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Happy Harold and the Cold Gh...Josh Rogan

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Just occasionally, Harold gets something right, and on this rare occasion it involves coming to the aid of a terminally ill classmate. But as ever, such joys don’t last and due to a misunderstanding brought on by panic and confusion in the … more

Happy Harold and the Cold Ghost (The Happy Harold Stories)
Josh Rogan
Rogan-Haines , English

WendallOthen Donald Dale Cummings

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The wondrous world of Wendall! Wendall and his wife live in a happy little town in a happy little house… Until Wendal decides to grow a beard! A beard that keeps growing and growing and total chaos ensues! Will the happy little town ever … more

Othen Donald Dale Cummings
A Pet Banana Production , English

The Amazing Super Great Awes...Othen Donald Dale Cummings

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The Amazing Race! Two competitive Astronauts get mixed up in a race to prove who has the fastest rocket ship. They meet a really strange cast of characters along the way and end up in an unexpected place!

The Amazing Super Great Awesome Incredible Fantastic Space Race!
Othen Donald Dale Cummings
a pet banana production , English

Children's Conservative Coll...Jason E. Reichenberg

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Baby the Panda Bear loves bamboo. So much so, he convinces the provincial council to require all pandas to only eat bamboo. Unfortunately, it leads to unexpected consequences.This short story explores what happens when people are forced t… more

Children’s Conservative Collection #2: Baby the Panda Bear
Jason E. Reichenberg

The Day Time Stopped Moving ...Bradner Buckner

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: The Day Time Stopped MovingAuthor: Bradner Bucknerfrom Amazing Stories April 1956

The Day Time Stopped Moving (Annotated)
Bradner Buckner

BRIAN - The Primary School YearsLawrence Wood

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Some time ago Brian went to school just like any other child. He would get up in the morning usually with great difficulty. He enjoyed being at school when he was there and he enjoyed not being at school when he wasn’t there. Most of us go … more

BRIAN - The Primary School Years
Lawrence Wood
Lawrence Wood , English

Everett Green, A Tree for Al...Myra Brown

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Everett Green is a young sapling that is destined to be a Christmas Tree, but longs to be decorated every holiday, all year round, forever. Follow his adventure beginning as a small seedling to sapling, then where…the White House…maybe … more

Everett Green, A Tree for All Seasons
Myra Brown
Trish Biddle Fine Art , English

The Adventures of Eddie the ...Duncan Kenney

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Eddie is a very curious gecko, and his curiosity often gets him into many predicaments. Follow his adventures as he and his friends explore their world.

The Adventures of Eddie the Gecko: Eddie Goes for Ice Cream
Duncan Kenney

Limericks for Little onesJen Turner

In this easy to read compilation of sixteen delightful limericks, short poems are combined with charming character illustrations by the author herself. This little book is sure to bring joy to little ones, older siblings and parents alike.

Limericks for Little ones
Jen Turner
Turner, Jen , English

Life and Death A HINDU LEGENDHenryk Sienkiewicz

“Is He the Dearest One?” was produced under the following circumstances: About fourteen years ago there was a famine, or at least hunger, in Silesia. Though that land is a German possession at present, it was once a part of the Polish Commo… more

Life and Death A HINDU LEGEND
Henryk Sienkiewicz

THE BABES IN THE WOODJoseph Martin Kronheim

Author Kronheim, Joseph Martin, 1810-1896Title My First Picture BookWith Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by KronheimContents My First Alphabet — The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe — The Babes in the Wood — Little Bo… more

Joseph Martin Kronheim

I'd Love To Be.... (for boys...Anthea Priestnall

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At 4 years old what would you ‘Love To Be’? There are too many jobs to decide easily or maybe it’s better to stay right where you are.

I’d Love To Be…. (for boys) (I’d Love To Be……)
Anthea Priestnall


Frenzied, foaming-at-the-mouth fans of children’s humour will want to get their sweaty hands on these Hairy Tales! Join The Ugly Mermaid on her amazing undersea quest to discover why she’s so hideous, and find out why Veronica the Velocirap… more

Clifford James Hayes
Hayes Design , English

Sweet Land of StoryPleasant DeSpain

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This unique collection of American stories from the frozen tundra of Alaska to the lush green hills of Virginia; from the sweltering bayous of Louisiana to the windswept prairies of South Dakota is told in DeSpain’s signature gentle style. … more

Sweet Land of Story
Pleasant DeSpain
August House , English

Funk's the Chocolate Loving VampJamie Ott

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Layton has bullies, but what hurts the most is his best friend, Rick, betrayed him. Together, he and his new friends take pleasure in tormenting Layton, daily. At a birthday party, when he’s humiliated by them, he decides to get back at t… more

Funk’s the Chocolate Loving Vamp
Jamie Ott
Golden Books , English

Marsha Hubler's Heart-Warmin...Lise Lund VMD

A little girl and horses! When the attraction is there, it’s compelling and often perplexing to the parents. Vanessa James’s mom and dad provide her with a life full of love and privilege, but all Vanessa really wants is to ride and spend … more

Marsha Hubler’s Heart-Warming Horse Stories - Volume 2 - Vanessa ‘s W.R.A.T.H.
Lise Lund VMD
Helping Hands Press , English

The Great Adventures Of Drag...Cathy Cavarzan

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Root for our fierce dragon has she does battle with the ultimate enemy of all enemies.Along with her friends.With the original DraggonTaggers help we wanted to put a book together that would help explain to younger children that even though… more

The Great Adventures Of DraggonTagger The Great Icky Cancer Battle
Cathy Cavarzan

The Trilogy: Three adventure...Grandpa Casey

One day Santa called us, THESH-MICE, with something important to say. He wanted to give us another purpose, other then playing all day. For each Christmas Eve we fill sacks with candy for each girl and boy. Santa knew that candy, not clo… more

The Trilogy: Three adventures of the Müsh-Mice
Grandpa Casey
PublishAmerica , English

Vintage Children's Story Boo...THORNTON W. BURGESS

The Adventures of Buster BearEnjoy Time with Your Family and Make Special Memories with this Vintage Children’s Story BookCONTENTSBUSTER BEAR GOES FISHINGLITTLE JOE OTTER GETS EVEN WITH BUSTER BEARBUSTER BEAR IS GREATLY PUZZLEDLITTLE JOE OTmore

Vintage Children’s Story Book: The Adventures of Buster Bear. Enjoy Time with Your Family and Make Special Memories with this Vintage Children’s Story Book

Harry and The CowAlice Wilson

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Every one of us has a “Cow”. This educational tail teaches our little ones (and even some older ones!) how to get rid of their “cow” . Perfect for children between 8-12 years old, but suitable for adults also!

Harry and The Cow
Alice Wilson