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Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed - Marie Paul Curley FSP, Mary ...

Saints Alive! The Faith ProclaimedMarie Paul Curley FSP, Mary ...

Combining the art of storytelling with biography, Church history, and Catholic teaching and belief, this collection shows how real people lived the eight beatitudes and seven sacraments, revealing the richness of the Christian life and offe… more

Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed
Marie Paul Curley FSP, Mary Lea Hill FSP, Celia Sirois
Pauline Books and Media , English
Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed - Marie Paul Curley FSP

Saints Alive! The Gospel WitnessedMarie Paul Curley FSP

Combining the art of dramatic storytelling with biography, Church history, and Catholic teaching and belief, this collection shows how real people lived the Gospel, revealing the richness of the Christian life and offering inspirational mod… more

Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed
Marie Paul Curley FSP
Pauline Books and Media , English
Negroes, Flies and Wet Toilet Paper - Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes

Negroes, Flies and Wet Toilet PaperDebra Roberts Torres-Reyes

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It is Children’s Day at Mt. Sinai Holiness Church of God In Christ in Newark,New Jersey, in the Fall of 1959 and I feel as though I am being held prisoner on the first pew. I am five years old and wearing one of my favorite dresses … On my… more

Negroes, Flies and Wet Toilet Paper
Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes
iUniverse , English
The Eagle and The Cross - John L. Sullivan

The Eagle and The CrossJohn L. Sullivan

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Africa, and especially Zimbabwe, is full of both promise and tragedy. Travelling from the crucible of the once-civilised world, itself plunged into the evil and insanity of Hitler’s mesmerising dreams, a dedicated and devout Catholic missi… more

The Eagle and The Cross
John L. Sullivan
AuthorHouse , English
Hello, My Name Is Bob: The S... - Robert K. Cunningham

Hello, My Name Is Bob: The S...Robert K. Cunningham

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It seems that government wants to invade every part of our lives: our workplace, our religion, even our families. And now our debt! As a small businessman, I am appalled at the spending deficit, year after year. Don’t our people in Congres… more

Hello, My Name Is Bob: The Story of a Common Man
Robert K. Cunningham
WestBowPress , English
Pointers to Eternity - Dewi Rees

Pointers to EternityDewi Rees

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Pointers to Eternity” deals with belief in the afterlife, a concept engrained in the psyches of peoples everywhere. It is written from a Christian perspective but incorporates the beliefs of other faiths, in particular the Islamic assertio… more

Pointers to Eternity
Dewi Rees
Y Lolfa , English
William Carey - Sam Wellman

William CareySam Wellman

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TIMID ENGLISH SHOEMAKER TO STEEL-WILLED MISSIONARY IN INDIAIn the 1790s English shoemaker William Carey became a man on fire. Although the British government and even Carey’s colleagues disapproved of missionaries he would not give up the i… more

William Carey
Sam Wellman
Wild Centuries Press , English
The History and Life of the ... - SUSANNAH WINKWORTH

The History and Life of the ...SUSANNAH WINKWORTH

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John Tauler - German Dominican mysticJohn Tauler (ca. 1300-1361), German Dominican and mysticJohannes Tauler entered the Dominican order at Strasbourg about the age of fifteen and probably studied in the Dominican studium generale at Cologn… more

The History and Life of the Reverend Doctor John Tauler with Twenty-Five of His Sermons
Thakur - Sri Ramakrishna: A ... - Rajiv Mehrotra

Thakur - Sri Ramakrishna: A ...Rajiv Mehrotra

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The story of Sri Ramakrishna, one of the most beloved Hindu spiritual leaders. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. One shoul… more

Thakur - Sri Ramakrishna: A Biography
Rajiv Mehrotra
Hay House , English
KEEPING IT REAL! - D.C.C., Ph.D. Archbishop D. ...

KEEPING IT REAL!D.C.C., Ph.D. Archbishop D. ...

Dr. Scott is a living and walking testimony of God’s unconditional, unfathomable love, and his awesome grace and mercy toward the children of men.  For Dr. Scott, eyes have not begun to see, neither ears begun to hear, nor even has it begu… more

D.C.C., Ph.D. Archbishop D. D. Scott Th.D.
AuthorHouse , English
Faith, Hope and Grief: Findi... - Douglas Knox

Faith, Hope and Grief: Findi...Douglas Knox

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“We’re going to storm the gates of heaven until God brings healing. He’s going to give us our miracle.” The faith is sincere. The expectation is real. And sometimes God honors our prayers for healing. Sometimes, but not always. Instead… more

Faith, Hope and Grief: Finding God’s Presence in the Midst of Crisis
Douglas Knox
WestBowPress , English


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Plain Label Books has also made this book available for free reading on Google Book Search. Purchase of this Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Plain Label Books , English
Why Must I Cry? - Kayla D. Johnson

Why Must I Cry?Kayla D. Johnson

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%Broken vessels can be mended at the hand of a loving God.Why Must I Cry? seeks to touch the heart of anyone who has ever experienced abuse or knows someone who has experienced abuse. It offers hope that no matter how many trials, tribulati… more

Why Must I Cry?
Kayla D. Johnson
iUniverse , English
Saints and Heroes Since the ... - George Hodges

Saints and Heroes Since the ...George Hodges

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An engaging introduction to the history of the church from the Reformation to modern times, taking up the story where Saints and Heroes to the End of the Middle Ages leaves off. Relates the stories of 14 saints and heroes and the contributi… more

Saints and Heroes Since the Middle Ages (Yesterday’s Classics)
George Hodges
Yesterday’s Classics , English
ADAM CLARKE PORTRAYED -- Volume II - James Everett


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We have no doubt that the Wesleyan public, by whom the Doctor was little less than adored, will feel very much obliged to Mr. Everett, who stood in a somewhat similar relation to the subject of his work to that of Boswell to Johnson, for h… more

James Everett
More Than Enough - Joel L. Meredith

More Than EnoughJoel L. Meredith

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No description

More Than Enough
Joel L. Meredith
Xlibris , English
SCRAPS - W. Grady Shope

SCRAPSW. Grady Shope

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Grady Shope is a Marine turned pastor who is passionate about sharing his testimony. Raised in Asheville, NC Grady lived with an abusive and often absent father, and as an adult experienced the upheaval of unwanted divorce and vocation cha… more

W. Grady Shope
Shope Shak Publishing - www.shopeshak.com , English
God Knows: It's Not About Us - Blayney Colmore

God Knows: It's Not About UsBlayney Colmore

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God Knows, an odyssey, charting the erratic adventures of OH as he probes the mysteries of being here, will challenge, embarrass, entertain and puzzle you. OH plunges full-bodied into life’s ripe compost. He explores the swamps from which w… more

God Knows: It’s Not About Us
Blayney Colmore
Xlibris , English
Chronicle of the Living Christ - Robert Powell

Chronicle of the Living ChristRobert Powell

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This pioneering, monumental work utilizes the visionary legacy of Anne Catherine Emmerich and the spiritual scientific discoveries of Rudolf Steiner concerning various hidden facts of Christ’s incarnation. Powell has established the dates a… more

Chronicle of the Living Christ
Robert Powell
SteinerBooks , English
The founder of Mormonism : a... - George Trumbull  Ladd, Woodb...

The founder of Mormonism : a...George Trumbull Ladd, Woodb...

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The founder of Mormonism : a psychological study of Joseph Smith, Jr. (1903)

The founder of Mormonism : a psychological study of Joseph Smith, Jr. (1903)
George Trumbull Ladd, Woodbridge Riley