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Christian Education - Ellen G. White

Christian EducationEllen G. White

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The articles included in this book are presented without abridgement and are arranged chronologically. Most of the articles do not appear in other volumes already in print.

Christian Education
Ellen G. White
Copyright © 2010, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. , English
Pictures of the Spirit - David Williams

Pictures of the SpiritDavid Williams

On the day of Pentecost, there was the sound as of a great wind, and what appeared to be tongues of fire appeared… Particularly since the start of the twentieth century, the Christian world has been in turmoil over the experiences that t… more

Pictures of the Spirit
David Williams
iUniverse , English
Big-Bang You're Dead: It's T... - Craig Roberts

Big-Bang You're Dead: It's T...Craig Roberts

Big answers to big questions. Perhaps life really does have a meaning. We’ve come so far. Where do we go from here?

Big-Bang You’re Dead: It’s Time for a New Reality
Craig Roberts
Trafford Publishing , English
Fathers of the desert (1907)... - John Dobree Dalgairns, Emily...

Fathers of the desert (1907)...John Dobree Dalgairns, Emily...

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Fathers of the desert (1907)[ILLUSTRATED EDITION]

Fathers of the desert (1907)[ILLUSTRATED EDITION]
John Dobree Dalgairns, Emily F. (Emily Frances) Bowden, Ida, GräfinIda, Gräfin Hahn-Hahn
Babylon #2 - Art A. Ayris

Babylon #2Art A. Ayris

Daniel begins to rise to power in the Babylonian government and his three friends are tested by King Nebuchadnezzar because of their obedience to worship God alone.

Babylon #2
Art A. Ayris
Kingstone Media , English
Mother's Pearls: The Revival... - Chava Dagan

Mother's Pearls: The Revival...Chava Dagan

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Mother’s Pearls is an inspirational guide for the natural family. It was written as an ode to children with the belief that parenting is a journey of self and an exploration of the wonders of childhood. However, generally speaking, we ha… more

Mother’s Pearls: The Revival of Parenthood
Chava Dagan
Trafford , English
Through this 21st Century:Le... - Barbara Mason Caldwell

Through this 21st Century:Le...Barbara Mason Caldwell

The author believes that God has a master plan for everyone. However, far too many people don’t even think about what their purpose is in life. At times she asks God “what is it you want me to do in life?” But she knows that as a Christian… more

Through this 21st Century:Let Others Witness Christ’s Love Through Your Actions
Barbara Mason Caldwell
Trafford , English
My Little Christmas Story - Christina Goodings

My Little Christmas StoryChristina Goodings

This simple and sincere retelling of the Christmas story is perfect for the under 5s, introducing them to the great story at the heart of the festival and its message of love. Bright illustrations help the story along, telling little childr… more

My Little Christmas Story
Christina Goodings
Lion Children’s , English
Lectures on the doctrine of ... - John Henry Newman

Lectures on the doctrine of ...John Henry Newman

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from various quarters, that a prejudice existed in many serious minds against certain essential Christian truths, such as Baptismal Eegeneration and the Apostolical Ministry, in consequence of a belief that they fostered notions of human m… more

Lectures on the doctrine of justification
John Henry Newman
The End Time Revival and Gre... - Joel Hitchcock

The End Time Revival and Gre...Joel Hitchcock

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Joel Hitchcock shares some insights into the subjects of revival and great awakening in the end times. He draws from several historic events such as the great South African revival (Andrew Murray,) the First and Second Great Awakenings (Jo… more

The End Time Revival and Great Awakening
Joel Hitchcock
Dr. Joel Hitchcock , English
Born Again Opinion - Philip LoPresti

Born Again OpinionPhilip LoPresti

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Though he has been writing music now for over 3 decades, it was only a few years ago when LoPresti decided He wanted to author a book. It was during this time He chose to write a book about his born-again experience in Christ. The book, “Bo… more

Born Again Opinion
Philip LoPresti
Xlibris US , English
Commentary: Doctrine & Coven... - Janne M. Sjodahl

Commentary: Doctrine & Coven...Janne M. Sjodahl

While engaged in studying the Standard Works of the Church, I have been deeply impressed with the thought-which I believe to be the fact also-that the Revelations contained in the Doctrine and Covenants are pre-eminently the Scriptures o… more

Commentary: Doctrine & Covenants - LDS/Mormon
Janne M. Sjodahl
LDS Book Club , English
A sermon preach'd at the fun... -  Thomas Croft

A sermon preach'd at the fun... Thomas Croft

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. AT the time when the blessed Saint in the Text fell the first Martyr under the first Persecution that reign’d in the Christian Chutch, all the new Converts were dispersed from Jerusalem into the Parts of Ju~ data and Samaria; only some… more

A sermon preach’d at the funeral of the Reverend John Hughes
Thomas Croft
Christian Temperance and Bib... - Ellen G. White

Christian Temperance and Bib...Ellen G. White

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The preface declares : This book is not a new presentation … but is simply a compilation, and in some sense an abstract, of the various writings of Mrs. White upon this subject (health), to which have been added several articles by Elde… more

Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene
Ellen G. White
Copyright © 2010, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. , English
Are You Heaven Bound?: Proof... - John Orr

Are You Heaven Bound?: Proof...John Orr

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Frank and honest, Are You Heaven Bound? serves as a wake-up call for those mired in disbelief and as a reaffirming message of God’s promise to Christians everywhere. Author John Orr offers an overview of most of the sixty-six books of the B… more

Are You Heaven Bound?: Proof That God and His Son Jesus Christ Exist
John Orr
CrossBooks , English
Unmasking Guerrilla Warfare ... - Jack O. Giles

Unmasking Guerrilla Warfare ...Jack O. Giles

This book considers the seriousness of intolerance, bigotry, prejudice, and racism in the church of Jesus Christ.  The beauty of the book is that an effective, workable solution is offered for the problems.             Dr. Fred Wolfe calls… more

Unmasking Guerrilla Warfare in the Church
Jack O. Giles
AuthorHouse , English
The deeper wrong -  Harriet Jacobs

The deeper wrong Harriet Jacobs

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The deeper wrong
Harriet Jacobs
The aesthetic and miscellane... - Friedrich von Schlegel

The aesthetic and miscellane...Friedrich von Schlegel

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(…)”THE aesthetic works of F. von Schlegel, which form a portion of the present volume, have long been known, by reputation at least, to all true lovers of art, although now for the first time translated into the English language. His ide… more

The aesthetic and miscellaneous works comprising letters on Christian art
Friedrich von Schlegel
Knighted Knowledge is Power - Brian Daniel Starr

Knighted Knowledge is PowerBrian Daniel Starr

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Knighted Knowledge is PowerBy:Brian Daniel Starr

Knighted Knowledge is Power
Brian Daniel Starr
Xlibris , English
Theism -  John Orr

Theism John Orr

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John Orr