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40 Days of Prayer:Bridging t... - Jacqueline S. Williams-Hayes

40 Days of Prayer:Bridging t...Jacqueline S. Williams-Hayes

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40 Days is a response to my friend, Andre’s question about, “Who is your God?” This book will respond to that question by teaching as Jesus did, in key themes. There are four major themes that will lead the readers’ heart and mind to a mea… more

40 Days of Prayer:Bridging the gap to God through prayer, real life application and journaling
Jacqueline S. Williams-Hayes
Xlibris , English
The Bible a missionary message - William Owen Carver

The Bible a missionary messageWilliam Owen Carver

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(…)” THE author accepted the invitation of his friend, Professor Chas. T. Ball, General Secretary of the Baptist Student Missionary Movement [later designated American Baptist Student Union], to prepare this book on the missionary message… more

The Bible a missionary message
William Owen Carver
The primitive doctrine of ju... - George Stanley Faber

The primitive doctrine of ju...George Stanley Faber

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(…)” RIGHT REV. JOHN BIRD SUMNER, D.D. LORD BISHOP OF CHESTER. MY DEAR LORD, I KNOW no person, to whom I can more fitly address the following Work than yourself. A sincere individual regard and esteem might indeed alone constitute a suff… more

The primitive doctrine of justification investigated
George Stanley Faber
Warrior's Prayer - Oliver John  Calvert

Warrior's PrayerOliver John Calvert

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Raised in war-torn colonial America imprints fifteen-year-old Johnny who cannot avoid his compelling purpose—to resist the oppression and tyranny that tortures his beloved homeland and family. Although Johnny embraces Christ as his Savior,… more

Warrior’s Prayer
Oliver John Calvert
Xlibris Corporation , English
A Divine Light in a Dark Wor... - Steven Randleas

A Divine Light in a Dark Wor...Steven Randleas

There is much emphasis placed on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the biblical commandment to share it with others. As Christians and evangelicals we are taught that we must share the gospel with others. The problem I find is that there is a … more

A Divine Light in a Dark World : Witnessing Without Fear
Steven Randleas
Trafford , English
The Devil's Revenge - Jack Darmend

The Devil's RevengeJack Darmend

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As long as mankind has existed he has been plagued by two questions, ‘Where did I come from?’ and ‘Where am I going?’Anthropologists, geologists, astronomers, and archaeologists have been searching for an answer to the first question and h… more

The Devil’s Revenge
Jack Darmend
Xlibris , English
Life among the Chinese -  Robert Samuel Maclay

Life among the Chinese Robert Samuel Maclay

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Life among the Chinese
Robert Samuel Maclay
Spiritual Progress - Instruc... -  François de Salignac de La ...

Spiritual Progress - Instruc... François de Salignac de La ...

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(…)”anointed for this work, Fenelon and Madame Guyon are justly held in high estimation. While some, perhaps, have had a more interior experience, few, if any, have so joined to the deepest devotion, a power of spiritual analysis that emi… more

Spiritual Progress - Instructions in the Divine Life of the Soul
François de Salignac de La Mothe- Fénelon
Mere Humanity: G.K. Chestert... - Donald T. Williams

Mere Humanity: G.K. Chestert...Donald T. Williams

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Philosophers list “What is man?” and “What is the purpose of life on this earth?” as two of the most important questions that must be asked by everyone in the quest to become a complete human being. Mere Humanity digs into the treasured wri… more

Mere Humanity: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien on the Human Condition
Donald T. Williams
B&H Publishing Group , English
The Case For Charismatics - Michael Peters

The Case For CharismaticsMichael Peters

The Case for Charismatics was written to provide a biblical case for charismatic beliefs and it was written in response to noncharismatic teaching.Ê The doctrinal differences that distinguish charismatic from noncharismatic Christians are … more

The Case For Charismatics
Michael Peters
Trafford , English
Crossing The Bridge - Timothy Ham

Crossing The BridgeTimothy Ham

People are called to be so much more than they have become, and it is my desire that the following pages will enkindle a fire within your soul that will move you to action-an action that will unleash the greatness that our Lord has placed w… more

Crossing The Bridge
Timothy Ham
Independent Publisher Services , English
The Gospel According to Simo... - Daniel Joseph Cesar

The Gospel According to Simo...Daniel Joseph Cesar

This book provides the missing pieces to the jigsaw puzzle we call Jesus. The missing pieces are so different from the existing pieces present in the Gospels of the New Testament that a new and unfamiliar picture of Jesus emerges. Without… more

The Gospel According to Simon of Cyrene: What Every Catholic Should Know
Daniel Joseph Cesar
AuthorHouse , English
New World Translation: A Rel... - Gary F. Zeolla

New World Translation: A Rel...Gary F. Zeolla

The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT) is published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. This is the organization that Jehovah’s Witnesses belong to. But how reliable is this Bible version? Much has been written about… more

New World Translation: A Reliable Bible Version?
Gary F. Zeolla
Darkness to Light , English
HOPE FOR PEACE: History and ... - Dr. M. Nevin Nadimi

HOPE FOR PEACE: History and ...Dr. M. Nevin Nadimi

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Spiritual soluti ons, socioeconomic assistance, along with homeland security, are needed toprevent internati onal and social confl icts around the globe. The Old Testament’s passagestates,And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebu… more

HOPE FOR PEACE: History and Teachings of Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism
Dr. M. Nevin Nadimi
Xlibris , English
My Jerusalem Encounter - Geoffrey Cohen

My Jerusalem EncounterGeoffrey Cohen

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My Jerusalem Encounter is the remarkable story of one man’s quest for God, and God’s quest for one man. In this very personal account, Geoffrey Cohen shares his journey of faith, which spans three continents and more than two decades. He de… more

My Jerusalem Encounter
Geoffrey Cohen
Gateway Create Publishing , English
A Funny Thing Happened on th... - Mary Crisp and Charles H. Jones

A Funny Thing Happened on th...Mary Crisp and Charles H. Jones

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Did you hear the one about the grandmother who fell into the baptistery while observing her granddaughter’s baptism? What about the coach who shot an armadillo tearing up the turf, only to find out he’d blasted a football? Sit back and enjo… more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Morgue
Mary Crisp and Charles H. Jones
CrossBooks , English
Church polity - Abel Stevens

Church polityAbel Stevens

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(…)” PREFACE. DURING the late secession from the Methodist Episcopal Church, in the northern states, the writer of the ensuing pages was compelled, by his official position, to defend our church government against the misrepresentations o… more

Church polity
Abel Stevens
Rosary In Book Form - Steve Gioia

Rosary In Book FormSteve Gioia

This book transforms the beaded rosary into a book which can be read. The book contains the four separate rosaries corresponding to the four mysteries - Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous.A complete rosary consisting of all 53 Hail Ma… more

Rosary In Book Form
Steve Gioia
Trafford , English
Sabbats of the Northern Hemisphere - Shanddaramon

Sabbats of the Northern HemisphereShanddaramon

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A bright and colorful book for children that describes the eight major Pagan holidays.

Sabbats of the Northern Hemisphere
The humiliation of Christ - Alexander Balmain Bruce

The humiliation of ChristAlexander Balmain Bruce

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(…)”DECLARATION OF TRUST. MARCH I, 1862. I, WILLIAM BINNY WEBSTER, late Surgeon in the H.E.I.C.S., presently residing in Edinburgh,—Considering that I feel deeply interested in the success of the Free Church College, Edinburgh, and am des… more

The humiliation of Christ
Alexander Balmain Bruce