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Maiden Fair - Timothy C. Hobbs

Maiden FairTimothy C. Hobbs

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When Frank and Mattie find they cannot have children of their own they hire a surrogate, but in a twist of fate Mattie then falls pregnant. Fearing the surrogate’s child will become an unwelcome intruder in their family, Mattie hires a kill… more

Maiden Fair
Timothy C. Hobbs
Netherworld Books , English
Kolchak: The Night Stalker: ... - C.J. Henderson

Kolchak: The Night Stalker: ...C.J. Henderson

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The first Kolchak original novel in almost 20 years!Carl Kolchak was just your average reporter until one day he put two and two together and came up with evil. A reluctant paranormal investigator, Kolchak couldn’t stop tripping over the un… more

Kolchak: The Night Stalker: A Black and Evil Truth
C.J. Henderson
Moonstone , English
Halloweenland (Orangefield Series) - Al Sarrantonio

Halloweenland (Orangefield Series)Al Sarrantonio

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In Orangefield, Halloween is never normal—and this year will be no exception. For Orangefield is now the home of Halloweenland, a bizarre carnival run by the mysterious Mr. Dickens. No one who sees the carnival doubts that it’s a very str… more

Halloweenland (Orangefield Series)
Al Sarrantonio
Crossroad Press & Macabre Ink Digital , English
Ohio At Dusk - Joseph Hirsch

Ohio At DuskJoseph Hirsch

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Detective James Arklow didn’t believe in monsters…until he met her.Detective James Arklow is a practical man, an ex-cop with a bad back and a thriving private practice. Enter Mandy Veedon, an attractive but unbalanced young woman, who claim… more

Ohio At Dusk
Joseph Hirsch
Damnation Books , English
Door to Atlantis: The Mars A... - M. Dianne Goodman-Larson

Door to Atlantis: The Mars A...M. Dianne Goodman-Larson

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Door To Atlantis describes what really happened to us in that Atlantean cataclysmic event which submerged the continent over a period of one day and a night. Many thousands of years ago, a race of extraordinary beings determined the future … more

Door to Atlantis: The Mars Atlantis Alliance
M. Dianne Goodman-Larson
iUniverse , English
Godking - A G Mallaghan

GodkingA G Mallaghan

Godking is the story of a wounded war veteran (Ranald Machrin) who has recently been invalided out of the Marines. He has returned to his island home after his mother died and is trying to come to terms with his military life being over an… more

A G Mallaghan
Dime Mystery Magazine Wyatt ... - Wyatt Blassingame, RadioArch...

Dime Mystery Magazine Wyatt ...Wyatt Blassingame, RadioArch...

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Will Murray’s Pulp ClassicsDime Mystery Magazine Wyatt BlassingameBook 1These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially fo… more

Dime Mystery Magazine Wyatt Blassingame, Book 1
Wyatt Blassingame, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Three Miles Past - Stephen Graham Jones

Three Miles PastStephen Graham Jones

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A collection of three powerfully disturbing novellas by multiple award-winning author, Stephen Graham Jones.

There are lines that probably shouldn’t be crossed, doors that should stay shut, thoughts that shouldn’t be considered. In these … more

Three Miles Past
Stephen Graham Jones
Nightscape Press , English
Messages (Metastisized) - Everton McLean

Messages (Metastisized)Everton McLean

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A gruesome accident leaves a man alone with time to think. And all he can think about is what he say, the day he blew his motorcycle tire.

Messages (Metastisized)
Everton McLean
Everton Publishers , English
Eyes Like Hell - G.S. Dial

Eyes Like HellG.S. Dial

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Eyes Like Hell is the horrifying introduction to the All Hallows’ Eve Series. Something is lurking in the mountains of northern Georgia. And for a few unlucky travelers, tonight may be their last alive.Contains graphic depictions of gore … more

Eyes Like Hell
G.S. Dial
G. S. Dial , English
Reconstructing Reality Book ... - Suzanne Lie

Reconstructing Reality Book ...Suzanne Lie

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Most of us do not remember that we have volunteered to remember our multidimensional heritage and unite with our true SELF in the higher worlds. Remembering this unity would be difficult indeed with the knowledge of only one lifetime. Fortu… more

Reconstructing Reality Book Two of Visions from Venus
Suzanne Lie
Follow the Yellow Brick Road - Sam Alibrando

Follow the Yellow Brick RoadSam Alibrando

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road is for people who want to change and grow. And the most powerful way to learn new habits and truly change is through experience. Dorothy did not develop Scarecrow-knowing, Tin Man-heart and Lion-courage from a b… more

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Sam Alibrando
iUniverse , English
Terror Tales New Flesh For T... - RadioArchives.com, William Hines

Terror Tales New Flesh For T...RadioArchives.com, William Hines

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Will Murray’s Pulp ClassicsTerror Tales eBookNew Flesh for the Faceless OnesBy William Hines6,189 wordsThese exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has writte… more

Terror Tales New Flesh For The Facelsss Ones (Terror Tales Singles)
RadioArchives.com, William Hines
RadioArchives.com , English
Words of Inspiration: A Self... - Todd Jay Leonard

Words of Inspiration: A Self...Todd Jay Leonard

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Words of Inspiration gently guides you in discovering the hidden influences that impact your life on a daily basis. This unique method of self-divination features spiritually-based readings, healing intentions, and reflective questions for… more

Words of Inspiration: A Self-Divination and Healing Method for Awakening your Spiritual-Intuitive Side Using Playing Cards
Todd Jay Leonard
iUniverse , English
What the Body is Saying but ... -

What the Body is Saying but ...

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Our body language, or the way we use different parts of our bodies when we are in public, is a very important indicator of our mental state. Several experts have noted how we can read people’s minds just by looking at their bodies. This is … more

What the Body is Saying but Your Mouth Isn’t
Potential Time , English
Dark Corners - Theresa Ann Curnow

Dark CornersTheresa Ann Curnow

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Dark Corners is a collection of short stories about the concealed, the aphobic, the sinister and the supernatural. The title story is about a man who starts to see things that nobody else can see, demonic creatures that slide him towards in… more

Dark Corners
Theresa Ann Curnow


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A VAMPIRE NOVEL BY BRAM STOKER NOMINATED AUTHOR, BILLIE SUE MOSIMAN, author of more than 50 books.Rise of the Legend is Book Two in the Vampire Nation Chronicles, but can be read as a standalone novel. From Booklist (Review for Malachi’s Mo… more

Dime Mystery Magazine Death'... - George William Rae, RadioArc...

Dime Mystery Magazine Death'...George William Rae, RadioArc...

Will Murray’s Pulp Classics Dime Mystery Magazine eBook Death’s Old Sweet Song by George William Rae 1,838 words

These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray… more

Dime Mystery Magazine Death’s Old Sweet Song
George William Rae, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
The Gospel of Thomas & the W... - Craig Schenk, FATHER PASCHAL...

The Gospel of Thomas & the W...Craig Schenk, FATHER PASCHAL...

The Gospel of Thomas “The Gospel of Thomas confronts readers with sayings attributed to a Jesus who seems more like a Zen master (‘Split a piece of wood; I am there’) than either a political messiah or incarnate god…. Many historians of r… more

The Gospel of Thomas & the Writings of St. Francis (Metaphysical Mini Anthology)
Oaklight Publishing - http://oaklightpublishing.com , English
Studies In The Thought World - Henry Wood

Studies In The Thought WorldHenry Wood

PREFACE IN response to frequent requests from friendly co-workers and students of truth, these disconnected studies are gathered and presented to the public in book form. A part of the volume consists of lectures and essays which have not b… more

Studies In The Thought World
Henry Wood