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Time Tested Thinking: As It ... - David R. Wilson

Time Tested Thinking: As It ...David R. Wilson

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A mature, intelligent, everyday person, Dianne Stewart, has read ”My Life As I Remember It” and ”Time Tested Thinking, As It Seems to Me”. Her succinct observation is: “I think both books are extremely valuable. One is the story of a man, h… more

Time Tested Thinking: As It Seems to Me
David R. Wilson
Xlibris , English
D. L. Moody: The Greatest Ev... - Faith Coxe Bailey

D. L. Moody: The Greatest Ev...Faith Coxe Bailey

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D.L. Moody’s reaction was quick and to the point. “No! A thousand times no! I have no intentions of standing off here in New York City and approving something I know so little about. But I’ll think it over, Emeline. Then one of these days, … more

D. L. Moody: The Greatest Evangelist of the Nineteenth Century (Golden Oldies)
Faith Coxe Bailey
Moody Publishers , English
The Unmaking of a Nun - Rachel Rosenbaum

The Unmaking of a NunRachel Rosenbaum

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This book was written between 1968 (45 years) and 1972 (41 years). It is a story of spiritual struggle with a life commitment in the repressive and rigid environments that were characteristic of religious orders of that time. In a way, it i… more

The Unmaking of a Nun
Rachel Rosenbaum
The Journal of John Wesley -... - John Wesley

The Journal of John Wesley -...John Wesley

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Author, evangelist, preacher, organizer, theologian, and pietist John Wesley is arguably one of the most important Christian voices of the 18th century. We continue to be influenced by him nearly three centuries later. He was a founder of t… more

The Journal of John Wesley - Enhanced Version
John Wesley
Christian Classics Ethereal Library , English
Introduccion al Tarot (Mason... - Constructores del Adytum

Introduccion al Tarot (Mason...Constructores del Adytum

Este curso le familiarizará con el TAROT… una de las más efectivas ayudas para el progreso espiritual que haya sido legada al hombre. Todo progreso humano, no importa el campo de actividad, del ser, en que pueda manifestarse, depende del … more

Introduccion al Tarot (Masoneria) (Spanish Edition)
Constructores del Adytum
Panzertruppen Publications , Spanish
Jacopone da Todi, Poet and M... - Evelyn Underhill

Jacopone da Todi, Poet and M...Evelyn Underhill

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Jacopone da Todi (Todi, 1236 circa – Collazzone 1306) was a Franciscan friar from Umbria, Italy in the 13th century. He wrote several laudi (songs in praise of the Lord) in Italian. Moreover, the famous Latin lyric Stabat Mater is conventio… more

Jacopone da Todi, Poet and Mystic—1228-1306: A Spiritual Biography
Evelyn Underhill
Saint John Vianney - Elizabeth Marie DeDomenic FSP

Saint John VianneyElizabeth Marie DeDomenic FSP

Discover the life story of St. John Vianney—beloved patron saint of parish priests. From his youth during the tumultuous French Revolution, to his difficult years of study and amazing work to rebuild the parish of Ars, John Vianney is a mod… more

Saint John Vianney
Elizabeth Marie DeDomenic FSP
Pauline Books and Media , English
Gladys Aylward - Sam Wellman

Gladys AylwardSam Wellman

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PARLORMAID IN ENGLAND TO MISSIONARY IN CHINAWispy Gladys Aylward was not even five feet tall. She toiled as a parlormaid. But she wanted to serve Christ and she was willing. To go to China as a missionary was her dream. Suddenly she made a … more

Gladys Aylward
Sam Wellman
Sacrifice and Sail On: My Vi... - Philip Lin

Sacrifice and Sail On: My Vi...Philip Lin

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Sacrifice and Sail On, My view of Witness Lee, a bond slave of Jesus Christ. Witness Lee was born in 1905, and worked lifelong selflessly and tirelessly for the divine work of the Lord. In this book, reader will come to know many details of… more

Sacrifice and Sail On: My View of Witness Lee, A Bond Slave of Jesus Christ
Philip Lin
Sail On Publishers , English
The Path Through the Mountai... - William Keenan

The Path Through the Mountai...William Keenan

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St Josemaría Escrivá and the Origins of Opus Dei, Volume Two“The Path Through the Mountains” is the second book in a compelling three-volume biography of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei. With the drama of a thriller, the st… more

The Path Through the Mountains (St Josemaría Escrivá and the Origins of Opus Dei Book 2)
William Keenan
Batchwood Press , English
Beauty or Antichrist?:My Wal... - The Silver Fox

Beauty or Antichrist?:My Wal...The Silver Fox

This book is a teaching tool. This is my 43 years of learning from God piece by piece.

Beauty or Antichrist?:My Walk With God
The Silver Fox
AuthorHouse , English
Longings : From Degradation ... - Sarah Jessica James

Longings : From Degradation ...Sarah Jessica James

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LONGINGSIf you believe in miracles, or you want to, then this is the book for you.There are miracles written about in this book that no one has ever heard about that I know of. Please read the Preface before you consider buying this book a… more

Longings : From Degradation to Enlightenment
Sarah Jessica James
Xlibris , English
The Antichrist - Friedrich Nietzsche

The AntichristFriedrich Nietzsche

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This Tribeca Press edition includes the full original text as well as an easy to use interactive table of contents.The Antichrist is a book by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, originally published in 1895. Although it was written in 188… more

The Antichrist
Friedrich Nietzsche
Tribeca Press , English
Parley P. Pratt - Parley P. Pratt

Parley P. PrattParley P. Pratt

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Thrilling generations of readers, this is more than a biography - it’s one of the richest sources of amazing facts from early church history.Detailing many major events, Parley was there at every turn as an eye-witness. It s a treasure-trov… more

Parley P. Pratt
Parley P. Pratt
Stratfprd Books , English
Does God Cause Everything? - Norman L. Fjelstad Ph.D.

Does God Cause Everything?Norman L. Fjelstad Ph.D.

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This book follows the life of Dr. Norman L. Fjelstad. Fjelstad worked as a professional ventriloquist and singer, then launched into public schools and was district teacher of the year, state principal of the year and superintendent of the … more

Does God Cause Everything?
Norman L. Fjelstad Ph.D.
History of Joseph Smith by H... - Lucy Mack Smith

History of Joseph Smith by H...Lucy Mack Smith

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The BEST VERSION YET of Lucy’s book.” — Richard Lloyd DeweyWHY? 3 REASONS:1) It takes the ORIGINAL 1853 PUBLISHED VERSION, UNABRIDGED, and puts it in modern, readable type. 2) It adds ALL ROUGH DRAFT FACTS missing from the published editi… more

History of Joseph Smith by His Mother: THE UNABRIDGED ORIGINAL VERSION with ADDED ROUGH DRAFT By Lucy Mack Smith
Lucy Mack Smith
The Life and Diary of David ... - David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards

The Life and Diary of David ...David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards

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David Brainerd was a pioneer missionary to the American Indians in New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania in the 1700s. He died at the tender age of 29 from TB.

The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards
The Greatest Rescue - James L. Hudson

The Greatest RescueJames L. Hudson

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Just how far will God go to call a man to the ministry? The answer in contained within these pages. The Greatest Rescue is a true story that, at times, will be difficult to believe.Who is Jim Hudson? He is the pastor of a small church in Po… more

The Greatest Rescue
James L. Hudson
Just To Be Loved - Wendy Underhill

Just To Be LovedWendy Underhill

Two mothers and three fathers and only four years old. Will I ever find my birth mother… and who is my Father?Born at the end of World War II an abused child is adopted. The feelings of rejection and being unloved were to continue for man… more

Just To Be Loved
Wendy Underhill
Vanguard Press , English
Angels Never Die: A true sto... - Gwendolyn McNutt

Angels Never Die: A true sto...Gwendolyn McNutt

Angels Never Die is the true story of love, loss and faith. Henry and I were blessed with six children - four boys and two girls. What we could not have foretold was the two diseases that all four of our boys would eventually succumb to. Ou… more

Angels Never Die: A true story of love, loss and faith.
Gwendolyn McNutt
Mammoth Star Publishing - A subsidiary of Aspects of Writing , English