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Cuckold : A Married Mans (Pe... - Roger Thompson

Cuckold : A Married Mans (Pe...Roger Thompson

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This book is for those who are not yet married and for those who are married and have contemplated an affair. Marriage used to be the reward we sought after graduation. Now, unless we choose carefully, it is more than likely to be a puni… more

Cuckold : A Married Mans (Persons) Guide to Infidelity
Roger Thompson
Xlibris , English
Passover of Poems - Martin Cohen

Passover of PoemsMartin Cohen

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A collection of family passover poems that span many years. Utilizing current persons of interest of the day and comments on family members, this historicall recitation will bring back memories of days gone by, and to new kids on the block … more

Passover of Poems
Martin Cohen
The Secret of Baiting Hollow - Patricia Clark Smith

The Secret of Baiting HollowPatricia Clark Smith

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Through imagination, wonder, and love of family and friends, this comtemporary myth about twelve-year-old Brigit, a 4th generation descendant of Irish-American potato farmers on Long Island, unfolds. During her 2 week summer vacation with h… more

The Secret of Baiting Hollow
Patricia Clark Smith
Trafford , English


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Relationships can be one of the most rewarding, loving and fulfilling experiences a human being can have in their lives. But they can also be the most painful, destructive and devastating as well. In our lifetime we may experience both sid… more

BalboaPress , English
FAMILY FINANCE: TIPS ON FINA... - Dr. Cliff E. Williams


This book will offer ways,means and suggestions on how to manage your money. If they are followed, you should find our about how to honor and respect your relationship with money. It is hoped that it will encourage you to stop just spendin… more

Dr. Cliff E. Williams
AuthorHouse , English
Song of Solomon for Teenager... - Chris Ray

Song of Solomon for Teenager...Chris Ray

It is apparent when looking at the statistics for divorce, suicide, drinking and drug abuse that we must be missing something.  This book is about just that.  What is your purpose in life?  Where do you find meaning, fit in and rejoice?  Do… more

Song of Solomon for Teenagers: and anyone else who wonders why they are here
Chris Ray
AuthorHouse , English
5 Keys To Fail Proof Living ... - Stephen Lee

5 Keys To Fail Proof Living ...Stephen Lee

This book is an designed to be a easy tool to read and utilize on a daily basis for those who want to live a fail proof life.This book encompasses five areas to help begin your journey to Achieving the life you always wanted.The five areas … more

5 Keys To Fail Proof Living : Achieve The Life You Want
Stephen Lee
AuthorHouse , English


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A prodigal son goes home andmeets an unloving father.  ”

AuthorHouse , English
Love Ain't No Joke: A Novel - Valerie Mitchell

Love Ain't No Joke: A NovelValerie Mitchell

Lynette – Married to her high school sweetheart.  Tragedy strikes and jeopardizes their marriage of twenty-four years.  The love they have shared for so many years is being tested.  She wonders if their love, friendship, and bound are stro… more

Love Ain’t No Joke: A Novel
Valerie Mitchell
AuthorHouse , English
The Other End of the Stethoscope - Diana Reed M.D.

The Other End of the StethoscopeDiana Reed M.D.

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In this book, I hope to enlighten readers about the physician’s life, and how the current medical climate has affected everything we do, every decision we make and our career satisfaction. The deterioration of the doctor-patient relations… more

The Other End of the Stethoscope
Diana Reed M.D.
AuthorHouse , English
Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please:... - Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please:...Phyllis Anderson Wood

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Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please: Revised 2006 Editionby Phyllis Anderson Wood

Pass Me A Pine Cone, Please: Revised 2006 Edition
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
I Think This Is Where We Came In - Phyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came InPhyllis Anderson Wood

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I Think This Is Where We Came InBy Phyllis Anderson Wood

I Think This Is Where We Came In
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
WHISPERS OF HOPE - Patricia A. Sherrick

WHISPERS OF HOPEPatricia A. Sherrick

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Whispers of Hope deals with family and friends and memories of them. The Great Boops has a lot of memories of each of the uncles and aunt and what those memories meant to me as a child and now as I am much older. The book deals with makin… more

Patricia A. Sherrick
Xlibris , English
Thorns Of The Roses : A Fami... - Alfred James Phillips

Thorns Of The Roses : A Fami...Alfred James Phillips

After years of relative tranquility, the mixed-race Miller family experiences a traumatic wake-up call as racial tensions begin to build across the South. Thorns of the Roses is the story of a white family and their adopted Negro child who… more

Thorns Of The Roses : A Family’s March to Freedom
Alfred James Phillips
AuthorHouse , English
Get A Little Lost, Tia (Revi... - Phyllis Anderson Wood

Get A Little Lost, Tia (Revi...Phyllis Anderson Wood

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Phyllis Anderson Wood, winner of the Church and Synagogue Library Association’s award for “”significant contribution to children’s literature,”” is the author of thirteen young adult novels, which have been popular since 1971 in schools an… more

Get A Little Lost, Tia (Revised 2007 Edition)
Phyllis Anderson Wood
AuthorHouse , English
Family Heaven Family Hell - ... - Jo-Ellen Grzyb

Family Heaven Family Hell - ...Jo-Ellen Grzyb

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Family gatherings are supposed to be happy occasions, full of love and warmth, but the reality is so often more like hell. In “Family Heaven, Family Hell”, Jo Ellen Grzyb explores the dynamics of what happens when family members get togethe… more

Family Heaven Family Hell - How to Survive the Family Get-together
Jo-Ellen Grzyb
Matrix Digital Publishing , English
Finding God in the Seasons o... - Richard D. Crooks

Finding God in the Seasons o...Richard D. Crooks

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This daily devotional addresses the emotions and difficulties of divorce. While autumn and winter dealt with divorce’s difficult early days, the promise of spring and summer addresses emerging hope and the reordering of life in a new conte… more

Finding God in the Seasons of Divorce: Volume 2: Spring and Summer Seasons of Renewal and Warmth
Richard D. Crooks
WestBowPress , English
Mother, Daughter, Sister, Jo... - An Afternoon Novel by T.P. David

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Jo...An Afternoon Novel by T.P. David

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Mother, Daughter, Sister, Journeys of the Spiritby An Afternoon Novel by T.P. David

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Journeys of the Spirit
An Afternoon Novel by T.P. David
AuthorHouse , English
Jay's Snow Trip - Nick Owens

Jay's Snow TripNick Owens

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In this short story when a young boy name Jay takes a Snow Trip, He gets himself into trouble with bullies.

Jay’s Snow Trip
Nick Owens
Nick Owens , English
Passage of Time - Louise Jacob Bennett

Passage of TimeLouise Jacob Bennett

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Passage of TimeLouise Jacob Bennett (Author)

Passage of Time
Louise Jacob Bennett
AuthorHouse , English