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Sisters from the Start and M... - PhD Sylvia Johnson-Cooper

Sisters from the Start and M...PhD Sylvia Johnson-Cooper

SISTERS FROM THE START is an extraordinary story of seven women, all with the names of gems - Pearl, Opal, Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot - each bearing terrible scars from childhood and previous marriages, which meet and instanta… more

Sisters from the Start and My Pen Lay Still Not
PhD Sylvia Johnson-Cooper
AuthorHouse , English
PROMISES OF HOPE: One mother... - C Knox

PROMISES OF HOPE: One mother...C Knox

When Matthew was thrown in jail on July 21, 2001, I had mountains of feelings. I knew his life was coming to a boiling point. With drugs, alcohol, stealing and living the wild life he had chosen to live, it couldn’t and wouldn’t last long…. more

PROMISES OF HOPE: One motherýs journey of hope for her son, and faith in a God of promises.
C Knox
iUniverse , English
All's Fair in Love & War - Cleveland Bell

All's Fair in Love & WarCleveland Bell

All’s Fair in Love & War is a humorous yet all too real story about the ups and downs, highs and lows, and joy and pain that goes along with love/hate relationships.  It goes deep into the rollercoaster ride of conflicts surrounding a small… more

All’s Fair in Love & War
Cleveland Bell
AuthorHouse , English
Through My Eyes - Sidney Owitz

Through My EyesSidney Owitz

This is the story of a young boy and his piano. The young boy is an autistic child with other problems as well, but has a great ability and passion for music. As he grows older life deals him many pleasures and, at the same time, as many pr… more

Through My Eyes
Sidney Owitz
AuthorHouse , English
100 of the Best First Date Ideas - Alexander Trost/Vadim Kravetsky

100 of the Best First Date IdeasAlexander Trost/Vadim Kravetsky

100 of the” series books brings you yet another exciting book on the 100 of the Best First Date Ideas. Read this book and many other 100 of the Best, Most, Ugliest, Top, Coolest and more books.

100 of the Best First Date Ideas
Alexander Trost/Vadim Kravetsky
Booktango , English
Just Want to be Loved for Me... - Bev Thomas-Graham

Just Want to be Loved for Me...Bev Thomas-Graham

Women are the same no matter where they come from or what their experiences in life might be. There is a bond, a sisterhood, among women, and their issues transcend time, geography and cultural barriers. This book was written to show moder… more

Just Want to be Loved for Me…
Bev Thomas-Graham
AuthorHouse , English
5 Keys To Fail Proof Living ... - Stephen Lee

5 Keys To Fail Proof Living ...Stephen Lee

This book is an designed to be a easy tool to read and utilize on a daily basis for those who want to live a fail proof life.This book encompasses five areas to help begin your journey to Achieving the life you always wanted.The five areas … more

5 Keys To Fail Proof Living : Achieve The Life You Want
Stephen Lee
AuthorHouse , English
Song of Solomon for Teenager... - Chris Ray

Song of Solomon for Teenager...Chris Ray

It is apparent when looking at the statistics for divorce, suicide, drinking and drug abuse that we must be missing something.  This book is about just that.  What is your purpose in life?  Where do you find meaning, fit in and rejoice?  Do… more

Song of Solomon for Teenagers: and anyone else who wonders why they are here
Chris Ray
AuthorHouse , English
And They Laughed like a Rooster - M. Anderson  Edwards

And They Laughed like a RoosterM. Anderson Edwards

    “If I ever write a book the title will be AND THEY LAUGHED LIKE A ROOSTER.” That’s what the Author said in 1983.      In 2001 she finally began writing a story that is partially a long ago memory and partially from imagination.      Th… more

And They Laughed like a Rooster
M. Anderson Edwards
AuthorHouse , English
The Wind of Change: When You... - Pastor Carrie L. Brown

The Wind of Change: When You...Pastor Carrie L. Brown

                           The Wind of changeThere is a Prophetic Wind blowing in this hour all over the world. God is restoring the Body of Christ to Her original design through the Wind of Change. Many people assosiate change as somethin… more

The Wind of Change: When You Hear a Sound
Pastor Carrie L. Brown
AuthorHouse , English
This Time Count Me In - Phyllis Anderson Wood

This Time Count Me InPhyllis Anderson Wood

This Time Count Me InBy Phyllis Anderson Wood

This Time Count Me In
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English


A prodigal son goes home andmeets an unloving father.  ”

AuthorHouse , English
Coffee Stains.  Cigarettes Burn. - J. Telford

Coffee Stains. Cigarettes Burn.J. Telford

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Intense, funny, LOUD, sad and instantly engaging, “Coffee Stains. Cigarettes Burn.” is a story of life, family, reminiscence, death and forgiveness, as it has never been told before. Based on a real story, recounted in short, to the point… more

Coffee Stains. Cigarettes Burn.
J. Telford
I Think This Is Where We Came In - Phyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came InPhyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came InBy Phyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came In
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please:... - Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please:...Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please: Revised 2006 Editionby Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please: Revised 2006 Edition
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
The Burning of the Bag and W... - Loretto Gubernatis

The Burning of the Bag and W...Loretto Gubernatis

The Burning of the Bag and What it BegotBy: Loretto Gubernatis

The Burning of the Bag and What it Begot
Loretto Gubernatis
AuthorHouse , English
The Black Ace Gang - Charles A. Lewis

The Black Ace GangCharles A. Lewis

    Teenagers in the late ninteen fifties, grouped together during the local educational systems first attempts at what would be in later years known as a special education class, become upset with the general lack of control they have ove… more

The Black Ace Gang
Charles A. Lewis
AuthorHouse , English
Two In Love - L. M. Harper

Two In LoveL. M. Harper

Heartbroken Suzanna, a quiet, shy Brazilian girl who loves to play football, finds herself in London and being thrown into the spotlight - something she definitely wasn’t expecting.Her family in São Paulo have been searching for her without… more

Two In Love
L. M. Harper
AuthorHouse , English
Dancing With the Aardvark: A... - Kathy Seifert

Dancing With the Aardvark: A...Kathy Seifert

Managing your stress depends in part on what you do with your proverbial “aardvark.” You can ignore it, dance with it, change your perspective, or get a new aardvark. You cannot change an aardvark that doesn’t want to change. You can only c… more

Dancing With the Aardvark: A Guided Journal for Managing Stress
Kathy Seifert
Electronic & Database Publishing, Inc. , English
Save Generations Y and Z - Michael Hopkins

Save Generations Y and ZMichael Hopkins

I assume what will give your life the most meaning would be to be successful at parenting.    I am quite certain no one INTENDS to raise a criminal or an ignorant person. However:1,625,208 people filed for personal bankruptcy in the year 2… more

Save Generations Y and Z
Michael Hopkins
AuthorHouse , English