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Angry Birds: Video Game Guide - Vook

Angry Birds: Video Game GuideVook

Sick of getting stuck at the same spot every time and letting the pigs win? Leave that level in the dust armed with new expert launching skills. Download “Angry Birds: Video Game Guide” and learn insider tactics to help you catapult to a hi… more

Angry Birds: Video Game Guide
Vook , English
Winning Strategies  For Lowe... - David M. Lawrence

Winning Strategies For Lowe...David M. Lawrence

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Just follow the strategies in this book and you will always win money over the long run.

Winning Strategies For Lower Buy-in Holdem Tournaments: The Little Book On How To Always Win Money Playing Tournaments
David M. Lawrence
Booktango , English
Your Guide To Winning  Texas... - David M. Lawrence

Your Guide To Winning Texas...David M. Lawrence

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This is a concise and synoptic book built on the knowledge and skill of the best poker players from the last 100 years. It is developed from 17 years of professional play and study of the game of poker including holdem poker.

Your Guide To Winning Texas Holdem: How To Always Win
David M. Lawrence
BookTango , English
How Any Holdem Player Can Al... - David M. Lawrence

How Any Holdem Player Can Al...David M. Lawrence

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This book has pro level knowledge presented in an easy to understand way. The info will give you a real advantage at the poker table.

How Any Holdem Player Can Always Win Money: A Selection Of Powerful How To Always Win Articles Written By A Holdem Coach
David M. Lawrence
BookTango , English
Nurse Jackie on SHOWTIME -

Nurse Jackie on SHOWTIME

Created by Evan Dunsky and Liz Brixius & Linda Wallem

Nurse Jackie on SHOWTIME
Showtime Networks Inc. and Lions Gate Television, Inc. , English
Pick-5 Lottery Jackpots Litt... - Adolph Barr

Pick-5 Lottery Jackpots Litt...Adolph Barr

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I want to show you a dirty secret that will make you a lot of money. This is not on the website and it’s (somewhat) revealed in the “Secret Lottery Manual” but I didn’t reveal everything. Now, for the very first time, I am going to show som… more

Pick-5 Lottery Jackpots Little Dirty Secrets
Adolph Barr
Adolph Barr , English
Paid to Play - Keith A. Meyers

Paid to PlayKeith A. Meyers

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Do you have game ideas collecting dust in the back of a closet – or the back of your head? Dust them off, pick up this book, and discover the simple steps to turning your concept to cash in today’s game market. Long-time industry veteran g… more

Paid to Play
Keith A. Meyers
iUniverse , English
The Unofficial Guide to Bingo Blitz - Amy Browne

The Unofficial Guide to Bingo BlitzAmy Browne

The Unofficial Bingo Blitz Guide was written for the players of all levels. Along with a brief overview of the game, I have included tips, hints for the average player of the game. I will share why it is important to have so many teammates … more

The Unofficial Guide to Bingo Blitz
Amy Browne
Amy Browne , English
Alibi Ike - Ring Lardner

Alibi IkeRing Lardner

Alibi Ike by Ring Lardner

Alibi Ike
Ring Lardner
Peter Perla's The Art of War... - Peter Perla

Peter Perla's The Art of War...Peter Perla

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Wargaming is an essential part of the modern military curriculum and it is difficult tosee any officer rising to senior ranks in a Western country, without being proficient in the art of wargaming.” Tim Price MBE, UK Defence“Peter Perla is… more

Peter Perla’s The Art of Wargaming: A Guide for Professionals and Hobbyists
Peter Perla
History of Wargaming Project , English
Sports around the world - Ganesh Padmanabhan

Sports around the worldGanesh Padmanabhan

Do you like to know how 25 different kinds of sports are being played in this world. check it out here.

Sports around the world
Ganesh Padmanabhan
amazon.com , English
Not Musical Chairs - Luca Notini

Not Musical ChairsLuca Notini

This short e-book presents three games that can be played by children, adolescents and adults.

Not Musical Chairs
Luca Notini
Luca Notini , English
Fantasy Worlds - Gini Scott

Fantasy WorldsGini Scott

Fantasy! The very word conjures images of escape from reality, from the mundaneness of ordinary daily life. Fantasy Worlds combines a look at the psychology and power of fantasy with profiles of a dozen groups of individuals exploring diffe… more

Fantasy Worlds
Gini Scott
iUniverse , English
Cheats Unlimited presents EZ... - ICE Games Ltd.

Cheats Unlimited presents EZ...ICE Games Ltd.

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Cheats Unlimited presents EZ Guides, the newest way to get the most from your favourite video game titles across several console formats, including Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PSP, DS, PC, Playstation 2, Xbox and more! This editi… more

Cheats Unlimited presents EZ Guides: Bioshock 2
ICE Games Ltd.
ICE Games Ltd , English
Poker Essays, Volume III: 3 - Mason Malmuth

Poker Essays, Volume III: 3Mason Malmuth

Poker is a game which many people play, but in which few excel. To be successful requires a great deal of work and study, and a deep understanding of those concepts that govern winning play. Yet it is fairly easy to win at poker. All you ne… more

Poker Essays, Volume III: 3
Mason Malmuth
Two Plus Two Pub. , English
Let's Play Mah Jong! - Nancy McKeithan

Let's Play Mah Jong!Nancy McKeithan

Mah Jong — What is it? An age-old Chinese game played with small, ivory-like tiles, representing three suits of numerals, winds, dragons and flowers, from which hands are made. Basically, a game for four players; however, two, three or fi… more

Let’s Play Mah Jong!
Nancy McKeithan
Trafford , English
Modern Perspectives on Game ... - Tom Vasel, George Phillies

Modern Perspectives on Game ...Tom Vasel, George Phillies

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Second Edition! This, the Second Edition of Phillies and Vasel’s Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design, delivers interviews with leading board game designers, artists, manufacturers, sellers, and users. From Costikyan to Nestel, from Bes… more

Modern Perspectives on Game Design (Studies in Game Design)
Tom Vasel, George Phillies
Tea-Cup Reading, and the Art... - A Highland Seer

Tea-Cup Reading, and the Art...A Highland Seer

From the PREFACE: “It is somewhat curious that among the great number of books on occult science and all forms of divination which have been published in the English language there should be none dealing exclusively with the Tea-Cup Reading… more

Tea-Cup Reading, and the Art of Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves
A Highland Seer
Evergreen Review, Inc. , English
Bingo! - Michael Betzold

Bingo!Michael Betzold

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If you enjoy Scrabble©but are cluelessabout how the experts score 400 points in their games,this book will let you in on their strategies. Follow theseeasy steps, and you can regularly use all your tiles tomake “bingos”—and tote up the fift… more

Michael Betzold
iUniverse , English
Let's Play Mah Jong! - Nancy McKeithan

Let's Play Mah Jong!Nancy McKeithan

Mah Jong — What is it?An age-old Chinese game played with small, ivory-like tiles, representing three suits of numerals, winds, dragons and flowers, from which hands are made.Basically, a game for four players; however, two, three or five … more

Let’s Play Mah Jong!
Nancy McKeithan
Trafford Publishing , English