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I Am With You: Book Two of T... - JoAnn Mathews

I Am With You: Book Two of T...JoAnn Mathews

Kristen’s secret is exposed, and now the Maddison family must decide if she should leave or stay. Kristen struggles with her faith, and finds simple pleasures difficult. She tries enjoying her freedom by searching for memories of her mom, … more

I Am With You: Book Two of Three: Katie’s Journey with Christ
JoAnn Mathews
AuthorHouse , English
Thoughts of a  Sad Man - F E Bibbey

Thoughts of a Sad ManF E Bibbey

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Dave’s story is one lots of people live with every day. As he relives his past, he sees where he went wrong. So now he has to fight to save his marriage. He is a man who needs his family and he was blind to the trouble he caused for his wif… more

Thoughts of a Sad Man
F E Bibbey
AuthorHouse , English
Tenacious Was Her Faith - Annette L. DeWitt

Tenacious Was Her FaithAnnette L. DeWitt

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Testimonies of God giving hope in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Tenacious Was Her Faith
Annette L. DeWitt
WestBowPress , English
IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: Malé... - Mary Kathryn Davis

IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: Malé...Mary Kathryn Davis

This is a story about a mother’s love for her child. Her undying faith in God and the magnificence of his power over life and death.

Mary Kathryn Davis
Xlibris , English
The Journal of My Son (Schiz... - Ana Maraboli

The Journal of My Son (Schiz...Ana Maraboli

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The experiences of a mother seeking treatment for schizophrenic son

The Journal of My Son (Schizophrenia: the agony and the truth)
Ana Maraboli
A Still Small Voice: Sequel ... - Mary L Walling

A Still Small Voice: Sequel ...Mary L Walling

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Children will say the darndest things. They will say whatever comes to mind without giving thought to what it is. What they say can be hilarious or very thought provoking. Watching children can also move your heart in no other way possible…. more

A Still Small Voice: Sequel to Me, My Family and GOD
Mary L Walling
WHAT'S HAPPENED TO MY MOM? S... - Cheryl Struzer


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A BOOK FOR parents to read with their kids. Darcy comes home and discovers his Mom is not acting exactly how she usually acts. Well, Darcy does like to test out this new Mom, and kids and parents will appreciate the humour. The pages are le… more

Cheryl Struzer
Flying Free - Jim Bremner

Flying FreeJim Bremner

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Flying free is the fictional story of a young boy growing up in the north of England. His family are totally absorbed in their sport but the introduction of higher stakes, disloyalty and dishonesty means they struggle to adapt to the change… more

Flying Free
Jim Bremner
AuthorHouse , English
My Eyebrows Are Hiding - Danette W. Morrison and Dana...

My Eyebrows Are HidingDanette W. Morrison and Dana...

My Eyebrow’s Are Hiding is about a girl who discovers the loss of her hair is more than just sensitive skin.  She doesn’t understand why this is happening to her so she prays and asks God to help her find out what has happened to all of her… more

My Eyebrows Are Hiding
Danette W. Morrison and Dana A. Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
The Angler's Chest - Don Tucker

The Angler's ChestDon Tucker

Writing this book has been a joyful experience for the author; remembering old fishing buddies, the good times shared, and retelling the funny stories that made each trip a special memory to be cherished for many years to come. Don Tucker h… more

The Angler’s Chest
Don Tucker
2/16/2010 , English
Shatter Me - Bree Vanderland

Shatter MeBree Vanderland

Short Story.When her heart is broken again by someone she thought she could trust, one person faces not only what she wants, but learning how to trust again.

Shatter Me
Bree Vanderland
BookRix , English
Spilling the Beans Over Coffee - Linda Smith Kortemeyer

Spilling the Beans Over CoffeeLinda Smith Kortemeyer

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Starting the day with a cup of coffee, reading an inspirational book, and focusing on family or friends is a positive way to gather the strength needed to face the challenges ahead. Once a person retires there is more time to spend reflecti… more

Spilling the Beans Over Coffee
Linda Smith Kortemeyer
Xlibris , English
Date Smart to Marry for Life - LPC, BCPCC David C. Griffin

Date Smart to Marry for LifeLPC, BCPCC David C. Griffin

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Date Smart to Marry for Life offers single, divorced, and widowed Christian women exactly what is needed for prevention of heartache and divorce. This dynamic book helps you actually measure your potential suitor from biblical guidelines. I… more

Date Smart to Marry for Life
LPC, BCPCC David C. Griffin
WestBowPress , English
100 of the Most Romantic Ide... - Alexander Trost/Vadim Kravetsky

100 of the Most Romantic Ide...Alexander Trost/Vadim Kravetsky

100 of the” series books brings you yet another exciting book on the 100 of the Most Romantic Ideas for a Date. Read this book and many other 100 of the Best, Most, Ugliest, Top, Coolest and more books.

100 of the Most Romantic Ideas for a Date
Alexander Trost/Vadim Kravetsky
Booktango , English
Fix My Child:Behavior manage... - Elizabeth Foley Ward

Fix My Child:Behavior manage...Elizabeth Foley Ward

Families today need to start getting a batter handle on their children’s behaviors. Fix My Child gives parents the tools they need to manage their children’s behaviors. The smarter your child becomes, the smarter you will need to become in … more

Fix My Child:Behavior management techniques
Elizabeth Foley Ward
AuthorHouse , English
Mind-Reading for Beginners - Elizabeth Meins

Mind-Reading for BeginnersElizabeth Meins

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I hope that this book will give you interesting and useful information on your baby and parenting. The facts and advice are all based on well-respected research from child development experts. In preparing for your baby’s birth, you have pr… more

Mind-Reading for Beginners
Elizabeth Meins
The Rant - Wenona Victoria

The RantWenona Victoria

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This short, sassy social commentary focuses on an average mother’s opinion that society has collectively debilitated the emerging generation, causing them to increasingly struggle with emotional incapacitation and basic human interaction. … more

The Rant
Wenona Victoria
Fraser's Line - Monica Carly

Fraser's LineMonica Carly

Devastated by the loss of his adored wife Edie after 31 years of marriage Fraser Coleman now learns the painful truth that she was not as perfect as he believed her to be. You will be swept along by this compelling account of the revelation… more

Fraser’s Line
Monica Carly
AuthorHouse , English
I, INCEST BORNE - Nicole Washington, Julia R. Wilson

I, INCEST BORNENicole Washington, Julia R. Wilson

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This E-Book is based on a true life story. On the life of the protagonist, who is the product of incest and how he dealt with that revelation. This man’s life was turned upside down….when he discovers he was the product of incest and how … more

Nicole Washington, Julia R. Wilson
The Eclipse of Love, Pain, a... - Jac'Quail  Mayes

The Eclipse of Love, Pain, a...Jac'Quail Mayes

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The Eclipse of Love, Pain, and Happiness is the depiction of what happens when life tends to amalgamate these elements. From personal relationships, to friendships and political issues, the poetry exhibited in this book will take you on a j… more

The Eclipse of Love, Pain, and Happiness: “Everything should be done in love, for it is the greatest of all things.”
Jac’Quail Mayes
Authorhouse , English