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Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis ... - Gail Hennessey

Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis ...Gail Hennessey

Mrs. Purpilopilis, the woman who loves the color purple, is visiting another school as a substitute teacher. In this short story, she uses her special purple adventure goggles to have the students go back in time to witness visit with Georg… more

Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis and the Purple Adventure Goggles 2 (Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis and the Purple Adventure Goggles-George Washington)
Gail Hennessey
Gail Hennessey,Inc. , English
GRANDPA HATES THE BIRD: Not ... - Eve Yohalem


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“‘What do you think, Bird? Should we play Killigan’s Island with Grandpa?’ Maya asked.I beat my wings as hard as I could to demonstrate my wish to flee. I flipped onto my back and stuck my legs in the air to simulate death. I did a Yak Yak … more

Eve Yohalem
Playmate (Dog's adventure Il... - Mabel

Playmate (Dog's adventure Il...Mabel

PlaymatesBy MabelThe classic 1887 fiction of the human relationship and dog. This is a short story of “Don”, the brave and beautiful dog and “Sunnie” a little boy, when they both meet and build their relationship.**This kindle eBook editio… more

Playmate (Dog’s adventure Illustrations Book)
The Trilogy: Three adventure... - Grandpa Casey

The Trilogy: Three adventure...Grandpa Casey

One day Santa called us, THESH-MICE, with something important to say. He wanted to give us another purpose, other then playing all day. For each Christmas Eve we fill sacks with candy for each girl and boy. Santa knew that candy, not clo… more

The Trilogy: Three adventures of the Müsh-Mice
Grandpa Casey
PublishAmerica , English
Lucy and Lizzy Play Together... - Emma Misaki

Lucy and Lizzy Play Together...Emma Misaki

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Timmy invites his school friends Lizzy and Sammy home, and they all play with their toys and enjoy different activities. Lucy meets Lizzy for the first time, but they quickly become friends.

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Lucy and Lizzy Play Together (A Timmy and Lucy bedtime story your children will love)
Emma Misaki
Dog Kids Book (Children's Bo... - Solomon Adeyemo

Dog Kids Book (Children's Bo...Solomon Adeyemo

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Dog Kids Book (Children’s Book): Nelson And His Dog - for Ages 3-8 Years Old

Nelson And His Dog is a funny dog stories for children and it is the Volume 3 of the Nelson Story Series (Nelson’s short bedtime stories). It is a fun picture dog… more

Dog Kids Book (Children’s BooK): Nelson And His Dog (Nelson Story Series)
Solomon Adeyemo
OmniClever Publishing , English
But What If I . . . - Cortland Tittel

But What If I . . .Cortland Tittel

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Children’s Book

But What If I . . .
Cortland Tittel
Hawse Pipe Ministries , English
Dear Santa, All I Want for C... - Holly-Anne Divey

Dear Santa, All I Want for C...Holly-Anne Divey

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Timmy sent his letter to Santa early this year – he thought he might need some extra time to find his present since talking snowmen aren’t exactly common.As the snow falls on Christmas Eve and Timmy is too excited to sleep, will something m… more

Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a Talking Snowman! Love…Timmy - A Cute Christmas Story for Kids Age 6 & Up
Holly-Anne Divey
Holly & Ivy Books, USA , English
Map Candy: 7 Sweet Stories f... - Katrina Streza

Map Candy: 7 Sweet Stories f...Katrina Streza

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It’s time for a round-the-world candy adventure!When Danny and Sam have to learn about geography, a special visitor comes to their class and shows them that learning about the world can be fun and tasty.In this Candy School Series book, kid… more

Map Candy: 7 Sweet Stories for Early Readers (Candy School)
Katrina Streza
Xist Publishing , English
Orvis's Great Journey - Micah McCann

Orvis's Great JourneyMicah McCann

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Move over Old Yeller there’s a new dog in town! This short story is a tribute to a man’s best friend and highlights the many places visited by the one and only Orvis ‘Bud’ Voris. Follow along as he traverses through a great many landscapes … more

Orvis’s Great Journey
Micah McCann
Micah McCann , English
Bedtime Story 2: To Fly Like... - Worlds Shop, Daniel  Rice

Bedtime Story 2: To Fly Like...Worlds Shop, Daniel Rice

A beautifully illustrated Picture Book for ChildrenThis is a cute Bedtime Story to read out to your children.What’s on the inside:Birds are known for being able to fly and visit places far away. Children often wonder what it would be like … more

Bedtime Story 2: To Fly Like the Birds (Picture Book for Children)
Worlds Shop, Daniel Rice
The Life and Times of Little... - Dave Stone

The Life and Times of Little...Dave Stone

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Little David Stone found trouble around every corner, but he always turned it into something good. Through the support of good friends and a loving family he always had a lot of fun. This little book shares stories from second through the f… more

The Life and Times of Little David Stone - Book Two - Second through Fourth Grade
Dave Stone
The Doomsman: An juvenile fi... - Van Tassel Sutphen

The Doomsman: An juvenile fi...Van Tassel Sutphen

The state of civilization in 2015 New York will closely resemble that of England in the early days of Saxon settlement — primitive people will dwell sparsely in patriarchal stockades and will fight and hunt with bow and arrow.ExcerptA beac… more

The Doomsman: An juvenile fiction,adventure, science fiction novel. (ILLUSTRATED)
Van Tassel Sutphen
Beautiful Stories from Shake... - Edith Nesbit

Beautiful Stories from Shake...Edith Nesbit

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E. Nesbitt reproduces 20 of the greatest of Shakespeare’s plays in charming prose simple enough for children to understand and enjoy them. Delightful period drawings and a classic design make this a must for every family library.

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children (Illustrated, with Audiobook links) (E. Nesbit)
Edith Nesbit
Edmund's Lunch - Violet's Vegan Comics

Edmund's LunchViolet's Vegan Comics

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Edmund’s Lunch is a colourful, rhyming picture book for small children in which Edmund explains to his friends why his vegan lunch is different from theirs.

Edmund’s Lunch
Violet’s Vegan Comics
Violet’s Vegan Comics , English
Da Da Says "Hello" (Da Da Th... - Peter Montague-Ebbs

Da Da Says "Hello" (Da Da Th...Peter Montague-Ebbs

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The first short story in the series about Da Da the Fire Engine. They are bedtime stories for Children, mainly for the very young as well as big kids.This story tells how Da Da goes out and says hello to his friends in the countryside.They … more

Da Da Says “Hello” (Da Da The Fire Engine)
Peter Montague-Ebbs
Peter Montague-Ebbs , English
Mouse Tales  The Magic Begins - Brenda Lee Cadett Trumpold

Mouse Tales The Magic BeginsBrenda Lee Cadett Trumpold

Mouse Tales takes you on a whimsical, magical adventure of life’s happenings through the eyes of Mango, a magical mouse, who lives in a small New England town. Your journey begins in Raven’s Hollow and ends in Quinnbuggeon at Omorogon Pond… more

Mouse Tales The Magic Begins
Brenda Lee Cadett Trumpold
Brenda Lee Cadett Trumpold , English
Henry Took and the Secret of... - Matthew Clark Leach

Henry Took and the Secret of...Matthew Clark Leach

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Henry Took loved Christmas; in fact it was, by far, his favourite time of the year. But what if it didn’t exist? What if there was a secret so powerful, that if let into the wrong hands could destroy Christmas, forever?

It’s the eve of Ch… more

Henry Took and the Secret of Christmas
Matthew Clark Leach
The Penny Seed - D. Rubie Goldberg

The Penny SeedD. Rubie Goldberg

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A young boy searches for happiness and finds it in a most unexpected place.

The Penny Seed
D. Rubie Goldberg
Jimmy Learns To Ride A Bike ... - Johny Trout

Jimmy Learns To Ride A Bike ...Johny Trout

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Children’s early reader. Picture book Jimmy gets a new bike for his birthday and goes through the challenges of learning to ride. Crashes, scrapes his knee, wants to give up, but overcomes in the end with encouragement from his Dad.Read it … more

Jimmy Learns To Ride A Bike And Never Give Up!
Johny Trout
Specialized Design Systems LLC , English