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Too Weird for Ziggy - Sylvie Simmons

Too Weird for ZiggySylvie Simmons

Sylvie Simmons has long been an acclaimed music journalist, interviewing and reporting on some of the most outsized personalities in rock. Her fiction debut, Too Weird for Ziggy, is a darkly comic, coruscatingly observed collection of linke… more

Too Weird for Ziggy
Sylvie Simmons
Grove Press, Black Cat , English
The Man Who Would Be King - Rudyard Kipling

The Man Who Would Be KingRudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was a British writer who was famous for the Jungle Book, among other works. He was a strong advocate of Anglo-Saxon superiority. This story details the deeds of two British adventurers who journey into the mounta… more

The Man Who Would Be King
Rudyard Kipling
The Dead - James Joyce - James Joyce

The Dead - James JoyceJames Joyce

The Dead” is a short story by James Joyce, the last and the longest story in Dubliners. Gabriel Conroy attends a party, and later, as he speaks with his wife, has an epiphany about the nature of life and death. At 15–16,000 words this sto… more

The Dead - James Joyce
James Joyce
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Tortoise in a Parking Lot - Bryan R. Dennis

Tortoise in a Parking LotBryan R. Dennis

Three stories to go with three haikus.Tortoise in a Parking Lot:A man, a tortoise,and a world forever lostGhosts of summer loveDrawing Fish:Hot pinging fry greaseHow sad this fish filet swims,when his dreams are deadFalling:Wind against his… more

Tortoise in a Parking Lot
Bryan R. Dennis
Bryan R. Dennis , English
The Tale of Nimble Deer - Arthur Scott Bailey

The Tale of Nimble DeerArthur Scott Bailey

When Nimble’s mother first looked at him she couldn’t believe she would ever be able to raise him. He was such a tiny, frail, spotted thing that he seemed too delicate for a life of adventure on the wooded ridges and in the tangled swamps u… more

The Tale of Nimble Deer
Arthur Scott Bailey
The Phantom Rickshaw and Oth... - Rudyard Kipling

The Phantom Rickshaw and Oth...Rudyard Kipling

The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories

The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories
Rudyard Kipling
indypublish.com , English
Auction - Bill Bernico

AuctionBill Bernico

It’s 1998 and you’re new to eBay. You try to sell your vintage 1940 restored Oldsmobile but you make a few mistakes and now someone is threatening to take your car for ONE DOLLAR. You simply can’t let that happen.

Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
Great Chicken Revolt of 2011 - Rick Long

Great Chicken Revolt of 2011Rick Long

Cluckheart, a common chicken, unites the 21st Century poultry in their battle to overthrow Farmer John for his part in the tragic suicide of Bessie The Cow.

Great Chicken Revolt of 2011
Rick Long
Bernice Bobs Her Hair : Full... - Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Bernice Bobs Her Hair : Full...Francis Scott Fitzgerald

After dark on Saturday night one could stand on the first tee of the golf-course and see the country-club windows as a yellow expanse over a very black and wavy ocean. The waves of this ocean, so to speak, were the heads of many curious cad… more

Bernice Bobs Her Hair : Full Annotated version
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
NThe Tale of Jolly Robin - Arthur Scott Bailey

NThe Tale of Jolly RobinArthur Scott Bailey

Of course, there was a time, once, when Jolly Robin was just a nestling himself. With two brothers and one sister—all of them, like him, much spotted with black—he lived in a house in one of Farmer Green’s apple trees.

NThe Tale of Jolly Robin
Arthur Scott Bailey
Cavalleria Rusticana - Giovanni Verga

Cavalleria RusticanaGiovanni Verga

Giovanni Verga (1840-1922) was an Italian realist writer who is best known for his depictions of life in Sicily, especially in this short story.

Cavalleria Rusticana
Giovanni Verga
The Rock (One Night Stands) - Tony Waterfall

The Rock (One Night Stands)Tony Waterfall

The Rock: “Tony Waterfall will make people think about life, death and love as they read this tale”. Rhonda Readence, ReviewYouTony Waterfall’s short stories are full of imagery, thought provoking nuances, and exceptional writing. Each stor… more

The Rock (One Night Stands)
Tony Waterfall
Waterfall Press , English
Tarquin of Cheapside by Fran... - Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Tarquin of Cheapside by Fran...Francis Scott Fitzgerald

This short story was first published in the “Smart Set” in 1921, although it had been written 5 years previous. It was first published in book form in Tales of the Jazz Age in 1922.”Written almost six years ago, this story is a product of u… more

Tarquin of Cheapside by Francis Scott Fitzgerald (Annotated)
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
The Gift of the Magi - O. Henry

The Gift of the MagiO. Henry

O. Henry (William Sydney Porter - 1862-1910) was an American writer of short stories. His stories are famous for their wit, wordplay and twist endings. This is his most famous short story. It is about a young couple who are short of money b… more

The Gift of the Magi
O. Henry
Little Bo-Peep she lost her sheep - Kronheim Joseph Martin

Little Bo-Peep she lost her sheepKronheim Joseph Martin

Author Kronheim, Joseph Martin, 1810-1896Title My First Picture BookWith Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by KronheimContents My First Alphabet — The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe — The Babes in the Wood — Little Bo… more

Little Bo-Peep she lost her sheep
Kronheim Joseph Martin
33 East - Stella Duffy, Uchenna Izundu...

33 EastStella Duffy, Uchenna Izundu...

In a unique take on the London anthology 33 East features 16 brand new short stories for the whole of east London, from Enfield in the north to Bromley in the south. There is an act of heroism in Havering, a haunting in Tower Hamlets, a pla… more

33 East
Stella Duffy, Uchenna Izundu, Susannah Rickards, Kadija Sesay, Bobby Nayyar, Ariana Mouyiaris, Angela Clerkin, Tabitha Potts
Glasshouse Books , English
Mother West Wind's Children ... - Thornton W. Burgess

Mother West Wind's Children ...Thornton W. Burgess

Mother West Wind’s Children author: Thornton W. Burgess (ILLUSTRATED)published: 1911language: Englishgenres: Young Readers, Short Story CollectionExcerptfather Frog, “the Meadow Mice have had short tails and have always scurried along under… more

Mother West Wind’s Children By Thornton W. Burgess (ILLUSTRATED)
Thornton W. Burgess
The Mysterious Stranger - Mark Twain

The Mysterious StrangerMark Twain

Note: “The Mysterious Stranger” was written in 1898 and     never finished. The editors of Twain’s “Collected Works”     completed the story prior to publication. At what point in     this work Twain left off and where the editor’s beg… more

The Mysterious Stranger
Mark Twain
Bunny Books, Ink. , English