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Living on Twenty Four Hours ...David Elkind

We can’t relive the past not predict the future. all we really have under our control is the present. But if we live the present well we will have no regrets about the past, and look forward to future that is well prepared for.

Living on Twenty Four Hours a Day: Five Habits of Successful Daily Living
David Elkind
Booktango , English

Life Just Got Easier: 3 Powe...William Harlan Mattox

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Life Just Got Easier gives you 3 powerful life principles that will allow you to be more powerful in every aspect of your life. From finance, business, and investment, to personal growth, family, and spiritual development. 3 more tools with… more

Life Just Got Easier: 3 Powerful Life Principles to Easily Achieve Your Full Power
William Harlan Mattox
William H. Mattox , English

Words Hit Hard as a Fist: Wi...Charisse J. Rudolph

Words Hit Hard as a Fist: With 18 Tips on How to STOP being BulliedBy:Charisse J. Rudolph

Words Hit Hard as a Fist: With 18 Tips on How to STOP being Bullied
Charisse J. Rudolph
BalboaPress , English

The Journaling for the Self ...Mari L. McCarthy

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A hand-selected collection of most popular blog posts, gleaned from the CreateWriteNow Personal Journal Blog. This manifesto of articles, written by journalers, will inspire you to begin, continue, or step-up your daily, pen-to-page journal… more

The Journaling for the Self of It!TM Manifesto
Mari L. McCarthy
Smashwords , English

Medical Insurance TerminologyLinda Meckler

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When you receive and Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company now you will be able to understand what they are telling you. When you talk to your doctor’s office or any of your medical provider’s you will be able to talk to them … more

Medical Insurance Terminology
Linda Meckler

The Plan: Personal Balance, ...John M and Latimer, Helen McKee

The Plan provides readers with a proven approach to creating a full and satisfying life. Applying the same time-tested methods used by many of the world’s most successful organizations, readers will learn how to take control of their person… more

The Plan: Personal Balance, Career Success, Financial Strength
John M and Latimer, Helen McKee
John M McKee , English

Heaven on Earth: God Speaks ...David Essel

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Do you believe in Heaven? If so, how do you envision it? Is it some far away place restricted for the dead, and only if they lived the “right” type of life? Imagine for a moment, that our concept of Heaven is only partially correct. Can you… more

Heaven on Earth: God Speaks Through The Heart of A Young Monk: 1
David Essel
Waterfront Digital Press , English

From Hardship to Harmony: Th...Donna Lee Klemencic Sciko-St...

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From Hardship to Harmony: Through Gods Love Grace and Guidanceby Donna Lee Klemencic Sciko-Starman-Stahl

From Hardship to Harmony: Through Gods Love Grace and Guidance
Donna Lee Klemencic Sciko-Starman-Stahl
AuthorHouse , English

How To Boost Your Self EsteemNosagie Esere

How to Be Optimistic for a Happier Life. You’ll learn that “It’s All in Our Mind”. How to Overcoming Negative Thinking. How Becoming an Optimistic Individual and Achieve your Goals in Life.

How To Boost Your Self Esteem
Nosagie Esere
Nosagie Esere , English

To Be and How to Be: Transfo...Peggy Rubin

Life can be experienced as a great play — sometimes a comedy, sometimes a tragedy, sometimes an epic, sometimes a satire, but always a play. We can think of ourselves as the main character in our own story. Author Peggy Rubin brilliantly us… more

To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life through Sacred Theatre
Peggy Rubin
Quest Books , English

If He Doesn't Come a Callin'...Charlene Sabb

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If He Doesn’t Come a Callin’ is a dating self help book for women. It was created to help women avoid certain dating pitfalls. The book offers very candid and often humorous advice on dating for women who are serious about attempting to fin… more

If He Doesn’t Come a Callin’: Practical Tips on Dating
Charlene Sabb
AuthorHouse , English

Don't Get Married! (Unless Y...Anthony Ferraioli M.D.

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Follow Dr. Ferraioli in this latest rendition of his recordings and observations of the human condition.This time the subject is Marriage!Come along and learn about the realities of how and why we choose our mates, why we act out the way we… more

Don’t Get Married! (Unless You Understand A Few Thing First)
Anthony Ferraioli M.D.

Me MySelf and I: Personal De...Boyer A. Cross BA DD

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This book will help you make winning decisions in your personal development journey and bravely follow up. This means bearing the maturity to take a hundred percent responsibility for your wellness, your vocation, your monetary resources, … more

Me MySelf and I: Personal Development Concepts
Boyer A. Cross BA DD
Booktango , English

Queen Bee: 7 Reasons Why Wom...Bonnie McDaniel

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In a survey conducted by the American Management Association in 2011, from a pool of 1,000 working women, they found that 95 percent of women interviewed believed they had been undermined by another woman at some point in their careers. In… more

Queen Bee: 7 Reasons Why Women Are Not Empowered And What You Can Do Now To Change This Phenomenon
Bonnie McDaniel
BalboaPress , English

La LIave Maestra (Spanish Edition)Charles Haanel

Algunas personas parecen atraer el éxito, el poder, la riqueza y la realización con muy pocoesfuerzo consciente; 2otras lo conquistan con gran dificultad, mientras que algunas, pormucho que lo intenten, no consiguen alcanzar nunca lo que a… more

La LIave Maestra (Spanish Edition)
Charles Haanel

Anyone Can WriteBarbara Rose Brooker

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ANYONE CAN WRITE AND PUBLISH A BOOK-LAY IT ONCE YOU STRUCTURE YOUR IDEA INTO A SHAPE, CREATIVITY WILL TAKE OVER-BARBARA ROSE BROOKER-“Barbara Rose Brooker could teach anyone to write a novel because she believes we all have stories to tell… more

Anyone Can Write
Barbara Rose Brooker
Xlibris , English

I Am That I Am Book II : The...Richard C. Michael

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This book is about an empowering journey that has been awaiting you throughout eternity. A journey unlike any other that you have ever taken. I am going to take you into the center of your creative power and introduce you to the life that h… more

I Am That I Am Book II : The Life You Are Here To Live, the Power You Are Meant To Have
Richard C. Michael
Booktango , English


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In this unusual and transformative book, Rache Darwin tells of her personal therapeutic journey through a difficult patch in the road to achieving self-enlightenment. The story is told in a series of meditations, which take the form of con… more

CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF : Meditations Along the Path to Personal Mastership
Rache Darwin
AuthorHouse , English

The Seven Acts of Courage: B...Robert "Dusty" Staub

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I have a daring proposition for you: What you seek is also seeking you. Your life really matters. Who you are and what you are is precious and priceless, and you offer the world gifts it has never had before. You have within you vast potent… more

The Seven Acts of Courage: Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life
Robert “Dusty” Staub
BookBaby , English

Breakdown, Breakthrough: The...Kathy Caprino

Helps professional women experiencing feelings of disempowerment and dissatisfaction regain the confidence, courage, and energy to take control of their livesIdentifies 12 crises professional women face today and offers specific advice and … more

Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose
Kathy Caprino
Berrett-Koehler Publishers , English