman

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To recruit his legion of space barbarians, the giant gladiator Otto must win their fierce loyalty, world by world, in lethal combat against monsters, men, aliens, and the beautiful, murderous slaves—while Imperial conspirators plot Otto’s a… more

The King (Telnarian Histories Book 3)
John Norman
Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy , English
Shadow Aspect (Seven Angels Book 2) - Matthew Guest

Shadow Aspect (Seven Angels Book 2)Matthew Guest

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It is 2643. Hundreds of billions of people live amongst the stars, ascendant amongst the firmament, gods in their own right. Disease has been defeated; war is a thing of the past. A golden age of prosperity beckonsBut now something has gone… more

Shadow Aspect (Seven Angels Book 2)
Matthew Guest
The Man Who Never Missed (Th... - Steve Perry

The Man Who Never Missed (Th...Steve Perry

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Meet Emile Antoon Khadaji — The man who sparked a revolution.A classic Matador space opera, and the the book that started it all.

The Man Who Never Missed (The Matadors)
Steve Perry
Migration - James P. Hogan

MigrationJames P. Hogan

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The world of the past eventually died in the conflagration toward which it had been doggedly heading. A more fragmented and diversified order has emerged from the ruins and . technology has reappeared to a greater or lesser degree in some p… more

James P. Hogan
Baen Books , English
McCade's Bounty (Sam McCade) - William C. Dietz

McCade's Bounty (Sam McCade)William C. Dietz

Six years ago, McCade and his men destroyed the deep-space empire of pirate Mustapha Pong. Now Pong’s back—with a vengeance. He’s kidnapped McCade’s daughter. This time, there’s no reward. The bounty belongs to McCade—and it’s personal.

McCade’s Bounty (Sam McCade)
William C. Dietz
E-Reads, Ltd. , English
The Battles for Zorphania Trilogy - T.C.R Baker

The Battles for Zorphania TrilogyT.C.R Baker

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Join two space adventurers, as they travel along the intergalactic highways, on their secret missions to infiltrate criminal underworlds… The first: Vaulkner, a tough experienced pilot, with an addiction to his reality gaming system… Th… more

The Battles for Zorphania Trilogy
T.C.R Baker
Kindle Publishing , English
Sorcha (The MacDowell Saga Book 5) - James Warner

Sorcha (The MacDowell Saga Book 5)James Warner

The saga continues with Caryn’s youngest daughter, Sorcha, the end point in the bioengineering project perpetrated on the MacDowell family.

Sorcha (The MacDowell Saga Book 5)
James Warner
Weird Space: Satan's Reach - Eric Brown

Weird Space: Satan's ReachEric Brown

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Telepath Den Harper did the dirty work for the authoritarian Expansion, reading the minds of criminals, spies and undesirables, for years. Unable to take the strain, he stole a starship and headed into the void, a sector of lawless space kn… more

Weird Space: Satan’s Reach
Eric Brown
Abaddon Books , English
The Two Moons (Giants Star Book 1) - James P. Hogan

The Two Moons (Giants Star Book 1)James P. Hogan

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BEGIN THE CELEBRATEDGIANTSSERIES WITH TWO COMPLETE NOVELS BY A MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION WITH REAL SCIENCE!Inherit the Stars:When they found the corpse in a grave on the Moon, wearing a spacesuit of unfamiliar design, his identity was a… more

The Two Moons (Giants Star Book 1)
James P. Hogan
Baen Books , English
Savage Pelludicar (Pellucida... - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Savage Pelludicar (Pellucida...Edgar Rice Burroughs

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When David Innes and Abner Perry set out to search for mineral deposits in Perry’s newly invented Mechanical Prospectro, they never dreamed of discovering the beautiful, terrifying world of Pellucidar five hundred miles beneath their feet. … more

Savage Pelludicar (Pellucidar Book 7)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
eStar Books , English
Cosmic Exile - Volume II - Armand Vespertine

Cosmic Exile - Volume IIArmand Vespertine

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Levanoch has been set free.

Stranded almost a billion lightyears from Earth, the crew of the Deity search for him desperately, knowing that every instant he is free the entire Human race is in danger.

But Levanoch is more cunning and dev… more

Cosmic Exile - Volume II
Armand Vespertine
The Parasites: Journey Into ... - Jonathan C. Pike

The Parasites: Journey Into ...Jonathan C. Pike

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The big ship moved through deep space, and the crew met… the parasites

The Parasites: Journey Into Galaxy Series
Jonathan C. Pike
Galaxy Journey Publishing , English
Long Shot: A Remnant of the ... - Christopher Williams

Long Shot: A Remnant of the ...Christopher Williams

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The war was over. Aaron’s beloved Commonwealth had lost to the Miram Union. With their families dead and their nation destroyed, Aaron and four other soldiers make a break for freedom; anything has to be better than being a prisoner of war…. more

Long Shot: A Remnant of the Commonwealth, Book One
Christopher Williams
Alien Bounty (Sam McCade) - William C. Dietz

Alien Bounty (Sam McCade)William C. Dietz

A fragile peace between the Il Ronnian Empire and humankind is about to crumble—because space pirates have made off with one of the aliens’ holiest relics. Only one man can hunt down the sacred object. A man with a score to settle with the… more

Alien Bounty (Sam McCade)
William C. Dietz
E-Reads, Ltd. , English
Ending History (12) (Tides o... - Keegan Hennis

Ending History (12) (Tides o...Keegan Hennis

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Volume 12. After how long? More than a thousand years after Aurora joins the EPF, her children still sleep in stasis chambers, waiting to be awakened to fight what they know will be the final battle. But no one knew it would be this long. I… more

Ending History (12) (Tides of the Continuum)
Keegan Hennis
Keegan Hennis , English
Crimson (The Valkyrie Chroni... - Ross T. Nisbet

Crimson (The Valkyrie Chroni...Ross T. Nisbet

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A Terran Forces research station is suddenly attacked by the Crimson Organization, they take a few scientists and researchers and kill the rest. Leaving almost no evidence that they were even there except for the dead bodies of innocent peo… more

Crimson (The Valkyrie Chronicles - Book 2)
Ross T. Nisbet
The Musashi Flex (The Matado... - Steve Perry

The Musashi Flex (The Matado...Steve Perry

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The origin of the 97-Steps

The Musashi Flex (The Matadors Book 1)
Steve Perry