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The Barbarism of Berlin - G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton

The Barbarism of BerlinG. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton

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The Barbarism of Berlin
G. K.(Gilbert Keith) Chesterton
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The Deep Things Of God - D. T. Smith

The Deep Things Of GodD. T. Smith

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The Deep Things Of GodD. T. Smith (Author)

The Deep Things Of God
D. T. Smith
AuthorHouse , English
Memoria contra la religión (... - Jean Meslier

Memoria contra la religión (...Jean Meslier

Meslier lanza sus invectivas contra la Iglesia, la religión, Jesús, Dios, y también contra la aristocracia, la monarquía, el Antiguo Régimen; denuncia con violencia inaudita la injusticia social, el pensamiento idealista, la moral cristian… more

Memoria contra la religión (Spanish Edition)
Jean Meslier
Leer-e , Spanish
The principles of Christian loyalty -  John Burton

The principles of Christian loyalty John Burton

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(…)” Prov. XXIV. 11. My son - fear thou the Lord - and the King: and meddle not with them that are given to Change. THIS Lesson of Political Wisdom demands oar special regard, as it is deliver’d by the most able Politician, the wises… more

The principles of Christian loyalty
John Burton
God the teacher of mankind - Michael Muller

God the teacher of mankindMichael Muller

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(…)”I offer thee this book, O Lord Jesus Christ, Fount of eternal light, in union with that ineffable charity which moved thee, the only begotten of the Father, in the plenitude of the Divinity, to take upon thyself our nature and to beco… more

God the teacher of mankind
Michael Muller
Memoir of the life of the Ri... -  Bird Wilson

Memoir of the life of the Ri... Bird Wilson

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Memoir of the life of the Right Reverend William White
Bird Wilson
Materials for a history of o... -  Sir Charles Lock Eastlake

Materials for a history of o... Sir Charles Lock Eastlake

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(…)” PREFACE. The following work was undertaken with a view to promote the objects of the Commissioners on the Fine Arts. It professes to trace the recorded practice of oil painting from its invention; and, by a comparison of authent… more

Materials for a history of oil painting
Sir Charles Lock Eastlake
History of the Irish hierarchy -  Thomas Walsh

History of the Irish hierarchy Thomas Walsh

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Archbishop of Dublin, whom, bora as he was, of royal blood, our predecessor, Alexander III., constituted his Legate Apostolic for Ireland, and whom Honorius III. alike our predecessor, canonized. But if yet more we were to exhort you to ch… more

History of the Irish hierarchy
Thomas Walsh
The Life and Opinions of Joh... -  Robert Vaughan

The Life and Opinions of Joh... Robert Vaughan

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” Robert Vaugha(…)”

The Life and Opinions of John de Wycliffe
Robert Vaughan
THE PEOPLE IN OUR PATH - Richard Lynn Deemy


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Do you realize how many people come across your path,who directly affect your personality, and development? Areyou aware of how many people your life impacts? This booktakes a look at the many possibilities of “Divine Appointments” in your… more

Richard Lynn Deemy
Xlibris , English
He Is Coming (1) - Joshua Easterly

He Is Coming (1)Joshua Easterly

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He Is Coming (1)
Joshua Easterly
Mind, Character, and Persona... - Ellen G. White

Mind, Character, and Persona...Ellen G. White

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This collection of inspired writings deals with a wide range of counsel, including emotional stress, mind-body relationships, and human sexuality.

Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2
Ellen G. White
Copyright © 2010, Ellen G. White Estate, Inc. , English
Memoir of the life of Elizabeth Fry -  Elizabeth Gurney Fry

Memoir of the life of Elizabeth Fry Elizabeth Gurney Fry

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(…)” OP THE LIFE OP ELIZABETH FRY. CHAPTER I. 1780—1792. Birth—Parentage—Descent—Her Mother, her character —Memoranda by her—Removal to Earlham—Death 6f Mrs. Qurney —Recollections by Elizabeth Fry, of her own early life.(…)”

Memoir of the life of Elizabeth Fry
Elizabeth Gurney Fry
The fear of God -  John Bunyan

The fear of God John Bunyan

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(…)”Scripture pressed, and that with much vehemency, upon the children of men, as in Eccles. xii. 13; 1 Pet. ii. 17. I shall not trouble you with a long preamble, or forespeech to the matter, nor shall I here meddle with the context, but … more

The fear of God
John Bunyan
Francis Of Assisi: Writer An... - Thaddée  Matura

Francis Of Assisi: Writer An...Thaddée Matura

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“Francis has left us a written message, one addressed to his contemporaries, to be sure, but also and very explicitly one addressed to men and women of every era. This message does not set forward his personal example Francis is not its cen… more

Francis Of Assisi: Writer And Spiritual Master
Thaddée Matura
St. Anthony Messenger Press , English
Undesigned coincidences in t... -  John James Blunt

Undesigned coincidences in t... John James Blunt

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Undesigned coincidences in the writings of the Old and New Testament - an argument of their veracity
John James Blunt
The Shurangama Sutra With Co... - Hsuan  Hua

The Shurangama Sutra With Co...Hsuan Hua

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The Shurangama Sutra With Commentary, Vol. 3
Hsuan Hua
Church Work Rules!: Generati... - David Self

Church Work Rules!: Generati...David Self

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“Learning from your own mistakes might be the best way, but it is a hard way. It is much better to learn from the mistakes of others.” These words, spoken to David Self by his father, apply equally not only to an individual’s challenges and… more

Church Work Rules!: Generational Wisdom for Church Leaders
David Self
CrossBooks , English
The Power Driven Dog - Dan and Mickie Kooiman

The Power Driven DogDan and Mickie Kooiman

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Meet Jake. Jake is a three-year-old, one-hundred-pound English Labrador Retriever, and he’s here to teach you about God. Jake is simple, joyful, and unconditionally loving. He is what God intended for us to be, and he is what we, as humans,… more

The Power Driven Dog
Dan and Mickie Kooiman
CrossBooks , English
History of the Christian church -  George Park Fisher

History of the Christian church George Park Fisher

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from about 300 to 600, or from Constantine to Pope Gregory L, Christianity as professed by the Church, and as defined through councils, presents itself as the acknowledged faith of the Roman Empire, East and West In the subsequent two cent… more

History of the Christian church
George Park Fisher