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Faces in the Dark (Street Po... - Jacek Lidwin

Faces in the Dark (Street Po...Jacek Lidwin

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Jacek Lidwin presents “Faces in the Dark”, a book containing 95 black and white street portraits in the dark tone. This book highlights provoking and contemporary examples of the medium of portraiture. Jacek is trying to express his perspec… more

Faces in the Dark (Street Portraits Book 2)
Jacek Lidwin
Jacek Lidwin , English
How to Photograph People lik... - Steve Rutherford

How to Photograph People lik...Steve Rutherford

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Portrait photography can be a great way to capture loving memories of your family and friends. This book, “How to Photograph People like a Pro” written by International Multi Award Winning Australian Pro Photographer and Trainer Steve Ruthe… more

How to Photograph People like a Pro (How to Photograph Anything like a Pro)
Steve Rutherford
Rutherford Publishing , English
Wisdom - Andrew Zuckerman

WisdomAndrew Zuckerman

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Inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can give to another is the wisdom it has gained from experience, multi-award-winning photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman has recorded the thoughts and ideas of more … more

Andrew Zuckerman
Embraced by Love : A tender ... - Dolores G. Mize, Angela Talentino

Embraced by Love : A tender ...Dolores G. Mize, Angela Talentino

Embraced By Love is a celebration of the blessing of adoption. The imagery captures the beauty and dignity of the world’s lovely children, each one covered with God’s fingerprints. Breathtaking photography and poignant prose makes this a tr… more

Embraced by Love : A tender journey of the discovery, belonging and love of adoption
Dolores G. Mize, Angela Talentino
Life Cycle Books , English
Boudoir Photography: The Com... - Critsey Rowe

Boudoir Photography: The Com...Critsey Rowe

Boudoir has emerged from being a trend to being firmly established in the photographic mainstream. Its roots lie with many modern brides’ desire to give a special, intimate album to their intended, but has snowballed with more and more wome… more

Boudoir Photography: The Complete Guide to Shooting Intimate Portraits
Critsey Rowe
ILEX , English
SOFIITSUU (Yoji ishikawa pho... -

SOFIITSUU (Yoji ishikawa pho...


SOFIITSUU (Yoji ishikawa photo library) (Japanese Edition)
P-P-Net publishing , Japanese
Paparazzi Camera Photo book ... - John Smith, Celeb Media

Paparazzi Camera Photo book ...John Smith, Celeb Media

53 pictures of singer Fergiecolor for iPhone and itouch - gray scale for Kindle.no text. just pictures. this is a picture book only…

Paparazzi Camera Photo book - Fergie
John Smith, Celeb Media
Paparazzi Camera Publishing , English


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神崎かなえの電子書籍写真集第3弾「夏色ファインダー」。ウェブ上のあらゆる掲示板やまとめサイトでも「カワイイ!」と、いまだに大人気のフォトモデル 神崎佳苗。2013年の夏を締めくくる、ツッコマビリティ溢れるフォトブック写真集。すいか食べたり、熱唱したり、アレやったりコレやったり、、、昭和の匂いのするネタや、思わず「ダウトー!」と叫びたくなる写真の数々。カメラマンがネタに走るあまり、ツッコミどころ満載の写真集になりました。確かなのはモデルがカワイイこと。かなえちゃんの魅力がたっぷ… more

Photospreads Publishing , Japanese


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神崎かなえの電子書籍写真集。ウェブ上のあらゆる掲示板やまとめサイトでも「カワイイ!」と、いまだに大人気のフォトモデル 神崎佳苗。久しぶりの撮影にも関わらずフォトブックの中の笑顔は健在。遊び心のいっぱい詰まった女性ポートレート写真集。56ページモデル:神崎かなえ写真:SEIJIN※4/29書籍タイトル変更4/12発売の初版「パステル〜」と同一商品です。

Photospreads Publishing , Japanese
Joseph Albert: 115+ Photogra... - Denise Ankele, Daniel Ankele

Joseph Albert: 115+ Photogra...Denise Ankele, Daniel Ankele

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JOSEPH ALBERT Art Book contains 115+ Photographic Reproductions of the Bavarian Royal Family, Portraits, Landscapes and Genre Scenes with title,date and interesting facts page below. Book includes Table of Contents, thumbnail gallery and is… more

Joseph Albert: 115+ Photographic Reproductions
Denise Ankele, Daniel Ankele
Ankele Publishing, LLC , English
The Pin-up Girls of Yank, Th... - Amy Pilkington

The Pin-up Girls of Yank, Th...Amy Pilkington

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Yank, the Army Weekly was a military publication sold to deployed soldiers during World War II. To boost soldiers’ morale, each issue contained a pin-up girl. These lovely ladies were some of the most famous actresses, models, and dancers o… more

The Pin-up Girls of Yank, The Army Weekly 1944
Amy Pilkington


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Photospreads Publishing , Japanese
Portrait Painting for Art Dimwits - Paul Jay Hill

Portrait Painting for Art DimwitsPaul Jay Hill

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Create life-like portraits with this fun and easy art handbook for beginners and experienced artist. Just because you don’t know much about portrait painting doesn’t mean you are a dimwit but you may be considered a portrait dimwit. You can… more

Portrait Painting for Art Dimwits
Paul Jay Hill
PJ Hill Publications , English
Bikini Girls - Studio 5 Graphics

Bikini GirlsStudio 5 Graphics

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The girls of summer, by the lake side, fast cars, parasols, willow trees, the sounds of summer raging in the back ground. Meet some of the most beautiful bikini models we have found. This book has over 7 models and 50 full color pictures ev… more

Bikini Girls
Studio 5 Graphics
Studio 5 Graphics , English
The home book of great paint... - Estelle May Hurll

The home book of great paint...Estelle May Hurll

The home book of great paintings; a collection of one hundred and five famous pictures

The home book of great paintings; a collection of one hundred and five famous pictures
Estelle May Hurll
Hollywood Portraits: Hot-Lig... - Lou Szoke

Hollywood Portraits: Hot-Lig...Lou Szoke

With lighting techniques beneficial for professional photographers but also accessible for those less experienced with a camera, this handy reference offers insights into utilizing “hot lights” (tungsten-based continuous light sources) to a… more

Hollywood Portraits: Hot-Light Techniques for Professional Photographers
Lou Szoke
Amherst Media, Inc. , English
Srila Prabhupada Smaranam (I... - Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami

Srila Prabhupada Smaranam (I...Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami

An illustrated story of Srila Prabhupada. This new Satsvarupa dasa Goswami’s book is suitable for all, senior or weathered practitioners of bhakti-yoga, as well as the newcomers; coming out almost thirty years since first publication by the… more

Srila Prabhupada Smaranam (Illustrated)
Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami
Direction & Quality of Light... - Neil van Niekerk

Direction & Quality of Light...Neil van Niekerk

Providing readers with a study of learning how to turn poorly lit images into finely crafted, masterfully lit photographs, this guidebook instills photographers with the self-confidence to think on their feet and photograph any portrait sub… more

Direction & Quality of Light: Your Key to Better Portrait Photography Anywhere
Neil van Niekerk
Amherst Media, Inc. , English
beautiful girls 08 - tunetika  murayama

beautiful girls 08tunetika murayama

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Beauty It smiles. Woman Doll Flash Event

beautiful girls 08
tunetika murayama
tunetika , English
Posing for Portrait Photogra... - Jeff Smith

Posing for Portrait Photogra...Jeff Smith

Photographers learn how to gauge the needs of their clients before placing them into a stale, preconceived “women’s,” “men’s,” or “children’s” pose that hardly fits the client’s personality or preferences. Provided with a two-pronged approa… more

Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head-to-Toe Guide
Jeff Smith
Amherst Media, Inc. , English