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The Visual Enneagram - Aine Ni Cheallaigh

The Visual EnneagramAine Ni Cheallaigh

The Enneagram Personality Typing System made easy and fun!Here are all nine types of the Enneagram, beautifully illustrated withrich and vibrant drawings. A quick read, this book is the perfectintroduction for those new to the Enneagram. Ea… more

The Visual Enneagram
Aine Ni Cheallaigh
Capsule Press , English
Two Sane - Zachary Freeman

Two SaneZachary Freeman

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A psychological documentation through poetic and artistic memoirs that revealed to the author that his entries were just two different personalities of himself that were trying to communicate with each other to make them both self-aware of … more

Two Sane
Zachary Freeman


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Understanding ESTJsESTJs (Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging) personality types are our parents, bosses, and neighbors. This is a review of the ESTJ personality type and how to better understand, appreciate, and get along with them. This… more

Create A Positive Life: Be D... - Hattie Spiritweaver

Create A Positive Life: Be D...Hattie Spiritweaver

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The only way to create a new life is by choosing to be divergent. Be different than the norm. Choose to be positive with others. Choose to love others unconditionally when the rest of society chooses to be toxic. Be creative with your life … more

Create A Positive Life: Be Divergent
Hattie Spiritweaver
Hattie Spiritweaver , English
...And You Can Quote Me on T... - Susan Klein

...And You Can Quote Me on T...Susan Klein

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…And You Can Quote Me on That!” is a collection of a few hundred of the authors favorite quotations, most of which the general public have never heard and/or have never been included in any books of quotations. Susan Klein divides the q… more

…And You Can Quote Me on That!: Life, Love, Movies…Commentary on the Greatest Quotes You Never Heard!
Susan Klein
BookBaby , English
STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years ar... - Sharleen M. Lawrence

STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years ar...Sharleen M. Lawrence

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STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years are spent as a tale that is toldby Sharleen M. Lawrence

STORYBOOK LIVES:Our years are spent as a tale that is told
Sharleen M. Lawrence
AuthorHouse , English
The Enlivened Self - Jeff DeGraff

The Enlivened SelfJeff DeGraff

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This is the complete edition of Jeff DeGraff’s The Enlivened Self.The Enlivened Self: The Art of Growing offers a new kind of learning experience. A set of three ebooks that link together to form a coherent whole, these short volumes offer … more

The Enlivened Self
Jeff DeGraff
Jeff DeGraff , English
FocusPocus: The Magic of Cha... - Lisa Martin Bradley

FocusPocus: The Magic of Cha...Lisa Martin Bradley

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How do you change your life? Many books tell you how, but they fail to show you how. FocusPocus will show you how. Written in a conversational tone, FocusPocus is full of inspirational activities, questions, and insights to help you create … more

FocusPocus: The Magic of Changing Your Mind
Lisa Martin Bradley
BalboaPress , English
Learn the Language of the Spirit - Steven Scroggs

Learn the Language of the SpiritSteven Scroggs

There is an inward pull in you toward the invisible power of the Spirit, because that is your destination. Spirit power is eternal and interacts with every decision you make. This pull is instinctive and creative for your life, your faith, … more

Learn the Language of the Spirit
Steven Scroggs
Valley To Mountain Top - Dr. Al Jones

Valley To Mountain TopDr. Al Jones

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You have probably noticed that life is an unavoidable journey with its smooth and rugged pathway breaking into a number of avenues. How does one make the choices that result in happiness and the fulfilment of one’s potential? Find out in Va… more

Valley To Mountain Top
Dr. Al Jones
AuthorHouse , English
Daily Quotes for a positive mindset - Seracin Constantina

Daily Quotes for a positive mindsetSeracin Constantina

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This book helps you to keep a positive mindset

Daily Quotes for a positive mindset
Seracin Constantina
Sincerely, The Mentor: A Jou... - Jennifer Lee Tracy

Sincerely, The Mentor: A Jou...Jennifer Lee Tracy

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Challenge what you see. Transform how you live.

From abuse, addiction, disease, and suicide to ailments unable to be diagnosed, the young woman fell repeatedly into the crevasse of abysmal darkness. Yet it was because of her internal journ… more

Sincerely, The Mentor: A Journey of Perception
Jennifer Lee Tracy
BookBaby , English
The Art of Being Alive - Rev... - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Art of Being Alive - Rev...Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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I found this book in an antique shop in Fremantle, Australia and picked it up, out of curiosity. When I flicked through the pages I was fascinated by the clarity and relevance of the few sentences I had read. I asked myself: “More than one … more

The Art of Being Alive - Revisited (Annotated): Success Through Thought
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
BookBaby , English
Teacher's Pocket Tax Guide - Darlene A. Cypser

Teacher's Pocket Tax GuideDarlene A. Cypser

The Teacher’s Pocket Tax Guide helps teachers with line-by-line instructions, examples, and information on the U.S. income tax rules that apply to them.

Teacher’s Pocket Tax Guide
Darlene A. Cypser
Foolscap & Quill , English
Fivestarman: The Five Passio... - Neil Kennedy

Fivestarman: The Five Passio...Neil Kennedy

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In Fivestarman–The Five Passions Of Authentic Manhood, Neil Kennedy digs deep into the five passions of authentic manhood. When God created Man, he placed within him a deep reservoir of purpose. Flowing within that reservoir is a commodity … more

Fivestarman: The Five Passions Of Authentic Manhood
Neil Kennedy
Fivestarman , English
Stand With Israel - Mike Evans

Stand With IsraelMike Evans

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This new book from New York Times best-selling author Dr. Mike Evans addresses head-on the most important political and prophetic issue of our day-what we should do in regards to the nation of Israel.

Governments around the world are turni… more

Stand With Israel
Mike Evans
Time Worthy Books , English
Turning your Pain Into Gain - Mike Evans

Turning your Pain Into GainMike Evans

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Abuse can stunt personal development, distort our perceptions of God, and poison relationships with others…but it doesn’t have to! God has a plan to give you a victorious life and a bright future. This book shows you that plan.

This powe… more

Turning your Pain Into Gain
Mike Evans
Time Worthy Books , English
Sholom Aleichem (Shalom Alei... - Nellya Yurukov, Ilian Yurukov

Sholom Aleichem (Shalom Alei...Nellya Yurukov, Ilian Yurukov

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Sholom Aleichem!

The first part of the tutorial in our book is philosophical and psychophysical sketching of an image in art.

In research “Sholem Aleichem”, is consisting of four parts. The first part is attempt to find out how evolutio… more

Sholom Aleichem (Shalom Aleichem Book 2)
Nellya Yurukov, Ilian Yurukov
The Light Inside - Elizabeth Turnbull

The Light InsideElizabeth Turnbull

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Instilling wisdom in children can begin at any age! Repeating words of comfort while teaching inner strength is what The Light Inside strives to bring to all those you love. There is a core in all of us that nobody gave and no one can take … more

The Light Inside
Elizabeth Turnbull
AuthorHouse , English
Wisdom For Healthy Living: A... - Caroline Sullivan Land

Wisdom For Healthy Living: A...Caroline Sullivan Land

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This book is full of my own very good advice for living a healthy, happy life. It Comes From One Who Has A Very Happy Life.

Wisdom For Healthy Living: A Book Of Good Advice
Caroline Sullivan Land
Booktango , English
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