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My Journey Through The Gay C...Ray Malik

Ray Malik started working on this book when he was in San Francisco, California. It’s been updated every three to six months and it was always available online at AOL Journals since 2005. But, now it’s in print. It’s great that this book is… more

My Journey Through The Gay Culture (None)
Ray Malik
CreateSpace , English

Co-operative RevolutionPolyp

In this International Year of the Co-op, Co-operative Revolution illustrates the history and enduring appeal of this robust business model.

Co-operative Revolution
New Internationalist , English

Father Yod & The Source BrotherhoodRyan Burton

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YaHoWa! The 70s commune, The Source Family, were at the very center of the Age of Aquarius, and devoted their ways to music, love, magic, and harmony. Seven chakras open, astral bodies take flight, and Father Yod ushered in a new wave of my… more

Father Yod & The Source Brotherhood
Ryan Burton
Bluewater Productions , English

SamsonArt Ayris

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He was one of Israel’s strongest leaders but morally, one of the weakest.

Art Ayris
Kingstone Comics , English

MONDO MARVEL Volume One Nov....Paul Brian McCoy

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Dr. Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, along with Sue and Johnny Storm, steal a rocket and are bombarded by cosmic rays! Dr. Bruce Banner is caught in a gamma bomb explosion while saving the life of teenage Rick Jones! High School student Peter P… more

MONDO MARVEL Volume One Nov. 1961 - Dec. 1962
Paul Brian McCoy
Comics Bulletin , English

ClumsyJeffrey Brown

You can open to any page and find something unusually bare and honest about these stories. They’re surprising, even though half the moments in the book are ones you’ve probably experienced yourself. Hard trick to pull off.” — Ira Glass, h… more

Jeffrey Brown
Top Shelf Productions , English

Huntington, West Virginia "O...Harvey Pekar

With an appreciation by Anthony Bourdain HAVE ATTITUDE, WILL TRAVEL Harvey Pekar changed the face of comics when his American Splendor series replaced traditional slam-bang superhero action with slice-of-life tales of his own very ordinary … more

Huntington, West Virginia “On the Fly”
Harvey Pekar
Villard Books , English

MONDO MARVEL Volume Two Jan....Paul Brian McCoy

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From a cave in Vietnam, millionaire industrialist Tony Stark saves his own life by creating an amazing suit of armor! The Fantastic Four wins the Space Race! The Incredible Hulk loses his own title but makes a bigger splash elsewhere! Nurse… more

MONDO MARVEL Volume Two Jan. - June 1963
Paul Brian McCoy
Comics Bulletin , English

Aftershock: Artists Respond ...

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In response to the combined disasters of the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear meltdown that occurred in Japan in March, 2011, cartoonists from all over the world came together to share their thoughts and feelings. Over 35 contributors banded… more

Aftershock: Artists Respond to Disaster in Japan
Biguglyrobot Publishing , English

EternityRandy Alcorn

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In a dramatic re-telling of the classic story of the Rich Man and Lazarus taught by Jesus Christ, New York Times best-selling author Randy Alcorn takes readers on a visually stunning tour of eternity. Eternity, by author Randy Alcorn and ar… more

Randy Alcorn
Kingstone Comics , English