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Perception of the Navigator - Charles Lobaito

Perception of the NavigatorCharles Lobaito

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Perception of the Navigator is a collection of poetry, that’s entertaining! A fascinating read! This book’s about living, bearing witness to time, and seizing one’s destiny! Lobaito sets to establish an identity all his own, with such po… more

Perception of the Navigator
Charles Lobaito
iUniverse , English
Urdo Odes of Shaida : Shaam ... - Khalid Hameed Shaida

Urdo Odes of Shaida : Shaam ...Khalid Hameed Shaida

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Urdu Odes of Shaida represent the romantic and inspirational Urdu poetry of Khalid Hameed Shaida MD. Playful and idealistic, the author whips the current of romance to timeless bliss and swirls the tide in our favor. He recreates a world w… more

Urdo Odes of Shaida : Shaam e Ghareeb
Khalid Hameed Shaida
Xlibris , English
Crow Search - Dan Paul Rose

Crow SearchDan Paul Rose

Crow Search is as serious as it is insane. It hosts a gamut of tones presented through lyrical phrasing. it is poetry best read aloud—evoking and emphasizing these vacillating tones. On the one hand, it is personal and clearly heartfelt… more

Crow Search
Dan Paul Rose
Trafford Publishing , English
Odes of Ghalib : Persian to ... - Khalid Hameed Shaida

Odes of Ghalib : Persian to ...Khalid Hameed Shaida

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Urdu translation in verse of the Persian odes of Mirza Ghalib. Ghalib was born in in 1797 and died 72 years later. He was a member of the landed gentry of India and became the favorite of the last Mughal king, himself a renowned poet. He wr… more

Odes of Ghalib : Persian to Urdu Translation
Khalid Hameed Shaida
Xlibris , English
Surreal Images: OF VOICES, E... - R. Dean Moudy

Surreal Images: OF VOICES, E...R. Dean Moudy

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R. Dean Moudy is part of an artistic, cultured and creative family and enjoys an ingenious talent both in his professional and personal life observing the world with an unusually imaginative and many times humorous eye. He has been publishe… more

Surreal Images: OF VOICES, ECHOES and WHISPERS: A Poetic Philosophy on the inner Soul…the Outer Voice…The Vibrant, Vivid Colours of Imagination…The Celestial Music of Thought
R. Dean Moudy
Wild Fire - Siren Songs of Sophia - Sophia Breedlove, Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Wild Fire - Siren Songs of SophiaSophia Breedlove, Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

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These poems wrote me. I had no choice. The words came pouring out, my fingers racing across the keyboard. My muse pushed all the right buttons, my heart exploded and I flew. This experience transformed me as I realized that I was being aske… more

Wild Fire - Siren Songs of Sophia
Sophia Breedlove, Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
Tough Blows Of A Sleepless U... - Wade Radford

Tough Blows Of A Sleepless U...Wade Radford

A concept and a scribble for the modern age, just a mind that’s been racing! A scrapbook of poems for the mad and reckless!

Imagine a world of anxiety, fuelled by the demands of everyday life, a concept of a universe just sleepless and f… more

Tough Blows Of A Sleepless Universe (Poetry For The Mad & Reckless)
Wade Radford
Wade Radford , English
The Windmills (Los Molinos):... - Ed.D. Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

The Windmills (Los Molinos):...Ed.D. Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

Juan Parra del Riego (King of the Peruvian Poets) his poetry describes and interweaves the thorny parts of his life with love, tenderness, rowdiness, hunger, restlessness, and compassion. The master of Polirritmo in the time of Modernism i… more

The Windmills (Los Molinos):…and other Selected Translated Poetry, of: Juan Parra del Riego
Ed.D. Dr. Dennis L. Siluk
iUniverse , English
A Harvest Kiss - Kathryn H. Price

A Harvest KissKathryn H. Price

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%A Harvest Kiss presents a new collection of poetry that uses the allegory of the harvest to reflect the maturing a Christian undergoes, having the chaff threshed and the whole grain saved with the ultimate goal of producing something tangi… more

A Harvest Kiss
Kathryn H. Price
Trafford , English
Brazilian Tears and Other Poems - Fred W. Herman

Brazilian Tears and Other PoemsFred W. Herman

If the function of poetry is to harmonize the sorrows of the world, then, Brazilian Tears and Other Poems reflects memories from distant lands: the poverty, the struggles, the aspirations, the endless wars, and the elusive hopes for a bett… more

Brazilian Tears and Other Poems
Fred W. Herman
Trafford , English
TIME AND FEVERS: New and Sel... - E. M. SCHORB


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Winner of the 16th Annual Writers Digest Self-Published Award for Poetry, 2008An Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner, 2007I am always happy to drop everything—pretty nearly—when I make the acquaintance of a new poet as good as E.M. Schorb.    J… more

TIME AND FEVERS: New and Selected Poems
AuthorHouse , English
Book of Love: Poems to Light... - Humaira ~ Amy Adams

Book of Love: Poems to Light...Humaira ~ Amy Adams

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An InvitationMy fingers are dancing to the beat of my Heart, the tune of my Soul.Will you hear me? Do you see me? Can you feel me?Something bubbles up from deep within.Bursts onto the page as my word song …one of beauty and of pain, of … more

Book of Love: Poems to Light Your Way Home
Humaira ~ Amy Adams
Xlibris , English
The LJ Chronicles: Recitatio... - Johnny M. Wells

The LJ Chronicles: Recitatio...Johnny M. Wells

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The LJ (Love Jones) Chronicles, is a representation of emotional photographs, taken from the camera of life, just when you thought no one was looking. Not necessarily an agreeable point of view, but if you ever had an addiction, you are awa… more

The LJ Chronicles: Recitations & Testimonies
Johnny M. Wells
AuthorHouse , English
Adam Tasted the Fruit of Tem... - Selina Deen

Adam Tasted the Fruit of Tem...Selina Deen

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This is a collection of poems that reflects so many emotions and moments in everyday life, from the point of view of of a woman living in a multicultural western society. Some of them have been published before to a specific audience, whils… more

Adam Tasted the Fruit of Temptation not Eve…
Selina Deen
Selina Deen BA , English
Translations of Love - Philip Joe Zamora 2

Translations of LovePhilip Joe Zamora 2

I guess this is independent poetry because my words are like curbs good for skateboarding. I guess these sentences are for the youths’ relentless ways. Poetry is just boring bliss. Be ready to be moved by the words that just improve in time… more

Translations of Love
Philip Joe Zamora 2
AuthorHouse , English
A Time to Bloom - Lisa D Evans

A Time to BloomLisa D Evans

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A Time to Bloom is a collation of Lisa’s experiences, observations and reflections that have been touched and inspired by the divine nature of Almighty God. The reader can expect an open, yet thought provoking demonstration of acknowledgem… more

A Time to Bloom
Lisa D Evans
AuthorHouse , English
Poetry for the Mind, Spirit ... - Debra D. Johnson

Poetry for the Mind, Spirit ...Debra D. Johnson

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This book is a special project, a compilation of already published poems, as well as some new ones, and some words of wisdom and background on how some of these poems evolved.  Additionally there are pages for you to write your own comments… more

Poetry for the Mind, Spirit and Soul: Poems to Uplift, Encourage and Inspire
Debra D. Johnson
AuthorHouse , English