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Fairy Tales Every Child Shou... - Hamilton Wright Mabie

Fairy Tales Every Child Shou...Hamilton Wright Mabie

Introduction:The fairy tale is a poetic recording of the facts of life, aninterpretation by the imagination of its hard conditions, an effort toreconcile the spirit which loves freedom and goodness and beauty withits harsh, bare and disappo… more

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know by Hamilton Wright Mabie
Hamilton Wright Mabie
Activities for Young Adults - Bruce Dillon

Activities for Young AdultsBruce Dillon

Are you a bored young adult? Discover some great activity tips for the young adult in you!

Activities for Young Adults
Bruce Dillon
Mother Goose or the Old Nurs... - Various

Mother Goose or the Old Nurs...Various

Marigold Garden was better, and with enjoyed the illustrations. Children’s Books Ages 4-8.

Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes by Kate Greenaway [Illustrated]
The Mom Comedies: Do Dragonf... - Lauren  Lauterwasser

The Mom Comedies: Do Dragonf...Lauren Lauterwasser

Have you ever wondered whether your family’s daily chaos is normal? If you read The Mom Comedies, you will wonder no more. In these short, humor-packed stories, the reader is taken through all stages of the family malady otherwise known as … more

The Mom Comedies: Do Dragonflies Roar?
Lauren Lauterwasser
I'm growing old why fight it - Jami  Masters

I'm growing old why fight itJami Masters

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This is a little tid-bits book about the humor of getting older as I am, and always remember to love yourself.

I’m growing old why fight it
Jami Masters
Sister Hypochondriac - Stephen Maxwell

Sister HypochondriacStephen Maxwell


Sister Hypochondriac
Stephen Maxwell
The Tree of Death, and Other... - Marc Schmatjen

The Tree of Death, and Other...Marc Schmatjen

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In this laugh-out-loud-funny collection of humor columns, Marc covers the hot topics, such as, dealing with a wife who hunts bears with cookware, what to do when your three-year-old becomes luggage, and why he hates soccer, liquid body wash… more

The Tree of Death, and Other Hilarious Stories (The Just a Smidge Anthology Book 1)
Marc Schmatjen
Bringing Up Kids The Dick Ch... - Dr. Anon Ymous

Bringing Up Kids The Dick Ch...Dr. Anon Ymous

How to Avoid Protest Fasting & Grand Juries When Obtaining Confessions, Compliance, and The Real Truth From Your Thankless, Rotten, Good-for-Nothing, Lazy, Resentful, Entitled Kids: Bringing Up Kids The Dick Cheney Way: “Enhanced Techniques… more

Bringing Up Kids The Dick Cheney Way: “Enhanced Techniques” for Effective Parenting
Dr. Anon Ymous
Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pan... - Bill Scott

Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pan...Bill Scott

Six-year-old Bill learns— Jesus was not swallowed by a whale— radioactive Jolly Ranchers won’t give you a super power— viscous bovine secretions are best left in the udder.

Memoirs of a 4 Year Old: pansy vs world
Bill Scott
Back In River Point - Richard Andresiak

Back In River PointRichard Andresiak

Maureen Olsen is at the top of her world at the age of twenty. She looks forward to earning her college degree, and marrying the man of her dreams, in the near future. Not without a lot of spunk, she has defied the family expectation that s… more

Back In River Point
Richard Andresiak
Oak Tree Press , English
They've Taken Me Hostage! Re... - Mike Kehoe

They've Taken Me Hostage! Re...Mike Kehoe

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Come experience, the joys, frustrations, and laughs (especially the laughts) of a stay-at-home dad who is desperately trying to stay one step ahead of his five-year old daughter and his four-year old son. Written in a diary format over a ye… more

They’ve Taken Me Hostage! Reflections of a Stay-at-Home Dad
Mike Kehoe
On the Inside - Bobby Collins

On the InsideBobby Collins

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Bobby Collins, one of today’s best and funniest comedians, uses the catch phrase “On the Inside” to differentiate between what he really wanted to say and what he actually said. But here’s the real beauty: For more than 30 years, Bobby has … more

On the Inside
Bobby Collins
BookBaby , English
Guys Guide To The Delivery Room - Scott Johnson

Guys Guide To The Delivery RoomScott Johnson

The pending arrival of a baby is a wonderful time! Itdoesn’t matter what the circumstances, when a new babycomes into the world, it is a true miracle. As is expected,much of the focus in the delivery room is on the woman.After all, she is t… more

Guys Guide To The Delivery Room
Scott Johnson
Simplified Living - Sandra Wallace

Simplified LivingSandra Wallace

“ Learning About Simplified Living Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!”

Simplified Living
Sandra Wallace
Padman: A Dad's Guide to Buy... - Mark Elswick

Padman: A Dad's Guide to Buy...Mark Elswick

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In this collection of short essays based on personal experiences, Mark Elswick offers humorous episodes about being a man and father. Whether it’s his daughter sending him to the store to buy those…well, things that transforms him into “Pad… more

Padman: A Dad’s Guide to Buying…Those and Other Tales (Reflections of America Book 7)
Mark Elswick
Modern History Press , English
Perfect Baby Shower - Carol Gibson

Perfect Baby ShowerCarol Gibson

Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION 4PART 1: PLANNING THE SHOWER 7Who’ll Throw the Shower? 7When Should the Shower Happen? 10Sending out Invitations 15To Gift Registry or Not to Gift Registry 19PART 2: HOLDING THE SHOWER 22Things to Do: Themes 23… more

Perfect Baby Shower
Carol Gibson
What You Didn't Expect When ... - Julian Kross

What You Didn't Expect When ...Julian Kross

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From the title alone it is evident What You Didn’t Expect When You Got Knocked Up isn’t your typical pregnancy handbook. But if you are intrigued enough (and you should be) to read on, you’ll find this book to be a bracing and hilarious loo… more

What You Didn’t Expect When You Got Knocked Up
Julian Kross
What You Didn’t Expect Productions , English
Tyler The Purple Turtle - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Coming Soon!
Lynette Swanson
Trafford Publishing , English
Go Unleashed: I couldn't kee... - Ronda Doherty

Go Unleashed: I couldn't kee...Ronda Doherty

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Do you know someone who needs a smile? This Christmas season, give a gift that keeps giving! The gift of laughter is the perfect size gift! A collection of hilarious stories. The stories are real, written by a mom and wife, who thought she… more

Go Unleashed: I couldn’t keep up with Mrs Jones…so I tripped her
Ronda Doherty
Virgo eBooks Publishing LLC , English