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Total experience with God is drastically going down with the modern Christians. Almost everyone is after the material favor, blessings, and connections. Such are what the modern Christians call success or prosperity. One modern preacher bol… more

Rev. John O. Odum
REV. JOHN O. ODUM , English


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The ten-chapter book contains ten powerful messages. These messages are unavoidable if spiritual growth is the aim. The ten chapters has ten topics as follows: REPENTANCE; ASSURANCE OF SALVATION; NEW BIRTH; BAPTISM; TITHING; HOLY SPIRIT; QUmore

Rev. John O Odum
REV. JOHN O. ODUM , English
Snapshots In Time:  The S&G ... - Robert Michaels

Snapshots In Time: The S&G ...Robert Michaels

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Snapshots In Time: The S&G Railroad is a true story about the relationship a Grandparent and Grandchild share. The multi-generational aspect of their “journey” together make it a must read for children, parents, and grandparents. You will t… more

Snapshots In Time: The S&G Railroad
Robert Michaels
Robert Michaels , English
Moderate Thinking Four - Richard Smith

Moderate Thinking FourRichard Smith

A correspondence of addiction, faith and hope…

Moderate Thinking Four
Richard Smith
Richard Smith , English
Parables of a Granddad - Jed J. Ramsey

Parables of a GranddadJed J. Ramsey

These short essays are based on factual happenings with children and grandchildren, neighbors, and friends. The setting is fictionalized to fit a smaller family of grandparents, a daughter, and her family. Any story concerning the author’s… more

Parables of a Granddad
Jed J. Ramsey
Trafford , English
A Broken Ring (The Ride to L... - C. L.  Cappetta

A Broken Ring (The Ride to L...C. L. Cappetta

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Lydia Castle is fifteen, naïve and living in Yorkshire, England. She looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she wipes her neck, the warm blood slowly trickling down her trembling legs. She is in shock, trembling, wondering how it… more

A Broken Ring (The Ride to Liberty Book 1)
C. L. Cappetta
Healing: The Path to Freedom - Dr. Michael D. Winer

Healing: The Path to FreedomDr. Michael D. Winer

This book was written for the reader who wishes to undertake a sincere study and practice of healing.  A discussion of the principles of healing and an understanding of those principles is essential; however, a successful practice of healin… more

Healing: The Path to Freedom
Dr. Michael D. Winer
AuthorHouse , English
The 16-Year Itch - Jan Mackey

The 16-Year ItchJan Mackey

The 16-year itch seems to be happening at home and in Rachael’s social circle. Rachael’s husband, Joe, finds another woman more interesting than Rachael, and her long-time friend and neighbor is also exploring his options. Are children enou… more

The 16-Year Itch
Jan Mackey
Felicity - Hard Times, Happy Days - Gary Adams

Felicity - Hard Times, Happy DaysGary Adams

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This book is a tapestry of the life and times of the people who came before us. I could hear my family in your words, and watch them struggle with both success and failure. Felicity - Hard Times, Happy Days is a heartwarming story about wom… more

Felicity - Hard Times, Happy Days
Gary Adams
Xlibris , English
Collection of Children's Sto... - Raymond E. Smith

Collection of Children's Sto...Raymond E. Smith

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This is the second edition of Collection of Children’s Stories. It includes The story of Daniel, Acres of Diamonds, Jimmy goes fishing, Breakfast on the Beach and What do these stones mean? It is recommended for ages 8 to 80.

Collection of Children’s Stories (Second Edition)
Raymond E. Smith
Papa’s Book Store , English
Twigs of a Tree A Family Tal... - Lin Widmann

Twigs of a Tree A Family Tal...Lin Widmann

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This is a family story of 19th century migration, centered on an ancestor whose sense of adventure carried him to the furthest corners of the earth. Travelling from England to the gold fields of New Zealand and on to the Pampas of Argentina… more

Twigs of a Tree A Family Tale: From a priest defrocked by the French revolution to English pioneering on the Pampas: connecting Walkers, Cattys, Goodbodys, … Adams, Eggars, Bradys and many more.
Lin Widmann
AuthorHouse , English
Glances of Serendipity:"Mira... - Sharan Nayager

Glances of Serendipity:"Mira...Sharan Nayager

A glance into the lives of all people through the eyes of  “one” person. Same insecurities, trials, tribulations and questions from different stages of our lives. How we look at life after a life changing moment, defines not only how we thi… more

Glances of Serendipity:”Miracles happening with every moment, as you walk in the light that is you.”
Sharan Nayager
AuthorHouse , English
A Light Reflected - Dr. Mary C. McDonald

A Light ReflectedDr. Mary C. McDonald

The journey of a soul is drivenby the search for the answers to three questions.How do I overcome death?  Not just physical death, but the small waysin which we die from loneliness, despair, the changes in our lives and the lossof our self… more

A Light Reflected
Dr. Mary C. McDonald
AuthorHouse , English
Just My Thoughts - Eileen. Kezia. Tekyi

Just My ThoughtsEileen. Kezia. Tekyi

Just My Thoughts by Eileen. Kezia. Tekyi

Just My Thoughts
Eileen. Kezia. Tekyi
AuthorHouse , English
Attracting Training Releasing Youth - Adrian Hawkes

Attracting Training Releasing YouthAdrian Hawkes

A quick look around the leadership in the churches he has pioneered is proof that Adrian Hawkes successfully practices what he preaches. Numerous young people effectively reached and many of the leadership team are barely out of their teen… more

Attracting Training Releasing Youth
Adrian Hawkes
iUniverse , English
Free (Collections Book 1) - Carl Smith

Free (Collections Book 1)Carl Smith

Adventures of life and the people who live in it.

Free (Collections Book 1)
Carl Smith
Penknife Publishing , English
Baby Tips: Now to 3 Months Old - Kelly Roberts

Baby Tips: Now to 3 Months OldKelly Roberts

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A book with tips for a new mom.

Baby Tips: Now to 3 Months Old
Kelly Roberts
Passover of Poems - Martin Cohen

Passover of PoemsMartin Cohen

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A collection of family passover poems that span many years. Utilizing current persons of interest of the day and comments on family members, this historicall recitation will bring back memories of days gone by, and to new kids on the block … more

Passover of Poems
Martin Cohen
Raising Girls - Gisela Preuschoff

Raising GirlsGisela Preuschoff

In this straightforward and thought-provoking book, psychologist and parenting author Gisela Preuschoff considers the understandings that parents require to raise girls today. The book focuses on girls’ emotional and physical development, t… more

Raising Girls
Gisela Preuschoff
Finch Publishing , English
Collection of Children's Stories - Raymond E. Smith

Collection of Children's StoriesRaymond E. Smith

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Collection of Children’s Stories is the first edition of two books. This book includes Stone Soup, Story of Ruth, Billy Goes to Camp and Little Tommy & the Milkman. The book is recommended for ages 8 to 80. Everyone are thrilled when they r… more

Collection of Children’s Stories
Raymond E. Smith
Papa’s Book Store , English