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The Shaman Warrior: An Inves... - Gini Scott

The Shaman Warrior: An Inves...Gini Scott

THE SHAMAN WARRIOR is a classic book of magic and psychic exploration, much like the series of books by Carlos Castaneda and by Lynn Andrews. The author, a sociologist/anthropologist, first met Michael Fairwell, the shaman teacher she stud… more

The Shaman Warrior: An Investigation of a Group Practicing Shamanism
Gini Scott
iUniverse , English
Terror Tales Frederick C. Davis - Frederick C. Davis, RadioArc...

Terror Tales Frederick C. DavisFrederick C. Davis, RadioArc...

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Will Murray’s Pulp Classics Terror Tales Frederick C. Davis

These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this Terr… more

Terror Tales Frederick C. Davis
Frederick C. Davis, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
The Rep - William Wilde

The RepWilliam Wilde

A malevolent traveling sales rep pursues the lone survivor of a fatal freeway crash.David Price barely escapes death in a terrible freeway crash, but his nightmare has only begun.He’s hounded afterwards on a road trip by a sinister stranger… more

The Rep
William Wilde
SynergEbooks , English
Bless This House - Julie Telfer

Bless This HouseJulie Telfer

A new home in the seemingly inconsequential village in South Wales might suggest peace and tranquillity to the owners; especially given its remote location. But all is not as it first appears and when strange phenomena begin to occur withi… more

Bless This House
Julie Telfer
Julie Telfer , English
The Armageddon Box - Robert Weinberg, RadioArchives.com

The Armageddon BoxRobert Weinberg, RadioArchives.com

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The Armageddon Box by Robert Weinberg

The sequel to THE DEVIL’S AUCTION. A friend’s brutal murder brought the seemingly worthless book into Alex Warner’s possession. He had no idea that it held the secret to an age-old mystery and key to u… more

The Armageddon Box
Robert Weinberg, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Lobisón: Jackson Keller - A ... - Joe "Tuffy" Tofuri

Lobisón: Jackson Keller - A ...Joe "Tuffy" Tofuri


Lobisón’s hero, Jackson Keller, tracks a pack of the vicious werewolves to Sutter Creek, California, situated in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Foothills in Nort… more

Lobisón: Jackson Keller - A ‘short story’ about the book’s “HERO
Joe “Tuffy” Tofuri
WheelMan Press , English
Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusale... - Nick Burrin

Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusale...Nick Burrin

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This book is a journey, an individual journey, but also a journey for the whole of humanity, and it is the unveiling of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. This book is an announcement of the glory of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It is a journey of… more

Beyond All Doubt Is Jerusalem The Golden City
Nick Burrin
Authors OnLine , English
HELLz BELLz - Randy Chandler

HELLz BELLzRandy Chandler

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When an ancient bell begins to toll in an abandoned church, the town of Druid Hills descends into a night of unholy hell. To survive, the less crazed citizens must fight for their lives as they battle their own primitive urges to commit uns… more

Randy Chandler
Comet Press , English
The Black Lodge - Robert Weinberg, RadioArchives.com

The Black LodgeRobert Weinberg, RadioArchives.com

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The Black Lodge by Robert Weinberg

In an old Chicago railroad house, a crack dealer is robbing his customer - a huge, shrouded figure with a thousand in cold cash and a featureless face. The pusher empties his .44 into the man, who is slam… more

The Black Lodge
Robert Weinberg, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Infected Rage (The Rage Trilogy) - William Blackwell

Infected Rage (The Rage Trilogy)William Blackwell

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Haunted by the murderous demons of her past, Kathleen Freeborne rips down the shingle as paranormal investigator and hammers up a new shingle as a clairvoyant, hoping to better the lives of her customers. Her dreams of a harmonious life are… more

Infected Rage (The Rage Trilogy)
William Blackwell
Telemachus Press, LLC , English
RUNE (Episode IV: Entombed) - J.H. Glaze, JH Glaze

RUNE (Episode IV: Entombed)J.H. Glaze, JH Glaze

Jake and his friends barely survive the retrieval of the first scroll in Atlanta, and it becomes apparent that they have no time to waste in finding all of the scrolls if they are to complete their mission. With that knowledge, they head to… more

RUNE (Episode IV: Entombed)
J.H. Glaze, JH Glaze
Mostcool Media, Inc. , English
Love and War - Joshua Johnson

Love and WarJoshua Johnson

  1. She Is / 5. Her Eyes / 6. Love Bird / 7. Gentle Dove / 8. You Invite Me to Dance / 9. Testimony of Love / 10. Milky White Skin / 11. Evergreen / 12. Shade of Blue / 13. Cocoon / 14. You Possess Me / 15. The Key / 16. The Way / 17. Violi… more
Love and War
Joshua Johnson
iUniverse , English
Healing Power of Love - Dr. Joseph Murphy

Healing Power of LoveDr. Joseph Murphy

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Your mind set allows you to be rich or be poor. You think positive thoughts in being a person with a lot of money or a lot of sorry excuses for not have as much as you desire. It is all in the mind. You can be person on who lives in a ditch… more

Healing Power of Love
Dr. Joseph Murphy
Xlibris Corporation , English
Terror Tales Arthur Leo Zaga... - Arthur Leo Zagat, RadioArchives.com

Terror Tales Arthur Leo Zaga...Arthur Leo Zagat, RadioArchives.com

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Will Murray’s Pulp ClassicsTerror Tales Arthur Leo ZagatBook 2These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook. As a special bonus, Will Murray has written an introduction especially for this Ter… more

Terror Tales Arthur Leo Zagat, Book 2
Arthur Leo Zagat, RadioArchives.com
RadioArchives.com , English
Bring Forth The Night - Jason Farris

Bring Forth The NightJason Farris

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In a world where few believe vampires exist, how far will one woman go to prove them wrong? When a young woman discovers among her departed grandmother’s possessions a series of journal entries left over from her days in a band,… more

Bring Forth The Night
Jason Farris
Avenging Angel: Z is for Zom... - catt dahman

Avenging Angel: Z is for Zom...catt dahman

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By now the Hopetown survivors might have learned that their rescue plans rarely go as planned and usually have a high body count but no, off they go again ~ wading in before they have a chance to realize just how dire their situation is. Wh… more

Avenging Angel: Z is for Zombie Book 7
catt dahman
Severed Press , English
Surfing the Paradoxes of Eve... - Dr. Linda L. Miller

Surfing the Paradoxes of Eve...Dr. Linda L. Miller

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As the last rays of the industrial age finally give way to the full force of the information age, a giant leap in the complexity and pace of daily life takes place despite the change-fatigue that has taken up residence in our corporations,… more

Surfing the Paradoxes of Everyday Transformation: Flourishing in the Context of an Emerging Normal
Dr. Linda L. Miller
BalboaPress , English
Oogie Boogie Bounce (Oogie B... - M. Stephen Lukac

Oogie Boogie Bounce (Oogie B...M. Stephen Lukac

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In Oogie Boogie Central, department store detective Milo Tucker discovered he is a Gatherer: a being capable of housing the memories and abilities of the dead. Milo and his six passengers faced the horror of serial killer Theodore Munsch af… more

Oogie Boogie Bounce (Oogie Boogie Central)
M. Stephen Lukac
A Dru & Lu Show , English
A Healthy and Fit Church - Stephen Kibler

A Healthy and Fit ChurchStephen Kibler

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God deserves His temple,the Christian’s body, to be healthy and fit. Today’s Christian Church is facing one of its greatest crises from within. More than ever the health and fitness of the individual Christian must be addressed to ensure a … more

A Healthy and Fit Church
Stephen Kibler
SWK Books , English
Tales of Mastery: Stories of... - C. Jackson

Tales of Mastery: Stories of...C. Jackson

Tales of Mastery, Stories of Light and Lessons of Life is a collection of richly woven short stories designed to teach the fundamentals of miracles, spirituality, compassion, integrity, magic and much more. It is a book you will want to sha… more

Tales of Mastery: Stories of Light and Lessons of Life
C. Jackson
iUniverse , English