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The World of Aruneus - Conta... - Benjamin Gerber, Scott Lazzair

The World of Aruneus - Conta...Benjamin Gerber, Scott Lazzair

This new supplement contains everything you will need to insert Contagion Infected Human Zombies into any Pathfinder campaign. Whether you’re basing your campaign in the world of Aruneus or simply want to include a zombie outbreak in an exi… more

The World of Aruneus - Contagion Infected Zombies
Benjamin Gerber, Scott Lazzair
Troll in the Corner , English
Thousand Suns: Foundation Tr... - Gabriel Brouillard, Richard ...

Thousand Suns: Foundation Tr...Gabriel Brouillard, Richard ...

[BEGIN TRANSMISSION][HUD CHANNEL ALPHA 4.3.2] [DISPLAY FOUNDATION]The Encyclopedia Galactica Foundation, more commonly known simply as the Foundation, is neither an organ of the State nor a great commercial enterprise. Established shortly a… more

Thousand Suns: Foundation Transmissions
Gabriel Brouillard, Richard Iorio II, Robert Saint John, James Maliszewski
Rogue Games , English
Kobold Quarterly Magazine #1 - Wolfgang Baur, Scott Gable, ...

Kobold Quarterly Magazine #1Wolfgang Baur, Scott Gable, ...

Kobold Quarterly is the scrappy little magazine of Open Design, a tiny journal that covers the world’s premiere roleplaying game and the world’s best fantasy adventures.Each issue is written by the industry’s best, including many well-known… more

Kobold Quarterly Magazine #1
Wolfgang Baur, Scott Gable, Sigfried Trent
Open Design , English
The Spire of the Raven God (... - Rex Baker

The Spire of the Raven God (...Rex Baker

In Spire Of The Raven God, the adventurers will aid a female gold dragon in ridding the land of a black vrock demon lord and its minions from a rock spire in the area. The spire, called the Stairway of the Gods, was once a place for many ra… more

The Spire of the Raven God (Hanan Pacha)
Rex Baker
Black Death Publishing , English
Book of the Summoner - CJ Lybarger

Book of the SummonerCJ Lybarger

A brand new source and reference book for summoning in the world of Pathfinder. You will find revised and expanded summoning tables, a slew of new summoning feats, new spells, new races, new monsters, and a set of quick-reference creatures… more

Book of the Summoner
CJ Lybarger
Thor’s Gate , English
Tunnels & Trolls: Warriors, ... - James L. Shipman II

Tunnels & Trolls: Warriors, ...James L. Shipman II

(A Tunnels & Trolls GM Aid): This 60-page holds over TWENTY-FIVE different T&T characters for a GM or player to use, such as; Human/Half-Elf Wizard, Orc Warrior, Skeleton Warrior, Gorgon Wizard, Demon Warrior, Hobbit Rogue (Shipy the Cunnin… more

Tunnels & Trolls: Warriors, Wizards & Rogues Gallery
James L. Shipman II
Outlaw Press, Inc. , English
On A Roll: A True Tale of Ge... - M.A Hides

On A Roll: A True Tale of Ge...M.A Hides

Put out the cat, unplug the telephone and prepare to be entertained by a cast of misfits of the type your mother always warned you about!Real life’s just too much effort…That’s the conclusion that the author has reached after spending yea… more

On A Roll: A True Tale of Geeks, Dragons & Rock ‘N’ Roll
M.A Hides
Defenders Of The Cross: Befo... - Andrew Eyes

Defenders Of The Cross: Befo...Andrew Eyes

This epic poem is based on actual characters from the game Defenders of the Cross, a free to play online adventure game that carries players in a unique storyline. Get to know how players think and feel as they seek adventure and survival, … more

Defenders Of The Cross: Before the Pioneers (Illustrated) (Defenders Of The Cross: Pioneer Era)
Andrew Eyes
Raxan Digital Publishing , English
Colonial Gothic: The Landlor... - Brendan Davis, William Butler

Colonial Gothic: The Landlor...Brendan Davis, William Butler

o the Esteemed Heroes of the Colonies,Tales of your exploits have reached me through Reliable Channels, and I find myself compelled to reach out to you for Assistance. I am the Landlord of Lynn Tavern in Lynn, a settlement North of Boston. … more

Colonial Gothic: The Landlord’s Daughter
Brendan Davis, William Butler
War Rage (Rage Series) - Richard Green, Nicholas Huth...

War Rage (Rage Series)Richard Green, Nicholas Huth...

War Rage is the third produc tin the Rage Series Reboot. It is a d20 Only system designed for quick action and an end to mutli-hour long battles. This is a near modern setting (2015) and the world is at war. This 90 page spiral bound gam… more

War Rage (Rage Series)
Richard Green, Nicholas Huth, BJ Lewis
Nerd Rage Games , English
YOU started the Zombie Apocalypse! - Eric Wayne

YOU started the Zombie Apocalypse!Eric Wayne

Rated T for Teen YOU started the Zombie Apocalypse! A chose-your-own-ending zombie book!You make the decisions that seal the fates of others, as you play a freshly turned zombie set loose upon the world! ( also known as “chose your own ad… more

YOU started the Zombie Apocalypse!
Eric Wayne
World of Warcraft Cataclysm ... - Gary Dunagan

World of Warcraft Cataclysm ...Gary Dunagan

You Can Have Better Success In WOW Cataclysm game adventure if you discover the Cataclysm insider tips include gold making, leveling, Goblins, Worgens, and character selection.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Game Guide
Gary Dunagan
Knarf 4 Fantasy Role-Playing Game - Edward Forrest Frank

Knarf 4 Fantasy Role-Playing GameEdward Forrest Frank

Knarf 4 is a complete fantasy role-playing game that allows the gamemaster to create a rich and colorful campaign setting and the players to create a character with skills and abilities they want to play. Knarf 4 emphasizes the role-playing… more

Knarf 4 Fantasy Role-Playing Game
Edward Forrest Frank
Edward Forrest Frank , English
Skylanders Cloud Patrol - Sp... - Upper Echelon Apps

Skylanders Cloud Patrol - Sp...Upper Echelon Apps

ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY★Skylanders is a very popular and well established game!Join the Skylanders and patrol the sky right away!Learn everything you need to know to master the game!DOWNLOAD NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Skylanders Cloud Patrol - Special Edition Guide
Upper Echelon Apps
Mario Games - Shane Daniels

Mario GamesShane Daniels

Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid? If you are, then you KNOW that Mario games were the best. Simple concept, somewhat hard, and addicting! Well you can now play Super Mario online. Just click on one of the links provided in this report and relive… more

Mario Games
Shane Daniels
Oberste Würfeln (Ultimate Di... - Evil Monday Games

Oberste Würfeln (Ultimate Di...Evil Monday Games

Dieses ebook bietet Ihnen den besten Dice Roller auf dem Markt zugreifen und dient auch als userguide.Konzipiert für den Einsatz mit DnD 3.5 und sein Nachkomme Systeme mit einem Klick auf eine Schaltfläche rollt:- spart- Fertigkeitswürfe- A… more

Oberste Würfeln (Ultimate Dice Roller) (German Edition)
Evil Monday Games
Evil Monday Games , German
My Talking Tom - Platinum Edition - Retro Gaming

My Talking Tom - Platinum EditionRetro Gaming

Adopt your very own baby Tom. Feed him, play with him and nurture him!

Dress him up any way you like by picking from a wide selection of fur colors, hats and glasses. You can even decorate his home and make it more cozy!

Play with Talking… more

My Talking Tom - Platinum Edition
Retro Gaming
Minecraft Building Ideas Mas... - Gregory Norge

Minecraft Building Ideas Mas...Gregory Norge

This book shows you how to build a simple furnished log cabin step-by-step with materials list, pictures and descriptions. 38 pictures walk you through the process of building from the foundation to the roof. It also provides build instruct… more

Minecraft Building Ideas Masters Series: Furnished Log Cabin
Gregory Norge
Gregory Norge , English


It’s becoming almost as big as baseball, football,hockey, and other sporting events. Television has increasedits popularity. With the Internet, it’s coming into our homesat a lightning fast rate.

Minecraft Mods: The Best Min... - Nate Oakman

Minecraft Mods: The Best Min...Nate Oakman

Minecraft Mods The Best Minecraft Mods You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Mods are a wonderful addition to Minecraft. Since the beginning of Minecraft countless mods have been created with an intention to enhance the game and improve the gaming exp… more

Minecraft Mods: The Best Minecraft Mods You Wouldn’t Want to Miss
Nate Oakman
BlueLeaf eBooks , English