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ORESTEIA - Aeschylus


The Oresteia is a trilogy of Greek tragedies written by Aeschylus which concerns the end of the curse on the House of Atreus. When originally performed it was accompanied by Proteus, a satyr play that would have been performed following th… more



I am a professor emeritus of a famous west coast university where I taught for nearly 30 years. My wife and I live in Manhattan Beach, CA and are happily within easy walking distance of our three extraordinary children, all successful in th… more

Sam Armato
Xlibris , English
The Mentalists - Richard Bean

The MentalistsRichard Bean

War, poverty, corruption, spiralling taxes, bad behaviour, inter-personal violence and over-population. Do these things worry you?Middle-aged manager Ted, hits on a utopian plan to change the way we live in this darkly funny play.

The Mentalists
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English
Harvest - Richard Bean

HarvestRichard Bean

On 14th May 1875 Lord Primrose Agar, drunk as a skunk, wagered one of his tenant farmers, Orlando Harrison, that his border collie pup Jip would outlive the 94 year-old Harrison. The prize would be 82 acres of up and down known as Kilham Wo… more

Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd , English
The God Botherers - Richard Bean

The God BotherersRichard Bean

The borders don’t make any sense, there’s no rule of law, no running water, you never know when the electric’s on, the last war’s fucked everything, and the next war will fuck everything else” A dark and deeply funny tale of foreign aid wo… more

The God Botherers
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English
Under the Whaleback - Richard Bean

Under the WhalebackRichard Bean

The life of Darrel Ascough, a Hull trawlerman, is played out in three acts in the crew’s quarters of a distant water trawler: First, at sixteen, Darrel is a deckie learner on the Kingston Jet. Here he meets Hull’s “one man circus” Cassidy, … more

Under the Whaleback
Richard Bean
Oberon Books Ltd. , English
4 Plays by Eugene O'Neil (An... - Eugene O'Neill

4 Plays by Eugene O'Neil (An...Eugene O'Neill

Classic plays portrayed brilliantly by the world know O’Neill

Eugene O’Neill filled his plays with rich characterization and innovative language.

4 Plays by Eugene O’Neil (Annotated)
Eugene O’Neill
Playwriting Seminars 2.0: A ... - Richard Toscan

Playwriting Seminars 2.0: A ...Richard Toscan

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Playwriting Seminars is “a treasure-trove of information, philosophy, and inspiration” (Theatre Journal), “an absolutely essential guide to all aspects of playwriting and a valuable whitewater raft trip down the rapids of Hollywood screenwr… more

Playwriting Seminars 2.0: A Handbook on the Art and Craft of Dramatic Writing with an Introduction to Screenwriting
Richard Toscan
Theft of Souls: The Trial of... - Glenn Ashton

Theft of Souls: The Trial of...Glenn Ashton

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Every now and then a convulsive heave of History throws up a man or a woman who steps forward, grips History by the scruff of its neck, and makes it move in a direction he or she has chosen.Such a man was T.E. Lawrence, known to the world a… more

Theft of Souls: The Trial of Lawrence of Arabia
Glenn Ashton
Glenn Ashton , English
The Choephori (The Oresteia Book 2) - Aeschylus

The Choephori (The Oresteia Book 2)Aeschylus

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The Oresteia, the only work complete (save a few missing lines in several spots), trilogy of Greek plays by any playwright still extant is the Oresteia (458 BC); although the satyr play that originally followed it, Proteus, is lost except f… more

The Choephori (The Oresteia Book 2)
When God Cries - Doug Moody

When God CriesDoug Moody

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When God Cries is an emotionally charged theatrical juggernaut from the brilliant mind of playwright Doug Moody.When a man is given community service he is sent to pay his penance at a church social club for wayward children. The man decide… more

When God Cries
Doug Moody
The Persians - Aeschylus

The PersiansAeschylus

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The Persians is an Athenian tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus. First produced in 472 BCE, it is the oldest surviving play in the history of theatre, is based on experiences in Aeschylus’s own life, specifically the Battle of… more

The Persians
Charlie's Hock Shop - Doug Moody

Charlie's Hock ShopDoug Moody

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Charlie’s Hock Shop is a thrilling theatrical juggernaut by master playwright Doug Moody.Charlie runs a hock shop which is frequented by assorted deadbeats. One of his customers is a hopeless gambler called Roger who never wins a trick. Whe… more

Charlie’s Hock Shop
Doug Moody
Betrayed The Nation - Doug Moody

Betrayed The NationDoug Moody

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Betrayed The Nation is a quick witted political satire from the mind of Doug Moody.Moody takes us on a journey through time and we find that in every decade and in every generation the nation has been betrayed by politicians who have been o… more

Betrayed The Nation
Doug Moody
Saving Kurt - Cleveland McLeish

Saving KurtCleveland McLeish

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Donald Fattadon is the pastor of a spiritually dead church, husband of a fearful wife and father of a confused young woman. They live on the border of a community called Nineveh. They try to exist as a normal family, but when God talks to D… more

Saving Kurt
Cleveland McLeish
Heart of a Christian Playwright , English
The Cosmosis of Debbie Kovich - Doug Moody

The Cosmosis of Debbie KovichDoug Moody

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The Cosmosis of Debbie Kovich is a fast paced high school drama by renowned playwright Doug Moody.Debbie is a high spirited girl and a rabble rousing trouble maker from way back. She stirs up her gang to get involved in all kinds of outrage… more

The Cosmosis of Debbie Kovich
Doug Moody
Marlowe: Complete Plays (Everyman) - Christopher Marlowe

Marlowe: Complete Plays (Everyman)Christopher Marlowe

Blasphemy, perversion, defiance and transgression…in a series of compelling tragedies, Marlowe challenged every authority of heaven and earth. From the proud wrath of Tamburlaine, the tyrant of Asia, to the racked anguish of Edward II, hi… more

Marlowe: Complete Plays (Everyman)
Christopher Marlowe
Phoenix , English
The Grounding of Snooty - Doug Moody

The Grounding of SnootyDoug Moody

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The Grounding of Snooty is a spectacular play from Doug Moody, one of the greatest playwrights ever to put pen to paper.Snooty is a highly educated young girl who finds herself in the middle of a festering boil. The boil in question is a lu… more

The Grounding of Snooty
Doug Moody


Euripides (Ancient Greek: Ευριπίδης) (ca. 480 BC–406 BC) was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Athens (the other two being Aeschylus and Sophocles).[Source: Wikipedia.org]Contents:Alcestis (438 BC, second prize) Medea (431… more

Classics-Unbound , English
Sludge - Doug Moody

SludgeDoug Moody

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Doug Moody’s spectacular musical play Sludge pays homage to the majestic Rock and Roll era with ‘boppy’ dance numbers, beautiful chord progressions and catchy songs.We meet a family of poor but honest gypsy women who run a car wrecking yard… more

Doug Moody