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Dr. Rick Taylor had delivered many babies as a doctor but he learned that being a parent was much more important and special than being a doctor when he watched the birth of his son. This very ordinary experience began an extraordinary jour… more

Rick Taylor
AuthorHouse , English

Twigs of a Tree A Family Tal...Lin Widmann

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This is a family story of 19th century migration, centered on an ancestor whose sense of adventure carried him to the furthest corners of the earth. Travelling from England to the gold fields of New Zealand and on to the Pampas of Argentina… more

Twigs of a Tree A Family Tale: From a priest defrocked by the French revolution to English pioneering on the Pampas: connecting Walkers, Cattys, Goodbodys, Dysons, Adams, Eggars, Bradys and many more.
Lin Widmann
AuthorHouse , English

A Time for Healing: Dysfunct...David E. Morgan PhD

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Today, in real families, only a very small portion of the population comes from nurturing and supportive homes; most individuals have been products of dysfunctional families instead. In A Time for Healing, author Dr. David E. Morgan provid… more

A Time for Healing: Dysfunctional Families: How They Mismanage to Get That Way, and What We Can Do to Break the Cycle of Abuse
David E. Morgan PhD
AuthorHouse , English

Me, my Dad and God: Versus '...John A. Nolan

Me, my Dad and God: Versus ‘Revealed’ Religionsby John A. Nolan

Me, my Dad and God: Versus ‘Revealed’ Religions
John A. Nolan
AuthorHouse , English

How to Build Self Confidence...Chris Adalikwu

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Self help book on how to develop and use self confidence, become happy in your life and cultivate a healthy life style for your self and loved ones.

How to Build Self Confidence, Happiness and Health: Part I: Self Confidence PartII: Happiness ParIII: Health
Chris Adalikwu
AuthorHouse , English

Attracting Training Releasing YouthAdrian Hawkes

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A quick look around the leadership in the churches he has pioneered is proof that Adrian Hawkes successfully practices what he preaches. Numerous young people effectively reached and many of the leadership team are barely out of their teen… more

Attracting Training Releasing Youth
Adrian Hawkes
iUniverse , English

All's Fair in Love & WarCleveland Bell

All’s Fair in Love & War is a humorous yet all too real story about the ups and downs, highs and lows, and joy and pain that goes along with love/hate relationships.  It goes deep into the rollercoaster ride of conflicts surrounding a small… more

All’s Fair in Love & War
Cleveland Bell
AuthorHouse , English

Puffballs Adoption Day and F...Cheryl Hague

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This series is based on a a kitten named Puffball. The kitten is actually my own kids cat and i decided to make a cute kids series based our new member of our family. It is mainly for 0 to 2 years old, but preschoolers from age 3 to 5 could… more

Puffballs Adoption Day and First Week (Puffball the Kitten)
Cheryl Hague
Cheryl Lynn , English

Raising GirlsGisela Preuschoff

In this straightforward and thought-provoking book, psychologist and parenting author Gisela Preuschoff considers the understandings that parents require to raise girls today. The book focuses on girls’ emotional and physical development, t… more

Raising Girls
Gisela Preuschoff
Finch Publishing , English

The Secret's Out : Some secr...Tonee Maxx

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After years of therapy, all of Maury’s secrets were now unlocked. It was then that he realized that he should have never gone digging for answers, because when one digs too deep, one doesn’t find gold or even oil for that matter, but rather… more

The Secret’s Out : Some secrets should remain just that…
Tonee Maxx
AuthorHouse , English

The Story of Lynn: A mother'...Patricia Smith

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The Story of Lynn is a mother’s story of her remarkable daughter, who was killed in a tragic accident. The memories of her daughter’s life and how she has dealt with the aftermath will inspire you.

The Story of Lynn: A mother’s journey through love and loss
Patricia Smith
WestBowPress , English

Thoughts of a Sad ManF E Bibbey

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Dave’s story is one lots of people live with every day. As he relives his past, he sees where he went wrong. So now he has to fight to save his marriage. He is a man who needs his family and he was blind to the trouble he caused for his wif… more

Thoughts of a Sad Man
F E Bibbey
AuthorHouse , English

The Last Train to DachauRobert B. Niklewicz

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The Last Train to Dachau is based on the real life plight of the Miller family during World War II. With the invasion of Poland by the Germans, the story follows the family and their experiences of: the occupation, hunger, cold, and the ter… more

The Last Train to Dachau
Robert B. Niklewicz
AuthorHouse , English

Ted and Raymond's Sea AdventureRhonda Patton

Ted and Raymond’s Sea Adventure is not just about the sea. It teaches kids safety in boats and also the fish and things around the sea.You can never stop teaching your kids.  If you have a great character you can teach them through books. … more

Ted and Raymond’s Sea Adventure
Rhonda Patton

Villages, Ghosts, Lovers.......Michael Porter

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Villages, Ghosts, Lovers….And Red Rice is a hauntingly delightful true story of events that took place in the life of an African American family living in Savannah, Georgia from 1963 to 2000. Both dramatic and, at times, twistingly humoro… more

Villages, Ghosts, Lovers….And Red Rice
Michael Porter
Xlibris , English

Children with Reactive Attac...Ojoma Edeh Herr

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This book is mainly intended for parents (biological, adoptive, and foster) who are working with children who are diagnosed as having Reactive Attachment Disorders or those who are undiagnosed but show symptoms of having Reactive Attachment… more

Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder: A Quilting Method Approach for Restoring the Damaged Years
Ojoma Edeh Herr
AuthorHouse , English

Let Me Tell You About Osh: F...Adam Dumphy

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Even into the late 90’s Pine Valley, a bucolic village in the mountains above San Diego, CA was a divided community. Not by race or religion but by propane vs electricity, piped in water vs a walk to the well, and septic vs outhouse.Respon… more

Let Me Tell You About Osh: Fixit Man And Reluctant Detective
Adam Dumphy
AuthorHouse , English

Message's From Heaven AboveJames Andrew Feather 1st

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This book is made up of devotionals, a few short sermons, and even some thoughts that were placed on the heart of this writer. The scriptures are all taken from the King James Version of The Holy Bible. It is the intent of this writer to… more

Message’s From Heaven Above
James Andrew Feather 1st
AuthorHouse , English

PerspectivesAnthony Green Jr.

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To capture the viewpoints on relationship, experience and influence from all sides. During the writing process I struggled due to my lack of knowledge of simply knowing and understanding what people go through. I read a lot of different thi… more

Anthony Green Jr.
Xlibris , English

The Tides That BindErica Kennedy

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The Tides That Bind
Erica Kennedy
AuthorHouse , English