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He Knew He Was Right, Volume I - Anthony Trollope

He Knew He Was Right, Volume IAnthony Trollope

He Knew He Was Right, Volume I

He Knew He Was Right, Volume I
Anthony Trollope
indypublish.com , English
How to Reduce Workplace Conf... - ANNA MARAVELAS

How to Reduce Workplace Conf...ANNA MARAVELAS

No editorial review available.
How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress
ReadHowYouWant , English
Vida emocionalmente intelige... - Geetu Bharwaney

Vida emocionalmente intelige...Geetu Bharwaney

Un libro obligatorio para quien desee tener un mayor conocimiento sobre inteligencia emocional.” Reuven Bar-On, editor del libro The Handbook of Emotional Intelligence (Manual de inteligencia emocional). Vida emocionalmente inteligente no… more

Vida emocionalmente inteligente (Spanish Edition)
Geetu Bharwaney
Desclée , Spanish
El arte del cambio: Trastorn... - Giorgio Nardone, Paul Watzlawick

El arte del cambio: Trastorn...Giorgio Nardone, Paul Watzlawick

Esta obra propone una auténtica «revolución copernicana» en psicoterapia. Surge de la fertilidad creadora y permanente innovación teórica y clínica de la escuela de Palo Alto (California), conocida por las interesantes obras de Paul Watz… more

El arte del cambio: Trastornos fóbicos y obsesivos (Spanish Edition)
Giorgio Nardone, Paul Watzlawick
Herder , Spanish
On Some Crucial Points in PS... - Carl Jung

On Some Crucial Points in PS...Carl Jung

topics touched upon in each letter: Letter I.—LoyThe dream a means of re-establishing the moral equipoise—The dreamer finds therein the material for reconstruction—Methods discussed—The part played by ” faith in the doctor “—Abreaction. Let… more

On Some Crucial Points in PSYCHOANALYSIS
Carl Jung
Oak Grove , English
"Treatment Cries the Blues I... - Lendell L. Jones

"Treatment Cries the Blues I...Lendell L. Jones

Treatment Cries the Blues II details the progress of a group of diverse people who are going through therapy for a variety of problems. As the story develops, however, it becomes clear that the counselor is the one who needs counseling, as … more

Treatment Cries the Blues II” : The Science of Addiction And Impulsive Behavior
Lendell L. Jones
AuthorHouse , English
Increase Your Self Confidence - Jason Buckley

Increase Your Self ConfidenceJason Buckley

Learn how to increase your self confidence, break through what’s holding you back and automatically achieve the success you want. If you want to speak with authority and presence, be self assured and comfortable in any surroundings, hold a … more

Increase Your Self Confidence
Jason Buckley
Forgiveness: Key to the Crea... - Rev. James G. Emerson Jr.

Forgiveness: Key to the Crea...Rev. James G. Emerson Jr.

Forgiveness: Key to the Creative Life begins with new information on how the brain operates in the process of forgiveness. The book begins with the relation between field theory as it relates to understanding the brain. The book then develo… more

Forgiveness: Key to the Creative Life: Its Power and Its Practice-Lessons from Brain Studies, Scripture, and Experience.
Rev. James G. Emerson Jr.
Authorhouse , English
Works of Sigmund Freud: Drea... - Sigmund Freud

Works of Sigmund Freud: Drea...Sigmund Freud

Table of Contents Dream Psychology (Translated by M. D. Eder)The Interpretation of Dreams (3rd edition) (Translated by A. A. Brill)Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex (Translated by A. A. Brill)A Young Girl’s Diary (Translated by Eden … more

Works of Sigmund Freud: Dream Psychology, Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex, The Interpretation of Dreams and A Young Girl’s Diary (Mobi Collected Works)
Sigmund Freud
MobileReference , English
GOLD COUNSELLING: A Structur... - Georges Philips, Lyn Buncher

GOLD COUNSELLING: A Structur...Georges Philips, Lyn Buncher

This highly acclaimed work has now been completely revised and expanded to reflect the latest advances made in its ground-breaking field. The second edition has nearly a third more content than the original work, and much of this is concern… more

GOLD COUNSELLING: A Structured Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Mapping and Re-aligning of Belief Systems, 2nd Edition
Georges Philips, Lyn Buncher
Crown House Publishing , English
Dream Psychology: Psychoanal... - Sigmund Freud

Dream Psychology: Psychoanal...Sigmund Freud

From the Introduction:The medical profession is justly conservative. Human life should not be considered as the proper material for wild experiments.Conservatism, however, is too often a welcome excuse for lazy minds, loath to adapt themsel… more

Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners
Sigmund Freud
Mundus Publishing , English
Why I Slept with My Therapist - Brian Anthony Kraemer

Why I Slept with My TherapistBrian Anthony Kraemer

Just how far will a gay man go to be straight?For Brian Kraemer, that journey included thirteen years of celibacy, daily prayer, extensive reading, participation in an ex-gay ministry, and two exorcisms. He still hadn’t reached his goal wh… more

Why I Slept with My Therapist
Brian Anthony Kraemer
iUniverse , English
Getting at the Inner Man/Fif... - Russell H. Conwell, Robert S...

Getting at the Inner Man/Fif...Russell H. Conwell, Robert S...

That Conwell is not primarily a minister—that he is a minister becausehe is a sincere Christian, but that he is first of all an Abou BenAdhem, a man who loves his fellow-men, becomes more and more apparent asthe scope of his life-work is r… more

Getting at the Inner Man/Fifty Years on the Lecture Platform
Russell H. Conwell, Robert Shackleton
Is That the Reason I Try to ... - M.S., LMFT Jef Gazley

Is That the Reason I Try to ...M.S., LMFT Jef Gazley

Are the feelings of others more important than your own? Do you tend to suppress your feelings? Do you place the unhealthy needs of your alcoholic teen or spouse before your own? Are you an enabler? When is help really help? You may be subj… more

Is That the Reason I Try to Take Care of people too much and cannot say No?
M.S., LMFT Jef Gazley
Internet Therapist, LLC , English


selections from: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DREAMS A DREAM is a psychic structure which at first sight appears to be in striking contrast with conscious thought, because judging by its form and substance, it apparently does not lie within the contin… more

Carl Jung
Oak Grove , English
The Wisdom of Sigmund Freud -

The Wisdom of Sigmund Freud

An invaluable guide to Freud’s terminology and work While many readers may have heard of Kabbalah in recent years, how many understand the origins and unique perspective of this collection of Jewish mystical beliefs? Handed down in the ora… more

The Wisdom of Sigmund Freud
Philosophical Library/Open Road , English
Freud - Complete Works (Over... - Sigmund Freud

Freud - Complete Works (Over...Sigmund Freud

Complete Works of Freud. Over 4000 Pages with working table of contents. Available on Amazon for the first time for a nominal fee to encourage continuing Scholarship on this great pioneer of psychoanalysis. The reader will be surprised at… more

Freud - Complete Works (Over 4000 pages, Most Comprehensive Version Available)
Sigmund Freud
Amor, sexo y castidad: Selec... - Jiddu Krishnamurti, Armando ...

Amor, sexo y castidad: Selec...Jiddu Krishnamurti, Armando ...

No podemos escapar de las relaciones con los demás. En ellas descubrimos quiénes somos, nuestros prejuicios, miedos, depresiones, ansiedades, soledad, dolor. En las relaciones calibramos si existe o no eso que llamamos amor. De la calidad d… more

Amor, sexo y castidad: Selección de pasajes para el estudio de las enseñanzas de Krishnamurti (Spanish Edition)
Jiddu Krishnamurti, Armando Clavier Margolín
Kairós , Spanish
The Story of the Mind - James Mark Baldwin

The Story of the MindJames Mark Baldwin


The Story of the Mind
James Mark Baldwin
Are Capitalism, Objectivism,... - Dr. Albert Ellis

Are Capitalism, Objectivism,...Dr. Albert Ellis

This brilliant foray into politics and psychology examines the major tenets of capitalism, objectivism and libertarianism. Dr. Albert Ellis explores the philosophy of Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Nathanial Branden, and many others, to unravel … more

Are Capitalism, Objectivism, and Libertarianism Religios? Yes!
Dr. Albert Ellis
Walden Three , English