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A Winter Tour in South Africa: 1 - Frederick Young

A Winter Tour in South Africa: 1Frederick Young

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The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publishing house. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction, philosophy, science, religion, fol… more

A Winter Tour in South Africa: 1
Frederick Young
Library of Alexandria , English
Rabble-Rouser for Peace: The... - John Allen

Rabble-Rouser for Peace: The...John Allen

To be a rabble-rouser for peace may seem to be a contradiction in terms. And yet it is the perfect description for Desmond Tutu, Nobel laureate and spiritual father of a democratic South Africa. Tutu understood that justice — a genuine reg… more

Rabble-Rouser for Peace: The Authorized Biography of Desmond Tutu
John Allen
Free Press , English
The History of the Zulu War ... - Edward Durnford, Frances Colenso

The History of the Zulu War ...Edward Durnford, Frances Colenso

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The great work of Colenso and Durnford which is exceptional among contemporary histories in that it attempted to view the conflict from both sides. Frances Colenso was the daughter of Bishop Colenso, whose Bishopric included Zululand at the… more

The History of the Zulu War - Frances E. Colenso and Edward Durnford - The Illustrated Edition (Military History from Primary Sources)
Edward Durnford, Frances Colenso
Coda Books Ltd. , English
The Anglo-African who's who ... - Walter H. Wills, R. J. Barrett

The Anglo-African who's who ...Walter H. Wills, R. J. Barrett

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The Anglo-African who’s who and biographical sketch-book. 332 Pages.

The Anglo-African who’s who and biographical sketch-book
Walter H. Wills, R. J. Barrett
South Africa - The Present a... - Patrick Bond John S. Saul

South Africa - The Present a...Patrick Bond John S. Saul

In 1994, the first non-racial elections in South Africa brought Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress to office; elections since have confirmed the ANC’s hold, both popular and legitimate, on power. Yet, at the same time, South A… more

South Africa - The Present as History: From Mrs Ples to Mandela and Marikana
Patrick Bond John S. Saul
Boydell & Brewer Group Ltd , English
Ulysses Road: A South Africa... - Tom Coghlan

Ulysses Road: A South Africa...Tom Coghlan

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Imagine this: In the Boer War of 1899-1902, Koos de la Rey, an uneducated farmer and part-time general in the Boer army played havoc with the British military machine, the most sophisticated and powerful in the world, led by the privileged … more

Ulysses Road: A South African Journey by Motorcycle
Tom Coghlan
Tom Coghlan , English
South African Memories Socia... - Lady Sarah Isabella Augusta Wilson

South African Memories Socia...Lady Sarah Isabella Augusta Wilson

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

South African Memories Social, Warlike & Sporting from Diaries Written at the Time
Lady Sarah Isabella Augusta Wilson
The Mocking of Apart-Hate 'L... - Roy Christie

The Mocking of Apart-Hate 'L...Roy Christie

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Apartheid seen through the prism of compassion and humour and with unique insights into Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, Charlize Theron, Athol Fugard, Norman Seef and many others.

The Mocking of Apart-Hate ‘Loving and Laughing in the Shadow of Injustice’
Roy Christie
House of Christie , English
The Zulu War through Contemp... - James Grant

The Zulu War through Contemp...James Grant

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Written in 1894, just 15 years after the war, this is James Grant’s excellent military history of the Zulu War of 1879. From the British disaster at Isandhlwana to face-saving at Rorke’s Drift and the final humiliation of the Zulu nation at… more

The Zulu War through Contemporary Eyes (Military History from Primary Sources)
James Grant
Coda Books Ltd , English
The Zulu Warrior - Andrew Barlow

The Zulu WarriorAndrew Barlow

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This is the story of a Zulu Warrior whose first battle was when he was fifteen years old and an uDibi in one of Shaka Zulu’s regiments. He was then not a warrior but one of those who had to carry the food and water and bedding for the warri… more

The Zulu Warrior
Andrew Barlow
myAfrikaans.com , English
The South African Transvaal ... - Chings B

The South African Transvaal ...Chings B

South African Transvaal war. Here is what you need to know, a collection. History of south african war the transvaal war.South Africa and the Transvaal War. More transvaal related stuff i our kindle book store

The South African Transvaal from within a private record of public affairs [Annotated]
Chings B
www.Bandclyde.com/services , English
A History of South Africa, T... - Leonard Thompson

A History of South Africa, T...Leonard Thompson

A leading scholar of South Africa provides a fresh and penetrating exploration of that country’s history, from the earliest known human inhabitation of the region to the present, focusing primarily on the experiences of its black inhabitant… more

A History of South Africa, Third Edition
Leonard Thompson
Yale University Press , English
32 Battalion: The Inside Sto... - Piet Nortje

32 Battalion: The Inside Sto...Piet Nortje

Every war has at least one - a unit so different, so daring, that it becomes the stuff of which legends are made and heroes are born. Among the South African forces fighting in Angola from 1975 to 1989, that unit was 32 Battalion.Founded in… more

32 Battalion: The Inside Story of South Africa’s Elite Fighting Unit
Piet Nortje
Zebra Press (Random House Struik) , English
South African Memories - Lady Sarah Wilson

South African MemoriesLady Sarah Wilson

Life in British South Africa before and during the Boer War (1899-1902) written by Lady Sarah Wilson a war correspondent.

South African Memories
Lady Sarah Wilson
Commando - Of Horses And Men - Deneys Reitz

Commando - Of Horses And MenDeneys Reitz

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Deneys Reitz autobiographical memoirs of the Anglo Boer War.

Commando - Of Horses And Men
Deneys Reitz
The House of Emslie , English
Bring Me My Machine Gun: The... - Alec Russell

Bring Me My Machine Gun: The...Alec Russell

Award-winning journalist Alec Russell was in South Africa to witness the fall of apartheid and the remarkable reconciliation of Nelson Mandela’s rule; and returned in 2007-2008 to see Mandela’s successor, Thabo Mbeki, fritter away the count… more

Bring Me My Machine Gun: The Battle for the Soul of South Africa, from Mandela to Zuma
Alec Russell
PublicAffairs , English
The South African Story - Ron McGregor

The South African StoryRon McGregor

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Ron McGregor is a South African tour-guide and writer. This book was written in response to popular demand for a book about South Africa that isn’t too weighty or academic. Until recently, there was no such single book, so Ron sat down and … more

The South African Story
Ron McGregor
TDS Publishing , English
Churchill's South Africa: Tr... - Chris Schoeman

Churchill's South Africa: Tr...Chris Schoeman

In October 1899, the twenty-four-year-old Winston Churchill sailed for South Africa as war correspondent for the Morning Post to report on the Anglo-Boer War. When he returned the following year, it was as a military celebrity. This boo… more

Churchill’s South Africa: Travels during the Anglo-Boer War
Chris Schoeman
Zebra Press (Random House Struik) , English
Reminiscences of a South Afr... - W. C. (William Charles) Scully

Reminiscences of a South Afr...W. C. (William Charles) Scully

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer
W. C.(William Charles) Scully
PORT NOLLOTH: the making of ... - Patrick Richard Carstens

PORT NOLLOTH: the making of ...Patrick Richard Carstens

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PORT NOLLOTH: the making of a South African seaport
Patrick Richard Carstens
Xlibris , English