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License to Steal: Truth and ... - Jr. Ray W. Rowney

License to Steal: Truth and ...Jr. Ray W. Rowney

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License to Stealby Ray W. Rowney, Jr.

License to Steal: Truth and Justice are Inseparable
Jr. Ray W. Rowney
Xlibris , English
Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A... - Ziauddin M. Choudhury

Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A...Ziauddin M. Choudhury

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Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A Journey of Hopes And Unfilled Aspirationsby Ziauddin M. Choudhury

Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A Journey of Hopes And Unfilled Aspirations
Ziauddin M. Choudhury
Xlibris , English
The Wit and Wisdom of Ted Kennedy -

The Wit and Wisdom of Ted Kennedy

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The mantras and political philosophies of Ted Kennedy, collected by the editor of the New York Times best-selling The Kennedy WitA collection of quotations and philosophies from Ted Kennedy, grouped thematically in categories (“Words of Ins… more

The Wit and Wisdom of Ted Kennedy
Pegasus Books , English
Everything I Never Wanted My... - Theodore B.  Conrath

Everything I Never Wanted My...Theodore B. Conrath

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Everything I Never Wanted My Son to Know He Learned from Bill Clinton
Theodore B. Conrath
Xlibris , English
The Next Amendment - 2nd Edition - Keith F. Houston

The Next Amendment - 2nd EditionKeith F. Houston

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The 2nd Edition has 40 additional pages and some new chapters which expand and add to the last chapters of the first edition. 212 pages total in print and Kindle version (Kindle version of 2nd edition lists 174 but it is 212).Mitch O’Connor… more

The Next Amendment - 2nd Edition
Keith F. Houston
Chronicles of a Pissed Off Veteran - Ol' Sage

Chronicles of a Pissed Off VeteranOl' Sage

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The most outrageous book of the year is now available for Kindle. Ol’ Sage makes a humorous examination of the American psyche. While the book is written with tongue in cheek, the message is a serious one and begs us to look at the foibles … more

Chronicles of a Pissed Off Veteran
Ol’ Sage
Election Night: A Television... - Stephen Battaglio

Election Night: A Television...Stephen Battaglio

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Election Night: A Television History by Stephen Battaglio is a fascinating and revealing look at the evolution of U.S. presidential election night broadcasts and how since 1948, this televised event galvanizes the nation.It explores the tec… more

Election Night: A Television History 1948-2012
Stephen Battaglio
Weed - Paro Anand

WeedParo Anand

Weed, a follow-up fo the award winning No Guns at My Son’s Funeral, is a hard-hitting exploration of uneasy questions that keep raising their insistent heads in the ‘war against terror’. Complex issues are examined through the innocence of … more

Paro Anand
Roli Books , English
Plight of the Zombie - John Corbin

Plight of the ZombieJohn Corbin

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Zombie voting rights is coming—no intelligent person in the United States or in the world will deny that fact. The most an intelligent opponent expects to accomplish is to postpone its establishment as long as possible. When it will come an… more

Plight of the Zombie
John Corbin
Will You Walk A Little Faster - Michael Hanson

Will You Walk A Little FasterMichael Hanson

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An unusual autobiography starts in the Yorkshire steel City of Sheffield where German bombers blew in his house windows early in the second world war. It moves to Canada where the author enforced the first Canadian Legislation dealing with … more

Will You Walk A Little Faster
Michael Hanson
Trafford , English
Tony Speaks!: The Wisdom of ... - Black Inc

Tony Speaks!: The Wisdom of ...Black Inc

You’ve seen him wearing speedos, kissing babies, driving a mining truck and chatting to his flock.But who is the real Tony Abbott?In the grand tradition of Bushisms and The Wit of Whitlam, here are the sayings of Tony Abbott, unvarnished an… more

Tony Speaks!: The Wisdom of the Abbott
Black Inc
Black Inc. , English
Ruth Bryan Owen: An Intimate... - Rudd Brown

Ruth Bryan Owen: An Intimate...Rudd Brown

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Ruth Bryan Owen was endowed with intelligence, beauty, charm, and tremendous physical energy, and she knew how to use them all. Together with a burning ambition and a drive toward center stage, these qualities fueled a career that was a rem… more

Ruth Bryan Owen: An Intimate Portrait
Rudd Brown
Paul A. Myers Books , English
Granite Republic - J.P. Medved

Granite RepublicJ.P. Medved

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A charismatic new governor. A radical political movement. An overzealous central government.

When libertarian Republican candidate Paul Spooner is elected Governor of New Hampshire, his policies set the tiny, independent-minded state on a… more

Granite Republic
J.P. Medved
Vive Le Republic! - D Butler

Vive Le Republic!D Butler

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Jason Meyers, a Midwestern History teacher, becomes overwhelmed with foreboding as he watches his government grow more and more polarized. The differences between opposing sides in Washington are night and day, and the stakes are higher tha… more

Vive Le Republic!
D Butler
Michael Foot: A Life (Text Only) - Kenneth O. Morgan

Michael Foot: A Life (Text Only)Kenneth O. Morgan

The authorised – but not uncritical – life of one of the great parliamentarians and orators of our times, the former Labour Party leader, who was also an eminent man of letters.Michael Foot was a controversial and charismatic figure in Brit… more

Michael Foot: A Life (Text Only)
Kenneth O. Morgan
HarperPress , English
Money, Power and SEX - Dr Jay Polmar

Money, Power and SEXDr Jay Polmar

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A research project into the three Biggies of Life: Money, Power, and Sex. Philosophical, hysterically-funny, and enlightening. “He had us holding our sides, and rolling on the floor” … said one class participant. This was a special da… more

Money, Power and SEX
Dr Jay Polmar
speedread.org , English
Stanton: Life And Times of L... - Benjamin P. Thomas, Harold M. Hyman

Stanton: Life And Times of L...Benjamin P. Thomas, Harold M. Hyman

At the time of his death, renowned Lincoln biographer Benjamin Thomas was at work on a life of one of the most controversial figures in American history: Edwin McMasters Stanton, the man who marshaled the military forces of the Union in the… more

Stanton: Life And Times of Lincoln’s Secretary of War
Benjamin P. Thomas, Harold M. Hyman
Knopf , English
Public Enemies - Jess Money

Public EnemiesJess Money

The elite aren’t afraid of laws or regulators or voters. The only thing they fear is an uprising of the people.

That fear is about to be realized.

The man who now calls himself Thomas Paine lived by the rules until he lost everything, in… more

Public Enemies
Jess Money
Finchville Publishing , English
Unfiltered Thought: A Politi... - Slavoj Žižek

Unfiltered Thought: A Politi...Slavoj Žižek

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An unfiltered thread of thought.

Unfiltered Thought: A Political Philosophy
Slavoj Žižek
Tadeo Tapia , English
Counting from One to Infinity - David Arnault

Counting from One to InfinityDavid Arnault

Malcolm Firestone is a teacher, a poet and a grandfather, a gentle man in love with the natural world. He sets out on a journey of defiance in the face of the powerful forces that are so arrogant they dare to change the chemical composition… more

Counting from One to Infinity
David Arnault