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Claymore - Part 10 - Alvin J. Moore

Claymore - Part 10Alvin J. Moore

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Claymore - Part 10

Claymore - Part 10
Alvin J. Moore
Alvin J. Moore , English
Claymore - Part 1 - Alvin J. Moore

Claymore - Part 1Alvin J. Moore

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Claymore Part 1

Claymore - Part 1
Alvin J. Moore
Alvin J. Moore , English
Narcissistic: Dealing With S... - Harry Knight

Narcissistic: Dealing With S...Harry Knight

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How To Tell The “God Complex” Drama Monger To Go To Helsinki!

Do you live or work around someone that is so focused on their wants and needs that everything and everyone else is invited to take the back seat? Is this person so obnoxious th… more

Narcissistic: Dealing With Someone Who Has A Narcissistic Personality And Are Self-Involved (NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Narcissistic Book 1)
Harry Knight
Memoirs of Extraordinary Pop... - Charles MacKay

Memoirs of Extraordinary Pop...Charles MacKay

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is a history of popular folly by Charles Mackay. The book chronicles its targets in three parts: “National Delusions,” “Peculiar Follies,” and “Philosophical Delusions.” Learn why in… more

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
Charles MacKay
SMK Books , English
Book Review and Lasting Life... - Better Book Reviews

Book Review and Lasting Life...Better Book Reviews

Discover the Ultimate Book Review and Life Lessons from James Allen’s classic book: As A Man Thinketh

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle dev… more

Book Review and Lasting Life Lessons from: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
Better Book Reviews
DARING GREATLY: How the Cour... - Quick Read Summaries

DARING GREATLY: How the Cour...Quick Read Summaries

This is a summary version of the best selling book DARING GREATLY How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

If you don’t have time to read the whole book or just want to get to the heart of the con… more

DARING GREATLY: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead  Summary
Quick Read Summaries
La comunicación humana: una ... - Carlos Alemany Briz

La comunicación humana: una ...Carlos Alemany Briz

Estamos inmersos en la tercera revolución de la comu­nicación, la de la era digital, las redes sociales, internet, los dispositivos móviles… y con ello peligra el bagaje de la comunicación cara a cara, la búsqueda de momentos para la mira… more

La comunicación humana: una ventana abierta (Spanish Edition)
Carlos Alemany Briz
Desclée , Spanish
Claymore - Part 2 - Alvin J. Moore

Claymore - Part 2Alvin J. Moore

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Claymore - Part 2

Claymore - Part 2
Alvin J. Moore
Alvin J. Moore , English
Cute Ways To Ask Out A Girl - Anthony K

Cute Ways To Ask Out A GirlAnthony K

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What is the easiest way to to ask out a girl? Read on.

Cute Ways To Ask Out A Girl
Anthony K
Trust: A Very Short Introduc... - Katherine Hawley

Trust: A Very Short Introduc...Katherine Hawley

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Trust is indispensable, yet it can be dangerous. Without trusting others, we cannot function in society, or even stay alive for very long, but being overly-trustful can be a bad strategy too. Trust is pragmatic, but it also has a moral dime… more

Trust: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
Katherine Hawley
OUP Oxford , English
Academic Review - 2012 Socia... - Academic Review

Academic Review - 2012 Socia...Academic Review

Academic Review’s Social Work written study volumes contain focused and targeted information to address the pertinent terms, concepts and theories covered on the ASWB exam. The four study volumes contain comprehensive, concise, and easy-to-… more

Academic Review - 2012 Social Work Masters Level Four Study Volumes (ASWB)
Academic Review
Academic Review , English
Overcoming Your Fear of Publ... - Michael Tholen

Overcoming Your Fear of Publ...Michael Tholen

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Public speaking provides only its subject to hide behind, and relies entirely on the speaker’s voice for expression. It’s no wondering the fright hits the speakers so hard, and entirely understandable.Just remember. You and the audience are… more

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
Michael Tholen
Psychologie des foules (anno... - Gustave Le Bon

Psychologie des foules (anno...Gustave Le Bon

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Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931) eut un immense succès et inspira jusqu’à Freud. Véritable best-seller, Psychologie des Foules est considéré comme un des livres qui ont changé le monde au début du XXe siècle.Monument historique, il demeure une œu… more

Psychologie des foules (annoté) (French Edition)
Gustave Le Bon
UltraLetters , French
The Personal Development Gro... - Chris Rose

The Personal Development Gro...Chris Rose

The personal development group is a feature of many counselling and psychotherapy trainings. How does it facilitate personal development? Could it be more effective? Looking from the perspective of the student, this book offers an insight i… more

The Personal Development Group: The Student’s Guide
Chris Rose
Karnac Books , English
Psychology in Downton Abbey,... - Louella Chapman

Psychology in Downton Abbey,...Louella Chapman

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Why is Violet anti-America? Is Carson too rule-based? Will Lady Mary recover from the scandal? Does William have good self-esteem? How does feminism affect Lady Sybil? Is Thomas’ bitterness justified? How deep is Lady Edith’s envy? Find ans… more

Psychology in Downton Abbey, Season 1
Louella Chapman
The psychology of socialism ... - Gustave Le Bon

The psychology of socialism ...Gustave Le Bon

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Socialism finally explainedYou don’t understand why some people or country love and believe in socialism.Why American and English people don’t see socialism like French people?Why socialism can’t work ?This book will give you all answers.Ab… more

The psychology of socialism (translated)
Gustave Le Bon
The Crowd: A Study of the Po... - Gustave Le Bon

The Crowd: A Study of the Po...Gustave Le Bon

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Gustave Le Bon (1841 – 1931) was a French social psychologist and physicist who wrote some popular works on crowd psychology. This version of Le Bon’s The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind includes a table of contents.

The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
Gustave Le Bon
Waxkeep Publishing , English
How to Lie and How to Detect Lies - Max B. Powell

How to Lie and How to Detect LiesMax B. Powell

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This guide will show you how to get it right when it comes to lying and how to detect when you’re on the receiving end of a lie. Let’s not beat about the bush and pretend we don’t do it, because we all lie at some point or other. The least … more

How to Lie and How to Detect Lies
Max B. Powell
Tradecraft Press , English
FOCUS (Spanish Edition) - Daniel Goleman

FOCUS (Spanish Edition)Daniel Goleman

En este esperado libro, el psicólogo y periodista Daniel Goleman, autor del best-seller mundial Inteligencia emocional, nos ofrece una visión radicalmente nueva del recurso más escaso y subestimado de nuestra sociedad, una capacidad que res… more

FOCUS (Spanish Edition)
Daniel Goleman
Editorial Kairós, S. A. , Spanish
Elements of Folk Psychology - Wilhelm Wundt

Elements of Folk PsychologyWilhelm Wundt

This volume pursues a different method, in its treatment of the problems of folk psychology, from that employed in my more extensive treatment of the subject. Instead of considering successively the main forms of expression of the folk mind… more

Elements of Folk Psychology
Wilhelm Wundt