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DA The Winner - JD Miller

DA The WinnerJD Miller

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A man sees a ghost and is convinced that it is real.

DA The Winner
JD Miller
JD Miller , English
All's Fair in Love & War - Cleveland Bell

All's Fair in Love & WarCleveland Bell

All’s Fair in Love & War is a humorous yet all too real story about the ups and downs, highs and lows, and joy and pain that goes along with love/hate relationships.  It goes deep into the rollercoaster ride of conflicts surrounding a small… more

All’s Fair in Love & War
Cleveland Bell
AuthorHouse , English
A River for Red: Ben Takes o... - Rob Williams

A River for Red: Ben Takes o...Rob Williams

In A RIVER FOR RED a foreign high school student faces a new school, a class bully, and an apathetic student body. In the end he displays courage, shows that knowledge and skill can be far more valuable that size and strength, and saves the… more

A River for Red: Ben Takes on the School Bully
Rob Williams
AuthorHouse , English
Pieces of Me: Inspirational ... - Emily Rose

Pieces of Me: Inspirational ...Emily Rose

This is, just as it states, a collaboration of inspirational pieces for everyone’s soul. This book has been inspired by the personal life of the author herself as well as the observation of the lives of those around her. In this book you wi… more

Pieces of Me: Inspirational Pieces for Every Soul
Emily Rose
AuthorHouse , English
The Sun - Tyren Scott Thomas

The SunTyren Scott Thomas

A crucial factor in a child’s early development involves being read to on a regular basis. As most experts would agree, regularly reading to a child can form a close bond between the child and their parents, carrying them both to delightful… more

The Sun
Tyren Scott Thomas
AuthorHouse , English
Tomorrow's Treasures : Prese... - Cheryl Lynn Powers

Tomorrow's Treasures : Prese...Cheryl Lynn Powers

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Capture the essence of you! Record your family’s customs,stories, recipes, and genealogy. Pass on your hopes, dreams, andlife’s wisdom to those you love before it’s gone forever.Tomorrow’s Treasures is an interactive journal thatpreserves y… more

Tomorrow’s Treasures : Preserving Your Family’s Traditions
Cheryl Lynn Powers
Trafford , English
Simon's Hook; A Story About ... - Karen Gedig Burnett, Laurie Barrows

Simon's Hook; A Story About ...Karen Gedig Burnett, Laurie Barrows

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Simon is having a bad day; a bad hair day. First his sister gives him a strange hair cut, then his friends tease him. Simon doesn’t know what to do. Lucky for him he runs into Grandma Rose. After listening to his sorrowful story she helps h… more

Simon’s Hook; A Story About Teases and Put-downs
Karen Gedig Burnett, Laurie Barrows
Caught Up - Patricia Lewis Mills

Caught UpPatricia Lewis Mills

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Several of the characters have returned from the first novel, More Than A Dream, but their lives aren’t quite so idyllic now that time has moved on. Gerard Michaels, the perfect catch for any woman, discovers his past has caught up with hi… more

Caught Up
Patricia Lewis Mills
Xlibris , English
THE BLACK BOOK: HOW NOT TO G... - Marqus J. Warrick

THE BLACK BOOK: HOW NOT TO G...Marqus J. Warrick

Have you ever been cheated on?  We enter relationships hoping our mates do not cheat and give them all of our trust instead of making them earn it.  When we do get cheated on, we never look at what could have been done by ourselves to preve… more

THE BLACK BOOK: HOW NOT TO GET CHEATED ON the cheating stops here
Marqus J. Warrick
AuthorHouse , English
Princess Pink : Volume II: S... - Shawna A. McGriff

Princess Pink : Volume II: S...Shawna A. McGriff

Sam is excited about going to spend time with her mom and dad, but Sam’s mother’s heart has stopped beating, and she is very sad that she has lost her mom. Sam writes to Princess Pink in her journal telling her about her sadness and asking … more

Princess Pink : Volume II: Sam Loses her Mother, but She Gains her Mother’s Heart
Shawna A. McGriff
AuthorHouse , English
A Family Guidebook on Bullie... - Elizabeth Barnes

A Family Guidebook on Bullie...Elizabeth Barnes

A Family Guidebook on Bullies, Self-Esteem & Hidden Hurts!By Elizabeth Barnes

A Family Guidebook on Bullies, Self-Esteem & Hidden Hurts!
Elizabeth Barnes
AuthorHouse , English
Seeking the Promised Land:Po... - Grant M. Clothier

Seeking the Promised Land:Po...Grant M. Clothier

Chancy Clothier was born near Buffalo, New York, in 1818, left home when he was seventeen and began a forty-year odyssey across the wilderness of frontier America. He, with his family and close friends, established the Missouri Settlement … more

Seeking the Promised Land:Portraits of the Chancy Clothier Family
Grant M. Clothier
Xlibris , English
Mother's Day Activities Unit Study - Laurie Furumoto

Mother's Day Activities Unit StudyLaurie Furumoto

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Mother’s Day is a cherished holiday throughout the world! Celebrate Mother’s Day in May, or throughout the year with these fun lessons filled with history, activities and crafts! Brought to you by the HLN Family Publishers - an award-winnin… more

Mother’s Day Activities Unit Study
Laurie Furumoto
Homeschool Learning Network, Inc , English
Battlefield Wisdom - Nigel Latta

Battlefield WisdomNigel Latta

In this handy pocket-sized guide, bestselling author Nigel Latta delivers some top tips for busy parents. Somehow, somewhere, parenting has become far too complicated and serious. BATTLEFIELD WISDOM is the perfect antidote. As a gift for … more

Battlefield Wisdom
Nigel Latta
HarperCollins , English
Living Together: A Year in t... - Mike Weiss

Living Together: A Year in t...Mike Weiss

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Living Together, 2013 Edition. Containing the original 1974 manuscript plus a new update and look back years later by the author.In the summer of 1971, a small group of young, educated people (a journalist, an archaeologist, a doctor, a tea… more

Living Together: A Year in the Life of a City Commune
Mike Weiss
The Last Train to Dachau - Robert B. Niklewicz

The Last Train to DachauRobert B. Niklewicz

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The Last Train to Dachau is based on the real life plight of the Miller family during World War II. With the invasion of Poland by the Germans, the story follows the family and their experiences of: the occupation, hunger, cold, and the ter… more

The Last Train to Dachau
Robert B. Niklewicz
AuthorHouse , English
Heaven on Earth - Sharifa Oppenheimer

Heaven on EarthSharifa Oppenheimer

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As we see a shift of old forms that were once the foundations of our daily lives, parents—who must prepare the next generation to meet the changing world—have more questions today than ever before. Although our cultural values and family st… more

Heaven on Earth
Sharifa Oppenheimer
SteinerBooks , English
Monday Attitude Adjustment S... - Paul Garber

Monday Attitude Adjustment S...Paul Garber

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A Collection of true (although somewhat embellished), humorous, anecdotal stories concerning events in the life of the Author, his family and friends. This anthology consists of 52 weekly stories inflicted upon family and friends via Email … more

Monday Attitude Adjustment Stories (MAAS)
Paul Garber
Paul Garber , English
A Pebble In His Shoe: The Di... - Dr. Francine Barbetta

A Pebble In His Shoe: The Di...Dr. Francine Barbetta

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This is a captivating journey of a picture-perfect marriage and the devastating effects of a quest for self. Taken from Francine’s heart-wrenching diary, we see Francine, an eternal optimist, and Frank, a dedicated husband and father with … more

A Pebble In His Shoe: The Diary Of A Straight Spouse
Dr. Francine Barbetta
Xlibris , English
The Road to Forgiveness - Cindy  Griffiths, Bill  Griffiths

The Road to ForgivenessCindy Griffiths, Bill Griffiths

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Oprah Winfrey claimed this to be her number 1 spiritual story in over 20,000 guests and over 13 years of her show and quickly installed the story onto a select show called “The Best of Oprah”. This powerful real life story of forgiveness ha… more

The Road to Forgiveness
Cindy Griffiths, Bill Griffiths