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THE FATHER, A son, A daughte... - Charles R. Watson

THE FATHER, A son, A daughte...Charles R. Watson

THE FATHER, A son, A daughter, A Love Affair shares a story based upon author Charles Watson’s personal testimony about God’s plan for marriage for each person. There are things in life that can’t be rushed, and following God’s preordained… more

THE FATHER, A son, A daughter, A Love Affair
Charles R. Watson
Trafford , English
Non Traditional Families - Sundari Prasad

Non Traditional FamiliesSundari Prasad

Based on a review of recent scholarly literature on family structure, this report examines how the recent changes in family structure and the evolution of ‘alternative’ family structures have affected children. Examined are the overviews of… more

Non Traditional Families
Sundari Prasad
iUniverse , English


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Jesper Juul
AuthorHouse , English
Enlightenment of Self - Barbara Jackson

Enlightenment of SelfBarbara Jackson

Enlightenment of Selfby: Barbara Jackson

Enlightenment of Self
Barbara Jackson
AuthorHouse , English
Teen Stages - Ken, Mellor, Elizabeth Mellor

Teen StagesKen, Mellor, Elizabeth Mellor

Shock, horror - teenagers actually want to be controlled and have their parents involved in their lives! According to parent educators Ken and Elizabeth Mellor, parents need to stay involved, not ‘step back’, as their children become teenag… more

Teen Stages
Ken, Mellor, Elizabeth Mellor
Finch Publishing , English
Fruitful Living - Dava Lee Russell

Fruitful LivingDava Lee Russell

Fruitful Living captures life situations which can be used by anyone to add new perspective to growing in everyday living.  This unique devotional on the fruit of the Holy Spirit from Galatians 5:22-24 cleverly presents the challenges of li… more

Fruitful Living
Dava Lee Russell
AuthorHouse , English
DA The Winner - JD Miller

DA The WinnerJD Miller

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A man sees a ghost and is convinced that it is real.

DA The Winner
JD Miller
JD Miller , English
MY FATHER'S POCKETS (Short Story) - Michael Hall

MY FATHER'S POCKETS (Short Story)Michael Hall

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A fond rememberance of a father’s love and attention.

Michael Hall
Michael W. Hall , English
Jocelyn - D. Aliesh

JocelynD. Aliesh

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Jocelyn’s life completely changes when she finds out she was born a hermaphrodite. Her familial and romantic relationships suffer at the revelation. This is a look into the struggles she overcomes; her putting her life right side up again. … more

D. Aliesh
Parent Craft - Ken Mellor, Elizabeth Mellor

Parent CraftKen Mellor, Elizabeth Mellor

In this practical and commonsense guide Ken and Elizabeth mellor outline improtant parenting skills to deal with a wide range of family situations.

Parent Craft
Ken Mellor, Elizabeth Mellor
Finch Publishing , English
All's Fair in Love & War - Cleveland Bell

All's Fair in Love & WarCleveland Bell

All’s Fair in Love & War is a humorous yet all too real story about the ups and downs, highs and lows, and joy and pain that goes along with love/hate relationships.  It goes deep into the rollercoaster ride of conflicts surrounding a small… more

All’s Fair in Love & War
Cleveland Bell
AuthorHouse , English
A River for Red: Ben Takes o... - Rob Williams

A River for Red: Ben Takes o...Rob Williams

In A RIVER FOR RED a foreign high school student faces a new school, a class bully, and an apathetic student body. In the end he displays courage, shows that knowledge and skill can be far more valuable that size and strength, and saves the… more

A River for Red: Ben Takes on the School Bully
Rob Williams
AuthorHouse , English
The Unspoken - Ph.D Robert Milton

The UnspokenPh.D Robert Milton

Dr. Richard Larson and his wife Llyn had two dreams: One, climb Mount Everest together.  That dream is crushed when Llyn is lost in a climbing accident in Alaska, and affable Dr Larson descends into an alcoholic haze.  The second dream and… more

The Unspoken
Ph.D Robert Milton
AuthorHouse , English
I'm Right...You Need to Chan... - Ron Jones, Danyelle Beaudry-Jones

I'm Right...You Need to Chan...Ron Jones, Danyelle Beaudry-Jones

“I’m Right … You Need to Change” How often do you have this thought? How often do you say this to your partner?  If that’s the case, this book is for you. Discover why you and your partner have the same disagreements time and time again. T… more

I’m Right…You Need to Change: Five paths to create synergy with your life partner
Ron Jones, Danyelle Beaudry-Jones
AuthorHouse , English
Holiness.com Dating Survival Guide - Shawn David Jackson

Holiness.com Dating Survival GuideShawn David Jackson

It is a horrible fact that peopleare frequently left to rely on bad, and often dangerous, dating practicescommon in modern society. The Holiness.com Dating Survival Guide takes ahead-on approach to discussing successful dating practices an… more

Holiness.com Dating Survival Guide
Shawn David Jackson
AuthorHouse , English
Pieces of Me: Inspirational ... - Emily Rose

Pieces of Me: Inspirational ...Emily Rose

This is, just as it states, a collaboration of inspirational pieces for everyone’s soul. This book has been inspired by the personal life of the author herself as well as the observation of the lives of those around her. In this book you wi… more

Pieces of Me: Inspirational Pieces for Every Soul
Emily Rose
AuthorHouse , English
Family Bond - Avis P. Raines

Family BondAvis P. Raines

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Family Bond is a book that captures the true essence of how detrimental emotional scaring can be to one’s life. It also displays how letting go of emotional baggage can open you up to a whole new world of possibilities and how blessings ca… more

Family Bond
Avis P. Raines
AuthorHouse , English
Fisherman's Fog - James H. Pierce

Fisherman's FogJames H. Pierce

On a cold fall morning, Red and Jim climb into their boat and head out across the calm waters of a lake in Northern Wisconsin. They have been coming to this lake for their annual fishing trip for many years, but today things would be a litt… more

Fisherman’s Fog
James H. Pierce
AuthorHouse , English
Looking 4 Love...in all the ... - Kamekio Danielle Lewis

Looking 4 Love...in all the ...Kamekio Danielle Lewis

He loves me…He love me not…He loves me… He loves me NOT…As little girls many of us played pretend. Yes, in our own little minds, we filled our world with dolls, dreams, and our perfect love. Once I was grown and out on my own there was n… more

Looking 4 Love…in all the wrong places: If you search for Him with all your heart you will find Him-Deuteronomy 4: 29
Kamekio Danielle Lewis
AuthorHouse , English
The Sun - Tyren Scott Thomas

The SunTyren Scott Thomas

A crucial factor in a child’s early development involves being read to on a regular basis. As most experts would agree, regularly reading to a child can form a close bond between the child and their parents, carrying them both to delightful… more

The Sun
Tyren Scott Thomas
AuthorHouse , English