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Two Sane - Zachary Freeman

Two SaneZachary Freeman

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A psychological documentation through poetic and artistic memoirs that revealed to the author that his entries were just two different personalities of himself that were trying to communicate with each other to make them both self-aware of … more

Two Sane
Zachary Freeman


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Understanding ESTJsESTJs (Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging) personality types are our parents, bosses, and neighbors. This is a review of the ESTJ personality type and how to better understand, appreciate, and get along with them. This… more

The Visual Enneagram - Aine Ni Cheallaigh

The Visual EnneagramAine Ni Cheallaigh

The Enneagram Personality Typing System made easy and fun!Here are all nine types of the Enneagram, beautifully illustrated withrich and vibrant drawings. A quick read, this book is the perfectintroduction for those new to the Enneagram. Ea… more

The Visual Enneagram
Aine Ni Cheallaigh
Capsule Press , English
Valley To Mountain Top - Dr. Al Jones

Valley To Mountain TopDr. Al Jones

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You have probably noticed that life is an unavoidable journey with its smooth and rugged pathway breaking into a number of avenues. How does one make the choices that result in happiness and the fulfilment of one’s potential? Find out in Va… more

Valley To Mountain Top
Dr. Al Jones
AuthorHouse , English
How to Achieve Your own Fina... - Alexander Marriot

How to Achieve Your own Fina...Alexander Marriot

“High Power Tips That Guarantee Financial Freedom!”Description: In the 21st century the concepts of time and money are being redefined. ”Financial Freedom”, is one such term that has gained much importance in the changing financial scenario… more

How to Achieve Your own Financial Independence !
Alexander Marriot
Whispered Grace - Beth Chapman

Whispered GraceBeth Chapman

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At the age of fifty-seven the author took three years off from life to learn to listen to her heart and nature. We are not taught to listen. We often do not have someone who will really listen. This book offers meditations offered during he… more

Whispered Grace
Beth Chapman
BalboaPress , English
Cancer: Prevention Is Better... -

Cancer: Prevention Is Better...

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ABOUTCANCER: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.” As sentient beings, we all know that we will die some day, but by the same token, we all fear of death. Even if death sounds really scary, all of us are willing not only to take high risk… more

Cancer: Prevention Is Better Than Cure.
Amazon.com , English
The Beautiful Disruption: A ... - GG Renee Hill

The Beautiful Disruption: A ...GG Renee Hill

GG Renee Hill has penned a vivid and inspiring work of lyricism, intelligence and emotion that uniquely sheds light on the processes of struggle and self-discovery. The Beautiful Disruption explores the dynamics of family mental illness, se… more

The Beautiful Disruption: A Soul Story
GG Renee Hill
GG Renee Hill , English
Your Guide To Good Health In... - Dr. Henry Tuesday

Your Guide To Good Health In...Dr. Henry Tuesday

Unfortunately, this is a scene that is played out around the country every single day. Here is one more husband and father coming face to face with reality. Instead of, “it will never happen to me,” it has become, “why did this happen to me… more

Your Guide To Good Health Insurance: The Secrets You Need To Know Finally Revealed
Dr. Henry Tuesday
Learn the Language of the Spirit - Steven Scroggs

Learn the Language of the SpiritSteven Scroggs

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There is an inward pull in you toward the invisible power of the Spirit, because that is your destination. Spirit power is eternal and interacts with every decision you make. This pull is instinctive and creative for your life, your faith, … more

Learn the Language of the Spirit
Steven Scroggs
Stories from a Bland boy - Calvin Bland

Stories from a Bland boyCalvin Bland

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Stories from a Bland boy is a book of poetry writings. These poems are very heart felt and will guide the reader to different realms of thought. Readers will get an insight into the authors deepest thoughts and emotions. This book will upli… more

Stories from a Bland boy
Calvin Bland
The Enlivened Self - Jeff DeGraff

The Enlivened SelfJeff DeGraff

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This is the complete edition of Jeff DeGraff’s The Enlivened Self.The Enlivened Self: The Art of Growing offers a new kind of learning experience. A set of three ebooks that link together to form a coherent whole, these short volumes offer … more

The Enlivened Self
Jeff DeGraff
Jeff DeGraff , English
Tax For Australians For Dummies - Jimmy B. Prince

Tax For Australians For DummiesJimmy B. Prince

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Tackle your tax with confidence and get the most from your returnDo you want to be sure you’re getting the maximum tax refund? Of course you do! And Tax for Australians For Dummies, 2013-2014 Edition is the only resource you need to ensure … more

Tax For Australians For Dummies
Jimmy B. Prince
For Dummies , English
Teacher's Pocket Tax Guide - Darlene A. Cypser

Teacher's Pocket Tax GuideDarlene A. Cypser

The Teacher’s Pocket Tax Guide helps teachers with line-by-line instructions, examples, and information on the U.S. income tax rules that apply to them.

Teacher’s Pocket Tax Guide
Darlene A. Cypser
Foolscap & Quill , English
The Happy Taxpayer: Simple T... - Carey Erichson

The Happy Taxpayer: Simple T...Carey Erichson

Many years ago I heard the old cliché, “”The only thing we can be assured of in this life are death and taxes”“. With this bit of wisdom, I decided to become a tax consultant. If for no other reason, it appeared to offer steady employmen… more

The Happy Taxpayer: Simple Tax Tips For The Rest of Us
Carey Erichson
iUniverse , English
7 Personality Types - Elizabeth Puttick

7 Personality TypesElizabeth Puttick

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7 Personality Types reveals the answer to the key question: Who am I? It presents an ancient and powerful system of self-knowledge, updated for the modern world. The seven archetypes of King, Priest, Sage, Scholar, Warrior, Artisan, and Ser… more

7 Personality Types
Elizabeth Puttick
Hay House , English


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Many years ago, as I was describing the latest saga in my bizarre life to a dear friend, she suggested I write a book about my life. Eventually, over a period of several years, I started writing down these short stories and finally put them… more

Pat Kelbaugh
BalboaPress , English
Out of Darkness Came Light - Donna M Murray

Out of Darkness Came LightDonna M Murray

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Are you ready to be delivered from the bondage of your past hurts and pains? Are you willing to forgive, so that healing and restoration can take place? Out of Darkness Came Light is an awesome testimony of how God brought me out of darknes… more

Out of Darkness Came Light
Donna M Murray
WestBow Press , English
Tax Haven Abuses: The Enable... - United States Senate

Tax Haven Abuses: The Enable...United States Senate

Offshore tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions today hold trillions of dollars in assets. While these jurisdictions claim to offer clients financial privacy, limited regulation, and low or no taxes, too often these jurisdictions have instead… more

Tax Haven Abuses: The Enablers, The Tools and Secrecy
United States Senate
Pennyhill Press , English
FocusPocus: The Magic of Cha... - Lisa Martin Bradley

FocusPocus: The Magic of Cha...Lisa Martin Bradley

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How do you change your life? Many books tell you how, but they fail to show you how. FocusPocus will show you how. Written in a conversational tone, FocusPocus is full of inspirational activities, questions, and insights to help you create … more

FocusPocus: The Magic of Changing Your Mind
Lisa Martin Bradley
BalboaPress , English
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