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Seers - Heather Frost

SeersHeather Frost

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For Kate Bennet, surviving the car wreck that killed her parents means big changes – and even bigger problems. As she begins to see auras and invisible people, Kate must learn to trust Patrick O’Donnell, a handsome Guardian, or risk her lif… more

Heather Frost
Cedar Fort, Inc. , English
Astro Boy: Underground - The... - Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan

Astro Boy: Underground - The...Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan

He’s back! Astro Boy makes his amazing return to comics, paving the way for his exciting feature film debut! It’s an all-new Astro Boy adventure, with Astro exploring a strange subterranean kingdom in search of his lost father, encountering… more

Astro Boy: Underground - The Official Movie Prequel #1
Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan
IDW Publishing , English
Shadows: The Beginning - E.K. Donaldson

Shadows: The BeginningE.K. Donaldson

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William Cash is a fourteen year old boy and friends with many at school. Besides his two brothers, Dan and Sam, William has three other close friends. However, he has a secret that they don’t know. Dan and Eliza are suspicious and when he t… more

Shadows: The Beginning
E.K. Donaldson
Infinity Publishing , English
Walter Koenig's Things to Co... - Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig's Things to Co...Walter Koenig

The brand new graphic novel from one of the stars from the original Star Trek, Walter Koenig. Two species, one trying to cheat death, the other to become its master and, in between, a little child shall bleed them.

Walter Koenig’s Things to Come - Graphic Novel
Walter Koenig
Bluewater Productions , English
Judge Dredd, Vol. 5 - Duane Swierczynski, Nelson D...

Judge Dredd, Vol. 5Duane Swierczynski, Nelson D...

Dredd’s most vicious and unstoppable enemies—the Dark Judges—are clawing their way into Mega-City One, determined to transform it into a new city of the dead. But the only thing more horrifying than the Dark Judges’ onslaught are the drasti… more

Judge Dredd, Vol. 5
Duane Swierczynski, Nelson Daniel, Shane Pierce
IDW Publishing , English
Devil's Triangle: The Comple... - Brian Hailes, Blake Casselman

Devil's Triangle: The Comple...Brian Hailes, Blake Casselman

In the climactic finale of Devil’s Triangle, Gist Miller and what few are left of the original crew scramble aboard a purgatorial prison posing as a cruise ship set adrift. When Master Mahan, the ancient demon hell-bent on upgrading bodies,… more

Devil’s Triangle: The Complete Graphic Novel
Brian Hailes, Blake Casselman
HailesArt, LLC , English
Sword Art Online: Aincrad, V... - Reki Kawahara

Sword Art Online: Aincrad, V...Reki Kawahara

In the year 2022, gamers rejoice as Sword Art Online - a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like no other - debuts, allowing players to take full advantage of the ultimate in gaming technology: NerveGe… more

Sword Art Online: Aincrad, Vol. 1 (manga) (Sword Art Online Manga Series)
Reki Kawahara
Yen Press , English
Saga, Vol. 3 - Brian K. Vaughan

Saga, Vol. 3Brian K. Vaughan

Collects SAGA #13-18The Eisner, Harvey, and Hugo Award-winning phenomenon continues, as new parents Marko and Alana travel to an alien world to visit their hero, while the family’s pursuers finally close in on their targets.

Saga, Vol. 3
Brian K. Vaughan
Image Comics , English
Danger Girl #0 - J. Scott Cambell, Andy Hartnell

Danger Girl #0J. Scott Cambell, Andy Hartnell

Issue #0: With a distinct balance of action, humor and suspense, not to mention sexy girls, Danger Girl is a unique take on the spy genre. Join Abbey Chase and the rest of the Danger Girls as they battle the Hammer Syndicate, a nefarious or… more

Danger Girl #0
J. Scott Cambell, Andy Hartnell
IDW Publishing , English
Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, Vol. 1 - Grant Morrison, Mukesh Singh...

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, Vol. 1Grant Morrison, Mukesh Singh...

Listen closely. Is that thunder? Or voices? Or the opening chords for the end of worlds? The monsters are coming. From the minds of acclaimed filmmaker, Barry Sonnenfeld (director of the, Men In Black films) and superstar graphic novel crea… more

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, Vol. 1
Grant Morrison, Mukesh Singh, Barry Sonnenfeld
Liquid Comics , English
Attack on Titan: No Regrets ... - Hajime Isayama, Gan Sunaaku

Attack on Titan: No Regrets ...Hajime Isayama, Gan Sunaaku

THE THIEF AND THE SOLDIER The young Erwin Smith is a rising star in the Survey Corps, humanity’s only hope of defeating the man-eating monsters known as Titans. Ruthless and dispassionate, Erwin’s mind is devoted to strategies and intrigue…. more

Attack on Titan: No Regrets 1 (Attack on Titan:No Regrets)
Hajime Isayama, Gan Sunaaku
Kodansha Comics , English
Planet Veg and the Big Crash... - William Wadley

Planet Veg and the Big Crash...William Wadley

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A group of children get the chance to blast off into space in a rocket, but the soon crash and find themselves stranded on a strange world where tomatoes talk and carrots rule! Will the children ever raise enough money to repair their ship … more

Planet Veg and the Big Crash in Space
William Wadley
Christopher Wadley , English
The Life After Vol. 1 - Joshua Hale Fialkov

The Life After Vol. 1Joshua Hale Fialkov

Jude’s life is nothing special. It seems like every day is just a repeat of the last one, until one day, he meets a woman and can suddenly see into her past — revealing that he is actually in Purgatory for suicides. Now that he’s awake, he… more

The Life After Vol. 1
Joshua Hale Fialkov
Oni Press , English
UPGRADE (Part II) - Louis Rosenberg

UPGRADE (Part II)Louis Rosenberg

The year is 2058 and nobody ever leaves their home, automated delivery-bots bringing all their daily needs. That’s because life is now lived entirely online, making work and play more convenient than ever. And it just keeps getting better… more

Louis Rosenberg
Outland Pictures , English
Project: Purest: Phase One: ... - Danielle Dixon

Project: Purest: Phase One: ...Danielle Dixon

Average wait: N/A

Project: Purest: Phase One: Phoenix Risingby Danielle Dixon

Project: Purest: Phase One: Phoenix Rising
Danielle Dixon
Xlibris , English
Archeologists of Shadows, Vo... - Lara Fuentes, Patricio Clarey

Archeologists of Shadows, Vo...Lara Fuentes, Patricio Clarey

Archeologists of Shadows is set in a world where every living thing is becoming mechanical. Some think that the phenomenon is the will of the gods, and so the Authorities punish those who resist the transformation, although all wonder about… more

Archeologists of Shadows, Vol. 2: Once A Nightmare
Lara Fuentes, Patricio Clarey
Septagon Studios , English
Delta Project: Rescue (Book 2) - Jessica Jaster

Delta Project: Rescue (Book 2)Jessica Jaster

D005 has been a part of a secret government program known as the Delta Project her entire life. She has been genetically modified to be stronger, faster, smarter and to heal faster. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and battle tactic… more

Delta Project: Rescue (Book 2)
Jessica Jaster
Delta Project:  Hide - Jessica Jaster

Delta Project: HideJessica Jaster

D005 has been a part of a secret government program known as the Delta Project her entire life. She has been genetically modified to be stronger, faster, smarter and to heal faster. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and battle tact… more

Delta Project: Hide
Jessica Jaster
McBlack #1 - Jason Franks

McBlack #1Jason Franks

Part 1 of 3: The Gentle Art of Making EnemiesMcBlack used to be a private detective, but he gave it up to concentrate on the stuff he really enjoys: murder, arson, sabotage and maimings. He reluctantly agrees to help the Killer Dame find he… more

McBlack #1
Jason Franks
Black Glass Press , English
Quantum Coin - E.C. Myers

Quantum CoinE.C. Myers

Ephraim thought his universe-hopping days were over. He’s done wishing for magic solutions to his problems; his quantum coin has been powerless for almost a year, and he’s settled into a normal life with his girlfriend, Jena. But then an ol… more

Quantum Coin
E.C. Myers
Pyr , English