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The Visual Enneagram - Aine Ni Cheallaigh

The Visual EnneagramAine Ni Cheallaigh

The Enneagram Personality Typing System made easy and fun!Here are all nine types of the Enneagram, beautifully illustrated withrich and vibrant drawings. A quick read, this book is the perfectintroduction for those new to the Enneagram. Ea… more

The Visual Enneagram
Aine Ni Cheallaigh
Capsule Press , English


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Understanding ESTJsESTJs (Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging) personality types are our parents, bosses, and neighbors. This is a review of the ESTJ personality type and how to better understand, appreciate, and get along with them. This… more

Two Sane - Zachary Freeman

Two SaneZachary Freeman

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A psychological documentation through poetic and artistic memoirs that revealed to the author that his entries were just two different personalities of himself that were trying to communicate with each other to make them both self-aware of … more

Two Sane
Zachary Freeman
The Bodybuilder: Where Physi... - Anthony L. Pelella

The Bodybuilder: Where Physi...Anthony L. Pelella

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The Bodybuilder: Where Physical Discipline and Godly Discipleship Collide
Anthony L. Pelella
CrossBooks , English
How To Take Ownership Of You... - Michael Senoff

How To Take Ownership Of You...Michael Senoff

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It’s easy to let circumstances get you down, especially if you don’t make enough money or you hate your job. Maybe you’re in a stressful relationship or you don’t drive the nicest car. Truth is, we’re not the sum total of our possessions, o… more

How To Take Ownership Of Your Life So You Can Choose The One You Want: An Interview With Manual For Living Author Seth David Chernoff
Michael Senoff
Today's Tomorrow - Joe Robert Surber

Today's TomorrowJoe Robert Surber

Most people are not aware that much of the content of their lives is the result of their “habit cycles” of thinking, feeling, and acting. Also, many people want to improve their lives and relationships with others and/or want to make a cha… more

Today’s Tomorrow
Joe Robert Surber
Tate Publishing , English
The Path of Remembering - Maureen Kennedy

The Path of RememberingMaureen Kennedy

On a sultry August night more than twenty years ago, Maureen Kennedy was awakened by spiritual guides who directed her, a little humorously, to take dictation. This was the beginning of a more than twenty year odyssey during which she has b… more

The Path of Remembering
Maureen Kennedy
Maureen Kennedy , English
Angel in My Room: A Story of... - Betty Collier

Angel in My Room: A Story of...Betty Collier

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It has taken thirty-one years, but the story will now finally be told. It’s a story of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Lillie Hopkins had a miraculous encounter that changed her life forever on the day she gave birth to her one and only … more

Angel in My Room: A Story of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness
Betty Collier
WestBowPress , English
Infinite Creativity - Silvia Hartmann

Infinite CreativitySilvia Hartmann

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Infinite Creativity: The Project Sanctuary Story” by Silvia Hartmann was released in 2012 and comes 16 years after the original Project Sanctuary manual was released. If you are interested in unlocking your minds full potential then this b… more

Infinite Creativity
Silvia Hartmann
DragonRising Publishing , English
How can I keep breathing?: L... - Olivia Sunshine

How can I keep breathing?: L...Olivia Sunshine

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One of life’s hardest blows is to suffer the loss of a child. How Can I Keep Breathing? offers insight and validation to the initial feelings and behaviours that arise from such a trauma, including the struggle to keep on going and the var… more

How can I keep breathing?: Losing a child, a mother’s memoir.
Olivia Sunshine
BalboaPress , English
The Sociopath at the Breakfa... - Jane McGregor, Tim McGregor

The Sociopath at the Breakfa...Jane McGregor, Tim McGregor

Sociopaths can be found in every facet of life: personal relationships, work, school, and family. Most people have been in a relationship or interacted with more than one sociopath in their lifetime, often not recognizing their danger until… more

The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table: Recognizing and Dealing With Antisocial and Manipulative People
Jane McGregor, Tim McGregor
Hunter House , English
The Colors Of My Soul: A Jou... - Viki Hart and Archangel Michael

The Colors Of My Soul: A Jou...Viki Hart and Archangel Michael

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”   Just days before her mother’s death in 1995, Viki Hart is approached by four archangels and invited to visit the Angelic Realm through her mother’s open doorway. Among the angels, Viki experiences oneness, her own colorful soul, Ear… more

The Colors Of My Soul: A Journey Into Love
Viki Hart and Archangel Michael
BalboaPress , English
Adventure, Day One: 7 Positi... - P.J. Jackson

Adventure, Day One: 7 Positi...P.J. Jackson

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What if you could overcome a huge challenge in your life by choosing to be positive? When Rickey faced almost certain death from cancer, he and his wife P.J. turned to simple strategies that had seen them through some rough times in the pa… more

Adventure, Day One: 7 Positive Strategies When Life’s Journey Gets Rough
P.J. Jackson
Balboa Press , English
Remind Your Mind - Santiago Martinez

Remind Your MindSantiago Martinez

Why are you here and what is your destiny? In fact, how can you even identify your destiny. This world acclaimed publication (Remind Your Mind) gives the reader the capability of realizing how great their life really is on this planet.

Remind Your Mind
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez , English
In Touch With The Infinite (... - Thomas Leigh

In Touch With The Infinite (...Thomas Leigh

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Science tell us that a particle on one side of the universe instantly ‘knows’ what its partner particle at the other side is doing. This also tells us that information must be able to travel at ‘instant’ speeds of some level of the universe… more

In Touch With The Infinite (The Cosmic Net Book 2)
Thomas Leigh
Know Yourself: The Concise E... - Dragan Matijevic

Know Yourself: The Concise E...Dragan Matijevic

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This short book is a happiness-tool for the 21st century. The Ancient Greeks believed that to ‘know yourself’ was the key to personal fulfilment; they even had their own self-help guide on the subject in the form of the Enneagram – the nine… more

Know Yourself: The Concise Enneagram Guide
Dragan Matijevic
Pendragan Publishing , English
I'm Ok, You're Ok - Thomas Harris

I'm Ok, You're OkThomas Harris

Transactional Analysis delineates three observable ego-states (Parent, Adult, and Child) as the basis for the content and quality of interpersonal communication. “Happy childhood” notwithstanding, says Harris, most of us are living out the … more

I’m Ok, You’re Ok
Thomas Harris
Harper Perennial , English
The Shyness Solution: Easy I... - Catherine Gillet

The Shyness Solution: Easy I...Catherine Gillet

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Proven advice for dealing with shyness—in any situation! Do you ever agonize over party invitations? Steer clear of acquaintances at the grocery store? Let everyone else drive the conversation, even when you’ve got something important to c… more

The Shyness Solution: Easy Instructions for Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety
Catherine Gillet
Adams Media , English
Just How DO Affirmations Work? - May  Sinclair PhD

Just How DO Affirmations Work?May Sinclair PhD

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So, you’ve read The Secret but your life is pretty much the same. Your thoughts on abundance didn’t change that crummy job; in fact, the tedious work increased along with what you pay-out for gas to get there. You thank your coffee every … more

Just How DO Affirmations Work?
May Sinclair PhD
Experiences With Spirit - Pamela Mirabal

Experiences With SpiritPamela Mirabal

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Pamela Blackwood Mirabal, better known to friends as “One Feather,” has been on the spiritual healing path since 1975.

Pamela worked in the corporate world for GTE Directories for 15 years before starting on her personal healing path. Now… more

Experiences With Spirit
Pamela Mirabal
Pamela Blackwood Miabal , English
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