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De Libris: Prose and Verse - Austin Dobson

De Libris: Prose and VerseAustin Dobson

New books can have few associations. They may reach us on the bestdeckle-edged Whatman paper, in the newest types of famous presses, withbacks of embossed vellum, with tasteful tasselled strings,—and yet beno more to us than the constraine… more

De Libris: Prose and Verse
Austin Dobson
El Nica and Don Antonio:tran... - Edward Loomis

El Nica and Don Antonio:tran...Edward Loomis

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The book gathers the work of two eminent writers with a view to making a window on Spain and Latin America as they were at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.  These were two very different writers; but they knew and admired each other’… more

El Nica and Don Antonio:translations from the Spanish of Ruben Dario and Antonio Machado
Edward Loomis
xlibris , English


El Autor de esta obra sencilla y fácil de leer, nos muestra durante la lectura de toda la obra, qué ideas y sentimientos pueden activarse para cualquier persona que siente cariño por otra. Es en verdad interesante la lectura de estas peque… more

Manuel Nuñez
Palibrio , Spanish
After Thoughts Cafe 2 - Christopher Alexander Hall

After Thoughts Cafe 2Christopher Alexander Hall

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Nearly 6 years after the original ‘After Thoughts Café’ (53,000 copies sold) was released, Christopher Alexander Hall has followed it up with a sequel. After Thoughts Café 2 makes references to its predecessors ATC & Wanted for Murder! (3… more

After Thoughts Cafe 2
Christopher Alexander Hall
Xlibris , English
Ring III (My Rings Remember ... - Paul Henderson

Ring III (My Rings Remember ...Paul Henderson

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This collection of poetry is the author’s personal favorite. So much creativity can spring from so much pain. This “ring” represents just one year. (Picture the rings in a cross section of a tree trunk). Just as rain nourishes the tree and … more

Ring III (My Rings Remember Years of Rain Book 3)
Paul Henderson
Romantic Sonnets (Part I) - John du Prey

Romantic Sonnets (Part I)John du Prey

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In the tradition of pure romance, the author has sought to convey love, passion, and intimacy in 14-line Shakespearean sonnets to be accompanied by classical and romantic paintings in their full original color. Attention was given in each p… more

Romantic Sonnets (Part I)
John du Prey
Garde du Corps Productions , English
Life's Diary - LaChanda M. Gray

Life's DiaryLaChanda M. Gray

Life’s Diary is a display of realism , in the eyes of life, in poetry form.

Life’s Diary
LaChanda M. Gray
AuthorHouse , English
Learning to be Humane: with ... - Daniel Song

Learning to be Humane: with ...Daniel Song

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Much of the writing originally came about through singing, and others were originally spoken aloud as prose, some of which have been molded into catchy melodies. “”Please do not be negatively influenced by these things.

There is always a … more

Learning to be Humane: with People, through Pain, and through Pleasure.
Daniel Song
Booktango , English
Footpath: Tommy's Book Of Poetry - Tommy Rhys Andrews

Footpath: Tommy's Book Of PoetryTommy Rhys Andrews

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I have written poetry for a decade now, all the poems that I have written, I have included in my book.My book is a way of explaining the thoughts that has been in my head throughout my life and I am ready for people to read my work and kno… more

Footpath: Tommy’s Book Of Poetry
Tommy Rhys Andrews
Xlibris , English
Lifeline - through the dark waters - James  Allison

Lifeline - through the dark watersJames Allison

From 2009 through 2010 I was homeless. During that time I managed to write what would become two books of poetry, dealing with my ups and my downs. Dark Waters was published first and received a nice recognition from the Washington Post. By… more

Lifeline - through the dark waters
James Allison
The Undesirable Black Diamon... - Sally R. McGoon

The Undesirable Black Diamon...Sally R. McGoon

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A story of an unknown child, lost, forgotten, misunderstood and struggling to be remembered. Regardless of how she attempted it, she sensed deep within she was created for greatness. Life was not always kind, every corner presented the unkn… more

The Undesirable Black Diamond: Broken, Unpolished, Extracted And Refined For Perfection
Sally R. McGoon
Xlibris , English


From the depths of my Soul i give you a portion of meso you can feel what i feel and see what i seebut not with your eyes for i see with my eyes closedevery morning GOD awakes me with new merciesand I thank HIM, I start instantly humbling m… more

CONVERSATIONS WITH MY SOUL: (The Origin of a Poet Laureate)
Elgin A. Pierre
Authorhouse , English
Descent of the Spirit - Al Ferber

Descent of the SpiritAl Ferber

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Catholics are born with tainted souls besmirched by a strange unspecified thing called original sin. Buddhists see all of life as suffering. The spirit is dragged through life enduring a seeming endless series of indignities occasionally s… more

Descent of the Spirit
Al Ferber
Xlibris , English
Hell Soup and Coagulations - Michael Mark McManus

Hell Soup and CoagulationsMichael Mark McManus

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Canadian poetry

Hell Soup and Coagulations
Michael Mark McManus
Michael Mark McManus , English
Touched by God - Mark Anthony Cowan

Touched by GodMark Anthony Cowan

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Touched by God is an eclectic collection of soul-searching and motivational poems inspired by the Holy Spirit. It has several chapters, each with its compilation of germane poems to uplift, challenge, and bless. Poems on prayer prepare the … more

Touched by God
Mark Anthony Cowan
AuthorHouse , English
SINNING STONE - Shpetim Kastrati

SINNING STONEShpetim Kastrati

Shpetim Kastrati’s poetry constitutes a deep investigation of the world and the circumstances impacting it. An evocative and deeply meditative experience which readily emerges amidst a system of symbols and phenomena, his lines create warm… more

Shpetim Kastrati
Xlibris , English
Building for Ministry:The Bo... - Richard C. White

Building for Ministry:The Bo...Richard C. White

Building for Ministry has been deemed an “essential read” for pastors, building committee chairmen and seminary students who are, or will be, confronted with the prospects of expanding their ministry through building. This volume deals wit… more

Building for Ministry:The Book That Will Save Your Church 1,000’s of Dollars
Richard C. White
AuthorHouse , English