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"Just For You" - George Perez

"Just For You"George Perez

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It has been a long time dream for George Perez to write books. He is a gifted and talented person who writes poems in a matter of minutes. His fi rst published poem, “Love from Above” won fi rst place as the best poem submitted and publish… more

Just For You”
George Perez
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Poems of Colin J,,, - Colin J...

Poems of Colin J,,,Colin J...

Forty (40) Poems from Colin J…Love, Anguish, feeling, etc…

Poems of Colin J,,,
Colin J…
Colin J… , English
The Weeks - John Cole

The WeeksJohn Cole

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I wrote this book for the women that don’t like me. So they can know how I feel inside. And all the other men just like me. My look says it all, and that’s why allot of women don’t want to talk to me. But that’s ok you’re not right for me … more

The Weeks
John Cole
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Colors and Light - Nico  Wiersema

Colors and LightNico Wiersema

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This selection of poetry consists of thoughts and observations about living in two worlds, living in a new world, and seeing important people come and go and the sense of loss and hope combined.

Colors and Light
Nico Wiersema
Mountains and Valleys - Wilma J. Johnson

Mountains and ValleysWilma J. Johnson

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My book is a result of my faith in God and my love for Him. Afterbecoming a Christian, about 12 years ago, I ask God for a gift I couldgive back to Him in praise. He gave me poetry. I began to write thesepoems in a notebook. God told me to… more

Mountains and Valleys
Wilma J. Johnson
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Poems That Make My Mother Cr... - Cynthia Ann Boesen Parker

Poems That Make My Mother Cr...Cynthia Ann Boesen Parker

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About the author Meet me, Cynthia Ann Boesen Parker. I was born October 9, 1964. I am from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and live in Sarasota, Florida.The early years of my life have influenced my entire remainder of my life. I went through neu… more

Poems That Make My Mother Cry with Joy
Cynthia Ann Boesen Parker
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Heart... Who Goes There? - Kevin D.  Burns Jr.

Heart... Who Goes There?Kevin D. Burns Jr.

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“Heart…Who Goes there” is a thought provoking book of poetry which explores the author’s different paradigms of love. The author uses vivid imagery through poetry to describe his experiences of love. Any reader young or old can relate to th… more

Heart… Who Goes There?
Kevin D. Burns Jr.
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Dying to Live - Sonya  M. Hayes

Dying to LiveSonya M. Hayes

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Dying to live is a book filled with all types of poems for everyday life. Reading this book of poems will give some incite of some situations that people have endured, while trying to regain their lives back. Dealing with these situations i… more

Dying to Live
Sonya M. Hayes
Xlibris , English
Eating Chocolates (Box of Ch... - Deanna Repose Oaks

Eating Chocolates (Box of Ch...Deanna Repose Oaks

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Eating ChocolatesSitting here, eating the chocolates out of the boxWorking toward something more Wondering if they taste better nowThan they ever would have beforeTrying to get my thoughts onto the pageThoughts relatable to youAnxious to im… more

Eating Chocolates (Box of Chocolates)
Deanna Repose Oaks
Coincidental Repertoire - Cliff Hays

Coincidental RepertoireCliff Hays

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A book of 40 poems, best described as a random albeit rhythmic jocular romp, having aperiodic undernotes of seriousness.

Coincidental Repertoire
Cliff Hays
Observations at the End of D... - Michael Hall

Observations at the End of D...Michael Hall

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You are not alone in thinking that something is going to happen here on this planet real soon. This is written for those who feel something incredible is imminent. This a book written concerning the upside down times we are living in whe… more

Observations at the End of Days by Michael Hall
Michael Hall
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Love Seems To Be Something L... - Andreas Thomas

Love Seems To Be Something L...Andreas Thomas

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Again and again in this collection, Andreas Thomas returns to this mysterious predicament: why is it that the human being seems to take such a perverse, if guilt-ridden, delight in actively shunning the good? Life would obviously be easier… more

Love Seems To Be Something Like That
Andreas Thomas
iUniverse , English
Poems of Rupert Brooke, 1905... - Rupert Brooke

Poems of Rupert Brooke, 1905...Rupert Brooke

Second Best Day That I Have Loved Sleeping Out: Full Moon In Examination Pine-Trees and the Sky: Evening Wagner The Vision of the Archangels Seaside On the Death of Smet-Smet, the Hippopotamus-Goddess The Song of the Pilgrims The Song of th… more

Poems of Rupert Brooke, 1905-1911, and 1914
Rupert Brooke
Moments Of The Heart And Min... - T T Kane

Moments Of The Heart And Min...T T Kane

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3rd book in the Journeys collection. Focusing on moments that complete the story of a life in poetry.

Moments Of The Heart And Mind (Journeys)
T T Kane
Sunny Rain Books , English
The Divine Comedy: Dante's I... - Dante Algihieri

The Divine Comedy: Dante's I...Dante Algihieri

The Divine Comedy is a 14th century epic poem that takes readers into the depths of Hell, through Purgatory and finally to Heaven. The poem is an imaginative and allegorical vision of the Christian afterlife through the eyes of Dante.

The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Inferno (Hell, Purgatory and Paradise)
Dante Algihieri
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can - Charol Messenger

I'm Dancing as Fast as I CanCharol Messenger

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A startlingly honest portrait of a woman’s sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality … and the seeming madness of a passionate life. Visual and emotional narratives on romantic love and the soul, a lifetime of falling in and out of love a… more

I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can
Charol Messenger
L'arrogance de la Jeunesse -... - William Howard Kazarian

L'arrogance de la Jeunesse -...William Howard Kazarian

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The fascination for poetry, along with classical music and liturgy, began at an early age. In this collection of verse and prose-poems, themes range from childhood recollections to contemporary issues to the whimsical. L’arrogance de la J… more

L’arrogance de la Jeunesse - The Swagger of Youth: A Collection of Verse
William Howard Kazarian
AuthorHouse , English
Psycho Boulevard: poetry and... - Dennis Doph

Psycho Boulevard: poetry and...Dennis Doph

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THE REASON FOR PSYCHO BOULEVARDThere had to be something beyond Apocalypse (Maybe). The authorHas searched the bowels (?) of his soul trying to find what makes himActually tick. Apocalypse taps into the anger and the lust. Psycho Boule… more

Psycho Boulevard: poetry and essays with a difference
Dennis Doph
Xlibris , English