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A foundation and plain instr... -  Menno Simons

A foundation and plain instr... Menno Simons

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(…)” My Reader— I write to you the truth in Christ and lie not. In the year “1524, being then in my “28th year, I undertook the duties of a Priest in my father’s village, called Pinningu(…)”.

A foundation and plain instruction of the saving doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ
Menno Simons
Leaving Jesus - James Wood

Leaving JesusJames Wood

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Everyone knows that Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Is it possible that they have misunderstood the entire concept of the Messiah and his function in God’s spiritual economy?Passages such as Isaiah 53 and Zechariah 13 are view… more

Leaving Jesus
James Wood
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S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol.... - Ellen G. White

S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol....Ellen G. White

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This book is part of a 9-volume set that includes seven volumes of The SDA Bible Commentary, the SDA Bible Dictionary and a special supplement to the Commentary, volume 7-A which contains pertinent Ellen G. White comments.For many years, t… more

S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 4 (Ellen G. White Comments Only)
Ellen G. White
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A professional problem solver investigates Mormon origins through the eyes of Bible critics, forensic scientists, logicians, statisticians, and above all, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Based on these sources, … more

Robert Thurston
iUniverse , English
Saint John of the Cross - Bob and Penny Lord

Saint John of the CrossBob and Penny Lord

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Saint Teresa later wrote of Saint John of the Cross “I realized that he was a saint, and had always been a saint.” Before her was a figure tiny in physical stature, as the world measures, but a towering giant in the Eyes of the Lord. She re… more

Saint John of the Cross
Bob and Penny Lord
Journeys of Faith , English
God's Creation:Are You Among... - James Tucker

God's Creation:Are You Among...James Tucker

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Veritas vos liberabit – The truth shall set you free!Karl Marx termed religion the “opiate of the masses.” A kind of drug, which most Christians utilize to ease their conscience and induce a “feel good” state of mind.God’s Creation is an a… more

God’s Creation:Are You Among the chosen few?
James Tucker
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The sincere Christian instru... -  George Hay (bp. of Daulis.)

The sincere Christian instru... George Hay (bp. of Daulis.)

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(…)” A. It was that it might be the spiritual food and nourishment of our souls, to preserve and augment that life of grace which we receive in baptism, and which is completed and perfected in confirmation; according to the words of our … more

The sincere Christian instructed in the faith of Christ from the written word
George Hay (bp. of Daulis.)
Bellini - George  Hay

BelliniGeorge Hay

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Excerpt:From the standpoint of the biographer, it is to be regretted that more of the great Italian artists of the fifteenth century were not associated with the Church. In the days of the most interesting activity of painters and sculptors… more

George Hay
Jesus Christ and the Rapture - Dr. Oliver L. Johnson Jr.

Jesus Christ and the RaptureDr. Oliver L. Johnson Jr.

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why you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” –James 4:14 This book describes why God made man; why he fell; the life of Christ, mankind’s place i… more

Jesus Christ and the Rapture
Dr. Oliver L. Johnson Jr.
Xulon Press , English
The Christmas Promise : From... - Jerry M. Henry

The Christmas Promise : From...Jerry M. Henry

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Have you ever had someone promise you something and then break that promise? It hurts, doesn’t it! This book is about a promise God made and how He fulfilled that promise. It is the story of Christmas.Most people think Christmas started in … more

The Christmas Promise : From Eden to the Magi
Jerry M. Henry
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The Church and the Kingdom - Archbishop Hirron Ignatius W...

The Church and the KingdomArchbishop Hirron Ignatius W...

The Church and the Kingdom by Archbishop Hirron Ignatius Wlliams and Apostle Linda Williams

The Church and the Kingdom
Archbishop Hirron Ignatius Wlliams and Apostle Linda Williams
Trafford , English
The lives of the fathers - m... -  Alban Butler

The lives of the fathers - m... Alban Butler

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The lives of the fathers - martyrs and other principal saints
Alban Butler
Testimonies for the Church Volume 8 - Ellen G. White

Testimonies for the Church Volume 8Ellen G. White

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The nine volume-set of counsels from the Spirit of Prophecy contain spiritual commentary of a general nature, along with many letters of intimate instruction to members of the church during Ellen White’s time. This staple of Adventist liter… more

Testimonies for the Church Volume 8
Ellen G. White
Copyright © 2010, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. , English
A body of divinity. To which... -  James Ussher (abp. of Armagh.)

A body of divinity. To which... James Ussher (abp. of Armagh.)

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OF THE SECRET AND REVEALED WILL OF GOD. 63 for inasmuch as by the providence of God evil things(…)”.

A body of divinity. To which are adjoined Immanuel
James Ussher (abp. of Armagh.)
Two Thousand Years Ago - Francisco Candido Xavier

Two Thousand Years AgoFrancisco Candido Xavier

The Mediums’ Book is about mediumship – a faculty that enables the communication between human beings and the spirits of the so-called dead. Allan Kardec was the first to seriously study mediumship by using a scientific method. The book pre… more

Two Thousand Years Ago
Francisco Candido Xavier
Edicei of America, LLC , English
The Book of Real God - Rajesh Navaneetham

The Book of Real GodRajesh Navaneetham

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More than 60 spiritual mysteries like God, Ghost, Soul, Hell, Heaven, Pre-birth, Post-birth, can you see Christ..etc. You can touch God. You can enter into anothers body. Ghosts are around you. You can talk to plants and animals. Telepathy … more

The Book of Real God
Rajesh Navaneetham
Jongleur Music Book Publishing , English
Curiosities of Superstition - W. H. Davenport  Adams

Curiosities of SuperstitionW. H. Davenport Adams

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Excerpt:Travelling on the borders of Chinese Tartary, in the country of the Lamas or Buddhists, Miss Gordon Cumming remarks that it was strange, every now and again, to meet some respectable-looking workman, twirling little brass cylinders,… more

Curiosities of Superstition
W. H. Davenport Adams
Let Your Light Shine - Angie Maldonado

Let Your Light ShineAngie Maldonado

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Are you unconvinced of the depth of the Lord’s love for you?Do you wonder how your light of faith can shine when you’re encumbered with the struggles of today?Do you feel as though your ability to demonstrate the glory of the Lord wouldn’t … more

Let Your Light Shine
Angie Maldonado
CrossBooks , English
The Holy Quran (English-Yusuf-Ali) -

The Holy Quran (English-Yusuf-Ali)

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Asallamu’alaikum wa rahmatu’allahi wa barkatuh Dear Readers, This Quran is translation of Yusuf-Ali. I actually generated it for iPhone’s iBook, and I have tested it on iPhone and Kindle Fire HD. It works great. If you find issues/mistakes … more

The Holy Quran (English-Yusuf-Ali)
A Life of Salvation - cecil barry

A Life of Salvationcecil barry

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The purpose of the book is to provide the reader an understanding of what God planned from the beginning of time, what happened to His plan, and what He is planning in the end.

A Life of Salvation
cecil barry
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