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Disaster Preparedness Kit - Rod Purnell

Disaster Preparedness KitRod Purnell

Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home. What would you do if basic services—water, gas, electricity or telephones—were cut off? Local officials and rel… more

Disaster Preparedness Kit
Rod Purnell
Trailer Trash, With a Girl's Name - Stacey Roberts

Trailer Trash, With a Girl's NameStacey Roberts

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When the author was born, his mother did the unthinkable. She gave him a girl’s name—Stacey. But Stacey’s name was just the first hurdle he’d face in his uphill climb from birth to manhood. He also had to deal with an entitled older brother… more

Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name
Stacey Roberts
Sons of Joy, LLC , English
Fathering Through Divorce: A... - Written by: Carol Patton Pro...

Fathering Through Divorce: A...Written by: Carol Patton Pro...

Fathering Through Divorce: A Handbook for Men Dealing with Divorce and its Impact on Parenting by Produced by Men Mentoring Men, Written by: Carol Patton

Fathering Through Divorce: A Handbook for Men Dealing with Divorce and its Impact on Parenting
Written by: Carol Patton Produced by Men Mentoring Men
Trafford , English
Discover Educational Toys fo... - Sandra Wallace

Discover Educational Toys fo...Sandra Wallace

Have you ever been in a situation when you didn’t know what toy to buy for your son?Here are some great tips about the best educational toys!

Discover Educational Toys for Children
Sandra Wallace
Make Anyone Fall in Love with You in few seconds
ruchin panchal
Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pan... - Bill Scott

Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pan...Bill Scott

Six-year-old Bill learns— Jesus was not swallowed by a whale— radioactive Jolly Ranchers won’t give you a super power— viscous bovine secretions are best left in the udder.

Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pansy vs world
Bill Scott
Back In River Point - Richard Andresiak

Back In River PointRichard Andresiak

Maureen Olsen is at the top of her world at the age of twenty. She looks forward to earning her college degree, and marrying the man of her dreams, in the near future. Not without a lot of spunk, she has defied the family expectation that s… more

Back In River Point
Richard Andresiak
Oak Tree Press , English
They've Taken Me Hostage! Re... - Mike Kehoe

They've Taken Me Hostage! Re...Mike Kehoe

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Come experience, the joys, frustrations, and laughs (especially the laughts) of a stay-at-home dad who is desperately trying to stay one step ahead of his five-year old daughter and his four-year old son. Written in a diary format over a ye… more

They’ve Taken Me Hostage! Reflections of a Stay-at-Home Dad
Mike Kehoe
The Tree of Death, and Other... - Marc Schmatjen

The Tree of Death, and Other...Marc Schmatjen

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In this laugh-out-loud-funny collection of humor columns, Marc covers the hot topics, such as, dealing with a wife who hunts bears with cookware, what to do when your three-year-old becomes luggage, and why he hates soccer, liquid body wash… more

The Tree of Death, and Other Hilarious Stories (The Just a Smidge Anthology Book 1)
Marc Schmatjen
Activities for Young Adults - Bruce Dillon

Activities for Young AdultsBruce Dillon

Are you a bored young adult? Discover some great activity tips for the young adult in you!

Activities for Young Adults
Bruce Dillon
Sister Hypochondriac - Stephen Maxwell

Sister HypochondriacStephen Maxwell


Sister Hypochondriac
Stephen Maxwell
SIDDHARTHA An Indian Tale - Hermann Hesse

SIDDHARTHA An Indian TaleHermann Hesse

about life as a Indian person.

Hermann Hesse
Four Things My Wife Hates Ab... - Robert Peecher

Four Things My Wife Hates Ab...Robert Peecher

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I hate mornings,” my wife growled, walking into thebedroom. For years, Robert Peecher has entertained readers of TheOconee Leader newspaper with his humor columns about the chaos of raising threesons, and in “Four Things My Wife Hates Abou… more

Four Things My Wife Hates About Mornings and Other Collected Stories
Robert Peecher
Robert R. Peecher Jr. , English
If This Is Normal, I Don't W... - Marcella Long

If This Is Normal, I Don't W...Marcella Long

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Whoever said life was normal had no idea what my household is like. So much for the ho-hum life one would expect to have. Instead, life here is one big roller coaster ride. And I don’t like roller coasters. They’re full of ups and downs… more

If This Is Normal, I Don’t Want To See Crazy
Marcella Long
Marcella Long , English
What You Didn't Expect When ... - Julian Kross

What You Didn't Expect When ...Julian Kross

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From the title alone it is evident What You Didn’t Expect When You Got Knocked Up isn’t your typical pregnancy handbook. But if you are intrigued enough (and you should be) to read on, you’ll find this book to be a bracing and hilarious loo… more

What You Didn’t Expect When You Got Knocked Up
Julian Kross
What You Didn’t Expect Productions , English
Simplified Living - Sandra Wallace

Simplified LivingSandra Wallace

“ Learning About Simplified Living Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!”

Simplified Living
Sandra Wallace
My Family and other Disasters - Lucy Mangan

My Family and other DisastersLucy Mangan

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Hi Dad.”Who’s calling, please?”It’s Lucy … Your daughter.”Ah, yes. Which one are you again? The one that reads or the one that shops?’For Lucy Mangan family life has never exactly been a bed of roses.With parents so parsimonious that … more

My Family and other Disasters
Lucy Mangan
Guardian Books , English
Tyler The Purple Turtle - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Coming Soon!
Lynette Swanson
Trafford Publishing , English
Perfect Baby Shower - Carol Gibson

Perfect Baby ShowerCarol Gibson

Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION 4PART 1: PLANNING THE SHOWER 7Who’ll Throw the Shower? 7When Should the Shower Happen? 10Sending out Invitations 15To Gift Registry or Not to Gift Registry 19PART 2: HOLDING THE SHOWER 22Things to Do: Themes 23… more

Perfect Baby Shower
Carol Gibson