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Psychology: From Inquiry to ... - Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven ...

Psychology: From Inquiry to ...Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven ...

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book.For introductory psychology courses at two- and four-year colleges and universities. … more

Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, (2nd Edition)
Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven J Lynn, Laura L. Namy, Nancy J. Woolf
Pearson , English
Silent Sons: A Book for and ... - Robert Ackerman

Silent Sons: A Book for and ...Robert Ackerman

It could be you or someone you love. Strong, silent types are everywhere, and it is their telltale silence that has kept their problems hidden until now. A silent son can come from a family that coped with violence, alcoholism, child abuse,… more

Silent Sons: A Book for and About Men
Robert Ackerman
Fireside , English
Freud - Complete Works (Over... - Sigmund Freud

Freud - Complete Works (Over...Sigmund Freud

Complete Works of Freud. Over 4000 Pages with working table of contents. Available on Amazon for the first time for a nominal fee to encourage continuing Scholarship on this great pioneer of psychoanalysis. The reader will be surprised at… more

Freud - Complete Works (Over 4000 pages, Most Comprehensive Version Available)
Sigmund Freud
Works of Sigmund Freud: Drea... - Sigmund Freud

Works of Sigmund Freud: Drea...Sigmund Freud

Table of Contents Dream Psychology (Translated by M. D. Eder)The Interpretation of Dreams (3rd edition) (Translated by A. A. Brill)Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex (Translated by A. A. Brill)A Young Girl’s Diary (Translated by Eden … more

Works of Sigmund Freud: Dream Psychology, Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex, The Interpretation of Dreams and A Young Girl’s Diary (Mobi Collected Works)
Sigmund Freud
MobileReference , English
A Young Girl's Diary - Anonymous

A Young Girl's DiaryAnonymous

PREFACE THE best preface to this journal written by a young girl belonging to the upper middle class is a letter by Sigmund Freud dated April 27, 1915, a letter wherein the distinguished Viennese psychologist testifies to the permanent valu… more

A Young Girl’s Diary
Mundus Publishing , English
Daemonologie. - King of England James I

Daemonologie.King of England James I

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

King of England James I
Dream Psychology: Psychoanal... - Sigmund Freud

Dream Psychology: Psychoanal...Sigmund Freud

From the Introduction:The medical profession is justly conservative. Human life should not be considered as the proper material for wild experiments.Conservatism, however, is too often a welcome excuse for lazy minds, loath to adapt themsel… more

Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners
Sigmund Freud
Mundus Publishing , English
The Psychology of Happiness - Robert Elias Najemy

The Psychology of HappinessRobert Elias Najemy

“The Psychology of Happiness” is a step by step methodical approach with concepts and techniques for self-transformation and for developing a positive attitude towards life. Uses examples of common relationship situations. It deals with man… more

The Psychology of Happiness
Robert Elias Najemy
Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc. , English
Why I Slept with My Therapist - Brian Anthony Kraemer

Why I Slept with My TherapistBrian Anthony Kraemer

Just how far will a gay man go to be straight?For Brian Kraemer, that journey included thirteen years of celibacy, daily prayer, extensive reading, participation in an ex-gay ministry, and two exorcisms. He still hadn’t reached his goal wh… more

Why I Slept with My Therapist
Brian Anthony Kraemer
iUniverse , English
Principles of Psychology - William James

Principles of PsychologyWilliam James

The Principles of Psychology is a monumental text in the history of psychology, written by William James and published in 1890.There were four methods in James’ psychology: analysis (i.e. the logical criticism of precursor and contemporary … more

Principles of Psychology
William James
Cybraria LLC , English
The Social Cancer (Annotated) - José Rizal

The Social Cancer (Annotated)José Rizal

We travel rapidly in these historical sketches. The reader flies in his express train in a few minutes through a couple of centuries. The centuries pass more slowly to those to whom the years are doled out day by day. Institutions grow and… more

The Social Cancer (Annotated)
José Rizal
The Procrastinator's Digest - Timothy A. Pychyl Ph.D.

The Procrastinator's DigestTimothy A. Pychyl Ph.D.

The Procrastinator’s Digest is a short and practical book. The focus is on understanding why and how we sabotage our own best intentions with needless delay, and how we can reduce this procrastination in our lives. Based on psychological re… more

The Procrastinator’s Digest
Timothy A. Pychyl Ph.D.
Xlibris , English
Concerning the Two Kinds of ... - Carl Jung

Concerning the Two Kinds of ...Carl Jung

Antiquity of the belief in dreams—Dream-meanings psychological, not literal—They concern wish-fulfilments—A typical dream: the sexual assault—What is symbolic in our everyday thinking? —One kind of thinking: intensive and deliberate, o… more

Concerning the Two Kinds of Thinking
Carl Jung
Oak Grove , English
Getting at the Inner Man/Fif... - Russell H. Conwell, Robert S...

Getting at the Inner Man/Fif...Russell H. Conwell, Robert S...

That Conwell is not primarily a minister—that he is a minister becausehe is a sincere Christian, but that he is first of all an Abou BenAdhem, a man who loves his fellow-men, becomes more and more apparent asthe scope of his life-work is r… more

Getting at the Inner Man/Fifty Years on the Lecture Platform
Russell H. Conwell, Robert Shackleton
GOLD COUNSELLING: A Structur... - Georges Philips, Lyn Buncher

GOLD COUNSELLING: A Structur...Georges Philips, Lyn Buncher

This highly acclaimed work has now been completely revised and expanded to reflect the latest advances made in its ground-breaking field. The second edition has nearly a third more content than the original work, and much of this is concern… more

GOLD COUNSELLING: A Structured Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Mapping and Re-aligning of Belief Systems, 2nd Edition
Georges Philips, Lyn Buncher
Crown House Publishing , English
Walking on Eggshells: A Care... - MSW, LCSW-C Amy Sales

Walking on Eggshells: A Care...MSW, LCSW-C Amy Sales

“Walking on Eggshells” is a simple, yet practical, guide to help caregivers of those who have a life-limiting disease. Caregivers are the silent heroes who walk the journey alongside their loved ones and they often experience a fear of know… more

Walking on Eggshells: A Caregiver’s Guide to Practical, Real Life Direction on What to Say and Do When a Loved One Has a Life-Limiting Illness
MSW, LCSW-C Amy Sales
Authorhouse , English
Is That the Reason I Try to ... - M.S., LMFT Jef Gazley

Is That the Reason I Try to ...M.S., LMFT Jef Gazley

Are the feelings of others more important than your own? Do you tend to suppress your feelings? Do you place the unhealthy needs of your alcoholic teen or spouse before your own? Are you an enabler? When is help really help? You may be subj… more

Is That the Reason I Try to Take Care of people too much and cannot say No?
M.S., LMFT Jef Gazley
Internet Therapist, LLC , English
Forgiveness: Key to the Crea... - Rev. James G. Emerson Jr.

Forgiveness: Key to the Crea...Rev. James G. Emerson Jr.

Forgiveness: Key to the Creative Life begins with new information on how the brain operates in the process of forgiveness. The book begins with the relation between field theory as it relates to understanding the brain. The book then develo… more

Forgiveness: Key to the Creative Life: Its Power and Its Practice-Lessons from Brain Studies, Scripture, and Experience.
Rev. James G. Emerson Jr.
Authorhouse , English
Das Unheimliche (German Edition)
Sigmund Freud
Boundinbytes , German
EFT for Golf - Gary Craig

EFT for GolfGary Craig

EFT for Golf is a supplement to EFT for Sports Performance. Gary Craig is a championship athlete and founder of one of the most popular websites for self-healing, EFTUniverse.com.  He has put together his insights for applying the principle… more

EFT for Golf
Gary Craig
Elite Books - A , English