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Grandma's In The Basement: A... - Elaine Webster

Grandma's In The Basement: A...Elaine Webster

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The author’s stories and comments addresses the important question of care for our elderly in today’s society. It is done in a compassionate, funny and descriptive manner leaving the reader with a definite feeling for the elder’s soul in A… more

Grandma’s In The Basement: A Collection of Stories about the Elderly Based on Personal Expeience
Elaine Webster
iUniverse , English
IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: Malé... - Mary Kathryn Davis

IN THE SHADOW OF DEATH: Malé...Mary Kathryn Davis

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This is a story about a mother’s love for her child. Her undying faith in God and the magnificence of his power over life and death.

Mary Kathryn Davis
Xlibris , English
My Darkest Days - Terry Martin

My Darkest DaysTerry Martin

An individual style of poetry and a big imagination. The hardest parts of life is dealing with the bad times and trying search for who we really are. the book tells a story of miss trust broken heart and how insecurities can eat us alive. b… more

My Darkest Days
Terry Martin
AuthorHouse , English
A Fight WORTH Fighting: A Tr... - Bonginkosi Gama

A Fight WORTH Fighting: A Tr...Bonginkosi Gama

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At what point does one begin to pursue a dream? This question has preoccupied my mind for the past two years, and hence it has ignited the inspiration to write this book about my father, who, at the very tender age of fourteen, seemed to ha… more

A Fight WORTH Fighting: A True African Story
Bonginkosi Gama
Xlibris , English
Freedoms And Burdens : Chris... - Daniel Song

Freedoms And Burdens : Chris...Daniel Song

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Freedoms and Burdens. Discussed using biblical vocabulary and terminologies.The difference between necessary burden and unnecessary burden, anda more subtle difference between Christ and anti-christs; self-conduct.Christianity and Anti-chri… more

Freedoms And Burdens : Christ and Anti-Christs
Daniel Song
Booktango , English
Sexual  Body Language - Nei Loja

Sexual Body LanguageNei Loja

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Speaking for yourself, when you see a person that attracts you do not feel the same hour, an imbalance? Minimal increase in your heart rate? It’s because your sex hormones trigger, causing, among other things, a blast of … more

Sexual Body Language
Nei Loja
Nei Loja , English
Me, my Dad and God: Versus '... - John A. Nolan

Me, my Dad and God: Versus '...John A. Nolan

Me, my Dad and God: Versus ‘Revealed’ Religionsby John A. Nolan

Me, my Dad and God: Versus ‘Revealed’ Religions
John A. Nolan
AuthorHouse , English
How to Build Self Confidence... - Chris Adalikwu

How to Build Self Confidence...Chris Adalikwu

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Self help book on how to develop and use self confidence, become happy in your life and cultivate a healthy life style for your self and loved ones.

How to Build Self Confidence, Happiness and Health: Part I: Self Confidence PartII: Happiness ParIII: Health
Chris Adalikwu
AuthorHouse , English


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On December 4, 1999, David was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. He also had the complication of Crohn’s Disease. The cancer had reappeared twice, since the first remission. Although articulate, David was better able to put his hopes, fears… more

AuthorHouse , English
A Time for Healing: Dysfunct... - David E. Morgan PhD

A Time for Healing: Dysfunct...David E. Morgan PhD

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Today, in real families, only a very small portion of the population comes from nurturing and supportive homes; most individuals have been products of dysfunctional families instead. In A Time for Healing, author Dr. David E. Morgan provid… more

A Time for Healing: Dysfunctional Families: How They Mismanage to Get That Way, and What We Can Do to Break the Cycle of Abuse
David E. Morgan PhD
AuthorHouse , English
We Could've Had a Great Date... - Ph.D. BRUCE DERMAN

We Could've Had a Great Date...Ph.D. BRUCE DERMAN

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We Could Have Had A Great Date If It Weren’t For Yougoes beyondtypical books for singles by offering men and women a way to alter attitudesand perspectives on dating rather than just presenting a set of “one sizefits all” rules.  It is uniq… more

We Could’ve Had a Great Date If It Weren’t For You : A GUIDE TO AUTHENTIC DATING
AuthorHouse , English
Grandparents And Softball:Gi... - Sam Kegley

Grandparents And Softball:Gi...Sam Kegley

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Sam Kegley

Grandparents And Softball:Girls Love Softball
Sam Kegley
AuthorHouse , English
The Last Dance - Julie Richard

The Last DanceJulie Richard

Beatrice had finally found people with whom she could spend boring nights. People who needed to get out, socialize, and have fun, just like her! She needed that. She needed kids like her who could teach her how to have a good time in a vil… more

The Last Dance
Julie Richard
Xlibris , English
Tenacious Was Her Faith - Annette L. DeWitt

Tenacious Was Her FaithAnnette L. DeWitt

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Testimonies of God giving hope in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Tenacious Was Her Faith
Annette L. DeWitt
WestBowPress , English
God Made Me Beautiful, But I... - Monica Douglas Davis

God Made Me Beautiful, But I...Monica Douglas Davis

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Do you know how beautiful you are? Beauty is much more than an outward physical appearance. Beauty is an inner reflection of yourself. It is what draws people to you. It’s what makes you a unique and special person. It is your gift.Read “”… more

God Made Me Beautiful, But I Didn’t Know It
Monica Douglas Davis
AuthorHouse , English
Kwamia:A Family's Struggle t... - David A. Blake

Kwamia:A Family's Struggle t...David A. Blake

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%           Kwamia, an African Prince, on his way home after graduating from medical school was kidnapped and transported to America where he was sold into slavery.                        Purchased by Shadburn Gaines of the SugarLoaf Planta… more

Kwamia:A Family’s Struggle to Survive Slavery in America
David A. Blake
AuthorHouse , English
EXTRANEOUS: The Word Foundat... - David Burton Loomis

EXTRANEOUS: The Word Foundat...David Burton Loomis

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We all know for a fact, that the earth; “is” the only place which life abundantly comes forth in, however, do you know the real reason the earth is even here? We, as the human race are extremely troubled with understanding this, because, w… more

EXTRANEOUS: The Word Foundation A-Fact-oid-God
David Burton Loomis
Authorhouse , English
Me and My Dad - Robert Russell Marquardt

Me and My DadRobert Russell Marquardt

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Every Boy Needs a Dad The author has stepped into his own past to reflect upon how a youthful mind begins wondering about life.  Who can a son turn to?  Dad…who is put on the spot and finds his authority challenged by thoughts and expres… more

Me and My Dad
Robert Russell Marquardt
AuthorHouse , English
Jane Doe - Vuanu Wood

Jane DoeVuanu Wood

Jane Doe is about a young lady who had to find out the hard way that there was more to life than sex and money.

Jane Doe
Vuanu Wood
OPPOSITES ATTRACT and then..... - Hank DeGroat

OPPOSITES ATTRACT and then.....Hank DeGroat

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Have you finally gotten fed up with it all and decided divorce was the only answer? Divorce is so common these days and so simple. All it takes is the verbal statement “We are not compatible.” Before you sign the final papers, read this bo… more

OPPOSITES ATTRACT and then…THEY ATTACK: Why things go wrong, and how to make them right!
Hank DeGroat
Xlibris , English