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Two Sane - Zachary Freeman

Two SaneZachary Freeman

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A psychological documentation through poetic and artistic memoirs that revealed to the author that his entries were just two different personalities of himself that were trying to communicate with each other to make them both self-aware of … more

Two Sane
Zachary Freeman
The Visual Enneagram - Aine Ni Cheallaigh

The Visual EnneagramAine Ni Cheallaigh

The Enneagram Personality Typing System made easy and fun!Here are all nine types of the Enneagram, beautifully illustrated withrich and vibrant drawings. A quick read, this book is the perfectintroduction for those new to the Enneagram. Ea… more

The Visual Enneagram
Aine Ni Cheallaigh
Capsule Press , English


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Understanding ESTJsESTJs (Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging) personality types are our parents, bosses, and neighbors. This is a review of the ESTJ personality type and how to better understand, appreciate, and get along with them. This… more

The Art of Being Alive - Rev... - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Art of Being Alive - Rev...Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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I found this book in an antique shop in Fremantle, Australia and picked it up, out of curiosity. When I flicked through the pages I was fascinated by the clarity and relevance of the few sentences I had read. I asked myself: “More than one … more

The Art of Being Alive - Revisited (Annotated): Success Through Thought
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
BookBaby , English
Spiritual Growth For Beginners - Michael Ray

Spiritual Growth For BeginnersMichael Ray

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With so much information available about spirituality, this primer covers many aspects of it in clear and concise writing. This is a great place to start for those who want the basics of the different movements and beliefs.

Spiritual Growth For Beginners
Michael Ray
Michael Ray , English
Slash IRS Back Taxes - Negot... - Gary W. Lundgren, Stuart D. Heaslet

Slash IRS Back Taxes - Negot...Gary W. Lundgren, Stuart D. Heaslet

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A GUIDE TO THE IRS OFFER IN COMPROMISE PROGRAM (2nd Edition)This no-nonsense step-by-step guide (updated in 2012) will help you or your business prepare a formal Offer in Compromise Application to the IRS to settle delinquent taxes, penalt… more

Slash IRS Back Taxes - Negotiate IRS Back Taxes for as Little as Ten Cents on the Dollar (or less)
Gary W. Lundgren, Stuart D. Heaslet
SPX Media , English
More Letters From A Merchant... - George Lorimer

More Letters From A Merchant...George Lorimer

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The leadership book contains fresh insights for the information age by George Horace Lorimer. The book published in 1902 with a series of letters from Mr. John Graham from the Union Stock Yards in Chicago to his son Mr. Pierrepont at Harva… more

More Letters From A Merchant to Son: Letters From A Self-Made Merchant to Son Again, More Classic Letters From A Merchant to Son, More Letters From Old Gordon Graham to Son Annotated
George Lorimer
Aries (Your Star Sign) - Tiffany Candelle

Aries (Your Star Sign)Tiffany Candelle

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Is your star sign Aries? Do you want to know more about your own personality, or the personalities of your partner, your friends or your family?Do you want to understand what makes you the person you are, and why your friends and loved ones… more

Aries (Your Star Sign)
Tiffany Candelle
Coniston Books , English
The Enlivened Self - Jeff DeGraff

The Enlivened SelfJeff DeGraff

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This is the complete edition of Jeff DeGraff’s The Enlivened Self.The Enlivened Self: The Art of Growing offers a new kind of learning experience. A set of three ebooks that link together to form a coherent whole, these short volumes offer … more

The Enlivened Self
Jeff DeGraff
Jeff DeGraff , English
Fivestarman: The Five Passio... - Neil Kennedy

Fivestarman: The Five Passio...Neil Kennedy

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In Fivestarman–The Five Passions Of Authentic Manhood, Neil Kennedy digs deep into the five passions of authentic manhood. When God created Man, he placed within him a deep reservoir of purpose. Flowing within that reservoir is a commodity … more

Fivestarman: The Five Passions Of Authentic Manhood
Neil Kennedy
Fivestarman , English
Remind Your Mind - Santiago Martinez

Remind Your MindSantiago Martinez

Why are you here and what is your destiny? In fact, how can you even identify your destiny. This world acclaimed publication (Remind Your Mind) gives the reader the capability of realizing how great their life really is on this planet.

Remind Your Mind
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez , English
Stories from a Bland boy - Calvin Bland

Stories from a Bland boyCalvin Bland

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Stories from a Bland boy is a book of poetry writings. These poems are very heart felt and will guide the reader to different realms of thought. Readers will get an insight into the authors deepest thoughts and emotions. This book will upli… more

Stories from a Bland boy
Calvin Bland


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The mind of men contains inestimable riches, like a dark mine, no known mortal can quantify and qualify the value of such to survival! Never underrate the authority of a wild mind! The silent mind rules the land! The chemistry of existence … more

Kanayo Nwankwo
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years ar... - Sharleen M. Lawrence

STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years ar...Sharleen M. Lawrence

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STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years are spent as a tale that is toldby Sharleen M. Lawrence

STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years are spent as a tale that is told
Sharleen M. Lawrence
AuthorHouse , English
The Colors Of My Soul: A Jou... - Viki Hart and Archangel Michael

The Colors Of My Soul: A Jou...Viki Hart and Archangel Michael

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”   Just days before her mother’s death in 1995, Viki Hart is approached by four archangels and invited to visit the Angelic Realm through her mother’s open doorway. Among the angels, Viki experiences oneness, her own colorful soul, Ear… more

The Colors Of My Soul: A Journey Into Love
Viki Hart and Archangel Michael
BalboaPress , English
The Sociopath at the Breakfa... - Jane McGregor, Tim McGregor

The Sociopath at the Breakfa...Jane McGregor, Tim McGregor

Sociopaths can be found in every facet of life: personal relationships, work, school, and family. Most people have been in a relationship or interacted with more than one sociopath in their lifetime, often not recognizing their danger until… more

The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table: Recognizing and Dealing With Antisocial and Manipulative People
Jane McGregor, Tim McGregor
Hunter House , English
Valley To Mountain Top - Dr. Al Jones

Valley To Mountain TopDr. Al Jones

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You have probably noticed that life is an unavoidable journey with its smooth and rugged pathway breaking into a number of avenues. How does one make the choices that result in happiness and the fulfilment of one’s potential? Find out in Va… more

Valley To Mountain Top
Dr. Al Jones
AuthorHouse , English
Sincerely, The Mentor: A Jou... - Jennifer Lee Tracy

Sincerely, The Mentor: A Jou...Jennifer Lee Tracy

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Challenge what you see. Transform how you live.

From abuse, addiction, disease, and suicide to ailments unable to be diagnosed, the young woman fell repeatedly into the crevasse of abysmal darkness. Yet it was because of her internal journ… more

Sincerely, The Mentor: A Journey of Perception
Jennifer Lee Tracy
BookBaby , English
In Touch With The Infinite (... - Thomas Leigh

In Touch With The Infinite (...Thomas Leigh

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Science tell us that a particle on one side of the universe instantly ‘knows’ what its partner particle at the other side is doing. This also tells us that information must be able to travel at ‘instant’ speeds of some level of the universe… more

In Touch With The Infinite (The Cosmic Net)
Thomas Leigh
How to use Roth and IRA acco... - Michael Gray

How to use Roth and IRA acco...Michael Gray

IMAGINE HAVING AN INCOME TAX-FREE RETIREMENT INCOME!It’s possible with a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) account!In this compact explanation, Michael Gray, CPA gives the highlights of what you need to know to build a big, tax-deferred or tax-free r… more

How to use Roth and IRA accounts to provide a secure retirement
Michael Gray
Silicon Valley Publishing Company , English
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