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Tony Speaks!: The Wisdom of ... - Black Inc

Tony Speaks!: The Wisdom of ...Black Inc

You’ve seen him wearing speedos, kissing babies, driving a mining truck and chatting to his flock.But who is the real Tony Abbott?In the grand tradition of Bushisms and The Wit of Whitlam, here are the sayings of Tony Abbott, unvarnished an… more

Tony Speaks!: The Wisdom of the Abbott
Black Inc
Black Inc. , English
2Pac Lives (the death of Mak... - Drah Cenedive

2Pac Lives (the death of Mak...Drah Cenedive

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To be or not to be? That is the question that has millions of fans and researchers baffled and searching for answers. Was Tupac Amaru Shakur forced to fake is death in an attempt to escape the thresholds of a complex life? Were there genuin… more

2Pac Lives (the death of Makaveli / the resurrection of Tupac Amaru)
Drah Cenedive
Hard Evidence Publishing Group , English
Quest: the california youth ... - Robert L. Smith

Quest: the california youth ...Robert L. Smith

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In Praise of QuestQUEST is a must read for everyone concerned with youth corrections programs. It chronicles the rise and fall of the California Youth Authority, and tells of those who strove to make better a vital social system in a fatall… more

Quest: the california youth authority’s golden years
Robert L. Smith
AuthorHouse , English
Madame Roland (Illustrated) - John S. C. Abbott

Madame Roland (Illustrated)John S. C. Abbott

This book is an illustrated version of the original Madame Roland by John S. C. Abbott. “The history of Madame Roland embraces the most interesting events of the French Revolution, that most instructive tragedy which time has yet enacted. T… more

Madame Roland (Illustrated)
John S. C. Abbott
The Governor of Goat Hill - Eddie Curran

The Governor of Goat HillEddie Curran

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On February 24, 2008, 60 Minutes delivered a bombshell – claims that President Bush’s political advisor Karl Rove had assigned an Alabama woman to tail Governor Don Siegelman and take photos of him having extramarital sex. The piece also p… more

The Governor of Goat Hill
Eddie Curran
iUniverse , English
Montrose : A History - John Buchan

Montrose : A HistoryJohn Buchan

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In September 1913 I published a short sketch of Montrose*, which dealt chiefly with his campaigns. The book went out of print very soon, and it was not reissued, because I cherished the hope of making it the basis of a larger work, in which… more

Montrose : A History
John Buchan
Political Power: Herman Cain - Jim Beard

Political Power: Herman CainJim Beard

From actor (Lost, Vampire Diaries, and more) to environmental activist, Ian Somherhalder is someone who cares deeply about the craft of acting and the stewardship of the planet. Read the life story of the young actor who works to restore th… more

Political Power: Herman Cain
Jim Beard
Bluewater Productions INC. , English
Slow Coming Dark: A Novel of... - Harold Covington

Slow Coming Dark: A Novel of...Harold Covington

Matt Redmond is a tough and honest cop. He retired from the DEA when he could no longer stomach the politics and the corruption of Federal law enforcement, and returned to his native North Carolina to start a second career as a detective f… more

Slow Coming Dark: A Novel of the Age of Clinton
Harold Covington
iUniverse , English
Kicking The Can (A Chris Dru... - Scott  C. Glennie

Kicking The Can (A Chris Dru...Scott C. Glennie

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Can you solve America’s health care crisis? Do you have a plan that would serve the people, fix spending, and bring prosperity back to our country? These are the questions the newly elected president, Andrew Cannon, poses to the public. Six… more

Kicking The Can (A Chris Drummond Novel)
Scott C. Glennie
HKAC Series: Political Strug... - JiSheng Yang

HKAC Series: Political Strug...JiSheng Yang

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The author records the difficulties of China’s reform and the internal strife of the leadership in detail and gives profound and comprehensive comments. The book collects 3 pieces of interview records with Ziyang Zhao in its appendix, which… more

HKAC Series: Political Struggles During the Age of Reform in China (Volume 2)
JiSheng Yang
Info Rainbow LTD , English
Travelers Without Passports - J.D. Kamran

Travelers Without PassportsJ.D. Kamran

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Set in 1988, Travelers Without Passports, is a young man’s journey into exile. After being forced to leave his home he joins his best friend in Turkey where he gets a job as a UN interpreter. This puts him in the middle of a humanitarian… more

Travelers Without Passports
J.D. Kamran
The August Assassin - John Elliott

The August AssassinJohn Elliott

The government stole his innocence and trained him to kill. For thirty-seven years America’s enemies died. John Elliott, JD is, The August Assassin.The August Assassin is the true story of one of America’s premier counter-terrorists. The bo… more

The August Assassin
John Elliott
LSP Digital , English
Presidential Liability - Chris Taylor

Presidential LiabilityChris Taylor

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Presidential Liability is a political-basedthriller that explores the unique strugglesfaced by America’s fi rst family. The fi rstson, Charlie Seaborne, and his small towngirlfriend, Lindsey, take advantage of a caraccident to escape from … more

Presidential Liability
Chris Taylor
Xlibris , English
Succession - M. Charles McBee

SuccessionM. Charles McBee

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The President of the United States, Donald Giordan, is assassinated on November 22, 2013 in Dallas, Texas attending a commemorative event at Dealey Plaza on the 50th anniversary of the JFK slaying.And the Vice President of the United States… more

M. Charles McBee
MCM Productions, Inc. , English
Romney's Way: A Man and an Idea - T. George Harris

Romney's Way: A Man and an IdeaT. George Harris

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George Romney built an unconventional political career that inspired and moved many, including his son Willard Mitt Romney. Romney’s Way: A Man and An Idea is George Romney’s story, from his Mormon upbringing, through his journey as a maver… more

Romney’s Way: A Man and an Idea
T. George Harris
Garrett County Press , English
Amabo - Ryan Patrick

AmaboRyan Patrick

Equality eliminates envy, and envy is what destroys one’s quality of life.”

When Amabo is appointed to the highest office in the land, the mice of Pendleton eagerly await the changes that he has planned for the village. His victories, and… more

Ryan Patrick
Tate Publishing , English
Stone Warriors : Awakening a... - W. R. Flynn

Stone Warriors : Awakening a...W. R. Flynn

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Stone Warriors” is the fourth story of the Corbett colony, first introduced in the novel, “Shut Down.” At the start of their eleventh summer after the economic collapse, the small community faces a harsh and unforgiving crisis. As they spl… more

Stone Warriors : Awakening a New World
W. R. Flynn
Gouverneur Morris: American ... - Theodore  Roosevelt

Gouverneur Morris: American ...Theodore Roosevelt

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Gouverneur Morris: American Statesmen by Theodore RooseveltINTRODUCTION.Two generations ago the average American biographer was certainly a marvel of turgid and aimless verbosity; and the reputations of our early statesmen have in no way pr… more

Gouverneur Morris: American Statesmen
Theodore Roosevelt
BookNet , English
2014 - Paul Anderson

2014Paul Anderson

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The morning after President Douglas Jackson is re-elected for his second term as President, Governor Richard Wallace is awoken by a mysterious phone call. It is a phone call that he had hoped would never come in the almost 20 years that ha… more

Paul Anderson


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A short look at voluntary governments.

Curtis Elmore , English