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Hatha Yoga: The Philosophy o... - Yogi Ramacharaka

Hatha Yoga: The Philosophy o...Yogi Ramacharaka

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Hatha yoga is a system of yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a Hindu sage of 15th century India, and compiler of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.”The word “hatha” comes from the Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning “sun” and “tha” meaning “moon”. Thus, Ha… more

Hatha Yoga: The Philosophy of Physical Well Being (The Yogi Ramacharaka Suite)
Yogi Ramacharaka
River Drafting , English
A Hole In The World (A Colle... - Shawhan Moleski

A Hole In The World (A Colle...Shawhan Moleski

Charlie makes a nasty discovery.

A Hole In The World (A Collection Darkly)
Shawhan Moleski
The Night Class - Tom Piccirilli

The Night ClassTom Piccirilli

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The college winter break is over, and Cal Prentiss faces yet another semester of boring classes. But Cal’s boredom is shattered when he discovers evidence of an unspeakable murder that occurred in his dorm room over the break. Obsessed w… more

The Night Class
Tom Piccirilli
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English
James Randi: Man of Science - Tim Votkala

James Randi: Man of ScienceTim Votkala

This is a book that explores science, physics, the psychic, and a man who crusades for the sensibility of science, James Randi.

James Randi: Man of Science
Tim Votkala
Apoc-Z Episode 4 (Apoc-Z Sea... - Michael Symonds

Apoc-Z Episode 4 (Apoc-Z Sea...Michael Symonds

NEW Episode 4 of the Apoc-Z series is finally here. An Exciting follow up to a series one Reader said was like The Walking Dead but Texas Style. Konner and his small group struggle to stay alive in this world that has gone to hell ove… more

Apoc-Z Episode 4 (Apoc-Z Season 1 Episode 4)
Michael Symonds
Higher psychical development... - Hereward Carrington

Higher psychical development...Hereward Carrington

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(…)” PREFACE The following work consists essentially of a series of twelve lectures, delivered before the Psychological Research Society, of New York, in 1918. These lectures were given impromptu, without manuscript, and with no thought… more

Higher psychical development - an outline of the secret Hindu teachings
Hereward Carrington
Terror Tales Dead Hands Seek... - Dane Gregory, RadioArchives.com

Terror Tales Dead Hands Seek...Dane Gregory, RadioArchives.com

Will Murray’s Pulp Classics Terror Tales eBook Dead Hands Seek My Bride by Dane Gregory 7,867 words

These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written … more

Terror Tales Dead Hands Seek My Bride
Dane Gregory, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Second Soul - Thomas Sullivan

Second SoulThomas Sullivan

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This is the Author’s Revised and Preferred Edition of Second Soul***Whatever was, is, and shall be is my enemy. If it has cells, if it needs light or air or water, it loses control when I’m near. I am profoundly wrong for this world… more

Second Soul
Thomas Sullivan
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English
The Lost Books of the Bible ... - Jr. Rutherford H. Platt

The Lost Books of the Bible ...Jr. Rutherford H. Platt

Volume I and II, together, encompasses all the ecclesiastical writings of early Christian authorities that are known to exist, and yet were omitted from the authorized New Testament. (Includes beautiful artwork from biblical era)Origins are… more

The Lost Books of the Bible Volume I & II (Oaklight Mini Anthologies)
Jr. Rutherford H. Platt
Oaklight Publishing , English
Suicide Essence: Cowardly se... - By: Samantha Michael

Suicide Essence: Cowardly se...By: Samantha Michael

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It is a very short fiction, with which people travel far and wide in hopes of meeting their dream suicides. Not realizing the true pointlessness of their quest.

Suicide Essence: Cowardly seeking their deaths through Voodoo.
By: Samantha Michael
The Angeling: Between Heaven... - Linda L. Noel

The Angeling: Between Heaven...Linda L. Noel

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Cassie Peters, regular mom and wife, is an Angeling who must battle demons, the devil and menopause. When the devil kidnaps those closest to her, see how she fights back.

The Angeling: Between Heaven and Hell
Linda L. Noel
Dime Mystery Magazine Franci... - Francis K. Allen, William Hi...

Dime Mystery Magazine Franci...Francis K. Allen, William Hi...

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Will Murray’s Pulp ClassicsDime Mystery Magazine Francis K. Allen and William HinesThese exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction es… more

Dime Mystery Magazine Francis K. Allen and William Hines
Francis K. Allen, William Hines, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Secret Sound - Ultimate Heal... - Jill Mattson

Secret Sound - Ultimate Heal...Jill Mattson

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Your Personal Guide to a Better Life using Sharry Edwards’ Revolutionary “Secret” SoundsDiscover the secret language of your body, improve relationships with vibrations, understand mysteries in your subconscious mind, adjust your experience… more

Secret Sound - Ultimate Healing: Your Personal Guide to a Better Life using Sharry Edwards’ Revolutionary “Secret Sounds”
Jill Mattson
Wings of Light , English
Dark Esk (The Dark Trilogy) - Tabitca Cope

Dark Esk (The Dark Trilogy)Tabitca Cope

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First the Hellhound is seen , then the Ghostly coach with the head less driver , a man is found beheaded and a respectable church goer says Dracula drank her blood. What is going on in Whitby? Has someone opened up Hell? The Fifth Reich are… more

Dark Esk (The Dark Trilogy)
Tabitca Cope
You Belong to Me - Kate Robbins

You Belong to MeKate Robbins

Emaline has moved halfway across the country with her parents, for her senior year of high school. She isn’t exactly thrilled about it, but she’s decided to make the best of it. She makes fast friends with Victoria, the girl chosen to show … more

You Belong to Me
Kate Robbins
Breaking the Beyond: The Bre... - Kim Casey

Breaking the Beyond: The Bre...Kim Casey

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A compassionate social worker employed at the Bivouac Bay General Hospital, Risa assists a young man on the psychiatric unit. Not sure if Owen’s extreme changes of character are due to his possessing more than one personality, Risa’s confus… more

Breaking the Beyond: The Breaking the Beyond Series - Book One
Kim Casey
BookBaby , English
Jessie Bell - Buttrfli Jones

Jessie BellButtrfli Jones

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This is a story of a heroin addicted prostitute and her journey through her past.

Jessie Bell
Buttrfli Jones
Buttrfli Jones , English
Pocket Happiness - Jason Tisbury

Pocket HappinessJason Tisbury

Learn how to live the life you really want. Be happy, confident and successful in life. Whether you want to be motivated, happy, confident, successful, what ever your dreams - this book will guide you to where you want to be.

Pocket Happiness
Jason Tisbury
Jason Tisbury , English
Cthulhu's Daughter and Other... - Rhiannon Frater

Cthulhu's Daughter and Other...Rhiannon Frater

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From the depths of the darkest waters of the ocean to the eternal darkness of space, Rhiannon Frater crafts taunt tales of terror to enthrall avid readers of the genre. Each short story explores a different type of monster from the shamblin… more

Cthulhu’s Daughter and Other Horror Tales
Rhiannon Frater
The Bad Ones - Joshua Scribner

The Bad OnesJoshua Scribner

Sometimes we’re blind to the bad ones. Sometimes it cost us dearly.

The Bad Ones
Joshua Scribner