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Limericks for Little ones - Jen Turner

Limericks for Little onesJen Turner

In this easy to read compilation of sixteen delightful limericks, short poems are combined with charming character illustrations by the author herself. This little book is sure to bring joy to little ones, older siblings and parents alike.

Limericks for Little ones
Jen Turner
Turner, Jen , English
Lilly's New School: Stop Bul... - JeAuna M. Evans

Lilly's New School: Stop Bul...JeAuna M. Evans

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Lilly was excited about her new school until Angela decided the school was not big enough for them both. Experience bullying through the youthful eyes of JeAuna M. Evans who was in third grade when she wrote, Lilly’s New School. JeAuna give… more

Lilly’s New School: Stop Bullying Now!
JeAuna M. Evans
David D. Dye Sr. , English
Life's Little Vampires - Nathalie  Laurings

Life's Little VampiresNathalie Laurings

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A beautifully written collection of children’s short stories.Each colorful story is from a child who is a vampire who learns a valuable lesson, though all the stories relate to all children from around the world.The book is aimed at childre… more

Life’s Little Vampires
Nathalie Laurings
Nathalie Laurings , English
Benjamin and the Goblins: A ... - Katy Culhan

Benjamin and the Goblins: A ...Katy Culhan

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It’s Halloween, and Benjamin can’t figure out who – or what – is playing pranks on him. He’s usually the one playing pranks, but a surprise is in store when he runs into goblins this Halloween night.

A short story for children ages 9 to 1… more

Benjamin and the Goblins: A Short Story
Katy Culhan
Rich Boys and Poor Boys, And... - Barbara Hofland

Rich Boys and Poor Boys, And...Barbara Hofland

Rich Boys and Poor Boys, And other Tales, Author by Mrs. Hofland, The book was first published in 1833.

Mrs. Hofland or Barbara Hofland (1770 – 4 November 1844) was an English writer of some 66 didactic, moral stories for children, and of … more

Rich Boys and Poor Boys, And other Tales
Barbara Hofland
Spaghetti Journeys Home - Howard Pearl

Spaghetti Journeys HomeHoward Pearl

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“Spaghetti Journeys Home” is a children’s story about a dog who travels with his human mother to Switzerland for a wedding. The book is narrated by Spaghetti himself, so kids get to experience the story from his doggy perspective. After get… more

Spaghetti Journeys Home
Howard Pearl
Schlimmer Publishing , English
Sunshine - Linda  Hales

SunshineLinda Hales

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Sunshine is a dear little blond girl whose sole mission in life is to make sad people happy. She lives on a hilltop and interacts in strong and positive ways with characters and situations she encounters on the hillside. Sunshine’s experien… more

Linda Hales
Ty the Bull - Brenda Perlin, K.D. Emerson,...

Ty the BullBrenda Perlin, K.D. Emerson,...

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Everything seemed to fall apart for Ty when his parents got a divorce. At his wits end after being bullied endlessly, he started to ditch school. It wasn’t until he met up with a skater named Peacock that things somehow turned around and he… more

Ty the Bull
Brenda Perlin, K.D. Emerson, Rex Baughman
Blossoming Press , English
Patchy and Calico's Summer V... - Greta Burroughs

Patchy and Calico's Summer V...Greta Burroughs

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Patchwork Dog has a knack for getting into trouble and his best friend, Calico Cat usually winds up right in the middle of the mess with him. Calico would rather spend her days sleeping in her nice comfortable bed, staying safe and worry fr… more

Patchy and Calico’s Summer Vacation (Patchwork Dog and Calico Cat)
Greta Burroughs
The Adventures of Little Car... - Tarry Ionta

The Adventures of Little Car...Tarry Ionta

The Adventures of Little Cara Crosspatch consists of four short stories inspired, to some extent at least, by the antics of a real four-your-old. It has been written with the hope of entertaining tiny tots at bedtime—or any other time for t… more

The Adventures of Little Cara Crosspatch
Tarry Ionta
Tarry Ionta , English
Together Alone - Caitlin Hensley

Together AloneCaitlin Hensley

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Seventeen-year-old Nick is a werewolf, and so is his older brother Craig. They’re two of the last werewolves alive in North America, and have been on the run for four years, struggling to stay one step ahead of the deadly Hunters. With arme… more

Together Alone
Caitlin Hensley
VERONICA THE VELOCIRAPTOR (A... - Clifford James Hayes


Too many sweets (and missing trips to the dentist) are a bad thing! …This is a tale about Veronica’s bad teeth,Fangs so bad and scary they gave her lots of grief!They frightened all the dinosaurs, though she had lots of friends,And one da… more

Clifford James Hayes
hayesdesign.co.uk/books , English
SAVE ME Kids: Seven Green Stories - Peyman Parsa

SAVE ME Kids: Seven Green StoriesPeyman Parsa

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SAVE ME Kids” is a collection of seven children’s stories on the subject of protecting nature, forests, animals, and promoting peace and humanity throughout the world.
Through these stories, kids are inspired and encouraged to protect … more

SAVE ME Kids: Seven Green Stories
Peyman Parsa
Dee Plays In The Moonlight - Lorna A Fraser

Dee Plays In The MoonlightLorna A Fraser

Dee lives in Mango Valley where she spends much of her time helping her grandfather in his fields. One memorable night when the land is bathed in moonlight, Dee and a group of her friends go to the village square to play ring games. The fun… more

Dee Plays In The Moonlight
Lorna A Fraser
The Huffs Fright in the Autu... - Lew Su Ann

The Huffs Fright in the Autu...Lew Su Ann

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Autumn has arrived at Rainbow’s End. It is time for roasting acorns and jumping on piles of lovely brown leaves. But something strange and scary begins to happen at night. A big and dark mysterious shadow is lurking around the mushroom fiel… more

The Huffs Fright in the Autumn Night
Lew Su Ann
MorningMobi , English
A Tangle of Tales: short sto... - Reg Down

A Tangle of Tales: short sto...Reg Down

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From the author of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly and ten other children’s books comes a collection of forty-two stories for children. Inside you’ll find nature tales, riddle tales, fables, fairy tales, poems, and creation myths both serious … more

A Tangle of Tales: short stories for children
Reg Down
Lightly Press , English
Brazilian Tales (Annotated) - Carmen Dolores, José Medeiro...

Brazilian Tales (Annotated)Carmen Dolores, José Medeiro...

This book include information meaning Adventure,Genre fiction,Autobiography”OVER 15,000 COPIES SOLD.Title: Brazilian TalesAuthor: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis José Medeiros e Albuquerque Coelho Netto Carmen DoloresTranslator: Isaac Goldb… more

Brazilian Tales (Annotated)
Carmen Dolores, José Medeiros e Albuquerque, Coelho Netto, Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Priscilla the Great Versus A... - Sybil Nelson

Priscilla the Great Versus A...Sybil Nelson

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The funniest book you’ll ever read about armpit hair.

When Billy Wescott thinks he sees something scary in the woods, it’s Priscilla the Great to the rescue…but for a fee, of course. Join Priscilla on a crazy, funny adventure that helps … more

Priscilla the Great Versus Armpit Hair
Sybil Nelson
Little Prince Publishing , English
Zed's Pet Hotel - Pace Wesley

Zed's Pet HotelPace Wesley

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What is one skill children should develop to prepare them for a successful future? The answer is RESOURCEFULNESS! This story is about a boy named Zed, who wants a mountain bike very much. His parents cannot afford to buy for him. Instead… more

Zed’s Pet Hotel
Pace Wesley
What Happened To My Life? - Mario Costanzo

What Happened To My Life?Mario Costanzo

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What Happened to My Life? is a story about how a young man beat the odds and achieved financial security and freedom and how he couldn’t help others no matter how hard he tried. A gripping story that will captivate you all the way to the ve… more

What Happened To My Life?
Mario Costanzo
Mario Costanzo , English