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Translations of Love - Philip Joe Zamora 2

Translations of LovePhilip Joe Zamora 2

I guess this is independent poetry because my words are like curbs good for skateboarding. I guess these sentences are for the youths’ relentless ways. Poetry is just boring bliss. Be ready to be moved by the words that just improve in time… more

Translations of Love
Philip Joe Zamora 2
AuthorHouse , English
Treasures Buried Within : Ex... - Erica Young

Treasures Buried Within : Ex...Erica Young

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Erica Young in her first book of POETRY writeswith passion, clarity and depth. She has a true gift.As she bares her heart and soul, you will feel herfears, her struggles and you will find yourselfeuphoric with triumph as she succeeds.Each p… more

Treasures Buried Within : Experience the Triumph
Erica Young
Biographical Publishing Company , English
Words that sound like freedom - Andrew Marshall Jr.

Words that sound like freedomAndrew Marshall Jr.

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WORDS THAT SOUND LIKE FREEDOM is the secondinstallment of original poems written with the sole purpose ofexamining that kindred spirit, and fi nding a harmonious placewithin the universe. There is nothing new under the sun, and asmuch as a… more

Words that sound like freedom
Andrew Marshall Jr.
Xlibris , English
Sea Snails on a Black Chow's... - Keith Harvey

Sea Snails on a Black Chow's...Keith Harvey

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At the conclusion of Keith Harvey’s novel, Cave Gossip, the protagonist recites an aphorism: being in being is. Sea Snails on a Black Chow’s Tongue explores the meaning of this aphorism. The poems in this collection, then, deal with man’s … more

Sea Snails on a Black Chow’s Tongue: or, a Castaway’s Poems in a Bottle
Keith Harvey
iUniverse , English
Adrift in the Wilds - Edward Ellis

Adrift in the WildsEdward Ellis

One beautiful misummer night in 18— a large, heavily laden steamer was making her way swiftly up the Pacific coast, in the direction of San Francisco. She was opposite the California shore, only a day’s sail distant from the City of the Go… more

Adrift in the Wilds
Edward Ellis
Somebody Extraordinary Out There - Anne R. Hughes

Somebody Extraordinary Out ThereAnne R. Hughes

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“Somebody Extraordinary Out There” is a collection of prayers and poems meant to encourage you to evaluate your own life. The words are the heart of Anne Hughes poured out onto paper. These poems will lead you through the tough times to all… more

Somebody Extraordinary Out There
Anne R. Hughes
iUniverse , English
Box Of Pain, Box Of Fear - Bill Garten

Box Of Pain, Box Of FearBill Garten

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Award-winning poet Bill Garten invites us to embark on a journey of the heart, soul and spirit. In Box Of Pain, Box Of Fear, he uses his reflective confessional style to once more impact our daily lives. These are poems that deliver vivid i… more

Box Of Pain, Box Of Fear
Bill Garten
AuthorHouse , English
God's Exceeding Abundance - Linda  Stephens-Shaw

God's Exceeding AbundanceLinda Stephens-Shaw

Linda Stephens-Shaw was born in Dayton, Ohio on December 7, 1945. During Linda’s deep struggles and circumstance that lead to massive deep depression, she began to journal her inner feelings of pain and anguish. This writing brought forth … more

God’s Exceeding Abundance
Linda Stephens-Shaw
PublishAmerica , English
Hearts On Fire - T.S. Robinson

Hearts On FireT.S. Robinson

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Hearts On Fire by T.S. Robinson

Hearts On Fire
T.S. Robinson
Xlibris , English
Sea of Pools - Kevin Robinson

Sea of PoolsKevin Robinson

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We can only really know about love and life in hindsight. Looking back on this linier poetic experiment called the Sea trilogy, I’ve learnt a lot about what is important about the “bigger experiment.” Through poetry I have been able to lo… more

Sea of Pools
Kevin Robinson
AuthorHouse , English
Salmos from South Bethlehem:... - Pamela Smith

Salmos from South Bethlehem:...Pamela Smith

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Salmos from South Bethlehem: An Advent Memoirby Pamela Smith

Salmos from South Bethlehem: An Advent Memoir
Pamela Smith
Trafford , English
Remarkable Man: Five Poems C... - Virgie Pradia

Remarkable Man: Five Poems C...Virgie Pradia

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”“Your poetry always fill me with joy and hope. These poems are deep, and they send such a beautiful message of pride and strength of our black men! Keep writing.”“-Gwen Antoine, English TeacherNever before has a female author depicted a m… more

Remarkable Man: Five Poems Celebrating Men
Virgie Pradia
iUniverse , English
A Mouth For Picket Fences - Barry Napier

A Mouth For Picket FencesBarry Napier

The bulk of the poems within are mostly dark, but not so dark that they would fall neatly into the genre of “horror poetry.” The collection deals with normal people, assumed to be living within the same neighborhood or town, and how they ar… more

A Mouth For Picket Fences
Barry Napier
Needfire Poetry , English
CRACKED INSIDE OUT - Sandra Martin Benton aka God's Poet

CRACKED INSIDE OUTSandra Martin Benton aka God's Poet

Each poem tells a story to which you can relate and understand. I’ve lived what you will read about and believe me, there’s a poem to fit where you are now, have been, or perhaps will be in life.These poems are to speak life, give hope, and… more

Sandra Martin Benton aka God’s Poet
Red Lead Press , English
The Colors of a Woman - Shannon Johnson

The Colors of a WomanShannon Johnson

The Colors of a Woman is a book of poetry that spans the course of a woman’s lifetime. The book starts in middle childhood and ends at motherhood. The goal of the book is to uncover the emotions of a girl’s transition into adulthood and to … more

The Colors of a Woman
Shannon Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
Tastebuds - Christiana  Harrell

TastebudsChristiana Harrell

Cancer {not the zodiac}I seem to have this problem worrying about tomorrowWhen I haven’t even made it half-way through todayMy mind wanders aimlesslyTrying to see a future that the Omega has already createdI can’t lose her now…I didn’t need… more

Christiana Harrell
More Misery Than Joy - John  Burke

More Misery Than JoyJohn Burke

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More Misery Than Joy is a warm and witty collection of poetry that reveals the essence of author John Burkes view of the world. Touching and yet humorous, the best introduction to his poetry his own poetic invitation: About The Book Warning… more

More Misery Than Joy
John Burke
Trafford , English