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The Current Crisis in South Africa Desmond Tutu

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The Current Crisis in South Africa

The Current Crisis in South Africa
Desmond Tutu

Churchill's South Africa: Tr...Chris Schoeman

In October 1899, the twenty-four-year-old Winston Churchill sailed for South Africa as war correspondent for the Morning Post to report on the Anglo-Boer War. When he returned the following year, it was as a military celebrity. This boo… more

Churchill’s South Africa: Travels during the Anglo-Boer War
Chris Schoeman
Zebra Press (Random House Struik) , English

South Africa: Politics, Econ...Nicolas Cook

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South Africa is a multi-racial, majority black southern African country of nearly 52 million. It held its first universal suffrage elections in 1994, after a transition from white minority rule under apartheid, a system of state-enforced ra… more

South Africa: Politics, Economy, and U.S. Relations
Nicolas Cook
Congressional Research Service , English

Finding PeaceMark Howard

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A small family decided to leave the land they loved. Their search was for something very simple, although they never knew it at the time.This story is true, only the names of the people in it have been changed. The place names are real.

Finding Peace
Mark Howard

CORPORAL JOHNNIE with the Ki...John Butterworth, Jane Marshall

Sometime in the early 1890s Johnnie Butterworth disappeared from his Rochdale home after a family quarrel. He was not heard of again for months, probably several years. Suddenly, in July 1896, however, a letter arrived at 32 Yorkshire Stre… more

CORPORAL JOHNNIE with the King’s Royal Rifles
John Butterworth, Jane Marshall
Jane Marshall , English

The History of the Zulu War ...Edward Durnford, Frances Colenso

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The great work of Colenso and Durnford which is exceptional among contemporary histories in that it attempted to view the conflict from both sides. Frances Colenso was the daughter of Bishop Colenso, whose Bishopric included Zululand at the… more

The History of the Zulu War - Frances E. Colenso and Edward Durnford - The Illustrated Edition (Military History from Primary Sources)
Edward Durnford, Frances Colenso
Coda Books Ltd. , English

The Zulu War through Contemp...James Grant

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Written in 1894, just 15 years after the war, this is James Grant’s excellent military history of the Zulu War of 1879. From the British disaster at Isandhlwana to face-saving at Rorke’s Drift and the final humiliation of the Zulu nation at… more

The Zulu War through Contemporary Eyes (Military History from Primary Sources)
James Grant
Coda Books Ltd , English

Engele in die vreemde: Buite...Chris Schoeman

Na die uitbreek van die Anglo-Boereoorlog het honderde vroue hul moederlande verlaat en na Suid-Afrika gekom, sommige op soek na avontuur, ander met ’n egte begeerte om die slagoffers van die oorlog te help. Hulle het van reg oor die wêreld… more

Engele in die vreemde: Buitelandse vroue in die Anglo-Boereoorlog (Afrikaans Edition)
Chris Schoeman
Zebra Press (Random House Struik) , Afrikaans

The South African Transvaal ...Chings B

South African Transvaal war. Here is what you need to know, a collection. History of south african war the transvaal war.South Africa and the Transvaal War. More transvaal related stuff i our kindle book store

The South African Transvaal from within a private record of public affairs [Annotated]
Chings B
www.Bandclyde.com/services , English

Al-Shabaab: The Threat to Ke...United States Army War College

The Republic of Somalia gained independence on 1st July 1960 and nine years later General Mohamed Said Barre took power through a coup. In 1991 anarchy ensued after his expulsion and since then Somalia has been in a protracted conflict for … more

Al-Shabaab: The Threat to Kenya and the Horn of Africa
United States Army War College
Pennyhill Press , English

The Boer Wars - A Brief HistoryAndrew Knight

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The Anglo-Boer Wars will introduce you to, one of the Victorian Wars of the British Empire. A bite size comprehensive account of the two Anglo-Boer Wars fought between 1880-1881 and 1899-1902. A fascinating tale of one of the bloodiest and … more

The Boer Wars - A Brief History
Andrew Knight

The South African StoryRon McGregor

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Ron McGregor is a South African tour-guide and writer. This book was written in response to popular demand for a book about South Africa that isn’t too weighty or academic. Until recently, there was no such single book, so Ron sat down and … more

The South African Story
Ron McGregor
TDS Publishing , English

The Baronet And The Savage KingDavid Hilton-Barber

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The concession to mine gold at Tati was granted to a British baronet, Sir John Swinburne, by Lobengula, last king of the Matabele. Although called by colonial imperialists as a “savage king” and a “native despot”, Lobengula was “exceedingly… more

The Baronet And The Savage King
David Hilton-Barber
David Hilton-Barber , English

Hobson's ChoiceDavid Hilton-Barber

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This is book is a cameo of Len Hobson’s memories of growing up in the 1930s, the early days of farming in the Karoo, his youthful exploits, his exposure to the poverty of the poor whites at that time and his grief at losing his sibling and … more

Hobson’s Choice
David Hilton-Barber

Biko - Cry FreedomDonald Woods

Subjected to 22 hours of interrogation, torture and beating by South African police on September 6, 1977, Steve Biko died six days later. Donald Woods, Biko’s close friend and a leading white South African newspaper editor, exposed the murd… more

Biko - Cry Freedom
Donald Woods
Holt Paperbacks , English

A Winter Tour in South Africa: 1Frederick Young

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The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publishing house. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction, philosophy, science, religion, fol… more

A Winter Tour in South Africa: 1
Frederick Young
Library of Alexandria , English

South Africa and the Transva...Louis Creswicke

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. 2 From the Commencement of the War to the Battle of Colenso, 15th Dec. 1899
Louis Creswicke

The Promised Land - South Af...Deon L de Jongh

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Foreword by Eddie DanielsWe, as a people, paid a heavy emotional, personal and social price for our beliefs and sacrifices during our Struggle to liberate our country, South Africa, from the evil system of apartheid. We fought to attain a n… more

The Promised Land - South Africa by Deon L. de Jongh
Deon L de Jongh
Viable Solutions Books , English

South Africa and the Transva...Louis Creswicke

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Excerpt:The last volume closed with an account of Colonel Plumer’s desperate effort to relieve Mafeking on the 31st of March. On that unlucky day events of a tragic, if heroical, nature were taking place elsewhere. These have now to be chro… more

South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. V (of VI)
Louis Creswicke

Die Binnekring: Terugblikke ...Jan Heunis

In Die Binnekring dink Jan Heunis terug aan die laaste jare van wit oorheersing in Suid-Afrika deur sy snydende sketsing van sleutelfigure soos Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, PW Botha, Hernus Kriel, Kobie Coetsee, Dennis Worrall en Roelf Meyer… more

Die Binnekring: Terugblikke Op Die Laaste Dae Van Blanke Regering (Afrikaans Edition)
Jan Heunis
Jonathan Ball Publishers , Afrikaans