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A Modest Legislative ProposalZach Bernstein

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In the future, Washington, DC has a problem. Social Security and Medicare are on the brink of collapse, and nobody seems to have any idea what to do about it.Until two congressmen come up with a radical solution to save the programs - the … more

A Modest Legislative Proposal
Zach Bernstein

Strange BedfellowRick Robinson

If you enjoy Rick’s humor read his latest novel, Alligator Alley, and his other award winning novels! The first collection of op-ed columns by award winning novelist, Rick Robinson, finds the conservative writer ranting on the political iss… more

Strange Bedfellow
Rick Robinson
Headline Books , English

A Socrates for all Seasons -...Eugene H. Perry

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This is the story of a reform minded man who translated his interest in liberal education and academic freedom into a unique interpretation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Although he died in 1964 his interpretatio… more

A Socrates for all Seasons - Alexander Meiklejohn and Deliberative Democracy
Eugene H. Perry
iUniverse , English

The Father and His Gift: Joh...R.C.J. Stone

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Few New Zealand biographies are so rich in social and personal detail. Written with the vivid touches of a novelist, The Father and his Gift completes the story of Sir John Logan Campbell, venerated in old age as the Father of Auckland, and… more

The Father and His Gift: John Logan Campbell’s Later Years
R.C.J. Stone
Auckland University Press , English

Operation ReichstagM. L. Haen

When family man Joe Renfro’s brother is murdered, he finds himself sucked into a deadly world of deception.

As Joe takes up his slain brother’s mantle to prove that President Louise Campbell is ineligible to occupy the highest office in t… more

Operation Reichstag
M. L. Haen

America Down: President EvilRichard David

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The President surreptitiously works to destroy America. Citizens arise and fight to save it.The ‘foreign’ Washington Government’s covert war against America is unveiled in this fiction presentation completed in 2008. The culture is graduall… more

America Down: President Evil
Richard David
Richard David , English

White Apocalypse / The Consc...Kyle Bristow

This 500-page tome contains two works by Kyle Bristow: White Apocalypse and The Conscience of a Right-Winger. Both works have earned significant praise from prominent right-wing nationalist activists and philosophers.White Apocalypse is a… more

White Apocalypse / The Conscience of a Right-Winger
Kyle Bristow

SWEET REVENGERobert Lockwood

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” Disgraced members of Congress seek pardons, which the president denies. They join a Swiss consortium offering investment and jobs in the US, hoping to bargain for pardons. The Swiss use the congressionals as unwitting tools in their strat… more

Robert Lockwood
Xlibris , English

Four and a Half Years (of St...Adolf Hitler

Volume One: A ReckoningChapter 1: In the House of my ParentsChapter 2: Years of Study and Suffering in ViennaChapter 3: General Political Considerations Based on my Vienna PeriodChapter 4: MunichChapter 5: The World WarChapter 6: War Propag… more

Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice by Adolf Hitler[ORIGINAL EDITION OF MEIN KAMPF FIRST TIME PUBLISHED][ILLUSTRATED]
Adolf Hitler

WeedParo Anand

Weed, a follow-up fo the award winning No Guns at My Son’s Funeral, is a hard-hitting exploration of uneasy questions that keep raising their insistent heads in the ‘war against terror’. Complex issues are examined through the innocence of … more

Paro Anand
Roli Books , English

Subhash Chandra BoseRenu Saran

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The inspiring life stories of great personalities of India have left unforgettable impressions on Indian history and civilization. Their lives, work, thoughts, sacrifice, courage, commitment and achievements will act as a source of inspirat… more

Subhash Chandra Bose
Renu Saran
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd. , English

Martin Luther King Jr. and M...Charles River Editors

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Includes video clips covering the lives and legacies of both men. Includes audio of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and part of Malcolm’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech. *Includes pictures of both men and important people, places, and … more

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X: Interactive Biographies of the Civil Rights Leaders
Charles River Editors
Charles River Editors , English

SNAFU: A Hysterical Memoir A...Ellen Roberge

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Enjoy the hysterically amusing, some astonishing, and irreverent but true stories of the Federal Government as I lived it for 28 years.There is something here for everyone who’s ever had to deal with the Government. It will most certainly a… more

SNAFU: A Hysterical Memoir About Why the Government Doesn’t Work
Ellen Roberge
CreateSpace , English

Slander and Sweet Judgment: ...Andy Jacobs Jr.

Andy Jacobs, Jr. was in Congress during the 1960s and was known as the “honest Congressman.” His outspoken defense of good legislation and his ability to get things done, as well as his strong condemnation of several President’s tendencies … more

Slander and Sweet Judgment: The Memoir of an Indiana Congressman
Andy Jacobs Jr.
Hawthorne Publishing , English

Captain Jack for PresidentJohn Jones

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On a beautiful Spring morning in Jonesport Maine, Captain Jack Harper of Harper Industries walks into Moby’s restaurant for his morning cup of Moby’s jo, unsuspecting that it would be the beginning of a life change, not only for him, but fo… more

Captain Jack for President
John Jones
Xlibris , English

Till Then My Love ForeverDonald Scioscia and Donald MacLaren

I BELIEVE DIVINE INTERVENTION HELPED SAVE MY LIFE. Other people may call it being lucky, beating the odds, or a twist of fate. But there was one day in my life, one dramatic moment that determined whether I would live or die. The interventi… more

Till Then My Love Forever
Donald Scioscia and Donald MacLaren
Trafford Publishing , English

Stranger in the White House ...Bryan M. Powell

“But why was I chosen for this job, anyway? I’m not an FBI agent.”“You are the only person that James Randall trusts and calls, so you are the go-to guy,” he said with a smile, “so let’s go save the country.”In Stranger in the White House,… more

Stranger in the White House (Stranger (Tate Publishing))
Bryan M. Powell
Tate Publishing , English

Montrose : A HistoryJohn Buchan

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In September 1913 I published a short sketch of Montrose*, which dealt chiefly with his campaigns. The book went out of print very soon, and it was not reissued, because I cherished the hope of making it the basis of a larger work, in which… more

Montrose : A History
John Buchan

Slow Coming Dark: A Novel of...Harold Covington

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Matt Redmond is a tough and honest cop. He retired from the DEA when he could no longer stomach the politics and the corruption of Federal law enforcement, and returned to his native North Carolina to start a second career as a detective f… more

Slow Coming Dark: A Novel of the Age of Clinton
Harold Covington
iUniverse , English

A Small Story for Page 3Jack W. Germond

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Harry Fletcher can’t for the life of him figure out what exactly the ‘nugget’ of information his colleague, Eddie Concannon, uncovered prior to his death is. Picking his way along the threads of information, Harry soon finds himself at odds… more

A Small Story for Page 3
Jack W. Germond
MuseItUp Publishing , English