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The Manchurian Candidate - Richard Condon

The Manchurian CandidateRichard Condon

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A war hero and the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Sergeant Raymond Shaw is keeping a deadly secret—even from himself. During his time as a prisoner of war in North Korea, he was brainwashed by his Communist captors and trans… more

The Manchurian Candidate
Richard Condon
RosettaBooks , English
Koba or Moishe Kaplan and th... - Bob Biderman

Koba or Moishe Kaplan and th...Bob Biderman

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Who is Koba? For Morris Kaplan, Koba was a fellow student protester. Left-wing attorney, Rocky Calhoon believes he was a freedom fighter killed in Bolivia. Others think he is still alive and running drugs from South America. A taut, witty a… more

Koba or Moishe Kaplan and the SDS Murders: A humorous thriller set in San Francisco about May 68 fifteen years later
Bob Biderman
Black Apollo Press , English
Four and a Half Years (of St... - Adolf Hitler

Four and a Half Years (of St...Adolf Hitler

Volume One: A ReckoningChapter 1: In the House of my ParentsChapter 2: Years of Study and Suffering in ViennaChapter 3: General Political Considerations Based on my Vienna PeriodChapter 4: MunichChapter 5: The World WarChapter 6: War Propag… more

Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice by Adolf Hitler[ORIGINAL EDITION OF MEIN KAMPF FIRST TIME PUBLISHED][ILLUSTRATED]
Adolf Hitler
Montrose : A History - John Buchan

Montrose : A HistoryJohn Buchan

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In September 1913 I published a short sketch of Montrose*, which dealt chiefly with his campaigns. The book went out of print very soon, and it was not reissued, because I cherished the hope of making it the basis of a larger work, in which… more

Montrose : A History
John Buchan
Hiramic Brotherhood of the T... - William Hanna

Hiramic Brotherhood of the T...William Hanna

Apartheid Israel’s persistent criminal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and its imperious violation of international law is aided and abetted by the shameful silence of a cowed international community whose reprobate political lea… more

Hiramic Brotherhood of the Third Temple
William Hanna
William Hanna , English
SWEET REVENGE - Robert Lockwood

SWEET REVENGERobert Lockwood

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” Disgraced members of Congress seek pardons, which the president denies. They join a Swiss consortium offering investment and jobs in the US, hoping to bargain for pardons. The Swiss use the congressionals as unwitting tools in their strat… more

Robert Lockwood
Xlibris , English
The Wanderer: A Political Fable - R. Michael Hoy

The Wanderer: A Political FableR. Michael Hoy

A mysterious stranger appears in the marketplace of a mythical kingdom. Although apparently peaceful and prosperous, beneath this facade exist the seeds of deterioration not only in the kingdom, but its moral base. His travels expose him to… more

The Wanderer: A Political Fable
R. Michael Hoy
Trafford Publishing , English
Essay on Irish Bulls (1808) - Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Ma...

Essay on Irish Bulls (1808)Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Ma...

Essay on Irish Bulls (1808), Maria Edgeworth author collaborated with her father Richard Lovell Edgeworth. The book was first published in 1802, this book was third edition published in 1808.

Essay on Irish Bulls rejects an English stereot… more

Essay on Irish Bulls (1808)
Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Maria Edgeworth
Operation Reichstag - M. L. Haen

Operation ReichstagM. L. Haen

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When family man Joe Renfro’s brother is murdered, he finds himself sucked into a deadly world of deception.

As Joe takes up his slain brother’s mantle to prove that President Louise Campbell is ineligible to occupy the highest office in t… more

Operation Reichstag
M. L. Haen
Moment Of Clarity - Lee Camp

Moment Of ClarityLee Camp

Comedian Lee Camp finally turns his popular ranting, raving “Moment Of Clarity” webseries into a convenient, hyperlinked e-book. Moment Of Clarity includes the text of 90 of Camp’s angrily opinionated, hilariously acerbic humor columns. It … more

Moment Of Clarity
Lee Camp
Fearless Books , English
BRIDGE BUILDER: A Look Back ... - Jimmie W. Greene with Samuel...

BRIDGE BUILDER: A Look Back ...Jimmie W. Greene with Samuel...

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BRIDGE BUILDER: A Look Back At My First Term As Judge/Executive of McCreary County, KentuckyBy:Jimmie W. Greene with Samuel D. Perry

BRIDGE BUILDER: A Look Back At My First Term As Judge/Executive of McCreary County, Kentucky
Jimmie W. Greene with Samuel D. Perry
Authorhouse , English
Sungate Rebellion - Russell Marks

Sungate RebellionRussell Marks

SUNGATE REBELLIONWhy had so many elected presidents of Peru and Bolivia been overthrown by military coups?Stokes Randolph thinks he knows — and believes he knows how to prevent it from happening again.Since the explosion that killed the to… more

Sungate Rebellion
Russell Marks
Xlibris , English
The American Way - Gene Brewer

The American WayGene Brewer

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” Not handsome enough to succeed in politics, “the Coach” vows to produce three sons, the first of whom is slated to become President of the United States; the second, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; and the third, the Speaker of … more

The American Way
Gene Brewer
xlibris , English
Big Brother Revisited - John Landis

Big Brother RevisitedJohn Landis

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When the government rules unwisely, it’s up to the people to change it for the better… After falling deeply indebted to China, the United States government realizes it must do something to regain its glory. In an ironic twist of events, t… more

Big Brother Revisited
John Landis
Page Publishing, Inc. , English
Baiting Zach - Bart Nedelman

Baiting ZachBart Nedelman

It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Evangelical, Muslim, Jew, or atheist; Repub or Dem, straight or gay, liberal or conservative; one of us will prop you up with loving support while the other puts the boots to you. And here’s the best p… more

Baiting Zach
Bart Nedelman
HKAC Series: Political Strug... - Jisheng Yang

HKAC Series: Political Strug...Jisheng Yang

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The author records the difficulties of China’s reform and the internal strife of the leadership in detail and gives profound and comprehensive comments. The book collects 3 pieces of interview records with Ziyang Zhao in its appendix, which… more

HKAC Series: Political Struggles During the Age of Reform in China (Volume 1)
Jisheng Yang
Info Rainbow LTD , English
Madame Roland (Illustrated) - John S. C. Abbott

Madame Roland (Illustrated)John S. C. Abbott

This book is an illustrated version of the original Madame Roland by John S. C. Abbott. “The history of Madame Roland embraces the most interesting events of the French Revolution, that most instructive tragedy which time has yet enacted. T… more

Madame Roland (Illustrated)
John S. C. Abbott
Public Servant, Secret Agent... - Paul Routledge

Public Servant, Secret Agent...Paul Routledge

The first biography of Airey Neave, Colditz escapee, MI6 officer, mastermind of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership campaign and on the verge of being her first Secretary of State for Northern Ireland when he was brutally murdered in the palace … more

Public Servant, Secret Agent: The elusive life and violent death of Airey Neave (Text Only)
Paul Routledge
Fourth Estate , English
Angels in the Midst - Marc Curtis Little

Angels in the MidstMarc Curtis Little

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Curt Felton, Jr. is the newly elected mayor of Forrestville, Florida. But some people who don’t want an African American to lead their conservative city are using Felton’s alleged extra-marital affairs as ammunition to keep him from assumin… more

Angels in the Midst
Marc Curtis Little
Infinity Publishing , English
Joe Biden: A Neowonk Guide t... - Xander Cricket

Joe Biden: A Neowonk Guide t...Xander Cricket

Joe Biden is the 47th Vice President of the United States. Prior to joining Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket, he served in the United States Senate for 35 years. His authority in the legislative branch was broad, long-lasting, and high… more

Joe Biden: A Neowonk Guide to the Vice President of the United States
Xander Cricket
XC , English