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Illustrated Biographies-Albe... - Marie Publications

Illustrated Biographies-Albe...Marie Publications

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”–Albert Einstein

Illustrated Biographies-Albert Einstein
Marie Publications
Marie Publications , English
Beautiful Land of the Sky: J... - Loren M. Wood

Beautiful Land of the Sky: J...Loren M. Wood

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John Muir is considered to be the supreme icon of western wilderness and preservation. His counterpart in the east is Harlan P. Kelsey, an often obscure and forgotten figure. In Beautiful Land of the Sky, author Loren M. Wood chronicles Ke… more

Beautiful Land of the Sky: John Muir’s Forgotten Eastern Counterpart, Harlan P. Kelsey
Loren M. Wood
iUniverse , English
A Genius in the Family - Hiram Percy Maxim

A Genius in the FamilyHiram Percy Maxim

The biography of Hiram Maxim, as told by his son. Hiram Maxim was a distinguished engineer and inventor of the first recoil-powered machinegun, among other things.

A Genius in the Family
Hiram Percy Maxim
EHM Publishing , English
Memorial Tributes: National ... - National Academy of Engineering

Memorial Tributes: National ...National Academy of Engineering

This is the fifteenth volume in the series of Memorial Tributes compiled by the National Academy of Engineering as a personal remembrance of the lives and outstanding achievements of its members and foreign associates. These volumes are int… more

Memorial Tributes: National Academy of Engineering, Volume 15
National Academy of Engineering
National Academies Press , English
Nikola Tesla: My Life, My Research - Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla: My Life, My ResearchNikola Tesla

History is written by the victors. But that is no comfort to those crossed out by the editor’s pen. For years, science textbooks equated electricity and light with one man, Thomas Edison, while the genius whose pioneering electrical technol… more

Nikola Tesla: My Life, My Research
Nikola Tesla
Discovery Publisher , English
The life of Philip Henry Gosse - Edmund Gosse

The life of Philip Henry GosseEdmund Gosse

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The life of Philip Henry Gosse. 414 Pages.

The life of Philip Henry Gosse
Edmund Gosse
Lightning Biography of Steve Jobs - Robert Jenson

Lightning Biography of Steve JobsRobert Jenson

This quick read biography about Steve Jobs has everything you need to know about the life of the visionary, innovator, and genius co-creator of Apple.Did you know that he was adopted, or that he was fired from Apple in 1985 only to be rehir… more

Lightning Biography of Steve Jobs
Robert Jenson
Down Among the Dead Men - Michelle Williams, Keith McCarthy

Down Among the Dead MenMichelle Williams, Keith McCarthy

Michelle Williams is young and attractive, she has close family ties as well as a busy social life � but she is far from usual. She is a mortuary technician and her job involves dealing with those things in life that many people do not wish… more

Down Among the Dead Men
Michelle Williams, Keith McCarthy
A Bloody Long Journey: Eryth... - Eugene Goldwasser

A Bloody Long Journey: Eryth...Eugene Goldwasser

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Eugene Goldwasser (1922-2010) was born in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from the University of Chicago, where he also earned a PhD in biochemistry, and where he remained as a faculty member for his entire career. His long-term project … more

A Bloody Long Journey: Erythropoietin (Epo) and the Person Who Isolated It
Eugene Goldwasser
Xlibris , English
Men of Science [Illustrated] - Sarah Bolton

Men of Science [Illustrated]Sarah Bolton

The book is about famous and successful scientists who achieved recognition in spite of many failures, bad times, poverty and misfortune. Author provides insightful stories of those people which give reader much motivation and hope for achi… more

Men of Science [Illustrated]
Sarah Bolton
Edison, His Life and Inventi... - Frank Lewis Dyer, Thomas Com...

Edison, His Life and Inventi...Frank Lewis Dyer, Thomas Com...

A detailed biography of Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of such things as the telephone, the microphone, the electric motor, the storage battery, and the electric light. In the words of the authors, “It is designed in these pages to bring the … more

Edison, His Life and Inventions (Annotated)
Frank Lewis Dyer, Thomas Commerford Martin
Makers of Electricity - Brother Potamian, James Jose...

Makers of ElectricityBrother Potamian, James Jose...

MAKERS OF ELECTRICITY. CHAPTER I. Peregrinus and Columbus.

The ancients laid down the laws of literary form in prose as well as in verse, and bequeathed to posterity works which still serve as models of excellence. Their poets and historia… more

Makers of Electricity
Brother Potamian, James Joseph Walsh
Fordham University Press , English
Going Dark - Guy R. McPherson

Going DarkGuy R. McPherson

We are the last individuals of our species on Earth. How shall we respond? How shall we act?

If industrial civilization is maintained, climate change will cause human extinction in the near term. If industrial civilization falls, suffici… more

Going Dark
Guy R. McPherson
PublishAmerica , English
Christian Men of Science: El... - George Mulfinger, Julia Mulf...

Christian Men of Science: El...George Mulfinger, Julia Mulf...

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In this day of the atheistic or agnostic stereotype that is attached to the man of science, it is refreshing to study the lives of eleven great scientists who professed Christ as their Lord and Savior. In these short biographies, we are pre… more

Christian Men of Science: Eleven Men Who Changed the World
George Mulfinger, Julia Mulfinger Orozco
Ambassador International , English
From The Trench of Mission C... - Maurice Kennedy, Charles Dei...

From The Trench of Mission C...Maurice Kennedy, Charles Dei...

This book is a collective effort on the part of many of the NASA flight controllers who “manned” the front row of consoles in Mission Control during the preeminent days of America’s Manned Spaceflight Program.These controllers were the sing… more

From The Trench of Mission Control to the Craters of The Moon
Maurice Kennedy, Charles Deiterich III, William Stoval, William Boone III, Glynn S. Lunney, H. David Reed, Jerry C. Bostick
Stories of Invention Told by... - Edward E. Hale

Stories of Invention Told by...Edward E. Hale

Illustrated edition - The book includes 10 new unique illustrations relevant to the book. .This little book closes a series of five volumes which I undertook some years since, in the wish to teach boys and girls how to use for themselves th… more

Stories of Invention Told by Inventors and their Friends (Illustrated)
Edward E. Hale
Alfred Nobel - Kenne Fant

Alfred NobelKenne Fant

This is the most complete and only full-length biography available of the legendary inventor of dynamite and founder of the prizes that bear his name, Alfred Nobel. Nobel’s story-which the New York Review of Books described as “extraordinar… more

Alfred Nobel
Kenne Fant
Arcade Publishing , English
Buckminster Fuller - A Short... - Sylvia Miner

Buckminster Fuller - A Short...Sylvia Miner

Engineer, Author, Inventor and so much more! This short biography of Buckminster Fuller gives you a short rundown on some of fuller’s major achievements.

Buckminster Fuller - A Short Biography for Kids
Sylvia Miner


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This book is a true adventure story, a lovestory, and a tale that has some meaning.How to survive in a changing world and society, and to become a pilot, flying airplanes for a living. The tale is not that much different than most life sto… more

John L. Sparks
iUniverse , English
A Kansan Conquers the Cosmos... - Alan Glines

A Kansan Conquers the Cosmos...Alan Glines

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A Kansan Conquers the Cosmos presents the story of Alan Glines, who began working with NASA in 1966 and was part of Mission Control during the height of the space program. Full of fun and excitement, Glines’s autobiography offers a first-pe… more

A Kansan Conquers the Cosmos: or, “Spaced Out All My Life!”
Alan Glines
iUniverse , English