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CODE : ADAM:the search for a...David Bryan

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  ‘CODE ADAM’ is a screaming reality into the ears of a casual church world, a voice of urgency in a wilderness of mediocrity.  Where are the mighty men and women that will change our times? Where are the servants of God who will operate f… more

CODE : ADAM:the search for a lost generation is about to end
David Bryan
AuthorHouse , English

Why the Wilderness?: God Sen...Rev Dr Walter Brown Jr

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Author Walter M. Brown Jr. describes the wilderness as an inner feeling of barrenness. Through the spiritual direction in Why the Wilderness?, he hopes to help you better understand your own desolate times by seeing how God assisted him th… more

Why the Wilderness?: God Sends Angels After We Go Through!
Rev Dr Walter Brown Jr
iUniverse , English

The Great Controversy (Confl...Ellen G. White

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Volume 5 of the Conflict of the Ages series carries the story of the controversy between God and Satan to its ultimate and glorious conclusion. Beginning with the destruction of Jerusalem and continuing through the persecutions of Christian… more

The Great Controversy (Conflict of the Ages)
Ellen G. White
Copyright © 2010, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. , English

Address to an emigrant Religious Tract Society

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[…]every good and perfect gift. It is not the least of your mercies that, after much deliberation, and, I would hope, prayer for direction, you have obtained a conviction that Divine Providence is, by your removal from home, opening a wa… more

Address to an emigrant
Religious Tract Society

To Whom It May Concern, Yes,...Sarah R. Reagans M.Ed.

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To Whom It May Concern:         Yes Jesus is in my classroom.          Although the majority of this book refers to Christians teaching in public schools, it is also written for and dedicated to every Christian in the world who has any kin… more

To Whom It May Concern, Yes, Jesus is in my Classroom: Using God’s Ability to Have Class
Sarah R. Reagans M.Ed.
AuthorHouse , English

Tomorrow's Wonderful WorldDavid C. Pack

Billions today live without hope. Yet all wish for better lives for themselves and their families. Modern civilization is overwhelmed with every conceivable problem, evil, and ill that competing, self-promoting human beings could devise! F… more

Tomorrow’s Wonderful World
David C. Pack
iUniverse , English

Idylls and RamblesFather James Schall

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Fr. Schall writes profoundly and charmingly about people, places and things, giving a Christian perspective to the importance of little things and particular moments. His essays on a variety of interesting topics combine fun, substance and … more

Idylls and Rambles
Father James Schall
Ignatius Press , English

Saint Faustina Kowalska and ...Bob Lord, Penny Lord

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The Lord had an urgency to give Saint Faustina Kowalska, the message of Divine Mercy with or without a Spiritual Director; and so the day was to come, on February 22, 1931, in Vilnius, when the Lord’s Mission would begin to be revealed to h… more

Saint Faustina Kowalska and Divine Mercy (Visionaries Mystics and Stigmatists)
Bob Lord, Penny Lord
Journeys of Faith , English


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This book deals with the way God was upset with the unfaithfulness of Northern Kingdom of Israel and presented to them His dealing with them in the similitude of Hosea, prophet, marrying from among prostitute. Yet, God promised them that H… more

Leslie John
Leslie M. John , English

Vinculum Amoris: A Theology ...David Williams

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Christianity is not just a set of moral commands. It is not just belonging to a church. It is not just remembering its founder of long ago! It is all of these, but far more, it is a vital relationship with a living and loving God!And it is… more

Vinculum Amoris: A Theology of the Holy Spirit
David Williams
iUniverse , English

Eternal Impact: The Passion ...Ken Hemphill

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Greatly respected church strategist Ken Hemphill believes the only process that will radically transform the mission and structure of today’s community of believers is the Word of God applied by the Holy Spirit. Toward that goal, Eternal Im… more

Eternal Impact: The Passion of Kingdom-Centered Communities
Ken Hemphill
B&H Books , English

Kincaid's BatteryGeorge Washington Cable

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Kincaid’s Battery
George Washington Cable
Public Domain Books , English

Balancing the Chakras: The B...Michael Solis

Many of us have heard the term chakra before, but few truly understand its meaning or its potential significance. Put simply, the word chakra means “wheel of light” in Sanskrit. But that certainly won’t answer the questions you are asking y… more

Balancing the Chakras: The Body’s Energetic Channels
Michael Solis
Charles River Editors , English

Brother KillersLinda Davis

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This book was designed to encourage and help you throughout the difficult and sometimes unpleasant trials in your life. Those who have been truly called by God can identify with being betrayed. There are many books but none about Brother Ki… more

Brother Killers
Linda Davis
iUniverse , English

To Bless a ChildRoy G. Pollina

Roy G. Pollina offers a tender and effective way for any parent (or care-giver) to establish a lifelong tradition of blessing children—of praying good things for them…with divine intent. To Bless a Child invites parents, grandparents, and a… more

To Bless a Child
Roy G. Pollina
Morehouse Publishing , English

Subconscious ReligionRussell H. Conwell

Does God Answer Christians Only?What might be the consensus of opinion found in a digest of all thetestimonies of mankind cannot be surmised, but it did not appear thatGod was “a respecter of persons” through those years of prayer at theBap… more

Subconscious Religion
Russell H. Conwell

The doctrine of charity and faith Emanuel Swedenborg

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The doctrine of charity and faith

The doctrine of charity and faith
Emanuel Swedenborg

In the Beginning: Creation S...Donald Schmidt

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In the Beginning is a simple journey through the four paths of “”Creation Spirituality,”” taken over four weeks. It is designed for use during the four weeks leading up to Christmas, but can be enjoyed anytime during the year. By combining… more

In the Beginning: Creation Spirituality for the Days of Advent
Donald Schmidt
iUniverse , English

Luke-Acts and Paul's Letters...Biblica

The Books of the Bible differs from the format of most current Bibles in significant ways: - Chapter and verse numbers are removed from the text (A chapter and verse range is given at the bottom of each page) - Each book’s natural literary … more

Luke-Acts and Paul’s Letters: Encouraging Better Bible Reading (Books of The Bible, The)
Zondervan , English

Four discourses delivered to... Gilbert Burnet

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who claim and trust to it, as our Ransom and Atonement, d° very impiously raise its value beyond the Truth, and fix our Confidence^ with relation to our Peace with God, upon a false foundation. Whereas on the other hand, If God has set for… more

Four discourses delivered to the clergy of the diocess of Sarum
Gilbert Burnet