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The Life and Times of Gordon... - Darian Land

The Life and Times of Gordon...Darian Land

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A struggle between two political parties for control of the United States and its future is in the balance. Who will win out: the Hardliners or the Evolvers? Will the United States remain a democracy or become a plutocratic oligarchy?

The Life and Times of Gordon Robestone
Darian Land
Legally Undercover - Rachel Kall

Legally UndercoverRachel Kall

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Driven by ambition, attorney Alex Popov dreams of making partner, and she’s ready to make that dream a reality. But her quest is put on hold when she’s recruited to work on a top secret investigation involving arms dealers and one of her fi… more

Legally Undercover
Rachel Kall
NYLA , English
From the Backside (The Brain... - Chris Hammock

From the Backside (The Brain...Chris Hammock

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A hilarious view of politics in the USA as seen by the fictitious people of Buzzard Roost suchas Henry J. Clevicepin, Estee K Bibbles, Nellie Frecklebelly, the Fudpucker sisters & Buzzard Roost Bubba

From the Backside (The Braindroppings of Henry J Clevicepin Book 1)
Chris Hammock
Henry J. Clevicepin , English
A Marked Heart - David George Ball

A Marked HeartDavid George Ball

The son of a missionary and a Baptist minister, seventeen-year-old immigrant David George Ball was following his destiny to become a pastor. He had always dreamed of making a difference in people’s lives. But when he met the then relatively… more

A Marked Heart
David George Ball
iUniverse , English
Ron Paul America's Most Dang... - A.J. Weberman

Ron Paul America's Most Dang...A.J. Weberman

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Ron Paul is no libertarian; he is a crypto-Nazi. Crypto-Nazism is a term implying a secret support for, or admiration of, the genocidal political and economic system invented by Adolf Hitler. The term is used to imply that an individual or … more

Ron Paul America’s Most Dangerous Nazi
A.J. Weberman
Independent Research Associates , English


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A short look at voluntary governments.

Curtis Elmore , English
In Your Face!: Rantings From... - The Pollitikat

In Your Face!: Rantings From...The Pollitikat

This is political and social commentary and just my opinions; a compilation of Status Updates as broadcasted on Facebook from my personal page “Pollitikat Comments”. A documentation of current events, a critique on American Politics and So… more

In Your Face!: Rantings From My Timeline
The Pollitikat
Sir, we are at war: The Engl... - Ray Edwards

Sir, we are at war: The Engl...Ray Edwards

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you became a downtrodden minority in your own country?

What if the very people tasked with defending it had destroyed your homeland! How would you feel if a non-elected body - consisting in t… more

Sir, we are at war: The English Revival Party
Ray Edwards
Ray Edwards , English
A Shade of Difference (Advis... - Allen Drury

A Shade of Difference (Advis...Allen Drury

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The sequel to the Pulitzer Prize winning bestseller Advise and Consent. From Allen Drury, the 20th Century grand master of political fiction, a novel of the United Nations and the racial friction that could spark a worldwide powderkeg. Int… more

A Shade of Difference (Advise and Consent Book 2)
Allen Drury
WordFire Press , English
Everything I Never Wanted My... - Theodore B.  Conrath

Everything I Never Wanted My...Theodore B. Conrath

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Everything I Never Wanted My Son to Know He Learned from Bill Clinton
Theodore B. Conrath
Xlibris , English
Jennifer - Tony Seton

JenniferTony Seton

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Jennifer is an original screenplay by Tony Seton. It’s the story of a social studies teacher from Santa Morino who is name one of the three top teachers in the country. When she goes to the White House to receive the award, she confronts th… more

Tony Seton
Seton Publishing , English
In Hindsight, What Really Ha... - Rielle Hunter

In Hindsight, What Really Ha...Rielle Hunter

Dear readers,When I wrote What Really Happened I was still very raw from the firestorm that my life had become due to my unwise decision to have an affair with John Edwards, a married man.I realize now what I have never admitted before. I b… more

In Hindsight, What Really Happened: The Revised Edition: John Edwards, My Daughter, and Me
Rielle Hunter
BenBella Books , English
A Silent Revolution - Jay Kay

A Silent RevolutionJay Kay

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This book is based on a real transformation of a village, Thenur from the state of poverty to reha-bilitation of villagers with basic healthcare needs, job for adults and education for children; from the state of frequent communal clashes … more

A Silent Revolution
Jay Kay
HKAC Series: Political Strug... - JiSheng Yang

HKAC Series: Political Strug...JiSheng Yang

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The author records the difficulties of China’s reform and the internal strife of the leadership in detail and gives profound and comprehensive comments. The book collects 3 pieces of interview records with Ziyang Zhao in its appendix, which… more

HKAC Series: Political Struggles During the Age of Reform in China (Volume 2)
JiSheng Yang
Info Rainbow LTD , English
The Governor of Goat Hill - Eddie Curran

The Governor of Goat HillEddie Curran

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On February 24, 2008, 60 Minutes delivered a bombshell – claims that President Bush’s political advisor Karl Rove had assigned an Alabama woman to tail Governor Don Siegelman and take photos of him having extramarital sex. The piece also p… more

The Governor of Goat Hill
Eddie Curran
iUniverse , English
America Down: President Evil - Richard David

America Down: President EvilRichard David

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The President surreptitiously works to destroy America. Citizens arise and fight to save it.The ‘foreign’ Washington Government’s covert war against America is unveiled in this fiction presentation completed in 2008. The culture is graduall… more

America Down: President Evil
Richard David
Richard David , English
Presidential Liability - Chris Taylor

Presidential LiabilityChris Taylor

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Presidential Liability is a political-basedthriller that explores the unique strugglesfaced by America’s fi rst family. The fi rstson, Charlie Seaborne, and his small towngirlfriend, Lindsey, take advantage of a caraccident to escape from … more

Presidential Liability
Chris Taylor
Xlibris , English
Urban Legend - Sir Dove-Myer... - John Edgar

Urban Legend - Sir Dove-Myer...John Edgar

Every Aucklander of a certain age knows that we should have listened to Mayor Robbie back in the 1970s’ - Labour Party MP Phil Twyford. But who was he? And why is he still relevant today? From a working class Jewish boy in Sheffield to long… more

Urban Legend - Sir Dove-Myer Robinson
John Edgar
Hodder Moa , English
Will You Walk A Little Faster - Michael Hanson

Will You Walk A Little FasterMichael Hanson

An unusual autobiography starts in the Yorkshire steel City of Sheffield where German bombers blew in his house windows early in the second world war. It moves to Canada where the author enforced the first Canadian Legislation dealing with … more

Will You Walk A Little Faster
Michael Hanson
Trafford , English
Stone Warriors : Awakening a... - W. R. Flynn

Stone Warriors : Awakening a...W. R. Flynn

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Stone Warriors” is the fourth story of the Corbett colony, first introduced in the novel, “Shut Down.” At the start of their eleventh summer after the economic collapse, the small community faces a harsh and unforgiving crisis. As they spl… more

Stone Warriors : Awakening a New World
W. R. Flynn