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The Lesser Evil, Omnibus Gra... - Shane W. Smith

The Lesser Evil, Omnibus Gra...Shane W. Smith

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For the first time, Shane W. Smith’s critically acclaimed graphic novels, The Lesser Evil, have been brought together in this definitive omnibus edition.A galaxy at war… Young Ross Tillman cannot wait to get out of school and pursue his d… more

The Lesser Evil, Omnibus Graphic Novel
Shane W. Smith
Zetabella Publishing , English
G.I. Joe #2 - Chuck Dixon, Robert Atkins

G.I. Joe #2Chuck Dixon, Robert Atkins

A team of JOES in Manila is hot on the trail of an international arms dealer, but find themselves opposed by… Snake Eyes? Back in The Pit, a new enemy reaches from across the world to strike at the home base of the JOES. This is their first… more

G.I. Joe #2
Chuck Dixon, Robert Atkins
IDW Publishing , English
Carpe Chaos: Rurban Sprawl - Eric Carter, Jim Hayes, Anth...

Carpe Chaos: Rurban SprawlEric Carter, Jim Hayes, Anth...

Once upon a time (Turikasuul 296 to be precise), a Porg by the name of Helmut went for a joyride on his segway. And then, something happened. When you read it, you won’t believe what happens! This is one of several short comics we made for … more

Carpe Chaos: Rurban Sprawl
Eric Carter, Jim Hayes, Anthony Cournoyer, Jason Bane
Carpe Chaos , English
Sword Art Online: Aincrad, V... - Reki Kawahara

Sword Art Online: Aincrad, V...Reki Kawahara

In the year 2022, gamers rejoice as Sword Art Online - a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like no other - debuts, allowing players to take full advantage of the ultimate in gaming technology: NerveGe… more

Sword Art Online: Aincrad, Vol. 1 (manga) (Sword Art Online Manga)
Reki Kawahara
Yen Press , English
The Keeper (Watersmeet series) - Ellen Jensen Abbott

The Keeper (Watersmeet series)Ellen Jensen Abbott

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Abisina is ready to assume the role of Keeper that has been her destiny, leading the future of the Watersmeet community. But the survival of the land depends on the north and south—the centaurs, dwarves, fairies, humans, and fauns—joining t… more

The Keeper (Watersmeet series)
Ellen Jensen Abbott
Skyscape , English
Hope, Last Year's Model - J. R. Knoll

Hope, Last Year's ModelJ. R. Knoll

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Shunned in high school as she struggles to fit in with kids who simply don’t understand her, Hope feels the pressures of any other teenager.

Since awakening in the body of a battle robot known as GDR-8, Hope struggles to cope with her se… more

Hope, Last Year’s Model
J. R. Knoll
Coby Collins and the Hex Bol... - Justin Johnson

Coby Collins and the Hex Bol...Justin Johnson

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Coby returns to school for fourth grade determined to stay out of trouble and away from Fleshbots. However, the Fleshbots have different plans!
When Coby and his best friend Antoine end up back in the underground tunnels of Marley Elemen… more

Coby Collins and the Hex Bolt of Doom (Marley Elementary Adventures Book 2)
Justin Johnson
Sector 5 - Richard DuBois

Sector 5Richard DuBois

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A Creeping MenaceSeventh grader Jason Bell knows something is terribly wrong in Birch Vale Junior High. Students disappear and return…different. His best friend no longer recognizes him. No one believes his warnings as, one by one, s… more

Sector 5
Richard DuBois
September 6 Publishing , English
Pax Romana - Jonathan Hickman

Pax RomanaJonathan Hickman

From the mind of comic book innovator Jonathan Hickman, comes the exhilarating time-traveling epic: PAX ROMANA. The creator of THE NIGHTLY NEWS brings his unique sensibility to science fiction and the result is a visually stunning look at a… more

Pax Romana
Jonathan Hickman
Image Comics , English
Danger Girl #3 - J. Scott Cambell, Andy Hartnell

Danger Girl #3J. Scott Cambell, Andy Hartnell

Issue #3 of 7: With a distinct balance of action, humor and suspense, not to mention sexy girls, Danger Girl is a unique take on the spy genre. Join Abbey Chase and the rest of the Danger Girls as they battle the Hammer Syndicate, a nefario… more

Danger Girl #3
J. Scott Cambell, Andy Hartnell
IDW Publishing , English
The Transformers: All Hail M... - Shane McCarthy, Guido Guidi

The Transformers: All Hail M...Shane McCarthy, Guido Guidi

The DECEPTICONS have won, the AUTOBOTS are defeated, and the time for conquest is at hand! Or is it? This all-new series written by Shane McCarthy and featuring art by Guido Guidi picks up one year after the Revelations saga, and finds the … more

The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1
Shane McCarthy, Guido Guidi
IDW Publishing , English
Logan's Run - Paul J. Salamoff

Logan's RunPaul J. Salamoff

The pieces are falling into place for Deep Sleep Operative Logan-6 on his clandestine mission to find the ever-elusive Ballard and destroy his precious Sanctuary. But even the best-laid plans can go awry. When his cover is blown, not only d… more

Logan’s Run
Paul J. Salamoff
Devil’s Due Digital , English
Astro Boy: Underground - The... - Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan

Astro Boy: Underground - The...Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan

Astro Boy’s return to comics continues, in preparation for his blockbuster feature film debut! Astro begins to explore the strange subterranean world miles below the earth’s crust, and soon finds himself caught in the middle of a brutal civ… more

Astro Boy: Underground - The Official Movie Prequel #2
Scott Tipton, Diego Jourdan
IDW Publishing , English
The Transformers: Defiance -... - Chris Mowry, Dan Khanna, And...

The Transformers: Defiance -...Chris Mowry, Dan Khanna, And...

The explosive conclusion to the official prequel to the TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN film! With their forces united, the DECEPTICON army prepares to leave CYBERTRON on a mission of galactic conquest. But the AUTOBOTS and their leader… more

The Transformers: Defiance - The Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel #4
Chris Mowry, Dan Khanna, Andrew Griffith
IDW Publishing , English
Wool: The Graphic Novel #1 (... - Hugh Howey, Jimmy Palmiotti,...

Wool: The Graphic Novel #1 (...Hugh Howey, Jimmy Palmiotti,...

1 rating

Free five-page sample of Wool: The Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial)Wool as you’ve never read it before: The New York Times bestselling novel is now told in graphic novel format. This contemporary dystopian classic—hailed by Justin Cronin, New … more

Wool: The Graphic Novel #1 (SPECIAL PREVIEW EDITION) (Silo Saga)
Hugh Howey, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Jet City Comics , English
Shadows: The Beginning - E.K. Donaldson

Shadows: The BeginningE.K. Donaldson

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William Cash is a fourteen year old boy and friends with many at school. Besides his two brothers, Dan and Sam, William has three other close friends. However, he has a secret that they don’t know. Dan and Eliza are suspicious and when he t… more

Shadows: The Beginning
E.K. Donaldson
Infinity Publishing , English
Rose's Theme Park - Simon Paul Frost

Rose's Theme ParkSimon Paul Frost

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Rose’s Theme Park is an extremely impressive and original novel for pre-teen readers. It is a piece of writing that will open the adult mind too and will appeal to all generations.

It is an amusing and entertaining book; the author guides … more

Rose’s Theme Park
Simon Paul Frost
The Transformers: Spotlight ... - Simon Furman, Marcelo Matere

The Transformers: Spotlight ...Simon Furman, Marcelo Matere

The spotlight falls on SOUNDWAVE, the Decepticon intelligence officer with a knack of, first and foremost, looking out for number one! Confronted (on Earth, in 1984!) by an impending catastrophe only he can avert, will Soundwave, for once, … more

The Transformers: Spotlight - Soundwave
Simon Furman, Marcelo Matere
IDW Publishing , English
Walter Koenig's Things to Co... - Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig's Things to Co...Walter Koenig

The brand new graphic novel from one of the stars from the original Star Trek, Walter Koenig. Two species, one trying to cheat death, the other to become its master and, in between, a little child shall bleed them.

Walter Koenig’s Things to Come - Graphic Novel
Walter Koenig
Bluewater Productions , English
Jack: A Strange Tale Involvi... - John Alan Wiltshire

Jack: A Strange Tale Involvi...John Alan Wiltshire

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said. “For what?” asked the Carpenter. “For a re-write of JACK and the BEANSTALK,” came the reply. “Why’s that?” inquired the Timber Technician. “The traditional story is moral misdirection about what it mean… more

Jack: A Strange Tale Involving a Beanstalk and Other Essentials.
John Alan Wiltshire
TruthZyme Publications , English