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Men Of Iron - Howard Pyle

Men Of IronHoward Pyle

Men of Iron is an 1891 novel by the American author Howard Pyle, who also illustrated it. It is juvenile coming of age work in which the author has the reader experience the medieval entry into knighthood through the eyes of a young squire,… more

Men Of Iron
Howard Pyle
Evas Publishing Inc , English
I Can Read: Sleeping Beauty - Igloo Books Ltd

I Can Read: Sleeping BeautyIgloo Books Ltd

Created by Igloo Books Ltd, in association with Betty Root, the internationally renowned reading consultant and leading authority on books for young readers. A unique, new series that allows you and your child to read together: the left-han… more

I Can Read: Sleeping Beauty
Igloo Books Ltd
Igloo Books Ltd , English
Mimi the Cat - Dorte Andersson

Mimi the CatDorte Andersson

E-book for small children, age 1-4 year. It is a story in three small chapters. It is about a cat called Mimi. The cat Mimi walks in the garden, smells the flowers, meets a butterfly, a spider and a bird. Mimi has a friend Tabby. They play … more

Mimi the Cat
Dorte Andersson
Dorte Andersson , English
The Tales of Beetle About, b... - Gerrard Wilson

The Tales of Beetle About, b...Gerrard Wilson

This book contains a selection of wonderfully entertaining children’s stories about Beetles of the Volkswagen, mechanical kind and also the flying, insect kind. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did, when writing them. Gerrard T Wi… more

The Tales of Beetle About, by the new roald Dahl
Gerrard Wilson
Brazilian Tales (Annotated) - Carmen Dolores, José Medeiro...

Brazilian Tales (Annotated)Carmen Dolores, José Medeiro...

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: Brazilian TalesAuthor: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis José Medeiros e Albuquerque Coelho Netto Carmen DoloresTranslator: Isaac Goldb… more

Brazilian Tales (Annotated)
Carmen Dolores, José Medeiros e Albuquerque, Coelho Netto, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Class Clown - Terry  Trueman

Class ClownTerry Trueman

When Dylan Dillion is called upon to read a poem in class he thinks it will be easy. After all, he’s the Class Clown and he always loves attention—Oops, sometimes things don’t quite work out as planned. A variation of this short story app… more

Class Clown
Terry Trueman
StillWaters Productions , English
Exploding Endings 2 - Tim Harris

Exploding Endings 2Tim Harris

The Exploding Endings series is a hilarious collection of short stories by Tim Harris. Written as mini novels, these stories will have you scratching your head as to how they will end. They can be enjoyed by both young and old.

Exploding Endings 2
Tim Harris
BookBaby , English
Down the Mother Lode - Vivia Hemphill

Down the Mother LodeVivia Hemphill

American and Canadian literatureShort stories, AmericanCalifornia — Gold discoveries — FictionFrontier and pioneer life — California — Fiction ContentsForewordOne Sunday in Stinson’s BarThe Tom Bell StrongholdThe Hanging of Charlie Pric… more

Down the Mother Lode
Vivia Hemphill
Villagers - Florence Amy Carnelly

VillagersFlorence Amy Carnelly

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These are stories based on characters in a village where the author lived for ten years: a village in France so the tales are sprinkled with French words which may help readers learning the language!

Florence Amy Carnelly
Golden Fleece Publications , English
The Day Time Stopped Moving ... - Bradner Buckner

The Day Time Stopped Moving ...Bradner Buckner

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Day Time Stopped MovingAuthor: Bradner Bucknerfrom Amazing Stories April 1956

The Day Time Stopped Moving (Annotated)
Bradner Buckner
Joey and Amber - Thomas Andrews

Joey and AmberThomas Andrews

Joey and Amber is a collection of short stories recounting the adventures of two kids who live in the fictitious city of Smalltown, Ohio. Together with their puckish friend Marty, the kids’ friendship grows ever stronger as they encounter s… more

Joey and Amber
Thomas Andrews
PublishAmerica , English
Christmas Every Day and Othe... - W. D. Howells

Christmas Every Day and Othe...W. D. Howells

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: Christmas Every Day and Other StoriesAuthor: W. D. Howells 1892CONTENTSCHRISTMAS EVERY DAY TURKEYS TURNING THE TABLES THE PONY ENGINmore

Christmas Every Day and Other Stories (Annotated)
W. D. Howells
What the Moon Saw and other ... - H.C. Andersen

What the Moon Saw and other ...H.C. Andersen

This illustrated edition of What the Moon Saw and other tales — a wonderful book by famed children’s author Hans Christian Andersen — was originally published in 1862. This edition of the book contains 80 special illustrations by artist A… more

What the Moon Saw and other tales (Illustrated)
H.C. Andersen
Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric... - George Washington Bain

Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric...George Washington Bain

Among The Masses, or Traits of CharacterA Searchlight of the Twentieth CenturyOur Country, Our Homes and Our DutyThe New Woman and The Old ManThe Safe Side of Life for Young MenPlatform ExperiencesThe Defeat of The Nation’s DragonIf I Could… more

Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric, Prose, Poetry and Story Woven into Eight Popular
George Washington Bain
Racketty-Packetty House, as ... - Frances Hodgson Burnett

Racketty-Packetty House, as ...Frances Hodgson Burnett

Classic short story for children. According to Wikipedia: “Frances Hodgson Burnett, ( 1849 - 1924) was an English–American playwright and author. She is best known for her children’s stories, in particular The Secret Garden, A Little Princ… more

Racketty-Packetty House, as told by Queen Crosspatch
Frances Hodgson Burnett
B&R Samizdat Express , English
Vintage Children's Story Boo... - THORNTON W. BURGESS

Vintage Children's Story Boo...THORNTON W. BURGESS

The Adventures of Buster BearEnjoy Time with Your Family and Make Special Memories with this Vintage Children’s Story BookCONTENTSBUSTER BEAR GOES FISHINGLITTLE JOE OTTER GETS EVEN WITH BUSTER BEARBUSTER BEAR IS GREATLY PUZZLEDLITTLE JOE OTmore

Vintage Children’s Story Book: The Adventures of Buster Bear. Enjoy Time with Your Family and Make Special Memories with this Vintage Children’s Story Book
Saving Mork (The Adventures ... - Hannah Bauman

Saving Mork (The Adventures ...Hannah Bauman

Rosie and Tuffy are two cats who decide to play with their friend and neighbor, Mork the Dog. While they were playing a game, their fall was blown into the forest and, in his attempt to recover the ball, Mork gets stuck in a tree. Rosie and… more

Saving Mork (The Adventures of Rosie and Tuffy)
Hannah Bauman
The Big Dog - Molly Jordan

The Big DogMolly Jordan

The huge dog was glaring at young Mickey, drool dripping from his sharp teeth. Suddenly the dog leaped… Mickey raised his arm to shield his face. He closed his eyes and waited to feel the bite… How could Mickey escape the big dog?

The Big Dog
Molly Jordan
Barry Richardson , English
Tales from English History - Agnes Strickland

Tales from English HistoryAgnes Strickland

Stories for children based on episodes of English history.ContentsGuthred, the Widow’s Slave; a Story of the Times of Alfred the Great,The Royal Brothers; a Story of the Times of Richard the Third,The Chase of Wareham; the Story of King Edw… more

Tales from English History
Agnes Strickland
James Joyce's Collection [ 4... - James Joyce

James Joyce's Collection [ 4...James Joyce

This book contain collection of 4 books1. Dubliners [1914]2. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [1916]3. Ulysses [1922]4. Finnegans Wake [1939]About the authorJames JoyceIrish expatriate author of the 20th century. He is best known[cit… more

James Joyce’s Collection [ 4 Books ]
James Joyce
Publish This, LLC , English