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Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please:... - Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please:...Phyllis Anderson Wood

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Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please: Revised 2006 Editionby Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please: Revised 2006 Edition
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
I Think This Is Where We Came In - Phyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came InPhyllis Anderson Wood

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I Think This Is Where We Came InBy Phyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came In
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
A Life of Tears - Barbara Smith

A Life of TearsBarbara Smith

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A Life of Tears is the story of Rosie, a young girl who lives in a coal camp with her mother, father, and many brothers and sisters. Because they are poor, her parents decide that she must marry a young friend of her father’s to ease the b… more

A Life of Tears
Barbara Smith
Trafford , English
Discover Your Baby's Spirit:... - Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D

Discover Your Baby's Spirit:...Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D

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Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops has once again produced an amazing and informative book that takes the reader right into the heart of a mother and her baby. Amazing information will astound you, yet confirm to you why you want to be or are a… more

Discover Your Baby’s Spirit:Is Your Child A Hero, Star, Indigo, Crystal, Or Liquid Crystal Child?
Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D
AuthorHouse , English
#1 Man - Mike Silva

#1 ManMike Silva

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1 Man is a book about how to be a fantastic father to girls. It walks through the steps of raising girls, loving them, and helping them grow into mature and self reliant women. The book follows life lessons for author and communicator Mike… more

#1 Man
Mike Silva
Ditch The Joneses - Discover... - Cathi Brese Doebler

Ditch The Joneses - Discover...Cathi Brese Doebler

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Thousands have done it, You can too!We’ve all felt the pressure to keep up with the Joneses. Often it seems like it takes two incomes to survive in today’s economy. But what if that is not true for your family? What if your family can thriv… more

Ditch The Joneses - Discover Your Family - Enhanced E-Book Edition
Cathi Brese Doebler
Cathi Brese Doebler , English
God of Our Single Years - Kevin Morgan

God of Our Single YearsKevin Morgan

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Christian singles face many challenges that threaten our peace of mind.  African-American Christian singles must confront these and additional obstacles that arise solely because of our heritage and racial background.  Compounding these ch… more

God of Our Single Years
Kevin Morgan
AuthorHouse , English
The Burning of the Bag and W... - Loretto Gubernatis

The Burning of the Bag and W...Loretto Gubernatis

The Burning of the Bag and What it BegotBy: Loretto Gubernatis

The Burning of the Bag and What it Begot
Loretto Gubernatis
AuthorHouse , English
Benchmarks: A Single Mother'... - Bodie  Parkhurst

Benchmarks: A Single Mother'...Bodie Parkhurst

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A single mother’s memoir about growing up.

Benchmarks: A Single Mother’s Journal
Bodie Parkhurst
Am I That Man? - How Heroes,... - Brian Willis

Am I That Man? - How Heroes,...Brian Willis

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am I that man? How Heroes, Role Models and Mentors Can Shape Your Life is a book whose thought-provoking title not only poses an important question, but commands the reader to search deep within himself for the answers. am I that man? is mo… more

Am I That Man? - How Heroes, Role Models And Mentors Can Shape Your Life
Brian Willis
BookBaby , English
Something On My Mind:Poems - Maria Mitchell

Something On My Mind:PoemsMaria Mitchell

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“Something On My Mind” contains poems written throughout different stages of my spiritual journey which I call my life. The poems in this book depict various themes which range from life to love experiences. The poems are derived from real… more

Something On My Mind:Poems
Maria Mitchell
AuthorHouse , English
Mind-Reading for Beginners - Elizabeth Meins

Mind-Reading for BeginnersElizabeth Meins

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I hope that this book will give you interesting and useful information on your baby and parenting. The facts and advice are all based on well-respected research from child development experts. In preparing for your baby’s birth, you have pr… more

Mind-Reading for Beginners
Elizabeth Meins
Fraser's Line - Monica Carly

Fraser's LineMonica Carly

Devastated by the loss of his adored wife Edie after 31 years of marriage Fraser Coleman now learns the painful truth that she was not as perfect as he believed her to be. You will be swept along by this compelling account of the revelation… more

Fraser’s Line
Monica Carly
AuthorHouse , English
Incest - Grandma Gimper

IncestGrandma Gimper

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This is a true story of six generations of family incest to be read by every family member, psychologist, medical professional, researcher, educator, policy maker, law maker, legal professional, and every talk show host. I am the Great Gra… more

Grandma Gimper
iUniverse , English
A Still Small Voice: Sequel ... - Mary L Walling

A Still Small Voice: Sequel ...Mary L Walling

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Children will say the darndest things. They will say whatever comes to mind without giving thought to what it is. What they say can be hilarious or very thought provoking. Watching children can also move your heart in no other way possible…. more

A Still Small Voice: Sequel to Me, My Family and GOD
Mary L Walling
The Habits of the Highly Suc... - Brenda L. Parks MA LBSW

The Habits of the Highly Suc...Brenda L. Parks MA LBSW

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Do you wonder if you really can have a great marriage with all of what you know and see going on around you? Admit it. Sometimes you’re afraid, but you don’t know who to ask or even what to ask. Do you have friends whose marriages are in a… more

The Habits of the Highly Successful Wife
Brenda L. Parks MA LBSW
Inspiring Voices , English
The Kiwi - Ray Denison

The KiwiRay Denison

this is an illustrated book about a kiwi who wants to fly.

The Kiwi
Ray Denison
Inspiring Lives: Stories of ... -

Inspiring Lives: Stories of ...

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TRUE STORIES, A SERIES FROM THE EDITORS OF READER’S DIGESTThis is our sixth volume of True Stories, titled Inspiring Lives: Stories of Hope, Heart, and Happiness. We have curated for you the most uplifting stories from our archives, the one… more

Inspiring Lives: Stories of Hope, Heart, and Happiness (True Stories by Reader’s Digest)
RDA Digital LLC , English
Purple is the Color of my Li... - Delors C. Walker

Purple is the Color of my Li...Delors C. Walker

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This book is written to encourage the hearts of the ones that is going thru life trying situations. It will allow you to open your heart and mind while feeling the divine presence of God. You will see the beauty of God in all the realities… more

Purple is the Color of my Life by Delors C. Walker
Delors C. Walker
AuthorHouse , English
A Touch of Wonder: A Book to... - Arthur Gordon

A Touch of Wonder: A Book to...Arthur Gordon

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A book to help people stay in love with life by Arthur Gordon. This collection of Gordon’s short stories will bring back the gift of joy, wonder, and hope to all who read it. From life’s littlest, often over-looked moments to the important … more

A Touch of Wonder: A Book to Help People Stay in Love with Life
Arthur Gordon
Gordon Cottage Press, LLC , English