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A Touch of Wonder: A Book to... - Arthur Gordon

A Touch of Wonder: A Book to...Arthur Gordon

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A book to help people stay in love with life by Arthur Gordon. This collection of Gordon’s short stories will bring back the gift of joy, wonder, and hope to all who read it. From life’s littlest, often over-looked moments to the important … more

A Touch of Wonder: A Book to Help People Stay in Love with Life
Arthur Gordon
Gordon Cottage Press, LLC , English
Purple is the Color of my Li... - Delors C. Walker

Purple is the Color of my Li...Delors C. Walker

This book is written to encourage the hearts of the ones that is going thru life trying situations. It will allow you to open your heart and mind while feeling the divine presence of God. You will see the beauty of God in all the realities… more

Purple is the Color of my Life by Delors C. Walker
Delors C. Walker
AuthorHouse , English
The Visit - Rick Gutknecht

The VisitRick Gutknecht

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Fast forward several years, Pop died two years ago, same year as my wife Patsy, and Mom is now confined in an Atlanta care facility. Calls from brother Ed in Atlanta to me in kansas and John in Savannah demand we come there this weekend to … more

The Visit
Rick Gutknecht
No Sense of Humor: The Beginning - Nick Morgan

No Sense of Humor: The BeginningNick Morgan

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The book entails the adventures of four men, each with their own style of humor. It includes countless tales of their pranks, talking pets, and a never ending way to out do the other. Written by a person who claims he has no sense of humor … more

No Sense of Humor: The Beginning
Nick Morgan
AuthorHouse , English
Family Heaven Family Hell - ... - Jo-Ellen Grzyb

Family Heaven Family Hell - ...Jo-Ellen Grzyb

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Family gatherings are supposed to be happy occasions, full of love and warmth, but the reality is so often more like hell. In “Family Heaven, Family Hell”, Jo Ellen Grzyb explores the dynamics of what happens when family members get togethe… more

Family Heaven Family Hell - How to Survive the Family Get-together
Jo-Ellen Grzyb
Matrix Digital Publishing , English
Life-How Not To Live It - Jennifer Ellis

Life-How Not To Live ItJennifer Ellis

Have you ever wondered how your life evolves/progresses?  What control/influences you actually have over your own life?  No?  Then how would you feel if you woke up one day and realised that in fact you had no control over your own life, t… more

Life-How Not To Live It
Jennifer Ellis
AuthorHouse , English
Discover Your Baby's Spirit:... - Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D

Discover Your Baby's Spirit:...Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops has once again produced an amazing and informative book that takes the reader right into the heart of a mother and her baby. Amazing information will astound you, yet confirm to you why you want to be or are a… more

Discover Your Baby’s Spirit:Is Your Child A Hero, Star, Indigo, Crystal, Or Liquid Crystal Child?
Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D
AuthorHouse , English
Am I That Man? - How Heroes,... - Brian Willis

Am I That Man? - How Heroes,...Brian Willis

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am I that man? How Heroes, Role Models and Mentors Can Shape Your Life is a book whose thought-provoking title not only poses an important question, but commands the reader to search deep within himself for the answers. am I that man? is mo… more

Am I That Man? - How Heroes, Role Models And Mentors Can Shape Your Life
Brian Willis
BookBaby , English
Making The Magic Last: Twelv... - B. Joseph Virgil

Making The Magic Last: Twelv...B. Joseph Virgil

Making the Magic Last is aimed at giving biblical instructions and inspiration to couples and families whose relationships are failing and have run out of steam because the romance is no longer sparkling.                                   … more

Making The Magic Last: Twelve Traits for Developing and Nurturing a Lasting Relationship
B. Joseph Virgil
AuthorHouse , English
The Fifth Day of Christmas - Carol Owens

The Fifth Day of ChristmasCarol Owens

KJ is a 10 year-old boy who has gone to live with his grandparents after his family has been torn apart by domestic violence.  Grief-stricken and traumatised he is unable to talk about what he has seen until an unexpected turn of events ma… more

The Fifth Day of Christmas
Carol Owens
AuthorHouse , English
Passage of Time - Louise Jacob Bennett

Passage of TimeLouise Jacob Bennett

Passage of TimeLouise Jacob Bennett (Author)

Passage of Time
Louise Jacob Bennett
AuthorHouse , English
VISIONS: A Structural Guide ... - Nicole Bradford

VISIONS: A Structural Guide ...Nicole Bradford

This book is meant to be of assistance for structure, guidance, integrity and gaining wisdom. Although constructed for all ages; highly recommended for families, children, pre-teens, teenagers, college students and young adults. Inside are… more

VISIONS: A Structural Guide for Change
Nicole Bradford
Family Today Forum (Volume 1) -

Family Today Forum (Volume 1)

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FAMILY TODAY FORUM, is a new publication directed toward today’s traditional family, the step family, the single parent family, the dual-income family, will contain articles on how to cope with everyday situations. FAMILY TODAY FORUM will … more

Family Today Forum (Volume 1)
Reality Today Forum, Incoporated , English
From Bad Grades to a Great L... - Dr. Charles Fay

From Bad Grades to a Great L...Dr. Charles Fay

Your underachiever can grow-up to have a great life! How can I be so sure? Over the past three decades, thousands of parents and educators world-wide have discovered the power of Love and Logic. In this book you’ll hear why character and pe… more

From Bad Grades to a Great Life!: Unlocking the Mystery of Achievement for Your Child
Dr. Charles Fay
Love and Logic Press , English
30 Things My Dad Taught Me - Ian Baker, Paul Baker, Denis Baker

30 Things My Dad Taught MeIan Baker, Paul Baker, Denis Baker

This book is three brothers’ exploration of the wisdom of their father. 30 Things My Dad Taught Me will help the reader appreciate their own father, value what is special about themselves and help them to positively influence their own chil… more

30 Things My Dad Taught Me
Ian Baker, Paul Baker, Denis Baker
ReadHowYouWant , English
Snippets & Tidbits - Patrick McGhee

Snippets & TidbitsPatrick McGhee

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A collection of the author’s original writings on social media sites, especially Facebook.

Snippets & Tidbits
Patrick McGhee
Grace in the Middle - Wendy Duke

Grace in the MiddleWendy Duke

A new parent’s worst nightmare. A young mother’s battered faith. A baby who defies all the odds. In this inspirational memoir, Wendy Duke recounts the story of her family’s journey through their deepest fears and darkest days, the fiery tes… more

Grace in the Middle
Wendy Duke
How to Build Self Confidence... - Chris Adalikwu

How to Build Self Confidence...Chris Adalikwu

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Self help book on how to develop and use self confidence, become happy in your life and cultivate a healthy life style for your self and loved ones.

How to Build Self Confidence, Happiness and Health: Part I: Self Confidence PartII: Happiness ParIII: Health
Chris Adalikwu
AuthorHouse , English
What My Father Never Taught ... - Shawn James

What My Father Never Taught ...Shawn James

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Designed for today’s generation of young boys, teenagers, andgrown men, this book is an exciting, bold, and direct guide tohelp our males decipher the questions of being a “Real Man”.Shawn James is brutally honest and straight-forward in po… more

What My Father Never Taught Me About Being a Real Man
Shawn James
Prism, Seeing the World Thro... - Kerry Boudreaux

Prism, Seeing the World Thro...Kerry Boudreaux

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“Prism, Seeing the World Through the Hearts of People with Special Needs,” is a unique perspective into what is possible when you share in the life of someone with special needs.

Kerry Boudreaux was living a typical American life until the… more

Prism, Seeing the World Through the Hearts of People with Special Needs
Kerry Boudreaux
iUniverse , English