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The Rise and Fall of Australia - Nick Bryant

The Rise and Fall of AustraliaNick Bryant

A forensic look at the Lucky Country, from the inside and outside.Never before has Australia enjoyed such economic, commercial, diplomatic and cultural clout. Its recession-proof economy is the envy of the world. It’s the planet’s great lif… more

The Rise and Fall of Australia
Nick Bryant
Random House Australia , English
Getting It: Persuading Organ... - Melissa Marshall

Getting It: Persuading Organ...Melissa Marshall

Changing attitudes about disability requires equal parts art, science and magic. In Getting It, Melissa Marshall chronicles the development of her formula for presenting disability diversity training. She takes us from an inner city high sc… more

Getting It: Persuading Organizations and Individuals to Be More Comfortable with People with Disabilities
Melissa Marshall
iUniverse , English
The Gross: The Hits, The Flo... - Peter Bart

The Gross: The Hits, The Flo...Peter Bart

The Gross is an all-access pass to the movers, shakers, and fakers who make Hollywood run. Tinseltown is an edgy place where risk-taking is a way of life—and the risks now run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Summertime, when the s… more

The Gross: The Hits, The Flops: The Summer That Ate Hollywood
Peter Bart
St. Martin’s Press , English
It Happens at Comic-Con: Eth... - Ben Bolling, Matthew J. Smith

It Happens at Comic-Con: Eth...Ben Bolling, Matthew J. Smith

This collection of 13 new essays employs ethnographic methods to investigate San Diego’s Comic-Con International, the largest annual celebration of the popular arts in North America. Working from a common grounding in fan studies, these ind… more

It Happens at Comic-Con: Ethnographic Essays on a Pop Culture Phenomenon
Ben Bolling, Matthew J. Smith
McFarland , English
Amish Above The Law - Lori Wood

Amish Above The LawLori Wood

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When we decided to buy our dream farm in the middle of an Amish community, we didn’t think that the Amish, with their quiet demeanor and religious reputation, would have any bad apples in their bunch. We were wrong. Very wrong. This is a st… more

Amish Above The Law
Lori Wood
Lady Coffee's Autobiography - Hank Bruce, Ms. Coffea Arabica

Lady Coffee's AutobiographyHank Bruce, Ms. Coffea Arabica

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Perhaps the first autobiography by a plant, dictated by Ms. Coffea Arabica, aka Lady Coffee, this story presents the wit and wisdom of a lovable yet sassy tree. She traces the connections intertwining people and coffee throughout history, f… more

Lady Coffee’s Autobiography
Hank Bruce, Ms. Coffea Arabica
Don't Hate the Player, Hate ... - M Hall

Don't Hate the Player, Hate ...M Hall

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Trying to understand this jungle we call society?

Our culture has changed so much in the last fifty years, it’s no wonder so many of us feel confused! Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game is a thought-provoking and often humorous book abou… more

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: How Our Culture Has Changed in the Last Thirty Years
M Hall
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
Virtual Sanity - Adam O'Leary

Virtual SanityAdam O'Leary

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Whether you are a student of Sociology, Popular Culture or Social Science, this book provides a macro sociological perspective on modern capitalism. It is a preponderance of what is wrong with life in modern society, why popular culture is … more

Virtual Sanity
Adam O’Leary
American Dreamers -

American Dreamers

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American Dreamers is for those who believe in brighter futures. Gathering the optimists, mavericks, and mad inventors who believe we can create a better world, American Dreamers is a guidebook for optimism and an art book for inspiration. F… more

American Dreamers
Sharp Stuff , English
Busted Boom: The Bummer Of B... - Brian Paul Bach

Busted Boom: The Bummer Of B...Brian Paul Bach

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It’s true: the superpower known as the USA is now being run … by Baby Boomers.They dominate government, control corporations, steer society and culture. Boomers are in power. This is their time.But who are they, really? What do they think… more

Busted Boom: The Bummer Of Being A Boomer
Brian Paul Bach
BookBaby , English
Litter: The Remains of Our Culture - Theodore Dalrymple

Litter: The Remains of Our CultureTheodore Dalrymple

What a book.’ Clive Aslet, Country Life ‘Characteristically brilliant.’ Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times ‘A little oasis of sanity.’ Daily Mail Driving the four hundred miles from Glasgow to London, Theodore Dalrymple found practically every y… more

Litter: The Remains of Our Culture
Theodore Dalrymple
Gibson Square , English
The Hippie Handbook: How to ... - Chelsea Cain

The Hippie Handbook: How to ...Chelsea Cain

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Brothers and sisters! Here at last is a light-hearted, free-spirited, groovy guide to the timeless hippie skills and activities that make the world a better place, one macrame belt at a time. In illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions, aut… more

The Hippie Handbook: How to Tie-Dye a T-Shirt, Flash a Peace Sign, and Other Essential Skills for the Carefree Life
Chelsea Cain
Chronicle Books LLC , English
On being interesting - Danny

On being interestingDanny

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When you are out talking to girls, it is vital to be able to stimulate them and win their attention. At least for a few minutes…this guide teaches you how to do it!!

On being interesting
How To Be Beyoncé - Madison Moore

How To Be BeyoncéMadison Moore

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We’re in a Beyoncé moment. The pop sensation has more fans, more fame, and more cultural influence than ever before. But what makes her so iconic? Is she really that perfect? And why do we love her so much? How to Be Beyoncé isn’t a biograp… more

How To Be Beyoncé
Madison Moore
Thought Catalog , English
Bloom's Morning - Ph.D. Arthur Asa Berger

Bloom's MorningPh.D. Arthur Asa Berger

Coffee, comforters, king-sized beds, gel toothpaste, razors, underwear, the morning shower-all activities and objects we have tended to pay no attention to-until the publication of this book. In a series of short vignettes endearingly illu… more

Bloom’s Morning
Ph.D. Arthur Asa Berger
iUniverse , English
Rough Guide to Conspiracy Th... - James McConnachie, Robin Tudge

Rough Guide to Conspiracy Th...James McConnachie, Robin Tudge

Fully revised and updated, The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories sorts the myths from the realities, the allegations from the explanations and the paranoid from the probable.Who might be trying to convince us that climate change is or isn’… more

Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories, The (3rd) (Rough Guide to…)
James McConnachie, Robin Tudge
Rough Guides , English
IDIC: Infinite Diversity in ... -

IDIC: Infinite Diversity in ...

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Conceived by Gene Roddenberry, IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) first appeared in the original Star Trek episode “Is There in Truth No Beauty” in 1968. Roddenberry’s wife Majel Barrett said in her acceptance speech of the … more

IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships , English
How To Be Beyoncé - Madison Moore

How To Be BeyoncéMadison Moore

We’re in a Beyoncé moment. The pop sensation has more fans, more fame, and more cultural influence than ever before. But what makes her so iconic? Is she really that perfect? And why do we love her so much? How to Be Beyoncé isn’t a biograp… more

How To Be Beyoncé
Madison Moore
Thought Catalog , English
Stuff Every Geek Should Know - Quirk Books

Stuff Every Geek Should KnowQuirk Books

Packed with tips, articles, and how-tos on everything from performing Jedi mind tricks to creating your own cosplay gear to wooing the geek of your dreams, Stuff Every Geek Should Know is an indispensable guide to life, the universe, and ev… more

Stuff Every Geek Should Know
Quirk Books
Quirk Books , English
The Gospel of Hemp: How Hemp... - Alan Archuleta

The Gospel of Hemp: How Hemp...Alan Archuleta

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In 1916, the USDA published Bulletin No. 404, a report on using hemp hurds as a paper-making material. The bulletin proclaims that: “Without a doubt, hemp will continue to be one of the staple agricultural crops of the United States.” The r… more

The Gospel of Hemp: How Hemp Can Save Our World
Alan Archuleta
BookBaby , English