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The Wonder Book of Bible Stories is a 1904 children’s literature by Logan Marshall printed in the United States. The book popularised biblical stories from both the Old and New Testaments for children by illustrating them with rich woodcuts… more

Anchali T. , English
Flight of a White Dinosaur - James Edward Harris

Flight of a White DinosaurJames Edward Harris

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Flight of a White Dinosaurby James Edward Harris

Flight of a White Dinosaur
James Edward Harris
Xlibris , English
The Expositor's Bible: The S... - William Garden Blaikie

The Expositor's Bible: The S...William Garden Blaikie

David had returned to Ziklag from the slaughter of the Amalekites only two days before he heard of the death of Saul. He had returned weary enough, we may believe, in body, though refreshed in spirit by the recovery of all that had been tak… more

The Expositor’s Bible: The Second Book of Samuel
William Garden Blaikie
A Heavy Letter: From the Hol... - Frederick Hoehn

A Heavy Letter: From the Hol...Frederick Hoehn

Here is the Book of Hebrews from the Holy Bible, Hoehn Version.

A Heavy Letter: From the Holy Bible, Hoehn Version
Frederick Hoehn
Frederick Hoehn , English
Hebrews and James: Faith Wor... - Brian Simmons

Hebrews and James: Faith Wor...Brian Simmons

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Encounter the Heart of God! The book of Hebrews presents the magnificent Jesus on every page! The light of Christ brings truth out from the shadows and shines it brightly for all to see. Hebrews means those who crossed over. It is written f… more

Hebrews and James: Faith Works (The Passion Translation)
Brian Simmons
BroadStreet Publishing Group , English
Luke, to the Lovers of God (... - Brian Simmons

Luke, to the Lovers of God (...Brian Simmons

All four Gospels in our New Testament are inspired by God, but Luke’s gospel is unique and distinct. It has been described as the loveliest book ever written. Luke writes clearly of the humanity of Jesus—as the servant of all, and the sacri… more

Luke, to the Lovers of God (The Passion Translation Book 3)
Brian Simmons
5 Fold Media , English
Webster Bible - Noah Webster

Webster BibleNoah Webster

Today Webster’s revision of the King James Version continues to be useful, for those who wish to use a Bible version that reproduces largely the familiar and traditional words of the King James Bible, with only the most difficult expression… more

Webster Bible
Noah Webster
Treasures Media Inc. , English
Psalms (World English Bible) -

Psalms (World English Bible)

The Holy Bible is a collection of books and letters written by many people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. These books tell us how we can be saved from the evil of this world and gain eternal life that is truly worth living. Al… more

Psalms (World English Bible)
Alex Cameron , English
Wisdom for Today: The Poetry... - Kimberly M. Hartfield

Wisdom for Today: The Poetry...Kimberly M. Hartfield

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The poetical books of the Bible include Job, Psalms (Songs or Hymns), Proverbs (Sayings), Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. David was the primary author of the Psalms, with the help of Solomon, his son, and at least three other authors, i… more

Wisdom for Today: The Poetry of the Bible
Kimberly M. Hartfield
Go Fish Ministries, Inc. , English
The Holy Bible: Internationa... - The ISV Foundation Committee...

The Holy Bible: Internationa...The ISV Foundation Committee...

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“Contemporary.” “Accurate.” “Distinct.” Scholars are already calling the International Standard Version (ISV 2.0) “the King James Bible for our time.”Now, timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of publication of the venerable Authoriz… more

The Holy Bible: International Standard Version
The ISV Foundation Committee on Translation
Davidson Press, LLC , English
Holly Bible (New Testament C... - Michael Gore

Holly Bible (New Testament C...Michael Gore

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Holy Bible by GORE COMMENTARIES a division of “Pastor Michael Gore Ministries”: Present the complete “Holy Bible – New Testament Collection”. This translation by using the standard 5,000 Basic English words. Including 100 words that were he… more

Holly Bible (New Testament Collection)
Michael Gore
The Gospel of Matthew - The Holy Spirit, Matthew the...

The Gospel of MatthewThe Holy Spirit, Matthew the...

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The Gospel of Matthew (The Equitable Eclectic Text in English). This translation is based on a Greek base-text independently compiled using the principles of Equitable Eclecticism. The readings of the best representatives of the Byzantine, … more

The Gospel of Matthew
The Holy Spirit, Matthew the Apostle
Witchcraft: 101 Contradictio... - a Desolution

Witchcraft: 101 Contradictio...a Desolution

1.Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel?(a) God did (2 Samuel 24: 1)(b) Satan did (I Chronicles 2 1:1)2.In that count how many fighting men were found in Israel?(a) Eight hundred thousand (2 Samuel 24:9)(b) One million, one … more

Witchcraft: 101 Contradictions In The Bible
a Desolution
Amazon , English
Young's In Paraphrase: A 21s... - Randall Newton

Young's In Paraphrase: A 21s...Randall Newton

Why publish a paraphrase of “Young’s Literal Translation,” an obscure 19th Century translation of the Bible? Because professional editor and church leader Randall S. Newton believes Robert Young’s scholarship deserves a wider audience. Youn… more

Young’s In Paraphrase: A 21st Century Restating of Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible Volume 1: The Letters of John and Jude
Randall Newton
New10K Publishing , English
The Open Bible - The Gospel ... -

The Open Bible - The Gospel ...

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Chapter 7 from the Open Bible Translation of Matthew. The Open Bible is a translation of the New Testament produced in simple English that is easy to understand. It has been produced to enable anyone to create their own video and audio reco… more

The Open Bible - The Gospel of Matthew: Chapter 7
The Open Bible , English
Douay-Rheims Bible -

Douay-Rheims Bible

This is the Challoner Revision of the Douay-Rheims Bible. Commentary and footnotes have been removed.This preparation is intended to be easy to use and navigate for reading the scriptures. The text is in the public domain.

Douay-Rheims Bible
Romans from the Geneva Bible 1599 -

Romans from the Geneva Bible 1599

This is a DRM free eBook.When the Pilgrims arrived in the New World in 1620, they brought along supplies, a consuming passion to advance the Kingdom of Christ, and the Word of God. Clearly, their most precious cargo was the Bible—specifical… more

Romans from the Geneva Bible 1599
Rinky Dink Press , English
Matthew: Our Loving King (Th... - Brian Simmons

Matthew: Our Loving King (Th...Brian Simmons

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Four hundred years of silence. Where was the promised Messiah? The Jewish people were waiting for word of the prophets to come true, for they prophesied that he would come. Then the angel Gabriel announced his birth. Wise men sought him. He… more

Matthew: Our Loving King (The Passion Translation)
Brian Simmons
BroadStreet PUblishing Group LLC , English
Kindle: SCREENSAVER 015 "THI... - Tatsuhiko Kadoya

Kindle: SCREENSAVER 015 "THI...Tatsuhiko Kadoya

[ SS 015 “THICK BRILLIANT CROSS” Picture Image (JPG) for Kindle Display Screen Saver. ]- 2 size (Available on Kindle & Kindle DX) -: Display Screen Saver Picture Image (JPG) for Kindle: Display Screen Saver Picture Image (JPG) for Kindle DXmore

Tatsuhiko Kadoya
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Psalms: Poetry on Fire (The ... - Brian Simmons

Psalms: Poetry on Fire (The ...Brian Simmons

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Psalm 5:3 says, ³At each and every sunrise you will hear my voice as I prepare my sacrifice of prayer to you. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart. Every emotion of our hear… more

Psalms: Poetry on Fire (The Passion Translation)
Brian Simmons
BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC , English