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Books for Kids: Bo the Socce... - Nabila Owens

Books for Kids: Bo the Socce...Nabila Owens

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Meet Bo, the Star Soccer Player on his school’s team, and follow him as he saves his team from being cut by school funding!

Books for Kids: Bo the Soccer Star [Ages 7+]
Nabila Owens
Blair Publishing , English
Little Forest (Save Me Kids) - Peyman Parsa

Little Forest (Save Me Kids)Peyman Parsa

Little Forest is a story selected from a collection of seven children’s stories titled SAVE ME Kids.Through this story, kids are inspired and encouraged to protect nature, trees and forests, and to respect plants’ rights. The emphasis of th… more

Little Forest (Save Me Kids)
Peyman Parsa
Peyman Parsa , English
Football Crazy! - Wendy  Stredder

Football Crazy!Wendy Stredder

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This short story could be read to, with or by children depending on their interest and reading ability.It was designed for pre- teens to help with reading and to gain their interest in reading. The main character is Ben, who finds literacy … more

Football Crazy!
Wendy Stredder
Over the Top! - Michael J. Richardson

Over the Top!Michael J. Richardson

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How a little boy conquers his fears and the swing in his local playground. Or does he? Tom is only in year four, but one day he hears Zachariah Jacobs; a boy from year six, telling a crowd how he saw someone go over the top, over the top of… more

Over the Top!
Michael J. Richardson
Michael J Richardson , English
Goldie Pooped - Mindy Kincade

Goldie PoopedMindy Kincade

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Children’s BookA story of a child’s experience that will make your child laugh.

Goldie Pooped
Mindy Kincade
Diggle Dog & the Devious Dus... - Jack Penn

Diggle Dog & the Devious Dus...Jack Penn

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Diggle is a disaster-prone dog who has the great fortune of living with Mr Bun at Fun Buns Bakery but his passion for cakes leads him into all sorts of sticky, smelly situations. In this, the first of the Diggle series, an incident with som… more

Diggle Dog & the Devious Dustbin: (Fully Illustrated) (Dog Books for Children Book 1)
Jack Penn
Maddy's Guide to Life: Essen... - Kristina Andersen

Maddy's Guide to Life: Essen...Kristina Andersen

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Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey,… more

Maddy’s Guide to Life: Essential Short Stories 5 Pack (Stories 26-30)
Kristina Andersen
Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric... - George Washington Bain

Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric...George Washington Bain

Among The Masses, or Traits of CharacterA Searchlight of the Twentieth CenturyOur Country, Our Homes and Our DutyThe New Woman and The Old ManThe Safe Side of Life for Young MenPlatform ExperiencesThe Defeat of The Nation’s DragonIf I Could… more

Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric, Prose, Poetry and Story Woven into Eight Popular
George Washington Bain
I Can Learn Along The Way: V... - L.Marie Emery

I Can Learn Along The Way: V...L.Marie Emery

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Fifth in the series of Stories to learn from. A read to me, I can read book.

I Can Learn Along The Way: Volume Five
L.Marie Emery
The Three Wishes - Neil Mackenzie

The Three WishesNeil Mackenzie

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Peter likes to keep a low profile at school, but when he meets Joe things begin to change. However, Peter has a secret.The two boys discover that they have more in common than they imagined and Peter finds himself getting involved in Joe’s … more

The Three Wishes
Neil Mackenzie
Neil Mackenzie , English
Loss De Plott & The Colour R... - Stephan J Myers

Loss De Plott & The Colour R...Stephan J Myers

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Christmas will never be the same again as the magic of colour is brought to life for children everywhere in The Colour Red. A fantastical Christmas adventure as Loss discovers a book of dreams that transports her to a place where snowmen pl… more

Loss De Plott & The Colour Red: 1 (The Book of Dreams)
Stephan J Myers
Hershey Reese & Myers , English
PsychKids: The Mystery of th... - Ryan Glenn

PsychKids: The Mystery of th...Ryan Glenn

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In Book 1 of the NEW PsychKids series, the story follows five children with psychic abilities. In the community, Chief Ray of the local police often calls upon the children to help solve mysteries. In this story, Ronald, Susan, Elmer, Ne-Ne… more

PsychKids: The Mystery of the Missing Twins
Ryan Glenn
Mary's Parrot and Tarmi Lear... - Jocelyn Price

Mary's Parrot and Tarmi Lear...Jocelyn Price

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Two short stories - suit age 5 to 8 yearsMary rescues a baby parrot. Later the parrot saves Mary’s family from being burgled.. Tarmi is a naughty boy who is cruel to birds and animals, that is until a dog named Scamper teaches him a lesson!

Mary’s Parrot and Tarmi Learns A Lesson
Jocelyn Price
Cosy Joe Saves Christmas (Th... - Thomas Allen

Cosy Joe Saves Christmas (Th...Thomas Allen

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Cosy Joe is the cosiest cat in the world. He likes nothing more than being cosy, but sometimes he has to venture outside…

The Cosy Joe stories are written by an 8-year old boy about his cat and other pets. Thomas was so badly bullied at … more

Cosy Joe Saves Christmas (The Adventures Of Cosy Joe, The Cosiest Cat In The World Book 1)
Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen and Jane Allen , English
The Day After Tony Got Probe... - Stephanie Writt

The Day After Tony Got Probe...Stephanie Writt

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Woken by the horrific memories of his own girly scream, high school quarterback and ladies man Tony turns to his best friend (and total opposite) Gage with the terrifying news… At dawn, the Alien Invasion will begin.

Shocked, Gage sits s… more

The Day After Tony Got Probed: A Tony & Gage Adventure
Stephanie Writt
Wayne Press , English
Demons In Hell And Other Str... - Hiram Ed Taylor

Demons In Hell And Other Str...Hiram Ed Taylor

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Demons In Hell And Other Straight PlaysBy:Hiram Ed Taylor

Demons In Hell And Other Straight Plays
Hiram Ed Taylor
Xlibris , English
Little Nani and Some Unexpec... - Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Little Nani and Some Unexpec...Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

When Little Nani meets her best friends and reveals that she is taking a course to become a witch, unexpected things can happen at any moment. Read this story and know the beginning of the funny adventures that will be lived by Little Nani … more

Little Nani and Some Unexpected Events (The Funny Adventures of Little Nani Book 1)
Cinta Garcia de la Rosa
Cinta García de la Rosa , English
Three Short Stories for Children - Ben Gil

Three Short Stories for ChildrenBen Gil

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Get three of my books for the price of one

Three Short Stories for Children
Ben Gil
The "Coloured" Fairy Books -... - Andrew Lang

The "Coloured" Fairy Books -...Andrew Lang

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This is the complete set of Andrew Lang’s Coloured Fairy Books:The Blue Fairy BookThe Red Fairy BookThe Green Fairy BookThe Yellow Fairy BookThe Pink Fairy BookThe Grey Fairy BookThe Violet Fairy BookThe Crimson Fairy BookThe Scarlet Brown … more

The “Coloured” Fairy Books - Complete Set of 12 - 400 Illustrations
Andrew Lang
Shadowfyre Publications , English
Marigold Brightbutton and th... - Heather Sylvawood

Marigold Brightbutton and th...Heather Sylvawood

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About Marigold’s Adventures - Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow Marigold Brightbutton is not what you’d call bright. For example, in this adventure she drinks an unknown liquid called Rose Grow. It makes Marigold grow so tall she reac… more

Marigold Brightbutton and the Rose Grow (Marigold Brightbutton’s Adventures Book 1)
Heather Sylvawood