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The Tale of Betsy Butterfly - Arthur Scott Bailey

The Tale of Betsy ButterflyArthur Scott Bailey

EVERY one of the field people in Pleasant Valley, and the forest folk as well, was different from his neighbors. For instance, there was Jasper Jay. He was the noisiest chap for miles around. And there was Peter Mink. Without doubt he was t… more

The Tale of Betsy Butterfly
Arthur Scott Bailey
Unpredictable - Bryan R. Dennis

UnpredictableBryan R. Dennis

Three stories to go with three haikus.Unpredictable:Tapping of moth wingsHis journey rekindled bymelon-flavored lipsIllinois Corn:Alabaster skinRed rash creeps up her armsCorn scent and knucklesJake’s Mom:Mom’s endless worryWhat is her son … more

Bryan R. Dennis
Bryan R. Dennis , English
THE PERVERSE WIDOW and THE WIDOW - Richard Steele, Wasington Irving

THE PERVERSE WIDOW and THE WIDOWRichard Steele, Wasington Irving

Below is an excerpt from the beginning of “The Perverse Widow” which was originally published in “The Spectator”, July 10, 1711: “In my first Description of the Company in which I pass most of my Time, it may be remembered that I mentioned… more

Richard Steele, Wasington Irving
Oak Grove , English
33 West - Nicola Monaghan, Daisy Goodw...

33 WestNicola Monaghan, Daisy Goodw...

In a unique take on the London anthology 33 West features 17 brand new short stories for the whole of west London, from Barnet in the north to Croydon in the south. There is a hunt for an urban fox in Lambeth, the perfect samosa in Brent, a… more

33 West
Nicola Monaghan, Daisy Goodwin, Nikesh Shukla, Uchenna Izundu, Jemma Wayne, Tena Stivicic, Neil Ramsorrun, Patrick Binding
Glasshouse Books , English
Singing Underwater (Tales Of... - William Gough

Singing Underwater (Tales Of...William Gough

This is the fourth in a series of linked Urban Fables about, as the series’ title suggests, the “Tales Of A Small Boy In A Big Room”. Each story stands on its own and is being released as a Kindle Single. But they also connect in a much la… more

Singing Underwater (Tales Of A Small Boy In A Big Room)
William Gough
Gull Pond Books , English
Mirror Mirror - Lee Richardson

Mirror MirrorLee Richardson

Strange things do not necessarily always have to happen in fairy tales. Sometimes, strange things happen to perfectly normal and often boring people, leading perfectly normal and boring lives. The strange things that can and do happen may m… more

Mirror Mirror
Lee Richardson
Saki - The Story-Teller - Saki (H. H. Munro)

Saki - The Story-TellerSaki (H. H. Munro)

Another comic short story masterpiece by Saki.

Saki - The Story-Teller
Saki (H. H. Munro)
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
The Tale of Daddy Longlegs - Arthur Scott Bailey

The Tale of Daddy LonglegsArthur Scott Bailey

Now, when they were puzzled like that the field- and forest-folk usually went straight to Mr. Crow for advice. But this time it happened that the old gentleman had gone on an excursion to the further side of Blue Mountain, where Brownie Bea… more

The Tale of Daddy Longlegs
Arthur Scott Bailey
Love Hurts - Summer Martin

Love HurtsSummer Martin

LOVE HURTS by Summer Martin is a collection of three riveting short stories that you will remember long after you’ve read the last line. These stories are edgy, suspenseful and provide a tantalizing taste of Summer’s fascinating story-telli… more

Love Hurts
Summer Martin
eBookIt.com , English
The Attempted Assassination ... - Charles R. Testrake

The Attempted Assassination ...Charles R. Testrake

“What will Mrs. Grant think of my hanging on to you so?” Grant overheard Mrs. Lincoln whisper to her husband. “She won’t think anything about it,” replied the President. “Don’t know the manners of good society, eh?” said the actor on stage… more

The Attempted Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Charles R. Testrake
Charles R. Testrake , English
Bulger's Reputation - Bret Harte

Bulger's ReputationBret Harte

Bret Harte (1836-1902), an American author and poet, is best remembered for his stories of pioneer life in California. Born in Albany, New York, Harte moved to California in 1853 and worked as a miner, teacher, messenger and journalist. Thi… more

Bulger’s Reputation
Bret Harte
Tortoise in a Parking Lot - Bryan R. Dennis

Tortoise in a Parking LotBryan R. Dennis

Three stories to go with three haikus.Tortoise in a Parking Lot:A man, a tortoise,and a world forever lostGhosts of summer loveDrawing Fish:Hot pinging fry greaseHow sad this fish filet swims,when his dreams are deadFalling:Wind against his… more

Tortoise in a Parking Lot
Bryan R. Dennis
Bryan R. Dennis , English
The Dead - James Joyce - James Joyce

The Dead - James JoyceJames Joyce

The Dead” is a short story by James Joyce, the last and the longest story in Dubliners. Gabriel Conroy attends a party, and later, as he speaks with his wife, has an epiphany about the nature of life and death. At 15–16,000 words this sto… more

The Dead - James Joyce
James Joyce
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
NThe Tale of Jolly Robin - Arthur Scott Bailey

NThe Tale of Jolly RobinArthur Scott Bailey

Of course, there was a time, once, when Jolly Robin was just a nestling himself. With two brothers and one sister—all of them, like him, much spotted with black—he lived in a house in one of Farmer Green’s apple trees.

NThe Tale of Jolly Robin
Arthur Scott Bailey
Little Bo-Peep she lost her sheep - Kronheim Joseph Martin

Little Bo-Peep she lost her sheepKronheim Joseph Martin

Author Kronheim, Joseph Martin, 1810-1896Title My First Picture BookWith Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by KronheimContents My First Alphabet — The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe — The Babes in the Wood — Little Bo… more

Little Bo-Peep she lost her sheep
Kronheim Joseph Martin
The Gift of the Magi - O. Henry

The Gift of the MagiO. Henry

O. Henry (William Sydney Porter - 1862-1910) was an American writer of short stories. His stories are famous for their wit, wordplay and twist endings. This is his most famous short story. It is about a young couple who are short of money b… more

The Gift of the Magi
O. Henry
The Best Short Stories of 19... - Various, Sherwood Anderson, ...

The Best Short Stories of 19...Various, Sherwood Anderson, ...

CONTENTSINTRODUCTION. By the Editor. BROTHERS. By Sherwood Anderson. (From The Bookman)FANUTZA. By Konrad Bercovici. (From The Dial)EXPERIMEmore

The Best Short Stories of 1921 & the Yearbook of the American Short Story
Various, Sherwood Anderson, Konrad Bercovici, Maxwell Struthers Burt, Irvin S. Cobb, Lincoln Colcord, Charles J. Finger, Waldo Frank, Katharine Fullerton Gerould
The Awakening and Selected S... - Kate Chopin

The Awakening and Selected S...Kate Chopin

The Awakening and Selected Short Stories

The Awakening and Selected Short Stories
Kate Chopin
indypublish.com , English