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Demons In Hell And Other Str... - Hiram Ed Taylor

Demons In Hell And Other Str...Hiram Ed Taylor

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Demons In Hell And Other Straight PlaysBy:Hiram Ed Taylor

Demons In Hell And Other Straight Plays
Hiram Ed Taylor
Xlibris , English
The Tales of Beetle About, b... - Gerrard Wilson

The Tales of Beetle About, b...Gerrard Wilson

This book contains a selection of wonderfully entertaining children’s stories about Beetles of the Volkswagen, mechanical kind and also the flying, insect kind. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did, when writing them. Gerrard T Wi… more

The Tales of Beetle About, by the new roald Dahl
Gerrard Wilson
The "Coloured" Fairy Books -... - Andrew Lang

The "Coloured" Fairy Books -...Andrew Lang

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This is the complete set of Andrew Lang’s Coloured Fairy Books:The Blue Fairy BookThe Red Fairy BookThe Green Fairy BookThe Yellow Fairy BookThe Pink Fairy BookThe Grey Fairy BookThe Violet Fairy BookThe Crimson Fairy BookThe Scarlet Brown … more

The “Coloured” Fairy Books - Complete Set of 12 - 400 Illustrations
Andrew Lang
Shadowfyre Publications , English
Georgette's Apple Bivortex T... - George William Kelly

Georgette's Apple Bivortex T...George William Kelly

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George William Kelly wrote this collection of eight children´s stories over the lifetime of his daughter, Georgette. He named the heroines after her. By the time he published the collection, Georgette had reached the age of “sweet sixteen… more

Georgette’s Apple Bivortex Theory of Everything (A Grand Unified Theory of the Universe): & Seven Other Stories
George William Kelly
Xlibris , English
Charlie Rabbit Goes To The Z... - Ian Davies

Charlie Rabbit Goes To The Z...Ian Davies

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A bedtime reading story with animal pictures.

Other titles available in this series include: Charlie Rabbit - Train To Funtown Park Charlie Rabbit - The Easter Bunny Charlie Rabbit Goes Pony Riding Charlie Rabbit and the ‘Haunted House’

Charlie Rabbit Goes To The Zoo (Charlie Rabbit’s Adventures)
Ian Davies
Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis ... - Gail Hennessey

Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis ...Gail Hennessey

Mrs. Purpilopilis, the woman who loves the color purple, is visiting another school as a substitute teacher. In this short story, she uses her special purple adventure goggles to have the students go back in time to witness visit with Georg… more

Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis and the Purple Adventure Goggles 2 (Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis and the Purple Adventure Goggles-George Washington)
Gail Hennessey
Gail Hennessey,Inc. , English
Tales from English History - Agnes Strickland

Tales from English HistoryAgnes Strickland

Stories for children based on episodes of English history.ContentsGuthred, the Widow’s Slave; a Story of the Times of Alfred the Great,The Royal Brothers; a Story of the Times of Richard the Third,The Chase of Wareham; the Story of King Edw… more

Tales from English History
Agnes Strickland
Three Short Stories for Children - Ben Gil

Three Short Stories for ChildrenBen Gil

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Get three of my books for the price of one

Three Short Stories for Children
Ben Gil
Tattle's Bedazzling Birthday... - Brigette Foresman

Tattle's Bedazzling Birthday...Brigette Foresman

It’s A Short Story Keepsake Book To Be Cherished! Every book in the “Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children’s Book Series” includes several activity pages at the end of the story for your child to draw/color and place a photo. “Tattle Tell-Me-All” is… more

Tattle’s Bedazzling Birthday! (Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children’s Book Series)
Brigette Foresman
The Day After Tony Got Probe... - Stephanie Writt

The Day After Tony Got Probe...Stephanie Writt

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Woken by the horrific memories of his own girly scream, high school quarterback and ladies man Tony turns to his best friend (and total opposite) Gage with the terrifying news… At dawn, the Alien Invasion will begin.

Shocked, Gage sits s… more

The Day After Tony Got Probed: A Tony & Gage Adventure
Stephanie Writt
Wayne Press , English
Children's Conservative Coll... - Jason E. Reichenberg

Children's Conservative Coll...Jason E. Reichenberg

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Baby the Panda Bear loves bamboo. So much so, he convinces the provincial council to require all pandas to only eat bamboo. Unfortunately, it leads to unexpected consequences.This short story explores what happens when people are forced t… more

Children’s Conservative Collection #2: Baby the Panda Bear
Jason E. Reichenberg
BRIAN - The Primary School Years - Lawrence Wood

BRIAN - The Primary School YearsLawrence Wood

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Some time ago Brian went to school just like any other child. He would get up in the morning usually with great difficulty. He enjoyed being at school when he was there and he enjoyed not being at school when he wasn’t there. Most of us go … more

BRIAN - The Primary School Years
Lawrence Wood
Lawrence Wood , English
Happy Harold and his Friends... - Josh Rogan

Happy Harold and his Friends...Josh Rogan

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Ten year old Harold Spencer lives in the Wiltshire village of Plumley; the trouble for Harold is the grown-ups of the village dearly wish he did not. Although never malicious and with a heart of gold, his capers cause a goodly number of agg… more

Happy Harold and his Friends (The Happy Harold Stories)
Josh Rogan
Rogan-Haines , English
My Steps Sound Like Big Mama's - Taylor Nyjon Dean

My Steps Sound Like Big Mama'sTaylor Nyjon Dean

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This is a rhyming story about an African-American granddaughter and her grandmother whom she calls Big Mama. It highlights the interaction between them beginning from the childhood of the granddaughter on until the granddaughter reaches adu… more

My Steps Sound Like Big Mama’s
Taylor Nyjon Dean
AuthorHouse , English
The Day Time Stopped Moving ... - Bradner Buckner

The Day Time Stopped Moving ...Bradner Buckner

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Day Time Stopped MovingAuthor: Bradner Bucknerfrom Amazing Stories April 1956

The Day Time Stopped Moving (Annotated)
Bradner Buckner
A Book of Short Stories by J... - Jane Collins

A Book of Short Stories by J...Jane Collins

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This book contains factual stories of happenings in my life.Some of the stories are humorous and/or sad, scary and some are just heart warming.I hope you enjoy.”

A Book of Short Stories by Jane Collins
Jane Collins
Xlibris , English
Storytime (Read Aloud Stories) -

Storytime (Read Aloud Stories)

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STORYTIME is a collection of five read-aloud stories that will captivate your child’s imagination.

In BURIED TREASURE two friends, who like to play pirate, unearth something unexpected on their hunt for treasure.

The same two friends co… more

Storytime (Read Aloud Stories)
Something Else Publishing , English
Monkey Tricks (Picture Flats) - Igloo Books Ltd

Monkey Tricks (Picture Flats)Igloo Books Ltd

Little Monkey loves to play cheeky tricks on all of his jungle friends. But do Little Monkey’s friends feel the same way? Come and find out what happens when mischievous Little Monkey gets an unexpected surprise and learns how to play nicel… more

Monkey Tricks (Picture Flats)
Igloo Books Ltd
Igloo Books Ltd , English
Puppy's Big Rescue (Picture Flats) - Igloo Books Ltd

Puppy's Big Rescue (Picture Flats)Igloo Books Ltd

Puppy wants to be a good sheepdog, just like his dad. But each time he tries, Puppy just gets into trouble! Then, one night, there’s a strange noise in the sheep field. Is this Puppy’s chance to be a real sheepdog? Come and find out in thi… more

Puppy’s Big Rescue (Picture Flats)
Igloo Books Ltd
Igloo Books Ltd , English
Storm Chasers - Jean Ryott

Storm ChasersJean Ryott

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Agatha is sent to live with her eccentric aunt in Nova Scotia for the summer, where her unhappy new existence centres upon mystical sea glass and an isolated chip truck. She oscillates between false friends and crazy mothers. She navigates … more

Storm Chasers
Jean Ryott
Porcelain Gray Publishing , English