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Patches Of Life - Pamela Anderson

Patches Of LifePamela Anderson

This book of poetry is part of a collection of poems written over many years.The poems contained in this book are written from either the experiences of the author or from close friends. The poems contained in this book will touch on nearl… more

Patches Of Life
Pamela Anderson
AuthorHouse , English
Falling In and Out - Jacqueline B. Pritchett

Falling In and OutJacqueline B. Pritchett

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Come join a young girl on her poetic journey through love and chaos as she discovers the joy and pain of becoming a woman. Each poetic verse reveals her passion for seeking the truth within her world. Her purposeful lessons are creatively a… more

Falling In and Out
Jacqueline B. Pritchett
AuthorHouse , English
The Alchemy of Perception - Daniel Ryan

The Alchemy of PerceptionDaniel Ryan

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The Alchemy of Perception is more than just a collection of abstract and sometimes cryptic poetry–it is an accumulation of philosophical ideas extracted from a diverse range of influences such as Mythology, Astrology, History, Occult Phi… more

The Alchemy of Perception
Daniel Ryan
AuthorHouse , English
Testify - Alex Christopher Smith

TestifyAlex Christopher Smith

This book Testify is a book of not just poems but a book to encourage someone that there is true love from above. I write so someone may understand that through my poetry and art, that through faith there is always a new fresh start. When y… more

Alex Christopher Smith
Xlibris , English
Where the Honey Meets the Wildcat - Joshua C. Allen

Where the Honey Meets the WildcatJoshua C. Allen

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The poetry of Joshua C. Allen. With these poems, he relays the magnificence that existence has offered him. With these poems, he will live forever. The poems are placed in chronological order so the reader can see the author evolve from con… more

Where the Honey Meets the Wildcat
Joshua C. Allen
BookBaby , English
Endless Shadows - Daniel A. Young

Endless ShadowsDaniel A. Young

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Endless Shadows dance to and fro causing insanity to one and all. It is true, and if you don’t believe me, Read my book, and you shall see for the Endless Shadows will get you too just as they have gotten to me!

Endless Shadows
Daniel A. Young
Xlibris , English
Life's Introspections Vol IV... - L. Dwight Lewis

Life's Introspections Vol IV...L. Dwight Lewis

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One is invited to review an open diary, found: unexpectedly, bearing witness to the longing for love, a passion lost, the wisdom of hindsight, wet dreams, forlorn apologies and the challenge of the dare.

Life’s Introspections Vol IV: A Faint Heart’s Plea
L. Dwight Lewis
L. Dwight Lewis , English
The Third Eye of Alley Cat Slick - Alley Cat Slick

The Third Eye of Alley Cat SlickAlley Cat Slick

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The Third Eye of Alley Cat SlickBy:Alley Cat Slick

The Third Eye of Alley Cat Slick
Alley Cat Slick
Authorhouse , English
Impact and Illumination: (A ... - Aluta  Nite

Impact and Illumination: (A ...Aluta Nite

This manuscript is the third in a collection of seventy free verse and lyrics for adults and youth, about serious issues on planet Earth. The book is a continuation of the first and second in the collections titled ”Scions of the Universe… more

Impact and Illumination: (A Collection of Prose-Poetry): Must Will Self to Continue
Aluta Nite
PublishAmerica , English
The System of Nature, Volume 1 - Baron D'Holbach

The System of Nature, Volume 1Baron D'Holbach

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The System of Nature, Volume 1
Baron D’Holbach
Public Domain Books , English
torn from two ends - Michael A. Jones

torn from two endsMichael A. Jones

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Dive deeper than (maggots & horseflies), into the mind of madness as Michael A. Jones seemingly jumps of the edge of sanity in this book of short poems. If you like the dark, and are A.A.D.H.D. then this is a book for your reading enjoyment… more

torn from two ends
Michael A. Jones
Booktango , English


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LEGACY IN WORDSI ponder what I can leaveMy children when I’m gone,For I don’t have a lot of money,Nor a great big fancy home.They will have some memoriesBut those will surely fade.What tangible thing can I leave,To remind them of my place.I… more

Trafford , English
Christopher Columbus - Margo Snyder

Christopher ColumbusMargo Snyder

Christopher Columbus at the gates of the monastery of Santa Maria de la Rabida with his son Diego Image Life of Christopher Columbus Images of Columbus before the Queen


The results of the first voyage, aside from the discovery of… more

Christopher Columbus
Margo Snyder
M.M. Snyder , English
Wish You Were Here - Lexi Hilife

Wish You Were HereLexi Hilife

This book is a collection of Lexi Hilife’s poetry, thoughts, and ideas. Before her death in 2008, she wanted this book to be published and see the light of day. Lexi’s passing was a sure loss to loved ones and friends that knew this uni… more

Wish You Were Here
Lexi Hilife
If the Shoe fit, don't blame me - Rosie L. Bryant

If the Shoe fit, don't blame meRosie L. Bryant

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If the shoe fit, don’t blame me is a collection of poems that focus on the evils of alcohol, drugs, disobedience and irresponsibility to redemption and love. Rosie’s first poem, “At the funeral” tells a story of an individual attending a fu… more

If the Shoe fit, don’t blame me
Rosie L. Bryant
AuthorHouse , English
THE COST OF LIVING: The New ... - merrit malloy

THE COST OF LIVING: The New ...merrit malloy

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THE COST OF LIVING: The New Work of Merrit Malloy
merrit malloy
iUniverse , English
Poems For The Soul: Poems To... - Jeraldine Smith, Irving A. Bryant

Poems For The Soul: Poems To...Jeraldine Smith, Irving A. Bryant

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Poems to address the many stages and experiences life’s challenges can bring.

Poems For The Soul: Poems To Address The Many Stages and Experiences Life’s Challenges Can Bring
Jeraldine Smith, Irving A. Bryant
Tracy K. Lewis , English