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This Same JesusGladys C. Young

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Gladys Young a native of Columbia, South Carolina, the fourth child of ten children. She and her husband Nathaniel are the proud parents of four children; Malinda, Thomas, Brian and Carlton. Gladys is the Executive Director of Kindred Hear… more

This Same Jesus
Gladys C. Young
Xlibris , English

FragileGeoff Thompson

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Geoff Thompson’s writing is raw, direct and uncompromising - Fragile is a perfect production.” * - The Public Reviews”No one can be trusted, even those that you love, especially those that you love.“‘One’ is a middle age man still tryi… more

Geoff Thompson


The Oresteia is a trilogy of Greek tragedies written by Aeschylus which concerns the end of the curse on the House of Atreus. When originally performed it was accompanied by Proteus, a satyr play that would have been performed following th… more


Las Euménides (La Orestíada)...Esquilo

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Euménides es la última obra de la Orestíada de Esquilo. Las Erinias, innombrables, por eso se utiliza el eufemismo Euménides (benévolas), son las diosas de la venganza que persiguen a Orestes por la muerte de su madre Clitemnestra. La escen… more

Las Euménides (La Orestíada) (Spanish Edition)

Lombard (The Hollywood Legends)Michael B. Druxman

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A one-woman play in two-acts about the life and times of Carole Lombard. [Acting Edition] “LOMBARD is an engrossing one-woman show…Druxman’s writing is crisp and informative, his direction spry.” — Glendale News-Press. This study of Holl… more

Lombard (The Hollywood Legends)
Michael B. Druxman
CreateSpace , English

Poona the F***dog and other ...Jeff Goode

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cast of 8-17, depending on doubling.Once upon a time there was a Fuck Dog. Named Poona. Poona was a very lonely Fuck Dog until one day she was visited by her Fairy God Phallus and taught how to play a fun game in her big pink box. Poona sud… more

Poona the F***dog and other plays for children (not a play for children)
Jeff Goode
Original Works Publishing , English

Anton Chekhov: The Complete ...Anton Chekhov

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The Complete Collection of Anton Chekhov’s plays. The Russian playwright remains today as relevant as ever before and here you can read all his plays in chronological order and see how the writer’s skill developed. Perfect for any students,… more

Anton Chekhov: The Complete Plays Collection
Anton Chekhov

Áyax (Spanish Edition)Sófocles

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Áyax es una tragedia de Sófocles. Tanto la fecha de su escritura como la de su primera representación son desconocidas, pero es considerada por la mayoría de eruditos clásicos como uno de sus primeros trabajos, alrededor de los 450 aC a 430… more

Áyax (Spanish Edition)

The God BotherersRichard Bean

The borders don’t make any sense, there’s no rule of law, no running water, you never know when the electric’s on, the last war’s fucked everything, and the next war will fuck everything else” A dark and deeply funny tale of foreign aid wo… more

The God Botherers
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English

HarvestRichard Bean

On 14th May 1875 Lord Primrose Agar, drunk as a skunk, wagered one of his tenant farmers, Orlando Harrison, that his border collie pup Jip would outlive the 94 year-old Harrison. The prize would be 82 acres of up and down known as Kilham Wo… more

Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd , English


I am a professor emeritus of a famous west coast university where I taught for nearly 30 years. My wife and I live in Manhattan Beach, CA and are happily within easy walking distance of our three extraordinary children, all successful in th… more

Sam Armato
Xlibris , English

The MentalistsRichard Bean

War, poverty, corruption, spiralling taxes, bad behaviour, inter-personal violence and over-population. Do these things worry you?Middle-aged manager Ted, hits on a utopian plan to change the way we live in this darkly funny play.

The Mentalists
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English

Under the WhalebackRichard Bean

The life of Darrel Ascough, a Hull trawlerman, is played out in three acts in the crew’s quarters of a distant water trawler: First, at sixteen, Darrel is a deckie learner on the Kingston Jet. Here he meets Hull’s “one man circus” Cassidy, … more

Under the Whaleback
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English

8:55, Tech Center Drive (a t...Eric Eberwein

Comedy1 Male, 1 Female + voiceoverSynops: A Friday morning conference call warps into weirdness as two co-workers unveil sexual and social secrets. The office park façade melts away in a provocative comedy about the masks we put on at work… more

8:55, Tech Center Drive (a ten minute play) (eTens)
Eric Eberwein
Original Works Publishing , English

PygmalionGeorge Bernard Shaw

No editorial review available.
George Bernard Shaw

SLUT - a one woman playBrenda McFarlane

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Genre: Comedy 1 Female Matilda McHartle would describe herself as a perfectly ordinary person and her behavior as completely normal for a single woman in her thirties. She’d admit to being a little quirky for an accountant but she’d never g… more

SLUT - a one woman play
Brenda McFarlane
Original Works Publishing , English

John Howard Lawson's GentlewomanJohn Howard Lawson

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In master playwright, John Howard Lawson’s second Group Theatre produced play, Gentlewoman opened on Broadway only two days after his play The Pure in Heart. Though it would only last a few weeks, it became an important play in American The… more

John Howard Lawson’s Gentlewoman
John Howard Lawson
ReGroup Theatre Company , English

Five Fair Play DramasCally Phillips

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Five short dramas with a fair-trade flavour.If you are interested in Fair Trade you should read these short dramas by Cally Phillips. Originally performed in 2007 and 2008 these plays are a humorous take on a serious issue. They are flexibl… more

Five Fair Play Dramas
Cally Phillips
HoAmPresst Publishing , English

Let It Be - A saga of love. ...Johnny Mack

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A dramatic play, in three acts.Jesse is a dreamer. Haunted by the ghosts of his past, he has all but cut ties with his family and home and moved into the city where he hopes to build a new life and find his ‘one true love’.Colin is an addi… more

Let It Be - A saga of love. A story of life.
Johnny Mack
Johnny D. Mack , English

Prometeo encadenado (Spanish...Esquilo

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Prometeo encadenado es una tragedia de la antigua Grecia, tradicionalmente atribuida a Esquilo, pero actualmente es considerada por muchos eruditos el trabajo de otra mano, quizás durante el siglo IV a. C. Sin embargo, todavía es incluida n… more

Prometeo encadenado (Spanish Edition)