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Child of Destiny (Tales of M... - Connie Griffith

Child of Destiny (Tales of M...Connie Griffith

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Muniamma was hiding in a banana grove on the hillside above her grandmother’s house. The pain of losing her mother and brothers was still there.

Her sorrow mingled with fear as she thought of Grandmother’s religion—devotion to the mysteri… more

Child of Destiny (Tales of Muniamma Book 1)
Connie Griffith
Biblical Studies Foundation , English
A Childrens Bible Story:  Da... - Maura Kempa

A Childrens Bible Story: Da...Maura Kempa

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A delightful story about a boy, named David, who had amazing faith! His faith in God gave him the insight he needed to fight Goliath who was a modern day bully. This book is an eye opener for all ages! Learn about the importance of faith … more

A Childrens Bible Story: David And Goliath. Are You David Or Goliath?
Maura Kempa
This Is the Day! - Nancy White Carlstrom

This Is the Day!Nancy White Carlstrom

It is both the unnoticed cottonwood seed floating in the air and the familiar raven’s call that prompts children to listen, touch, be surprised, laugh, and celebrate the wonder of their creator and the beauty of creation. This enchantingly … more

This Is the Day!
Nancy White Carlstrom
Zonderkidz , English
Acts Of Love And Kindness, A... - Maura Kempa

Acts Of Love And Kindness, A...Maura Kempa

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Opportunities for acts of love and kindness are endless. Reading the parable of the Good Samaritan helps us to take some time out of our busy lives to explore and reflect on the opportunities that exist in our individual lives to be neighb… more

Acts Of Love And Kindness, A Kids Book! The Parable Of The Good Samaritan
Maura Kempa
Noahs Ark: Build It In Your ... - Maura Kempa

Noahs Ark: Build It In Your ...Maura Kempa

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Journey back in time with your child and revisit this wonderful and amazing story of Noah and the Ark he built. Learn why Noah was chosen to build the Ark. Discover why the Ark was built…what was happening during that time? What were … more

Noahs Ark: Build It In Your Heart! A Bible Story For Kids
Maura Kempa
Saul's Daughter - The Story ... - Gladys Malvern

Saul's Daughter - The Story ...Gladys Malvern

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Beautiful, impetuous and headstrong, Michal is the young daughter of Saul, the first King of Israel. As a woman of her society, she has a certain importance as a princess, but in all other respects, she has little control over her destiny. … more

Saul’s Daughter - The Story of David & Michal (Gladys Malvern Classics Book 7)
Gladys Malvern
Special Edition Books , English
Tamar - A Story of the Messi... - Gladys Malvern

Tamar - A Story of the Messi...Gladys Malvern

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Growing up in a village near the Sea of Galilee, the adored daughter of the wealthy and respected leader Jairus, Tamar was content with her place in her community. She knew that in her early teens she would be married to a suitable young ma… more

Tamar - A Story of the Messiah (Gladys Malvern Classics Book 6)
Gladys Malvern
Special Edition Books , English
The Girl Who Saw God - Henrique Komatsu

The Girl Who Saw GodHenrique Komatsu

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This is a book about a grandmother who tries to teach her granddaughter the concept of God.

The Girl Who Saw God
Henrique Komatsu
Henrique Komatsu , English
Prem Singh's Day - Manjot Singh

Prem Singh's DayManjot Singh

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A short story about how a young gursikh named Prem Singh spends his day.

Prem Singh is a wonderful role model, not only for Sikh Children but for Sikhs of all ages!

We can all learn a thing or two from him. A must have for all Sikh Hous… more

Prem Singh’s Day
Manjot Singh
Khalis Foundation , English
Henry's Life as a Tulip Bulb... - Linda M. Brandt

Henry's Life as a Tulip Bulb...Linda M. Brandt

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Join Henry the Tulip Bulb in this wonderful, family-friendly series as he journeys through life’s adventures. In Book 1, discover how Henry develops an attitude of gratitude as he struggles free from his comfort zone to beco… more

Henry’s Life as a Tulip Bulb: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude
Linda M. Brandt
Innovo Publishing , English
When God Spoke - Mike Kearby

When God SpokeMike Kearby

A Story Bound to be the Subject of Much Disagreement & Debate. When God Spoke is a Controversial Look at Religion Expressed by A Terminal Cancer Patient.Number Three in the Fone-Stories™ Collection.

When God Spoke
Mike Kearby
A Searching Heart (A Prairie... - Janette Oke

A Searching Heart (A Prairie...Janette Oke

The Yearning Deep Inside Her—to Go Somewhere, Discover Something, Be a Part of the World About Her in a New Way—Would Not Go Away. But What Would Satisfy It? In The Tender Years, Virginia Simpson managed to struggle through adolescence… more

A Searching Heart (A Prairie Legacy, Book 2)
Janette Oke
Bethany House , English
Krishna - Girish Haridas

KrishnaGirish Haridas

EXPERIENCE THE MIRACULOUS CHILDHOOD OF LORD KRISHNA!”Synopsis:A dark despair falls upon the people of Mathura, as a celestial prediction of his death unleashes the monstrous evil chained within the mind of Prince Kamsa! As his selfish atro… more

Girish Haridas
Girish Haridas , English
Noah - Donovan Galway

NoahDonovan Galway

An old man with limited tools and resources, even less skill, and a challenge to save the world from impending doom. Could you do it? By all accounts of science and logic, it simply could not have been done without divine assistance. But wh… more

Donovan Galway
StoneGarden.net Publishing , English
Jesus My Son: Mary's Journal... - Mary Bailey

Jesus My Son: Mary's Journal...Mary Bailey

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Did Mary keep a journal? We know she kept one in her heart, but what if she had only written her account of the activities of her son’s ministry? What insights might we gain through her conversations with the weary travelers who stopped at… more

Jesus My Son: Mary’s Journal of Jesus’ Ministry
Mary Bailey
WestBowPress , English
Searching for Eternity - Elizabeth Musser

Searching for EternityElizabeth Musser

A youth yanked out of the only life he’s known to live on the other side of the Atlantic with a grandmother he’s never seen before… A mother who shrugs off her son’s anguish with breezy assurances like, “You’ll love America, Emile.”… A … more

Searching for Eternity
Elizabeth Musser
Bethany House
The Dusty Bible - Ruthie Spoonemore

The Dusty BibleRuthie Spoonemore

Julie Howard questions God and her faith in this poignant story about loss and life..Julie and Bob were happily married and involved in their church. But Julie’s world turned upside down when Bob was fatally injured in an accident.

The Dusty Bible
Ruthie Spoonemore
A Lady of Hidden Intent (Lad... - Tracie Peterson

A Lady of Hidden Intent (Lad...Tracie Peterson

At the cost of her own dream, a woman seeks to clear her falsely accused father. Brings even more romance and intrigue to this best-selling series! Ladies of Liberty book 2.

A Lady of Hidden Intent (Ladies of Liberty, Book 2)
Tracie Peterson
Bethany House Publishers , English
The Novels of Joseph Conrad - Joseph Conrad

The Novels of Joseph ConradJoseph Conrad

The Novels of Joseph Conrad in one large collection with active table of contents:Almayer’s FollyThe Arrow of Gold ChanceEnd of the TetherGaspar RuizHeart of Darkness The InheritorsLord Jim The Nigger Of The “Narcissus”NostromoAn Outcast of… more

The Novels of Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad
Raleigh St. Clair Books , English
A Christmas Mystery - The St... - William J. Locke

A Christmas Mystery - The St...William J. Locke

This Kindle edition of William J. Locke’s A Christmas Mystery includes illustrations and a biography of the author.Three irritable curmudgeons, each successful in their respective fields, find themselves thrown together on a comically arduo… more

A Christmas Mystery - The Story of Three Wise Men [Annotated]
William J. Locke