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Las Vegas Travel Guide: The ... - Carol Jenkins

Las Vegas Travel Guide: The ...Carol Jenkins

If you’re planning a wedding, thinking about a wedding, or simply want to avoid a wedding and would like to run away and get married, might I suggest one of the many wedding chapels in Vegas? You can travel to different countries, experienc… more

Las Vegas Travel Guide: The Ultimate Las Vegas Vacation Plan (Discover Las Vegas Attractions & Things to do in Las Vegas)
Carol Jenkins
Las Vegas - A city guide for... - The Butler Publishing Group

Las Vegas - A city guide for...The Butler Publishing Group

This specially produced Kindle-only travel guide has been written by the travel experts at wikitravel.org* and contains all the information you need to enjoy an action-packed long weekend in Las Vegas including:How to get to Las Vegas by pl… more

Las Vegas - A city guide for long weekenders
The Butler Publishing Group
The Butler Publishing Group , English
Life in Mexico - Frances Calderón De La Barca

Life in MexicoFrances Calderón De La Barca

In the year 1843, two new books took the American public by storm: one was Prescott’s History of the Conquest of Mexico, and the other Life in Mexico by Madame Calderon de la Barca. William Hickling Prescott was already known as an able his… more

Life in Mexico
Frances Calderón De La Barca
pubOne.info , English
Cape Cod: A Classic Book By ... - Henry David Thoreau

Cape Cod: A Classic Book By ...Henry David Thoreau

Excerpt:Until Thoreau arrived to make acquaintance with its hard yet fascinating personality, Cape Cod remained unknown and almost unseen, though often visited and written about by tourists and students of nature. Something in the asceticis… more

Cape Cod: A Classic Book By Henry David Thoreau! AAA+++
Henry David Thoreau
Unique Enterprises , English
Travel Washington, DC 2012 -... - MobileReference

Travel Washington, DC 2012 -...MobileReference

This guide is designed for optimal navigation on eReaders, smartphones, and other mobile electronic devices. It is indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual articles. Articles feature information about at… more

Travel Washington, DC 2012 - Illustrated travel guide with Maps (Mobi Travel)
MobileReference , English
New York City Travel Guide: ... - Evangeline A. Travolta

New York City Travel Guide: ...Evangeline A. Travolta

If you’ve never been to New York City, you may be surprised to know that there is so much more to this great city than skyscrapers, lots of people, and really fantastic parades. Despite common misconceptions, it is quite possible to enjoy m… more

New York City Travel Guide: Your Ultimate New York City Vacation Plan (Visiting New York?)
Evangeline A. Travolta
Top 25 Vacation Spots in the US - Bang L.

Top 25 Vacation Spots in the USBang L.

Finally! An enormous 52 page vacationer’s guide that delivers unsurpassed details and information on the best spots in the U.S. to vacation to, and no matter which one you pick you are guaranteed a winner!Not only is this guaranteed to help… more

Top 25 Vacation Spots in the US
Bang L.
Visit Sanibel Island Travel ... - Angelica S. Hansen

Visit Sanibel Island Travel ...Angelica S. Hansen

Sanibel Island is one of Florida’s most treasured barrier islands. It is well-known throughout the world as one of the best vacation destinations on earth with lots of resorts and hotels offering the best of Sanibel: complimentary accommoda… more

Visit Sanibel Island Travel Guide: Your Ultimate Sanibel Island, Florida Vacation Plan
Angelica S. Hansen
La Jolla, California ! - Alexander Marriot

La Jolla, California !Alexander Marriot

Essential: La Jolla, California !Introduction To La Jolla La Jolla Beaches La Jolla Cove La Jolla Entertainment La Jolla Sea Caves Tour La Jolla Shores La Jolla Travel Guide La J… more

La Jolla, California !
Alexander Marriot
National Park Service Camping Guide - Roundabout Publications

National Park Service Camping GuideRoundabout Publications

The National Park Service Camping Guide is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys camping in a National Park. The book describes nearly 450 campgrounds in 123 national parks, recreation areas, monuments, and other areas managed by the N… more

National Park Service Camping Guide
Roundabout Publications
Roundabout Publications , English
Life at Puget Sound - Caroline C. Leighton

Life at Puget SoundCaroline C. Leighton

The following selections from observations and experiences during a residence of sixteen years on the Pacific Coast, while they do not claim to describe fully that portion of the country, nor to give any account of its great natural wealth … more

Life at Puget Sound
Caroline C. Leighton
pubOne.info , English
EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers - 2... - Jerry McClanahan

EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers - 2...Jerry McClanahan

This second edition updates 90 pages of the first. The EZ66 GUIDES were developed by noted Route 66 historian, Jerry McClanahan and The National Historic Route 66 Federation to make it as EZ as possible for travelers to find and follow the … more

EZ66 GUIDE For Travelers - 2nd Edition
Jerry McClanahan
National Historic Route 66 Federation , English
The Cotswolds' Finest Gardens - Tony Russell

The Cotswolds' Finest GardensTony Russell

Average wait: N/A

Using evocative text and delightful imagery, Tony Russell brings to life each of the fifty gardens featured, covering their history, plants, architecture and personalities along the way. The diversity of gardens to be found within the Cotsw… more

The Cotswolds’ Finest Gardens
Tony Russell
Amberley Publishing , English
The Original Jamaican Easter... - Millicent Taffe

The Original Jamaican Easter...Millicent Taffe

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The Original Jamaican Easter “Bun and Cheese” Recipe is a famous spiced bun, which is eaten at Easter. It is a century old recipe handed down by my Great Grandmother. None can compare to our recipe! The original RECIPE is outlined in the pa… more

The Original Jamaican Easter Bun & Cheese Recipe
Millicent Taffe
Booktango , English
The Spices of My Life: A Cul... - Tiffany Moen

The Spices of My Life: A Cul...Tiffany Moen

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Yes, that’s my family on the cover–all ten of us! We had to get creative to include two of our sons who were out of the state and country. I thought it was rather a genius idea, from my eldest daughter, to blow up their photos so they wou… more

The Spices of My Life: A Culinary Collection of Recipes, Memories, and More
Tiffany Moen
BQB Publishing , English
Hall of Fame of Southern Rec... -

Hall of Fame of Southern Rec...

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True classic Southern recipes that are big on taste. These dishes are true winners that have earned Recipe Hall of Fame status.

Hall of Fame of Southern Recipes (Recipe Hall of Fame)
Quail RIdge Press, Inc , English
Lisa's Down Home Tennessee C... - Lisa E. Brown, David Ward Davis

Lisa's Down Home Tennessee C...Lisa E. Brown, David Ward Davis

Get ready to try some really great recipes. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, that is probably true. Lisa is one of the best cooks I have ever known. I should know, I’m her husband and eat her food every day. I’m… more

Lisa’s Down Home Tennessee Country Cooking
Lisa E. Brown, David Ward Davis
Aalida Press USA , English
The Original Jamaican Beef P... - Millicent Taffe

The Original Jamaican Beef P...Millicent Taffe

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The Original Jamaican Beef Patty Recipe, is a century old recipe handed down by my Great Grandmother. There are many similar types of patties but none of them compare to our recipe! The original RECIPE is outlined in the pages of this book…. more

The Original Jamaican Beef Patty Recipe
Millicent Taffe
Booktango , English
Kali: The Food Goddess, Frui... - Kali Amanda Browne

Kali: The Food Goddess, Frui...Kali Amanda Browne

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A compilation of recipes from the places of origin of some of the Food Goddess ancestors, spanning several continents. If you happen to be a white supremacist and a foodie, this book is going to make you severely conflicted.

Kali: The Food Goddess, Fruits of the Family Tree
Kali Amanda Browne
The NorthEast Favorites Cook Book - Kalliope Harper

The NorthEast Favorites Cook BookKalliope Harper

The South isn’t the only place to find good food in America. In the North East we pride ourselves on making delicious classic dishes. Learn how we make our families happy and satisfied.

The NorthEast Favorites Cook Book
Kalliope Harper