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Life's Little Vampires - Nathalie  Laurings

Life's Little VampiresNathalie Laurings

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A beautifully written collection of children’s short stories.Each colorful story is from a child who is a vampire who learns a valuable lesson, though all the stories relate to all children from around the world.The book is aimed at childre… more

Life’s Little Vampires
Nathalie Laurings
Nathalie Laurings , English
Sunshine - Linda  Hales

SunshineLinda Hales

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Sunshine is a dear little blond girl whose sole mission in life is to make sad people happy. She lives on a hilltop and interacts in strong and positive ways with characters and situations she encounters on the hillside. Sunshine’s experien… more

Linda Hales
Patchy and Calico's Summer V... - Greta Burroughs

Patchy and Calico's Summer V...Greta Burroughs

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Patchwork Dog has a knack for getting into trouble and his best friend, Calico Cat usually winds up right in the middle of the mess with him. Calico would rather spend her days sleeping in her nice comfortable bed, staying safe and worry fr… more

Patchy and Calico’s Summer Vacation (Patchwork Dog and Calico Cat)
Greta Burroughs
Together Alone - Caitlin Hensley

Together AloneCaitlin Hensley

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Seventeen-year-old Nick is a werewolf, and so is his older brother Craig. They’re two of the last werewolves alive in North America, and have been on the run for four years, struggling to stay one step ahead of the deadly Hunters. With arme… more

Together Alone
Caitlin Hensley
Brazilian Tales (Annotated) - Carmen Dolores, José Medeiro...

Brazilian Tales (Annotated)Carmen Dolores, José Medeiro...

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: Brazilian TalesAuthor: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis José Medeiros e Albuquerque Coelho Netto Carmen DoloresTranslator: Isaac Goldb… more

Brazilian Tales (Annotated)
Carmen Dolores, José Medeiros e Albuquerque, Coelho Netto, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Priscilla the Great Versus A... - Sybil Nelson

Priscilla the Great Versus A...Sybil Nelson

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The funniest book you’ll ever read about armpit hair.

When Billy Wescott thinks he sees something scary in the woods, it’s Priscilla the Great to the rescue…but for a fee, of course. Join Priscilla on a crazy, funny adventure that helps … more

Priscilla the Great Versus Armpit Hair
Sybil Nelson
Little Prince Publishing , English
Life and Death A HINDU LEGEND - Henryk Sienkiewicz

Life and Death A HINDU LEGENDHenryk Sienkiewicz

“Is He the Dearest One?” was produced under the following circumstances: About fourteen years ago there was a famine, or at least hunger, in Silesia. Though that land is a German possession at present, it was once a part of the Polish Commo… more

Life and Death A HINDU LEGEND
Henryk Sienkiewicz
Susano-O's Mess - Angela Pearson

Susano-O's MessAngela Pearson

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Susano-O, the God of Storms, like to play pranks on his brothers and his sisters. Does he learn pranks can hurts their feelings? Read to find out what happens when Susano-O plays a prank on his sister, Amaterasu.

Susano-O’s Mess
Angela Pearson
Angela Pearson , English
Gauche the Cellist (The Kenj... - Kenji Miyazawa, Nankichi Niimi

Gauche the Cellist (The Kenj...Kenji Miyazawa, Nankichi Niimi

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Gauche plays the cello in the town orchestra, but even though he tries and tries he can’t seem to get any better. In fact he is the worst in the entire orchestra. There is something missing in his music, but he doesn’t know what it is. One … more

Gauche the Cellist (The Kenji Collection Book 1)
Kenji Miyazawa, Nankichi Niimi
Little J Books , English
You Say Tomahto and I Say Yo... - Gale Borger

You Say Tomahto and I Say Yo...Gale Borger

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Part Four of the Olive Branch Mystery, a time-continuum series.Pone and Bean have found a girl (it’s not the first one), but it disappears from the compost pile on the Hunnicut estate before the police can get there. Where did she go? Who k… more

You Say Tomahto and I Say You’re Dead (An Olive Branch Mystery Book 4)
Gale Borger
Echelon Press , English
Bonnie - The Dancing Bunny - Brien Hemingway

Bonnie - The Dancing BunnyBrien Hemingway

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Bonnie - The Dancing Bunny is a short story about knowing oneself and being oneself in the face of adversity.

The world is always pushing and is consistently placing us on a road where we need to measure up to other people’s expectations. … more

Bonnie - The Dancing Bunny
Brien Hemingway
A First for Stanley (A First... - Felicia Harris

A First for Stanley (A First...Felicia Harris

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A First for Stanley, is a series of books that will help young people deal with handling situations that are brand new to them and will assist parents in helping their children deal with new situations that may seem difficult to them.

Othe… more

A First for Stanley (A First for Stanley, His First Day of School)
Felicia Harris
Felicia Harris , English
Halebopp - A Rabbit's Tale - Nicholas Kousen

Halebopp - A Rabbit's TaleNicholas Kousen

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His name is Halebopp and he is a cute bunny rabbit. He’s had a very tough life because something terrible happened to him. He sits alone all day in his cage, afraid and confused. He just wants a family again. He just wants to be loved.But a… more

Halebopp - A Rabbit’s Tale
Nicholas Kousen
RJ Communications LLC, New York , English
HAIRY TALES: A COLLECTION OF... - Clifford James Hayes


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Frenzied, foaming-at-the-mouth fans of children’s humour will want to get their sweaty hands on these Hairy Tales! Join The Ugly Mermaid on her amazing undersea quest to discover why she’s so hideous, and find out why Veronica the Velocirap… more

Clifford James Hayes
Hayes Design , English
Frog and Rabbit Moral Story ... - Ben Gil

Frog and Rabbit Moral Story ...Ben Gil

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Moral story for kids about the importance of knowledge Each page is beautifully illustrated If you liked the book don’t forget to drop a review.Thanks

Frog and Rabbit Moral Story For Kids (Moral Stories For Kids)
Ben Gil
The Shellies - Ian R Kaye

The ShelliesIan R Kaye

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The Shellies along with their friends lived in Fossil cave on the beach. They had been having fun on the beach playing such games as Shellball and Castle Counter. Now the time was fast approaching for the last light of the Promenades

The Shellies
Ian R Kaye
Ian R Kaye & Joseph Elias , English
One Fall Day - Valerie Reay

One Fall DayValerie Reay

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Lorraine is a Metis girl in Alberta. In this story she works with her grandmother, brother and sister to store the garden produce in a cold cellar. In between working with her family she plays with her siblings. The storyteller and memor… more

One Fall Day
Valerie Reay
Lessons from the Lion, the O... - Aesop

Lessons from the Lion, the O...Aesop

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Four fables from Aesop presented with modern illustrations: The Lion and the Mouse, The Four Oxen and the Lion, The Ant and the Grasshopper and The Frog and the Ox. These are short stories that are fun and easy to read. Each story is summar… more

Lessons from the Lion, the Ox and their little friends (illustrated) (Four fables from Aesop Book 2)
Ripple Digital Publishing , English
Peck's Uncle Ike and The Red... - George W. Peck

Peck's Uncle Ike and The Red...George W. Peck

OverviewAccording to Wikipedia: George Wilbur Peck (September 28, 1840 ndash; April 16, 1916) was an American writer and politician who served as the 17th governor of Wisconsin. To date he is the only Mayor of Milwaukee to be elected Govern… more

Peck’s Uncle Ike and The Red Headed Boy: A humor, fiction and literature, young readers novel. (ILLUSTRATED)
George W. Peck
Guys Read: "What? You Think ... - Christopher Paul Curtis, Jon...

Guys Read: "What? You Think ...Christopher Paul Curtis, Jon...

Kids. They think they got it so rough these days. But nobody has it worse than Papa Red did when he was a kid. And you better listen up when he talks. A short story from the acclaimed collection Guys Read: Funny Business, edited by Jon Scie… more

Guys Read: “What? You Think You Got It Rough?”: A Short Story from Guys Read: Funny Business
Christopher Paul Curtis, Jon Scieszka
Walden Pond Press , English