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The Education of Henry Adams... - Henry Adams

The Education of Henry Adams...Henry Adams

This book is an illustrated version of the original The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams. “Had he been born in Jerusalem under the shadow of the Temple and circumcised in the Synagogue by his uncle the high priest, under the name of … more

The Education of Henry Adams (Illustrated)
Henry Adams
License to Steal: Truth and ... - Jr. Ray W. Rowney

License to Steal: Truth and ...Jr. Ray W. Rowney

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License to Stealby Ray W. Rowney, Jr.

License to Steal: Truth and Justice are Inseparable
Jr. Ray W. Rowney
Xlibris , English
2Pac Lives (the death of Mak... - Drah Cenedive

2Pac Lives (the death of Mak...Drah Cenedive

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To be or not to be? That is the question that has millions of fans and researchers baffled and searching for answers. Was Tupac Amaru Shakur forced to fake is death in an attempt to escape the thresholds of a complex life? Were there genuin… more

2Pac Lives (the death of Makaveli / the resurrection of Tupac Amaru)
Drah Cenedive
Hard Evidence Publishing , English
Gas War - Ted Rall

Gas WarTed Rall

At first glance, the United States invasion of Afghanistan seemed like an obvious response to the horrifying attacks of September 11th, 2001. Now, as America remains threatened by Al Qaeda and Afghanistan has disintegrated into the bloodsh… more

Gas War
Ted Rall
iUniverse , English
The Wanderer: A Political Fable - R. Michael Hoy

The Wanderer: A Political FableR. Michael Hoy

A mysterious stranger appears in the marketplace of a mythical kingdom. Although apparently peaceful and prosperous, beneath this facade exist the seeds of deterioration not only in the kingdom, but its moral base. His travels expose him to… more

The Wanderer: A Political Fable
R. Michael Hoy
Trafford Publishing , English
Dump Your Problems! - Ernest Dempsey

Dump Your Problems!Ernest Dempsey

Dump Your Problems! is a masterful, witty satire written about the world, all from the eyes of a Young Pakistani Man who calls himself “Ernest Dempsey” (after the famed author of the same name). As a native of Pakistan, author Ernest Dempse… more

Dump Your Problems!
Ernest Dempsey
Sakura Publishing & Technologies , English
Daily psychological predicti... - Gregory Zorzos

Daily psychological predicti...Gregory Zorzos

You can read in details all the life aspects of Angela Dorothea Merkel (born 17 July 1954) is the current Chancellor of Germany. Merkel, elected to the Bundestag, day-by-day for the year 2012 under the ancient Greek Pythagorean Canon with m… more

Daily psychological predictions 2012 for Angela Merkel
Gregory Zorzos
Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A... - Ziauddin M. Choudhury

Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A...Ziauddin M. Choudhury

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Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A Journey of Hopes And Unfilled Aspirationsby Ziauddin M. Choudhury

Forty Years Of Bangladesh: A Journey of Hopes And Unfilled Aspirations
Ziauddin M. Choudhury
Xlibris , English
The Wit & Wisdom of Tony Ban... - Iain Dale

The Wit & Wisdom of Tony Ban...Iain Dale

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Compiled into this one volume is a set of the most witty, eccentric and downright insulting quotations Tony Blair’s former Minister for Sport and ex-member of the disbanded GLC, Tony Banks. No one was more surprised to be appointed a Minist… more

The Wit & Wisdom of Tony Banks - A Tribute to a Parliamentary Character
Iain Dale
Redneck Diplomacy: 10 Point ... - Lawrence of Trailerparkia

Redneck Diplomacy: 10 Point ...Lawrence of Trailerparkia

Dear Concerned Citizen/ Voter/ Man/ Woman or Raccoon,

Hot dang it! Since the publication of my first guide, Redneck Staycations, I’ve rocketed into super stardumb and got myself a cushy gig as USA Secretary of State!

Just like President W… more

Redneck Diplomacy: 10 Point Plan for World Peace & Sucksess (The Lawrence of Trailerparkia Collection)
Lawrence of Trailerparkia
History of the Present: Essa... - Timothy Garton Ash

History of the Present: Essa...Timothy Garton Ash

The 1990s. An extraordinary decade in Europe. At its beginning, the old order collapsed along with the Berlin Wall. Everything seemed possible. Everyone hailed a brave new Europe. But no one knew what this new Europe would look like. Now we… more

History of the Present: Essays, Sketches, and Dispatches from Europe in the 1990s
Timothy Garton Ash
Random House , English
The Father's Footsteps - L. A. Brown

The Father's FootstepsL. A. Brown

Elias has achieved the power he has always desired. But how much farther can he go? How much farther dare he go? The Father’s Footsteps takes you to a place in history that seems to be repeating itself. The question is: will it?

The Father’s Footsteps
L. A. Brown
Autobiografía del general Fr... - Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Autobiografía del general Fr...Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Marcial Pombo, un viejo y oscuro escritor de pasado antifranquista, recibe de un editor el encargo de escribir una biografía de Franco narrada en primera persona. Ponbo aceppta el encargo, pero según va escribiendo, no puede evitar contrast… more

Autobiografía del general Franco (Spanish Edition)
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán
Leer-e , Spanish


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A tragi-comic look at the political, social and financial collapse of Italy. All the stuff the Times, the NYT, The Guardian, Washington Post and Economist forgot to mention. Or maybe didn’t know about.“You can fool some of the people most o… more

Michael Gregorio
Writ of Mandamus - Rick Robinson

Writ of MandamusRick Robinson

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2011 International Independent Author of the YearGrand Prize Winner at the London Book Festival 2012Winner Best Mystery/Thriller Indie Book AwardsFinalist Best General Fiction (over 80,000) Indie Book AwardsInternational Book Awards Finalis… more

Writ of Mandamus
Rick Robinson
Headline Books, Inc , English
The Life of Napoleon Bonapar... - William Milligan Sloane

The Life of Napoleon Bonapar...William Milligan Sloane

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• This e-book publication is unique, illustrated publication of the biographical book series about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.• A new table of contents with working links has been included by a publisher.• This edition has been correcte… more

The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Volume 1. (illustrated)
William Milligan Sloane
Evergreen Books , English
Till Then My Love Forever - Donald Scioscia and Donald MacLaren

Till Then My Love ForeverDonald Scioscia and Donald MacLaren

I BELIEVE DIVINE INTERVENTION HELPED SAVE MY LIFE. Other people may call it being lucky, beating the odds, or a twist of fate. But there was one day in my life, one dramatic moment that determined whether I would live or die. The interventi… more

Till Then My Love Forever
Donald Scioscia and Donald MacLaren
Trafford Publishing , English
Dead Men Don't Write - Robert Russell

Dead Men Don't WriteRobert Russell

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Dead Men Don’t Write is a contemporary political thriller, with the central character of Ed Middleton, a web based journalist, who becomes involved in investigating a secret military operations unit after attending the funeral of a childho… more

Dead Men Don’t Write
Robert Russell
Bob Russell , English
Captain Jack for President - John Jones

Captain Jack for PresidentJohn Jones

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On a beautiful Spring morning in Jonesport Maine, Captain Jack Harper of Harper Industries walks into Moby’s restaurant for his morning cup of Moby’s jo, unsuspecting that it would be the beginning of a life change, not only for him, but fo… more

Captain Jack for President
John Jones
Xlibris , English
Skeet Shoot: How I Became a ... - Walt Sautter

Skeet Shoot: How I Became a ...Walt Sautter

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The fulfillment of a childhood promise leads to the shocking discovery of a friend’s murder. An obsessive search for the killers leads to involvement in a diabolic plot designed to destroy the nation. What is the evil plan and can it be st… more

Skeet Shoot: How I Became a Terrorist
Walt Sautter
Walt Sautter , English