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The Rising Sun: Episode 6 (C... - J Hawk

The Rising Sun: Episode 6 (C...J Hawk


A top secret techno facility falls prey to a sudden terrorist attack. But the attackers are no ordinary ones.

The spectrum’s worst fear has been realised: this is the return of its most ancient, deadly threat … a… more

The Rising Sun: Episode 6 (Clocks Book 1)
J Hawk
Attack Earth. - Daniel Burke

Attack Earth.Daniel Burke

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In the spirit of the classic 1950’s sci-fi comics, gum cards, and movies, like “Weird Science”, “Forbidden Planet” and the “Mar’s Attacks” bubble gum cards, this book revisits the age of UFO hysteria and space adventure that made being afra… more

Attack Earth.
Daniel Burke
Daniel Burke , English
Interstellar Erotic Diplomac... - E.T. Nimfomanis

Interstellar Erotic Diplomac...E.T. Nimfomanis

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When aliens visit Earth and offer to take a human delegation to the galactic diplomatic centre known as the Congeries, Lucy Entwhistle of the British Foreign Office is one of those chosen to go. Sure, she has a habit of sleeping with diplom… more

Interstellar Erotic Diplomacy 3: Tentacle Intervention
E.T. Nimfomanis
Astro Boy: Underground - The... - Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan

Astro Boy: Underground - The...Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan

The secrets of the strange subterranean world are revealed! Now that he knows the truth, can Astro Boy undo the damage he’s inadvertently done?! Astro Boy’s return to comics concludes here, in preparation for his blockbuster feature film de… more

Astro Boy: Underground - The Official Movie Prequel #4
Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan
IDW Publishing , English
Forbidden Union: A Sci-Fi Er... - H.S. Morgan

Forbidden Union: A Sci-Fi Er...H.S. Morgan

Average wait: N/A

Helen worries about the man of the house. They used to be close, but a tragic death in the family has made them distant. The outbreak of galactic war threatens to tear them apart forever and time is running out. Helen knows she’s the only o… more

Forbidden Union: A Sci-Fi Erotic Adventure
H.S. Morgan
Red Lace Press , English
Orieonis Trip Home - Daniel DuBour

Orieonis Trip HomeDaniel DuBour

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The Orieonis after being discovered by the human, James; were gathered up by James and taken into his home in a show box. After questioning the Orieonis, he became aware of where the Orieonis came from and how he could help them. Finding … more

Orieonis Trip Home
Daniel DuBour
Daniel A. DuBour , English
Escape to Elecktron: Warrior... - John Pirillo

Escape to Elecktron: Warrior...John Pirillo

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Andy built a superscope that allowed him to peek inside a gold atom, where he discovered a world called, “Elecktron.” There he sees a beautiful princess.

Andy is driven to find a way to reach that world when his parents talk about divorcin… more

Escape to Elecktron: Warrior of Elecktron
John Pirillo
John Pirillo , English
The Last Libary - Eric Kiernan

The Last LibaryEric Kiernan

Average wait: N/A

Jacob wants to follow in the footsteps of his parents - to travel looking for relics of forgotten technology in hopes of restoring his fallen colony planet to the technological level of founders intended. Unfortunately since he was orphaned… more

The Last Libary
Eric Kiernan
The Bunker #7 - Joshua Hale Fialkov

The Bunker #7Joshua Hale Fialkov

Before now, we’ve seen little of Daniel’s and Heidi’s futures. When the two of them meet up after the end of the world, Heidi uncovers some unpleasant truths about Daniel and his demons. In the present, Heidi is determined to confront–and k… more

The Bunker #7
Joshua Hale Fialkov
Oni Press , English
Clean Science Fiction Advent... - Teddy K Chapin

Clean Science Fiction Advent...Teddy K Chapin

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This Omnibus Edition combines books 1 - 3 of The Chronicles Of Kilix. This provides readers a great way to keep the whole story all together or save a dollar when picking up all three at once.

This is the story of Kilix, a sixteen-year-old… more

Clean Science Fiction Adventure: The Chronicles Of Kilix Omnibus Edition: Books 1 - 3
Teddy K Chapin
The Transformers: Revenge of... - Simon Furman, Jon-Davis Hunt

The Transformers: Revenge of...Simon Furman, Jon-Davis Hunt

The official adaptation of TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN picks up directly where the movie prequels, ALLIANCE and DEFIANCE, leave off with this series—the TRANSFORMERS’ brutal war continues on Earth as the noble AUTOBOTS work with the… more

The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation #1
Simon Furman, Jon-Davis Hunt
IDW Publishing , English
The Transformers: Alliance -... - Chris Mowry, Alex Milne

The Transformers: Alliance -...Chris Mowry, Alex Milne

The official prequel to the TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN movie continues! Caught off-guard by a surprise attack, the newly formed alliance of AUTOBOTS and humans must fight as one to combat a new DECEPTICON threat. But with the AUTOBmore

The Transformers: Alliance - The Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel #3
Chris Mowry, Alex Milne
IDW Publishing , English
ROBOTVILLE 3000: Vol. 1: Sup... - Nate Taber

ROBOTVILLE 3000: Vol. 1: Sup...Nate Taber

Average wait: N/A

Robotville 3000 stories are about the future intersection of humans and robots and their relationships, sometimes meshing, sometimes gnashing, but always unpredictable. Robotville 3000 tells stories like:

● Machines seeking meaning, repro… more

ROBOTVILLE 3000: Vol. 1: Super-Soldier
Nate Taber
On the One Publishing , English
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Classi... - Steve Skeates, Manny Stallma...

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Classi...Steve Skeates, Manny Stallma...

The original classic adventures of Dynamo, NoMan, Menthor, and more from T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents issue #11, NoMan #1–2, and Dynamo #3.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Classics, Vol. 4
Steve Skeates, Manny Stallman, Ralph Reese, Gil Kane, Paul Reinman, John Giunta, Chic Stone, Ogden Whitney, Dan Adkins, Wally Wood, Mike Sekowsky, Frank Giacoia, George Tuska, Ryan Brown
IDW Publishing , English
Gene Gardens Book 1 - Shawn Granger

Gene Gardens Book 1Shawn Granger

Average wait: N/A

For smaller devices, you may need to double tap your screen to activate the zoom feature due to the fonts being imbedded in the pictures.Gene Gardens is a future ruined earth story which isn’t afraid to bleed. Time has almost run out on th… more

Gene Gardens Book 1
Shawn Granger
King Tractor Press , English
Fantasy graphic novel : YUMA... - Nicolas Beretta

Fantasy graphic novel : YUMA...Nicolas Beretta

Average wait: N/A


THAT MORNING, Yuma awakes in the midst of a nightmare. A hobo finds her half naked among the trash, blood-thirsty killers … more

Fantasy graphic novel : YUMA : the legend of a heroine
Nicolas Beretta
Nicolas Beretta , English
Airboy Archives, Vol. 2 - Chuck Dixon, Bo Hampton, Tom...

Airboy Archives, Vol. 2Chuck Dixon, Bo Hampton, Tom...

The adventures of Airboy, Valkyrie, and Skywolf continue. Collects the Eclipse Comics series issues #17–25, the first 3-issue Valkyrie mini-series, and all of the Skywolf backup stories.

Airboy Archives, Vol. 2
Chuck Dixon, Bo Hampton, Tom Lyle, Ron Randall, Attilio Micheluzzi, Dan Spiegle, Paul Gulacy, Tom Yeates, Mark Johnson, Graham Nolan, Timothy Truman
IDW Publishing , English
Sex, Vol. 1: The Summer of Hard - Joe Casey

Sex, Vol. 1: The Summer of HardJoe Casey

DO YOU WANNA BUY TEN BUCKS WORTH OF SEX? SPECIAL LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE! Retired superhero Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City to live life as a “normal” civilian. Easier said than done! You might’ve heard about SEX, but nothing beats t… more

Sex, Vol. 1: The Summer of Hard
Joe Casey
Image Comics , English
Conqueror's Reward Series Part 1 - David Caspian

Conqueror's Reward Series Part 1David Caspian

Average wait: N/A

An alien comes to Earth to claim his reward after proving himself time and time again in battle. His reward is simple to to breed with all of the unattached women of that planet. Once finished he is supposed to return home as the conquering… more

Conqueror’s Reward Series Part 1
David Caspian
David Caspian , English
The Rising Sun: Episode 4 (C... - J Hawk

The Rising Sun: Episode 4 (C...J Hawk


A top secret techno facility falls prey to a sudden terrorist attack. But the attackers are no ordinary ones.

The spectrum’s worst fear has been realised: this is the return of its most ancient, deadly threat … a… more

The Rising Sun: Episode 4 (Clocks Book 1)
J Hawk