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Political Ideals - Bertrand Russell

Political IdealsBertrand Russell

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Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) was a British philosopher, mathematician, social critic, and political activist. Russell is considered to be one of the founders of analytic philosophy and one of the most important mathematicians and logicia… more

Political Ideals
Bertrand Russell
Heraklion Press , English
Stanton: Life And Times of L... - Benjamin P. Thomas, Harold M. Hyman

Stanton: Life And Times of L...Benjamin P. Thomas, Harold M. Hyman

At the time of his death, renowned Lincoln biographer Benjamin Thomas was at work on a life of one of the most controversial figures in American history: Edwin McMasters Stanton, the man who marshaled the military forces of the Union in the… more

Stanton: Life And Times of Lincoln’s Secretary of War
Benjamin P. Thomas, Harold M. Hyman
Knopf , English
Abe the Aborted Fetus: Roe vs Abe - Zach Matheny, Z.M. Thomas, A...

Abe the Aborted Fetus: Roe vs AbeZach Matheny, Z.M. Thomas, A...

After surviving an abortion at the hands of Doctor Choice, Abe finds himself caught in a war between the far right and the far left that could impact the very fabric of our existence in one of the greatest conspiracies ever conceived.

Abe the Aborted Fetus: Roe vs Abe
Zach Matheny, Z.M. Thomas, Anthony Tan, Santosh Kumar Rath, Jos? Carlos Fernandes
Trepidation Comics , English
The Absurdity of Political C... - Liam Wolford

The Absurdity of Political C...Liam Wolford

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Racism has taken on a new face in recent decades. This book goes beyond political correctness and looks at the world and the people in it honestly, and without the veil of political correctness that hides that truth. This is an honest and r… more

The Absurdity of Political Correctness & Racism
Liam Wolford
Throne: Power to the People?... - CD Newton

Throne: Power to the People?...CD Newton

THRONE, is Coming to America meets The Last King of Scotland…on steroids. It’s a compelling authentic drama that captures the tone of the revolution sweeping across the Arab world and the continent of Africa. However, there is currently a r… more

Throne: Power to the People? (Royal Millennium Trilogy)
CD Newton
BookBaby , English
Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party - Jason Rink

Ron Paul: Father of the Tea PartyJason Rink

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Although much has been written about his unique brand of politics, very little has been told about the personal history of Ron Paul, the man that many credit with being the founder of the modern Tea Party. From his formative years spent in … more

Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party
Jason Rink
Variant Press , English
The Father's Footsteps - L. Brown

The Father's FootstepsL. Brown

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Elias has always dreamed of being in a position of power and now he’s there. The rush is exquisite, but one piece of paper can take it all away…forever.

History teaches us. Sometimes, that lesson is not learned.

The Father’s Footsteps
L. Brown
Will Says - Will Roberts

Will SaysWill Roberts

Humorist Will Roberts gives a spin on the days political and social events with his cartoons. Will Says spotlights political humor for Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram, a political variety radio show, strives to bring disparate and often refre… more

Will Says
Will Roberts
The Next Amendment - 2nd Edition - Keith F. Houston

The Next Amendment - 2nd EditionKeith F. Houston

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The 2nd Edition has 40 additional pages (in print, more in ebook) and additional chapters which expand and add to the last chapters of the first edition.

Mitch O’Connor wants to clean up politics. With the help of Shelby Powell, Keith Sol… more

The Next Amendment - 2nd Edition
Keith F. Houston
The Syrian - Cathy Sultan

The SyrianCathy Sultan

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The Syrian is a powerful contemporary novel of passion and betrayal, set against the brutal and bewildering outbreak of the Israeli-Hezbollah war in Lebanon, 2006.

Nadia, a woman who has waited 13 years for a husband who was “disappeared,… more

The Syrian
Cathy Sultan
Calumet Editions , English
Unburdened - David Karademas

UnburdenedDavid Karademas

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From Writer’s Digest: This is a passionate manifesto written by an author with strong convictions and a thorough knowledge of politics and history. It boasts a very particular point of view that will appeal to its audience of like-minded re… more

David Karademas
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Caesar Americus:  One Party ... - David Walls-Kaufman

Caesar Americus: One Party ...David Walls-Kaufman

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CAESAR AMERICUS The Left and the Right begin to see they have less dividing them than they thought, as America wakes up to a renaissance of the individual that motivates people to take responsibility for their own health and contributions t… more

Caesar Americus: One Party Rule: One Party Rule
David Walls-Kaufman
Elizabethan Renaissance - Peter G. Bailey

Elizabethan RenaissancePeter G. Bailey

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Seeking to turn the clock back several centuries, a dedicated group of intellectuals and servicemen set out to restore English royal prerogatives and regain lost colonies and dominions by taking advantage of political unrest in a number of … more

Elizabethan Renaissance
Peter G. Bailey
Xlibris , English
Belle Isle - Rodney Lockwood

Belle IsleRodney Lockwood

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Rod Lockwood has created a game changer for Detroit in his political fiction piece set 29 years in the future.

Belle Isle
Rodney Lockwood
SNAFU: A Hysterical Memoir A... - Ellen  Roberge

SNAFU: A Hysterical Memoir A...Ellen Roberge

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Enjoy the hysterically amusing, some astonishing, and irreverent but true stories of the Federal Government as I lived it for 28 years.There is something here for everyone who’s ever had to deal with the Government. It will most certainly a… more

SNAFU: A Hysterical Memoir About Why the Government Doesn’t Work
Ellen Roberge
CreateSpace , English
2Pac Lives (the death of Mak... - Drah Cenedive

2Pac Lives (the death of Mak...Drah Cenedive

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To be or not to be? That is the question that has millions of fans and researchers baffled and searching for answers. Was Tupac Amaru Shakur forced to fake is death in an attempt to escape the thresholds of a complex life? Were there genuin… more

2Pac Lives (the death of Makaveli / the resurrection of Tupac Amaru)
Drah Cenedive
Hard Evidence Publishing , English
Autobiografía del general Fr... - Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Autobiografía del general Fr...Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Marcial Pombo, un viejo y oscuro escritor de pasado antifranquista, recibe de un editor el encargo de escribir una biografía de Franco narrada en primera persona. Ponbo aceppta el encargo, pero según va escribiendo, no puede evitar contrast… more

Autobiografía del general Franco (Spanish Edition)
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán
Leer-e , Spanish
Election Night: A Television... - Stephen Battaglio

Election Night: A Television...Stephen Battaglio

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Election Night: A Television History by Stephen Battaglio is a fascinating and revealing look at the evolution of U.S. presidential election night broadcasts and how since 1948, this televised event galvanizes the nation.It explores the tec… more

Election Night: A Television History 1948-2012
Stephen Battaglio
The Education of Henry Adams... - Henry Adams

The Education of Henry Adams...Henry Adams

This book is an illustrated version of the original The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams. “Had he been born in Jerusalem under the shadow of the Temple and circumcised in the Synagogue by his uncle the high priest, under the name of … more

The Education of Henry Adams (Illustrated)
Henry Adams
Gas War - Ted Rall

Gas WarTed Rall

At first glance, the United States invasion of Afghanistan seemed like an obvious response to the horrifying attacks of September 11th, 2001. Now, as America remains threatened by Al Qaeda and Afghanistan has disintegrated into the bloodsh… more

Gas War
Ted Rall
iUniverse , English