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Long Walk to Enlightenment - Dr. Thillayvel Naidoo

Long Walk to EnlightenmentDr. Thillayvel Naidoo

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Long Walk to Enlightenment
Dr. Thillayvel Naidoo
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. , English
Jordan's River and I'm Bound... - Bishop B.C. Graham

Jordan's River and I'm Bound...Bishop B.C. Graham

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The Jordan;s River and I’m Bound To Cross is a book based on Faith and trust in a true and living God to help us get through our ups and down, it also help us deal with the trials of life we face every day and points out the scriptures in t… more

Jordan’s River and I’m Bound to Cross
Bishop B.C. Graham
Xlibris , English
Chapters In A Life: Written ... - Martin Booker

Chapters In A Life: Written ...Martin Booker

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Chapters In A Life: Written by God, lived by allBy:Martin Booker

Chapters In A Life: Written by God, lived by all
Martin Booker
WestBow , English
The Principles of Christian ... -  Thomas Gouge

The Principles of Christian ... Thomas Gouge

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(…)”If you shall thinkjmeet to make use of this following Treatise - you shall find the great and difficult work^ of Catechising your Children and Servants - as eafie as reading another’s Sermon. For having propounded the Question to each… more

The Principles of Christian Religion Explained to the Capacity of the Meanest
Thomas Gouge
Abraham: The Test of Faith - Ray H. Dunning

Abraham: The Test of FaithRay H. Dunning

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There are no instant saints. That’s true for everyone. When he said yes to God’s call, he set out on a lifelong path of growth and transformation. Abraham explores the events and circumstances that shaped Abraham’s walk with God. It highli… more

Abraham: The Test of Faith
Ray H. Dunning
Beacon Hill Press , English
The Predestination Salvation... - Wayne Phillip Arendse and Ed...

The Predestination Salvation...Wayne Phillip Arendse and Ed...

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The Predestination Salvation Plan of Christ By Wayne Phillip Arendse and Edward Dippenaar

The Predestination Salvation Plan of Christ
Wayne Phillip Arendse and Edward Dippenaar
Trafford , English
A vindication of providence -  Edward Young

A vindication of providence Edward Young

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” Set your Afjfeftions on Thing* above, and not on Things on the Earth. E by no Means queftion, but that the Birth, and Life, and Death, and Refurrection of our Lord, were Ads of infinite Merit; Merit fuffkient to fatisfy God’s Juftice, a… more

A vindication of providence
Edward Young
Aradia - Charles G. Leland

AradiaCharles G. Leland

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The Gospel Of The Witches

Charles G. Leland
iap , English
Lives of Charles Lee and Jos... -  Jared Sparks

Lives of Charles Lee and Jos... Jared Sparks

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(…)” PREFACE. if* i After the death of General Lee, his papers fell into the hands of Mr. William Goddard, of Baltimore, and have since been preserved in his family. He issued proposals for publishing selected parts of them in three vo… more

Lives of Charles Lee and Joseph Reed
Jared Sparks
Elements of prophetical inte... -  Joshua William Brooks

Elements of prophetical inte... Joshua William Brooks

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acknowledge the Bible to be a revelation from Jehovah, merely to remind them of the Apostle’s declaration—”all Scripture is profitable;” and that then, without caring for the obloquy cast upon the study, and the seeming obscurity in which … more

Elements of prophetical interpretation
Joshua William Brooks
Too Many Gullibles - Joann Persons

Too Many GulliblesJoann Persons

Every single thing we need to exist comes to us from our living earth. Food, water, gas, oil, lumber, metals, jewels, clothes, gold…everything necessary is provided for us by whom? A God who loves us or a ‘nothing’? Was our world crea… more

Too Many Gullibles
Joann Persons
Trafford , English
The Power Of The Blood Of Je... - Andrew Walter, Classic Chris...

The Power Of The Blood Of Je...Andrew Walter, Classic Chris...

(Optimized For Your Kindle)Andrew Murray (May 9, 1828 – January 18, 1917) was a South African writer, teacher, and Christian pastor. Murray considered missions to be “the chief end of the church.”Andrew pastored churches in Bloemfontein, Wo… more

The Power Of The Blood Of Jesus (Optimized For Your Kindle)
Andrew Walter, Classic Christian Readings
Footprints of the Messiah - Dr Chuck Missler

Footprints of the MessiahDr Chuck Missler

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Footprints of the Messiah Chuck Missler

What Old Testament Bible Study is mentioned twelve times in one book of the Bible, is given by seven different people and is almost never given today?

That Jesus is the Messiah of Israel! How certai… more

Footprints of the Messiah
Dr Chuck Missler
Koinonia Institute , English
Crossing Your Jordan: Handli... - Jr. James T. Murphy

Crossing Your Jordan: Handli...Jr. James T. Murphy

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In the maze of trying to live a life worthy of the sacred calling runs parallel with the various trials and tribulations that often must be defeated if victory is to be experienced. Each Christian faces what I have defined as Jordan Rivers… more

Crossing Your Jordan: Handling Life’s Many Turbulent Moments
Jr. James T. Murphy
Xlibris , English
TheTruth Of The Holidays! : ... - Larry Joe Perry Sr.

TheTruth Of The Holidays! : ...Larry Joe Perry Sr.

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It is the truth about all creation. The Lord Jehovah is grieved with these vain pagan customs being called holy. He has told us the true way to live. My father is a jealous God, and unfortunately for all of you it causes hardships for you… more

TheTruth Of The Holidays! : Israeli Flag Is A Hexagram!
Larry Joe Perry Sr.
Booktango , English
The truth of religion (1911)
Rudolf Eucken, William Tudor Jones
A "Special Parish Mission":I... - John Black

A "Special Parish Mission":I...John Black

A “”Special Parish Mission”” involves two Pastors and their parishes as well as the Bishop. One parish prays for the other having the mission and vice-versa. The pastors swap parishes to put on the mission. Two Missions were put on in the … more

A “Special Parish Mission”:Including All Talks And Instructions
John Black
iUniverse , English
Women at War: bringing peace... - Jan Greenwood

Women at War: bringing peace...Jan Greenwood

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Too many of us are fighting a war that only leads to self-destruction. We are disoriented in the midst of battle, stumbling about like walking wounded and isolating ourselves from other women in order to avoid pain. We know there is a war, … more

Women at War: bringing peace to yourself - and your girlfriends too!
Jan Greenwood
Gateway Create Publishing , English
Love Expressed - Gateway Create

Love ExpressedGateway Create

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All throughout the Bible, we read about people worshipping God. But what exactly does that mean? And what should it look like for us in the body of Christ? Passionate? Alive? Vibrant? Intimate? Is that how you would describe your worship?Lo… more

Love Expressed
Gateway Create
Inprov Ltd , English
Wait Training: Learning to W... - Irene Williams Lawson PhD

Wait Training: Learning to W...Irene Williams Lawson PhD

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When we ask God for something, many of us expect Him to answer yes and to do so immediately. We soon understand that is not always the case. Sometimes God says no. And sometimes we have to wait for His answer, as difficult as that may be.Ch… more

Wait Training: Learning to Wait on God’s Perfect Timing
Irene Williams Lawson PhD
CrossBooks , English