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Books for Kids: Bo the Socce... - Nabila Owens

Books for Kids: Bo the Socce...Nabila Owens

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Meet Bo, the Star Soccer Player on his school’s team, and follow him as he saves his team from being cut by school funding!

Books for Kids: Bo the Soccer Star [Ages 7+]
Nabila Owens
Blair Publishing , English
The Case of the Missing Sneaker - Faye Elliott

The Case of the Missing SneakerFaye Elliott

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Kids mystery picture book about a young boys loss of one sneaker and how determined he was to find a sneaker that seemed to disappear.

The Case of the Missing Sneaker
Faye Elliott
NC Beach Photography , English
Little Forest (Save Me Kids) - Peyman Parsa

Little Forest (Save Me Kids)Peyman Parsa

Little Forest is a story selected from a collection of seven children’s stories titled SAVE ME Kids.Through this story, kids are inspired and encouraged to protect nature, trees and forests, and to respect plants’ rights. The emphasis of th… more

Little Forest (Save Me Kids)
Peyman Parsa
Peyman Parsa , English
Somebody Tell Me, Why War? (... - Peyman Parsa

Somebody Tell Me, Why War? (...Peyman Parsa

Somebody Tell Me, Why War? is a story selected from a collection of seven children’s stories titled SAVE ME Kids. Through this story, kids are inspired and encouraged to promote peace, rational and nonviolent problem-solving methods, and pr… more

Somebody Tell Me, Why War? (Save Me Kids)
Peyman Parsa
Peyman Parsa , English
The Journey of a Lion (Save ... - Peyman Parsa

The Journey of a Lion (Save ...Peyman Parsa

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“The Journey of a Lion” is a story selected from a collection of seven children’s stories titled “SAVE ME Kids”.

This story is about a lion that after missing his baby cubs decides to become vegetarian and live in peace with other animals… more

The Journey of a Lion (Save Me Kids)
Peyman Parsa
Peyman Parsa , English
Football Crazy! - Wendy  Stredder

Football Crazy!Wendy Stredder

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This short story could be read to, with or by children depending on their interest and reading ability.It was designed for pre- teens to help with reading and to gain their interest in reading. The main character is Ben, who finds literacy … more

Football Crazy!
Wendy Stredder
Men Of Iron - Howard Pyle

Men Of IronHoward Pyle

Men of Iron is an 1891 novel by the American author Howard Pyle, who also illustrated it. It is juvenile coming of age work in which the author has the reader experience the medieval entry into knighthood through the eyes of a young squire,… more

Men Of Iron
Howard Pyle
Evas Publishing Inc , English
Over the Top! - Michael J. Richardson

Over the Top!Michael J. Richardson

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How a little boy conquers his fears and the swing in his local playground. Or does he? Tom is only in year four, but one day he hears Zachariah Jacobs; a boy from year six, telling a crowd how he saw someone go over the top, over the top of… more

Over the Top!
Michael J. Richardson
Michael J Richardson , English
A Victorian Fireside Christmas - E. Rhodes, C. J. Williams J....

A Victorian Fireside ChristmasE. Rhodes, C. J. Williams J....

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Year 5 and 6 pupils have written this fireside Victorian Christmas anthology. We hope you enjoy reading some of our stories. Merry Christmas to all!

A Victorian Fireside Christmas
E. Rhodes, C. J. Williams J. Mahoney, L. Owen, M. Lewis S. Owen, R. Magness, A. Davies C. Daniels, I. Hunt, G. Lewis C. Rehill, F. Harle, B. Bowley C.Davies, E. Hynes, C. Collins H.Thomas, V.K.C., C. Price T. Bartlett, M. Coombes T. Callard, R. Kinsey-Jon
Alderman Davies Church In Wales Primary School , English
Rosie Lee and the Snowman (A... - Marilyn Kay-Mangnall

Rosie Lee and the Snowman (A...Marilyn Kay-Mangnall

Rosie Lee is a little girl with a vivid imagination and prone to telling fibs which usually get her into trouble. The author believes that children should be just that and not grow up too quickly. The short stories have no swearing, no drug… more

Rosie Lee and the Snowman (Adventures of Rosie Lee Book 1)
Marilyn Kay-Mangnall
M. Kay-Mangnall , English
Bedtime Little Bear (Picture Flats) - John Lancer

Bedtime Little Bear (Picture Flats)John Lancer

Little Bear doesn’t want to go to bed. He wants to keep playing. When Mother Bear and the forest animals call to him, he pretends he can’t hear. But the sun is sinking and soon it will be dark. Will Little Bear find his way home before nigh… more

Bedtime Little Bear (Picture Flats)
John Lancer
Igloo Books Ltd , English
Hearing Eyes, Talking Hands - Dirk Webb

Hearing Eyes, Talking HandsDirk Webb

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This poem was originally part of Mousey Carter McCloud, Private Eye. It discusses the questions of a child about deafness.

Hearing Eyes, Talking Hands
Dirk Webb
Villagers - Florence Amy Carnelly

VillagersFlorence Amy Carnelly

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These are stories based on characters in a village where the author lived for ten years; A village in France so the tales are sprinkled with French words which may help readers learning the language!

Florence Amy Carnelly
Mrs. Spike (Furry Foster Mom... - B.J.K. Brown

Mrs. Spike (Furry Foster Mom...B.J.K. Brown

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There lots of people looking for 10-year-old Jessie Andrews when she fails to show up for a birthday party. The one who finds her first and cares for her until help arrives, shows that the power of loyalty, selflessness, and love exists in … more

Mrs. Spike (Furry Foster Moms Book 5)
B.J.K. Brown
THE BEST DAY & Other short s... - Tommy Tudor

THE BEST DAY & Other short s...Tommy Tudor

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The Best Day & Other short stories by Tommy Tudor: The author describes his short stories as “brief, imaginative, light-hearted flirtations with the follies of everyday human life.” Tommy Tudor has lived and worked in North Wales, the North… more

THE BEST DAY & Other short stories by Tommy Tudor
Tommy Tudor
Coast & Country , English
Goldie Pooped - Mindy Kincade

Goldie PoopedMindy Kincade

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Children’s BookA story of a child’s experience that will make your child laugh.

Goldie Pooped
Mindy Kincade
What the Moon Saw and other ... - H.C. Andersen

What the Moon Saw and other ...H.C. Andersen

This illustrated edition of What the Moon Saw and other tales — a wonderful book by famed children’s author Hans Christian Andersen — was originally published in 1862. This edition of the book contains 80 special illustrations by artist A… more

What the Moon Saw and other tales (Illustrated)
H.C. Andersen
Diggle Dog & the Devious Dus... - Jack Penn

Diggle Dog & the Devious Dus...Jack Penn

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Diggle is a disaster-prone dog who has the great fortune of living with Mr Bun at Fun Buns Bakery but his passion for cakes leads him into all sorts of sticky, smelly situations. In this, the first of the Diggle series, an incident with som… more

Diggle Dog & the Devious Dustbin: (Fully Illustrated) (Dog Books for Children Book 1)
Jack Penn
Maddy's Guide to Life: Ruper... - Kristina Andersen

Maddy's Guide to Life: Ruper...Kristina Andersen

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Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey,… more

Maddy’s Guide to Life: Rupert and the Vet
Kristina Andersen
Mimi the Cat - Dorte Andersson

Mimi the CatDorte Andersson

E-book for small children, age 1-4 year. It is a story in three small chapters. It is about a cat called Mimi. The cat Mimi walks in the garden, smells the flowers, meets a butterfly, a spider and a bird. Mimi has a friend Tabby. They play … more

Mimi the Cat
Dorte Andersson
Dorte Andersson , English