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It Came From Beneath The Sea... - Susan Griffith, Clay Griffith

It Came From Beneath The Sea...Susan Griffith, Clay Griffith

This is the sequel to the cult film. In the 1950s, the U.S. Navy encountered and destroyed a gigantic octopus that attacked shipping and wreaked havoc on the west coast of the United States. American forces killed the creature and ended the… more

It Came From Beneath The Sea…Again!
Susan Griffith, Clay Griffith
Bluewater Productions , English
Pax Romana - Jonathan Hickman

Pax RomanaJonathan Hickman

From the mind of comic book innovator Jonathan Hickman, comes the exhilarating time-traveling epic: PAX ROMANA. The creator of THE NIGHTLY NEWS brings his unique sensibility to science fiction and the result is a visually stunning look at a… more

Pax Romana
Jonathan Hickman
Image Comics , English
Claimed on the Starship (Gro... - Mandy Moanz

Claimed on the Starship (Gro...Mandy Moanz

Average wait: N/A

Being stationed on a starship is more exciting than your standard office job but there’s still not a lot of excitement in the life of a Communications Officer… which is why I decided to create a little fun of my own with the holo-deck, a ch… more

Claimed on the Starship (Group Erotica)
Mandy Moanz
George goes to Titan (George... - Simon Dillon

George goes to Titan (George...Simon Dillon

Average wait: N/A

The thrilling sequel to George goes to Mars…

A year on from his adventures on Mars, George Hughes faces an even deadlier peril as he travels to Titan on an urgent rescue mission. The mysterious Giles returns to help him, but assassins are … more

George goes to Titan (George Hughes Book 2)
Simon Dillon
Gajmo Publishing , English
Escape to Elecktron: Princes... - John Pirillo

Escape to Elecktron: Princes...John Pirillo

Average wait: N/A

He called it the superscope. He’d built it with the help of a lot of sweat and hard work. His idea had been generated from an old pulp magazine story published by Ace Books generations ago that his father had read to him as a child.

He nev… more

Escape to Elecktron: Princess of the Atomic World
John Pirillo
John Pirillo , English
Carpe Chaos: Rising Up Chapter 2 - Daniel Allen, Eric Carter, J...

Carpe Chaos: Rising Up Chapter 2Daniel Allen, Eric Carter, J...

Feilin’s mother is one of her clan’s respected elders, and when she is kidnapped right in front of Feilin, Feilin is powerless to help. How can anyone deal with such a tragedy, one that is all too commonplace on Suulmalla at this time? In t… more

Carpe Chaos: Rising Up Chapter 2
Daniel Allen, Eric Carter, Jim Hayes, Jason Bane
Carpe Chaos , English
Subway Noise - Neil Craig Strauss

Subway NoiseNeil Craig Strauss

Pill-popping, non-English speaking illegal aliens with super hearing. Derivative trading gone right. A vertigo-suffering former worker, now anonymous extortionist. The older brother and his unaware clone…. * Subway Noise begins in near … more

Subway Noise
Neil Craig Strauss
Neil Craig Strauss , English
Phoenix - SF Said

PhoenixSF Said

This digital edition includes the original artwork, has been specially adapted for ebook platforms and is optimised for tablet devices.A BOY WITH THE POWER OF A STAR … Lucky thinks he’s an ordinary Human boy. But one night, he dreams th… more

SF Said
RHCP Digital , English
Orieonis Trip Home - Daniel DuBour

Orieonis Trip HomeDaniel DuBour

Average wait: N/A

The Orieonis after being discovered by the human, James; were gathered up by James and taken into his home in a show box. After questioning the Orieonis, he became aware of where the Orieonis came from and how he could help them. Finding … more

Orieonis Trip Home
Daniel DuBour
Daniel A. DuBour , English
Hope, Last Year's Model - J. R. Knoll

Hope, Last Year's ModelJ. R. Knoll

Average wait: N/A

Shunned in high school as she struggles to fit in with kids who simply don’t understand her, Hope feels the pressures of any other teenager.

Since awakening in the body of a battle robot known as GDR-8, Hope struggles to cope with her se… more

Hope, Last Year’s Model
J. R. Knoll
Traction City: World Book Day 2011 - Philip Reeve

Traction City: World Book Day 2011Philip Reeve

In a dangerous future world where gigantic, traction-powered cities attack and devour each other, London hunts where no other predator dares. Hidden in its vast superstructure is a murderous creature that severs the right hands of its victi… more

Traction City: World Book Day 2011
Philip Reeve
Scholastic Fiction , English
The Lesser Evil, Omnibus Gra... - Shane W. Smith

The Lesser Evil, Omnibus Gra...Shane W. Smith

Average wait: N/A

For the first time, Shane W. Smith’s critically acclaimed graphic novels, The Lesser Evil, have been brought together in this definitive omnibus edition.A galaxy at war… Young Ross Tillman cannot wait to get out of school and pursue his d… more

The Lesser Evil, Omnibus Graphic Novel
Shane W. Smith
Zetabella Publishing , English
Escape to Elecktron: Warrior... - John Pirillo

Escape to Elecktron: Warrior...John Pirillo

Average wait: N/A

Andy built a superscope that allowed him to peek inside a gold atom, where he discovered a world called, “Elecktron.” There he sees a beautiful princess.

Andy is driven to find a way to reach that world when his parents talk about divorcin… more

Escape to Elecktron: Warrior of Elecktron
John Pirillo
John Pirillo , English
The Last Libary - Eric Kiernan

The Last LibaryEric Kiernan

Average wait: N/A

Jacob wants to follow in the footsteps of his parents - to travel looking for relics of forgotten technology in hopes of restoring his fallen colony planet to the technological level of founders intended. Unfortunately since he was orphaned… more

The Last Libary
Eric Kiernan
Dinosaurs Vs Aliens: Free Is... - Barry Sonnenfeld, Grant Morrison

Dinosaurs Vs Aliens: Free Is...Barry Sonnenfeld, Grant Morrison

Average wait: N/A

Listen closely. Is that thunder? Or voices? Or the opening chords for the end of worlds? The monsters are coming. A special free preview edition of the new graphic novel. From the minds of acclaimed filmmaker, Barry Sonnenfeld (director of … more

Dinosaurs Vs Aliens: Free Issue, Issue 0
Barry Sonnenfeld, Grant Morrison
Liquid Comics , English
Escape From The Crater (The ... - Carl Biemiller

Escape From The Crater (The ...Carl Biemiller

Average wait: N/A

Escape From The Crater: Kim Rockwell, Toby Lee, Genright Selsor, and Tuktu Barnes are all aboard the work sub Adam I and ready to continue accepting the unusual as normal. In their latest adventure, the Hydronauts are the guests of the Kir… more

Escape From The Crater (The Hydronaut Adventures Book 3)
Carl Biemiller
Eric Biemiller , English
Fantasy graphic novel : YUMA... - Nicolas Beretta

Fantasy graphic novel : YUMA...Nicolas Beretta

Average wait: N/A


THAT MORNING, Yuma awakes in the midst of a nightmare. A hobo finds her half naked among the trash, blood-thirsty killers … more

Fantasy graphic novel : YUMA : the legend of a heroine
Nicolas Beretta
Nicolas Beretta , English
Forbidden Union: A Sci-Fi Er... - H.S. Morgan

Forbidden Union: A Sci-Fi Er...H.S. Morgan

Average wait: N/A

Helen worries about the man of the house. They used to be close, but a tragic death in the family has made them distant. The outbreak of galactic war threatens to tear them apart forever and time is running out. Helen knows she’s the only o… more

Forbidden Union: A Sci-Fi Erotic Adventure
H.S. Morgan
Red Lace Press , English
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall 2 - Hajime Isayama, Ryo Suzukaze

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall 2Hajime Isayama, Ryo Suzukaze

FREE TO FACE THE TRUTH Kuklo had spent his entire life in cages, feared and hated as “the Titan’s son.” Then he met Sharle Inocencio, a young girl who defied her father and brother to care for and educate the abused boy in secret - and plot… more

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall 2
Hajime Isayama, Ryo Suzukaze
Kodansha Comics , English
Conqueror's Reward Series Part 1 - David Caspian

Conqueror's Reward Series Part 1David Caspian

Average wait: N/A

An alien comes to Earth to claim his reward after proving himself time and time again in battle. His reward is simple to to breed with all of the unattached women of that planet. Once finished he is supposed to return home as the conquering… more

Conqueror’s Reward Series Part 1
David Caspian
David Caspian , English