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Embraced by Love : A tender ...Dolores G. Mize, Angela Talentino

Embraced By Love is a celebration of the blessing of adoption. The imagery captures the beauty and dignity of the world’s lovely children, each one covered with God’s fingerprints. Breathtaking photography and poignant prose makes this a tr… more

Embraced by Love : A tender journey of the discovery, belonging and love of adoption
Dolores G. Mize, Angela Talentino
Life Cycle Books , English

How to Photograph People lik...Steve Rutherford

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Portrait photography can be a great way to capture loving memories of your family and friends. This book, “How to Photograph People like a Pro” written by International Multi Award Winning Australian Pro Photographer and Trainer Steve Ruthe… more

How to Photograph People like a Pro (How to Photograph Anything like a Pro)
Steve Rutherford
Rutherford Publishing , English

SOFIITSUU (Yoji ishikawa pho...


SOFIITSUU (Yoji ishikawa photo library) (Japanese Edition)
P-P-Net publishing , Japanese

Faces in the Dark (Street Po...Jacek Lidwin

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Jacek Lidwin presents “Faces in the Dark”, a book containing 95 black and white street portraits in the dark tone. This book highlights provoking and contemporary examples of the medium of portraiture. Jacek is trying to express his perspec… more

Faces in the Dark (Street Portraits)
Jacek Lidwin
Jacek Lidwin , English

Boudoir Photography: The Com...Critsey Rowe

Boudoir has emerged from being a trend to being firmly established in the photographic mainstream. Its roots lie with many modern brides’ desire to give a special, intimate album to their intended, but has snowballed with more and more wome… more

Boudoir Photography: The Complete Guide to Shooting Intimate Portraits
Critsey Rowe
ILEX , English

Newborn Photography Made EasyLisa Voelker, Scott Voelker

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Do you want to learn how to become a professional newborn photographer?

Well…now it’s easier than ever and this book will explain exactly how to get started…step by step!

Lisa Voelker who has been photographing Newborns for over 12 years… more

Newborn Photography Made Easy
Lisa Voelker, Scott Voelker

'Two Men''John Jonas Gruen and Samuel Swasey

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We are defined by our relationships, our passions, our loves. In these photographs of Two Men—photographs taken by my friend John— we are confronted by a variety of personalities and relationships suggested to us only by their attire and su… more

Two Men”
John Jonas Gruen and Samuel Swasey
Xlibris , English

What do you think of David Cameron?Annemarie Wright

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Twelve months ago, I started with a simple question; What Do You Think of David Cameron?My aim was to create a piece of artwork, based upon public opinion. The end result would be a life-size image of David Cameron, created entirely of my … more

What do you think of David Cameron?
Annemarie Wright
www.annemarie-wright.com , English

Christopher Grey's Guide to ...Christopher Grey

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There are many ways to approach a business portrait. How you set your lights, how you choose a focal length and how you direct your client are just a few of them. These are decisions you’ll need to make quickly, as time with these clients i… more

Christopher Grey’s Guide to Posing and Lighting Successful Business Portraits
Christopher Grey

Louise Brooks Photo Book -In...

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Treasured Photo collection “Louise Brooks Photo Book” -International edition (English and Japanese)-99 pics!知的さと美しさを兼ね備えた伝説的女優ルイーズ・ブルックスの魅力がいっぱい詰まったブロマイド写真集。総枚数なんと99枚の大量放出!コレクターが集めた貴重な秘蔵写真から厳選!往年の名女優のブロマイド写真をお届けするフォトブック・シリーズ「伝説の女優」。今回は、世界中の… more

Louise Brooks Photo Book -International edition- (Japanese Edition)
City Lights Publishing , Japanese

How to Photograph Your Baby'...Laurie White Hayball, David Hayball

Designed for individuals without a background in photography, this simple guide shows parents how to take the best possible photographs of their child’s first year. It is filled with helpful hints for creating high-quality images using simp… more

How to Photograph Your Baby’s First Year
Laurie White Hayball, David Hayball
Amherst Media, Inc. , English

Caliente - Hot Latina Bikini...Johnny Thompson

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Latina Models from around the world are represented in this edition of Bikini Models in Las Vegas.

Caliente - Hot Latina Bikini Models in Las Vegas
Johnny Thompson

Beauties (Historical portrai...City Lights Publishing

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Treasured collection of dilettante is your ex now - “Beauties” Old portrait photos of beautiful 272 women!

We deliver valuable photos of historic beauty of 272 people selected by collectors!

You can enjoy distinctive beauty. The beauty … more

Beauties (Historical portrait photo book)
City Lights Publishing
City Lights Publishing , English

Hollywood Portraits: Hot-Lig...Lou Szoke

With lighting techniques beneficial for professional photographers but also accessible for those less experienced with a camera, this handy reference offers insights into utilizing “hot lights” (tungsten-based continuous light sources) to a… more

Hollywood Portraits: Hot-Light Techniques for Professional Photographers
Lou Szoke
Amherst Media, Inc. , English

Portrait Painting for Art DimwitsPaul Jay Hill

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Create life-like portraits with this fun and easy art handbook for beginners and experienced artist. Just because you don’t know much about portrait painting doesn’t mean you are a dimwit but you may be considered a portrait dimwit. You can… more

Portrait Painting for Art Dimwits
Paul Jay Hill
PJ Hill Publications , English

Srila Prabhupada Smaranam (I...Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami

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An illustrated story of Srila Prabhupada. This new Satsvarupa dasa Goswami’s book is suitable for all, senior or weathered practitioners of bhakti-yoga, as well as the newcomers; coming out almost thirty years since first publication by the… more

Srila Prabhupada Smaranam (Illustrated)
Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami

I'M A CLICHEAlain Bali, David Cosset, J...

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In the late 70’s, the Punk subculture began to spread in the UK and Western Europe. Rock Punk, New wave, and Street Punk. “I’m a Cliché” is a book statement on the “Blank Generation” scene in Paris, London Birmingham and Berlin. Cynicism an… more

Alain Bali, David Cosset, Jean-Luc Maby
LA-Vibe Publishing , English

Correcting Facial Flaws - An...Dan Eitreim

Revised and expanded edition!

Here in Volume 19 of “On Target Photo Training” we delve into correcting facial flaws - in the camera - by the way we pose and light our subjects.

Then we take everything we’ve been learning - tie it all toge… more

Correcting Facial Flaws - And Other Photo Tips! (On Target Photo Training)
Dan Eitreim

Beautiful Girls (Historical ...City Lights Publishing

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Treasured collection of dilettante is your ex now - “Beautiful Girls” Old portrait photos of beautiful 268 girls!

We deliver valuable photos of historic beauty of 268 people selected by collectors!

You can enjoy distinctive beauty. The … more

Beautiful Girls (Historical portrait photo book)
City Lights Publishing
City Lights Publishing , English

1500 Poses: A Boudoir, Glamo...Marissa Boucher, Kimberlee West

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This book is a visual shot guide for models and photographers looking to expand their posing repertoire. Filled with more than 1500 beautiful images, this ebook is the go-to posing guide for boudoir, glamour, and portrait photographers and … more

1500 Poses: A Boudoir, Glamour, and Portrait Shot Guide for Photographers and Models
Marissa Boucher, Kimberlee West
The Boudoir Divas , English