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Misery Doesn't Always Love Company - Mark A. McDonald

Misery Doesn't Always Love CompanyMark A. McDonald

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Misery Doesn’t Always Love Company
Mark A. McDonald
Xlibris , English
Issues, Tissues and Miss Yous - Mike Haszto

Issues, Tissues and Miss YousMike Haszto

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The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Not only physically does it keep all of us alive, but mentally and spiritually it works overtime to keep all of us somewhat balanced, happy and in the game of life.As we all kno… more

Issues, Tissues and Miss Yous
Mike Haszto
AuthorHouse , English
A Sampler of Uncommon Sense ... - George L. Hand

A Sampler of Uncommon Sense ...George L. Hand

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This book follows the popular, “”Huckleberry Days,”” The author’s poetic presentation of the good old ways. Common sense is not so common you’ll find. Lack of sense is a great resource to be mined. This poet points out where we go astray. S… more

A Sampler of Uncommon Sense and Good Times/ Emotional Trips, Whimsy and More in Rhymes: Poems That Say What They Mean in Rhyme
George L. Hand
iUniverse , English
Let Me Take You There... - Tiffany Cisco

Let Me Take You There...Tiffany Cisco

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Anthology brimming with sentiments so many readers can relate to, Putting everyday emotions into the fore and blending them into a mix that one can get dizzy from or addicted to is what the author has stirringly done in these poetic pieces…. more

Let Me Take You There…
Tiffany Cisco
Xlibris , English
The Hills of Circleville - Amy J. Cooper

The Hills of CirclevilleAmy J. Cooper

It’s a collection of photographs,All black and white. It’s a gallery of poetry,Describing the sites, Of Pickaway County, Hocking Hills,And of finding home in Circleville.The photos are of fields and streams,Of coffee cups and ordinary thin… more

The Hills of Circleville
Amy J. Cooper
AuthorHouse , English
The Aeneid: (Penguin Classic... - Virgil Virgil

The Aeneid: (Penguin Classic...Virgil Virgil

From the award-winning translator of The Iliad and The Odyssey comes a brilliant new translation of Virgil’s great epic With his translations of Homer’s classic poems, Robert Fagles gave new life to seminal works of the Western canon and b… more

The Aeneid: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
Virgil Virgil
Penguin Classic
Reflections of Inspiration - Olivia King

Reflections of InspirationOlivia King

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Reflections of Inspiration by: Olivia King

Reflections of Inspiration
Olivia King
Xlibris , English
Love Child - RoShawn T. Ford

Love ChildRoShawn T. Ford

This poetry book will hopefully give the readers a look at themselves in relation to the world of experiences.  The reader must surrender to the impact of these poems as RoShawn Ford takes you on a bold and intimate journey.  These poems ar… more

Love Child
RoShawn T. Ford
AuthorHouse , English
Moving Forward On My Journey... - S. King-Livingston

Moving Forward On My Journey...S. King-Livingston

Moving Forward on My Journey “”sdrawkcaB”” (Backwards)This book is an imaginative depiction of the trials and tribulations of African Americans, pre civil rights and the constantant post civil rights struggle to be accepted as equal to all… more

Moving Forward On My Journey sdrawkcaB (Backwards):An Uninterrupted Journey through the Passages of My Mind
S. King-Livingston
AuthorHouse , English
It's Done - Judith Jones

It's DoneJudith Jones

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It’s Done
Judith Jones
AuthorHouse , English
The Poet's Tree of Poetry - John Golden

The Poet's Tree of PoetryJohn Golden

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Insightful, amusing, endearing, playful and creative, these are just a few words that describe The Poet’s Tree of Poetry. Written by John Golden, this exciting compilation shares an eclectic set of poems, quotations, pictures and inspirin… more

The Poet’s Tree of Poetry
John Golden
Xlibris , English
Art and Poetry. Bilingual En... - Catalan Hunter

Art and Poetry. Bilingual En...Catalan Hunter

In this e-book you will find some of the poems that inspired many artists. We show a sample of the original creations and also some of the amazing products that can be bought in the store Catalan Hunter which is within the company www.zazzl… more

Art and Poetry. Bilingual English- Italian. Some poems. Catalan Hunter. (Neorromántica)
Catalan Hunter
Crow Search: Poems & Definitions - Dan Paul Rose

Crow Search: Poems & DefinitionsDan Paul Rose

Crow Search is as serious as it is insane. It hosts a gamut of tones presented through lyrical phrasing. It is poetry best read aloud — evoking and emphasizing these vacillating tones. On the one hand, it is personal and clearly heartfelt… more

Crow Search: Poems & Definitions
Dan Paul Rose
Trafford , English
The Darkness Looms - Josh Kunowski

The Darkness LoomsJosh Kunowski

A collection of dark poetry, mixed with love poems, from author Josh Kunowski.

The Darkness Looms
Josh Kunowski
Poet's Daffodil - Poems in Hebrew - Stephan Attia

Poet's Daffodil - Poems in HebrewStephan Attia

‘Poet’s Daffodil’ is a collection of 100 poems in Hebrew. The poet started writing this collection in exile during the late summer of 1999 in Denmark. However, only a year later that this collection was completed in Israel during the poet’s… more

Poet’s Daffodil - Poems in Hebrew
Stephan Attia
Stephan Attia , English
Life Love and Other Stuff - Donna Susan West

Life Love and Other StuffDonna Susan West

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Introducing my first book, Life, Love and Other Stuff. This book contains bits and pieces of life and love in the form of short stories and poetry. Some of these stories are ‘lead in’s to other books which are already being written. You wi… more

Life Love and Other Stuff
Donna Susan West
Xlibris , English


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We wrote Shared Shoes to help people realize that no matter how tough life may be they are not alone. We all share the same issues in life in some way or fashion. For example, We all have some kind of addiction rather it’s alcoholism, drug … more

Authorhouse , English